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+i Abila z qaE, Ycar. +iq'{ yearly prognostication. Abdaphata.' slbE$nf ' qt€t, tqqc-{Going off course. Aberration Planet going off course' Aberration,Planetary; l.6-afqur aTFFsr< Black magic. Abhiclura.' Abhiiin Muhurta.' qfqfirc n6i Most auspiciousmoment' Abhijit: 4fqfqd. A constellation supposedto exist between Uttarashaiha and Sravana. This constellation is outside the purview ofthe twenty sevenconstellationstaken into account for in calculating Vimsottari Dasa. But it is taken into account certain other astrological calculating Ashtottari Dasa, and also in calculations. Abhijit,KailMtitwrtc..qfufqefir{/tF(whenSunisatMidheaven Noon-time. AbhijitRasi..qfufq-c<rfrrFourthsignascountedfromthe positiou of Sun. Abhisheka: affiqid.Sprinkling with holy water. Also twenty seventh constellation from the constellation' on which Moon is pocited at the time of birth. Abhukta Moola; a{ffi {tT An inauspicious time of birth as congideredby ancient Hindu astrologers. Abja Yoga.' er.'sftr1, ss{ flir, wqv arrrAn auspicious combi-all the planets are posited in the quadrant houses,and nation when none in succedantor cadent houuc' Abode.'(qrt' qrc House. tr{ Abscission.' 1a T q-aqqFrustration when a planet is simultaneously making aspccts to two other planets' but one aspect culminatcsfirst, thus frustrating the influenceof other aspect. Accldent Death.' $<ot' q{Tq 1({ AclrcIa : erqt,rLTVenus. Acronycal rtsing star.' qi( fir ilr<t,viuq rrc Active line [P].'q{s tct Adamttcy: ee AChana [PJ : Bad.

e.s. Adoptedson. .i Leap year.. 1efu. .' eTfb{*q auspiciouscombination wher 6th.. 7th or l0th housefrom it. are Adhyaya. Aggregateof desirobleaspects.il<irr.qf$qrqLunar leap month. alulwaIntimate friend.vcsft-dr. Adhivarsha.when due to precession equinoxesSun at the time of spring equinox. Advanced age: 1a [lq].' Etrifiqa.* nrr An astrological age. lge. Affinity. Adulterous. Adoption. Adhimitra . Owner. i Afiiction. Afiicted.'lre Su6-1e1.stfrsrQ. Adhimas.'ql. uq Age of Aquarias.. Adla : ws tq first house. zth An and 8th houses from Ascendant/Moon occupiedby benefics.' frgr. . when positionsof the planets are coinciding with their progressed positions.' fifV(.qflq. Artificial birth-day. Also eighth constellation from the birth constellation.'flsr-cir{dr.. If Mercury occupier Jupiter's house and Jupiter occupies Mercury's house affinity developr between the two. wvn-61* gra. etlavrq Bitter enemy. Aggregate. Adhipati: efrrcld Lord. Adhana.Erafrc.. Adhishatru.' anErFr conception. in conjuction with it or in 4th. fir. According to 80me astrologerJthis age has alreadyset in.1.12 DIc?IoNAnYoF AsTRoLoGY Adhama yogct: a{e* q'm An inauspicious combination when Moon is in a quadrant to Sun i.' qarn4Chapter.. Adjusted calcuration date: perpetual noon date.' u*r'ffT conception/pre-natal crr Asce'dant. betweenMoon and venus as both are female planets.'.aihanaLagna. . Adhiyoga. There is affinity betwecn Sun and Mars as both are fiery plancts. will of be rising in Aquarius.

. AkashicRecordslAstral q'iq Akriti Yoga: qr+'fa An astrological. Ajyasparsha:c{Ivrent blood-disease A caused misplacemcnt by of Mars in the chart. Heaven.TERMINOI. Alpayu: srdrr.OGY 13 Agni : qFq Fire one of the four elements. Alphabet: sotrrdr. Akol Mrityu: 3tf. Trqs Rahu Ahi: atft. (Magical) QuenAgnistambhalAgnistambhan :?nfrir.' arat<rd gunrise. Air : n4 One of four elements. AirY: evTrfift : {qc. BeStOwing of firSt Akshar . . Akash Ganga: 3{I{IuT -r}o'1. Agrahayan: srTilaqr Lunar/solarmonth. Aries. is by . Almanac: qqi'r. .SECTIONI. Altitude: seilisr Elevation of a planet above the horizon in to measured degrees the planeof the horizon Highestor culminating altitudeis at the midheaven thc tenttr-house or cusp.onbinrtion reminding appearanceof a certain object.(rg Day and night. Almuten: rncrrffi Most influentialor wcll placcdplanei in the chart.il. Elevation of poie.Aja. qlq Amala Yoga : <dc-fl An auspiciouscombination. *q .{fr-c*law.<errvr6Life giving planet.drq/r'rfiftrrvq . to Fltlrc"q. Light: fa.. Tt Akash: Btr{wSky. Alpheta: frsn-flfi qd.'J Mifky way. A A gricultural Astrology : . Galaxy. Initiation'to educatiort: To read ancl write alphabets of a language. Therc arc a good nurnberof Akriti yogasaccording Hindu astrologers.n'lefl er. Alphabet.when the tenth housefrom Moon/Ascendant occupied a benefic. from one Sunrise to next Ahoratra.rdr Accidcntal/untimely death. Eti-{. tnt.cweekaran:slqTrEfi:Frr..rEarly death.rrr.rm fqsr'l. Agu : vry. Akshamsa eTsrisr : Latitude. ching of fire.

