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ACADEMIC ZODIAC CONCEPT Linking the world through one zodiac for the planet 2: the original zodiac as shared by all

astronomical observatories across the planet and off-planet 3 as well.

DIAMOND 2013 YEAR The positions of the planets along with their real zodiacal placements for New Year 2013. 55 Cancri e is of course your Diamond Planet.

GOLDEN AGE OF PEGASUS The advent of the zodiac a marked the final fall of an old world as already tired of its own

superstitious blunder. The collapse of default mind – the mind of the world – marks the end of all faux sciences, not only zodiacal, ascendental or magical at all. A brief description of whatever is already tumbling up and down for good or bad as follows. a) “Traditionally” disoriented neo-“Masonic” temples were never even able to ascertain their own national ascendant, Sun sign or - lunar position for their “rites”. Thus, all or most star-lore-based national heraldry is soon to be called off along with any absurd décor: as kilt is no subterfuge for an azimuth b.

b) Homely superstition that again “traditionally” counted on the “13 signs” and only recently tried and blundered into “13 ascendants” loses its superstitious clutch as soon as historical, national and astronomical blunder is clearly exposed even to the naive masses: there has never been such a thing as 13 or god forbid 12 ascendants. c) Monitors in public display can project or simulate the rise and fall of the 16 guardian angel ascendants: real constellations in the real skies. Many of those like Orion are readily recognizable by naked eye by any scout, tourist or picnicker. d) Tarot experts are already perusing the 22 zodiacal signs plus 16 ascendants with joy, since revelation is always welcome in occult circles. As to the 22 initiations; three are available – perchance four – for the few who will attempt at the Tarot 1008. e) A new generation of Astrologers 4 – in lack of a better general definition at hand –

is already busy with the 1008 planetary cards c: reshuffling between new,

traditional or medieval centaurean sigils; planetary evocations - while discoursing vis-à-vis with new planets.


ERA CETI SECVNDA. See on Regulus and Alphard. c The Illuminati Tarot or Aspectarian 1008.

#1622 If there are 13 ascendants in the sky: why don’t we see them rising over the eastern horizon? We record 16. If there are only 13 zodiacal stations, how come we record 22? #2216 If there were only 13 ascendants as rising in our eastern sky: we’d see them ascending over the eastern horizon with our own naked eyes. Instead, we record 16. If there were only 13 zodiacal stations, we’d be aware of them few. We record 22 instead. 22 like the letters of the Mediterranean alphabets and Tarot initiations. 16 like the elementary permutations of the Tarot. Where did the 10 hidden constellations go? Hidden in plain sight? They were never hidden at all, except from the mind of the superstitious.

RECENT ZODIACS How many zodiacal constellations? In times of Pluto < 30 In Eris times > 40 Today 22 VIP SERVICES If you have been doing this job before, say in the seventies 5; then you probably figured

out by now that there is no such thing as fancy 13 ascendants rising at east. Even if you have not figured it all out, you are our client.


BASIC SERVICES 50 $ guardian angel = true natal ascendant (one of the 16) [nominal price 500 €] 200 $ real-sky horoscope analysis 300 $ predictions for one year ahead 500 $ business predictions for one year ahead CUSTOM SERVICES Traditional 1500 pp & 250 pp analyses formats are presently N/A. The customer may however check availability by e-mail. The 250 pages analysis may still be available for selected RTRRT initiates. That usually implies € 500 VIP Gold services or better. VIP GOLD

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ADDITIONAL SERVICES 25 $ 35 $ per additional dwarf planet analysis per additional centaur analysis

RTRRT INITIATION The standard initiation is resumed under VIP Gold services. Please consult the catalogs.


22 zodiac http://bit.ly/SR1MRn 16 ascendants http://bit.ly/SR1Hxb
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Cruithne-based charts and spacecraft births have been presented some two decades ago. 4 As chosen among the 144000. 5 Academic Zodiac.