Opening Credits to Different Horror Films. Halloween: In this opening scene we see there’s an orange pumpkin.

This represents the film title “Halloween” because pumpkins are a significant part of the Halloween theme. As the title credits roll in with different actor’s names and the producers and writers of the film the pumpkin gradually gets bigger with the title too. The music slowly fades in and out. The use of dynamic sounds creates a chilling and spooky like atmosphere which is rather effective. The Omen: The Dynamics slowly fades in with a silhouette figure with red around it in the background. The colours red white and black are contrasting colours and are used frequently with horror film genres such as black represent death, white representing ghosts and red representing blood and gore. The number 6,6,6 is the devil number and the child silhouette is of a cross resembling Satan. Nightmare On Elm Street: There’s Heavy breathing and dynamic sounds throughout the opening scene. The sound slowly builds creating a spine chilling reaction for the audience. The movie played along the title credits are of the killer assembling his fingers with his rust tools. The Tools in this opening scene create a torture looking film. There is no dialogue in this scene it’s mainly produced by sounds and the heavy breathing. The heavy breathing creates more tension for the audience and it becomes a lot scarier to watch. Throughout these opening credits we don’t see the killer himself assembling his knife fingers so it gives us a king of mystery atmosphere as in who is the killer and what does he look like and why is he doing this with his hands. The only thing we hear from the killer is his heavy breathing. This is creepy to listen to. The New Nightmare On Elm Street: In this opening scene we hear the theme tune to the movie. This theme music is very spooky like and creates an atmosphere straight away. The title credits slowly fades in with clips of different places, mostly clips of different schools and objects that relate to small children such as building blocks and horses. There’s leaves that brush past on the sidewalk which gives an impression that this place is old and abandoned. There are little parts of children laughing and giggling which creates a spookier atmosphere. The important part of this opening credit would be the song that has been playing and the way the clips have been chosen such as involving children. Children stereotypically should be having fun not creating scary like atmospheres. This opening scene creates a lot more spooky tension compared to the older ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’. In my group we agreed that this kind of version of an opening would be effective for our opening credits in our film such as involving school children and objects.

Opening Credits to Different Horror Films. Scream The Opening credits starts with a phone call which is loud and jumpy, the title appears in white representing a ghost face of a life of a person. Suddenly there’s a loud slashing noise and a massive scream and the title pours down with red representing blood. This gives the impression that someone may have died. In this title sequence there’s a lot of colour imagery shown and we get the impression that the killer may have something to do with the phone call. This represents on how each death may happen.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The first few seconds of this opening title sequence creates tension and a creep/spooky atmosphere which is un- comftarble to watch. There’s creepy dynamics that creates the spooky tension alongside old fashioned images of baby’s and a massive house. The title sequence are set in unusually sandy like colours which represents old memories of some kind. There’s no dialogue but we can automatically tell that this film is of horror genre by the spooky soundtrack played. This opening scene also has an impact on our opening scene for our movie because of the flashbacks. Our opening scene have played along with certain creepy settings a lot like this opening scene Amityville Horror 2 – The Possession In the opening credits to this film it starts off with a slight gust of wind and suddenly the dynamics come in rather loud. The dynamics are very creepy and spooky as it’s only a piano to start with which creates an atmosphere. The first part of this movie we see is a for sale sign near the big American house which gives us a few different reasons why this house is now for sale and what’s been behind it. The setting and location is empty and isolated and foggy which creates a spooky atmosphere. A few bars into the dynamics a voice comes in singing “La La La” repeating itself over and over again. The voice sounds like a young girls voice which creates tension towards the audience. The piano sounds joyful however more dynamic so unds are brought in such as the usual horror sounds of creaking and creates more of the lonely isolated atmosphere towards the opening credits. The camera angles are slowly zooming in on the house which creates some kind of mystery. The opening scene for this base a lot of its atmosphere and tension with the soundtrack used. For our opening scene we decided to do the same thing and base it around a lot of good dynamics which will make people feel scared and have a sense of fear such as high heartbeats and spooky piano music and sound effects. We also agreed on the fact of how it’s just a simple location with a lot of trees which is something we would like to use in our opening scene.

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