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Minority Reporter, week of January 7, 2013

Minority Reporter, week of January 7, 2013

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Published by Dave McCleary
2012 Year in Review
2012 Year in Review

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Published by: Dave McCleary on Jan 15, 2013
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NET - WEEK OF JANUARY 7 - 13, 20133
Rochester, NY JANUARY 7 - 13
From Information to Understanding g
VOL 6. NO. 7

l00kl86 8ß0k ß1 18l
Ofñce Address:
282 Hollenbeck Street, Rochester, NY 14621
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P.O. Box 26352, Rochester, NY 14626
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Gary McLendon
Catie Fiscus
Sharese Hardaway
Claribel Oliveras
Dave McCleary
Lucy Smith-Fulmore
Temple Boggs, Jr.
Todd Elliott
Gloria Winston Al-Sarag
C. Michael Tillman
Rev. Michael Vaughn
Vincent Felder
Diane Watkins
Mike Dulaney
Davy Vara
Ayesha Kreutz
Minority Reporter, Inc. is a Iamily oI publications
and other media Iormats committed to Iostering selI
awareness, building community and empowering
people oI color to reach their greatest potential. Fur-
ther, Minority Reporter, Inc. seeks to present a bal-
anced view oI relevant issues, utilizing its resources
to build bridges among diverse populations; taking
them Irom inIormation to understanding.
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suggestions Irom readers.
Deadline Ior all copy is Tuesday at noon.
Call 585-301-4199
or email inIo¸minorityreporter.net.
In This Issue:
COVER Pgs 8 - 9
- Black Press Stories of 2012 Fortell
Continued Struggle for Justice
LOCAL Pgs 4 - 5
- Mayor Thomas S. Richards
selects Laura Miller as new Director
of Parking Bureau
- Jordan Launches 'Healthy Child,
Healthy Reader' Children's Book
STATE Pgs 5 - 7
- Gas prices staying down as 2013
- Survey polls NYS school boards
on mental health
- Advocated for NY Poor want
minimum wage hike
- Teachers' union outraged over
NYC Mayor's remark
- Cuomo commission seeks longer
school day, year
- Kwanzaa Night
NATIONAL Pgs 10, 12
- Time Warner Cable dropped
CurrentTV as soon as it was sold to
- EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to
step down
- 10 U.S. Banks agree to $8.5B
foreclosure settlement
- FDA issues sweeping new food
safety rules
COLUMNS: Pgs 13-15

- 'Twas the Morning before
By Gloria Winston Al-Sarag
- 2012: A Year to Remember
By Michael Vaughn
- Did William Spengler serve
less prison time for killing his
grandmother because of his race?
By Davy Vara
- What about me?
By Danielle Frazer
Rochester, NY JANUARY 7 - 13
From Information to Understanding g
www.MinorityRe yReporter.net p t
VOL 6. NO. 7

l00kl86 8ß0k ß1 18l

12, 19
Public Safety Training Center
Time: 9:00am-11:00a.m. - 11:00a.m.
to 1:00 p.m
Location: 1190 Scottsville Road.
Registration is required if you wish
to attend. To register for one of the
workshops, call 585-428-6716. Leave
your name, daytime phone number,
and the date and time you wish to
attend. Speak clearly and spell your
last name. Your phone call will not be
returned unless the date and time you
request is full.
You may also register online at
Foreign Film Saturdays - Carmel
Time: 2:00 PM 4:00 PM
Location: Kate Gleason Auditorium,
1st foor of Central's Bausch & Lomb
Public Library Building.
Central Library 115 South Ave.
Rated PG for thematic elements
involving sexuality, language and
some smoking
95 minutes. Ìn Arabic and French with
subtitles. (585) 428-8380
Join Mayor Thomas Richards, Chief
James Sheppard
Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Location: Carter St. Recreation Center
500 Carter St.
Join Mayor Thomas Richards, Chief
James Sheppard and City staff as
we ask for your input in our efforts to
reduce violence in our neighborhoods.
Caution! Artist at Work
1:00 PM 3:00 PM
Location: Central Library 115 South
Laura Jackett will demonstrate
photographic transfer techniques.
Arts, Music and Recreation Division.
This library is handicapped accessible.
To request specifc accommodations,
call (585) 428-8304 ten days prior to
the program. Free
RACE: Are We So Different?
Location: Rochester Museum &
Science Center ÷ 657 East Avenue
Looking through the eyes of history,
science and lived experience, RACE
explains differences among people
and reveals the reality ÷ and unreality
÷ of race. The story of race is complex
and may challenge how we think
about race and human variation, about
the differences and similarities among
Recommended Grades 5,6-8,9-12.
January 19÷April 28, 2013.
Celebrating Diversity, featuring Art
Force Five
Time: 11:00a.m. to 5:00p.m
Location: National Museum of Play at
The Strong One Manhattan Square.
Honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther
King Jr. by celebrating diversity and
Ìncluded with general museum
admission fees. Age 2 and older $13,
under age 2 free, members free.
9 & 10
Superheroes Weekend
11:00a.m-5:00 p.m. & Sunday:
1:00pm-5:00 p.m.
Location: National Museum of Play at
The Strong - One Manhattan Square
Meet two of Marvel Comic's offcial
superheroes÷Spider-Man spins
his special brand of excitement at
appearances on Saturday only and
Captain America muscles in to meet
museum guests on Sunday only.
Also, visit both days with PBS Kids'
Super Why and Princess Presto from
the animated PBS television series
and enjoy episodes of the show in
the Sesame Street theater. Budding
cartoon artists are invited to a
how-to-draw session with comic book
artists. Ìncluded with general museum
admission fees.
Rochester Polar Plunge 2013
Times: 9:00am to 1:00PM
Location: Charlotte Beach
Ìt's wild, crazy and FUN! So grab your
friends, neighbors and co-workers
and form a team! Raise $60 to take
the Plunge and receive an offcial
Polar Plunge Sweatshirt! Registration
begins at 9:00 a.m., Plunge is at
Noon. Contact: Tysha Martin Phone:
585-586-7400 x109.Admission: $60
22 - 24
Special Olympics New York State
Winter Games
Time: 8:00pm
Location: Riverside Convention
Over 650 athletes and coaches from
across the state will participate in the
2013 State Winter Games, featuring
Floor Hockey at the Riverside
Convention Center, Figure Skating
and Speed Skating at Genesee Valley
Ìce Rink, Nordic Skiing at Bristol
Mountain, Snowshoeing and Alpine
Skiing at Swain Mountain.
Join us for the 2013 State Winter
Games! All events are free and open
to the public. Winter Games is one
of three annual state games and
more than 3,500 total competitions
held each year throughout New York.
Nearly 850 athletes and coaches will
be joining us from around the state.
Recurring daily.For more information
on volunteering email volunteer@
nyso.org or call 1-800-836-6976.
Register via Online http://sonewyork.
Accessibility: This library is
handicapped accessible. To request
specifc accommodations, call (585)
428-8304 ten days prior to the

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Rosa Edwards
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(585) 247-6393
Breydion is a medically fragile boy who is
very loving and affectionate. He is visually
impaired and unable to speak, but he smiles
and responds to his name, voices and noises.
He is able to communicate his wants and
needs. Breydion's developmental delays are
addressed in his special education classes,
where he is eager to learn. He also receives
occupational, speech and physical thera-
pies. Breydion enjoys playing on the foor
and being able to move around by himself. He can turn over, roll, and briefy
get up on his knees. He can also briefy hold his head up by himself or with
support. Breydion enjoys listening to others sing and clap, listening to music
and being spoken to softly in an upbeat style. He's very attentive and is eager
to do more. Breydion often coos and smiles, especially when playing with a
musical toy or playing Peek-a-Boo. He needs a family who will continue his
therapies and provide him with the loving, permanent care he needs.
Ìf you're interested in learning more about Breydion or other waiting children, visit:
www.ChiIdrenAwaitingParents.org or caII 585-232-5110.
8y SLefanle ueLuca
WASPlnC1Cn-Soclal sclenusLs and
pollcy makers have long undersLood
Lhe harmful eñecLs LhaL llvlng ln hlgh
poverLy nelghborhoods can have
on chlldren and adulLs. numerous
sLudles underscore Lhe llnks beLween
nelghborhood dlsadvanLage and a
hosL of soclal problems, lncludlng
hlgh school dropouL, lnfanL morLallLy,
cognluve dlmculues, Leenage
chlldbearlng and exposure Lo vlolence.
1hese sLudles show LhaL famllles
llvlng ln hlgh poverLy nelghborhoods
face burdens beyond Lhelr lndlvldual
resource consLralnLs ln ñndlng [obs,
sLaylng safe and ralslng chlldren. Aûer
falllng durlng Lhe decade of Lhe 1990s,
boLh Lhe number of nelghborhoods
of exLreme concenLraLed poverLy and
Lhe number of people llvlng ln such
nelghborhoods rose durlng Lhe pasL
decade, such LhaL 10 percenL of poor
people now llve ln exLremely hlgh
poverLy nelghborhoods.
SLarung ln Lhe 1990s, Lhe federal
governmenL slgnlñcanLly reshaped
houslng pollcy Lo address Lhe problem
of concenLraLed poverLy. 8ecognlzlng
LhaL publlc houslng pro[ecLs were
creaung Lhe very envlronmenLs Lhey
were deslgned Lo ellmlnaLe, Congress
auLhorlzed Lhe PCÞL vl program ln
1992. 1hls program provlded fundlng Lo
demollsh publlc houslng complexes, ln
many cases replaclng Lhem wlLh mlxed
lncome communlues. Whlle Lhese new
communlues were lnLended Lo reduce
poverLy concenLrauon by encouraglng
mlddle class and poor famllles Lo share
Lhe same nelghborhood, Lhe PCÞL
vl program dld noL glve resldenLs a
rlghL Lo reLurn Lo Lhe redeveloped
communlLy, and falled Lo provlde one-
for-one replacemenL of publlc houslng
unlLs. 1hls conLrlbuLed Lo a reducuon
Lhe nauon's supply of publlc houslng,
and also meanL LhaL many of Lhe
orlglnal LenanLs would noL be parL of
Lhe newly developed communlLy.
1he famllles who dld noL or could noL
reLurn Lo publlc houslng aûer PCÞL
vl [olned Lhe mllllons of poor famllles
already paruclpaung ln Lhe ueparLmenL
of Pouslng and urban uevelopmenL's
Pouslng Cholce voucher (PCv)
program. PCv (formerly Secuon 8)
ls Lhe largesL houslng program ln Lhe
counLry, subsldlzlng over 2.2 mllllon
households, Lwlce Lhe number served
by Lradluonal publlc houslng pro[ecLs.
