based on key business objectives and assessment of current operations to create a detailed transformation blueprint. and systems essential to delivering successful OSS/BSS transformations. Operations Assessment Report. termed Service-Oriented Operations (SOO). Product Offerings Fulfillment. pre-integrated into one solution). Closely aligned with the TMF initiatives in Quantitative benchmarking and taking into consideration the people. platforms and metrics aspects of defining a FMO. Neutral Architecture OSS/BSS Tools ICT Tools Operations Benchmarks eTOM SID XML. and who understands the underlying technologies to support on-demand services is critical to success. through design. service activation) to be integrated in an existing OSS system. development. add bandwidth. Assurance. Execution: Alcatel-Lucent can help SP’s to plan and execute a highly structured business results-driven Service management transformation Service Oriented Operations Strategic Consultancy Engagements OSS and Network Transformation Pre-Integrated Solutions and System Integration Engagements OSS Partnerships. The OSS/BSS Transformation (OSS-T) solution leverages our highly skilled team of System Integration Consultants to help customers create and execute a FMO plan to migrate to New Generation Operations System and Software (NGOSS) environments whilst maintaining operational and business continuity through the transition. service providers must be prepared to provision and activate features on the fly. Some specific consulting services we offer are. helps customers define a Future Method of Operation (FMO) for their next generation operations environment. bill for content. The scope of delivery activates the following. beginning with a comprehensive needs assessment. IP-based network and services gives Service Providers an opportunity to adopt a phased service oriented approach to reforming and re-architecting the operations environment. Alcatel-Lucent's OSS/BSS service offers are based around Telemanagement Forum TMF NGOSS frameworks and principles. rating. SOO helps providers realize bestin-class operations. and progressive software techniques. derived from active participation and leadership in TMF for many years. we are able to deliver superior results to our customers combining best-of-breed product knowledge with network expertise and systems integration discipline. billing. processes. focusing on integration of best-of-breed OSS products and systems to provide comprehensive management solutions across one or all of the Fulfillment.805 Tech. teams. and Billing domains. 2. and customer care. This is summarized in the diagram below: SP’s Opportunities for Operations Transformation Planning: Migration to Next Gen. J2EE web services MTOSI. monitor service performance. track customer usage. With a comprehensive portfolio of multivendor services and range of expertise. Transformation Business Cases and Operations Roadmaps. Our PS methodology considers strategic and practical issues necessary to establish effective processes. having a partner who is a leader in driving next-generation transformation. helping our customers take a project from concept to reality. • Stand alone solutions around individual component/application (such as performance management. depending on the customer's requirements: • Stand-alone end-to-end solutions. Assurance and Billing IP for Service Providers and Enterprises Strategic Requirements Operations Process Logic System Design/ Information Model Service Oriented Components Automated. • Pre-integrated solutions to automate and improve a coherent domain of OSS or BSS process in support of Alcatel-Lucent network offers across service fulfillment (including order management. Alcatel-Lucent's approach to OSS/BSS services falls under two broad areas: 1. Alcatel-Lucent can be this partner. Flexible OSS Security X. service activation. 814 02 . inventory management. including ours. service and revenue assurance including service quality monitoring. Given our active partnerships for every domain and sub-domain of the Telemanagement Forum Telecom Operations Model (TOM) mapping. Strategic consulting. and ensure revenue capture.OSS/BSS Introduction In order to support the demand for new multimedia applications. In such an environment. our broad expertise with best-in-class software from leading companies. and solution verification of service-ready processes and systems for operations and business support functions. These solutions are provided around both Alcatel-Lucent OSS products as well products from our broad set of strategic partners.

