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Dyvil RPG

Dyvil RPG

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Dyvil RPG
Dyvil RPG

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Published by: theartmachine on Jan 16, 2013
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(Your Nature. Good won and Heaven rules on Earth. That’s the good news. break something. a Dyvil who has escaped from your crumbling regime to the mortal world. know something. Your Ch ar acter You are a Dyvil who has toiled for years within Hell’s bureaucracy. They’re all gone now. or otherwise deal with mental activity. and rebel before Good destroys all.) Tormentor (raise your Physical by +1) Trickster (raise your Mental by +1) Tempter (raise your Spiritual by +1) What about your detailed background history? Who you knew in Hell? Who you dated in high school? What your opinions are? Who cares? You’re a dyvil. Your task is to survive. Heaven Rules on Earth. all of which have an initial value of 2: Physical. and otherwise deal with the realm of emotions and the human spirit. Mental. (Your Nurture. Hell has been rent asunder.) Brute (raise your Physical by +1) Brain (raise your Mental by +1) Beauty (raise your Spiritual by +1) You can have one of three positions in Hell. rebuild. or otherwise deal with the physical realm. You have three stats. Boy. The bad news is that you’re one of the survivors of Hell. The Mental Stat will be used to determine if you hide something. find something. The Physical Stat will be used to determine if you hit something. avoid being driven away by faith. They were called True Dyvils. There were leader-types in Hell as well. Y0u worked in Hell. and Lucifer himself crystallized and shattered into a million tiny shards.Dyvil : First Edition ™ Jeff Grubb’s 30-Minute Roleplaying Game Good Won. Get with the program. . avoid being hit by something. Are You Screwed! What’s Going On The war between good and evil is over. It’s gone now. and Spiritual. The Spiritual Stat will be used to determine if you scare or fool someone. Evil has been smashed. You can be one of three breeds of Dyvils.

you can’t use it again. What you’re trying to do succeeds if you beat a target number. but now with a tool). Either change the conflict to some other stat. You roll a two and a three. You are looking for “6s”. the lock (mental) or try to convince someone on the other side to open the door (spiritual) or look around for a prybar (physical again. You have one 6 and 2+4=6. you roll four dice.1 = nothing. Tools: You get an additional die if you’re using an appropriate tool. or something else that changes the situation. A six is a success. The more successes you have. They roll the die. or get a tool that raises your dice. Two successes. with any modifiers the GM will allow you throw on. The human rolls a “6”. The side that gets the higher number of successes reduces that stat of the loser by that amount. Multiply them into a six.The Game Mechanic When you need to do something you roll a number of d6’s equal to your Stat. Mental and Spiritual. if you’re Tormentor making a physical attack. have fun. Three if its tough. You can subtract and divide as well. You can try to pick If you lose points of a stat. even if you try something different that uses the same stat. You roll a 6. When you use a die to make a number. Example: You make a physical attack with 3d6. You roll two threes – combine them into a six. Living and/or sentient things get a number of dice in Physical. Most stuff that isn’t living or sentient has a target number of 1. a 2. You try to bust it open and fail. You want to make up a detailed description for what just happened? Go ahead. the better you achieve whatever you’re trying to do. . Example: You are confronted with a locked door.1. For example. and a 4. You roll 1. You can keep wailing on the door. Definitions and Explanations Failing: If you fail at an action (tying or losing points of that stat) you have to try something different. Example: Your dyvil with a Physical stat of 3 attacks a human with a physical stat of 1. If you can make something into a six from two or more die. you roll the die in the appropriate stat. You get two additional die if you’re using a particularly appropriate tool. you use the lowered stat for the rest of that encounter with that person or object. so you get another roll. Your physical stat drops to 2. that counts as a six. because you failed to successfully attack the human. but that would require a lot more dice. You change the situation. but anything physical will fail.