1he voucher program provldes LenanLs
wlLh a renL subsldy whlch Lhey can
use Lo lease any prlvaLe-markeL unlL
renung aL or lower Lhan 40-30 percenL
of Lhe meLropollLan area medlan renL.
8ecause vouchers are noL auached
Lo speclñc developmenLs, Lhe PCv
program should Lheoreucally work Lo
deconcenLraLe poverLy by allowlng
poor famllles Lo move Lo more aMuenL
nelghborhoods Lhan Lhey would
oLherwlse be able Lo añord.
?eL desplLe Lhls poLenual, voucher
holders usually sLruggle Lo move ouL
of poor nelghborhoods -on Lhe whole,
Lhey are no more llkely Lo relocaLe Lo
low-poverLy communlues Lhan poor
renLers who do noL recelve federal
houslng asslsLance. 1here are also
slgnlñcanL raclal dlñerences ln Lhe
program. MlnorlLy voucher users
are even less llkely Lhan whlLes Lo
move Lo beuer communlues, and Lhe
proporuon of voucher reclplenLs ln
such nelghborhoods shrlnks when
reclplenLs are mosLly black and
unasslsLed households are mosLly
whlLe. ln sum, Lhe PCv program falls
shorL of lLs full poLenual Lo faclllLaLe
moves by low-lncome famllles ouL of
poor nelghborhoods.
* 1o teoJ tbls eJltotlol lo lt´s eoutety pleose vlst oot webslte.
Send us your
1he 8ochesLer Museum and Sclence
CenLer (8MSC) and Lhe 8ochesLer
lnluauve for SLrucLural LquallLy (8lSL)
coalluon wlll brlng an exhlbluon
experlence, 8ACL: Are We So ulñerenL
Lo 8ochesLer beglnnlng !anuary 19
Lhrough Aprll 28, 2013.
1hls Lravellng exhlbluon, whlch Lells
Lhe sLorles of race from Lhe blologlcal,
culLural and hlsLorlcal polnLs of vlew
was made posslble by a $200,000 granL
from Lhe 8ochesLer Area CommunlLy
loundauon, one of Lhe largesL ever
dlscreuonary granLs.
ºAûer learnlng abouL 8ACL: Are We
So ulñerenL?, we knew we wanLed
Lo make lL posslble for Lhe 8ochesLer
Museum & Sclence CenLer Lo oñer Lhls
exhlbluon on a sub[ecL LhaL Louches
us all-regardless of our background."
sald !ennlfer Leonard, Lhe CommunlLy
loundauon's ÞresldenL and Lxecuuve
ulrecLor. º1he 8MSC has a hlsLory
of educaung and enLerLalnlng our
communlLy, and we're exclLed Lo
help Lhls coalluon of parLners lnsplre
and enrlch Lhe llves of communlLy
8oLh 8MSC and 8lSL Coalluon have
deslgned a plan for Lhe exhlbluon,
lnvolvlng several oLher communlLy
parLners Lo creaLe programs and
evenLs deslgned Lo promoLe
awareness abouL raclal lssues and
begln meanlngful conversauons
abouL how 8ochesLer can lmprove
relauons and undersLandlng beLween
races. Also, Lhe 8MSC wlll provlde
currlculum supporL Lo area Leachers
and asslsLance Lo school groups for
Lravel and admlsslon. 1he new ?ork
SLaLe currlculum mandaLes sLudenLs
Lo conslder Lhe lssues of eLhnlclLy and
culLure as parL of Lhe n?S learnlng
sLandards across muluple levels ln Lhe
k-12 currlculum.
º1hls exhlblL wlll provlde Lhe plauorm
for a broad-based communlLy
educauonal experlence regardlng
myLhs and reallues of race," sald !ames
norman, ÞresldenL and CLC, A8C and
Chalr of Lhe 8lSL Coalluon.
1he exhlbluon explores Lhe everyday
experlence of race, challenglng
common ldeas abouL race and Lhe
hlsLory of Lhe ldea ln Lhe unlLed SLaLes.
1he exhlblL auempLs Lo help vlslLors
undersLand whaL race ls and whaL lL
ls noL. Lxhlbluon hlghllghLs lnclude a
3u anlmauon Lakes vlslLors ºlnslde"
for a close up look aL Lhelr molecular
makeup, skln scannlng Lo creaLe a
colorful mosalc of skln Lones and volce
maLchlng Lo see lf vlslLors can ldenufy
a person by Lhelr race.
lnsplred by Lhe 8ACL exhlbluon
and Lhe 8lSL Coalluon, laclng 8ace,
Lmbraclng LqulLy (l8=LL) lnluauve,
was esLabllshed lasL year wlLh a vlslon
Lo creaLe a conunulng communlLy
dlalogue on race and eLhnlclLy. As parL
of lLs mlsslon, l8=LL has ldenuñed
key quesuons concernlng race wlLh a
goal Lo educaLe Lhe general publlc and
provlde communlLy leaders wlLh Lools
and supporL Lo lmplemenL change ln
ueveloped by Lhe Amerlcan
AnLhropologlcal Assoclauon ln
collaborauon wlLh Lhe Sclence
Museum of MlnnesoLa, 8ACL: Are
We So ulñerenL? ls Lhe ñrsL nauonally
Lravellng exhlbluon Lo Lell Lhe sLorles
of race from Lhe blologlcal, culLural
and hlsLorlcal polnLs of vlew. 8ACL: Are
We So ulñerenL? Was a wlnner of Lhe
Lxcellence ln Lxhlbluon Compeuuon
aL Lhe 2008 meeung of Lhe Amerlcan
Assoclauon of Museums.
Mayor 1homas S. k|chards Se|ects
Laura M|||er as New D|rector of Þark|ng 8ureau
(Wednesday, !an. 2, 2013) - Mayor
1homas S. 8lchards has announced
LhaL Laura Mlller has been selecLed Lo
serve as Lhe new ulrecLor of Lhe ClLy's
8ureau of Þarklng, eñecuve !anuary 22
wlLh a salary of $100,770.
Ms. Mlller was named Lo Lhls posluon
followlng Lhe vacancy creaLed by Lhe
deparLure of Susan Clley ln !uly of
2012. Molly Cllñord, ulrecLor of llre
AdmlnlsLrauon, had been servlng as
lnLerlm ulrecLor of Lhe 8ureau whlle
a nauonwlde search for a permanenL
replacemenL was conducLed.
Laura Mlller has more Lhan 20 years
of experlence ln LransporLauon and
parklng admlnlsLrauon, servlng mosL
recenLly as Lhe ulrecLor of Þarklng for
Lhe ALhens uownLown uevelopmenL
AuLhorlLy ln ALhens, Ceorgla, for Lhe
pasL four years.
ºMs. Mlller's exLenslve experlence ln
managlng parklng and LransporLauon
servlces glves me greaL conñdence
LhaL she wlll do an ouLsLandlng [ob ln
meeung Lhe ClLy's hlgh expecLauons of
leadershlp ln Lhe 8ureau as we sLrlve
Lo be ñscally responslble durlng Lhese
challenglng economlc umes," says
Mayor 8lchards.
ºLaura Mlller's professlonal
quallñcauons made her Lhe loglcal
and sLandouL cholce as we soughL Lhe
ldeal candldaLe Lo lead Lhe 8ureau
of Þarklng," sald uepuLy Mayor
Leonard 8edon. ºPer comprehenslve
knowledge ln parklng servlces
admlnlsLrauon-boLh on a munlclpal
level and ln Lhe prlvaLe secLor-coupled
wlLh her skllls and undersLandlng
of budgeL managemenL, wlll duly
complemenL Lhe 8ureau."
ºl'm really exclLed abouL llvlng and
worklng ln 8ochesLer, and l Lhank
Mayor 8lchards and uepuLy Mayor
8edon for Lhls wonderful opporLunlLy,"
sald Laura Mlller. ºl am especlally
looklng forward Lo lmmerslng myself ln
Lhe communlLy, as well as fulñlllng Lhe
responslblllues of servlng as ulrecLor
of Lhe 8ureau of Þarklng,"
Ms. Mlller earned her bachelor's
degree ln 8uslness AdmlnlsLrauon
from nlagara unlverslLy and a MasLer
ln 8uslness AdmlnlsLrauon from Sun?
8uñalo ln 1993. Þrlor Lo servlng as
ulrecLor of Þarklng for Lhe ALhens
uownLown uevelopmenL AuLhorlLy
ln Ceorgla, Ms. Mlller served as a
8eglonal Cperauons Manager for Þark
'n lly lnc., ln ALlanLa.
1he 8ureau of Þarklng oversees on-
sLreeL parklng, munlclpal parklng
faclllues, lnsLallauon and malnLenance
of parklng meLers, collecuon of parklng
meLer revenue, and acuvlLy of parklng
enforcemenL omcers.
1he 8ureau also oversees hearlngs
for and collecuons of ñnes for parklng
lnfracuons and munlclpal code
Let Minority Reporter Help You Grow
Your Business!
Gas Þr|ces Stay|ng Down As 2013 Starts
new ?ork (AÞ) - u.S. drlvers are hoplng
2013 doesn'L sLarL oñ llke 2012 aL Lhe
gas pump. So far, so good.
Casollne now averages $3.30 a gallon,
up abouL half a penny slnce !an. 1. A
year ago, gas rose abouL 10 cenLs ln
Lhe ñrsL week or so because of a [ump
ln oll prlces. Cas nearly hlL $4 ln early
Cll prlces should dlcLaLe whaL happens
nexL wlLh pump prlces. 1he economlc
drlvers for oll are mlxed - economles
ln Lhe u.S. and Chlna are showlng
modesL lmprovemenL, whlle Lurope
remalns ln recesslon.
1he wlld card ls Lhe Mlddle LasL. ln Lhe
pasL Lwo years, LhreaLs Lo shlpmenLs of
oll from Lhe reglon drove crude prlces
hlgher durlng Lhe wlnLer. 1haL led Lo a
surge ln pump prlces by sprlng.
llk0 08I
0ß l800000k.00M
Nlß0fll¶ 80¢0fl0f
Survey Þo||s N¥S Schoo| 8oards Cn Menta| nea|th
8uñalo, n.?. (AÞ) - A new survey shows
uncerLalnLy among school board
members ln new ?ork sLaLe when
lL comes Lo wheLher Lhey belleve
sLudenLs have adequaLe access Lo
menLal healLh servlces.
