Erwin Panofsky

A Finding Aid to the Erwin Panofsky Papers, 1904-1990 (bulk dates 1920-1968), in the Archives of American Art
by Catherine S. Gaines

Contact Information Reference Department Archives of American Art Smithsonian Institution Washington. D.C. 20560

Table of Contents
Collection Overview................................................................................................................ 1 Administrative Information..................................................................................................... 1 Biographical Note....................................................................................................................2 Scope and Content Note........................................................................................................ 3 Arrangement.............................................................................................................................3 Index Terms............................................................................................................................. 3 Series Descriptions/Container Listing.................................................................................. 4 Series 1: Correspondence, 1921-1978, undated ..........................................................4 Series 2: Writings, 1915-1968, undated ......................................................................57 Series 3: Biographical Information, 1905-1967 ..........................................................60 Series 4: Printed Material, 1904-1990, undated ......................................................... 60

Collection Overview
Repository: Creator: Title: Dates: Quantity: Abstract: Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution Erwin Panofsky Erwin Panofsky papers 1904-1990 (bulk dates 1920-1968) 19.3 cubic feet The papers of Erwin Panofsky measure 19.3 linear feet and are dated 1904-1990 (bulk dates 1920-1968). They consist of correspondence, writings, biographical material, and printed material documenting Panofsky???s career as an art historian, teacher, and writer. The Panofsky papers are comprised mainly of correspondence with colleagues, scholars, students, art dealers, galleries and museums, libraries, colleges and universities, organizations, and periodicals. The records are in English and German.


Administrative Information
The Erwin Panofsky papers were donated by his widow, Dr. Gerda Soergel Panofsky, in 1979 and 1990.

Related Material
Among the Archives' holdings is a collection of letters from Erwin Panofsky to art historians Wolfgang Stechow (1930-1931) and Lili Fröhlich-Bum (1931), and to Brooklyn Museum art librarian William B. Walker (1960) which is available on 35-mm microfilm reel 5136, frames 812-824. The letters to Stechow were written as he was preparing a review of Panofsky's book, Hercules am Scheidewege und andere antike Bildstoffe inder neueren Kunst, and provide additional information not found in the book itself. The letter to Mr. Walke is in Englishe, and the remainder are in German. The originals are still in the possession of Irving Lavin, who found them in Stechow's copy of Hercules am Scsheidewege given him by Mrs. Stechow.

Alternative Forms Available
Series 1: Correspondence, is available on 35-mm microfilm reels 2108-2128 at Archives of American Art and through interlibrary loan.

Processing Information
Correspondence was processed by AAA staff prior to microfilming in 1981. The papers were rehoused and the unmicrofilmed portion was arranged in accordance with archival standards by Catherine S. Gaines in 2006.

Preferred Citation
Erwin Panofsky papers, 1904-1990 (bulk dates 1920-1968). Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Restrictions on Access
The collection is open for research. Patrons must use microfilm copy. Use of the unmicrofilmed portion requires an appointment and is limited to the Washington, D.C. research facility.

Page 1

in 1914 from the University of Freiburg. In 1962. The History of a Concept]. Biographical Note Erwin Panofsky (1892-1968). Panofsky most prized the first from the University of Utrecht. Renaissance and Renaissances in Western Art (1960). Panofsky wrote on subjects other than art history. His wife Pandora Mosse Panofsky died in 1965. In addition. the British Academy. particularly in the realm of iconography. Among his books are: "Idea": Ein Beitrag zur Begriffsgeschichte der älteren Kunstheorie (1924) [translated later as Idea. grew up in Berlin where he received a classical education at the Joachimsthallsches Gymnasium. Abbot Suger on the Abbey Church of St. and frequently served as a visiting professor at Princeton University. During the academic year 1934/35. Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism (1951). The recipient of numerous honorary degrees. Panofsky received the Haskins Medal awarded by The Medieval Academy of America for a distinguished book in medieval history. The collection is subject to all copyright laws. After earning a Ph. and Problems in Titian. the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. he continued to teach at New York University practically every year. Meaning and the Visual Arts (1950). He was a prolific writer. Early Netherlandish Painting: Its Origins and Character (1953). March 14. and scholarship. Panofsky held concurrent appointments at both New York University and Princeton University. and during this period. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research. and during this period began to develop iconographic approaches to interpreting art through analysis of its subject matter's symbols. 1936. The Life and Art of Albrecht Dürer (1943). Germany. He then studied at the universities of Berlin. and quite a few of them considered Panofsky the greatest teacher they had ever encountered. New Jersey. Panofsky had wide interests. Panofsky spent three years on post-doctoral study in Berlin. Beginning in 1931. study. a native of Hanover. He was a member of the American Philosophical Society. and history. and encouraging teacher of several generations of productive scholars. He was an authority on Mozart. spending alternate semesters at the University of Hamburg until the Nazis dismissed all Jewish officials. Erwin Panofsky was a highly respected and influential scholar who was a much loved. married fellow student and art historian Pandora Mosse. as it brought great satisfaction at a time when he was still coping with the trauma of expatriation. New Jersey. he married Gerda Soergel. Princeton. and several other foreigh academies. Smithsonian Institution. also an art historian. where he remained for the rest of his life. Erwin Panofsky died in Princeton. in 1935. Panofsky taught at New York University. His 1934 article "On Movies" (originally published in Princeton University's Bulletin of the Department of Art and Archaeology). remains a highly regarded work on the subject. in 1966. Page 2 . Studies in Iconology (1939). Codex Huygens and Leonardo da Vinci's Art Theory (1940). and his many books and articles represent some of the 20th century's most important writings in the field of art history. generous. He taught at the University of Hamburg from 1920 to1933. His work in this area eventually had international influence in the development of art history as a discipline. and also wrote about the history of the detective novel and cinema. themes. He joined the faculty of the newly formed Institute for Advanced Study. D. Many students became his life long friends.Ownership and Literary Rights The Erwin Panofsky papers are owned by the Archives of American Art. Denis and Its Art Treasures (1946). He and his wife fled Germany and came to the United States in 1933. Mostly Iconographic (1964). Munich and Freiburg/Breslau. 1968. Although primarily a scholar of Gothic and Renaissance art. The Iconography of Correggio's Camera di San Paolo (1961).

5 linear ft. 0. Richard Krauatheimer. libraries. The Panofsky papers are comprised mainly of correspondence with colleagues. and lectures. and periodicals. Walter Friedländer. and memorial programs and tributes.Princeton Art -. W. Paul Coremans. Millard Meiss. organizations. notes. Walter William Spencer Cook. 2. W. Craig Smyth.5 linear ft. 16 linear ft. art dealers. They consist of correspondence. Boot and Betty Tarkington. and writer.3 linear feet and are dated 1904-1990 (bulk dates 1920-1968). 1904-1990. programs for graduation ceremonies at which Panofsky was awarded honorary degrees. students.Scope and Content Note The papers of Erwin Panofsky measure 19. galleries and museums. Writings by Panofsky include drafts. Arrangement The collection is arranged as 4 series: Series 1: Correspondence.New Jersey -. 1921-1978.Stechos. obituaries. books.) Series 3: Biographical Information. Keckscher. H. Among the correspondents are colleagues. colleges and universities. students. Among the printed material are articles and clippings about or mentioning Panofsky. undated (Box 19. Adolf Katzenellenbogen. 1905-1967 (Boxes 19-21. Heydenreich. Correspondents include: Udo von Alvensleben. and periodicals.3 linear ft. Egon Verheyen. William S. and Wilhelm Vöge. 0. colleges and universities. biographical material. Edward E. scholars. and manuscripts of articles. Lowinsky. scholars. and membership certificates. Reels 2108. Biographical material consists of awards and certificates. 1915-1968. libraries.) Series 4: Printed Material. Ludwig H. undated (Boxes 1-16. reviews of Panofsky's books..2128) Series 2: Writings. undated (Boxes 17-19. diplomas (including many honorary degrees). organizations.) Index Terms This collection is indexed in the online catalog of the Archives of American Art under the following terms: Subjects-Topical: Art historians -. Janson. writings. Gert van Osten. teacher. book reviews. art dealers. Richard Salomon.Study and teaching Page 3 . galleries and museums. and printed material documenting Panofsky's career as an art historian.

history.4 are arranged alphabetically by geographical location. Alfred Ahlborn. Gustave Alexandr. Ludwig H. Richard Krauatheimer.9 is in chronological order. H. writing. All remaining subseries are arranged alphabetically. E. and Renaissance art. Inc. Students and Other Individuals.9: Unfilmed Correspondence. Janson. Lowinsky. Richard E. acknowledgements and thank you letters. 1941-1967 (Reels 2125-2126) 1.2: Art Dealers. Subseries 1. Reels 2108-2128) Erwin Panofsky's correspondence documents his research. C. 1936-1966 Aaron. 1925-1968 (Reel 2125) 1. 1. and participation in professional organizations. W.7: Periodicals.S.2. Josef Albers-Schoenberg. is arranged chronologically and overlaps the dates and categories of correspondents represented in the preceeding subseries. Universities. Subseries 1. U.Axinn).4: Libraries. contributions to encyclopedias and dictionaries. embassies and consulates. Allenby.1: Colleagues. Maxine G.3: Galleries and Museums. Donald J. lecturing.9: Unfilmed Correspondence. Gert van Osten. undated (Boxes 1-16. and requests to write books. includes: requests for reviews. Gothic. Allan. Societies. 1921-1978. Amy Ingeborg Page 4 . Alef. and those of his many correspondents. Heydenreich. Abrams. 1932-1967 (Reels 2124-2125) 1. 1937-1967 (Reel 2127) 1. 1921-1978.Series Descriptions/Container Listing Series 1: Correspondence. received many years after microfilming was completed. 1936-1968.1: Colleagues. It reflects his own academic interests and expertise ??? Medieval. Allen. Adams. Egon Verheyen. undated (Reels 2108-2124) 1.Stechos. Scholars. Millard Meiss. Walter William Spencer Cook. undated (Reels 2126-2127) 1. W. government. William S. 1921-1978. Allen. 1. General (single letters. Walter Friedländer. Harry N. arranged by subject. 1937-1967 (Reel 2127) 1. Albers. undated (unfilmed) 1. John E. undated Box 1 Reel 2108 A. Craig Smyth.6: Organizations. Abbott. Robert C. D. Aaron . Keckscher. Richard Salomon.8: Miscellaneous. teaching. 1. 70th birthday congratulations. 1925-1967. Gillian Adler. and Wilhelm Vöge. Students and Other Individuals.3 and 1. 1.8: Miscellaneous. Edward E. This series is arranged into 9 subseries. Adolf Katzenellenbogen.5: Colleges. 1940-1969 (Reels 2127-2128) 1. David. and Institutes. His most prolific correspondents include: Udo von Alvensleben. Paul Coremans. and iconography. 16 linear ft. Scholars. and Congresses. Boot and Betty Tarkington.

1956-1968 Aries . Anderson. 1928-1969 (2 folders) d'Alverny . Marie-Thérèse Alyea. Jr. Udo von. Amy Arnold. A. Frederick B. Frederick L.Alpatov Alexander.. D. Fedja Apel. Andrew Alker. Edgar Anderson. Sidney Ackerman. Dore Askew. Paul J. Michael Alvensleben. Martha Anderson. Julius Amberg. Aronsohn. George Ames.Amiesenowa d'Alverny. Harold N. Kirk. 1940-1968. M. Robert R. Hélène Adhémar. Winslow D'Ancora Anderson. Rudolf Arnason. Giulio Carlo. H. Atwood. Lawrence B. Elizabeth D. Ash. José Pita Andreisse. Axinn. Alföldi. Harvard Arnolds. Rudolf Alley. Altman. Zane Andrade. P. Graham Baron Ashron. Antal. Günter Page 5 . Friedrich Anthony. Anzelewski.Allers. James Adams. Jr. Willi Aprá. Jean Alexander . 1951-1965 Adhémar. Adriano Armstrong. 1946-1966 Adhémar. Zofia Argan. Amiesenowa. Gerald Ackerman. Anderson. Auzas..Arnolds. Hermann Alpatov. Earle R. Robert W. Robert S. Herbert N. 1947-1963 Ackerman. Arnheim. undated Aries.

