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1 Introduction

1 Introduction

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Physics 1230: Light and Color

Instructor: Joseph Maclennan CLASS 1 - Introduction to PHYS1230

Light in our World .

optical illusions .Useful things we will learn about •  How cameras and digital cameras work •  How printers work •  How your eye and vision work •  How to calculate your prescription •  How we see in color •  Can you believe your eyes .

borderline grade. . Access to internet .all class info on the course website Prerequisites:  High school algebra. but will use algebra frequently as well as working with some graphs and scientific notation.Instructor: TAs in Help Room:   Professor Joseph Maclennan Basement of this building What you will need: Text – Seeing the Light by Falk. Calculator – bring to class everyday. Brill and Stork Clicker – bring to class everyday. Use to check your understanding. Available in the bookstore. The class will not use trigonometry.

rainbows.Q. painting. Understanding how the world around you works by studying Light and Color Presented in terms of things around you: Color. vision. cameras. What is point of this class? A. glasses … .

all sorts of other wonderful stuff to help you … 1.  8.  4.  6. 7. 3. 2. iClickers Computer simulations (physics games) Exam reviews Help room Nifty in-class experiments Special project .  Website with all class info.

No cell phones.edu/physics/phys1230 – Syllabus – Weekly Reading Assignments – Weekly Homework Assignments – Course Calendar – Lecture Notes – Office hours –… Class rules to ensure fruitful learning environment . no hairdryers.colorado. no newspapers in class -  Lots of physics discussion during clicker questions -  1 hour and 15 minute class (it does not end at 12 or 12:05!!) .More Information about the Course Physics 1230 website. source of all knowledge! http://www.

.Break Time Introduce yourself to your neighbors.

iClickers Go to iClicker slides … .

How will we tackle this material? Two options: Emphasis is on understanding and applying concepts! .

  d.  f.  b.  c.How do you think you learn physics best? a.  e.  Listening to lecture Reading the textbook Doing the homework Discussing physics with others Seeing a demonstration Other .

Is way of thinking. applying concepts. Understanding physics (& solving problems that develop understanding) is a learned skill. People understand concepts better by seeing them in action and thinking about them than by passively listening. like cooking. Physics is all about applying concepts! Physics is not collection of facts. 2. Only you can teach yourself to think! Analyzing. YOU CANNOT LEARN by just listening or watching!!!!!! 3. and practice.Guiding principles (basis for how course is run) 1. or skiing. solving problems. It takes time. effort. . People learn best by thinking about topics and discussing them with others.

Classwork & Grading 100 POINTS 100 100 100 100 400 POINTS POINTS POINTS POINTS HOMEWORK (ONLINE) EXAM 1 EXAM 2 EXAM 3 TOTAL Your final grade may be fine tuned based on your participation in class. .Grade based on total number of points earned.

You must contact Prof. Maclennan to get topic approval. The special project is due during the last week of class. This project can be used to obtain extra credit for the course. The paper can be shorter if you do a hands-on project. and references. Your project must be summarized in a paper at least 5-pages long. but it can be handed in early. . including text. figures. Your grade will then be determined from the average of the exams you did take. Special project: ALL students can choose a special project/paper to do at home that is related to the course.GRADING HOMEWORK (ONLINE) EXAM 1 EXAM 2 EXAM 3 TOTAL 100 POINTS 100 100 100 100 400 POINTS POINTS POINTS POINTS Missed exam policy: Missed exam policy: You need a signed note from a doctor if you miss an exam.

the review will be the class before the exam. .Weekly checklist for best learning (and grade): 1) Was there reading assigned this week?  Did I do it? 2) Did I come to class and bring my clicker? 3) Did I submit my homework on time? 4) Is there an exam this week? If so.

Reading Assignment Chapter 1 for Thursday Homework Assignment Homework #1 will be handed out this Thursday .

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