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Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder

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A man struggles with his internal disease.
A man struggles with his internal disease.

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Published by: CompStoreGuy on Jan 15, 2013
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1. 1 INT.

PATRICK'S BEDROOM NIGHT The camera opens with a wide shot of a bed in a nearly empty room with a few magazines and comic books next to the bed on the floor. A slow zoom in on Patrick and a different girl every sentence as the lines are being said on a voice over by Patrick PATRICK (Voice Over) I can't stand being around people. It's not that I don't enjoy their company, it's just that their company makes me nervous. Being around people for me is like being around spiders or speaking in front of a large group, and no, imagining everyone naked hasn't helped...much. Finding excuses has become a hobby of mine. One for any social situation that might cause me anxiety. The only time I feel comfortable around people is when they are in my bed, but that only lasts until breakfast. Patrick ends up at the end of the monologue by himself in his bed staring straight at the camera as the name of the movie comes across the screen and the credits begin to roll. He makes his way out of bed, shots going from under his bed to the doorway to his hallway, following him along his morning routine. He starts in the bathroom with a piss and a drink of water, moving towards the kitchen we see for the first time his roommate, Tristan. 2 INT. LIVING/DINING ROOM DAY Yo Hey man TRISTAN Did that girl go home with you last night? PATRICK Uh yeah she did PATRICK TRISTAN

2. TRISTAN What is that three this week PATRICK I don't keep track TRISTAN Why the fuck wouldn't you. PATRICK Cause I'm not creepy TRISTAN What's creepy about keeping your fuck list on hand PATRICK Do you hear yourself talk? The apartment is a basic two bedroom set-up. One bathroom and bedroom on one side, another bathroom and bedroom on the other with a kitchen, living room, and dining room in the middle. Patrick goes to the kitchen to start making scrambled eggs while Tristan sits in the living room playing Madden on the PS3 they have hooked up to their flat screen tv. PATRICK Have you been on our site lately. TRISTAN I hopped on last night to update a review on Looper. PATRICK Blu-Ray review? Yeah PATRICK What did you change from our original TRISTAN The usual for a DVD review, why the fuck do we need to hear the director tell us why he made decisions and talk about how horrible the caters were. TRISTAN

3. PATRICK Right on (chuckles). What movie are we seeing today? TRISTAN That new Tarantino flick. PATRICK Is that out already? TRISTAN Not for most people (points to a dvd on the floor) Sweet Patrick starts to plate his scrambled eggs and sits next to Tristan, who is shit talking a guy he is playing over the network on PS3 TRISTAN Did you see that shit? PATRICK You throwing a pic, yeah I'm used to seeing that TRISTAN Yeah cause Clay Matthews has a four foot vertical, better physics doesn't mean everyone is Superman. I guess Tristan's phone goes off for a text message, he lays the controller in his lap and checks the phone as the game plays on it's own. Big news? Just Holly PATRICK What does she want? TRISTAN The usual, when are we going to dinner tonight, blah, blah, blah. TRISTAN PATRICK PATRICK PATRICK

4. PATRICK When are you going to dinner TRISTAN Fuck if I know, I'm sure she'll tell me about fourteen texts from now PATRICK Right on, while you're out tonight I'm gonna update the webpage and write a blog or two on upcoming movies, golden globes, the ushze TRISTAN You can come with if you want Um no TRISTAN I'm just saying man you gotta start getting out more PATRICK Well I'm not gonna tag along on dinner TRISTAN We were talking about seeing Life of Pi. What time? TRISTAN Whenever we get done with dinner. PATRICK Yeah man that should work, just shoot me a text when you get done For sure Patrick, now done with his scrambled eggs moves from the living room into the kitchen and quickly rinses off his plate and the pan he used to cook the eggs. Moving into the bathroom, the door closes on the bathroom and opens again to show a fully clothed Patrick ready for the day ahead. TRISTAN PATRICK PATRICK

5. 3 INT. PATRICK'S BEDROOM DAY Patrick has a desk and iMac set-up in his room. Very clean and tidy. Two whiteboards above and next to his desk. Notebooks open on the desk, one moleskin and one normal college ruled. Both full of ideas for blogs, movies, etc. He starts to work on the website with music playing on the computer. Showing the work on the computer you can see that Patrick knows what he is doing and shows the website in its full form. Showing that they are a successful blog site that talks about movies and movie news as well as personal thoughts on things in Hollywood. Patrick receives a text from Tristan saying what time the movie will be, showing his phone screen for the text. Patrick begins to browse Reddit, getting deeper and deeper losing track of time and looking at his phone again realizing that it is time to leave for the movie. 4 EXT. DOWNTOWN SCENE NIGHT Patrick walks to the front of the movie theatre waiting for Tristan and Holly near the front doors. Checking his phone for any updates on what time they are gonna arrive. PATRICK (Voice Over) Anxiety is a funny thing. You forget about it until you enter the spiral that leads to a near panic attack. People passing by, wondering if they think I look stupid standing in front of a movie theatre, wondering if they think I'm just hoping someone will show up or if I'm being stood up. Wondering if my zipper is down and my dick is hanging out,(checks) nope. Hoping Tristan won't stand me up. But if he does I'm not sitting in the theatre by myself, people around me asking if the seat is taken, I'll say yes, hoping they don't sit near me and eventually find out I'm full of shit. But at least in a theatre, eventually everyone will look at the screen and forget about how nervous I look.