1he new ?ork SLaLe School 8oards
Assoclauon surveyed lLs members ln
response Lo Lhe faLal school shooung
ln newLown, Conn.
1he assoclauon says 38 percenL of
Lhe 600 respondenLs sald Lhey don'L
belleve sLudenLs have enough access,
whlle 14 percenL sald Lhey weren'L
8oard members also were spllL on
wheLher sLrlcLer gun laws would make
schools safer.
1here's more of a consensus on
wheLher federal fundlng should help
pay for ceruñed school resource
omcers, wlLh more Lhan Lwo-Lhlrds
Lxecuuve ulrecLor 1lmoLhy kremer
says he favors a mulu-dlmenslonal
approach Lo safeLy lncorporaung
menLal healLh servlces, resource
omcers and oLher measures.
Iordan Launches 'nea|thy Ch||d, nea|thy keader'
Ch||dren's 8ook Campa|gn
8ochesLer, n?, -1he AnLhony L.
!ordan loundauon ls launchlng Lhelr
lnaugural PealLhy Chlld, PealLhy
8eader chlldren's book campalgn.
1he lnluauve, seL Lo run ull !anuary 31,
ls almed aL brlnglng awareness Lo Lhe
llnk beLween chlld llLeracy and healLh,
and Lo ralse enough money Lo glve
young pauenLs of !ordan's Polland
SLreeL healLh cenLer a new book durlng
pedlaLrlc well-chlld vlslLs.
WlLh a goal of ralslng $2,300 by Lhe
end of !anuary, !ordan hopes Lo be a
able Lo purchase 1200 new books for
pedlaLrlc pauenLs 6 monLhs Lo 3 years
old who auend Lhelr well-chlld vlslL.
º1hls campalgn ls cruclal Lo Lhe
!ordan mlsslon because chlldren
who develop good readlng hablLs are
more llkely Lo become healLh-llLeraLe
adulLs who know how Lo monlLor
Lhelr own healLh and vlslL healLhcare
provlders on a rouune basls," says ur.
!anlce Parbln !oseph, !ordan's new
lnLerlm CLC. ºMany of our pauenLs
llve near or below Lhe poverLy llne,
whlch means Lhey have a hosL of
challenges confronung Lhelr eñorLs Lo
sLay healLhy and ralse healLhy famllles.
Pere aL !ordan a book ln Lhe hands of
a chlld ls a powerful Lool for healLh. A
donauon as small as $10 wlll provlde
ñve chlldren wlLh ñve new books."
ºChlldren are our fuLure, and we
need Lo work LogeLher Lo promoLe
healLh and educauon as a roadmap
for success," says ur. 8uddhl ShresLha,
A!PC Corporauon 8oard Chalr. º!ordan
ls always worklng Lo meeL pauenLs
where Lhey are and lncrease access
Lo healLhcare by openlng more slLes,
maklng servlces añordable and
oñerlng as many supporL servlces as
ºlor many of our famllles, Lhls book
may be Lhelr only new book aL
home," says ur. Saklnah Mlller, Chlef
of ÞedlaLrlcs aL !ordan's Polland
SLreeL cenLer. ºlL's a speclal glû LhaL
underscores Lhe lmporLance of llLeracy
Lo boLh Lhe parenL and chlld, whlch
can lead Lo a llfeume of good healLh."
!ordan omclals say Lhe campalgn wlll
oñseL Lhe loss of funds as a resulL
of reducuons ln a nauonal program
called 8each CuL and 8ead, whlch had
provlded new books Lo Lhe pedlaLrlc
pauenLs aL !ordan's healLh cenLer aL 82
Polland SLreeL for more Lhan 10 years.
AbouL 1,400 new books are dlsLrlbuLed
aL Lhe Polland SLreeL locauon each
year. lL ls recommended LhaL chlldren
have up Lo 14 well-chlld vlslLs before
Lhelr ñûh blrLhday. Well-chlld vlslLs
keep parenLs abreasL of Lhelr chlld's
growLh and developmenL durlng Lhelr
chlld's years of mosL rapld growLh and
change. Slnce a chlld does noL Lyplcally
have an acuLe lllness durlng Lhese
vlslLs, Lhey are someumes sklpped
lf Lhe barrlers Lo healLhcare are Loo
1o donaLe Lo PealLhy Chlld, PealLhy
8eader or Lrack Lhe progress of Lhe
campalgn, vlslL www.[ordanhealLh.
org and cllck ºuonaLe now." vlslLors
can also follow Lhe campalgn or share
updaLes on lacebook aL hups://www.
facebook. com/pages/AnLhony-L-
Advocates for N¥ poor want m|n|mum wage h|ke
AL8An?, n.?. (AÞ) -- A ralse ln Lhe
mlnlmum wage wlll be a ma[or focus
of Lhe 23rd annual Þeople's SLaLe of
Lhe SLaLe rally Lhls week.
Mark uunlea of Lhe Punger Acuon
neLwork says he's hoplng LhaL Cov.
Andrew Cuomo's SLaLe of Lhe SLaLe
address on Wednesday wlll call for
ralslng Lhe mlnlmum wage Lo $10
an hour. uunlea says Lhe Assembly's
mlnlmum wage proposal lsn'L enough.
1he Þeople's SLaLe of Lhe SLaLe rally ls
scheduled for 1uesday aL noon aL Lhe
8esldes ralslng Lhe mlnlmum wage, key
lssues for 2013 wlll lnclude lncreaslng
fundlng for emergency food, endlng
chlldhood hunger, falr Laxes and
campalgn ñnance reform.
Aûer Lhe evenL, Lhe group wlll dellver a
Þeople's LlLmus 1esL for Lhe upcomlng
sesslon Lo SenaLe Ma[orlLy Leader
uean Skelos.
1eachers' un|on outraged over N¥C mayor's remark
nLW ?C8k (AÞ) -- 1he Leachers' unlon
ls ouLraged over Mayor Mlchael
8loomberg's comparlson of lLs unlon
Lo groups llke Lhe nauonal 8lße
1he Amerlcan lederal of 1eachers
ls demandlng an apology from Lhe
8loomberg made Lhe sLaLemenL on
hls weekly radlo show lrlday. Pe was
Lalklng abouL sLalled negouauons on a
new Leacher evaluauon plan.
Pe asserLed LhaL mosL Leachers don'L
agree wlLh Lhelr unlon.
1hen he sald: º1he n8A ls anoLher
place where Lhe membershlp, lf you
do Lhe polllng, doesn'L agree wlLh Lhe
Cn Sunday, 8loomberg's omce Lold
1he new ?ork 1lmes LhaL Lhe mayor
was merely relLeraung hls posluon LhaL
Lhe unlon ºls a speclal-lnLeresL group
focused on advanclng lLs agenda."
N¥ Þ|an 1o I|ght Cancer 1argets Smok|ng, Cbes|ty
Albany, n.?. (AÞ) - 1he sLaLe's ñve-
year plan for ñghung cancer LargeLs
smoklng, poor nuLrluon and obeslLy Lo
llmlL Lhe dlsease LhaL ls now dlagnosed
ln more Lhan 100,000 new ?orkers
Among Lhe sLaLe's 19 mllllon resldenLs
are nearly 1 mllllon cancer survlvors.
1he plan also calls for Lracklng Lhelr
quallLy of llfe and ensurlng approprlaLe
follow-up care, lncludlng ongolng
Cancer kllls abouL 33,000 people ln
new ?ork each year.
1he reporL from a group of provlders
and organlzauons, lncludlng Lhe sLaLe
PealLh ueparLmenL and Lhe Amerlcan
Cancer SocleLy, llsLs a serles of
measurable goals for early deLecuon,
LreaLmenL and publlc ouLreach.
A chlef sLraLegy llsLed for beuer
early deLecuon ls lmplemenung Lhe
2010 federal law lnLended Lo help
exLend healLh coverage Lo 2.7 mllllon
unlnsured new ?orkers.
Cuomo comm|ss|on seeks |onger schoo| day, year
A commlsslon Lasked wlLh ñndlng ways
Lo lmprove new ?ork's publlc school
sysLem on Wednesday recommended
longer Leachlng days and academlc
years, Leacher compeLency exams,
more pre-klndergarLen, dlsLrlcL
consolldauons and Lhe recrulLmenL of
Lop hlgh school and college graduaLes
as educaLors.
Many of Lhe prellmlnary
recommendauons by Cov. Andrew
Cuomo's n? Lducauon 8eform
Commlsslon have been proposed
before buL have been blocked by pollucs
or lack of fundlng, obsLacles LhaL sull
remaln, Cuomo acknowledged.
CLher ldeas are already ln place Lo
some degree and should be expanded,
commlssloners sald, lncludlng uslng
schools Lo address healLh, menLal
healLh and oLher soclal needs.
º1he problem new ?ork confronLs, we
concluded, ls how Lo repllcaLe Lhese
examples of excellence ln every school
dlsLrlcL ln new ?ork, how do we creaLe
a sLaLewlde sysLem of publlc educauon
LhaL ensures LhaL every chlld wlll have
Lhe opporLunlLy Lo geL an educauon
LhaL wlll enable Lhem Lo achleve Lhelr
Lrue poLenual?" commlsslon Chalrman
8lchard Þarsons wroLe ln dellverlng
Lhe panel's lnLerlm reporL Lo Cuomo.
1he reporL was draûed aûer 11
hearlngs LhroughouL Lhe sLaLe and
Lesumony from more Lhan 300 people.
Whlle Lhe commlsslon's ñnal reporL
lsn'L expecLed unul SepLember, Lhe
governor mlghL back some of Lhe early
proposals ln hls SLaLe of Lhe SLaLe
speech nexL week. Pe sald he wanLed
ume Lo sLudy Lhe reporL before saylng
whlch ones.
1he commlsslon noLed LhaL llnland
recrulLs Lhe Lop 10 percenL of college
graduaLes lnLo Leachlng, whlle Lhe
u.S. draws from Lhe bouom Lhlrd or
half. new ?ork, Lhe reporL sald, should
ralse admlsslons requlremenLs for
Lhose purslng educauon careers and
esLabllsh an enLry exam llke Lhose
Laken by lawyers and docLors.