Anatomology. seventh and tenth Animal Srgn: vgsra <rfn. Anareta: rlrcfi c'{ Destroyer. Amavasya: srrn?r€n New Moon. ' Anga: errr Organ.PlanetaryLongitude UJ. Angles: *-'z poor cardinal points of the ecliptic corresponding with the cusps of first lEastern horizon or Ascendant]. ffi{ fiT combinations for deformed orgens/ body or lossof organs. . fourth [Nadir]. SeventhlWestern horizon or Decendant]and tenth lzcnith or Midheavenlhousesof the birth chart. Venusand exalted Saturnare positedin quadrants. Angaheena Yoga. Amsa Bala Ul : qgtee Strength due to Longitude. Anat omy : srfr(-<Tfl. Arier. Latter half of Sagittarius and Capricorn. smfat rne Art of body-reading. fourtb. Second most advancedplanet in any sign at the time of birtb. ' qrrF*qr Anga-Vidya Scienceof body-reading.14 tcrroN^ty oF Asrtoloe'r Amatyakaraka(J) : lnmqrr<{.qr frq when a planet is posited in thc l2th housefrom the Moon. AmsavatarYoga: sr{rwflcftr An auspicious combination when Jupiter. Animoder of Tetrabiblos: A method of birth-time rectification prorentcd by Ptolcmy. A quadruped Bestial sign. Taurus. Fr{r ftr One of the Akriti Yoga ' tfiTfa *. Angle: n\t. Angular Houses: *ra qrc First. houses. Andaja Yoga z qss *rr. Second most important lord or planet after Atmakaraka. Anapha Yoga: ei. cdf frrr. Leo. Part of body. Ambuja Yoga : qqq frq The same as Abja Yoga [erv ftt] or Kamal Yoga fmrv frrl.rl when all the planets are posited in 4th and lOth [ouses. . Planet believed to corespond with termination of life. Anatomolo7ylPl: siTFdEI. Synodical Lunation. rrt<'<s-{r rsrnil. Angaraka: qrrr<+'. Ambu: arrq The fourth house. rftm Mars. Amorus: nrfi Sexy. Amsa: qsrPart Degree.

Apachaya. House 1. eia{.< Without legs. Apasavya: sFttFrI Apaviddha(Putra). Mercury and Venus' AntargYan: ffic Intution. Rahu' Taking away' stealing.. t'r€rn' gfu sub-period of AntarlAntaralAntardasa: {ff{. Antardasotathl Antardasapali : drtrr*q' ffrrrsfe. Pisces. ard1TaT by Saturn. eFFfrI Apad z qt. Aphelion: qritiq Point at which a planet is at maximum distance from the Sun.7 and 8. Moon. Antargraha: ff€ Inferior planet. lFm-tm subperiod lord sub-constellation lord. . Reversc. a planet or sign. wrfrftvr Cadent houses in a chart i'e.Low castepeople ruled oneof the twenty sevenconstellations tlnuradlm. Aphornisrn: Sa Formula. Antyaja.Sinistral. Apoklim. fr{ Antya: ai<q. Antipathy: ltEil Discord between ptanets that rule or are exalted in opposite signs.SECTION I TBRXINOII'GY 15 Ani hta : efila InausPicious' st ffi Anishta Dasa: 3lf{6'c Period of an inauspiciousplanet' etlrTl Ankle lPl: XFI'r Firrt feeding of the child' Annapraslana: a&rsrTrn Annnl HoroscoPe: irttF['.2.4. arrw EcliPtic. Antaschakram: c(qsrc Sub-period of Kalchakra Mahadasa lrm s-r{6nsn]. spending another Apahara: qq--dr< person'sproperty. sid<T. houses3. 9 and 12.6. Antisedentia:qt qft Retrogrademotion' Twelfth house. Apmandal . {E Untouchebles. +rfaa (ga) Son rejectedby his own parentE and adopted by a stranger. Antaryuti : rt'ffi Inferior conjunction. ApogeelApogree:qrrt=-qPoint at which Moon is at maximum distance from Earth.

Pars fortuna or Part of fortune which is obtained by adding dhe longitudes of Ascenclantand Moon and subtracting the longitudeof Sua from the sum. Arc of vision : EYrr Yoga: wti6E o1n.. Enemy. or (viii) l2th to 6th house. vr4 Ari : srf<. (ii) 3rd to 9th.u. . (vii) llth. calculated by combining the longitudes of different planets and house-cusps.. ArdhapraharlArdhayama: ad:r6/ardurq A satellife (strqa) of Mercury.fl : snfqT obstructing or augmenting agency. If all the planets are posited Ardhachandra from'(i) 2nd to 8th.terl.r Ardhadhika Chandra: qutfer'r Gibbous moon. q. Argala chakraUl: aniqr =rx Diagrammatic representationof ' Argalas . DTCTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY Applying aspect: When faster moving planet hae not yet reachedthc cxact degreeof forming an aspect with another slower 'applying'. (iiD 5th to lltb.. riqe Arai ?'.The most important of thcm being. Arc .they form this combination. Arabian partslpoints: Sensitive parts or points in a chart. Mars.it is said to be Aprtl: ariq. (iv) 6th to l2th. (vi) 9th to 3rd.. Area: *a Quarter. qq Part of a circle.f".. =TIrt. rt'i* qrq. An Argala l. Arishtabhanga irftq {r combinations which dispel danger z to life. (v) 8th to 2nd. lrles: tq. ruled by Ardra: sTniOne of the twenty sevcn constellations Rahu [<rS]. to 5th. c{Tr Arishta Dasa : qF(6e Period liablc to causedcath. Arishta: qftcdDanger to life. Aqrcrius:An.. moving planet.l6 APollo: qri Sun' APParent: Y.