inventory management. service quality monitoring. rating/billing/customer care for Alcatel-Lucent's network offers. system design. However. pre-integrated into one solution). the following horizontal functions are covered: • Customer relationship management • Service management and operations • Resource management and operations • Supplier/partner relationship management Our technology domain-specific OSS/BSS solutions are based on the pre-integration of our strategic partners' applications as well as our own OSS components in some key areas (service assurance.Alcatel-Lucent's OSS/BSS solutions cover a complete array of operational processes including: • Service fulfillment. Our approach to supporting the complete life cycle associated OSS/BSS transformation is outlined below: Business Process Consulting PMO-FMO Analysis Technical Support and Maintenance Continuing Engineering and Optimization ct Assessm Impa en ta Business Analysis Main and M tain ana ge nd Feasability Assessment si s aly An essment s As Managed OSS/BSS Services Operations (IMO) Road Mapping Integration and Deployment Professional Services Detailed Operations Transformation Blueprint gng pl Im Data Management em Operational Readiness Testing en tati on in nn i Pla Des d an OSS/BSS Infrastructure Readiness Assessment dE Planning an Project Management t cu xe io n OSS/BSS Infrastructure Solution Engineering OSS/BSS Software Integration OPERATIONS Customer Management BSS Customer Care OSS/BSS Solutions: Definition and Deliverables Alcatel-Lucent's OSS/BSS delivery scope includes two levels depending on the customer's requirements: • Stand alone solutions – Individual component/application (such as performance management. service activation) to be integrated in an existing OSS system as well as end-to-end OSS /BSS solutions. as outlined earlier. service quality monitoring. we provide a full set of professional services including strategic consulting. including inventory management • Service assurance • Customer care and billing As described by the electronic Telecom Operations Map (eTOM) from the TMF. The graphic below summarizes Alcatel-Lucent's strategic partnerships (per building block) with leading software vendors to support pre-integrated solutions for the triple play technology domain. Service Management Security Management Fulfillment Assurance Billing Resource Management (Network Applications) Inventory Rating • Pre-integrated solution to automate and improve a coherent domain of OSS or BSS process: service fulfillment (including order management. billing mediation. project management and operations support. Supplier/ Partner Management Collection OSS BSS 03 . integration. and authentication). to deliver turnkey integrated OSS/BSS solutions. • Overall solution consisting of several pre-integrated solutions for overlay and green field deployments. using our own and partner solutions tailored to your business-specific requirements. service activation. customization. IP address management.

Alcatel Safer. VitalSuite Application Performance Management. correlation and processing). and Service Monitoring Performance Management Mobile Performance Management Security Assurance Service Assurance Problem Management Alcatel-Lucent's OSS/BSS applications and solutions include the following: Alcatel 8935. • Voice traffic management: Traffic monitoring for PSTN and VoIP networks. service impact analysis providing an integrated service view. VitalSuite Network Performance Management. • Problem management: Processing of trouble tickets. IBM/Tivoli – Netcool product suite.The scope of Alcatel-Lucent's OSS/BSS solutions are summarized in the graphics below.Vendor(s) and product name(s): IBM/Tivoli – Neusecure. usage and performance data for quality monitoring as perceived by end-users and service management. Service Assurance This solution provides service assurance for integrated. Vendor(s) and product name(s): Alcatel 8950 Service Assurance. wireline networks. VitalSuite Services Management. • Security: Real-time monitoring and correlation of security events. • Service troubleshooting: Solution to remotely assist customer service representatives troubleshoot customer problems. VitalSuite Network Fault Management and Integrated Service Assurance. Vendor(s) and product name(s): BMC (Remedy) – GIS . multi-layer networks. Vendor and product name: Alcatel 8920 Service Quality Management. Key capabilities include: • Fault management: End-to-end alarm management (collection. 04 .Based Inventory Mana geme nt Billing Business Intelligence Netw ork R esourc e Law Enforcement Support Convergent Charging Collection Service Activation Mobile Service Activation Bil l me Reve nt nue Assu ranc e Real Time Chargin g an dS ett le Ac tiv ati on Int erc on ne cti on DSL and VoIP Service Provisioning Inventory / Service Fulfillment a ing Rat nd ing Pric t en An aly tic s er scrib Sub age Man t men vi a n ce ce men t an d Trou ble Man age CR M ud Fra n Mediatio m ge na Ma g in S Fulf er ill En in eer gin nd ga n Pla g nin e vic ent m agement Order Man Perform Fa ult to Cus ag Man m em er ent Ser ur Ass Service ement Manag ance M onitori n g an d Ev en tM t en rem asu Me nd ta Tes an ag em en t Contact Center Management Customer Care Traffic Mgt. VitalSuite Network Traffic Management. multi-vendor. Vendor and product name: Alcatel 8940 Service troubleshooting. • Quality and service management: Correlation of events. VitalSuite AAA. • Performance management wireline: Performance management and reporting. Vendor and product name: Alcatel 8920. Vendor and product name: IBM/Tivoli.proviso Product suite.

