JCY-1800 Voyage Data Recorder

Complies with all current regulations for vessels above 3.000 GT.

– JRC’s new VDR incorporates the latest technology to assist the mariner in a safer nautical future

Compact flashcard: no moving parts Easy IP based maintenance External recording on PC: 180GB for 60 days User-friendly real-time & playback software Remote maintenance

since 1915

External recording JRC constantly innovate to ensure it can deliver you best performance. JCY-1800 V D R – t h e l at e s t t e c h n o l o g y fo r a s a .g. Its ease of use and the freedom to survey a range of scenarios enhances the user’s navigation skills. purposely designed for the VDR. 3GB storage capacity per day is required if you would like to save the data on your computer. Standard LAN output enables you to connect up to 4 PC’s (own supply) by use of a hub (own supply). high-capability data recorder utilises the latest advancements in technology. In addition. In-house technology JRC uses self fabricated. They have proven themselves in the VDR market and are the worldwide leader in VDR technology.JCY-1800 VDR – performance features Unique features JRC’s fully IMO compliant JCY-1800 VDR incorporates the latest advancements in technology. marinised hardware. reliable. L3 capsule L3 is one of the main suppliers of flight recorders to the aircraft industry. select and send data. including radar video can be stored on these PC’s. providing the best value VDR in the maritime industry. Standard CSV (Comma Separated Values) data conversion enables easy and efficient exchange of information to shore e. via email. This hardened. This allows you to easily playback. L3 delivers one of the smallest and lightest VDR capsules in the market. All VDR data. The data acquired can be displayed in both graphical and numerical format. utilising an industry standard capsule and provides durability and improved safety at sea. the playback-software is an ideal tool for crew training. Playback-software JRC includes intuitive playback-software that also incorporates real-time monitoring functionality on the user PC. The non PC-based equipment ensures spare part availability for many years.

The use of this unique software guarantees a stable operating environment to assist the mariner in a safer nautical future. assisting you 24 hours a day. Lima Suva Rio de Janeiro Buenos Aires Talchuano Cape Town Richards Bay Durban Melbourne Brisbane Sydney Auckland a fe r n a u t i c a l f u t u re . The separate operation panel can be located on the bridge for easy access to status and alarm information. John’s Le Havre Toronto Chicago Rome New York Istanbul Madrid Lisbon Athens Haifa Tunis Limassol Alexandria Houston Las Palmas Miami Havana Dakar Panama Guayaquil Reykjavik Vladivostok Tokyo Pusan Shanghai Dubai Mumbai Hong Kong Hanoi Bangkok Taipei Manila Abidjan Columbo Kuala Lumpur Singapore Jakarta JRC one-call™ One number to call With JRC you can go anywhere and if you need our support.JCY-1800 VDR – developed for maximum ease of use Dedicated industrial operation system The JCY-1800 VDR uses a highly reliable industrial operating system. JRC offers comprehensive assistance through its organisation. in partnership with a worldwide StarNetwork™ of over 270 fully trained and qualified partners and agents. anytime. Display Indication LED’s Indication LED’s Operation buttons Cursor buttons Operation buttons JRC StarNetwork™ JRC has been providing sales and support of products since 1915. Vancouver Seattle San Francisco Los Angeles San Diego Honolulu Torshavn Helsinki Egersund Lund Tallinn Belfast Amsterdam London Antwerp Rotterdam St. Space saving black-box design Mount the black-box in a location where it is convenient to make all the necessary interfacing. Today. simply call us at +81 3 3492 9201. 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

