In Gun He Trusts

By Elton Camp Sam’s so sweet sugar won’t melt in his mouth Almost all of his life he has lived in the South Crestview Community Church is his delight He boasts of his salvation both day and night He says to obey the Bible when under test But has actually read only a few parts at best The Ten Commandments he does recommend However, with “Thou shalt not kill” can expend But the Second Amendment he does glorify Just try to take his gun away and you’ll die To Jesus, the Prince of Peace, praise he’ll sing But to most violent ideas he continues to cling Get him riled up and he’ll angrily say “Mess with me and I’ll blow you away” He wants to claim Jesus as his friend But, on his example, doesn’t depend For rather than turn the other cheek, It’s his loaded gun he’ll seek He knows his pistol’s location well Atop a Bible he took from a motel But try to tell him he’s making a mistake The greatest of angry offense he’ll take

In gun he trusts

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