{rnr [P] : rcr. 6th.Right : fst{iv. Capricorn to Taurus in the and Gemini to Sagittarius in the Southern Northern Hemisphere Hemisphere.q tqr. Secondhouse' i'e' Trinity of wealth Temporalhouses Artlw-trikona : errt-fan]l'r 2nd.Wealth.rest in the SoutheroHemisphere. AscLndant Point : iF{-q. . . Ashadha1envreALunarisolar month. Arrrrrdon. ruled constellations Ashlesha.e.l: €F4 qfsrqrSignswhich require shorter time to rise over the horizon i e. trc Economy. *i Sun. Ascension Long lSignsl : ** qFqrqiSigns which require longer Leo. Ascending node of Moon : {rg. Ascendarritq +-<m. Sign as distant from the lord as the lord is Arudha ["/]:3IrF-d from the houseconcerned. . Short t signs. qri Aruna. q6. Artificial Birthday: SeeAdjusted CalculationDate. ercu.SECTION I TERMINOLOGY l7 Arishta yoga IJJ: qftsz d}'r Inauspicious combination. Arka. arrdn One of the twentv-seven by Mercury. Artha: q'i. Gemini Cancer. Scorpio and Sagittarius in the Northern Hemisphere. *o. Ascension. Virgo. and lOth houses. Ascension. Ascendingnode : wrtq wt. Malcombinations. time to rise over the horizon i. Libra. Ascensional Dffi rence: q<rse. arrl/rrrrsq Sign as distant Arutlha l-agnalLagnarudhaf"fl : errEq from the lord of Ascendantas the lord of Ascendant is from the Ascendant. AsceticLine (P): i<I. ArmPit [P] +iq' wq. Sun. Arohi Graha: arrifr r€ Planetheadingto exaltation.Z.

Star.presentlyPicces. Asta Bhava: sr<rqFt Descendant. Aspada:3lr€r< The tenth house. Asterismremaining ' Asteroid : semt.elasped portion: q*q. Eighth division. arrflis-{ I unar/solar month. Seventhhouse. Sign oppositeto one the planet owns. Ashta : uta Eight. Asta Rasi. Asterism. . ruled by constellations Ashwini.4shtakavarga qsaqi{ti Bighl sources of planetary energy/ 3 strength. Aspect: 1fst. ian. Ashtottari: a{rc}vt Hindu system of directions[sw] based on yearscyclesof direction of planets. combination' Ashubha Yoga: fnauspicious A Ashw ayujalAshwin : qrtrlrq. : Ashtamamsa art-srrin Octant.lE oF DIcTIoNARY ASTRoLoGY qrsq *q A combinationin wlrich ell the planets Ashraya'Yoga: r arepositedeither in cardinalfixed or dual signs. cfrffi. vtx Asphujit: wrcgFvq. arcrrrftI Detriment. Asterism: cqa Constellation. portion : qqrd. Astrological. Venus. Aspecting Planet: ?s-a Aspectual Strength : 7aa. 108 Ashubha: aqt fnauspicious. AstafAstangata Graha: ww/an{q-ac-€ Planet in combustion. Asthi lPl: qRqBone. AstalAstangama : erge/:tdrr Setting. Ashtami: qqft Eighth lunar day.. afH First of the twenty seven Ketu.4ge:cdfefri ry Period of approximately 2150 ycarr required for regrescion ofthe spring equinox through 30 degree ofa sign. Combust. Astrologer. Combustplanet. : rQ. . Aspected Ye. Astangataharcn : ereitd 6€r One of the six-fold reductions.

efi{q Son born of one's own wife. Avadhi: arsfu Duration (Period)of Time. A. 3{{+t. fiqfe Eveningtwilight.I] : qnqrfina The principal or main significator. Astronomy: qrts{ fffirl.r sEcTIoN TBRInNOLOGY Astology: v*fttc fErnqno sn€a.posture. Avastha: a{Grczrr of existence State lplanetary]. Asura: ?rg{. ^19 Astromancy: tma-<{tq The art of fortune tetling by observing the stars. cra Avarohana Pala: (v'r) *9. .. piciouscombination. fiqq. . Avarohi Graha: w*q|6 16 planet heading towardsdebilitation. Astro-Twins: People born on the sameday and year at about the sametime at the samelongitude and latitude. Ayanabala' 6i'rr. ' Avaricious : erfim6a. At ichar : 3rfilsRAcceicration. Avanati : erq{frDepression. Atmakaraka [.FqTT.Half year. in aTrdnior. Astro-Palmistrr.ralt of six-fold strengthsof a planet accord_ One ing to ancientgeerg. Aya : aw fncome. August: arqriT. qqffi saq. Atichari: slfld-Erfr accelerated In motion. Astronomer: qrMqq. Eleventhhouse. Axis : 3ter. Aunts: Auspicious nw. Avayoga: qE+rrJnau. : Austeritiesi +r.ur Avarohana: Descent.{16Rahu. qi-dl qr€. AsuraSandhi: sg{ ePa. Planet with maximum degrees any sign. : q-{-fltkdt.ora: sTqc Solstice. AvarohanaPata: q-+-+{q Descendingnode. Autumn: n(< a-g. Attraction: Auclible Voice [Pl. precession.

BackofhandtPl : sRIc6. the ascendants. Leo.N DICTIONARYOFASTROLOGY Tropical Ayna!Ayanata BindulYindu: era-{qkrd Fqe/F<-"9 points. . B BacklPl: ya' fra. Scorpio and Aquarius ae i. Taurus. Ayanamsa' qmi{r Precession.Libra and Capricorn as ascendantsthe llth house. The Bahuilhanya:irEEraT twelth of tbe Samvatsars [sr<c<] or year cycle.e' for Aries. Sagittarius. the rixty Bahya RasilPl: qr€<rRr Sign as apart from Dwara Rasi as the latt"r is from ascendant.e. AyuI AyusI Ay urdaya : anX/arXq/aqcicLongevity.and for Durl or Muvable ascendants house' the as and Pisces ascendantg' 7th Gemini. as well as lJranus. Badhak Graha. Neptune and Pluto' Bahiryuti : qFq'f( Superiorconjunction.e. SolsticeNorthernmost and Southcrnmostlatituteds of Sun's apparentmotion. BaIa. Jupiter and Saturn. cftr+ 16 Obstructing planet' The lord of thc House of obstructionand also the planetspositedin it' According 'Jatak Parijat' the planetsconjoinedwith the lord of to the authorof the House of obstruction and posited in a quadrant to it also give resultsduring their periodsand sub-periods' unfavourable Bahir graln: afeiE Superior planets i'e' Mars. Virgo. qq Strength. BadhaklBadha Sthan: eiu+/oar tqR House of obstruction' Accordicgto Hindu systemthe following houses are consideredto be the Houses of obstruction: For movable ascendantsi. Bad[P] : qsc. 9th house. BcI : srq The infant state. for fixed ascendantsi. Cancer. Aynaphala: q{lsq Effect of being born in either of solistices.