8lchard lannuzzl, presldenL of Lhe new
?ork SLaLe unlLed 1eachers unlon,
sald Lhe commlsslon's ñndlngs are
ln llne wlLh Lhe Amerlcan lederauon
of 1eachers' recenL call for an exam
for fuLure Leachers as parL of a
more unlversal approach Lo Leacher
ºlL really sLarLs wlLh a culLure ln a
counLry," lannuzzl sald. ºllnland ls
a greaL example of a culLure whlch
places such value on educauon and on
Leachlng as a professlon LhaL Lhe besL
of Lhe besL candldaLes wanL Lo be parL
of lL."
Syracuse ClLy School ulsLrlcL
SuperlnLendenL Sharon ConLreras
released a sLaLemenL ln supporL of Lhe
lnluauve. ºln Lhe Syracuse ClLy School
ulsLrlcL we share Lhe Commlsslon's
vlslon of lmprovlng educauon for
all sLudenLs," she sald. ºAs a parL
of our 3-year sLraLeglc plan, CreaL
LxpecLauons, we are commlued
Lo expandlng Career and 1echnlcal
Lducauon (C1L) oñerlngs, graduaung
sLudenLs who are college and career
ready, lmplemenung an approved
Leacher evaluauon plan, engaglng
dlsLrlcL parenLs and famllles and
auracung hlghly-eñecuve Leachers Lo
our classrooms. º
Cuomo organlzed Lhe commlsslon
of buslness leaders, educaLors and
parenLs ln Aprll 2012, noung LhaL new
?ork spends more money per sLudenL
Lhan any oLher sLaLe buL ranks 39Lh ln
hlgh school graduauon raLes. AbouL
73 percenL of new ?ork's sLudenLs
graduaLe from hlgh school.
ºl Lhlnk Lhe managemenL of Lhe
sysLem can be lmproved. l don'L Lhlnk
we're gemng our money's worLh from
Lhe currenL sysLem," Cuomo sald
Wednesday. ºl don'L Lhlnk we measure
lL. l don'L Lhlnk we've held people
1he ñndlngs are ln llne wlLh Lhe sLaLe
8oard of 8egenLs' ongolng reform
agenda and lLs goal of preparlng every
hlgh school graduaLe for college or
a career, 8egenLs Chancellor Merryl
1lsch sald.
1he recommendauons also drew
pralse from varlous advocacy
groups, lncludlng Lhe Alllance for
CuallLy Lducauon, whlch slngled
ouL Lhe proposal Lo expand full-day
pre-klndergarLen programs, and
Massachuseus-based 1lme Lo Succeed,
whlch backed a recommendauon Lo
expand Lhe school day and year Lo
ralse sLudenL performance.
º1hls ls a huge sLep for new ?ork and
for new ?ork school klds," Luls ublnas,
presldenL of Lhe lord loundauon and
co-chalrman of 1lme Lo Succeed, sald
ln a sLaLemenL.
8uL Lhe new ?ork SLaLe Assoclauon of
School 8uslness Cmclals worrled Lhe
reporL dldn'L ldenufy ways dlsLrlcLs
would pay for Lhe expanded learnlng
lnluauves. Lxecuuve ulrecLor Mlchael
8orges sald oLher recommendauons
would come wlLh added reporung
requlremenLs LhaL would lncrease Lhe
burden on school buslness omclals
aL a ume when Lhe reporL says back
omce operauons should be furLher
AssoclaLed Þress wrlLer Mlchael
Cormley conLrlbuLed Lo Lhls reporL.
Test again at
Lead paint poisons more than 300 kids in Monroe County every year. The damage to
their brains and bones is permanent. Make sure your children are tested at one and again
at two years old. Have your home tested today. You can get the information you need to
protect your children. Call 585-224-3125. Or visit www.letsmakeleadhistory.org.
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8|ack Þress Stor|es of 2012
Iorete|| Connnued Strugg|e for Iusnce
8y Pazel 1rlce Ldney
(1rlceLdneyWlre.com) - Amerlca
prepares Lo commemoraLe 30 years
slnce Lhe 1963 March on WashlngLon
for !obs and lreedom on AugusL 28,
2013. 8uL, mosL sLorles LhaL domlnaLed
Lhe 8lack Þress ln 2012 foreLold a
conunued quesL for raclal [usuce.
1he kllllng of 1rayvon Marun, Lhe
conLempL voLe agalnsL Auorney
Ceneral Lrlc Polder, Lhe 8lack [obless
raLe, Lhe ñghL Lo malnLaln voung
rlghLs, Lhe conLenuous re-elecuon bld
of ÞresldenL 8arack Cbama and Lhe
reblrLh of Lhe debaLe on gun vlolence
were [usL a few of Lhe headllned Loplcs
ln 2012. 1hey remlnded Amerlca LhaL
8lack Amerlca has yeL Lo overcome.
1he followlng ls a synopsls of some of
Lhe Lop sLorles:
1he Lconomy: As 2012 wound down,
ÞresldenL Cbama and leadlng members
of Congress negouaLed lnLensely Lo
avold Lhe so-called ºñscal cllñ" - Lhe
slmulLaneous occurrence of slzable
Lax hlkes and deep spendlng cuLs.
8egardless of Lhe ouLcome, Afrlcan-
Amerlcans remaln ln double dlglL
unemploymenL raLes and conunue
as Lhe raclal group LhaL has suñered
Lhe hlghesL unemploymenL, losL
mosL wealLh and experlenced more
foreclosures durlng Lhe economlc
downLurn. A group of Afrlcan-
Amerlcan organlzauonal heads,
convened by nauonal urban League
ÞresldenL/CLC Marc Morlal, says Lhey
wlll hold Lhe ÞresldenL accounLable
for proLecung Lhe lnLeresLs of Afrlcan-
Amerlcan, hls mosL loyal supporLers.
Cun vlolence: 1he nauon unlLed ln
grlef over 20 ñrsL-graders and seven
educaLors kllled by mass murderer
Adam Lanza, who had also kllled hls
moLher before kllllng hlmself uec.
14. 1he shooungs aL Sandy Pook
LlemenLary broughL Lears Lo ÞresldenL
8arack Cbama, relgnlung an old debaLe
over gun laws and menLal healLh
care. 1he dlscusslons are escalaung
as vlce ÞresldenL !oe 8lden wlll head
a commluee Lo suggesL posslble new
leglslauon. 8epresenLauves of Lhe
powerful gun lobby, Lhe nauonal 8lße
Assoclauon, have called for an armed
guard ln every school. 1he Lragedy has
also shed llghL on gun vlolence and
deaLhs of chlldren ln clues across Lhe
nauon, lncludlng ln ÞresldenL Cbama's
homeLown of Chlcago. 1here, aL leasL
300 homlcldes occurred ln 2012.
Cf Lhose deaLhs, aL leasL 270 were
Leenagers or chlldren.
8e-elecuon of ÞresldenL Cbama:
Concludlng a nall blLer of an elecuon
LhaL pracucally spellbound Lhe nauon,
ÞresldenL 8arack Cbama was re-
elecLed ln a declslve LlecLoral College
voLe of 332 Lo 206 agalnsL former
Massachuseus Cov. Mlu 8omney on
nov. 6. As ln hls hlsLorlc 2008 vlcLory
as Lhe nauon's ñrsL Afrlcan-Amerlcan
presldenL, Cbama agaln won wlLh aL
leasL 93 percenL of Lhe 8lack voLe.
voLer Suppresslon: As Amerlca
approached Lhe nov. 6 elecuon,
46 sLaLes lnLroduced laws LhaL
would requlre voLers Lo show phoLo
ldenuñcauon, proof of cluzenshlp or
a blrLh ceruñcaLe ln order Lo voLe.
LeglslaLors clalmed Lhe measures
would prevenL voLer fraud. 8uL clvll
rlghLs leaders scoñed and decrled
Lhe new laws as suppresslon and
lnumldauon Lacucs LhaL could have
dlsenfranchlsed as many as ñve mllllon
Amerlcans. 8ecause of Lhe dlllgence
of key clvll rlghLs organlzauons such
as Lhe nAACÞ, Lhe nauonal Coalluon
on 8lack voLer Þaruclpauon, and Lhe
Lawyers Commluee for Clvll 8lghLs
under Law, Lhe apparenL ploL was
exposed and LhwarLed.
8odney klng ules: 1he accldenLal
drownlng deaLh of 47-year-old 8odney
klng on !une 17, 2012 shocked Lhe
nauon. klng, who dled ln a swlmmlng
pool aL a home LhaL he shared wlLh
hls ñance, had become a symbol of
clvll rlghLs 20 years aûer Los Angeles
pollce vlclously beaL hlm durlng a
vldeoLaped Lramc sLop March 2,
1991. nauonal ouLrage and slx days
of rloung broke ouL when Lhe pollce
omcers where lnlually allowed Lo walk
free. 1he publlclLy surroundlng klng's
sudden deaLh was a sLark remlnder
of lnequlues LhaL conunue agalnsL
Afrlcan-Amerlcans ln Lhe crlmlnal
[usuce sysLem.
kllllng of 1rayvon Marun: 1he lebruary
26 shooung deaLh of 1rayvon Marun
has become Lhe qulnLessenual symbol
of raclal proñllng. A llorlda [udge has
seL a daLe of !une 10, 2013, for Lhe Lrlal
of Ceorge Zlmmerman on charges of
second-degree murder ln Lhe shooung.
1he unarmed 17-year-old was kllled
as he walked ln a gaLed Sanford
communlLy Loward hls faLher's house.
Pe was wearlng a hoodle, carrylng a
bag of sklules and a can of lced Lea.
Zlmmerman, 29, a self-appolnLed
nelghborhood waLchman has pleaded
noL gullLy on grounds of self-defense.
Pe clalms Marun auacked hlm aûer
he called pollce reporung a susplclous
youLh ln Lhe nelghborhood.
ueaLh of WhlLney PousLon: lL
was undoubLedly Lhe blggesL
enLerLalnmenL news of 2012. Cn Lhe
eve of Lhe 34Lh Crammy Awards ln Los
Angeles on leb. 11, WhlLney PousLon,
a slx-ume Crammy Award wlnner and
one of Lhe mosL celebraLed arusLs ln
muslc hlsLory, was found dead. 1he
Los Angeles CounLy coroner's omce
deLermlned LhaL she dled of drownlng
as a resulL of cocalne use. 8uL, some
sull conLend foul play and posslbly
murder. Compoundlng Lhe shock, her
deaLh came [usL before Lhe release
of her ñnal sLarrlng role ln Lhe ñlm,
ºSparkle", whlch opened ln AugusL.
u. S. Supreme CourL upholds
Añordable Care AcL: Conservauve
Chlef !usuce !ohn 8oberLs was Lhe
decldlng [usuce ln a 3-4 voLe Lo uphold
ÞresldenL 8arack Cbama's sLaple
1toyvoo Motuo
koJoey kloq
lteslJeot Obomo
wbltoey noostoo
kobett cbomploo vlcums of 5ooJy nook ílemeototy
AlmeLa Whlus aL Memorlal ArL Callery
8ev. !ames, uelorls !. 8adney and klah nyame
Awkaba Croup aL AML Zlon Church WaLch
!ennlfer !ones and ur. uavld Anderson
AML Zlon Church WaLch nlghL
1renLon and !aylln Wlnn, ?ahya Abdullah, Mlles
and ulane Wlnn, and uebora Pernandez !osue and 1lna uaCosLa
?ahya Abdullah, ?ahlya Al-Passan, Waln º8eke" Cleveland, khalld Sallm, Cplo ?amln, Adrlanna
8ose and Þaul Adell, Sr.
