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STATE BANK OF INDIA Mobile Banking Service Registration Form

The Branch Manager State Bank of India Date : Sl. No.:

-------------------------* I wish to register/ deregister for Mobile Banking Services of SBI offered under State Bank FreedoM. I submit the information required for the purpose as under: Name of Customer (Maximum 20 Characters and leave a box blank after each name) (Surname) Email id: User ID My Mobile Number: Single/Joint# Accounts Single/Joint # Accounts Add/ Delete First Name) Date of Birth: DD (Middle Name) MM YY

Primary Account number Other Account Numbers

I have read the terms and conditions prescribed by the Bank for offering Mobile Banking Services to its customers and unconditionally accept them. I am also aware that Bank is entitled to modify the terms and conditions without any notice and posting them on the Banks website would constitute appropriate notice. I agree that the transactions executed while using Mobile Banking Services under my User ID and MPIN will be binding on me/ all the joint account holders. .. Signature of the account holder(s)


(* Please choose the option) (# Rights on the State Bank FreedoM Service will be same as that in your account at the Branch. Accounts which are operated by all or some of the account holders jointly will not be enabled for mobile banking services.) FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Verified the details of the account holder from the record and found correct. The applicant is permitted to subscribe to Mobile Banking Service offered by the Bank.


Authorised Official

Above details uploaded for enabling the account(s) for Mobile Banking Service requested by the customer Date: Entry made by Authorised Official