J' faftn tr qis CrescentMoon. BaI Clandra: {rq r.e. Libra-Pisces. Bhabhog: rr*q Portion of Asterisp stillto be traversed. Beholdingsigns: Pairs of signs having same declination i.r One of Karns [orot] which is equal to half lunar day. Base of plam [Pl : q. Baseof fingerlPJ: q$q-1g.I SECTION TBNMINOI'GY Balance: tq (P) gi[r' tnt!(. .Ttr{. :' -Bfta: rr. <tFq:*zZodiac. BasantalVasantd Ease [P] : {q. Virgo. . +s One of the Karans [6Tr]. That is not aflicted and also benofics. I Bhadra: qrs One of Indian Lunar/solar months. {-gfti. behind thc Sun. Waxing Moon and stong Mercury. Barren: firtq'{. Sampat : st'il qqq Vernal or Spring equinox. Belley: !rqt. td Stomacb' qa Benefic: q'+T Fortunes Jupiter and Venus arc two natural benefic. BasenumberINJ : 1cin. ilqfi. cquidistant from thc tropics. Eava . Bhachakra: u-s+. Incapable of producing result. TaurutLeo. Balava: fiil. {i[ Fruitless. Sagittarius and Pisces are bestialsigns. Basantal Vasanc : qia/Eria Spring. rfvr. Bandhu: dqBrother. Balarishta: qr"fiF(Fa Danger to life in 2I infancy [upto eight ycarsl.{q. Beastial Srgz: *+ qfv Gemini.Scorpio'Aquarius and Sagittariur' Capricorn. These pairs are : Aries-Virgo. Gemini-Cancer.FIsrrrd. Besieged: cEqit Bestial lPl : crqrF{. Beaititude: frer Eternal Bliss. Balsamic Moon type: Native born when Moon is lessthan 45o qerrd* s-r<Iti t q-.

It is formed whenMercury is posited in the secondhousefrom the Sun. The author of 'Jataka Parijata.r) : qnqr{ Ascendant. Mansion. Eharani w<uit The second of. twenty-sevenconstellations. Seventh [t<fiJ twelfth laresfr] datesof lunar fortnight. : rrrq w/efot Cuspal chart. Blavarambh : tnqrtrtr First point of a housc. crtrsrcEnd point of a house. BhagaChumban: rrq sqFT Kissing/sucking the fcmale organ. BhavaLagna (. Bhava: rna House. Bhaga: qq Femaleorgan. solar period.n DIctIoNARYoFAsrRoLoGY and Bluiha Tithi: qrr feFq Second lf. House Cuspol Longitude. Bhag: rrmDivision. tl eqv"w ut'r. Part. Blava Sadhan: rtrr {TEr.ftqrJ. Bhagya rrrrqFate Destiny Bhanu: qt1 Sun. Bhaskar Yoga . Bhagol wfrq Starry expanse. qrm< firr An auspicious combination. House cuspal Longitudc. Bhava ClakralCluli.ruled by Vpnus.Ica . One of the five mahapurushayogas. It is formed when Mercury in its sign of on exaltationor in its own sign is positedin a quadrantto Ascendant or Moon. Bhnva Avsan z rtFT Bhavatola i fia e-cSrength of a house. BhavaMadhya: rrFrrIEI Bluvara: Tfi House. has given a number of combinatlonsfor such persons. ' Bhaskar rrrc+rSun. Moon is positedin the cleventh from Mercury and Jupiter in trine [5th or 9th house]to Moon. Midpoint of a house. or It may be undesirable Vulgar but there are people who indulge in it.I BhavaSandhi: fis-{rfsJunction of two houscr. Bhagan qqq Revolution. BhdvaSpashta: qtttt. Bhadra Yoga : rE *rr An auspicious combination conferring greatness the native.

Bhukti: {m. 4'7.'fiq-'i separately. Bhogya: Bhooloka : {qett Earth' Bhool Bhoo-Kendr ik I Kendriya : 1-tFr+/t. ch Bhoomi'nee : qfu-fl-s Perigree. Bhogonsa : ctrrisrCelestialLongitude. Bhoot totwa i W fr€ Elements' ' Bhratru: vq Brotherqrq $'r<n' Signfficator/indicator for Bhratru karaka Ul. BlnvishyaKathut: qRq tsm Prediction foretelling' Bhaya: cq Sixth house.fla Geo-centric.SSCTION I TERMINOLOGY 2I House as far away from a concorned Bhavat Bhavamqrflqq house as the concerned house is away from Ascendant' They are as follows : l'1.flq iwn Correction/rectification for planetary longitudes. Bhcri Yoga: it fr'r An auspiciouscombination' Bhikshu: fvel Beggar. Bij-Sanskar: . Bile : fct One of the threc humours. 9-5. Bi-corporealslgns : Xu <rfnrt Gemini. Sagittariueand Pisccs' Big toe [P] : cis m d1ot.' brother.{t{q Portion to be traversed.3'5. Bimba Pariman: fuq qfurTsl . Ashtakavarga of cach planet Bhinnashtakavorgd: fuctse. ll-9' 12-11.5-9. Bhuv arloka : c{sTd Earth. ?-1.Monk. Bhavishya:qFs Future. Diameter of thc disc of a planet. 8-3. Bhinnashtakavargodit Ayus : fqsrrddr{frf<durXq Hfe'span based on Ashtakavarga. qan Elaspedportion of Asterism' Bheeta: fi-c Stateof planet in dibility. : Bhoomyuchcfta qq=t APogce. d'etrnSub-Period. Bhukta: {tn Portion traversed. <Tf{r Another name for Bahya Rasi' Bhoga Rasi(J): rTlrr '. 6-11.2'3. 10-7. Blwyat.

