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The I.R.S. is not a govt. agency

The I.R.S. is not a govt. agency

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Published by David Nowakowski
I.R.S. is not a govt. agency
I.R.S. is not a govt. agency

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Published by: David Nowakowski on Jan 14, 2013
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IS THE IRS A GOVERNMENT AGENCY? HOME Income tax is the second plank of the Communist Manifesto.

Communism is un-American. People never thought Communism could happen here. After all, our Constitution only allows direct taxes to be apportioned among the states. And only three federal laws were ever intended to apply to state citizens. And the Sixteenth Amendment was ratified by the states only on the repeated assurance that salaries would not be taxed.


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 The IRS is not a government agency (source). (another source response #4).  It appears to collect ONLY interest on the national debt, at least prior to 1997, according to the bank endorsements they could put on checks received from taxpayers (source). (another source).  The tax laws written by Congress regulate income tax collection from aliens and gift tax from citizens. Aliens pay income tax and are subject to withholding (until they become citizens.). Citizens are normally not liable to income tax unless they are engaged in specific revenue taxable activities (or leave the country).  Communists are excluded from employment tax. (Source) COULD THE IRS BE AUTHORIZED

Aaron Russo's video www.freedomtofascism.com

Alex Jones' video Fall of the Republic.

DVD: Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill. Occult connections to the powers behind our banks.



The Great IRS Hoax: Why We Don’t Owe Income Tax

instead of losing it to the IRS. . By the Accounts. subscription membership. Income Tax returns Unlawful arrest Water rights BY THE COMMISSIONER INTERNAL REVENUE? OF Aaron Bolinger's videos showing the connection between SSNs and the prophesied Mark of the Beast. For if it were possible. NOT by the Treasury Department. which was enforcing the Alcohol tax (after it was moved offshore by the Carlisle Act because the Supreme Court shut it down on Aug 29. even the very elect shall be deceived.. 1953 from the Bureau of Internal Revenue of Puerto Rico. COULD IT BE A FOREIGN COLLECTION AGENCY? Secrets Of Winning The Estate Tax Game.. The IRS estimates 10 Million Americans fail to file their tax returns every year resulting in wage garnishment. but kept sending out 1040 forms after the war. bank levies.even prosecution and jail time! Step-by-step guide reveals how to solve unfiled taxes and avoid high legal and accounting fees. Global Freedom Family is a private. of your wealth in the family. $19. legally keeps every dollar Department of Agriculture (source). Haven't Filed All Your Tax Returns? Help Is Here. worldwide newsletter resource site containing in depth online investing information and dedicated to coaching members to achieve their financial dreams. Long before the income tax ever existed.. IRS Tax Audit Assistant Survival manuals for 64 industries and professions currently on the IRS target list. Estate planning IRS employee payroll is paid by the system. COULD IT BE AUTHORIZED BY SOME FOREIGN TREASURY DEPARTMENT? No one has been able to explain to me whether the Treasury Department is in any way connected with the US Offshore Swiss Bank Treasury that has the Mint. NOT by the US Treasury. The Commissioner had nothing to do with the creation of the IRS. those who refuse to love truth will receive strong delusion. Mark-of-the-Beast study.97 on recurring billing until cancelled. During the end times.Immigration laws Income tax IRS Judicial reform Jury duty Lawyers Marriage licenses Martial Law Oaths parental roles Perjury laws Pet licenses Police brutality Police perjury Selective service Right to remain silent Right to travel SSN. newborns Survival Tax.. 1935) The BIR was also collecting the Voluntary Victory Tax during WW2. employees SSN. Global Freedom Family Membership Site. Here are some interesting Congressional Record archives. the Commissioner of Internal Revenue was taxing government employee wages during the Civil War. The IRS was created by the Secretary of the Treasury on July 7.

 Although there was a Bureau of Internal Revenue that was created in 1862 by the Commissioner (and does not have to pay postage) (and perhaps only as a two man office)-.  Does your IRS pay postage?  If you live in a city where the IRS has it's own building. do they pay property tax on the land?  Their official story is "that the framers of the Constitution believed for sometime that the principal. support of . if not sole. an office of the importance of the Office of Commissioner of Internal Revenue was a bureau". Title 31 Code of Federal Regulations chapter 3 lists the departments within the Treasury.  Their official story (source) is that the act of March 3.The IRS was really created from the Puerto Rico Bureau of Internal Revenue. 1863 somehow proves that Congress thought that they had created the Bureau of Internal Revenue.Welfare way. there are 7 Treasury Departments created by the US Congress. The official published story is that that "By common parlance and understanding of the time. but I suspect that this one must be foreign. The IRS is so conspicuously absent. that they don't even publish this part of the regulation anymore. but the IRS is not on the list. The IRS has a difficult time trying to prove that they exist as a government agency.

was permanent. He who follows the goddess Justitia dominates."  The constitution still Requires a Balanced Budget. when the IRS cannot even prove that they exist? After all. Beware of alternative tax schemes proposed by congress. SOCIAL SSNs (or their equivalent in other countries) are apparently NOT issued by any agency of government. But now the form has no mention of the IRS. And the IRS will only say that the form is available from the Social . The application form SS-5 once said it was issued by the "Treasury Department -. THE IRS ISSUES SECURITY NUMBERS. it is the Department of Justice that represents the IRS in court." But by 1862 somehow "… the establishment of an internal revenue system. (Source at least back when I was fraudulently induced to get a work authorization number). Internal taxation would not be resorted to except infrequently.Internal Revenue Service". COULD IT BE A SECRET AGENCY OF THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT? Why do courts acknowledge the IRS as a proper party to a court action. and for special reasons.the new Federal Government would be derived from customs duties and taxes connected with shipping and importations. not exclusively dependent upon the supplies of foreign commerce.