Aubert.Blair). Van der. Baron. Stelio Bates. Camp] Berg. Gösta Van der Berg-Noë Berger. Erwin Bishop. Ordenberg Page 6 . Lottlisa Belangie. Elmer Bellinger. M. de Blanc . Barton. Pietro Belt. Damián Carlos Beaujouan. Bock von Wülfingen. David Blair. Murray Barker. Inc. Marcel Auerbach. Carlo Biberman. Jess Bassi. Donald G. Bayón. and Mrs. General (single letters. Jack and Herman Liebaers Beller. 1952-1965 Askew. 1956-1967 Aydelotte. Herbert Bielefeld. Robert Blom. General (single letters. Hans. Roland H. Baudry. Turpin Barbour. J. Dr. Pamela Bergamnn. Belluschi. Bernard [copy from S. Erich. Blanco-Gguinaga. Guy Becker. Madeline S. Bailey . Carlos Bannister. John W. A. Belen. Beckley. Marion R. J.Brown). 1946-1966 de Blanc.Askew . Clarence L. 1949-1965 Aurenhammer. W. Alfred R. Quitman Behling. Baker. J. Barnouw. B. J. Bainton. H. Elmer Berenson. Carlos Bloch. George G. 1944-1965 Aydelotte. B. Frank Aydelotte. Rosemarie Berry. William O. Stephen K. Barnhart. Frans Blue Card. Francis Bertelli. Katherine Blair. 1937-1967 Bailey. Pamela Aubert.

Bonow. Jr. Eleanor W. Elisabeth Ann Bruckmann.M. Erioco Boggs. Theodore Boyle. Ellen H. Verlag F.Bailly. Bony. Rev. J. McGeorge Burkhardt. Bak...Boehringer. Louise Fargo B. M. Fr. Eunice R.Badt. Brody. Shibdlas Burroughs. M. H. Ludwig Badt. Kay Brandt. Breithaumpt. 1963-1965 Baldass . 1948-1968 Brubaker. Bruner. Jr. Manfred F. Estelle Brown. Otto Botte. Brubaker . Bulatkin. Jules Brommer. Frederick Burman. P. General (single letters. de Baeyns. Barry Buchdruck. Douglas Brown. Paul Bouscaren. 1952-1964 Baets. 1938-1967 Bacgihofer. Buehler Buerger. Herman Bailly. Erwin W. van Buxbaum. Brosemann. E. Marianne Brossman. Kurt Baer. Janet Bukofzer.Buxbaum). Louis H. Bundy. Martin Brown. 1954-1970 Baets . James H. D.Baránszy-Jób Page 7 . A. Maria Böttcher. Robert C. Sister Regina Buchoff. Borromeo d'Adda. Jean S. Mary Borgerhoff. Harcourt Brown. Rhoda Bacgihofer . Alan Buuren. Contessa Orietta Bosi. Allen. Joseph A. G. Breasted. Buchholz. Frank Brooks. Louise Brusselle.J. Kathi Meyer-Baer. Bowie.

Christian Bialostocki. 1946-1963 Bettagno . 1933-1967 Bloch. 1961-1962 Page 8 . Hans Barton. Bernheimer. 1952-1953 Bergerhoff. Quitman F. 1956-1962 Birkmeyer. Otto. Moses.. 1961-1965 Bettagno. 1941-1968 Bier. Jacques Baticle. 1958-1961 Björck. Begemann. 1944-1957 Bertin-Mourot.Battisti. and Margaret ("Daisy"). Alessandro Beutler. R. Frederick P. Barr.Beutler. Eugenio 2108-2109 Bauch. R. 1953-1971 Bieber. László Barasch. Klaus. Kurt. P. 1925-1970 Box 2 Reel 2109 Bischoff.. undated Barzun . 1945-1965.Baldass. Alfred H.Barton. 1945-1946 Berger. Bernhard. Jacob. Karl M. Lucie Beck. 1951-1968 Bauer. Richard.Berliner. 1949-1967 Billikopf. 1953 von Blanckenhagen. Françoiose Bargebuhr. 1945-1964 Bardon. Rev. Jr. Baron.Bergemann. Ludwig Bandmann. 1948 Bing. Peter. Jan. Ingvar Berliner. 1936-1964 Bergström. Justus.. Günter Baránszy-Jób. Jeannine Battisti. Renate. Gertrude. 1955-1965 Barzun. 1957-1969 Bardon . Gudmund. 1956-1967 Bauer . 1960-1961 Bergström . James N Beckley. H. Egbert Heverkamp Benesch. Thérèse. Margarete. Samuel G.

Bob and Mildred G. Wolfgang. Arthur. 1962-1963 Braunfels. undated Page 9 . Milton. 1943-1971. 1957-1967 Boas. Roland. 1946-1959 Bowles. 1951-1967.. 1927-1965 Brendel. Vitale.. 1949-1967 Breitenbach. Dericksen M. 1962-1966 Boskovits. Tilmann. 1953-1967 Burrage. 1956-1957 Brauen. undated Brizio.. Edward.. 1958-1966 Bueckenhoudt. 1950-1959 Burkhard. Edmund A. 1962-1963 Boström. Lotte (Foerster). 1933-1966 Buddensieg. 1949-1952 2109-2110 Brinkerhoff. Harry Bober). 1937-1959 Brummer. 1937-1957.. 1936-1965 Bober. 1949-1969 Branner. 1948-1965 Brion-Guérry. 1960-1961 Burden-Moller. Josua. 1961-1965 Buchthal. Eve. 1950-1954 Brown. Walter. Jean. 1949-1966 Brincard. M. Kjell. Harry. 1959-1960 Bonicatti. 1954-1967 Breckenridge.. Rev. 1957 Bucher. H... Anna Maria. Miklós. Louis.Bloch. Maurizio. Robert. Liliane. Edgar. James. François. 1955-1959 Bodnar. Fred. Juilian P. Anthony. 1951-1963 Boyd. Phyllis Pray (Mrs. H. George. 1954-1964 Borsook. Hugo H. 1960-1964 Brand-Philip. 1964-1965 Bruyn. Otto. 1953-1966 Burke. 1945-1965 Branca. 1958-1965 Briegler. Peter H. Hugh. circa 1950-1959 Broadly. Vittore. 1964-1967 Bony. 1941-1965 Bober. William L. undated Blunt.

Cabaniss . 1952-1956 C. Tom Caterini. Margot J. Henrik Couprie. James Chaikin. Dan Page 10 . Rudolf Chadwick-Collins. A. Cox. Mrs. David Carroll. W. Kurt Cassirer. Paul M. A. Henry Steele Comstock. Alfred E. Albert. Hayward Claflin. Robert Carey. Archeveche de Caplan. Amiya Chambers. 1937-1968 Cabaniss. Lester Corbett. Agnes Clark. Ernest. R. Robert J. William J. Carrith. Du Pont Cornell. Kathleen Coe. Rosalie L. Olle Cervene. P.Cutler). Courant. Calvesi. Cohn. Richard Chadraba. F. Robert L. D. Graham Carmichael. Cohn.. H. Colie. chanoine Maurice Cheadle. 1949-1958 Byvanck.Buschbeck. Annie Coburn. Peter A. Cooke. General (single leltters. Dorothy Cornelius. Commanger. Nathan Chakravarty. Priscilla Leigh Clements. Werner [from Millard Meiss] Coles. Conan. Chartier. Helen Cirker. Carrière. Cliver. L. 1950-1955 Bush-Brown. Francis A. Styde Cederlöf. R. E. Blaine Clogan. John S. Maurizio Cambrari. Cassirer. A. Cloulas-Brousseau. Trenchard Coyle. Judith Caponigri. Allen Calhoun. Claybrook. Eugene A.

Kenneth John Conkwright. Malcolm Canaday. John. 1948-1966 Constable . Marjorie Conant. Harold F. Edith W. Bernard I. Thomas Cutler. Giles Page 11 . David Robbins. Peter.Conkwright. Sterling A. Crowlie. Huldah Curran. K. Judith W. C. and Lucy E. 1950-1962 Castelli . 1951-1966 Castelli. 1951-1956 Conant. P. 1949-1968 Châtelet.Craig.Campbell. 1955 2111 Coolidge. Murray Crocker. John. Anna Maria Chastel. (The Clowes Fund) Box 3 Reel 2110 Coffin. J. Harold N.Cohn. André.Corbett.Clemens. 1943-1964 Carandente .Cartier. A. Stanton L. Clowes. 1950-1967 Cohen . undated (3 folders) Cooledge. 1954-1965 Cartier.. Mrs. Samuel C. 1951-1967 Callisen. G.. A. and Clowes. 1962-1968 Cohen. Ives. Albert. Cohn. Gordon Crane. 1967-1968 Citroen . 1937-1961.. Lester G. Cetto. 1951-1968 Citroen. 1954-1967 Cherniss. 1944-1965 Christie. 1954-1961 Constable. Enrico Catlin.. Marshall Clemens. Paul A. Walter William Spencer. David Giles. 1946-1967 Chew.H. 1950-1966 Carandente. Giobanni Carey.A. Walter Clement . Curl.Clowes. 1942-1966 Clement. Campbell. W. Clagett. Anthony Callisen . 1964-1967 Conant . Cook.Cetto.

Dodwell. Della Vida. R. De Blanc. 1937-1967 (2 folders) Dacos. Florens Devisse. Frieda Deuchlerl. Crosby. Sumner. 1948-1967 (4 folders) Costello. Dettweiler. G. 1953-1967 Craven . Reginald Doeblin. F. 1952-1962 Craven.Coor. Charles D. James Coremans.Creese. G. Nancy Gibbon Delius. Walter L. Catherine Davis. J. A. Hans Diez. Levi Delman. 1948-1957 D. Saville R. Liselotte Diehl. J. 1941-1956 Curtis. John M. Howard Davis. Gertrude Corbett. McK. George De Boer. S. Elder Dieckmann. De Laurier. Kurt Dochy. J. G. Dazzi.. T. 1946-1953 Covi. Nichole Dallam. Emil Dencher. Wayne Creese. General (single letters. J. Page 12 . Florence E. 1959-1967. Klaus Cuttler. Chandler Davis. Mrs. H. Georg Delatour. Jane. James L. Manlio Dean. Dickson. George K. Paul. De Christoforo Dehn. Eva De Roover.. Dean. Alfred Davis. P. K. Daly. Ernest Robert Curtis. David. L. undated Curtis. Ernst Dingelstedt. Dihle. Diller. Alfred Dolan. Dario Alessandro. Dacos??? Dyson).

Otto Desneux. Frederick B. Lydia A.Dahlbäck. Elisabeth Dibner. 1948-1968 Dean . James A. 1957-1966 Dahl. 1938-1968 Dienstfrey. Lamberto Downey. Willi Deknatel. Katherine Donovan. Helen J. Drury. Glanville Drake.Downey. Stillman. Dhanes . 1952-1958 Dhanes.Dobrzeniecki.Dieckmann. Dufour. Glanville Dressler. Campbell Dodwell. Ruth J. Morris Dow. Herbert Dieckmann. 1954-1967 Dempsey. Charles Demus. Betty Dubiner. R. Martin. Brother Thomas More Dahlbäck. Bengt D'Ancona. 1947-1967 (3 folders) Davies. Dobrzeniecki. Debra Dinsmoor. Peter F. Jr. Alexander Dorner. undated Dean. Mirella Levi. Léon M. Tadeusz 2111-2112 Dodd . Eleanor Delaisé. Downey. Jules Dewald. Fridollin Drucker. Judith Dyson.Dewald.. Bern Dieckmann. Degenhart.Delanoy. Albrecht Donati. Charles Reginald Dohmann. 1945-1966. Alain Dundas. Dorsky.. 1931-1965 Dodd. Ernest T. J. 1950-1964 Dempsey . Liselotte Dienstfrey . William B. Lamar Dodgson.Donaldson. Delanoy. 1955-1968 Page 13 . Freeman Dahl . Susan Duclos. Bernhard Deinzer. Dorner.