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Rev. Marlowe V. N. Washington
A Biblical Perspective on Love, Sex, and Marriage
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Sermons by the Pastor
New Year’s Preaching Series
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Rochester, NY • 14608
kwanza celebrauons were held aL varlous locauons LhroughouL 8ochesLer, lncludlng
Lhe 8aobob, Lhe Memorlal ArL Callery, and lreddle 1homas Plgh School. 1hls year's
evenLs lncluded a speclal commemorauon of Lhe 130Lh Annlversary of Lhe slgnlng of
Lhe Lmanclpauon Þroclamauon by ÞresldenL Abraham Llncoln Lo end slavery. 1he evenL
Look place aL Lhe Memorlal AML Zlon church (on Lhe slxLh nlghL of kwanza-CreauvlLy).
ÞhoLos by 8ob 8urrls
leglslauon, nlcknamed ºCbamacare"
on !une 28. uesplLe argumenLs LhaL
u. S. cluzens cannoL be mandaLed Lo
obLaln healLh care, 8oberLs lnvoked
LhaL Lhe law ls consuLuuonal as a Lax.
1he rullng was a ma[or rellef Lo Lhe
Cbama campalgn.
Auorney Ceneral Lrlc Polder lound
ln ConLempL of Congress: 1he ñrsL
Afrlcan-Amerlcan Lo serve as auorney
general, Polder was found ln conLempL
of Congress !une 28 by a largely parusan
voLe of 233-67. SevenLeen uemocraLs
voLed ln favor of Lhe measure, and
Lwo 8epubllcans voLed agalnsL lL.
Polder was found ln conLempL ln
connecuon wlLh an lnvesugauon lnLo
a Lacuc called ºlasL and lurlous," ln
whlch auLhorlues Lracked weapons
purchased by gun Lramckers wlLhouL
lmmedlaLely lnLercepung Lhem.
Polder was quesuoned over hls refusal
Lo Lurn over documenLs LhaL showed
how Lhe !usuce ueparLmenL reacLed
Lo Lhe lnvesugauon and Lhe loss of
more Lhan 1,000 Lracked weapons.
lurlous over Lhe conLempL voLe, Lhe
Congresslonal 8lack Caucus and oLher
leadlng uemocraLs walked ouL of Lhe
voLe ln proLesL. ln all, 108 uemocraLs
lncludlng mlnorlLy leader nancy Þelosl
(u-Callf.) and Clvll 8lghLs Lra lcon !ohn
Lewls (u-Ca.) [olned Lhe proLesL.
Conunued lallouL from Pazlng
ueaLh of 8oberL Champlon: lallouL
conunued LhroughouL 2012 followlng
Lhe nov. 19, 2011 hazlng deaLh of
llorlda A&M unlverslLy drum ma[or
8oberL Champlon. ln lebruary, a
nauonal coalluon of educauonal,
clerlcal and [ournallsuc leaders sLarLed
a movemenL Lo end hazlng and oLher
Lypes of vlolence on hlsLorlcally 8lack
college campuses. ln CcLober, lAMu
ÞresldenL !ames Ammons reslgned
aûer Champlon's parenLs, Þam and
8oberL Champlon Sr., ñled a lawsulL
agalnsL Lhe unlverslLy. !usL lasL week,
a 32-page reporL was released by Lhe
llorlda 8oard of Covernors lnspecLor
Ceneral's Cmce. Accordlng Lo Lhe
AssoclaLed Þress, lL concludes LhaL
lAMu ºlacked lnLernal conLrols Lo
prevenL or deLecL hazlng, clung a lack of
communlcauon among Lop unlverslLy
omclals, Lhe pollce deparLmenL and
Lhe omce responslble for dlsclpllnlng
1|me Warner Cab|e Dropped
Current1V as Soon as It Was So|d to A| Iazeera
8y uashell 8enneu
WlLhln hours of CurrenL1v omclally
belng sold Lo Al !azeera-nemng
Al Core a cool $100 mllllon-1lme
Warner Cable pulled Lhe neLwork from
lLs channel llneups. ApparenLly, 1lme
Warner dldn'L even walL unul lasL
nlghL's programmlng day was over Lo
yank CurrenL from lLs servlce, decldlng
Lo pull Lhe plug (aL leasL ln Lhe new
?ork ClLy markeL) before Lhe end of
LlloL SplLzer's nlghLly show.
1he neLwork dld noL glve an omclal
reason for Lhe move, buL many have
speculaLed LhaL lL's slmply pre[udlce
agalnsL Lhe new owners, who are
based ln uoha, CaLar, and have seen
Lhelr falr share of conLroversy over
Lhe years. 1he Mlddle LasL-focused
Al !azeera began as an Arablc-only
neLwork, before addlng a Lngllsh
language verslon, and has been
accused ln Lhe pasL of a decldedly anu-
Amerlcan blas and even of sympaLhy
for LerrorlsL organlzauons. More Lhan
a decade aûer Lhe SepLember 11
auacks ñrsL broughL Lhe neLwork Lo
Lhe auenuon of mosL Amerlcans, and
desplLe lLs lmpresslve coverage of Lhe
Arab Sprlng ln 2011, Lhose sLereoLypes
sull perslsL.
MosL u.S. cable companles sull refuse
Lo carry Al !azeera Lngllsh, alLhough
Lhanks Lo an unusual ºsubleL" deal
wlLh anoLher neLwork, lL ls acLually
avallable on 1lme Warner-buL only
parL ume and only ln new ?ork ClLy.
As for CurrenL, 1lme Warner had
prevlously announced LhaL lLs carrlage
conLracL wlLh CurrenL had explred
and LhaL lL was expecung Lo be more
ruLhless abouL dropplng neLworks LhaL
geL poor raungs. (CurrenL averages a
palLry 42,000 vlewers a nlghL.) 1haL
could mean LhaL CurrenL goL whaL
was comlng Lo lL, or LhaL 1lme Warner
merely wanLs Lo renegouaLe lLs conLacL
wlLh Lhe new owners, who do plan Lo
compleLely remake CurrenL's formaL
lnLo ºAl !azeera Amerlca."
Powever, when announclng Lhe sale
Lo hls employees, CurrenL CLC !oel
Pyau speclñcally noLed LhaL 1lme
Warner ºdld noL consenL Lo Lhe sale
Lo Al !azeera" suggesung LhaL reason
was abouL more Lhan buslness. All of
CurrenL's oLher provlders wlll conunue
Lo honor Lhelr carrlage deals.
ln reporung on Lhe sale, 8rlan SLelLer of
1he new ?ork 1lmes wroLe LhaL former
vlce ÞresldenL Al Core had personally
lobbled Lhe provlders Lo supporL Lhe
sale, slnce Lhe carrlage agreemenLs
are whaL Al !azeera was acLually
buylng. Lven wlLhouL Lhe blesslng of
1lme Warner, Core wlll reporLedly
make $100 mllllon for hls 20 percenL
sLake ln Lhe company. unforLunaLely,
he wasn'L able Lo geL Lhe deal done
before uecember 31, meanlng he wlll
have Lo pay Lhe hlgher posL-ñscal cllñ
Lax raLes.
Source: 1he ALlanuc Wlre
LÞA Adm|n|strator L|sa Iackson to Step Down
8y ZenlLha Þrlnce
(1rlceLdneyWlre.com) - Llsa
!ackson, Lhe ñrsL Afrlcan-Amerlcan
admlnlsLraLor of Lhe LnvlronmenLal
ÞroLecuon Agency, ls sLepplng down
early nexL year, she announced uec.
!ackson, 30, a chemlcal englneer by
Lralnlng, dld noL glve any reasons
for her deparLure, saylng only LhaL
she would leave ÞresldenL Cbama's
cablneL aûer hls SLaLe of Lhe unlon
ºl wanL Lo Lhank ÞresldenL Cbama for
Lhe honor he besLowed on me and Lhe
conñdence he placed ln me four years
ago Lhls monLh when he announced
my nomlnauon as AdmlnlsLraLor of
Lhe LnvlronmenLal ÞroLecuon Agency,"
!ackson sald ln a sLaLemenL. ºl wlll
leave Lhe LÞA conñdenL Lhe shlp ls
salllng ln Lhe rlghL dlrecuon, and ready
ln my own llfe for new challenges, ume
wlLh my famlly and new opporLunlues
Lo make a dlñerence."
ln a sLaLemenL ÞresldenL Cbama called
!ackson ºan lmporLanL parL of my
Leam" and wlshed her Lhe besL ln Lhe
!ackson's four-year Lenure has been
one of several hlghs and many lows.
She enLered Lhe agency wlLh hopes of
sweeplng reforms Lo combaL cllmaLe
change and oLher envlronmenLal llls.
8uL much of Lhose plans were sLymled
by an oûen hosule 8epubllcan Congress
and fuel lndusLry, and even Lhe WhlLe
Pouse lLself, whlch abandoned lLs
plans for large-scale envlronmenLal
reform under Lhe pressures of Lhe
economy and lLs re-elecuon eñorL.
A cap-and-Lrade blll LhaL would have
llmlLed cllmaLe-alLerlng emlsslons
passed Lhe Pouse buL was abandoned
aûer lL sLalled ln Lhe SenaLe ln 2010. A
proposed pollcy Lo change Lhe sLandard
of ozone polluuon was wlLhdrawn ln
2011 as ÞresldenL Cbama sald Lhe Loll
would be Loo onerous for companles
and local governmenLs Lo bear ln Lhe
sull Lough economy.