You want to understand an arcane tome? Drop it to 0 Mental and you understand it. You’re playing this game more than once with the same characters? Hey. Experience and Character Advancement Situations: There may be situations where you (or your opponent) gets a particular advantage. You’re effectively immortal. Mental Example: You want to Hide from someone? Drop him to 0 mental and he wanders off. What Happens When I Die? You don’t. There is a cottage industry of people who keep dyvils under lock and key. knocking him out.Spiritual Example: You want to convince someone into stealing something? Drop him to 0 and he does it. You want to knock him out? Drop him to 0 Physical and he’s unconscious. you say. You get to come up with a talent or special ability for 100 points. I should have all sorts of ookie special abilities. Someone kills you? You come back tomorrow. tempting him to commit sin. Special abilities: I’m a dyvil. Physical Example: You want to kill an opponent? Drop him to 0 Physical and he’s dead. You defeat an opponent by killing him. God looks upon such behavior and declares it to be good. . don’t let me stop you. that’s a new set of tests. So if you want to do something different with the target. You get an additional die where you are in a situation with an advantage. You’ll have to wait for 2nd edition for all that. killing them painfully and messily and then letting them come back. but I’ve only got thirty minutes to write this. you get what you want. Want to bully someone? Drop him to 0 and he is easily pushed around (until he can change the situation). I should have special abilities. Effects: When an opponent’s stat drops to 0. You get a number of points equal to your defeated opponent’s highest listed stat. When your stat drops to 0. That’s not always a good thing. Like batwings busting out of my back and spinning my head around 360 degrees and clouding men’s minds and scoring with hot women. Always make sure you know what you want before you start rolling dice. So don’t get caught. right? Probably. the GM gets what he/she/it wants. You get an additional die for 100 points.

In addition to the bulk of the human population (living lives much like yours. In addition to everything else. there are Shepherds who look out for them (toting soul-sucking staves) and Saints (who can channel God’s will) and various ranks of Angels (the less said about the better). Run like hell. Access to God’s arsenal. . Yeah. Humans Good news – Humans are made of glass. They have 1 point in each stat. When they defeat a dyvil. Worse yet. +2 if the tool is particularly well suited for the task at hand. positive. They can reduce dyvilsouls to bluish glowing paste at a distance. For every five present. The World: You You’re a Dyvil. Best way to fight them? With you hat. Best not to even deal with them. but nicer).The World of Dyvil™ What’s an RPG without a built-in setting? Something that can’t be exploited for licensing and expansions! into flame. The World: Everyone Else The war is over and God won. And that’s OK – strengthened by the spirit of the Lord. Saints Saints are holy ghosts – translucent humans who have transcended mortal form but are not quite angels. they can take you down. So you better make sure that they aren’t paying attention. Holy stuff burns you physically and spiritually. There are usually three of them in a large collection of believers. Tools as a rule grant a +1 to the appropriate stat. While previously it was hard to get people NOT to sin in some way. The globes are then shipped elsewhere for “disposal”. the people have turned away from sin and live enriching. The bad news is that they can benefit from all sorts of tools and situations. it’s like that. Its tough to pick up a King James Bible (3 die spiritual) without bursting Shepherds Shepherds are Humans with a higher spiritual (2) and are armed with Soulstaves – Big sticks with (usually) hollow globes on the top. Part of the greater glory itself. an outcast from Hell (Got that? Good. humans tend to rely on a lot of spiritual tools (“Good thing I was wearing my piece of the True Cross”). They have a tendency to solve problems through extreme measures because God is literally on their side. now it’s an effort to GET people to sin. In particular. they may notice the horns under your hat or the whiff of brimstone on your breath or the general miasma of evil that pervades you. They are dispatched to obvious outbreaks of evil. The bad news is that if someone is paying attention. People are naturally resistant – so it takes a Spiritual stat check to even make the commit small indiscretions. Ordinary humans also get strength in numbers. They get 1d6 in all their abilities. They can pick you out by making a successful Spiritual check (theirs against your). even attempting to get others to sin is like sending up a flare. Very. boring lives. They gain the benefits as ordinary humans from numbers and holy ground. Walking into a church is a 3 die spiritual test. they get an additional die as well. the dyvil’s soul is sucked inside and glows blue. you’re vulnerable to stuff that won’t affect normal humans. very boring.). In large congregations. they get another die. Grab the hat firmly by the brim. and even Good News for Modern Man gives you a nasty rash (1 die spiritual). This is a world where prayers are answered (though not yours) and evil is punished. Angels All sixes in all stats. if humans are on holy ground. The good news is that you look prettymuch human-looking. He has installed his Angels in power across the world. Also. Imagine a world of Christian Rock Music and uplifting self-help books and voluntary tithing.

