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QuestaSim Tutorial

QuestaSim Tutorial

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Published by Vivek
Questa Sim tutorial!
Questa Sim tutorial!

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Published by: Vivek on Jan 15, 2013
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Continue exploring the design with any of the methods discussed above – double-click signal
pins, use the toolbar buttons, or use menu selections from the right-click popup menu.

When you are finished, click theDelete Allbutton to clear the schematic viewer.

Click theShow Wave button

to close the embedded Wave Viewer.


The Schematic window allows you to display a source code preview of any design object.

1.Add a signal to the Schematic window.

a.Make sure instance p is selected in the Structure (sim) window.

b.Drag signal t_out from the Objects window to the Schematic window.

c.Double-click the NAND gate - #NAND#50 - to display a Code Preview window
the display.

Debugging With The Schematic Window

Unfolding and Folding Instances

Questa SIM Tutorial, v10.0c


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