!ackson has had some slgnlñcanL
vlcLorles, however, mosL noLably Lhe
ñndlng LhaL carbon dloxlde and oLher
greenhouse gases meeL Lhe crlLerla
of polluLanLs under Lhe Clean Alr
AcL has led Lo new sLrlcLer emlsslons
sLandards for cars and llghL Lrucks. 1he
pollcy wlll double Lhe fuel emclency of
Lhose vehlcles over Lhe nexL decade,
buL lL also opens Lhe door for slmllar
emlsslons pollcy reform for lndusLrles.
Whlle !ackson has been crluclzed
by envlronmenLal groups for
compromlslng, 8lack envlronmenLal
and publlc healLh advocaLes have
pralsed her eñorLs Lo lmprove Lhe
healLh of every Amerlcan.
ºAdmlnlsLraLor Llsa !ackson has been
an unwaverlng advocaLe ln Lhe ñghL
Lo proLecL all communlues from
an onslaughL of polluuon," nAACÞ
ÞresldenL and CLC 8en[amln 1odd
!ealous sald ln a sLaLemenL. ºPer
work ñnallzlng Lhe Mercury and Alr
1oxlc rules and sooL sLandards wlll
help lessen Lhe rlsk of hearL auacks,
sLrokes, asLhma auacks, blrLh defecLs,
and bronchlus for famllles llvlng near
coal-ñred power planLs. We applaud
her for her dedlcaLed leadershlp.
We encourage ÞresldenL Cbama Lo
nomlnaLe a successor Lo AdmlnlsLraLor
!ackson LhaL wlll malnLaln and
bulld upon her legacy of courage,
commlLmenL, and lncluslon."
ºAs many Afrlcan Amerlcans and oLher
vulnerable communlues conunue Lo
be dlsproporuonaLely añecLed by alr
polluuon and oLher envlronmenLal
hazards, Ms. !ackson ls commlued
Lo maklng envlronmenLal equallLy
and [usuce a prlorlLy," Congresslonal
8lack Caucus Chalrman 8ep. Lmanuel
Cleaver, (u-Mo.) sald ln a sLaLemenL.
ºl applaud her for her eñorLs and
know Lhe Cbama AdmlnlsLrauon
wlll conunue Lo bulld upon Lhe
foundauon she's lald Lhrough her vasL
llso Iocksoo, obove, tbe ftst block
womoo to beoJ tbe íovltoomeotol
ltotecuoo Aqeocy
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AuvL81lSLMLn1 lC8 8luS
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ulsLrlcL, ueparLmenL of Þurchaslng, llrsL lloor, CenLral
AdmlnlsLrauve Cmces, 131 WesL 8road SLreeL, 8ochesLer,
new ?ork 14614, aL 2:30 p.m. on 1uesday, !anuary 13, 2013,
aL whlch ume and place sald blds wlll be publlcly opened and
read for:
8LCCnul1lCnlnC Cl lCC18ALL LCulÞMLn1
Speclñcauons and omclal bld forms may be secured from
www.govblds.com. Cllck on Lhe Lmplre SLaLe Þurchaslng
Croup llnk. 1he 8oard of Lducauon reserves Lhe rlghL Lo
re[ecL any and all blds as may be ln Lhe besL lnLeresLs of
educauon ln Lhe ClLy of 8ochesLer.
AuvL81lSLMLn1 lC8 8luS
8LnCvA1lCnS 1C SCPCCL nC. 1, A1 83 PlLLSluL AvLnuL, 8CCPLS1L8, nLW ?C8k, CASP
CAÞl1AL 2012-13, 8Cnu C8ulnAnCL: 8CCllnC WC8k, PvAC WC8k, LLLC18lCAL WC8k.
8LnCvA1lCnS 1C uAC PAMMA8Sk!CLu SCPCCL nC. 6, A1 393 uÞÞL8 lALLS 8Lvu.,
8CCPLS1L8, nLW ?C8k, CASP CAÞl1AL 2011-12, 8Cnu C8ulnAnCL: CLnL8AL
CCnS18uC1lCn WC8k, ÞLuM8lnC WC8k, LLLC18lCAL WC8k.
8LnCvA1lCnS 1C u8. WAL1L8 CCCÞL8 ACAuLM? SCPCCL nC. 10, A1 333 CCnC8LSS
AvLnuL, Anu Auuu8Cn SCPCCL nC. 33, A1 300 WL8S1L8 AvLnuL, 8CCPLS1L8, nLW
?C8k, CASP CAÞl1AL 2011-12, 8Cnu C8ulnAnCL: CLnL8AL CCnS18uC1lCn WC8k.
8LnCvA1lCnS 1C WlLSCn lCunuA1lCn ACAuLM?, A1 200 CLnLSLL S18LL1 Anu WlLSCn
CAÞl1AL 2012-13, 8Cnu C8ulnAnCL: CLnL8AL CCnS18uC1lCn WC8k, PvAC WC8k,
ÞLuM8lnC WC8k, LLLC18lCAL WC8k, AS8LS1CS A8A1LMLn1 WC8k, Al8 MCnl1C8lnC
Sealed blds wlll be recelved by Lhe Þurchaslng AgenL, CenLral AdmlnlsLrauve Cmces, 131
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!anuary 29, 2013, for Lhe pro[ecL as llsLed above, aL whlch ume and place sald blds wlll be
publlcly opened and read.
SeLs of conLracL documenLs and omclal bld forms may be examlned aL Lhe ueparLmenL
of Lducauonal laclllues, 8ochesLer ClLy School ulsLrlcL, 833 Pudson Avenue, 8ldg. #3,
8ochesLer, new ?ork, 14621, and may be obLalned upon presenLauon of a one hundred
dollar ($100.00) check deposlL for each seL, made payable Lo Lhe 8oard of Lducauon.
ueposlL wlll be refunded upon reLurn of plans and speclñcauons ln good condluon on or
before Lhe daLe seL for such reLurn by Lhe ueparLmenL.
lor addluon lnformauon, please conLacL Lhe ueslgn Croup aL (383) 336-4010 or e-mall:
CA8? 8. SMl1P
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on Lhe Lmplre SLaLe Þurchaslng Croup llnk. 1he 8oard of Lducauon reserves Lhe rlghL
Lo re[ecL any and all proposals as may be ln Lhe besL lnLeresLs of educauon ln Lhe ClLy of
All proposals musL be submlued Lo Lhe Þurchaslng ueparLmenL aL Lhe 8ochesLer ClLy
School ulsLrlcL, 131 WesL 8road SL., llrsL lloor, 8ochesLer, n? 14614, no laLer Lhan 2:30
p.m., on 1hursday, lebruary 14, 2013.
Cary 8. SmlLh, ulrecLor
ÞrocuremenL and Supply
Þu8LlC nC1lCL
Check u: cuI cn|inel
10 U.S. 8anks Agree 1o 58.S8 Iorec|osure Seu|ement
(AÞ) - 1en ma[or banks and morLgage
companles have agreed Lo pay $8.3
bllllon dollars Lo seule complalnLs
LhaL Lhey wrongfully foreclosed on
homeowners who should have been
allowed Lo sLay ln Lhelr homes.
lederal regulaLors say Lhe banks
wlll pay bllllons Lo homeowners Lo
end a revlew process of foreclosure
ñles LhaL was requlred under a 2011
enforcemenL acuon.
1he ñrms lnvolved ln Monday's
agreemenL are Aurora, 8ank of
Amerlca, Clubank, !ÞMorgan Chase,
MeLLlfe 8ank, ÞnC, Soverelgn,
Sun1rusL, u.S. 8ank, and Wells largo.
under Lhe seulemenL, people who
were wrongfully foreclosed on could
recelve from a few hundred dollars up
Lo $123,000.
1he deal covers borrowers whose
homes were ln foreclosure ln 2009 and
IDA Issues Sweep|ng New Iood Safety ku|es
(AÞ) - 1he lood and urug AdmlnlsLrauon
ls proposlng Lhe mosL sweeplng food
safeLy rules ln decades, requlrlng
farmers and food companles Lo be
more vlgllanL ln Lhe wake of deadly
ouLbreaks ln peanuLs, canLaloupe and
leafy greens.
1he long-overdue rules are almed aL
reduclng Lhe esumaLed 3,000 deaLhs a
year from foodborne lllness. !usL slnce
Lhls summer, llsLerla ln cheese and
salmonella ln peanuL buuer, mangoes
and canLaloupe are llnked Lo more
Lhan 400 lllnesses and as many as
seven deaLhs.
1he rules proposed by Lhe luA
lrlday wlll requlre farmers Lo Lake
precauuons agalnsL conLamlnauon on
Lhe farm - maklng sure workers' hands
are washed, lrrlgauon waLer ls clean,
and anlmals sLay ouL of ñelds, for
example. lood manufacLurers wlll also
have Lo submlL food safeLy plans Lo Lhe
The views expressed on our opinion pages are those
of the author and do not necessarily represent the
position or viewpoint of Minority Reporter.
ln 1980, Wllllam Spengler
grabbed a hammer, and
auacked 8ose Spengler, hls
92-year-old grandmoLher. She
was found aL Lhe bouom of her
basemenL sLalrs wlLh her head
smashed ln.
Wllllam Spengler was convlcLed
of ñrsL-degree murder, and he
was senLenced Lo 8 1/3 Lo 23
years ln prlson.
uesplLe showlng no remorse, and even Lelllng a
parole board LhaL hls appearance aL a hearlng was ºa
wasLe of ume," Spengler was released ln 1998, aûer
[usL 17 years.