K. C. Edgar. 1938-1964 Eisenhart. Anne. 1951-1965 Eissler. 1964-1971 Box 4 Reel 2112 E.Egan. Colin. J. Walter Erler.Epstein. Ludwig and Renate. 1947-1952 Eerden.Dupont. Heinrich Eisenberg. 1952-1965 Eerden . 1941-1967 de Egrey. 1952-1963. William Al Emerson. Peggy A. Erdberg. Eakins . Albert Emboden. Ebbingewubben. Luther P. Alfred Einstein.Escala). Earle. General (single letters. Edward Mead Edgar. 1956-1964 Einem. Engelbregt.H. A. 1957-1960 Ellenius. undated Dussler. Ellis. J. Engler.. Esabella M. William Emmens. Escala. 1957-1968 Engels . Donna N. 1951-1963 Edelstein. Audrey L. 1937-1966 Eakins. Luitpold. Herbert von. Father J. Eichenberg. Adalbert Erskine. Engleson. Marion K. Sister Mary Edgerton Edwards. H. van der Egan. J. Donald Drew and Virginia Wylie. Jacques. Allen. J. 1949-1956 Eisler. 1953-1967 Einstein. Norbert Eismann. Patricia Egbert. Chiang Erlebacher. 1937-1967 Engels. Wladimir G. Albert and Margot.. Joan Prentice von Er-Shih. M. R. J.. Fritz Einstein. Gustav Andreas Page 14 . Marvin Eliasberg.A. A. Epstein. Egri Ehrman. H.

Wallace K. Richard Ettlinger. Ettinghausen. G. Filia. Gino Film. George Fowles. Fowler. John V. Joan Filipetto. Peter Fink. Flexner. 1953-1967 Euler. Rosalie Ferguson. Henry Färber. Fagles . Anne Whitall Epstein.English. Erffa. Fleming. Henry A. Robert F. Richard B. Joachim Falkenstein. John F. Francis Ferrara. Fingesten. Helmut Freiherr von. Inc. Hans Martin Feiherr von. Foster. Foltiny. Philip Foster. Stephen Forbes. Wilhelm Foelsch Folliet. Donald L. 1942-1967 Esmerian. L. Herman Feltenstein. Fergusson. James Alger Feifel. Madame Raymonde Field Enterprises. Helmut Fee. D.Ettinghausen. Guy Feron. J. General (single letters. W. June-Marie Finlayson. 1956-1962 Erffa. Ralph O. Walter. Angel Ferrari. Erik Forth. 1958 F. Flagg. Fleming. Carin Finch. 1940-1967 Esmerian .Furniss). 1931-1967 (2 folders) Fagles.. Leopold D. Clark Forslund. Abrahae Flitner. Fritz T. Forbes. J. Sharon Fowle. John Page 15 . Luisa Balboni-Sindaco di Ferrari. Robert Fait. Fischer. Jean Fox. Kenneth Ripley Foreman.

Axel Fried. 1955-1956 Fogg. Philipp. Jonas S. Jacqueline. 1951-1952 Folie. 1954-1966 Fontaine. Hans Francia.Foster. 1953-1967 Finkelstein. F.. Sina Foster. Federer. Marcus..Fox. 1960-1965 Ferguson. 1954-1967 Fong. Fritz. de Francis.. William Frankena.Federer. Louis Fiocco. Mrs. Ford Foundation Forssman. 1962-1965 Fierz. Todd Faglio-dell A'Rco . 1955-1964 Finkelstein . Jr. William H. Olga Fulton. John F.. Maurizio and Marcello Faison. Georg Fehl. W. undated Forsyth . John M. P. Giuseppe Fisher. Inc. Frenkel. John Furnies Furniss. John Freimarck. S. Freccero.. Rolf Fröbe-Kapteyn. Lane. Alexander Friedenwald. Russell A. Fosdick. Milton S. 1946-1965. William Frantz. 1955-1967 Fenyö. Vincent French and Company. Martha Fitchen. H. D. Erik Forsyth. Sally Fraser. Wen. Jr. Page 16 . Fraenkel. Jr..Forssman. Justino. 1951-1966 Forsyth. 1955-1963 Fontaine .Fisher. Thomas Frey. Charles A. George H. Wallace K. Iván. L.. W. 1953-1965 Fernández. 1952-1967 Fagiolo-dell A'Rco. Dagobert Friberg. 1961-1964 Ferry.

Gallenkamp . 1951-1966 Frantz. Myron F. Gilbert. Goldenberg. Marianne Gilbert. 1950-1966 Francastle . 1936-1955 Friedman. C. Lionel J. James J. 1942-1968 Gallenkamp. Lloyd Gellerman. 1946-1959 Francastel. John F. Freyhan. Albert H. Gerald F.Franc.Fulton. Paul Friedländer. Friedländer. Kurt von Fulton. Philip Gilbert.Frenken. Mary E.M.Fränkel.Frankfort. Jr. Robert Garttmer. Jr. 1945-1966 Friend . Walter. 1952-1961 Friend. Friedmann. Friedman. Sydney Frenken. Paul.W. Charles C. Ginzburg. Vaun Gilmore.. Carlo Glasser... Bridget Gendler. Rabbi Everett Gibson.Friedländer. Max J. Helen M. Herbert. Friedländer. Gilbert. Hersh Gellert. Frankfort. 2113 Freudenheim . Anne Goldschmidt. 1939-1961 Frantz .Gutkind (single letters). Gardie. William S. Alison Freedberg. George V. Krinstina de la Garrett. Fritz. Gillmer. Walter K. Hermann Frankel . Willialm C. Page 17 . William Gillispie. Hannelore Glazier. Henri Frankl. 1951-1964 Frankel. R. William F. Pierre Fränkel. Gilmore. Lucien Goldstein. Tom L. 1933-1965 Freudenheim. T. Garbee. 1932-1966 (2 folders) Friedman.

van.Giesau. Ganter. Charles Greenberg. Gillett Griffing. Hermann Giesey. Joaquin Diaz Goris. J. Charles. Creighton. 1957-1967 Gagnebin. Donald Gottlieb. Robert. Sidney Greenbie. Graupe.Gauthier. Stephen R. Bernard Galpin. Jan-Albert Gova. Beatrice Fox Grun. Norman B. 1951-1967 (2 folders) Gerson. Joseph Garbáty. Terrence W. Gabriel. Craig Greene.Gonzalez. undated Geyl . Pieter Gibbons. Doris Gauthier. 1949-1959 Garbáty. undated Gilbert. Horst. Edith Guillevic. Griffin.Godwin. 1924-1968 Geyl. Gulamerian.Garside. Griffith. 1953-1966. Sydney Greene. 1948-1961. L. Cesare Page 18 . Maurice Gareis . 1946-1966 Gessner. Marie-Madeline Gelder. Jan G. Perrin C. Eugene Leopold Garbáty. Jr. Gutkind.. Ralph E. 1949-1962 Gagnebin-Ganter. Louis Graubard. Felix Gnudi. 1956-1966 Gäumann-Wild. Box 5 Reel 2113 Gäumann-Wild . Father A. Sabine Goodall. Robert P. Hansgeorg Garside.. Paul Green. E. Carla Gottschalk. J. 1942-1966 Gilbert. Felton Giesau. P. 1953-1965 Gareis. A. 1948-1965 Gilbert .

Ernst. 1929-1964 Graaf. de Gruyter. 1953-1965 2114 Grippi. 1924-1970 Goldschmidt .Goldman. L. Greene. Adolph. Ludwig Guldan. Edwin Grote. van de Gradenwitz Grange. Edward E. Hetty Goldschmidt. P.. Martin Gottesman. T. Jan Albert Gosebruch. 1948-1967 Grenebaum. 1946-1966 Grosjean. Belle da Costa Greenhaus. 1946-1967 Goodchild . 1936-1960 Goldschmidt. 1954-1967. Rosalind. Walther Grier. Erwin R.Gordon. Ernst H. Donald Goodenough. 1950-1953 Goldberg . H. 1940-1970 Greenbaum. Gottesman Foundation) Gould. Frances Gray Goetz. 1947-1963. S. Norman L.Guerry.. Irene Goris .Griffith.Grange. Robert Gombrich. Rosalie B. undated Greenbaum . undated Goldberg. van der.Greene. 1967-1971 Grenebaum . Louis.Goldwater. A. Carla. Paul Grossman.Gould. undated Grosjean . Green.Godwin. 1948-1967. Milton Goldberg. and R. 1941-1960 Goodchild. J. Richard Grinten. F. 1962-1965 Greischel . 1951-1952 Grodecki.Grote. Robert C. Cecil Graaf . Goldman. Max Goldwater. (D. Gordon. Charles Francis Griffith. D. Harry Griffith.H. 1956-1965 Greischel. 1947-1960 Goris. Walter Page 19 .S. Oswald. E. Goodnell.

General (single letters. Richard Hauben. Irene Halberstam.S. Joseph Gwaltney. Ted Heisenberg. Carl Hayek. Halle.Guenther. Janet Haufrecht. Evelyn B. Newton Harvey. Lawrence Häskum. Rudolf M. Arthur K. M. Rudolf J. Meta ???tHart. Harrsen. Ernst Gundersheimer. Eduard Heilbrunn. Vladimir Gutiérrez Mujica. Werner Held. Heinemann. Karl T. Thomas H. Frank L. E. Hanfstaengl. Karl-Gusstaf Heemstra. von Healy. Sixma van Heger.Huth). Eberhard Harbiso. Henry Guerry. Marlene Harwi. Heinemann. Hartman. Hackenbroch . Henrik Heidegger Heijmans. Page 20 . F. E. A. D.Gwaltney. Kay Hallowell. Otto Harvey. Pat Haupt. Robert E. U. Peter W. Harrison. Baron F. 1940-1971 Gulden. H. Gurewich. Havenitt. Prosper Gulden . Betty Haugen. Gustav Hamburger Frendenblatt Hamilton. Hans Hausmann. Corbin H. Hamberg. Heinrich. 1937-1967 (2 folders) Hackenbroch. Michael J. Guerlac. Yvonne Hadassah Magazine Haering. Elaine Haverlin. Hedén. Carlos Gutmann. F. Richard Helleiner. Harris Madelean Harmann Harrison. E.

Carl Herring. 1948-1964 Hampe. Roland Hanckel. Wilhelm Hook. Harold Humez Hupert. Marjorie Hürlimann. Father Paul Herbig. Hans R. Walter Howell. Hersey. 1950-1966 Hahnloser. Haight. Sidney Hootz Hopper. George Henry. Hoffmann. Hajo Holmqvist. III Huth. Jeffrey M. Paul Horen Horizon Hoving. Reinhard Herlig. Herding. Howell. Norwood R. 1944-1967 Page 21 . Prinz Johann Georg von Holborn. Hethro M. Justus Müller Hohenzollern. HiFi/Stereo Review Hilweg. Hans Hahnloser . Anne Haight. B. Hans Hind'Hulsh. Klaus Hernmarck. Irene Hoffeld.Hamilton. Elizabeth Hazelton Hamberg. Frederick G. Heyl. Harbison. George Heard Hammer. Douglass Howell. Hughes. Lawrence Heymann. Hürlimann. Hinman. Serge Hugo. Konrad Hofstede. Hirsch.. Bernard Hanson. Richard L. Hadumoth Hanson. 1946-1978 Hampe . Stefan Hoening. Warren R. E. R. Caspar G. Hans Hurt.Hanson. Gustaf Hamilton. Victor. Carl K. James V.Henderson.