h Bountiful: eTftrd-dlrrrq. Body: kE. Sign occupiedby Brabma' Brahma RasiV): egr <rfw c< Brcvery line lP) q-<-e{ trq tqr.ar A distinctionconferredon a. [P] srft-{. . Bodhana:frtrq.Yirgo'Libra'Firsthalf of Sagittariusand Aquarius.qFq. Broken[P]: Brokenline I P): dfe-ttq' Budha:1a.qn year' rrc/dfc( [cfl]. Birth-mark: c{{?t. Brahma[.Il : c. Bright &af : q<e w Brihaspati : 5qrcfr Jupiter Thursday' Jovian i Brihaspatyamana 1?. Bul/ : lvrr Symbol of Taurus' . Breast [P] : s{ €tr{.ta MercurY. Brahmanda:*gG Cosmos. Birth-number[N] : s.24 DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY Bipedsigns:faq-s(rfu{({rf{rqiGemini. q6e' BitterlPi: sq [ee<]' Sagittarius' Bitter signs:sF+q. Bone'. Bracelet[P] : qFtdu. BrahmaDasaIiJl e€T<{nA method of timing events' among the Hindus' The priestly class Brahman: {IEIUI IJniverse.Tq-<u.planetby virtue of certain horoscopicdispositions.q'i+'qqiq. Aries to Boreal signs : fir<rrrr fiv t mrr r+] <rftrqi Signs from Virgo. BowiPl: "{q.' Birth'time : sTirtfiIq.nfu-Fiery sign' Aries' Leo and \ Blood: a.

' v-t Cycle.entric : q*fta e. Chained Line [P-] : dqilan tqr.' qlffiq frgqq Td. Cazimi. CelestialLatitude : fqei. Chakra Dasa fJl. A planet within 17' of the Sun. Cardinal points .' qrrqlil(.'rrr+r. Eoi.il-e. Celestial Object: eq)tra {qt.trq. Carnal.' Celestial Meridian.' *elir<.' qrffiq. CeiestialLongitude.Tlrriq. Chaitra. Celestial Pole : ctitdla u.' t. CelestialEquator. Celestial Sphere.7 and 10. 4.6te ran psg11[ sign of the Zodiac.' tg Dragon's tail. . Canccr. .' {a First month of Lunar/Solaryear.SBCTION T TERMINOLOGY 25 c Cadentr qrfrkvc Houses3. f<fra. 9.' 61i. . CaudaDraconis.' trt< Tenth sign of the Zodiac.r trrs Houses l. Calculation. Cottle : T{. and 12.' irr s{r A method of timing events.q.' Tt <tfsr Movcable sign. Libra and Capricornl. Cardinal rigtt.rorfr.' q. Caste : ql[d. Celestial. c srr. [eigns: Aries. Dragon's head. cgis.a.' rqi?r. Chakra. Calendar. 6.' 4tq Sexualor physicalor animal desires. Cancer. Said to be in the heart of Sun and well-fortified. Caput Draconis. Capillary lineslPl: *ftm tcni.r of housedivisions. Celestial Geo. Capricorn. Calculator. clrrdt one of the well known system Camparus System.{.' <16 Cardinal House .' {rrr{n. qf6c-fi .

Claturdasi.c. srer Cluturasra: qg(tt' <-g'iew ?iEeq Fourth and cighlh hoUccs. " Chadraman: {sqtq Lunetion. Chap : src Arc.7. planetsare positedin houses 3.nedr.{. qrcft An ancientWest Asian civilization. r's Moon. difrerencc. Chaturthi: sg. Chandra-grohaz ta*qur Lunar eclipse. ClnraBalalll: ir<IIFT cardinal.26 OF DIC"IONAI'Y Atlt0OoY Chakra Yoga : s+ frq An auspiciouscombination. Chapyoga: qrc frq An inauspiciouscombinationin which all from tenth to fourth' the planetsare positedin houses Chara: qt Diurnal difference. Chamar l'oga : rirr< qiq An auspiciouscombination. Chastity: sfi. Chandrasta. or conjoin in the asccndant rovcntb. ChandraVarsha: {a e{ Lunar year F<aner*1. CharaRcsi: q< qfv Moveable/cardinal Libra or Capricorn. 5. fixed or mutable.9 and I l. dsr€aMoon-set. Charan: rign : Aricr.Moveablo. frq. t Characer I Char4ct eristi c : €€nrFr Chara Dasa ["I] : s-<aqnA method of timing cvcntr. Chandra. vg<ritThe fourtoenthluuar day. Chaturthamsa: Tgqi{rOne fourth part of a sign. (ii) When two benefics ninth or tenth'house' in Clundal. Chandrodaya:dct{q Moon rise. Luna. whcn all thc t. (i) When the Jord of ascendantin its ei3n of cxaltation ir posited in a quadrant aspectedby Jupitcr .'iE. Chan'.one fourth part of8 nrlthatra. Chaldea.' sisrmOne of the low castes tbo Hindur. Canccr.ff The fourth lunar day. .Pada. CharaKhand: r< ds Ascensional srs{ Phase. Strength duetoDtuteof tbc ri3ni.' : Chandrashtama Moon in 8th sign from janmorarhi while in transit.

Circle Diurnal. Chhayasunu: 6rqrq{.' tifa-sirq. Childrenline [P]: rimr t''n' Chin [P] : fsc. (son of Chhaya who is thc Spouseof Sun accordingto Mythology). tifito am*watc'r.5. rq-+g Shadowy planets Rahu-Ketu. .tt CheiromancyIPJ : {eticr srrca. . Chhatra Yoga : s-adm An auspiciouscombination when all the to planetsare posited in houses from seventh first. (vi) . Chronocrator.' strt sI.Eunr. lq. secondhalf of Sagittarius. Cheshta:*aet Motion. (vii) intimate enemy of lord of 64th Navamsafrom Moon. nna. C ir cle Declination. Circle. Rasi : Tgeqq Chatushpada Capricorn Leo. CheshtaBala: leq e-{ Motional strength. Cheirognomy[P1 : 6ta'<<.7 and l0' . Chatushtaya:{$s6qQuadraut Housesl. (iv) Lord of 22nd decanate (v) planet conjoined with lord of eighth house. are : (i) Lord of the eighth house . 41. vtfq Saturn. Chhidra: for. the seven categories such planets. Circle Antarclic. Arctic. ChronologY.' 1t. Chest: Efi FsFr. or ChhidraGraha: foa lq. of According to Jaiaka Parijat. <JqDefect. tfw Quadruped sign: Arics. Lord of 64th Navamsacounted from Moon .' E[aq Elsq 1ir.tt+t Tt. Ei{q. (iii) planet aspecting eighth house. Chhaya: atqt Shadow. Check[P] : acm.' C{'6tName of a constellationruled by Mars.SECTION I TBRMINOLOGY 2? : Chatushpada sgsTir QuadruPed. 6]S.''nrqxq-hrrq' Circle. ' Chhaya Graha t'rxnrA. Chitra. Taurul. Inauspicious deathinfficting planets. (ii) planet positedin the eighth house. 4.' f. Children: qilrc.

