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IT14 Midterm Project

IT14 Midterm Project

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Published by Kat

IT14 Midterm Project (Photoshop)

IT14 Midterm Project (Photoshop)

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Published by: Kat on Jan 16, 2013
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IT14 Project in Photoshop February 4, 2013 (Mon


Requirements: 1. Create a spoof of a Hollywood movie poster using any version of Photoshop. 2. Image dimensions: width=11in X height=17in(Tabloid Size); Resolution: 300 ppi 3. Use a minimum of 5 source images, preferably high in quality to prevent a pixilated appearance when enlarged. 4. All text and text effects should be created in Photoshop. 5. Indicate your name at the back of the printed poster. 6. Submit the ff: a. Final PSD file with layers - filename: mtproject_familyname.psd b. Final Poster – Jpeg file – filename: mtproject_familyname.jpg c. Folder containing source images; minimum of 5 d. Printed poster - size: 11x17 (give to instructor on or before due date) PLACE ALL FILES IN A FOLDER NAMED AFTER YOUR LAST NAME. Files will be submitted (copy/paste) to a PC designated by your instructor. 7. Evaluation Reference to the original poster Overall quality and appearance Quality of PSD file and layers
(proper use of tools, quality and use of effects, organization of layers and content,etc)

= 10 points = 10 points = 30 points = 10 points = 20 points = 80 points = 10 points

Printed Poster Adherence to project instructions
(correct filenames,completeness of submitted files and images, correct size of poster, etc)

TOTAL Bonus– full feature of yourself on project (points to be added to exam scores)

NOTE: Late projects (files or printed poster) will incur 3 ptsdeduction per day including weekends All IT14 studentprojects will be posted online by your instructor. You may view your projects on this page:www.facebook.com/it14ccs

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