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QuestaSim Tutorial

QuestaSim Tutorial

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Questa Sim tutorial!
Questa Sim tutorial!

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Published by: Vivek on Jan 15, 2013
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c.SelectView > Zoom > Zoom Last.

The waveform display restores the previous display range.

d.Click the Zoom In icon a few times.

e.In the waveform display, click and drag up and to the right.

You should see a blue line and numbers defining an area to zoom out.

f.SelectView > Zoom > Zoom Full.


Cursors mark simulation time in the Wave window. When Questa SIM first draws the Wave
window, it places one cursor at time zero. Clicking anywhere in the waveform display brings
that cursor to the mouse location.

You can also:

•add additional cursors;

•name, lock, and delete cursors;

•use cursors to measure time intervals; and

•use cursors to find transitions.

First, dock the Wave window in the Main window by clicking the dock icon.


1.Position the cursor by clicking and dragging.

Analyzing Waveforms

Using Cursors in the Wave Window

Questa SIM Tutorial, v10.0c


a.Click the Select Mode icon on the Wave window toolbar.

b.Click anywhere in the waveform pane.

A cursor is inserted at the time where you clicked (Figure7-3).

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