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Function and responsibilities of a senior welding inspector Defects in welds Weld symbol interpretation Interpretation of NDT reports Documentation of welding Approval and certification procedures General principles of supervision Case studies Planning Organisation Interpretation of fractured surfaces Auditing Practice in typical examination questions Course assessments

Low Morale
Monday 31 December 2012 7:43 PM Posted by Cswip Questions , 0 Comments Labels: CSWIP 3.2 , CSWIP 3.2 Question and Answers , cswip 3.2 welding inspector study material , Senior Welding Inspector

IT HAS COME TO YOUR ATTENTION THAT THE MORALE OF YOUR INSPECTION TEAM APPEARS TO BE LOW, a. WHAT COULD YOU HAVE OBSERVED TO DETERMINE THIS? b. WHAT WOULD OCCUR IF THIS WAS NOT RECTIFIED QUICKLY? c. WHAT COULD YOU DO TO LIFT LOW MORALE? Low morale can be identified by the following symptoms 1. lack of diligence 2. taking short cuts 3. ignoring safety procedures 4. not starting work promptly 5. taking long breaks 6. talking in groups and grumbling about minor matters 7. higher levels of absenteeism 8. Negligence (poor record keeping, not inspecting the weld etc..) 9. complaints from TPI/Client Low morale may be result in the following 1. lack of control over production activities from quality point of view 2. poor productivity 3. substandard work output 4. delay in work schedule 5. lack of credibility to the organization

6. 5. These they should be noticed that the high morale will reflect in good salary rise. What was the repair rate during production? 2. What about the general moral and standard of work amongst the inspection team(s)? Further to this he can start reviewing of documents and he should make sure that he attaches the following documents as a minimum 1. 4. CSWIP 3. However before signing the documents the senior welding inspector should make enquiry which can give him the in sites of the past while product was being manufactured. Verify material certificates such as mill test certificates. Arrange the meeting of entire sub coordinates staff for discussion on the subject matter. This activity cannot be initiated unless the product is signed off. their individual problems must not affect the morale. Whether any concession or waiver were given. better facilities etc. Welding Inspector In an engineering fabrication industry the last activity in the sequence of manufacturing is load out or dispatch. 9. if yes why? 4.2 welding inspector study material . I will try to seek company’s help for their personal problem. From their response I can form a collective opinion for low morale 3. material traceability records etc… . 0 Comments Labels: CSWIP 3. As regard to the personal problems I can assure the team that I will do everything possible in my capacity to rectify it. Quality control plan – ensure all stages are complete and signed off 2. Senior Welding Inspector . How were the weather conditions? 5. I should bring to the attention of the employees in gentle but firm manner that. 2. This problem is then sorted out as general problem and individual problems.Observing all above. As a matter of fact signing the product off is assurance of quality which is authenticated by a technically competent person such as “Senior Welding Inspector” who makes sure that complete manufacturing of product has been carried out in accordance with applicable standard and sound engineering practices. Whether there were any labour problems? 7. Inspection check list – ensure all stage are completed and signed off 3. 8. 7. demotions and worst case termination also Signing Off a Prouduct Monday 31 December 2012 7:39 PM Posted by Cswip Questions . If low morale continues then the management will be obliged warning letters.2 Question and Answers . cswip 3. fatalities. it is imperative that lifting the low morale this can be done as follows 1. Whether any difficulties are encountered within the job? 3. Further to this I may have private discussion with each individual which can help me to zero in on his problems. major accidents/incident etc…? 6. Typical questions can be as followed 1. Whether there were any safety issues.2 .

Verify the following procedures which are to be attached and have all been approved a. visual inspection of completed parts. Verify the inspection reports of following disciplines and ensure that they cover all appropriate joints and structure a. inspection tools and welding equipments etc… 8. PMI g. Verify name plate. Verify weld maps are available for traceability 14. Verify as built drawings are completed 13. site query etc… 16. Verify the qualification level and validity of the welder and NDT personnel 6. Hydrotest h. Dimensional control etc… 7. Welding b. transit and tie down procedures should all have been approved by the relevant engineer prior to the final acceptance of the product and issue of any signed certificate of conformance. Verify painting and coating inspection reports As a part of his own inspection he may be obliged to witness final hydrotest. Visual b. Verify concession request.4. Verify hardness test reports 9. Verify PMI reports 10. Verify PWHT reports 11. Hardness f. As a matter of quality assurance he may view some radiographs at random and may even conduct radiograph audit. rubbing details are available when applicable 15. PWHT e. Coating/Painting 5. NDT c. NDT d. Repair c. Verify permit to work 17. Verify calibration certificates of equipments and instruments such as pressure gauge. NCR. Finally. . Verify Hydrotest reports 12.

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