Hess. E. Harbison. van Hempel.. 1953-1967 Hollander. Ludwig H. William S. W.. Craig S.Heath. Julius S. 1949-1967. Richard Hess. Heath. William W. Robert K.Harbison. 1937-1972 Hirtum. Reiner Haycraft. Ursula Hoffmann. Mrs. 1938-1968 Helsdingen. Adelheid. Jacob 2114-2115 Heydenreich. Harris Harris . Peter. Phil. Henry-Russell Hochschild. 1931-1968 Heiss. Robert Hertz. 1951-1965 Heyl. Klaus Held. 1952-1967 Hoff.Hochschild.Holt. Hofer. 1951-1965 Harris. Carl Georg Heitmann. Bernard C. Hartmann.Hoffmann. Kathrin Hoffmann. undated Herrlinger. 1938-1964 Hatch . Heckscher. Hermerén. Konrad Hollander . Andrée van Hitchcock. Kurt Hartt. Göran. 1948-1967 Helsdingen . John Davis Hatzfeld. Howard Hinks. Barklie McKee Hentzen. A.Hartmann. H. Hibbard. 1945-1967 (5 folders) Box 6 Reel 2114 Hermann. Werner Henry. undated (2 folders) Heyl . Helmut Haussherr. Roger Hirschfeld.. Frederick. Eberhard Henle. Robert M. Harold K.Heitmann. John Page 22 . 1937-1972 Hirtum .Hinks. 1937-1967 Heiss . 1956-1966 Hatch. 1946-1966 Hoff .

Roman James. 1946-1967 Jacobs. Furio Jirat-Wasiutynski. Holzinger . A. James J.Hollister.L.Horn. Theodor. L.Ivins. 1950-1967 Hornung. Hans Iklé. Helmut Hunt. Felix Horn. G. Vojt ch John. 1946-1961 Hungerland. Pierre Jesi.. F. Ernst Hoogewerff. Elizabeth Jauneau. Johnson. 1958-1968 Isserstedt .Hubala. Erich Jakobson. Janson. John B. 1955 J. Ionescu. Hans Horváth. Maria Elisabeth Hubala. Res Page 23 . Jean Jahn. C. Christian von Holt. Mrs. 1955-1965 Isserstedt. MaadeleineRocher Jauss Javet. Warren Holmback.Jung).Hope.Iklé. J. Janicik. Philip C. C. Johnson. 1961-1965 Iversen. R. 1949-1972 Holzinger. Jacobs . Bertil Janson. Edgar N. Claire Jastrow. Huth. Lewis Jacobsen. de Jong.R. Jost.E. Béla Houtzager. Erich d'Hulst. 1948-1965 Horb. H. General (single letters. Hornung . Nicolas. Hope.M.. Charles F. Erik.. Walter W. Jr. 1954-1962 Hungerland . Henry Horb . William M. Mrs. A. Eric Jacquot. 1955 Ivanoff. Holst. Edward E. Dorothea C.. 1955-1961 Ivins. C.

Peter Kamp. 1936-1967 (3 folders) Jessen . Robert A. Keeper of the King's Pictures Keil. F. William Jameson. Jerome Klimowsky. Kelly. Kahler . Mr. James R. Paul K. Lee Johnson. Paul J. George R. Leon Kennick.F. Bob. David Jaffé. Alfred L. Josephson.Jung. and Mrs. Erasmus Krause. H. S. Knowlton. Johnson. Paul Kaysen. Karl Koher. D. Eldred D. 1950-1968 Jones. Kerby-Miller. Arnold Koslow. G. Erich Kaizer. 1954-1956 James. W. Rudolf Kreismann. Emil Killermann. Susan Kostotowski. Johnson. Harris Kolb. Michael James.Jameson. Andrzeo Kraus. Koch. Hans Jurgen. van de Katona. Eva-Marie James . Nicholas Knipping. Charles Kern. J. Janson.B. G. Horace M. Carl Kearns. Ragnar Jucker. Kellogg. W.. Kielland. Illo Page 24 . W. Joachim Kallen. Edgar C. Jones. Knauer. H. Else Christie Kieser. McAllister Jones . Johnson. 1948-1967 Kahler. Kernodle. Sebastian Klein. E. Helen M. 1948-1968 Jessen. Jr. William E.Kuylen).Johnson. B. Knuttel. General (single letters. Albert Koslow.Jurgen.

1951-1963. Hermann Box 7 Reel 2116 Katzenellenbogen. Kisch. J. Raymond Knapp-Fisher.Kelleher. Fiske. H. Page 25 .Koch. 1952-1970 Kellam. 1931-1966 (2 folders) Kauffmann. E. King. R. Adolf. N. Kessler. Walter Kalinowski. Brigitte Klessmann. Guido Kitzinger . 1952-1970 Kennan. Kroeber. 1955-1965 Kaiser. 1941-1955 King . Patrick J. 1941-1963 Kaftal. Lech Kantorwicz. 1955-1967 Kitzinger. Ernst Klauser. Jack Kelleher.Kisch. Kennan . Georg. Ernest Kapp. George Kahane. L. Horst Kuylen. 1948-1967 Klesse.Kahane. 1953-1967 Kaufmann. 1957-1966 Klesse .Kienitz. A.. L. 1960-1966 Kellam .G. Emil. 1962-1967 2115-2116 Kaiser . Edward L. undated Kapp .Kalinowski. Theodor Klein. Kahane.Klauser. S.Kasack. 1941-1965 Kapp. 1946-1960 King. Clemencia Hand Kienitz. Adolph Karling. Rüdiger Klibansky. Kimball. Henry R.T. Ida Karl. Paul G. Kahr. Penuel P.Kress. Robert. Krister van Kaftal . Sten Kasack. Madlyn. Kusch. George F. Hans. Kuntz. John F. 1942-1953 Kaufmann.

La Marre. 1929-1967 Ladenberg. 1938-1967 (2 folders) Krönig. Phyllis B. 1941-1966 Kracauer. Richard. Jan Hendrick Leynen. Heinz Laging. 1953-1967 Künstsler. Konrad Krautheimer. A. 1942-1959 Koepplin.Köhler. June Laurier. 1938-1961 Kossoff . Richard Laporte. Robert Alan. Kurz. John C. 1952-1963. undated Kubler. Rudolf Ladendorf. Chu-tsing Linardos. 1947-1976. Duard W. Wolfgang. Paul Lennon. Lapp. Hilde Leyritz. Mrs. Jacques De Lawall. 1950-1958 Kristeller. Kultermann. Alfred Koch. Ilialna Lilienfeld. Dieter. 1939-1968 Kuhn. David E. John Lambert. 1963 Köhler. Laufer.Kultermann. Lehmann. Paul M.Kraft.Koyré.Lynes (single letters). undated Kossoff. Everett P. Lexow. Leary. Julie Lantham. Florence S. K. Antoine Lesley. Eleanor W. 1938-1963 Koehler. Gabariel Chaneaux de Li.Kurz.Koch. Landan. George. 1936-1962 Kuhn . Rev. Paul Oskar. Latte. Udo Künstsler . Alexandre Kracauer . Koyré. William Leonhardt. Karl Page 26 . Gustav Kupferberg. C. 1949-1968 Koehler . Wolfgang. Jr. Charles L.. Mrs. Otto Ladenburg . Siegfried Kraft. Leo Lering. Wilhelm and Margarete.

Lambert.Lavalleye. Lindroth. Larrabee.Leroquais. Franklin Monroe Lumb. 1950-1972 Lauts.. Sidney Leadbeatter. Robert Page 27 . Robert Ludden. Lynes. Marion Lawrence. Mildred C. Claire. N. Sten Lindsay. Karen Lissim.. Jan Lavalleye. 1940-1951 Larrabee. 1957-1961 Ladner. Laurvik. 1927-1959 Lehman. Sue Lyon. Gerhard B. Stephen A. William L. Jean Lamarre. Russell Lynes) Lachmann. (Mrs. Langer. Lederer. undated Lawrence.Lankheit. Chauncey D. Countess Maria Landsberger. Lankheit. Phyllis W. Dorothy Leake. John Lehman. Phyllis Lanckorónska.Lincoln. Irving and Marilyn. Rensselaer Wright. E. Karl. Quinter M.Lee. Paul A. 1950-1966 Lawrence . 1947-1965 Lehman . J. Alice London News Loomis. Klaus Larrabee . Jan 2116-2117 Lavin. Luce. Franz Lang.Laurvik. 1936-1966. John H. Kenneth C.Lehman. 1942-1966 Lafond. 1959-1960 Leeper. 1938-1967. Lee. Renée B. Bates Lucas. Lowry. Wolfgang Lee. Lisco. Simon Lowey. Harold A. Carolyn R. Lauts . Roger S. undated Leeper . Robert Lehmann. 1952-1975 Lafond . S. 1940-1965 Lehman.

. Hans Lieftnick. 1939-1941 McCormick. Joseph L. Robert S. E. John E. A.McNulty [Mc and Mac interfiled]). Bard McCall. Victor Levey ... Boris Lotz.Lyna.Levin. 1959-1966 Box 8 Reel 2117 Liebeschütz . Thomas J. Dean Page 28 . L.. Fred L. Lewine. 1943-1967 (4 folders) Ludwig . General (single letters. 1947-1959. Harry T. Frederic. 1941-1966 McCarthy. 1950-1967 Lopez.Lehamnn-Haupt. Linder. Walter Lohamm-Siems. Thomas McKinnis. McGuire. 1954-1964 Lowe. Lord. J. McCarthy .Loomis. Edith Lerici. Wolfgang. A. MacGreevy. Hellmut Lejeune. 1964-1965 Lewis. Leroquais. MacLagan. Lopez . Isa Loomis. Carlo M. circa 1951-1966 (2 folders) MacCracken . undated Mc/Mac. Eric McNamee. David Lossky. A. 1953-1965 Liebeschütz. I. Margaret McKenzie. Edward E. Harold F. Robert L. Eileen A. Milton J.McMahon. Allan Lyna. R. 1949-1968 Levey. Jr.Lossky. Lord. Laura H.. Alice L. William McKechwie.. Loeschcke. 1940-1959 Lowinsky. Loshak. Father Maurice McNulty. Michael Levin. Anne McGrath. Wilmarth S. 1944-1966 MacCracken. Jean Lenneberg. McGee. undated Ludwig. E.. G. McElhinney.

Torgil Malkiel. Ruediger Moeller.Mylonas). Alessandrom Marazza. Charles R. L. Arthur Merlen. Fritzie Mar. Ann Mans Meyer. Mayekawa. Maria Rika Manuel. Jennifer Montesquiou Frzensac. Jacobs van Merkel Merle. Wilhelm Metternich. Alessandro de Mattingly. Peter Marrow. Clyde R. Seiro Mayer. David McMahon. Blaise de Page 29 . F. Martone. R. Hans Marck. Jan H. Achille Marchand. Alberto Montagna. Robert Markham. Bradford P. William E. Corrado Mandelbaum. Phillip M. André de la Marabottini. Father Thomas Marruach. Pierre Messerer. Jakow Maltese. Hans Millar. Kathi Meyers. Georg Moehle. Y. Martin Mendel.McKibbin. 1932-1968 (2 folders) Magallón. Heribert Meyer. M. Erich Meyer. James Martens. Marichal. Misch. Magallón . Maruice Mango. General (single letters. Martin. D. van der Marg. Cyril Maniates. Herman Meyer-Baer. Anne Marks. Don Tomás Magnuson. A. W. Miller. Lino Montago. J. Kurt Molle. Van Mondadori. Miller. Acisclo Masi. Franz Graf Wolff Meurer. Bela Martin.

