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Plant life Balance
Last year the Nursery and Garden Industry of Australia launched a campaign called Plant Life Balance to create a new generation of plant lovers. Last year they gave away a large number of plants targeted at office workers in major cities calling it ‘Put a plant on Your Desk’. From March 2nd, Phase 2 of the campaign commences, focusing on ‘More Trees Please’ which is designed to promote the health and well being benifits of trees to the wider community.

Autumn 2012

New and exclusive to Benara

‘Aussie Rocks’

Pindan Sunrise

Desert Sunset

Kimberly Crush

Argyle Pink

4 stunning colours of the outback. 30-40mm in size. 20kg bag $20. 1 tonne bag $700. Nandina

Also known as heavenly or sacred bamboo, these hardy shrubs grow well in full sun however prefer a partly shaded position of the landscape. They are an extremely low maintenance plant requiring minimal pruning and can tolerate a wide range of conditions. Nandina produce flushes of bright red and pink foliage from Autumn with most varieties fading to a bright green in the warmer months. Small clusters of white flowers generally appear in the summer followed by bright shiny red berries which stay on the shrub for months adding great contrast. Varieties available this season are. Blush™ - a more compact variety with red new growth for most of the year, while completely red during winter. Growing 60cm tall Gulf Stream - more of a pointed foliage growing 50-75cm tall Domestica nana - a dwarf variety growing 45cm tall Flirt™ - rich red foliage for most of the year. A lower growing variety almost a ground cover growing 30cm high

including demonstrations and seminars full of gardening advice. A number of feature events will be held to benefit your business with a landscape Designer’s Breakfast and Phone: 9405 0000 Fax: 9561 9003 . Why use Seasol? •Naturally occuring plant hormones stimulate root growth need for rapid establishment of new plantings. adding striking colour to the landscape. Purple carpet is ideal for low maintenance waterwise gardens as a feature plant or en masse. Seasol is a highly refined seaweed plant conditioner containing naturally occuring growth regulators (plant hormones). Eremophila Purple Carpet is a stunning new prostrate variety growing to around half a meter in width.30pm The Landscape Expo is Australia largest trade-only exhibition for the professional Landscaping industry. Gemma has gained experience in various departments of the nursery before moving to sales in August last year. Landscape/Commercial Sales Team Nick has been with Benara for over 13 years. The ‘anti freeze’ effect reduces tree damage and hastens the return to productive growth once the temperature improves. •Reduces frost damage by lowering the temperature at which plant cells will freeze. free Industry Seminars. where the parkland will be transformed into a bustling hub of activity featuring all things gardening. Having been with Benara for the past 3 years. Nick has been a valued member of the sales team since 2008. don’t forget we carry a range of sizes of Seasol commercial. carbohydrates and vitamins drived from a blend of the finest brown kelps from around the world. Trade Network evening and much more. April 19th -23rd Garden week runs for five days in April and is the longest running garden. She will be out on the road visiting our landscape and commercial customers on a regular basis.4. www. This very hardy groundcover has fine deep purple foliage with a small purple flower making it an ideal plant of difference. TRADEMARTS CARABOODA 32 Safari Place Carabooda FORRESTDALE 462 Nicholson Rd Forrestdale Gemma is her final year of her horticulturist apprenticeship.Seasol Commercial As we are drawing closer to the cooler weather. Amy has taken the pleasure in getting to know all her customers over the past five years. specification.See you all there. Amy will sadly be leaving us in April as she heads off on maternity leave. landscape and outdoor living Expo in WA. •Reduces transplant shock by increasing root growth giving the plant the ability to better access moisture and nutrients from the soil. maintenance and construction. We will be on Stand D06 .5pm Friday 9am . We wish her all the best as she heads down the journey of motherhood and look forward to her return in the not to distant future. trace elements. alignates. This biannual event is held over two days showcasing the lastest products and services in design. Krystyna is Benara’s new Business Development Manager.benaranurseries. Once again it will be at shady Perry Lakes Reserve in Floreat. Visit our website and follow the links to Register your attendance online. completing his horticulturist apprenticeship before taking on a lead role in our Advanced Production nursery. It can even revers the effect of dehydration after a single foliar application. Claremont Showgrounds May 24th and 25th Thurs 9am . Commercial strength Seasol is double the concentration of the retail product. •Increases heat and drought tolerance of the plants by reducing transpiration/water loss from the plant cells.

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