logical. • Billing and Customer Care: Integration of billing. Integration. The CMO analysis report contains the following: • Current processes map and assessment • Current OSS/BSS map and assessment 05 . Axiom AXiOSS Product Suite. rating and invoicing systems. As a result. Implementation and Customization Methodology Interoperability or pre-integration between Alcatel-Lucent network equipments and OSS applications creates major value for customers. including cost savings and ability to extend revenues. and service inventory management. Vendor and product name(s): Alcatel 8950 Service fulfillment powered by Cramer 6. business processes and OSS/BSS applications of the Present Mode of Operation (PMO) to determine what changes are required to achieve a stable and efficient operation after transformation (Future Mode of Operation – FMO). Vendor and product name(s): Alcatel convergent billing powered by LHS – BSCS 6. from order intake to network activation. Vendor and product name(s): Alcatel 8965 C3S. customer care management. integration. Syndesis. Alcatel-Lucent ensures that its network management systems and OSS systems inter-work with the OSS applications provided by our strategic partners. Netprovision. configuration and customization of all software packages previously selected in the architecture and design practice for supporting the new processes of operations. Elements Probes Service Fullfillment This solution provides automated flow-through of all information required for service provisioning. Key capabilities include: • Service fulfillment: End-to-end service fulfillment from order management to service activation. Alcatel-Lucent performs a coherent implementation. Network Traffic Management Network Performance Management Services Activation Management VitalSuite® Authentication VitalSuiteAAA® Application Performance Management IP Address Management VitalQIP® VitalD® Common Login Intuitive Web UI MT-OSI Secure Portal IPv6 Flexible APIs Data Collectors Advanced Reporting SOAP Software Toolkits XML Open Integration Layer EMSs Systems OSS/BSS Design. VitalQIP IP Address Management • Inventory: Physical. Vendor(s) and product name(s): Alcatel 8950 Service Fulfillment powered by Cramer 6. Axiom AXiOSS Suite.Vendor and product name(s): Cramer.Network Fault Management Integrated Service Assurance Services Management Customer Care and Billing This solution provides a full range of customer care and billing capabilities including: • Billing collection: Collection of billing records for voice and xPlay networks. Cramer 6 • Activation: Service activation. VitalSuite Service Activation Manager Consulting Alcatel-Lucent works with the service provider to collect and analyze the operations. • Contact center: Integration of contact center applications. Vendor and product name(s): Genesys Suite 7.

