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Complaint A

Complaint A

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Letter to GLA
Letter to GLA

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Published by: Andy Slaughter on Jan 15, 2013
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Ed Williams Monitoring Officer Greater London Authority City Hall The Queen’s Walk London SE1 16 December 2012

Dear Mr Williams Conduct matter: Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime I report what appears, at the least, to be a conduct matter, which may become a serious complaint. The Metropolitan Police Service is assessing, and the Fraud department of Deloitte is investigating allegations of criminal offences concerning the allocation of homes by LB Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) (see (i) Appendix 1, correspondence with the Metropolitan Police (MPS); (ii) the ‘Early Movers List’ report; and (iii) the letter from the Chief Executive of H&F dated 22 October 2012, the latter which I’ve attached to my covering email). In my email to Scotland Yard, dated 20 November, which I copied to Deloitte’s Fraud department, I referred to: “those who directed and procured the Early Movers List”. In my meetings at Scotland Yard on 25 September and at Deloitte on 9 November I proposed that Stephen Greenhalgh, the former Leader of H&F, should be interviewed because the evidence points to him bearing the greatest responsibility for the alleged misdemeanours. In light of the evidence that the Police are now assessing, there can be no doubt these circumstances, at the very least, meet the criteria for a conduct matter, which requires referral by you to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). According to your Guidance (which I’ve attached to my covering email), I understand that the Chief of Police should have referred to you the allegations that the MPS is assessing. In any event, it is evident that they require referral to the IPCC. Yours sincerely Jonathan Rosenberg Cc: Nicky Gavron AM; Caroline Pidgeon AM; Jenny Jones AM; Andy Slaughter MP.


Appendix 1: Correspondence with the Metropolitan Police Service From: Jonathan Rosenberg Date: 20 November 2012 12:56:48 GMT To: Howard.A.Holt@met.police.uk Cc: Nick.Sumner@met.police.uk, "Phil (UK - London) Sapey" <psapey@deloitte.co.uk>, "Philip (UK - St Albans) Lawson" <plawson@deloitte.co.uk>, Andrew Slaughter <SLAUGHTERA@parliament.uk> Subject: EML: conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office DI Holt When me met, I suggested that those who directed and procured the Early Movers List may have committed misconduct in public office and that there might have been breaches of the 1996 Housing Act. During that meeting you assured me you had all the necessary legal advice in-house to ascertain which laws might have been broken. Subsequently, it’s been suggested that, additionally, there might have been offences under the Bribery Act 2010. It has now come to my attention that to this list should be added conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office, which is an offence under Section 1(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1977. Jonathan Rosenberg

From: <Howard.A.Holt@met.police.uk> Date: 26 September 2012 15:29:53 GMT+01:00 To: <jlnr49@googlemail.com> Subject: Meeting on Tuesday the 25th of September @ 11.00 @ New Scotland Yard Mr. Rosenberg, Thank you for meeting with us on Tuesday and coming over to New Scotland Yard. As we said our assessment will now continue as expeditiously as factors allow. Regards Howard Holt Detective Inspector Specialist Crime and Operations 9 Special Enquiry Team PHONE - 0207 2300309 FACSIMILE - 0207 2301295 MOBILE 07880 787332 E-MAIL - howard.holt@met.police.uk ADDRESS - Rm 590 Victoria Block New Scotland Yard 10 Broadway London SW1H 0BG From: Jonathan Rosenberg [] Sent: 20 September 2012 11:11 2

To: Holt Howard A - SCD6 Subject: Re: Meeting on Tuesday the 25th of September @ 11.00 @ New Scotland Yard Thank you for the confirmation. I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday. Jonathan Rosenberg


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