You cannot say that you were not warned  In heraldry the highest authority is at the top.  By 1893 the liberty cap had already been removed by Republic. Symbolism -. The familiar IRS logo has the wheat staff (agriculture) as the highest authority. tradition. above the IRS eagle that holds the scales of Justitia. As does the Department of Justice eagle.Security Administration.  In 1865 Young America wears a red liberty cap when he turns over all agriculture to a Roman god (source).  The IRS eagle who follows the goddess Justitia dominates. They will only say “The seal represents the history.the takeover has been openly revealed since 1865.  The IRS does not disclose the meaning of their logo. and mission of the IRS” WHY DOES ALL AGRICULTURE BELONG FOREIGN GODS? OUR TO AND JUST WHO IS THIS JUSTITIA? In the fresco "The Apotheosis "The Apotheosis of George of George Washington" is .

The goddess Justitia (Lady Justice) is often shown as holding a sword. The goddess Justitia (the official story has her as the allegorical "Freedom" in the section of the painting called "War") is holding a sword and shielding herself and the eagle holds You would think that it would be the arrows. as people. The Dictionary definition states that Justitia is –noun the ancient Roman personification of justice. their goddess of Justice. other way around -. (source). freedom and gods would war can be provide for synonymous. who. in the "liberty in all things" motto I describe under the Lawyers topic. The balance scales originated with the Egyptian goddess Maat.that Yes. according to the Book of The Dead. the title of the fresco painting on the ceiling of the Capitol Rotunda. is turning over to the Roman goddess Ceres a team of horses pulling a reaper. from whom we get our English word cereal. would . Ceres is the goddess of Agriculture. wearing a red liberty cap.Washington" America.

But sadly. The spelling of goddess Justitia is sometimes Justicia. and older spellings were with an I before the English language had a J. She is the Roman equivalent to the Greek goddess Themis (or Themis' daughter Dike). DOJ seal history http://www. who holds scales but not a sword. The blindfold did not show up until 1543 AD. Constructed for the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago by Daniel Chester French.htm Their insignia shows an eagle holding arrows with the motto "Qui Pro Domina Justitia Sequitur" He who follows Justitia dominates. But they have a difficult time explaining how they got the earlier motto and art work on their official seal. America can no longer wear a liberty cap.usdoj.weigh the heart of the deceased. who was the . Does the Department of Justice exist only as an official agency of government? The official story is that DOJ was created in 1870 to handle all the lawsuits resulting from the 14th amendment.gov/jmd/ls/dojseal. Republic.

this 65 foot tall sculpture on a 35 foot pedestal featured a Roman figure. including drapery. with hands and arms upraised. This beast power rises from the sea. The U. upon which an eagle sat.S. The left hand grasped a pole with the liberty cap on its top. was bronzed or gilt.same sculptor who made the seated Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial. and arms were finished with an ivory finish. Commerce was depicted in 1893 as bestowing a garland crown for all commerce that Columbus provided to the Roman Republic. neck. Constitution Article 1. The right hand held a globe. Section 8 gives Congress the authority to regulate interstate commerce among the several states. . The head. and the balance of the form.

and to run a state fair. “one of the objectives of the Philadelphia Convention was the promotion of commerce” according to an analysis of the Constitution published in 1996 by the Congressional Research Service in Senate Document 103-6. not restricting commerce. For a long time people thought the Constitutional words “regulate commerce among the several states” referred ONLY to promoting commerce.it was assumed for the longest time that the term "regulate" commerce could only mean "promote" commerce. THAT’S IT! That was the understanding of the Constitution clause “regulating commerce among the several states” . promoting Pennsylvania grown produce.But since no state can impair the obligations of contracts under section 10 – and since the federal government was subordinate to the states that created it and would not dare assume powers not delegated -. Example: the first agriculture department in Pennsylvania was created to help farmers sell eggs OUTSIDE of the Commonwealth. after all.

A beast does NOT represent a devil or an antichrist. for those of you who suspect a connection to the Mark of the Beast prophecy) in commerce. source 2.  In Revelation 13:1 a first beast . “Downsizing Government.  Throughout the Bible.” available at www. just perhaps.lulu." Click on the Lawyer topic at the left to read more. Bible Prophecy -. this has something to do with a 1452 threat "to take all their possessions and property and to put them into perpetual slavery. source 3. source 4) from international benefactors.com Your government credentials (the one's with an all capitalized name instead of a proper noun) authorize you to present yourself (Greek word exon.I recommend Aaron Bollinger’s 1994 book. Daniel 7:23. Perhaps. The Social Security System (or their equivalent in other countries) are part of a worldwide system of benefits (source 1.  Jesus himself warned us that benefactors lord over the Kings of the Gentiles.we were warned two millennia ago. and in Revelation 17:17 & 19:19. You are now regulated by a two horned beast power that is chained to the land (resident). angels tell us that the beast symbolism represents earthly kingdoms.

Miller. Do you have a number issued by a government kingdom that has risen from the land? Can you sell your labor without your banking authorization number ? To correct any factual errors." This first beast DOES NOT issue the mark of the beast. In Revelation 13:11 a second beast rises up from the land to issue a mark of the beast in verse 16. Verses12 &14 both call this beast "the first beast. Agriculture rises from the land. Verse 17 the mark is a number needed to buy or sell.    rises from the sea. . send an email to: Steven D.

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