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Abstract • Problems in building a data warehouse • Solutions to build a desired data warehouse  An Example • Summary • Qs & As

. offers a wide range of products and services in the areas of  process management  climate technologies  network power  storage solutions • professional tools appliance solutions motor technologies industrial automation.000 employees 250 manufacturing locations worldwide. • • Recognized widely for its engineering capabilities and management excellence Emerson has approximately 129.) • • Emerson (NYSE: EMR) is a diversified global manufacturing and technology company.ABOUT EMERSON (CONT.

emerson. to $5.54 • Strong operating cash flow of $632 million.40 to $2. to $0. up 27 percent • Full year EPS guidance raised to $2.1 billion • EPS from continuing operations increased 10 .55 For More Detail Please Visit: http://www.ABOUT EMERSON • Emerson Reports Second Quarter 2010 Results • Second quarter sales up 1 percent.

. •Sanofi-Aventis was formed in 2004 when Sanofi-Synthélabo merged with Aventis. •While Synthélabo was created in 1970.) •Sanofi-Synthélabo was a Paris-based pharmaceutical company formed in 1999. •Sanofi was created in 1973. when Sanofi merged with Synthélabo.ABOUT SANOFI (CONT.

Employee Count: 15. France Global Web Site: www.3 billion 2009 Global R&D Investment: €4. Web Site: Global Headquarters: Paris.000 Global Operations: More than 100 countries 2009 Global Sales: €29.ABOUT SANOFI • • • • • • • • • U.000 Global Employee Count: billion Key Therapeutic Areas:  Cardiovascular Disease Oncology  Central Nervous System Thrombosis  Internal Medicine Vaccines  Metabolic Disorders .S.

COO or to CFO. . A Data Steward can also be given a Data quality budget for driving the data quality initiatives. Data stewardship is required for data implementation and data management to succeed. The role of a data steward is that of maintaining data control in data governance and master data management initiatives. A Data Steward can be reporting to CEO. Data stewards take ownership of the data and work with the business to define the programm's objectives. the right combination of processes. a data steward is responsible for the data quality For data governance to be effective and successful in its objectives.DATA STEWARDS • • • • • • Definition : Data steward refers to the lead role in a data governance project. A Data Steward should be positioned well in the organization in terms of levels and hierarchy. technology and people need to be in place.

DATA STEWARDS  The benefits of appointing a data steward can include:    Consistent use of data management as an effective resource Efficient mapping of data between systems and technology Potentially lower costs associated with migration to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) .

The totality of features and characteristics of data that bears on their ability to satisfy a given purpose. validity. the sum of the degrees of excellence for factors related to data. timeliness and accuracy that makes data appropriate for a specific use. The state of completeness. consistency.DATA CONFORMITY & QUALITY • • • • Data Quality refers to the degree of excellence exhibited by the data in relation to the portrayal of the actual phenomena. Data quality: The processes and technologies involved in ensuring the conformance of data values to business requirements and acceptance criteria .

A major chunk of these errors can be attributed to the legacy system's inability to validate data. consider a date field that refers to the purchase date for a particular piece of equipment.DATA QUALITY ISSUES ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS • Data quality issues in the legacy system arise because of the following factors: Application Errors: These data errors creep in because of the inability of the legacy system to validate certain user inputs.e. For instance. Human Errors: This is a major source of dirty data in the legacy system. but some errors are logical in nature. which can be valid but can be wrong from a business perspective (i. Now.. the user may input a date. the user may enter a date in which the business never existed). • • .

DATA QUALITY ISSUES ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS • • • Target system model definition: This can be a factor only when a legacy system data conversion and migration is part of the cleansing project. . it can be incorporated in the conversion process. Alternatively. depending on the difficulty level of conversion required. The target system model may dictate the data to be in a certain format. which cannot be found in the legacy system. Though this is not essentially dirty data. the need for conversion and migration makes it compulsive for the business to cleanse it.

but many treat it as a find-and-fix effort to be conducted at the end of a project by someone in information technology. Others casually assign the job to the business users who deal with the data head-on. Still others may throw resources at improving data only when a major problem occurs. . technology and diplomatic skills. Most companies recognize the importance of data quality. Creating a data quality team requires gathering people with an unusual mix of business.S.)     This article focuses on the practice of having data stewards in companies in the U.ABSTRACT (CONT. It is even difficult to agree on a job title.

. they are called data analysts. train overseas workers to fix data in their native languages and serve as the main contact with the data administrator for requirements.ABSTRACT     In the department of Nancy Rybeck of Emerson Process Management. At Emerson. They also research customer relationships. data analysts review data and correct errors before it is put into the operational systems. As the leader of the group. locations and corporate hierarchies. but titles at other companies include data quality control supervisor. ensuring data integrity is maintained and doing the logical design for the data warehouse tables. data coordinator or data quality manager. Rybeck plays a role that includes establishing and communicating data standards.

