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~ncoue ves" Shareholder’s Share of Income, Sap opon SEEDS 1990 _ Deductions, Credits, 1 (4100S) For use by § corporations ang their shareholders only. For income year beginning | {4 ‘and ending l l ‘Shareholders identilying umber > [California corporation number > Shareholder’s name, address and ZIP code ‘Corporation's name, address and ZIP code ‘Sharehlders percentage ot stock ownership for income year > % K B Tax shelter registration number > © It the shareholder acquired corporate stock afler 10722786, check here» and enter the sharehclder’s weighted percentage increase instock owne’ship fr 1990 > % Di any activity for which income oF lass is reported on line 1, 2 or 3 was started or acquired by the corporation after 1072286, check here [7 and enter the date of startup or acquisition in the date space on ine 1, 2 01 3 below. E Corporation's Calfomva apportionment percentage from Schedule R > % F Check aopicable boxes:_(1} [Final Kt (2) Amended K Caution: Reter to the Separate shareholders insracins for Schedule Kt (1008) Sefoe entering information from his sahedule on your tax retum. {b) Amount te 6) Caltoria (8 Calforia (@) Fo ata share items federal Sebadle K-1 | adjustment | arunt. Combine 1208) (©) and (0) ‘Ordinary income (Ioss) from trade or business activites. Oate ‘Net income (loss) from rental realestate activities, Dale: Net income (loss) trom other rental activites. Oat: orto income (loss): a interest... b Dividends . Income | © Royalties : toes} | o Net short-term capital gain (055). ......2+2+2sse0e € Net tong-tem carital gain (loss) . ce {Other portoio income {jos}. Attach schedule... '5 Net gain (oss) under IRC Secvon 1291 (ote than Gue to casualty or theft): Gain (loss) from residential rentab and farm property he or more than ‘one year but not more than five years . cesses ain (oss) from residential rental and fam property held or mre than five years. ‘© Other gain (ioss) : Other income (oss). Attach schedule... 7 a Charitable contributions . b Palitical contributions . trds- | 8 Exense deduction for ecovery property (RBTC Sections 17252. and 17265. ons | and 1RC Section 179), Attach schedule . "9 aductions related to portfolio income (loss). Attach schedule . 10 Other deductions, Attach schedule . ows [11a Interest expense on investment BIS «eee. see ment |b (1) Investment income included on lines 4a Youn 4 above nears (2) lavestment expenses included on line 9 above 42 a Low-income housing credit. See instructions. Attach schedule... Tx b Grects relate to rental realestate activites other than on Credits line +2(a), Attach schedule - ‘© Cres rate to oter rental activities. Se insttions. tach schedule veces j 13. Other credits. Attach schedule Schedule K-1 (1008) 1990 Side 1 (@) Po rata share tern {b) Amount fom {adel Seheule K4 (01205) {e)Caltaria ‘agustment 2) Caltoria ‘amousl, Cabin (6) ad (6) 14 a Accelerated deprecation of rel property placed in sevice below 171/87 'b Accelerated depreciation of leased personal property plates in sarvice belove 1/1/87 «Depreciation adjustment an property placed in service aller 12/31/96 . 4 Depletion (ather than ol and gas) (1) Gas icone rom ol, gas and geathemal properties, we (2) Deductions allocable to ol, gas and geothermal properties... 4 Other adjustments and tax prelerence items. Attach schedule(s) 15 a Type ot income > Other |b Name of state >. Stale | ¢ Total gross income from sources outside Galfomia, Attach sebedue Tixes | Total applicable deductions and tosses, Attach schedule ....... -e Total other state taxes. Check one: » C] Paid ©) Accrued . tinar [78 @ Total exyensituees to which an IRC Section 59(e) election may apply... -- items |b Type of expenditure > Z, 117 Property distributions (including cash) other than dividend distributions reported to you on federal Form 1089-01¥ . 118_Amount of oan sepayments for "Loans from Shareholders” 19 Supplemental information that is required to be reported soparately ta each shareholder Attach actitigna sheet(s if necessary ‘Supe etal Information Side 2 Schedule K-1 (1008) 1890