*<rf6+W.3{F'Tfl<' ConjugalPleasure. qrsft-tr(c-tT. <rRr5' i Circumference cf{E' CIan.' qftnn '-rrr' Prenatal aeccodant' Conception Conch [P]: de' Cone lPl : ft. Circle.' frfrqq. qdq-5vtq' nwnber [N] : w't-fefwd+' Conscience . Fqic<q.'st <rfrr d' rrft great u1l. @t etrw*' ConcePtion" 3ilelr. Comforts.' A cycle of sevcn and nine year determinedby the position of Moon in the birth'chart. periods Climactericalperiods.' i'caa. ss Congre . considered to be most Prodigiousor ominus' Coeli : <-gt rrreNadir.' An intermcdiary planet in aspect other planets not aspecting each other' Colour: tT' sot' go 6u51 'ife(. tion ofJupiter and Saturn in Sagittarius' A period of heaval.tila. Fourth hotuc' t'o two Collectionof light.' qrfa. <fdgq' Conjunction..'. Circle Transit . lta' ar' q1{Ffl' Conjuror .q-ciq' ComPuter: rs'!q<. Zodiacal .28 DICTIONAIY OF ASTROIIX}T Circle Hour: dq lq.' i lil] nrcis' Compoundnumber {. ConiclConicallPl : riq{rsr{' fi'"}sr' planets Configuratiorr fia qI qfffi lq) +it qfa' Thrce or morc " conjoiningin a house.''{f'lqr0. Division' io. s5+(' ComPanion. . qu*g' Comet.' arff5-<ur Classificat qk $ dt gft conjuncClimacterical coniwction .T' Ascendant.' g<t{tesrg fi{qf<siii' Commutation.

' fie.' r6ris Universe.26o. For differcnt planet it is as follows. 17"..' Erriqil. Cycle . Culmination. qris-"F. Cycle of the planet. crescent.' sq{ 6l rfrs{. rTq{GrQl.'qFTq. Cosmic Cross: A planetary combination in which two planets are in opposition to each other and a*third planet is squaring them' It is also callcd T-square. critlcal Degrees. constcllotion. fixed signs9o.. Courtezan. .Tenth house. Coral rfrF{. Croix MystiquelMystic cross [P] : A big cross on the palm betweenthe Line of Heart and the Line of Head.FJ.' . ion ConswttPt -' 8{' qrRt. ConveYorce : En. +qt. Culmencoeli: srrrqFr Midheaven. 13". Cuspal Chart : vn qrrefr. sqtq. 2lo . s+c Symbol of Cancer.' c€ il cf{Tqrr+rc Time taken by a planet to return to its original position.ccrtaiq degrees of thc zodiac considered to be of special significanceby the astrologers.' q'ie)w<qt.'Native born when Moon is 45'to 90' Crescent ahead of Sun.. Cruel Sign. ar<r star. Crooked [P] : iat.qFTim. Correction. Moon rype. aTFt. gEa.IFCfION I TBRMINOLOGY T' . Conection'in-time. Cosmos.r. Cusp : tnqT<rtr. 6 <rfnSign owned by a cruel planet like Sun and Mars. Asterism. and mutable signs 4". CrYstal.Gr?[.' c+s'r<. Cycle of alround bliss.'A planet at Midheavenor Zenith |Ir{-qr(trr' cr{{fa. Crab : *qs. Cross lPl. q5. Thesedegreesarecardinal signs0".

' sfuq South.<al s't qn+ Fire of gems. Mars 687 days.' ec Punishment. qr(I'Frcfr.' Eftsfrqmrq Results of combinations for poverty. smfil{t Astrologer. Dakshina: sfryor Thc order in which triad of starsshould be cast accordingto Kalachakra Dasa [l. M. Saturn 29 years..' <r'rivq.1 BindulYindu. Danda. D Dainik. .ana qftrulTqa fa.. +iarg.they form yogas (i) when all the bencfics 3r"U yog* fat 61rrarq4l rnq1 m'r] .they form Sarpa yoga lei d't]' Damaka. {ll-a{r<qt Significator [indicatorl Darakararca [J]'. Earth 365 days.30 DICTTONARY OF ASTn'OLOGY Moon 28 days. for wife.ft Dara : EtlI. Dakshina.m-<t <ur]' Dakshina Gola : EF{q'ft-dSouthern Hemisphere : Southerncourse of Sun.and first houses. Rod. {fqt Diurnal. Daridra Yoga: sf<adn Combination for poverty. (ii) when all the maleficsare in the quadrants. Dakshinal.' s[eToIT4a SummerSoligtice' Dakshinayana DalaYoga. DaminilDama Yoga.qt Venus. Wife. Danavejya. (rFri. Uranus 84 years. Jupiter 12 years. 12th. DailY. Daivaina.' <rfrfi/<ra q)'t when all the sevenplanets are positedin six houses. It consists two are in the quadrants.' (q*{ A combinationin which allthc benefics of are or all the malefics posited in the quadrants.' isa. qt?riT. DandaYoga: llth. Pluto 248 Years' Neptune 165Years. Daridra Yogaphalam. ec frrr when all the planets are posited in lOth. Mercury 88 days. Damsels. Venus 225 days. q.' qsft{i.

