Television, Films and Animation& Gaming are set to ride the digital wave as digitalization starts showing profound

impact on India’s Media and Entertainment industry. India has the third largest TV households globally, second to only China and the US. However, the digital TV penetration in India is very low at 36% as compared to more than 90% in countries such as Finland, Spain, UK, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. Digitalization is not only expected to help players in the television value chain to realize the true potential of their content, but also to cater to the unique and diverse needs of the viewer when it comes to entertainment. Impact of digitalization can be visibly seen in films right from the conceptualization and production stages to distribution and exhibition of films across platforms in India as well as abroad. Going forward, the film segment in India is expected to further reap the benefits of going digital with digital prints, digital cinemas and more sophisticated digital production techniques. The future of India’s media and entertainment landscape looks extremely promising with changes such as analogue cable sunset date by 2014, and players in the overall media value chain attempting to provide improved content to viewers through effective marketing and delivery strategies. Every segment within the media and entertainment ecosystem is getting impacted by digitalization in a significant way. The Government’s push towards digitalization and addressability for cable television by 2014, is expected to provide an impetus to DTH and digital cable growth.

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