A. Luc Mendel.H. Lee Manasse. Dudley H. P. Martens. Münzel. B. Father Moratz. B. Mack-Smith. B. A. Müller. John Rupert. undated Mandowsky. Maas . Jane E. Kurt Mather. Moseley. Penelope C. David Martin. Bella Martin. F. Kurt Morris. Peter Meltzoff.Manasse. Gerhard Mullet. John C. Frank Morawitz. Benjamin Mertz. George E. Millard. 1936-1975. Mayo. Frank J. Edward P. Richard R.Meyerson. Meiss. Denis Majno. Hyatt Meeson. 1925-1968. Mylonas.. 1955-1968 Maas. 1947-1966 Martin. Henry Marquand.Meeson. Mary H.Martin.Montone. Metzger. Morse. Alfred Marcus. Charles F. Erna Mann. Ernst Moritz 2117-2118 Mandowsky . Hope Goodman Meller. Arthur Menil . Mutsaers. Edgar J. Mabille. Munhall. Stanley Marenau. Denis Mahon. Guido Malone.M. Mendel Page 30 . Stanley Menase. John de Merritt. Eleanor C. Mayor. C. 1950-1966 Melamed. Moulinier. Marsden. 1952-1967 Menil. Jr. A. undated (4 folders) Melamed . 1952-1967 Martin . Beverly Mortimer.Mendel.

1960-1966 N. Francis J.Mufmord. Page 31 . Otto Nauert. General (single letters. Cornelius Mumford. Müller Hofstede. Nachod . Mario Möhle. 1951-1967 Mueller. de Mirsky. M. A. Charles Rufus Morley . Marston Mortimer. Johann Joseph Morse. Dorothy Eugenia. Neisser. 1957-1966 Minott. I. H.Nostrand). Griswold Morper. Earl Müller. David. Mongan. Lewis Muraro. Morey. Cindy Neuberger. Jr. S. Sigmund New York Times Newton. Gertrude. Theodor E. Walter Mueller . 1947-1966 Morley. 1944-1962 Meyne. 1937-1966 Nachod. Willi Middledorf. 1954-1967 Box 9 Reel 2118 Mommsen . Charles I. Hans Möller.Morey. Ulrich Miner. Zdzislaw Nathan.Meyerson. Samuel H. 1942-1961 Mommsen. Agnes Mink. Hans Neumann. 1952-1965 Moakley.Middledorf.Mosse. Lise Lotte.. Mosse.Möhle. Jeannette Mitchell. 1935-1973 Minott . Frederick C. H. 1956-1967 Mütherich. Wolfgang J. Nemser. Florentine. Mirimonde. P.Mitchell. 1957-1965 Modestini. Charles Mitrany. Theodor Müller. Meyne . Charles G. Michelangelo. Najder. 1955-1967 Modestini .

1953-1967 Nordström. undated Negri. Nahm. Anna M. 1939-1967 (5 folders) Nordström . 1944-1967 Nadel. 1960-1966 Oppenheimer.Nicely. Hoffman Nicolson. Fritz E. Albert Van Nadel . Ursula Nill. Rev. 2118-2119 Nordenfalk. 1956-1966 O. Negri . Heinz Nostrand. Olin. Theophila Joan Offner. Oexmann. L. Niver. Gerard F. Enrico and Lilo de Nesselhauf.. P. Nash. John U. N. Carl. Otto Neumann. Folke. J. Lindsay Oberer . Vertova Nicolson. Hans Nathan.Offner. 1936-1971. George H. 1956-1957 Oppenheimer. Paul F. O'Brien . Jaromír Neumeyer.Norton. Richard Ong.Nock. 1933-1967 O'Brien. Katharine Nickerson. Lisa Oertal. Father Walter J. Charles Norden. Page 32 . Carl-Otto. Milton C.. Nock. Rev. Mary Coe Nilgren. Robert Offenbacher.Nef. Ray Nathan. undated Neugebauer. Marjorie H. 1953-1967 Nordström. Alfred. Helmuth Nef. Connie Oelher. Hariolf O'Connell.Opie). O'Dea. General (single letters. John P. 1953-1963 Norton. Caroline Nicolson. Emil Oksala. Arthur D. 1931-1968 Oberer. Caroline Bower Opie.Neumann. Herbert. 1943-1970 Newtib . 1948-1970 Newton.

. 1951-1967 Paatz. Pächt. Joseph Paatz . H.Pächt. John Papajewski. Justine Wise Polzer. Dewitt Clinton Popesco. Hans and Wolfgang Papp. Charles Picard. Gert van. Helmut Pargellis.Oppenheimer.Pulitzer). Francisca Warren Paine. III Parsons. Michael J. Otto Pais . Paul Post. Per Panofsky. Abraham Palme. 1949-1966 Page 33 . 1953-1967 Pais. Mrs. Partington.. Gian. Marion S. J.. Preddy. Béla Parkhurst. Poole. Mrs. Johann Pulitzer. Pancoast. Joseph Pompanin. Paine . Price. Jurgen Pauwels. 1954-1966. Price. C. Henry G. Pawson. Alexander Poillon. 1956-1966 P. Joseph Philippsohn. Jenny Picard. Harry S. Raymond Pierson. 1937-1967 Paine. Ruth Paul.Papp. Charles P. undated Osten. Chandler R. Emery Lancaster Pinthus. R. Arthur Polier. 1952-1972 (2 folders) Owen. W. Herbert B. George A. Jr. Alvar Gonzalez Palmer. Stanley Park. Catherine. Nikolaus Philippe. Palacios. A. Harold W. General (single letters. Robert Orsini. 1943-1971 Pásztory.. Pevsner. Parker. Derek J. Pamela Princeton Club of New York Prudential Insurance Company Puhst.

Leo van Quarré . F. Augusta G. Paul Piper. 1948-1966 Pichetto.Puyvelde. 1947-1968 Posner . Alexander. George Plaut. Placzek. Henri M. William Perlmutter. 1928-1970. Quirt. H. Philip. Carlo Peery. undated Pauli. Joshua Perrig. Gregor. John Box 10 Reel 2119 Pichetto .Pope-Hennessy. Otto A.Petersen.Phillips. Léon Preston. 1947-1967 Pacchiai. 1952-1960 Pacchiai .Ryskamp). Wolfgang Paulsson. Pierre Quintavalle. X. Ugo Puppi. Lotte Brandt Philippot. Robert A. Donald Post. Stephen G. 1938-1967 Rabuse. Jean. 1946-1968 Quarré. Lionel Procacci. Walter W. George Kimball Pobor. Grga Poggioli. Gaines Pratt. Magdalene Pauli. 1942-1967 Posner. Hans Page 34 . Petersen. Paul Phillips. Lionello Puyvelde.Pauli. Georg Radernaher.Plaut. Gerhard Freiherr von Pope-Hennessy. Gunnar R.Qvarnström. 1938-1968 Plochmann. Qvarnström. Alfred 2119-2120 Plochmann . General (single letters. Renato Pölnitz. Pressouyre. Gustav Pauli. Ulla Peyre . Rabuse . Pieper. 1949-1967 Peyre. Pfeiffer. Pió Pedretti. John Porcher.

Jane Ross. Sue Welsh Reibnitz. Reynal. Roth. Rosenbach. Rosenthal. Rosenberg. Rieck. Alfonso Roems. Theodore Rademacher. H. C. Helmut Rutan. Gisela M.Raemisch. Clinton N. R. Friederich Rappolt. Reincke. Rudolf V. L. Frances Rosenbert. G. Charles Rabb . Ringbom. George Rubin. Chalfant Rodríguez Savall. E. George M. H. S. Roosen-Runge.Rakob. Ruhemann. and Mrs. H. John Rosenfeld. Waldemar Page 35 . Sixten Ringler. Carolyn Reed. James Bruce Ross. Peter Anselm Rieth. Josef Ritter. Reading. Theodore K. Hans Raemisch. Sherrill M. Elsa Rood. Enid Rückert. H. Richter. Jean Revel. G. Cecil Rowley.. Ranier Raudruf. Rookmaaker. Nils Ludvig Rand. Mr. Elizabeth Rosenberg. Rabinowicz. Leonard J. Heinrich Reissner. A. Adolf Riggio. Paul Rasmussen. Lawrence J. Rosenbaum. 1949-1967 Rabb. Reimche. Ewald Robinson. Ryskamp. Eugene RIAS Richter. Rose. E. Wilhelm Riedl. A. Conrad F. Rorimer. K. James J.

Reznicek. 1951-1965 Page 36 . Lessing J. 1957 Robb. Lillian M.Richter. J. Oskar Reinheldt. Albert Romanini. undated Roberts. 1946-1967. Robert L.K.. 1957-1965 Reutersvärd.. Roe. Curt Reinhold.Raubitschek. Randall. B. David M. Rickert. Edward Rosenau-Carmi. Erwin Rosenthal. Richter. Ladislao. 1937-1966 Rewald. R. Margaret. Gertrude Rosenwald. Elisabeth. Thomas P. H. 1946-1962. 1951-1965 Randall .Rosenberg. Allen Rosenberg. John Reynolds. 1954-1967. Richelson. Reese. Richmond. undated Rosen. M. Olga. van Reinhart. Jakob Rosenberg.Reinhold. Pierre Rosenblum. Antony E.Reff. Irma A. Gustav Reff. Helen Rosenbaum. Donald E. A. Angiola Maria Roosval.Raggio. 1951-1967 Rawson. Robertson.. Rosenberg .J.Rosenthal. Theodore Regteren . Lewis V. 1936-1950 Ripley. E. Q. 1940-1967 Randall. Oscar Reutersvärd.Roosval. J. 1945-1965 Regteren Altena. C. undated Rosenberg. J. Reti. Rawson . Patrick Rewald . C. Jr. Raubitschek. 1936-1962 Roberts . Paul W. Robert Rosenthal. Johnny Rosen . Giles Roche. 1957-1973 Reutersvärd.

James H. H. Richard Schildt-Bunim.. H. Schneider. G. W. Wolf H. Gerhard Salm. Gabe Sanford. L. Jack L.Silvers). 1932-1971 Rothlein . H. Aleksander Witold Russell. Scher. Gary Schwartz. H. Eva Matthews Savage. Schuchhardt. D. John K. Juergen Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation Schwartz. M. M. Angelica Rudzinski. de Salaquarda. Martin Schultz. Page 37 . Stefan Schulz. Charles Sales. Claudio Cesare [Sessions?]. Stephen K. Saalman . Percy Ernst Schreinert Kurt Schrickel. G. Heide Rüstow. Schubert. Scheidmantelivian J. H. General (single letters. Schütt.J. 1948-1965 Rowland. Alexander Ruzicka. 1937-1967 (2 folders) Saalman. Schmidt-Degener.J. Mary Schütze. Schelldorfer. 1952-1964 Rothlein. H. H. Siebenhüner.Röthel. Schickel. Ernst H. Marcel Rowland . Secchi. Schmalenbach. Benjamin Rudenstine. Georg Schmidt. Sanders. Fritz Schmidt. Hans K. P. Donald D. Albert Sandbla. Sanders. Schrader. R. Roger Shearman. Schramm. Scholtens. Nils G. H. Jerome Röthlisberger.Ruzicka. K. Howard Saint-Aubain. Grover.Röthlisberger. Christian Altgraf Salomon. Jr. Salinger. S.