Decumbiture: srr 1d Horary chart. In unfriendlv quarters.Cycle. Debt z EqT. qs.' wq faFq. Date of birth numberlNl : q*dTfflfq dn. Deepta: frc Planet in its sign of exaltation.' Esnbr Period of a weak. Declination: aGe.*a.fe{ Dayadins: tcqq. Decile. Death: Tq. Dasa chhidhra. Davamsa[.' ertfr Tenth lunar date.Tci{r]. Dark lnlf liLunar monthf : TEroT Dasa: <snPeriod.Riqr]. qtur. hora [tn].iTen divisionsof a sigu. shodashamsa and shashtiyamsa [!r]s{rtvrl lqsaqin]. the first of the twenty seven Dasra: constellations. December: ktrra-(. cruel and combustplanet. Virgo. z 1*t* One third division of a sign. dwadashamsa[urcniw]. . Dashavarga: ssrr. Day : fq+r. Aquarius and Pisces.. qfffi Ashwini. Scorpio.' qirfi'Adopted. debilitated. Deer. Debilitation(in) fiq rrfcrlt R. Dashamamsa.INCTION I TtsRMINOLOGY 3T qs.' 36" aspect. Libra. Dashmi. Daughter: gdt. Af<or Symbol for first half of Capricorn. dashamamsa [<mtqri. Dattaka. <qrqirtTen equal divisionsof a sign. dreshkan [irmq]. Date : Fdfc. Saptamamsa [{. €{filqsridt qrq.Thesedivisionsarc: Rasi [<tf{r]. Day houses: fe<r<rFvrqt Leo. Date of birth. Deed: md Deen: *q lfi{€qr] planet in humiliation. trimsamsa [flauiir]. Tr Deergha: fti Long. DecanlDecanate iotro1.

Seventh sign from the one owned by a Detriment: e{s< planet. sign: *s rr&r' Depression fil'-fl. Destiny Twentysixth constellation from the birth t'{r Deshantarrekha: tqri''m Terrestrial longitude' : qTr'I. Descending Descension:r*t{q. Devaloka: ffit Planct etroDgin sevcndivieions [Ti]' . DestinylfateIine I Pl ' rlpq/rre"r tat' Destruction: qq. Demise: TitT. fq{rrqaTs{. Demonic: ermfa. DICTIONARY OF ASTNOLOCY Dehadhipa: Wrq Ptanct-lord of first sign for Savya [wnJ constellationsin constellations and last sign for apasavya [qqs€q] Kalacbakra Dasa lrrcqt cw]. Descend: sTTttflr Descendant : a{Ttr$IFr. Demerit 1 qar1q. Desha. gr{. {<or. <rfsT. Demon: qFlE. qttrq qlef. Deva: t4 Fifth house. frq. fu constellation. qq{t.rising: qrq Ascendant. node: 3m+€crd' Descending nodeof Moon : +(. DePression. or Deha[JJ: k Ascendant Sun. DeitY : qre?s' Deity line [P] : qc*cr.58l.?2 Deerghayu: ffi{ Long life. Degree. Delineation : $-fit{t-{. Deho Rasi: tt{rftr first sign for Savya [tal] constellationsanrj last sign for aparavya [aveza] constellations in Kalachakra Dasa [orer<r <vn1. Defnition: qf<cFn' Degree: u*. . c'mFrd.

gqTLibra. Comet. Dhata. (s-.Nature. Dignity ' Tqma-q Affinity or rapport between planet and sign. Dhee. Dhocmaketu {qh-E : Dhruva: a.a Pole. Digbala : krsq Directional strength. Devil: drm Mars (P) fcsrrq qa Devotee: cfss sFa. Diameter : EqT{r.[Gr. lOth and 4th houses. *ri. ruled Dhanishta: ufqcfl One of twenty seven constellations by Mars. q+'q]ffi asn A method of timing events. iaqr Direction. tre.aja: r. Dharma: rd Rcligion. Er.. Dinakrita: gi ftcrq-d. Dhana: m Second Dhana Yoga'. Dhairya: 6'i third house. Cardinalpoint. Digbindu: fE|re-< fian Digit'. Basemineral.rcrrt). Diamond: €fa. Dhanuryoga. qrq dl \ilhen all the planets arc betwcen . Devara: **q Husband's Devejya: tin. Diachroism lPl : <cl it ftsli-dr. (qFe) Saitan. 1t JuPiter. Dhanu: ut Sagittarius. Dichotome: qriq=rHalf moon in first end third quarters.s'. house. of Dhooma: qt A satellite Mars. Dhanya: rjr"rrT. Ketu.SECTIONI TBRMINOLOGY 33 youngerbrother. *'g Dhu. Semen. DharmaBhava: q{}rrsNinth house. u1frrr. ft Fifth house. . Diameter of the disc of planet : frrr qfqm. Sun.Property. ffifrq gstn6inations confcrringwcalth. Dexter Aspect: 3&I{rdII x'<Fqqq Aspect takcn in oppositc order of the sign. DislDik : fEI/Rq. Dlntu 3 errg.

(p) qrr. q..rds. F{$r'u Occupationof a sign by a planet.ocy Dinmana: ftnqrq Natural day. Dot: f+Vfrq. Direct motion: qr. Diurnalmotion: €fqnqfe. ?mrqlirrrq Decanatc. rcarrg Aspectlngplanet..34 DIcrroNARy oF AsrRol. Drashta. Scorpio.{. l I .' E{GI. Diverseline [p]: n1 tcr. Dragon'stail : tg. Doublet lPl : trq {i{. lc-{r Diurnal diference: T. Virgo. Discordant a:pe\: fcq{ 5ft2 Aspect : from Jiery and watery rlgns to earthy and airy signs. 150" aspect. Division. Divine sight : f*q Ef. Dispositor: rqrrfe <nfrvr Lord of the sign LccupieO by a planet. r6aApparent.i. Dragon. DrekkanafDreshkana . Diurnal signs: ffi Tfqrct Leo. Dodecatomaryz <rftr. c.s head : <g. Diurnal: €f+n. Direct: qnff.qi6. Evil. Dormant: rgq.&a.if qfr. Disposition: Ga. Dolan : fl-cc Oscillation. ^ Aquariusand pisces. Disha: fqqn Direction. Direction(s)' ftrrr. f<1 Wecternsyttem of timing events.ffi. rrr. Dosh: *s Humour. Domal dignity: Fq'l€t. Dream. DoublenumberlffJ .. Disjunct: euincunx.. Drashta Gralw. Libra. ' Disseminating Moon type: Native born when Moon is 135"to 90'behind Sun.

