The Environmental Impacts of Small Scale Mining on Water Resources.

A Case Study of River Jimi and River Nyame at Obuasi and its Environs

MSc Thesis Proposal:

Department Of Theoretical And Applied Biology For Award of Masters of Science in Environmental Science

. 2001). K. employing various means of technologies to exploit available resources interrupt the environment (Ntibrey B. PRESENTED BY DAVID GYEMFI 2 . which has inadvertently impacted negatively on water resources (Shoko and Love. Such technological advancement has enabled the progressive and extensive exploitation and utilization of resources such as gold.Background Of Study The interrelationships between the environments and humans. 2005).

rivers and lakes.Background Of Study Cont. A prerequisite of sustainable development is to ensure uncontaminated streams. These activities has repercussions on the general health. mortality and morbidity rates (Ravengai et. al. . The very existence of man is dependent on the quality and soundness of water for domestic purposes as well as for economic activities. employment. 2005)..

arsenic oxide from milling plants during certain stages of the ore refining process. endangers fish and other aquatic life. This.Problem Statement The emissions and sometimes spillage of poisonous chemicals during the ore refining process pollute streams . PRESENTED BY DAVID GYEMFI 4 . in turn. Air quality has also deteriorated in mining areas as a result of the emissions of poisonous chemicals such as.

bronchitis. among others. causing high incidence of upper respiratory tract diseases such as asthma.Problem Statement Cont. tuberculosis. The harmful gases when produced in excess adverse effect the health of workers and people residing in mining areas. Such gases also adversely affect the natural vegetation when it comes into direct contact with trees and grass .

The result of this study will help to identify the: Concentration of Mercury. zinc.  PRESENTED BY DAVID GYEMFI 6 . Manganese and Lead in sample rivers  levels of phosphate (PO4)³. sulphate (SO4)² and chloride (Cl) in the rivers samples. To make recommendation.  the level of pH. Arsenic. total dissolved solids and oxygen in the rivers samples. Cadmium.Research Objectives The ultimate aim of this study is to investigate the environmental impacts of small scale mining on river Jimi and river Nyame at Obuasi and its environs .

sulphate (SO4)² and chloride (Cl) in the river samples? What are the level of pH. total dissolved solids and oxygen in the rivers samples? What recommendation can be make to impact the potential health and environmental risk in the mining communities.Research Questions What are the concentration of Mercury. Arsenic and Iron in river Jimi and river Nyame? What are the Levels of phosphate (PO4)³. .

Materials and Methods Field instruments will be calibrated according to the Standard Method for measurement of water The water samples will be taken monthly in duplicates from river Jimi and river Nyame at Obuasi and its environs The samples will be collected in sterile plastic bottles and transported to the laboratory for testing. The accuracy and precision of the analytical techniques will be assessed by analyses of reference materials and reagent blank before the samples will be analyse The results will be analyse using Microsoft Excel and results PRESENTED BY DAVID GYEMFI 8 compared. .

Dissertation Plan Task October November December January February Proposal Writing Background Literature Review Materials and Methods Laboratory Testing Findings and Analysis Preparation of Final Report PRESENTED BY DAVID GYEMFI 9 .

The research will also serve as source of information for other PRESENTED BY DAVID GYEMFI 10 researchers. Environmental effects which are mostly very costly to mitigate. would be reduced Thereby reducing government spending. . Increase productivity since the health hazards of river pollution would be reduced.Outcome and Dissemination The results of this study would inform policy interventions to help reduce the health and environmental problems of river pollution associated with small-scale mining. maintaining good health and protecting the river bodies.

Mandingaisa. 219-228). and Owen. Ravengai. pp. 2005. D. S. 499-512). R.Mazowe Valley (2nd ed. and Nhapi. I.Sc. S. Zimbabwe:Water SA.S.) Water and Wastewater Management for Development Countries (pp. B. Institute of Mining and Mineral Engineering.. D.References Ntibrey.M. London: IWA Publishing. thesis). (Unpublished M. (2001). A strategy to improve environmental performance.. D. O. PRESENTED BY DAVID GYEMFI 11 . (2005). School of Mines. B. Shoko. Love. K. Gold panning legislation in Zimbabwe – what potentials for sustainable management of river resources In: Mathew. Small-scale mining of precious minerals in Ghana. (Eds. Impact of iron duke pyrite mine on water chemistry and aquatic life. Gratwicke. J.K. and Love..


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