Strauss. Sinicins. M. Felice Stange. David Sachs. Richard Flanders Smulders. Eva aTevan Solomonski. Strunsky. 1944-1967 Silverstein.Siegel. Richard E. Robert Sulzberger. Otto Sternfeld. Pa stwowe Zbiory Szablowski. Dagmar I. Saffaro. Ilse Folk S.Salas. Charles Rolfe Stewart. Stebbins. W. Solomon. Graham Smith. Silverstein . Strayer. Robert Solomon. Frederic A. Sjöqvist. I. Stern. Stites. K. Francis P. Steinhausen. Stern. Paul J. Dorothy N. Jerzy Szathmary. Strong. Joseph R. Nancy R. Curt Sachs. Jack Speigel. Stevens. Snyder. Wolfgang Stampflel. Smith. Henry E. F. Silvers. 1948-1969 Sachs. Raymond S. R. Erika Simor. Walter L. Charles S. Erik Slingenberg Sloane. Eli Siegerist. N. Smith. Snyers. Earl D. George Singleton. Eileen Sptizer. General (single letters. Priscilla Simon. H. F. John P. Arthur Sachs . Smith. Lucio Page 38 . Mary Silz. Oskar Stone. Frederick A. Richard W. Spector. Alfred Stapleforth. Fritz Spear. Stoessel. Susanne Sztuki.Szathmary).

1958-1965 Schéle.. Schilling.Schiff. W. 1921-1969. Gerhard Schönberger. 1958-1972. Ruth Schryver. Antoine de Schuchhardt. 1954-1968 Schulz-Behrend. H. Schulz-Behrend . 1947-1966 Schaper.Salas. undated Sauerlandt.Saran. Claude. 1948-1961 Schefold . Gunter. Giurio de Santos. 1962 Schapiro.Schwabacher. Bernhard Sarollli . E. Sune. Fritz Scaglia. Richard. 1954-1967 Schrade .Schuchhardt. Father Quentin L. Axel von Salinger. 1937-1967 Schaut. Wolfgang Schmidt. Gian Roberto Sarton. 1934-1968. 1940-1967 Saldern. Gustina Schaefer. Elisabeth Schüssler. Schöne. undated Santillana. Willibald. 1957-1967 Box 11 Reel 2121 Sauerlandt . Rosy Schlunk. Gert Schilling . 1946-1967 Sarolli.Sarton. Meyer. 1962 Schenk zu Schweinsberg. Xavier de Saldern . Wolfgang. 1927-1976 Schrade. Gerhard Salinger. Eberhard Freiherr Schiff.Salmi. George Sauerländer. 1956-1967. G. undated (4 folders) Santillana . Reynaldo dos Saran.Scaglia. Marianne. Max Saxl. Mario 2120-2121 Salomon. Hubert Schramm.Schönberger. Hermann Page 39 . undated Schefold. 1945-1966 Schilling. Herman Salmi. Helmut Schmid. George Schürer-von Witzleben.

Theodore Simon. 1947-1967 Selig. Erkinger Schweitzer. Eric H. Carl D.Serra. undated Sladeczek. Joseph C. Henry F. Leonhard Sloane. Berta Seidlin. Charles Seyrig . Snyder. Otto von Sjöquist. Dorothy Shyrock. Bruno. 1949-1967 Sommer. Jules Simson. Bernhard Segall. Manuel Sessions . Frank H. undated Schwarzenberg.Seymour. 1951-1967. Henri Sheldon.Smith. Oskar Selig . Craig. 1946-1968 Seyrig. Salvatore Setton.Sheppard. Nancy and E. John Sexton. Erik Sladeczek . 1946-1966.Soth. Kenneth M. undated Sessions. Ihor Sewall. Heinrich Schwarz. 1961-1964 Shorr . Willy Schwarz.Solberg. undated Snyder .. Šev enko . 1947-1965 Šev enko. 1946-1971. Baldwin Smyth. Germain Serra. 1950-1963 Snyder. Richard H. William Grant. Seymour. 1928-1963. 1950-1967. undated Sommer .Seidlin. Silverstein. Schwarzenberg . 1951-1966 (2 folders) 2121-2122 Snell. Walter and Elly. Carl Somitz.Setton. Karl Ludwig Seligmann. Smith. L. Alice D. Barbara Settis. Sherry. 1938-1967 Shorr.Sjöquist. Sheppard. Robert Solberg. 1953-1974 Schwarz. 1954-1955 Page 40 . James E.Schwabacher.

Charles Steneberg. 1940-1966 Steck. 1945-1967 Sterling . Karl Eric Stern. J. John R. Rev. Leo Steinitz.Szladitz. 1951-1964 Spencer. 1954-1966 Sterling. Lawrence Straus. Henri. Frederick W.Soper. 1949-1953 Soth. Walter L. Francis Steinberg. Strittmatter . F. 1956-1965 Springell. Stokes.Steneberg. Lewis Strauss. Wolf Stubblebine. Anselm Stubbe. Spencer. Georg. 1950-1961 Stillman . undated Springell . 1960-1967 Spencer. Speilberg. 1953-1965 Streisand.Steinberg. 1930-1957 Swarzenski. Leo. undated Stillman. W. Heinz Starobinski. Strauss.Stridbeck. Muriel Stone. 1931-1966 Sweeney . Stafski. Clark Stock. 1950-1956.Strauss. 1950-1967 Strittmatter. 1931-1968.. W. Suida.Starobinski. Hanus. David. Eleanor P. Brian Stoddard. Erwin W. Carl G. J. Swarzesnki. Alexander Coburn. 1922-1971 (3 folders) Steck . Max Steegmuller. Box 12 Reel 2122 Streisand . 1963-1967 Speiser. Jean Stechow. Page 41 . Ernest and Marie-Louise. Hugo Stridbeck. 1937-1967 Sweeney. 1951-1966 Spitzer.Suida. 1954-1967 Sternfeld. Whitney S. Kate. James H. Lauren..

1938-1973. Anna Elisabeth Thirby. Bengt Thorne. Parker 2122-2123 Tarkington. Wlodyslaw Taubert. undated (2 folders) Tatarkiewicz . John C. Erica. B.Swoboda. Edwin L. C. Lola T. 1940-1967 Takashina. Page 42 . Suji Tavel. Bengt Thyssen-Bornemisza. Michael A. 1937-1965 Tatarkiewicz.Tyler). Booth and Betty. Rolf Tritscher. Trell. 1951-1967 Teyssèdre. Edgar F. Bernard Thiem. Thompson. J. Oswei Temko. Tyler. Joseph Theuerkauff-Leiderwald.TenBroeck. 1961-1966 Thordeman.Trinkaus. Charles de Tonelli. Dorothy Thordeman. Johannes Taylor. R. H. Mrs. 1940-1966 Tolnay. N. Teasdale. Thirlwall. Homer A. Takashina . Karl M. E.Thyssen-Bornemisza. Sibilla Szladitz. George Peter Tördten. Tietze. Sybil Temkin. Symeonides.Thompson. Thullier. 1956-1966 Teyssèdre . R. Sally Jones Tomko. Tolman. Thompson. Francis Henry Taylor. Gunther Thompson. Mary Lee Thordeman . Toussiant. Jacques Tigerstedt. Thompson. General (single letters. Giorgio Trapp. Bluma L. Guy de. 1937-1958 Tolnay . Carl and Jane Tervarent. Walther Tritsch Turner. H. Hans W. Hans Christoph von Taylor. Molly Ternbach. Allan TenBroeck.

Vescovini. Adrienne Viljoen. G. 1942-1967 Van Isselt. Mrs. 1950-1960 Verdier. J. Veblen. Abbott P. 1955-1966 Vierbeck. Günther Tselos. 1950-1968 Tschmelitsch. Philippe. B. Margaret Ungar. Urken. Gerhard Vogelsang. 1949-1967 Verhaegen. Ewald M. Ullman. Vasalle. Vogel. Vondracek. K. P.Treves. Marco Trinkaus. 1949-1950 Vinken. W. Mary Ann Tuve. Nicole. Vogelstein. Krister Van Nostrand. Bernard W. Emery U. Van Isselt . Jon Von Saldern. Walther R. Voss. 1942-166 Valentiner. Harriette Van Dam Van de Velde. Peter. M.. Paul Usher.. Van Kuylen. Oswald. Timothy C. Valentiner . Ernst Underwood. Federici Vidal.Vasalle. W. Rosemund Ullman. L. Charles Tschmelitsch . A. Salvio G. W. 1957-1964 Page 43 . Lord. R. 1951-1953 Vetter. Pierre Ullmann.Voss (single letters). Varma. Helen Gill Viñals. D. Irita Van Ghent. Hertha Volbach. Vogel. Rudolph A. M. 1951-1960 Verheyen. A. Paul Verodn. R. Egon. Dorothy Vanderbilt. W. Dimitri Tilly. 1960-1967 (3 folders) Verulam.Usher. Van Doren. Amos Vogel.

Winternitz. Daniel Wiles. Weintraub. Whitney. Frederick S. Ward. Rudolf While. Eugene M. 1953-1955 W. Nathalie Weisinger. Hassler WHOM Radio Wickman. S. Van de Wallen. John L. Viktor Weisgall. Erich M.Wülfingen). Roy White. Wellliver. J. Christy Winslow. Juw fon Weber-Marshall. M. 1924-1975. Weinberg. André Weilgart. Johannes Wildenstein. Gladys D. Whitman. Wilde. Ward. Mieczyslaro Walters. Wilhelm. Herbert Weisner. Weinberger. Harriet P. Wilson. K. Mary C. General (single letters. Wolfgang J. Walle. Christopher White. Phyllis L. Saul Weinberg. Ian Wallis. A. Wilber. Gertrude Wearinga. Wight. R. Howard B. Donald N. Edith Weingram. J. Harold R. Morris Wesenberg. Harry Weil. Willoughby. Karl-August Page 44 . Warman Williams. E. Helen D. Watson. Emanuel Wirth.Vöge. Zygmunt WBAI Radio Weadock. Otto. Carson Wehle. undated (3 folders) Vossler. Robert F. Webster. George Wabinski. Waith . Christian Walters. Ulrich Weitz. Burr Wallington. Willard. Gary Warburg. 1926-1967 Waith.

B. Warburg. van de Wace. Françoise Weisinger. 1950-1975 Wershba . Gerd Wolf. Richard W. Edward M. Frank Weitzmann. Arpad and Josephine. Sue Wengroth. Walker. Mrs. Jr. R. H. 1950-1963. Welliver. Ordenberg Bock von 2123-2123 Waal . Eleanor L. Eobert Wohl. Harry Wülfngen. P. Wolfgang D. Robert Wallace. 1951-1965 Weitenkampf. Clarence Warren.Weinmann. Anita Warburg. M. Webster-Bulatkin. Warburg. 1941-1961 Page 45 . Stow Wentzel. Martin Weinmann. Erich M. Wolff. Gertrude Wolff. 1948-1966 Walker. Charles B.Witt. Warman Welsh. John Walker.Wackernagel. 1947-1964 Waal. Helene Wood. Kurt Weixlgärtner. Allen J..Warren. Box 13 Reel 2124 Walker. undated Welliver . Hellmut Wolandt. Ellis K. Herbert. 1959-1968 Warburg . Gordon. Eleanor Weinberg. Bernard Weinberger. William H. Hans.Weitzmann. 1946-1965 Weitenkampt . 1956-1958. 1950-1957 Waterhouse . 1940-1964 Warburg. D. Ledger Woodward Woody.Wengroth. undated Welliver. 1946-1965 Waterhouse. Woolf. Max Ward. Edith Wasson.Wethey. Wackernagel..