Build a real power base. Mobs of humans and congregations of Saints are just waiting for you to show up so they can play whack-a-mole with you. But stay below the holy radar. Prey on the slow of mind and the weak of spirit. You have heard of a safe place – your immediate task is to go find it. Recruitment 3. Of course you aren’t going to win. Here’s the plan.Adventures Dyvil™: First Edition adventures should include what highly skilled game design professionals refer to as the Core Stories. . Survival 2. Get some minions. you can rebel – take it against the Holy Man. fighting God. Then you need to gain allies and equipment. Get some accomplices (other players are a good idea). Find a safe hiding place. Rebellion Initially. 1. you’re supposed to stay out of sight. Lastly. Just getting across town without being spotted is difficult. Maybe free some fellow Dyvils or even get a chunk of Lightbringer himself. after all. Take down a Shepherd or three. You are. Lay a trap for a Saint.

and Spunky the Wonderdyvil are all trademarks of Jeff Grubb. you’re it! Why “First Edition”? Because this is a 30-Minute Roleplaying Game. except for review purposes.FAQ What is a 30-Minute Roleplaying Game? The 30-Minute RPG is the invention of game designer Steve Miller (his email address is nuelow@earthlink. Dyvil: 2nd Edition will be a 192-page hardbound that concentrates on the world setting and how cool it is. The 3rd Edition will do away with the world entirely and concentrate on the 666 System. and may be used only at the peril of your immortal soul. which will be available by SGL (Satanic Gaming License). right? That is a very appropriate and puissant observation. right? That is a very appropriate and puissant observation. You can spend 30 minutes editing and revising it as well. Credits and Legal Copy Designer: Jeff Grubb The One to Blame: Steve Miller Cover Art and Design: Bradley K. right? That is a very appropriate and puissant observation. This is obviously a thinly-disguised commentary on organized religion.5 will be made of chocolate. but you have to write it in 30 minutes. There will be a softbound version correcting those rules about a year later. anyway? These are not the droids you’re looking for. LLC (IDA). and only talking about the rules starting in chapter 7. Dyvil: the Sputtering. You’re allowed think about your RPG for as long as you want. you were warned. You spent your entire thirty minutes of editing time writing up this FAQ. Cover art Copyright ©2005 Bradley K. What is an RPG. This is obviously a thinly-disguised commentary on modern RPGs. Tag. Dyvils & Dymons. Just remember. Dyvil. Version 3. Then you can challenge others to write their own 30-Minute Roleplaying Game and send it to Steve. without the express written permission of IDA and Jeff Grubb. .net – tell him what you think). McDevitt This version of Jeff Grubb’s 30-Minute Roleplaying Game was produced under license by Interactive Design Adventures. Dark chocolate. No portion of this booklet may be reproduced. This is obviously a thinly-disguised commentary on current foreign policy. McDevitt Special Thanks To: Brian Snoddy’s Midget Porn All text Copyright ©2005 Jeff Grubb. right? That is a very appropriate and puissant observation.

and reviews of books. culture. and whatever else crosses his mind. Steve Miller’s home on the web is at http://www.pen-paper.php?products_id=3813 Steve Jack son Game s’ e 23 http://e23. Be sure to put your in your two cents worth on his message board. There.drivethrurpg. many written by gaming industry stalwarts Owen KC Stephens and Steve Miller.blogspot.sjgames. It’s available from these fine online outlets: Dr iveThr u R PG: http://www. music. There you can find free material for a number of RPG systems.com/catalog/product_info. You can visit the Interactive Design Adventures website at http://www. fiction. comics.html?id=IDA40002 . Cover artist Bradley K.idadentures.com.com/product_info. visit Jeff Grubb’s web-log at http://grubbstreet.com/item. (All links are clickable!) For more humor and commentary on politics. we invite you to check out the first game in this series.com . Steve Miller’s 30-Minute Roleplaying Game. the absurdity of life.rpgnow.stevemillersband.php?cPath=256_116_237&products_id=2449 RPGNow http://www.For More Fun and Games… The contributors to this ID Adventures product welcome your feedback.net/artgallery/bradleykmcdevitt. if you enjoyed the humorous fast pace of Jeff Grubb’s 30-Minute Roleplaying Game.com/. and they hope you will visit their various online homes. you will find details on the company’s many fine products. McDevitt has a large online art gallery that is open for your viewing pleasure 24 hours a day at http://www. and movies. Finally.

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