5 slices bacon 6 boneless skinless chicken or turkey 2 rosemary sprigs shallots salt and pepper 64 ounces chicken broth

frozen corn or off the cob 5 cups yukon gold potatoes 12 ounces 2 percent milk 2 tablespoons butter Directions: 1. Chop bacon and place In large soup kettle or dutch oven and cook to render th e fat - chop celery, carrots, onion. 2. To the fat add the chopped/diced mirepoix (onions, celery, carrot) sweat for about 10 minutes on low heat, 3. Add chicken stock and chicken breasts. You can use frozen chicken if you'd li ke. Add bay leaves, rosemary. Bring to boil and cover, place on simmer for 40 mi nutes stirring occasionally. 4. Remove chicken, set aside. Remove bay leaves and rosemary sprigs; do not add them back to the soup. 5. Peel and dice the 5 cups of yukon gold potatoes and corn. Add to soup pot. 6. Dice chicken into quarter inch pieces and add back to soup pot. Bring back to boil. 7. Cover, decrease heat to simmer, stir occasionally for 45 min or until potatoe s break down. Soup should be thickening. 8. Add cream and butter, continue to cook on simmer 5-10 minutes,covered.

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