Conservation of natural resources --------------------------------------------------1.

Water,wood,coal,electricity are natural resources are materials supplied by nature, such as forests,minerals,soil,water and wildlife.They cannot be created. 2.The main cause for worry is that our natural resources are getting deplete d(getting over)fast because of our increasing population and overuse.,we must to conserve our natural resources.Never waste water.Use only as per requirement. Never let water overflow from buckets. 4.Always replace leaking taps and install covers on pools and spas and check for leaks around our pumps. 5.Install rainwater harvesting until to collect rainwater.This water canbe u sed for gardens throughout the year. 6.Well trees are a really important part of nature.So,we should try and avoi d deforestation. 7.We should try and plant more trees. We should not waste paper and recycle more paperso that less trees are cut,as paper comes from trees. 8.Air is a anotherimportant part of nature. A National Geographic article ou tlines the dangers of air pollution to our environment. So,recycle products to reduce emissions from production. 9.We can conserve wildlife by giving the wildlife proper food. They must not be killed. Rare species of animals must be taken to the wildlife conservation. 10.The important two steps are proposed by scientists all over the world to save existing wildlife. 11.Do not buy bones,teeth,trophies or feathers of wild animals asto obtain these products,animals have to be killed and it means encouraging the wildlife t rade. 12.Strict laws have to be framed and enforced to check poaching,illegal hunting and trade of animals products. 13.Air,water and land resources are being affected due to overuse and misuse. We must preserve and conserve these resources. 14.Conservation of natural resources is need of the hour,if we waste our reso urces then we will have to suffer later. 15.Remember the saying "WASTE NOT WANT NOT".

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