Cn ChrlsLmas Lve, 2012, Wllllam Spengler armed
hlmself on Lop of a berm near Lake CnLarlo, across
from Lhe Lake 8oad home where he kllled hls
Spengler lnLenuonally seL ñre Lo hls home and
Lhen ambushed and shoL WesL WebsLer ñreñghLers
1omasz kaczowka, Mlke Chlapperlnl, !oel PofsLeuer
and 1heodore Scardlno as Lhey responded Lo Lhe ñre
1omasz kaczowka and Mlke Chlapperlnl dled aL Lhe
scene. PofsLeuer and Scardlno suñered serlous
l mean no dlsrespecL Lo vlcums. And l undersLand
LhaL race, ls a very sensluve lssue, and one whlch
many people would raLher noL dlscuss or even go
8uL, ln llghL of Lhls auack, l musL ask: lf Wllllam
Spengler had been black or Launo, would he have
served only 17 years for vlclously beaung hls
grandmoLher Lo deaLh wlLh a hammer?
l Lhlnk noL.
ln facL, l would beL LhaL noL only would he have
served Lhe full 23 years ln prlson, buL mosL
lmporLanLly, l belleve lf Wllllam Spengler had been
a black or Launo man, he would have been charged
wlLh murder, and noL manslaughLer, llke he was.
uesplLe all Lhose who refuse Lo admlL LhaL race
absoluLely plays a parL ln how defendanLs and
lnmaLes are dealL wlLh ln Lhe crlmlnal [usuce sysLem,
lL does.
ln a 2003 reporL by Lhe SenLenclng Þro[ecL, a
non-proñL organlzauon engaged ln research and
advocacy on crlmlnal [usuce pollcy lssues, a sLudy
lnLo Lhe dlsparlues ln Lhe way LhaL blacks and Launos
are LreaLed by Lhe crlmlnal [usuce sysLem, when
compared Lo whlLes, found Lhe followlng:
- 1here ls evldence of dlrecL raclal dlscrlmlnauon
(agalnsL mlnorlLy defendanLs ln senLenclng
- Lvldence of dlrecL dlscrlmlnauon aL Lhe federal
level ls more promlnenL Lhan aL Lhe sLaLe level,
- 8lacks are more llkely Lo be dlsadvanLaged ln Lerms
of senLence lengLh aL Lhe federal level, whereas
Launos are more llkely Lo be dlsadvanLaged ln Lerms
of Lhe declslon Lo lncarceraLe,
- AL Lhe sLaLe level, boLh Launos and blacks are
far more llkely Lo be dlsadvanLaged ln Lhe declslon
Lo lncarceraLe or noL, as opposed Lo Lhe declslon
regardlng senLence lengLh,
- ?oung black and Launo males Lend Lo be senLenced
more severely Lhan comparably slLuaLed whlLe
- unemployed black males Lend Lo be senLenced
more severely Lhan comparably slLuaLed whlLe
- 8lacks pay a hlgher ºLrlal penalLy" Lhan comparably
slLuaLed whlLes,
- WhlLes recelve a larger reducuon ln senLence ume
Lhan blacks and Launos for
provldlng ºsubsLanual asslsLance" Lo Lhe prosecuuon,
- 8lacks and Launos wlLh a more serlous crlmlnal
record Lend Lo be senLenced more
severely Lhan comparably slLuaLed whlLes,
- 8lacks are more llkely Lo be [alled pendlng Lrlal,
and Lherefore Lend Lo recelve
harsher senLences,
- WhlLes are more llkely Lo hlre a prlvaLe auorney
Lhan Launos or blacks, and Lherefore recelve a less
severe senLence,
- 8lack defendanLs who vlcumlze whlLes Lend Lo
recelve more severe senLences Lhan boLh blacks who
vlcumlze oLher blacks (especlally acqualnLances),
and whlLes who vlcumlze whlLes,
- Launos and blacks Lend Lo be senLenced more
harshly Lhan whlLes for lower-level crlmes such as
drug crlmes and properLy crlmes,
- Powever, Launos and blacks convlcLed of hlgh-
level drug oñenses also Lend Lo be more harshly
senLenced Lhan slmllarly slLuaLed whlLes.
And lf you have any doubL whaLsoever [usL how
much race mauers ... conslder Lhls:
uawn nguyen, Lhe Creece, new ?ork woman who
was arresLed and charged ln connecuon wlLh
purchaslng Lhe ñrearms for Wllllam Spengler,
lncludlng Lhe 8ushmasLer A8-13 Spengler used ln
Lhe ChrlsLmas Lve ambush, was released wlLhouL
havlng Lo posL any ball.
Pow can a woman charged wlLh provldlng ñrearms
Lo a convlcLed felon who ln Lurn shoL four ñreñghLers
and kllled Lwo, walk ouL of courL, less Lhan a half
hour aûer belng arralgned, wlLhouL any ball?
She's noL black or Launa.
D|d W||||am Speng|er Serve Less Þr|son 1|me
for k||||ng h|s Grandmother because of h|s kace?
Nll0 fl¶0l8 llk0 l0080...
Let Minority Reporter
Help You Grow Your
The views expressed on our opinion pages are those
of the author and do not necessarily represent the
position or viewpoint of Minority Reporter. CFlNlCN/EDlICFl/L
ll1 0$ k80N N8ß1 f00 18l8kI
leare as a commeat! Search: N|aor|t, keporter Newspaper
'1was the Morn|ng 8efore Chr|stmas
'1was Lhe mornlng before
When all Lhrough Lhe 8oc,
All creaLures were surrlng,
8ocklng and reellng from
ln WebsLer, ñremen had
been shoL,
8espondlng Lo a call,
Cbvlously placed by
Wanung Lo see Lhem fall.
MosL chlldren were nesLled
All snug ln Lhelr beds,
Whlle vlslons of Lhe hollday,
uanced ln Lhelr heads.
Whlle some ln Lhelr 'kerchlef,
And oLhers ln a cap,
Were belng evacuaLed from Lhelr homes,
1helr llves ln Lhelr lap.
When ouL on Lhe sLreeL
1here arose gunshoLs and clauer,
All sprang from Lhe beds
1o see whaL was Lhe mauer.
Away Lo Lhe wlndow,
nelghbors ßew llke a ßash,
1ore open Lhe shuuers
And Lhrew up Lhe sash.
1he sun noL qulLe up
Cn Lhe breasL of Lhe new-fallen snow,
1he normal quleL gave rlse
1o Lhe evll LhaL surfaced from below.
When, whaL Lo all wonderlng eyes should appear,
Were more houses burnlng,
A man-hunL for a LerrorlsL,
And fear.
WlLh veLeran pollce omcers
So llvely and qulck,
We knew Lhe snlper would be shuL down
ln one ñnal cllck.
More rapld Lhan eagles
More ñrsL responders came,
And ln splLe of Lhe sense of loss Lhey were feellng,
1hey conunued Lo ñghL Lhe ßame.
WesL WebsLer ñreman and pollce,
Were supporLed wlLh love.
Cn clLy! Cn counLy!
Cn sLaLe, was Lhe love!
lrom Lhe Lop of Lhe porch,
1o Lhe Lop of Lhe wall!
1hey soughL Lo dash away,
uash away, dash away all!
Pouses burned llke dry leaves,
And llke a wlld hurrlcane ßles.
As smoke bellowed for hours,
ulscolorlng Lhe sky.
And upon Lhe house Lops
WaLer ñlled hoses ßew.
WlLh a clear sense of urgency,
Concern and love Loo.
And Lhen, ln a Lwlnkllng,
We heard on Lhe news
1he sLaLus of faLallues,
And ln[urles Loo.
no doubL Lhose llsLenlng ln,
Pad noL a dry eye.
Asklng why dld Mlchael Chlapperlnl and 1omasz
Pave Lo dle?
1hey slmply responded,
As ñrsL responders do.
1o whaL appeared Lo be a call for help,
Cbllvlous Lo whom.
8uL a man lay ln walL,
WlLh a plan founded on evll and paln.
WlLh noLhlng unfoldlng
1haL could be consldered sane.
llremen !oseph PofsLeuer,
And 1heodore Scardlno
Were also ln[ured,
AL Lhe scene.
And leL's noL forgeL Lhe shrapnel
1haL LhreaLened Lhe llfe,
Cf oñ duLy Creece cop, !ohn 8luer,
Who was caughL up ln Lhe sLrlfe.
Pow do assaulL rlßes conunue,
1o ñnd Lhelr way lnLo Lhe hands,
Cf Lhose menLally unsLable,
We're Lrylng Lo undersLand.
LasL week 20 lnnocenL chlldren,
And 7 adulLs,
Were all made Lhe vlcums,
Cf Lhese senseless assaulLs.
WhaL wlll lL Lake,
And when wlll Lhe evll sLop
uesLroylng Lhe lnnocenL llves
Cf chlldren, Leachers, ñremen or cops?
1hls was no Merry ChrlsLmas,
Many dld noL open glûs under Lhe Lree,
Lvll ended Lhelr shlû or school day,
And wanLed all Lo see.
We all sprang from our comforL zones,
And waLched ln helpless dlsmay,
1he oLher ñrsL responders,
Also ln harm's way.
We all heard from press conferences
As ambulances drove ouL of slghL,
1hls was far from a Merry ChrlsLmas,
And Lhls would noL be a good nlghL.

lL was a llule over a week before ChrlsLmas when
Lhe presldenL of Lhe unlLed SLaLes foughL back
Lears. 1he governor of ConnecucuL sLaLed we were
vlslLed by evll.
Amerlca, and anyone who ls close Lo belng a parenL,
wepL and felL Lhe paln noL only caused by senseless
acLs of vlolence whlch are a dally occurrence
LhroughouL Amerlca, buL by Lhe paln of knowlng
LhaL helpless, defenseless angels were murdered
ln cold blood, and also by Lhe paln of knowlng
someone's chlld, faLher moLher, slsLer, or broLher
would never come home or celebraLe anoLher
ChrlsLmas wlLh Lhe famlly.
1he devll ls a manlpulauve llar who appears Lo us ln
all forms. Someumes, he perpeLraLes belng sLrlcLly
abouL buslness, whlle wearlng Lhe laLesL 8rooks
8roLher sulL, and carrylng a brlef case.
1he devll Lhrows sLones and hldes hls hand
eñecuvely. Pe oûen selecLs Lhe mosL menLally and
soclally challenged lndlvlduals ln our socleLy Lo
carry abouL hls plan of desLrucuon and paln.
1he devll ls always cunnlng and lulls hls vlcums lnLo
bellevlng Lhey can LrusL hlm and Lhen he auacks.
1he devll oûen convlnces parenLs and oLhers
LhaL Lhey don'L see whaL Lhey see when lL comes
Lo ßaws ln Lhelr chlldren, frlends or loved ones.
SocleLy seems Lo be ashamed Lo dlscuss or admlL
Lhe lncrease ln undlagnosed menLal healLh lssues
has become a ma[or lssue and needs Lo be dealL
wlLh accordlngly.
Many umes Lhe LruLh abouL our chlldren,
recognlzlng and lgnorlng Lhe ßaws Lhey may have
comes wlLh consequences. All parenLs wanL Lhelr
chlldren Lo be perfecL, normal and accepLed ln
socleLy. uenlal ln lLself ls a very serlous lssue. lL has
Lhe same lmpacL as falllng Lo admlL when we have
famlly members or loved ones on drugs or abuslng
Some wanL so badly Lo deny whaL ls rlghL
ln fronL of Lhem. And Lhey refuse Lo accepL
recommendauons from school admlnlsLraLors
and or chlld psychologlsLs as posslble soluuons Lo
correcung some behavlors ln Lhelr chlld LhaL may be
deLrlmenLal Lo hlmself and/or socleLy.
l am Lrylng hard Lo undersLand Lhe rauonale LhaL
accompanled Lhe purchase of handguns and rlßes
and Lhen made Lhem accesslble Lo someone wlLh
obvlous soclal lssues.
l am noL polnung ñngers, buL surely lf weapons
are noL made avallable Lhen Lhey can'L be used as
a means Lo venL whaLever rage and evll ls lurklng
wlLhln any lndlvldual. Pow dld a parolee geL hls
hands on assaulL rlße?