6. As Patrick starts to look around more nervously and look at his phone for any updates Tristan and Holly walk up. HOLLY What's up Patrick PATRICK Not a whole lot, how was dinner They start walking towards the ticket line HOLLY Not bad, very tasty salads TRISTAN And a good steak Nice 5 INT. MOVIE THEATER LOBBY Standing in line Patrick starts to feel more nervous PATRICK (Voice Over) Waiting in line is one of the worst places for me. Wondering if my card will work, worried that the line will take too long and we will miss the trailers. Hoping that when it is my turn to head up to the register I go fast enough for the people behind me. It's a struggle. The line moves forward and Patrick follows Holly and Tristan to a register Hi there PATICK One for Life of Pi at 8:25 TICKET TAKER That'll be 10 dollars PATRICK Here you go (handing the card to the ticket taker) TICKET TAKER PATRICK

7. TICKET TAKER You'll be in theater 10 to your left Thanks TICKET TAKER Enjoy your movie You too. Patrick follows Holly and Tristan to the theater 6 INT. MOVIE THEATER/ THEATER 10 PATRICK (voice over) of course I say you too. I meant to say Thanks, but I all ready did and didn't want to repeat myself, why couldn't she just say have a good day. Patrick Holly and Tristan find a seat near the middle of the theater. People start to fill in. Patrick watches as they all walk in. Tristan playing on his phone along with Holly. The trailers begin and Patrick has a look of relief on his face, knowing that now all focus is on screen and he can fall into his usual moving watching bliss. 7 EXT. OUTSIDE THEATER EXIT NIGHT PATRICK PATRICK

Patrick Holly and Tristan meet up outside the exit from the theater and begin talking about what they just watched and walking towards their parked cars. PATTRICK That was really good TRISTAN Yeah man, I liked the turn it took at the end that made you question the validity of the whole thing

8. PATRICK Right, showing all this tragedy as animals rather than the people that actually were effected made the movie easier to watch but at the same time made it much more impactful. TRISTAN Gonna be an easy review for me. Oh yeah HOLLY So the tiger wasn't actually on the boat. TRISTAN I don't think so. 8 INT. PARKING GARAGE Holly and Tristan head to the car they came in and Patrick heads for his TRISTAN You going back to the house or do you wanna hit up a bar with us. PATRICK I'm gonna get started on the review TRISTAN C'mon man it's gonna be an easy one. PATRICK I know but I just like to do it when the movie is still fresh. TRISTAN Alright man but if you change your mind let me know. Right on. Patrick gets in his car and heads towards their apartment. PATRICK PATRICK

9. 9 INT. CAR NIGHT PATRICK (voice over) I'm sure Tristan and Holly are talking about how I never do anything with them. It's not that I don't want to go out, I just know if I do I'm going to get anxious, want to leave and make it not as enjoyable for them. Patrick is driving home listening to music loud to drown out the guilt of not going out with Tristan and Holly. 10 INT. LIVING/DINING ROOM NIGHT Patrick walks in the door and sits on the couch. Scribbling in a notebook about what movie he just saw. Stopping and switching notebooks he starts writing down ideas for movies he wants to make PATRICK (voice over) My job is something most people would kill for. I write blogs about movies and have gotten to the point where I make a living off of it. But it is not what I want to do. I have been infatuated with movies since my dad brought me to my first one as a kid. Before the previews started I would always tell him I wanted to see everyone of them. As I grew up I spent more time finding out about who made the movies and what their process was. I have always thought of myself as a good writer and a person capable of making a quality film. I just always get to a point where I doubt myself and stop the project altogether. Patrick receives a text from Tristan saying that he is at a great party and can come pick him up to hang out for a bit. Patrick reluctantly accepts the invitation and waits for a call from Tristan

10. 11 INT. TRISTAN'S CAR Holly and Tristan are in the front as Patrick enters the back passenger side door. TRISTAN Look who decided to join the party bus. PATRICK Yeah, how long are we gonna be at this party TRISTAN Maybe two hours, not a long time, I just know there will be some cool people there you should meet. Right on. They start towards the party and Patrick is seen staring out the window, anxiety starting to come over his face. 12 EXT. HOUSE PARTY The three start to head for the door and enter the party 13 INT. HOUSE PARTY The house party is a standard set-up. People mingling all over, beer pong going on in one room, wii in another, and hookah in the dining room. Patrick follows close behind Tristan and Holly as they enter the party atmosphere, moving from one room to the next until they settle in the kitchen to make a drink. PATRICK (voice over) Parties are my downfall. Surrounded by people I don't know. People that I don't know how to start a conversation with. People I will never get to know. TRISTAN Hey man Holly and I are gonna play some pong, we'll catch you in a bit. PATRICK