 The effort failed in large part because the structure of the warehouse couldn't accommodate the many variations on customers' names.  .PROBLEMS IN BUILDING A DATA WAREHOUSE Attempted to build a data warehouse to store customer information from over 85 countries.

SOLUTIONS TO BUILD A DATA WAREHOUSE (CONT.  .) Started to build a department with six to 10 full-time "data stewards"  dedicated to establishing and maintaining the quality of data entered into the operational systems that feed the data warehouse.

They also research customer relationships. serve as the main contact with the data administrator and database architect for new requirements and bug fixes.SOLUTIONS TO BUILD A DATA WAREHOUSE • • • • data stewards in each business unit review data and correct errors before it's put into the operational systems. train overseas workers to fix data in their native languages. locations and corporate hierarchies. .

 .  French characters in Users’ name create problem.  Data Conversion from Lexis to CorrRisk.AN EXAMPLE (PROBLEM) We faced same problem in RABOBANK international.

AN EXAMPLE (SOLUTION) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Replace French Characters with English Alphabets <Languages> <Language id="French"> <alpha id="à">a</alpha> <alpha id="Â">A</alpha> <alpha id="ê">e</alpha> <alpha id="Ê">E</alpha> <alpha id="ÿ">y</alpha> <alpha id="Ý">Y</alpha> <alpha id="Œ">OE</alpha> <alpha id="œ">oe</alpha> <alpha id="Æ">AE</alpha> <alpha id="æ">ae</alpha> <alpha id="¿">?</alpha> </Language> </Languages> .

 .AN EXAMPLE (SOLUTION) Data types are mapped  A data compatible conversion executed  Data from Lexis received in Excel format  A Data Transfer Utility (DTU) read data from Excel files and moved the data into database.

. Companies are hiring data stewards who are dedicated to establishing and maintaining the quality of data entered into the operational systems that feed the data warehouse. data has to be standardized. Data quality is a journey. not a destination.SUMMARY • • • • • This article focuses on the practice of having data stewards in companies in the U. Data stewards need to have business knowledge because they need to make frequent judgment calls. For data warehouse to work properly.S.

CASE STUDY QUESTIONS (CONT. they have to create a quality team from different departments and agree on a job title in all companies . It’s a very good idea to hand in the work to someone who knows how to deal with the data and improve its quality. The company should treat their data as other assets. Why is the role of a data steward considered to be innovative? Explain.) Q1.  Data steward can help the company to address the data problems before they become serious problems that may affect on the business work. Ans:  Data steward are considered to be innovative.  Data stewards establish and maintain the quality of data entered into the operational systems that feed the data warehouse.

it is treated as a succession of small projects rather than as an ongoing function. Finally. While companies recognize the importance of data quality. .CASE STUDY QUESTIONS (CONT. the need for data stewards only appeared as companies started to cross-integrate information that was previously housed independently. it’s not functional but needs business knowledge). which has happened only recently. but needs to know technology.)    Moreover. it is a non-traditional role that does not fit clearly within any functional area (it’s not technical.

 The main benefits are:      Standardization Accurateness Quality of data Reducing the duplication of data Transaction errors   At Emerson. What this means for the Emerson is that their data is correct. For example.CASE STUDY QUESTIONS (CONT. . Emerson’s customer records no longer have duplicated records. data stewards make sure that data integrity is maintained during database conversions and do the logical design for the data warehouse tables.) Q2. up-to-date and maintained. misspellings and fields with missing data. What are the business benefits associated with the data steward program at Emerson? Ans:  The business benefits associated with the data steward are numerous.

providing a clear picture of worldwide operations.  .  Data stewards integrate across business units and geographic locations.meaning that because their data quality and integrity is consistently maintained and updated. Emerson is engaging in preventative maintenance .) Also by having data stewards on staff.CASE STUDY QUESTIONS (CONT. they are preventing major problems from occurring in the data. streamlining communications and routing of new requirements.  Data stewards also provide a single point of contact.

a managerial activity that applies information systems technology and management tools to the task of managing an organization's data resources.  It includes the database administration function that focuses on developing and maintaining standards and controls for an organization’s database.  Data administration focuses on the planning and control of data to support business functions and strategic organizational objectives.) Q3. How does effective data resource management contribute to the strategic goals of an organization? Provide examples from Emerson and others.CASE STUDY QUESTIONS (CONT. . Ans:  Data resource management. This includes a data planning effort that focuses on developing overall data architecture for a firm’s data resources.

effective data management is critical to its success and survival. such as OneSource Information Services. increasing customer satisfaction. . * Accurate and updated data leads to less transaction errors and returns. who are in the business of providing information. how much and which products are they purchasing.. * Data stewards prioritize the allocation of resources to where they are most needed. which can lead to regional or global sales teams.CASE STUDY QUESTIONS (CONT. etc. * For companies in certain industries. where they are located.)  The examples could include: * Management at Emerson is able to analyze who its customers are. in terms of the quality and accuracy of the data.

emerson.html  • • http://www.REFERENCES  .com/s/article/91146/Data _Stewards_Seek_Conformity  m/2009/02/


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