installation and integration of software packages previously selected in the architecture and design practice for supporting the new processes of operations. and the service migration from existing to new OSS/BSS platforms and processes. business and wholesale – includes both the physical migration from the existing network to the new network. new solutions or applications/tools and/or adaptations to customer OSS are provided to automate and improve their processes. the impact of the tool chain supporting the main end-to-end operation processes has to be assessed based on the assurance. Migration Migration of all end customers . including the following: • Procurement and deployment of test equipment in a development lab • Authorizing test strategy. and end-user management solutions. mapped to business processes. while supporting the target processes. including all engineering and installation specifications. OSS/BSS and operations A view of the range of services that Alcatel-Lucent brings to our customers is summarized in table 1. and manage network. OSS/BSS Customization Alcatel-Lucent performs a coherent customization.• Comments and analysis of industry best practice.residential. . Alcatel-Lucent also delivers a report on the evolution and the target objectives for the OSS/BSS stream. applications and domains in order to verify in the next phase that they are solved or explained by the target architecture. and subsequently launches and coordinates activities (the operational and business processes. time-to-market and the flexibility of their service offering in a highly competitive environment. billing. Solution Integration and Tests The Solution Integration and Tests service implements solution testing for all network design and deployment projects. Based on this assessment and Alcatel-Lucent's experience in operating complex networks and integration of OSS/BSS systems. with the customer as the prime integrator • Trials of test measurement equipment • Support in determining compliance of end-user equipment or other vendor equipment with network design Process and Functional Requirements The Process and Functional Requirements service takes as input the consulting service. requirements and plans • Managing test procedures and other vendor supplies and services • Authorizing operational readiness tests • Participating in the end-to-end user acceptance tests. issues and expectations found in the above analysis. as well as test plans and reports • Services development and delivery for network. Design and Architecture Alcatel-Lucent uses the results from the Process and Functional Requirements to select the necessary IT/OSS/BSS components and the service provider's required preparation for adapting the existing components. configuration. implement. fulfillment. Staff organization and migration) to deliver coherent and consistent documentation and roadmaps. Alcatel is responsible for building: • The network and OSS/BSS together with the physical migration. Alcatel-Lucent's OSS/BSS solutions support service providers in improving their customer service. OSS/BSS. in context of generic target OSS/BSS architecture defined by Alcatel-Lucent • Definition of target OSS/BSS architecture • Assessment of current evolution plans and a collection of problems. To obtain a high-level design of the service provider's IT/OSS/BSS applications. Main Customer Benefits A next-generation network demands a network integrator and trusted advisor like Alcatel-Lucent who has decades of experience helping service providers around the globe to create. The solution is designed to let you anticipate evolution in technology and the marketplace. operation support and readiness process. service.

• Reduce risks and implementation delays with pre-integration: Alcatel-Lucent's customers have the reassurance of knowing that their network deployments will be managed efficiently and optimally. reduce churn. Methods and Procedures Testing Custom Software Development Services Testing Development Requirements Definition and Specification Documents Additional Functionality for Existing Software Service Readiness Customized Interfaces and Reporting Operational Flow-Thru Software Adaptations for Systems Integration and/ or Multivendor Integration Security Management . • Automate business processes when it makes sense and optimize operational and capital expenses: Alcatel-Lucent delivers impressive results by adapting existing OSS to support IP-based networks and streamline operations to more efficiently support legacy networks. dynamic management of network capacity. By emphasizing up-front planning. Alcatel-Lucent designs the processes and systems to measure and manage the Quality of Service (QoS) for IP-based subscriber services to ensure Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance. Table 1 OSS/ BSS Integration Services Cover the Entire Life Cycle Integrated Solution Planning Services Implementation Planning Architecture Requirements Definition Phsyical Architecture Continuing Engineering and Optimization Services Systems Studies Operational Analysis Optimization and Tuning Operations and Security Audits Periodic Check-Ups Disaster Preparedness Revenue Recovery Requirements Support Project and Vendor Management Services Implementation Planning Documentation Scope Management Analysis Functional Architecture Specification Documents Operational Flows Systems Integration Design Multivendor Integration Deployment and Configuration Services Software and Systems Installation Network Connectivity Network Element Connectivity Desktop Configuration Data Migration Provisioning Staging Test and Turn Up Test Plan Development Test Environment Definition and Construction Validation Testing and Results Reporting Operations. customers are protected from cost-overrun and revenue loss risks in their migration to FMO. ensuring protection of their NGN investments and services revenues from day one of network rollout. generation of business intelligence from usage data. explicitly tying migration plans to KBOs. • Create a superior customer experience and reduce churn: Reduce the cost of customer interaction. real time monitoring of network/service performance. and dramatically improve satisfaction.The main benefits of Alcatel-Lucent's OSS/BSS solutions and services are: • Deliver a revenue ready solution to grow your customer base: Alcatel-Lucent is ready to mobilize experts to deliver an integrated solution designed to support: rapid provisioning of next-generation applications. and developing a detailed IMO plan. and enhanced revenue capture through automated rating and billing.

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