Evaluation question 5 In what way did you address/attract your audience?

The genre of our film was a horror and therefore in order for our product to appeal to our audience, we needed to ensure that we portrayed typical codes and conventions associated with horrors. When attracting our audience, we incorporated the different codes and conventions of a supernatural horror. It was set in a quiet and dark school because when people watch horror films, they are usually quiet with some dark music playing in the background; this was the type of environment we were trying to create because people are used to these codes and conventions of a horror. One of the methods we used was creating social networking pages for people to access our product and give us feedback. We created a Facebook and twitter page which advertised our company logo and other things. Because a lot of people from the ages 15to 35 (which is our target audience) years old use sites such as twitter and Facebook, it will be very easy to address them. Our pre-questionnaire results had showed us that a lot of people from our target audience would want to see a horror. We also used Levi-Strauss theory of binary opposites in our media product. We had Good vs. Evil with the protagonist (Aalliyah) and the antagonist, and then we also had strong vs. Weak with the antagonist and protagonist because the antagonist had some sort of supernatural powers. We mainly appealed to our audience by making the opening scene very realistic, something people from our target audience could relate to. The use of a variety of shots in our product such us close-ups and medium close ups kept the audience involved throughout and drew our audience closer.