11. PATRICK Right on man PATRICK (voice over) This is what I fear most. Being alone, surrounded by strangers, with no intro man. Tristan is the guy who starts conversations for me. Patrick starts to settle in around the kitchen, listening to other conversations. PARTY GOER 1 You see Life of Pi yet? PARTY GOER 2 Yeah man, I don't know, it was meh. PATRICK (voice over) Oh God, here comes another frat guy trying to interpret a thought provoking onion of a movie with some simplistic bullshit about how nothing blew up and there was too much talking. PARTY GOER 2 Nothing really happened. Have you seen Battleship, that was the tits. PATRICK (voice over) I often wonder if I got the right judge how lenient he would be in sentencing my murder charge under the given circumstances. Patrick meanders away from the kitchen, gaging each room for how welcoming his views on society would be. Patrick sits down on the couch next to a few others, keeping to himself.

12. PATRICK (voice over) Once I get into a party my anxiety starts to take over. I start to think about how everything could and will go wrong. It starts with a few people getting too drunk and turning up the music, a neighbor getting angry with the noise and calling the police, who show up and bust the party, me getting hauled away to the drunk tank leaving with a hefty fine, jailtime, and little chance of recovering. A few of the party goers start to get rowdy, not overly rowdy for the party, but rowdy enough to get noticed by Patrick. He sees the party goers and begins to act more nervous. Checking his phone religously now, looking around for Tristan, getting up eventually and heading outside of the house. 14 EXT. HOUSE PARTY NIGHT Patrick sits on the stoop outside of the house, checking his phone and taking deep breaths. He texts Tristan to see if he is ready to go. Tristan texts back and says that he is staying for a while because he and Holly one the game. Patrick texts back asking for the car keys, saying he doesn't feel well. Patrick walks back into the house to grab the keys and heads back towards his apartment. 15 INT. LIVING/DINING ROOM NIGHT Patrick returns to the couch, tired, less anxious with a look of relief on his face and he begins to fall asleep. 16 INT. LIVING/DINING ROOM DAY Patrick wakes up to his phone blowing up with text messages and phone calls from Tristan and panics because he left his friend at the party. He calls Tristan.

13. PATRICK Holy shit man. I fell asleep. Where are you guys? TRISTAN We grabbed a ride from someone at the party to Holly's place, no worries man. You feeling better? PATRICK Until I realized that you were still at the party I was doing better yeah. TRISTAN Me and Holly are going to brunch if you wanna come with. PATRICK I gotta finish this Life of Pi review first man. Have fun though. TRISTAN Alright man, good luck. PATRICK For sure man, grab a memosa for me. Patrick sits back into the couch, staring up at the ceiling, contemplating what his life has turned into. He dozes off again, dreaming of last night and the worst case scenario where the cops show up and he is thrown into jail and wakes up in a sweat and deep breaths. He decides to go out for a walk and get the mail. In the mail he sees a study for the local college that he graduated from and sees a therapy session open for those with Social Anxiety Disorder. He heads back into the house and sets the pamphlet on his desk. He begins to write the Life of Pi review and keeps staring at the pamphlet. He reluctantly and nervously goes into the bathroom and calls the number. THERAPIST Psychological services, how can I help you? PATRICK My name is Patrick and I'm calling about the brochure you sent out on social anxiety disorder. THERAPIST Oh sure, were you interested in signing up.

PATRICK (voice over) Jesus, does he just hear my anxiety over the phone. PATRICK Um, I think so yeah. THERAPIST Great we are conducting introductory sessions this week. Does Thursday at 8 work? PATRICK Yeah that sounds great. Thanks. THERAPIST No problem, see you Thursday. Patrick hangs up the phone and slumps down to the floor with a small smile and look of relief on his face. 17 INT. LIVING/DINING ROOM NIGHT Patrick is sitting on the couch when Tristan comes back to the apartment. Tristan sits next to him on the couch Hey man PATRICK Yo, whats up TRISTAN Not a whole lot, what are you doing tonight? PATRICK I gotta go to this thing, shouldn't be more than an hour though. What? PATRICK Just a meeting real fast. TRISTAN Oooh a date? No TRISTAN Oh gonna fuck, nice PATRICK TRISTAN TRISTAN

PATRICK Jesus, it's just a meeting TRISTAN Yeah of the pink hole and the long shlong, I got it. Sure TRISTAN You wanna catch a movie after? PATRICK Probably not, I might just go grab dinner after and head back home. TRISTAN Right gotta fuel up after heading to pound town. Yeah. 18 EXT. CAMPUS NIGHT Patrick gets to campus much too early to wait outside the office for his appointment so he puts his headphones in and walks around campus. The music floods the sound of the movie and is interrupted by the musings of Patrick's worry. PATRICK (voice over) PATRICK PATRICK

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