analyse. Capsule 2. IEC61162-1/-2. Playback software 8. Also the system is highly protected. JRC’s easy configuration assures continuous performance of the VDR system. RS-422 interface GPS. as defined by the requirements of IMO performance standard. which unless monitored could cause a greater burden on the crew. a JRC accredited technician can. Operation panel 5. Connection box 3. Microphones (3) 6. By using our VDR technology as the data hub for this onboard network. Interfacing capacity The below scheme shows the JCY-1800 mandatory recording data. Real time monitor software 9. Spare parts 10. Speed log. it will be possible to more quickly identify onboard equipment faults. The Voyage Data Recorder is easily connectable to a range of global navigation and communication equipment and sensors onboard a vessel. via suitable satellite communications link onboard the vessel inspect. In the event of an anomaly. Recording control unit 4. Gyro compass etc.JCY-1800 VDR – system flexibility Remote Maintenance System As times change and new technologies are introduced at an ever increasing pace. Manual (English) Which cables1? Capsule to connection box (2) 1 3m (2 cables are connected. Audio interface VHF radiotelephone. Cables 7. 1 for power and 1 for data communication) other cables are local supply (specs on request) . preventing unauthorised access by other parties. The VDR remote maintenance server with IP routing will allow you to remotely monitor the latest navigation and communication equipment onboard. Microphone Image data interface RADAR Real-time monitoring/PC network up to 4 different PC’s by use of a hub What’s standard in the box? 1. resolve and/or take action for next port attendance. maritime navigation and communication equipments have become more sophisticated.

Connection box NQE-3163 Weight 1.3 kg cutout for panel mount height 140 mm | width 130 mm | depth 80 mm 165 mm 50 mm 145 mm Dimension drawings .4 mm Dimension drawings .2 kg 110 mm 170 mm 1 optional waterproof microphone .2 kg cutout for panel mount height 135 mm width 95 mm depth 85 mm 110 mm 160 mm NVT-1621 Weight 1. Operation panel NDV-1800 Weight 23 kg 540 mm 250 mm 419.5 mm NCG-169 Weight 0.7 kg 218.3 mm 206.Microphones NVT-161 Weight 0.Capsule NDH-316 Weight 8.JCY-1800 VDR – dimensions and weights Dimension drawings .5 mm 182.Recording control unit.3 kg 176 mm 87 mm 170 mm Dimension drawings .

RS-422) up to 9 microphones up to 3 channels up to 2 channels 2 hours (only bridge communication) ≤1min AC 100 .JCY-1800 VDR – specifications Model IMO compliant Protective capsule unit Model Recording data period Data capacity Sensor data interval Audio data interval Image data interval Underwater beacon freq.com W www.240V ±10% max 90VA DC 24V 5Ah up to 4 years temperature: -15°C +55°C NCG-169 power-driven by NDV-1800 NVT-161 radius of 2.5m built-in speaker for audio acquisition testing temperature: -15°C +55°C NVT-161 NVT-162 NCT-72 NCT-63 CFT-60 (built-in NCT-72 or NCT-63) CHM-378 Ambient condition Recording control unit Model Sensor data input Bridge audio input VHF communication input Radar/video input Recording during blackout Startup after blackout Input voltage range Power consumption Battery capacity Battery life Ambient condition Operation panel unit Model Power consumption Microphone Model Range Test device Ambient condition Optional items Microphone Waterproof microphone Alarm closure contact I/F (64 ports) Alarm closure contact I/F (16 ports) Analogue signal converter (8 ports) NSK interface unit All specifications are subject to change without notification.5kHz ± 1kHz minimum of 30 days after immersed in water 1800m-3600m (depends on environmental conditions) power-driven by NDV-1800 3W fluorescent orange / white fire: 260°C for 10 hours. 1100°C for 1 hour deep-sea and immersion: 60Mpa (equivalent to a depth of 6000m) shock: sine wave pulse of 50G (duration of 11msec) penetration: a 250kg mass with a pin of 100mm Ø drop from 3m temperature: -25°C +55°C NDV-1800 up to 32 ports (IEC61162-1/-2. The Netherlands +31 20 6 580 750 T F +31 20 6 580 755 E sales@jrceurope. AC 200 .12/17/1 .jrceurope.120V ±10%. Schiphol-Rijk. For further information please contact: JRC Cessnalaan 40-42 1119 NL.com Copyright © 2007 JRC -07. Underwater operate time Underwater range Power supply (voltage) Power consumption Colour Environmental condition JCY-1800 NDH-316 12 hours 2GB flash memory (3GB model optional) 1sec (depends on input sensor) continuously (1 audio file / minute) 1 image per 15sec 37.

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