Wershba, Joe Wescher, Paul Wethey, Harold E. White, John, 1950-1955 White, Lynn, 1938-1967 Wildenstein, Georges, 1945-1961 Will - Winkler, 1938-1967, undated Will, Frederic Willert, Paul Wilhelm, Pia Wilson, Larry Wind, Edgar Winkler, Friederich Winternitz, Emmanuel, 1953-1966 Witte, Wilhelm, 1961 Wittkower, Rudolph, 1936-1971 Woodford, Susan, 1966 Wolff, Kurt, 1942-1960 Woodward, Llewellyn, 1957-1962 Wormald, Francis, 1937-1967 Wrightsman - Wuttke, 1953-1972, undated Wrightsman, C. B. Wuttke, Dieter Xydis - Zeitler, 1945-1967 Xydis, Stephen Yates, Frances Young, Mrs. T. R. Zados-Jitta, A. N. Zaffrani, Gian Franca Zannetti, Mario Zarnecki, George Zebal, Kinta A. Ziegermann, Erich Ziegermann, Peter Zeitlin, J. Zeitler, Rudolf Zerner - Zupnick, 1937-1969 Zerner, Henri Zigrosser, Carl Zilsel, E. Zimmerman, Mary H. Zucker, Paul Zupnick, I. L.

1.2: Art Dealers, 1932-1967
Box Reel

Page 46



England (Colnaghi - Sotheby), 1950-1965 France (Rheims and Baudoin), 1932 Holland/Netherlands (Kunsthandel P. de Boer), 1958-1962

2124-2125 United States Mortimer Brandt Gallery, 1950-1966 Buchholz Gallery; Paul Drey Gallery, 1946-1966 Duveen Brothers; M. Knoedler; F. B. May Fine Arts, 1936-1966 Parke-Bernet Galleries; Rosenberg and Stiebel, 1948-1963 Schaeffer Galleries, Inc., 1936-1967 E. and A. Silberman Galleries, 1943-1949

1.3: Galleries and Museums, 1925-1968
Box 13 Reel 2125

Australia - National Gallery of Victoria, 1959-1968 Austria (Kunsthistorisches Museum), 1965 Belgium Damme (Museum van Maerlant), 1959 Antwerp (Musée Mayer van der Bergh; Musée Royale des Beaux Arts), 1949-1950 Ghent (Musée des Beaux-Arts), 1952-1957 Canada Kingston (Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen's University), 1968 Ottawa (National Gallery of Canada), 1955-1956 Winnepeg (Winnipeg Art Gallery), 1966 England Birmingham (Barber Institute of Fine Arts), 1954 Cambridge (Fitzwilliam Museum), 1948-1961 Leeds (City Art Gallery and Temple Newsam House), 1954 London (British Museum; National Gallery; Sir John Soane's Museum), 1925-1961 Manchester (Manchester City Art Gallery), 1954 Oxford (Ashmolean Museum), 1953-1955 York (City of York Art Gallery), 1955-1961 France Aix en Provence (Musée Granet), 1949 Fontainebleau (Musée de Fontainebleau), 1956-1958 Lyon (Lyon Musée des Beaux-Arts), 1954-1955 Nancy (Musée des Beaux-Arts), 1951 Orléans (Musée des Beaux-Arts), 1958

Page 47

Paris (Musée de Louvre), 1951-1955 Germany Berlin (Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin), 1955 Dortmund (Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Dortmund), 1959 Hamburg (Museum für Kunst und Gewrbe), 1951-1957 Holland/Netherlands Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum), 1951-1965 The Hague Mauritshuis, 1947-1965 Meermanno-Westreenianum, 1951 ???sHertogenbosch, 1966-1967 Utrecht (Central Museum der Geneente Utrecht), 1951-1965 India (Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery), 1953 Israel (The Israel Museum), 1965 Italy Rome (Palazzo Barberini), 1951-1953 Urbino (Palazzo Ducale), 1951 Spain Cadiz (Museo Provinciad de Bellas Artes), 1953-1965 Madrid (Museo Arqueologico Nacional), 1959 Sweden (National Museum), 1952-1962 Box 14 Reel 2125

United States California (Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego), 1953-1967 Connecticut (Wadsworth Athenaeum; Yale University Art Gallery), 1946-1964 District of Columbia (Dumbarton Oaks, Harvard University; National Gallery of Art), 1946-1966 Florida (Ringling Museum), 1953-1963 Illinois (Art Institute of Chicago), 1951-1959 Indiana (Art Association of Indiana/John Herron Art Institute), 1944-1959 Kentucky (J. B. Speed Art Museum), 1951-1952 Maine (Museum of Art of Ogunquit), 1955 Maryland (Baltimore Museum of Art; Walters Art Gallery), 1958-1962 Massachusetts Boston (Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum; Museum of Fine Arts), 1943-1966 Cambridge (Fogg Art Museum), 1933-1966 Northampton (Smith College Museum of Art), 1955-1959

Page 48

1962 England Canterbury (Lambeth Palace). 1951-1966 Philadelphia Museum of Art. Cornell University. 1951-1962 Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. 1949-1955 Vermont (Bennington Historical Museum and Art Gallery). 1951 London (Wellcome Historical Medical Library). Cooper Union Museum. Oberlin College. White Art Museum. 1940-1957 New York Brooklyn Museum. 1965 Metropolitan Museum of Art. Toledo Museum of Art. Buffalo Fine Arts Academy/Albright Art Gallery.Williamstown (Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. Dayton Art Institute. 1949 Nebraska (Joslyn Art Museum). Norfolk Museum of Arts and Sciences. 1954-1965 1. 1938-1967 Michigan (Detroit Institute of Arts). 1955 Pennsylvania Alverthorpe Gallery. 1944-1966 (2 folders) Museum of Modern Art. 1955-1965 Canada (Oratoire Saint-Joseph). 1943-1966 Missouri (William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art). Princeton University Art Museum). 1964 North Carolina (North Carolina Museum of Art). Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. 1950-1967 Rhode Island (Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art). 1951-1966 Worcester (Worcester Art Museum). 1951-1963 Frick Collection. 1938-1963 Oregon (Portland Museum of Art). 1957-1962 Oxford (Bodleian Library). Williams College. 1941-1967 Box 14 Reel 2125 Belgium (Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique). Cleveland Museum of Art. 1958-1963 Ohio Cincinnati Art Museum. Lawrence Art Museum). 1959 Texas (Museum of Fine Arts of Houston). 1937-1961 Jewish Museum.4: Libraries. 1950 Virginia. Allen Memorial Art Museum. 1948-1967 Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts. 1951 France Page 49 . 1961 New Jersey (Newark Museum.

1954-1966 Princeton University. 1951 United States California (Henry E. 1967 1. and Institutes. 1953-1962 Holland/Netherlands (Koninklinjke Bibliotheek). 1951-1961 2125-2126 New York Frick Art Reference Library. and undated Box 14 Reel 2126 A-Z. Jewish Theological Seminary Library. Universities. 1947-1954 Germany (Universitäts-bibliothek). University of Chicago Library). 1952 Milan (Biblioteca Ambrosiana). 1949 New Jersey Institute for Advanced Study. Texas (Library of the University of Texas. Geneva (Bibliothèque. Bibliothèque Nationale). 1953 United States. Firestone Library. General (single letters. Pennsylvania (Free Library of Philadelphia). 1959 District of Columbia (Library of Congress). 1958 Fogg Museum of Art Library.Paris (Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal.Wooster. 1951 Rome (Biblioteca Apostlica Vaticana). Marquand Library. Albany. 1936-1968. 1952-1957 Princeton University.5: Colleges. 1945-1964 Switzerland. 1951-1964 Rouen (Bibliothèque de la Ville de Rouen). 1949-1962 Harvard University Library. Austin). Huntington Library and Art Gallery). 1941-1968 (2 folders) Albany. 1960-1961 Massachusetts Boston Athenaeum. 1941-1962 Pierpont Morgan Library. 1958 United States. State University of New York at Archaeological Institute of America University of Arkansas University of Auckland Bauerische Akademie der Wissenschaftsgeschichte Page 50 . 1948 Italy Florence (Biblioteca Nazionale). 1947-1964 Illinois (Newberry Library. State University of New York . Wisconsin (Ripon College Library). 1943-1966 New York Public Library. 1960 United States. Universitaire). College of).

Inc. Albert Ludwigs Universitat Frieburg. Die Kunstwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft University of Hawaii Indiana University Karel van Mander Kunsthistorische Instituut Louisiana State University University of Louisville Universität Marburg Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Nebraska New School University of North Carolina University of North Dakota Nova Scotia Technical College Ohio Wesleyan University University of Oklahoma Universita di Pavia Philadelphia College of Art Pomona College Reed College University of Rhode Island Rockford College Rockefeller Institute Rollins College Royal Swedish Academy of Letters.Bennett College Boston College Boston University Bowling Green State University Brandeis University Université de Bruxelles Colgate University Dalhousie University Denison University Drew University Ellis Island for Higher Education. History and Antiquities Page 51 . Emma Willard School Emory University Freiburg.

1953-1956 Brown University. 1941-1967 Connecticut College Cooper Union Page 52 . College. 1939-1967 University of Buffalo University of California. 1944-1962 University of Chicago Colby College University of Colorado Columbia University. 1937-1964 University of Buffalo . Los Angeles.Courtauld Institute of Art. 1946-1960 Bryn Mawr College. 1960-1961. 1951-1964 Carleton College Carnegie Institute of Technology Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.Carnegie Institute of Technology. 1950-1968 Academie Royal de Belgique American Academy in Rome Amherst College Bard College Bowdoin.University of Colorado.Saint Meinrad Seminary State University College on Long Island Temple University University of Texas University of Toronto Washington University Wayne State University Weil Institute Western Michigan University Western Reserve University Wilson College College of Wooster Box 15 Reel 2127 Académie Royal de Belgique . undated University of Chicago .University of California.Bard College. Berkeley University of California. Los Angeles Carleton College . 1952-1965 Connecticut College .

Middlebury College. 1939-1965 Institute of International Education State University of Iowa Jewish Theological Seminary Johns Hopkins University. 1948-1968 University of Kansas University of Kentucky Kenyon College University of London Lowell Institute Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart .Lowell Institute.Jewish Theological Seminary.University of New Hampshire. 1954-1966 Haverford College Hobart and William Smith Colleges University of Houston .University of Illinois. 1945-1966 Page 53 . 1949-1960 University of Minnesota Mount Holyoke College University of New Hampshire New York University. 1948-1957 Duke University Florida State University Goucher College Harvard University. 1939-1966 Institute of International Education . 1946-1966 University of Kansas . 1940-1959 Dartmouth College University of Delaware Duke University .Cornell University Courtauld Institute of Art Dartmouth College . 1942-1965 University of Houston University of Illinois Institute for Advanced Study.Hobart and William Smith Colleges.Goucher College.University of Delaware. 1946-1964 Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart Michigan State College University of Michigan Middlebury College University of Minnesota . 1936-1966 Haverford College .