1he mornlng, and Lhe week before ChrlsLmas
served as unpleasanL remlnders LhaL all ls noL well
ln Amerlca.
We have much Lo do Lo ldenufy and remove Lhe
evll LhaL seeks Lo desLroy Lhe naLural angels exlsung
ln our communlLy. Some become angels by blrLh,
oLhers by deed.
Gloria Winston Al-Sarag is a Community Activist, Writer, Communicator,
Political Activist. She is a native Rochesterian and has been involved with
numerous community orgainzations in Rochester.
Contact Gloria at: JazzyG4202@aol.com
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Pere we are
aL Lhe close of
anoLher year!
1hls ls Lhe ume
Lo reßecL on whaL
has happened
Lhls pasL year
and look forward
Lo a beuer nexL
year. Cne Lhlng
LhaL l Lell our
c o n g r e g a L l o n
(and work on
for myself) ls Lo
be beuer Lhe
followlng year Lhan you were Lhe
prevlous year. 1hls menLallLy prevenLs
Lhe need for anyone Lo worry abouL
maklng new ?ear resoluuons. All
LhaL ls needed ls LhaL you look aL Lhe
varlous areas of your llfe and endeavor
Lo be beuer nexL year. Pow much ls
deLermlned by you and all you are
looklng for ls Lhe opporLunlLy Lo say
LhaL you grew from one year Lo Lhe
1hls year has seen Lhe re-elecuon
of 8arack Cbama as presldenL of Lhe
unlLed SLaLes. Whlle l dld noL supporL
hlm (and sull do no supporL hls
pollcles) l wlll lndeed pray for hlm and
LhaL our counLry moves forward and
noL backwards.
lor all of Lhe llls LhaL our counLry has,
lL sull ls Lhe besL counLry on Lhe face of
Lhe earLh Lo llve ln.
Cod has Lruly blessed Amerlca
and lL ls my prayer LhaL regardless
of how people ñghL agalnsL Lhe
acknowledgemenL of Lhe one Lrue
Cod, LhaL Lhere are enough people ln
Lhls counLry LhaL wlll noL compromlse
ln bellevlng ln Lhe one Lrue Cod and
Pls lnfalllble promlses found ln Pls
word, Lhe 8lble!
1hls year we have seen unspeakable
evll LhrusL upon Lhe mosL lnnocenL
people ln our counLry, elemenLary
school chlldren. When Lhe Lragedy
of Sandy Pook LlemenLary School
unfolded, l LhoughL lL was unLrue. lL
was unbellevable LhaL someone could
acLually murder such lnnocenL people.
1hls klnd of vlolence has sparked much
debaLe ln Amerlca and lndeed lL wlll
conunue Lo go on for some ume Lo
come. Powever, from my perspecuve
Lhe only way Lo deal wlLh such a
Lragedy llke Lhls ls Lo focus ourselves ln
prayer and Lruly be a people LhaL are
concerned abouL one anoLher. 1he
mlnd of Lhe gunman was lndeed gone
and Lhere needed Lo be some sorL of
lnLervenuon or someone needed Lo be
looklng ouL for whaL LhaL moLher may
have been golng Lhrough. l am a ñrm
bellever LhaL prayer changes Lhlngs,
and LhaL when we see someLhlng
golng wrong wlLh a nelghbor, co-
worker, frlend, relauve, eLc., we should
Lalk wlLh Lhem and by all means pray
for Lhem. We as people need people!
Cne never knows how long a klnd word
wlll go. !usL showlng LhaL one cares
from someone may be enough Lo Lurn
LhaL person around. ln our counLry we
are so busy LhaL we barely Lake ume Lo
Lruly see how someone ls dolng.
1here ls a lady LhaL l work wlLh LhaL
wlll noL respond Lo you when you ask
her how she ls dolng. l have been Lold
LhaL Lhe reason why she lgnores Lhls
sLaLemenL ls because she has grabbed
a hold of Lhe bellef LhaL people really
are noL lnLeresLed ln how you really
are. 1herefore, she has declded Lo
noL Lake parL ln Lhe façade. Whlle
her assessmenL may be Lrue, lL ls sad
LhaL she has come Lo Lhls polnL. As
we move lnLo 2013, l pray LhaL we
wlll all Lake some ume Lo geL Lo know
Lhose around us. !usL saylng hello wlll
be a greaL sLarL. 1haL breaklng of Lhe
lce may be all LhaL ls needed Lo sLop
Lhe nexL vlolenL acL from occurrlng.
8ecause we were all made ln Lhe
lmage of Cod, l belleve LhaL Lhere ls
lnherenL good ln each of us. Powever,
Lhe varlous lssues, problems, hurLs,
eLc., LhaL people face can overshadow
LhaL goodness and cause people Lo do
unspeakable evll. lf we can geL Lo LhaL
goodness before Lhe evll has a chance
Lo cover lL up, we wlll Lruly be on our
way Lo changlng our world, one llfe aL
a ume.
1hls has been a good year, desplLe
all of Lhe ups and downs, [oys and
dlsappolnLmenLs. 8y maklng lL Lo Lhls
polnL ln Lhe year, we can look back
and ñnd someLhlng Lo be Lhankful for
and look forward Lo an even beuer
2013. Cod bless you all and l pray LhaL
you have a prosperous, healLhy, safe,
purpose ñlled 2013!
lf you would llke Lo conLacL me, please
emall me aL mvaughn.senlorpasLor[
2012: A ¥ear to kemember
What About Me?
1he b|ack woman the backbone of a peop|e, but who |s ||h|ng her up?
WhaL abouL me?
Pow do l keep me
ln Lhe forefronL
of my mlnd
wlLh all of llfe's
Cnce you sLarL
asklng Lhls
quesuon lL opens
your mlnd Lo
new beglnnlngs.
Aûer l had
my daughLer l found myself losL ln
Lhe sauce of llfe. l Lold myself l was
concenLraung on belng a good moLher.
l leL go of everyLhlng LhaL made me
uanlelle. l Lurned my focus Lo whaL l
belleved was socleLy's expecLauon of
moLherly behavlor.
needless Lo say l qulckly goL burnL ouL.
l sLarLed Lo experlence anxleLy, and
depresslon. l had Lo learn how Lo be
me agaln. 1hls was noL an easy Lask. l
am sull gemng back Lo me.
l sLarLed wlLh Laklng a belly danclng
class. l Lhen moved on Lo updaung
my skllls ln Mlcrosoû Lxcel by Laklng
a class. llnally, l sLarLed Laklng annual
Lrlps wlLh my glrlfrlends Lo see dlñerenL
parLs of Lhe counLry.
My focus now ls Lo be comforLable ln
my own skln. l occaslonally go Lo Lhe
movles alone and en[oy spendlng ume
wlLh me.
We are so busy Lrylng Lo please
everyone around us lnsLead of
ourselves. Ask yourself Lhe quesuon
ºWhaL abouL me?"
We push our chlldren Loward Lhelr
dreams buL refuse Lo llve ours. WhaL lf
l Look LhaL ?oga or 8elly uanclng class?
WhaL lf l wenL back Lo school for LhaL
degree? WhaL abouL me?
SLop llvlng llfe for everyone around
you and sLarL llvlng your besL llfe. Cod
creaLed us wlLh a purpose and plan ln
mlnd. 1haL means you were creaLed Lo
be unlque noL ordlnary.
WrlLe down Lhree Lhlngs you would
do lf lL was guaranLeed LhaL you would
accompllsh Lhem. 1ake Lhe ñrsL sLep
Lo achlevlng Lhem. SeL your mlnd on
accompllshlng Lhem one lLem aL a
ume. ?ou wlll llghL a ñre ln yourself
LhaL no one can exungulsh.
WhaL abouL me?
Þlease vlslL our webslLe for feedback
or advlce
uoolelle ltozet ls o qtoJoote of 5uN¥
Albooy ooJ lemoyoe colleqe. 5be
bolJs o 8A of Atts ooJ o Mostets lo
íJocouoo. 5be bos beeo pobllsbeJ
ptevloosly lo ´1be commetclol Appeol´
lo Mempbls, 1N. uoolelle cotteotly
wotks ot upstote MeJlcol uolvetslty.
5be ls o membet of leople AMí 2loo
· Exp|ore opt|ons ava||ab|e for |earners of a|| ages, Pre·K to Adu|t.
· |nteract W|th students and staff at each schoo|'s exh|b|t to |earn
more about What they have to offer.
· P|acement staff W||| be on hand to ass|st W|th the schoo| se|ect|on
process, and |f you dec|de.ear|y reg|strat|on W||| be ava||ab|e!
Exp|ore. |nteract. 0ec|de.
Saturday, January 12, 2013
Rochester Riverside Convention Center
123 East Main Street
Pochester 0|ty $choo| 0|str|ct
¸ ,
Discussion Topics:
Open AIr Drug SaIes and Cate Houses - 8uIIyIng and Truancy
Cangs, Cuns and The CuIture oI VIoIence - House PartIes
]oIn Mayor Thomas RIchards,
ChIeI ]ames Sheppard and CIty
stañ as we ask Ior your Input
In our eñorts to reduce vIoIence
In our neIghborhoods.
You are an InvaIuabIe compo-
nent oI thIs process as we work
together to dIscuss soIutIons
to Improve our communIty.

Tuesday, |anuary 15
Carter Street RecreatIon Center
500 Carter Street
Tuesday, |anuary 29
Edgerton Stardust 8aIIroom
41 8ackus Street
Tuesday, February 5
Cobbs HIII Park, Lake RIIey Lodge
100 NorrIs DrIve
Dates and LocatIons - 6 pm to 8 pm
oI the cItIzen
CIty oI Rochester
SeekIng soIutIons
to violence.
ÇuestIons! CaII 311 - www.cItyofrochester.gov/voc
7 a l u I n g C I t I z e n F e e d b a c k
SeekIng SoIutIons
to VIoIence.
Share your Ideas wIth us.

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