Gemini offshore wind farm

general information
Official name Status Area of windfarm Description Location Country Sea name Distance from shore Water depth Project Gemini Under development 2 x 34 km2 Buitengaats & ZeeEnergie North of the isle Schiermonnikoog Netherlands North Sea 85 km 28 - 36 m

Project & Organization
Developer Installer Turbines Installer Foundations Structure Construction Start estimated Operator Commission Year estimated Estimated Project Costs Typhoon Offshore / HVC TBD Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects BV Q2/Q3 2013 TBD Q4 2015 € 2,4 Bln


Total Capacity to be installed Total Number of Turbines Annual Estimated Production 600 MW 120 - 200 ~ 2,5 TWh/year

Offshore Subsation & Grid Connection
Park Transformer Location Infield Voltage Level Export Voltage Level Infield Cable Supplier Export Cable Transmission Type Supplier AC TBD TBD 2 Offshore Substations 36 kV 250 - 300 kV

Technical Specifications
Turbine Manufacturer Model Rated Power pr. Turbine Number of Turbines Siemens SWT4.0 - 130 4.0 MW 150

typhoonoffshore.12 m/s 25 m/s IB DATASHEET Technical Specifications Nacelle Drive Train Type Gearbox Ratio Gearbox Stages Generator Type Generator Poles Power Converter Type Turbine Voltage Level Yaw Gears .Number Dimensions of Nacelle Length Width Height Tower Structure Type Structure Material Foundational Structure Structure Type Support Structure Material Foundational Type Monopiles / 3-leg Jackets Steel Piled 14.000 mm 4.5 m/s 11 .eu .Technical Specifications IEC Wind Turbine Class Operational Cut-in Wind Speed Rated Wind Speed Cut-out Wind Speed Rotor & Hub Rotor Diameter Rotor Area Rotor Speed (rated) Hub Height (above sea level) Blade Tip Speed (rated) Blade Tip Speed (max) Pitch System Electrical 130 m 13300 m2 5 .13 rpm LAT + 88.000 mm 89.5 m LAT Tubular Steel SCIG 4 4Q Full Scale Convertor 33kV output 6 electrical driven 3-stage planetary / helical 1:119 Resources Website www.200 mm 4.88 m/s (approx) 3 .5m 34 .

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