Skidmore College. 1952-1962 University of Southern California Swarthmore College Syracuse University Uppsala University (original letters filed under Paulsson. 1946-1964 St. 1940-1967 Richmond Area University Center. Inc. 1952-1964 University of Oregon .New York University. Minnesota Sarah Lawrence College Skidmore College Smith College.Uppsala University. 1946-1960 University of Pittsburgh. John's College. John's College. 1947-1968 University of Washington Wellesley College Box 16 Reel 2127 Wells College . 1941-1963 Warburg Institute. 1951-1965 University of Southern California . Inc. 1959-1964 Princeton University (general). 1938-1966 Princeton University.Wellesley College. Gregor) Vassar College. 1938-1964 University of Virginia. 1949-1957 Page 54 . Institute of Fine Arts.Pennsylvania State University. 1948-1966 University of Washington . .University of Rochester. 1947-1954 Richmond Area University Center. Annapolis . Annapolis St. 1954-1964 University of Oregon Oxford University Pennsylvania State University University of Pennsylvania. 1937-1967 (2 folders) Northwestern University .Oberlin College. University of Rochester Rutgers University. John's University.Wheaton College. 1945-1963 St. 1937-1964 Northwestern University University of Notre Dame Oberlin College Ohio State University. Department of Art and Archaeology.

circa 1954-1968 University of Wisconsin. 1940-1961 (2 folders) College English Association??? . Inc. Portugal Experimental Program in Teacher Education. Brussels Ministère de l'Education Nationale et de la Culture College Art Association. Department of Worship and the Arts New York Renaissance Club Phi Beta Kappa Page 55 .6: Organizations. 1937-1958 Midwestern College Art Conference National Council of Churches of Christ in the U. originals filed under Gottesman. 1948-1964 College English Association.S.Medieval Academy of America.) John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Hispanic Society of America Samuel H. and Congresses. Kress Foundation Medieval Academy of America Midwestern College Art Conference . Coimbra.A.United States National Student Association. 1956-1967 Académie Royale de Belgique American Academy of Arts and Letters American Academy of Arts and Sciences American Council of Learned Societies American Numismatic Society American Philosophical Society. Temple University Gottesman Foundation (copies. S.American Numismatic Society. Committee for the Study of Mankind Colloquia Humanitas Conimbrigensia. Societies. 1955-1967 1. 1954-1959 Yale University. D.Wells College Wesleyan University Wheaton College Williams College. 1937-1967 Box 16 Reel 2127 Académie Royale de Belgique .Brussels Ministère de l'Education???.. 1955-1967 Amsterdam XVIIth International Congress??? . 1953-1967 Amsterdam XVIIth International Congress of the History of Art Belgian American Educational Foundation.

1938-1967 Art Digest.American Scholar.Diogène. New York 1. New York. 1958 Burlington Magazine . 1959-1965 Art Illustrated American Scholar Art Bulletin .7: Periodicals. 1937-1967 Box 16 Reel 2127 America Illustrated .Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. 1948-1966 Isis. 1961 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. 1937-1961 Burlington Magazine College Art Journal Cinnaissance des Arts Daedalus Diogène Gazette des Beaux-Arts (see also: Adhémar. 1955-1965 Art News. 1965-1966 Arte Antica e Moderna.YMHA. 1953 Art in America. 1957-1961 Art Quarterly. 1950-1960 John Hay Whitney Foundation YMHA. 1955-1960 Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism . 1952-1967 Art Bulletin. 1939-1963 Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes Library Chronicle Magazine of Art Marsyas Master Drawings Page 56 . London Society for the Protection of Science and Learning United States National Student Association John Hay Whitney Foundation .Pageant. 1952 L'Arte.Renaissance Society of America Royal Society of Arts. Jean).

undated Page 57 . undated (4 folders) Series 2: Writings. The early writings are in German. This series is arranged by format. 1961 H. 2. Kraus Old and Rare Books. Scientist. 1954-1966 Review Requests (various publishers). and Lexicons.University Magazine. 1946-1964 Phoebus Phoenix Progress of Medieval and Renaissance Studies Revista de Occidente University Magazine (Princeton) 1. 1925-1967. undated Box 16 Reel unfilmed Correspondence. Early Netherlandish Painting. 1915-1968. Genius. P. 1952) Drafts and Notes. 1925-1967. 1955 Embassies and Consulates.) Writings by Panofsky consist of drafts.9: Unfilmed Correspondence.Thank You Letters." (The Renaissance: Six Essays. 1951-1967 Seventieth Birthday. 1953-1962 1. undated (Boxes 17-19. 1961-1968 Festchrift Acknowledgements. Dictionaries. and lectures. 1954 Book Dealers. books. 1940-1969 Requests to Write Books. S. Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1949-1954 Homage Issue of Bulletin des Musée Royaux . Box 17 Reel unfilmed Articles "Artist. Maps. 1962 2127-2128 U.New York Times Book Review Pageant Phoebus . 1940-1969 Box 16 Reel 2127 Acknowledgements. notes. book reviews.8: Miscellaneous. Manuscripts. 1955-1965 Photo Resources. etc.3 linear ft. Antiquarians. Government.. 1949-1968 (2 folders) Requests for Contributions to Encyclopedias. and manuscripts of articles.

XXXII." (American Historical Association. lecture version." 1915 "Reintegration of a Book of Hours executed in the workshop of the ???Maître des Grandes Heures de Rohan." [obituary] (Swarthmore College Bulletin." (Journal of the Warurg Institute. undated "John Hay's Ecce Homo: Some Speculations about Its Author." (Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni. 1955-1956. undated Notes. undated "Erasmus and the Visual Arts" (Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes. 1962 "Canopus Deus. Heydenreich. undated "The Ideological Antecedents of the Rolls-Royce Radiator. Rutgers College." (Gazette des Beaux Arts. circa 1934 "Paul Coremans. The Art Museum. undated "Comments on Art and Reformation. 1968 "Dürer's Last Picture. p. undated Research Notes and Correspondence. undated "The First Page of Vasari's ???Libro': A Study on the Gothic Style in the Judgment of the Italian Renaissance. 62-67). L. Kingsley Porter." (Journal of the Walters Art Gallery. undated Manuscript." (Gazette des Beaux Arts. J. IV." (Burlington Magazine. Princeton University. The Promoter of a New Co-operation between the Natural Sciences and the History of Art. 1941). Its Donor. LXVIII.'" (Medieval Studies in the memory of A. 1947). 1957). CVII. undated "Good Government or Fortune?: The Iconography of a Newly-Discovered Composition by Rubens. v. 1964). pp. undated (2 folders) Manuscript. Harvard and Stockholm. LIV. Symbols of Transformation. undated "Postlogicum Sugerianum. 1960. Friedländer's Early Netherlandish Painting (1967 edition). 1965. 1969) Drafts. circa 1956-1957 "Giotto and Maimonides in Avignon." undated "Frank Aydelotte as Director of the Institute for advanced Study. 95-132) Corrected Draft. 1939. 1946. pp. VIII. undated Preface to M. 5. undated "On Movies" (Princeton University. Bulletin. circa 1962 "In Defense of the Ivory Tower. 1951). 1947. XXIX. 1963). 1966. 1966). LVI. and Its Iconography" (Brussels. and revised version presented at 1957 Commencement). 1959).Revised Version. undated Page 58 . 1956. circa 1953 and 1957 "The Mouse that Michelangelo Failed to Carve (Festschrift to L." Art Bulletin. Department of Art and Archaeology Bulletin." (Bulletin de l'Institut royal du patrimonie artistique. 119). undated "Nebulae in Pariete: Notes on Erasums' Eulogy on Dürer. March 1943). 1953. circa 1967 "Das Problem des Stils in der Bildenden Kunst. 1961). Critique." (Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society. Musée Royal des Beaux-Arts.

9." undated Problems in Titian. Mostly Iconographic (see also: Lecture Notes) Draft." (Jarbuch der Hamberger Kunstzammlunge. Footnotes. "The First Page of Giorgio Vasari's Libro." (Der Querschnitt. undated Book Review. Die Skulpturen von Freiburg aund Wechselburg." undated "The Tomby at Arcady at the Fin-de-Siecle. Gesellschaft5 der Bücherfreunde. undated (2 folders) Manuscript. XI. undated Box 18 Reel unfilmed Manuscript. 1951 "Sol Aequinoctialis Fuit Creatus: Notes on a Composition by Lelio Orsi and Its Possible Connection with the Gregorian Calendar Reform. XXX." (Wallraf-Richartz Jahrbuch.-Denis. undated Idea: The History of a Concept Appendices. undated Chapter 6."Rembrandt und das Judentum." undated Chapter 5. 593-599. 1920 "Sokrates in Hamburg oder Van Schönen und Guten. 1959 Meaning in the Visual Arts: Papers in and on Art History Preface. undated Footnotes. XXVIII. "Albrecht Dürer and Classical Antiquity With an Excursis on the Illustrations of Apianus' Inscriptiones in Relation to Dürer. undated Chapter 3. undated Manuscript (1968 edition). "Abbot Suger and St. "Titian's Allegory of Prudence: A Postscript. List of Illustrations and Captions. 1963)." (Master Drawings I. 1931. Adolph." circa 1944 (2 folders) Chapter 4. pp. undated Manuscript (Italian Translation). undated (8 folders) Notes. no. undated Galley Proofs (corrected). undated Galley Proofs (corrected). Goldschmidt. 1924-1925 Books The Iconography of Correggio's Camera di San Paolo Drafts. undated (4 folders) Draft (List of Illustrations). 1960 Illustrations. 1974). 1968). undated (3 folders) Footnotes. 1962). undated Page 59 . undated "An Unpublished Portrait Drawing by Albrecht Dürer. circa 1967 Preface (in German).

Wilhelm. 1950-1962 (see also: Box 20 and OV 21) Membership Certificates.Renaissance and Renaissances in Western Art Footnotes and Illustrations (1960 edition). Box 19 Reel unfilmed Articles About/Mentioning Panofsky. Rosenwald (probably composed by Panofsky). 1905-1967 (see also: Box 19 and OV 21) Membership Certificates. Mostly Iconographic] (see also: Books) Drafts. 0.. Religion.5 linear ft.) This series is arranged by record type.) This series is arranged by record type. undated Page 60 . Die Philosohischen Grundlagen der Weisenschaften. 1938-1963. 1941-1967. New York University Institute of Fine Arts [published as Problems in Titian.5 linear ft. 1953-1962 Series 4: Printed Material. 0. Von Sonnen und Sonnenstäubchen. 1904-1990. 1943-1963 (see also: Box 19) Box OV 21 Reel unfilmed Diplomas (honorary degrees). Weinstein. 1951-1956 Clippings. 1963 (2 folders) Series 3: Biographical Information. R. undated (3 folders) Draft ("Slide Desiderata"). 1904-1906 Certificates Presented to Abraham Flexner and Lessing J. undated (see also: Box 20) Box 20 (sol) Reel unfilmed Awards and Certificates. 1936 (3 folders) Box 19 Reel unfilmed Lectures Titian Lectures. 1960-1967 (see also: Box 19) Cylindrical leather case for Rome University diploma Diplomas (doctorate. 1905-1967 (Boxes 19-21. undated (Box 19. Bölsche. undated Saturn and Melancholy: Studies in the History of Natural Philosophy. and Art [with Raymon Klibansky and Fritz Saxl] Galley Proofs (corrected). 1950-1967 (see also: Box 20) Diplomas (honorary degrees). 1926-1962 Books. Box 19 Reel unfilmed Awards and Certificates. Kosmische Wanderungen. undated Texts. honorary degrees).

1968-1969 Miscellaneous Printed Items Relating to Saturn and Melancholy. 1943-1959. Duke University. 1957-1958 Memorial Program and Tributes.Exhibition Catalogs. 1961-1963 "The Iconography of the Galerie François I at Fontainebleau" [with Dora Panofsky] (Gazette des Beaux Arts. 113-190). undated Meaning in the Visual Arts. 1954-1956 Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism. pp. 1960-1969 Tomb Sculpture. undated Early Netherlandish Painting. 1964-1967. 1955-1969 A Mythological Painting by Poussin. 1952-1960. 1958. 1967-1969 Lecture Announcement. 1979-1987 Reviews of Panofsky's Writings Dürer (all editions). 1967 Membership List. 1956-1958 Renaissance and Renaissances. 1964-1990 Programs for Graduation Ceremonies (Panofsky awarded honorary degrees). 1961 Pandora's Box [with Dora Panofsky]. 1952-1958. undated Page 61 . 1959 Idea. 1947-1967 Obituaries (colleagues and friends). The British Academy. undated The Iconography of Corregio's Camera di San Paolo.

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