fqr <rtnGemini.' grffi Aspectual strength. . [Gemini.TTrik housei.' ar<<rfnSign under consideration' Dwarf I crqq. first-half of Sagittarius. DrishtiKshitiia: EFafqfeq Visible horizon' Drishtiphala. Durudhara Yoga : 1w<r frrr. : One-twelfthdivision of a sign' Dwadashamsa ar<srin q-dqResultof dwadashamsa' phalam.' arcqriv Dwadashamsa Twelth Lunar date.'qsfs.' drEqr6'. Sagittarius. qtncr frrr When Moon is hemmed in betweentwo planets.' Ffr. 6th' 8th and 12th. Pisces]' Dumb sign: 1a <rfvr Duration. Dwadashaka.e.Virgo.' qa Seventhhouse. Libra. Dusstlnn leqr. r< <rf{ Biped cign. 6la.dtfi.SECTIONI TERMINOLOGY 35 ' Drigbala.' qFds{ Result of thc aspect' Sum total of aspects' Drishtipinda. Virgo' Aquariusl. Secondlunar date. Drishti. Third house' Dushchikl'a: 1fo++a rrot Dushtatnardna. Drishya chap : {ra sTqArc of vision. Dual Sign. Scorpio. Efiafre Drishya: Eu Visible. lfsa AsPect. Dwipada Rasi: faqs<rfsr. Dumb: nr.' fa*ETts I'isces]' [Gemini. Sagittarius. Dwitiya. A DrigdasalJ) : Eq{TI method of timing events' Drishta: lce AsPected. houses' " Twelfth house. lCancer. DrY Planet' srsfitr6.a: <rfn Dual/mutable/commonsign' Dwiswabhat'a Rasi. Violent death. Dwadashi: ar<sfr Dwara Rasi[J].itqr Dyuna.not Sun among them.' EG'. Dual sign: fr€Trc/*a rfqr Mutable sign fGemini' Virgo' Piscesl. Dwantlv.

[P] . Eclipse*qor.' rret. Ekadashi.EclipsePartial . *a.' qrkq.. rtfa . Eclipselast contact rz . EclipseAnnular.' qa. This is done in calculating Ashtakavarga [arczn-a{i. Element. Total : Tf lqor. qrRTr€ur. {T Elephant : q*. Elementary land lP): qTkq znfirsrrq :tr[T< qrq.i tQ". Elementary . Earthy signsltripllcity.' s&rilr. lentq e<. ce rt'fla. Solar : {. Ecliptic pole . Electionalastrology: w6i wru. Elbov IPJ .. . qtr r€or. : Earth nature l'Pl : qs ryfr tgrrfuflT. Ecsr: gf. i Eclipse.rir. Virgo. Earth: g"fi. . Eccentricity. q{r<sfrEleventh lunar date.qlTrE. Eclipsed body : rQwq6 6=.r/Are/rfrs-{ Reduction on accountof a planet owning trvo signs. capricornl. Ekadhipatya.'rq.36 DTENONARY OF ASTROLOCY E Eagle : m-c Symbol of Scorpig. fuEq. Eclipse first contact iz .' :fi'(t{.' q!'s [€ot. I 'rr Eclipse. emdeq Apparcnt orbit of Sun.' grlfqq-cq planet owning two signs.. . Eclipse. T.' cF6[tq. A ' Ekadhipatya haranf hrasaI shodlan : gr. tr{t. rr*. cirqm'rtrWT. Eclipsedplanet . sMl. ftq<. rt'n rE"r.Lunar. Ecliptic. €.' ercrtrQ. qrfr-rfirqifaolc [Taurus. Ecliptic limit : rqw{lrr. wli.. Effect. ..

fe. Equinoctialpoint.Secular: t{ork* (firr<.' qq{ (frd'R. Elevation of pole .' wn?frqfcX<-< Eqtmtor. Annual .' Altitude distance in degreer above horizoo. Epoch.' q{ ter. Equation . fffir.IBCTTON I TBRMINOIOGY N Elevation .' l6ur-frm.' F{X{ tet. Equinoctial time: f<g<+t. : c€r. EnemY : w4. fisf.Aries and Libra. Emersion .'Eoe. Equator j f?gEE Ifl et.' Planet having maximum latitude. Equation.' Planets in Aries are elevatedover thoseiD Taurus.' Equation. Si8rns beginning from two oquine Equinoctial sign : fcv< <tFn tial points. . Equinoctial circlelline .and so on. Epact : Eqfqrg5'q1.. i'+tqc ilc. Elevation by sign. . fqtE-kq. Elongation.' sq{ 6tr Distance of a planet from Sun.' Wsq tcr qfqEs tEI.' srkr sfi+n. g'+f{. Equation of plmetary orbit : rq<. Terrestrial. Enmity. vwa. Embolisinic lunation. Elevationby latitude. ss41-q1q. Equation of equinoxesi eqE/s'qtq rrtrR. (rtti6-@t.e'k.9. €ro[. Enterprizing . Equation of time. Eqtntor Celestial.6r sfrr<. Reduction to : Rts-( s{rrrnfiftaq.'qilr. .''isilT.{ Td. Planet at or near midheavenis said to be elevated. fins7ald.' Referring to a map or chart cast for thc timc at which the event occurred. w.'Trr qfqqrq ftRqa +-d F1frfu Method to detcrmine extra lunation. Envy line lPl. Equator.' ssfi.' qqiv Latitude. EPhemeris.a Ewtct. Ephemeral. {frrr<.

Emltation (in) : €-il.10.Precession o/. Experiment. On thesedays. Expenditure. Eyes IPJ . 9 or ll.' rlc r€. 5. Eunuch. vflm Influence of a transitting planetary aspect.gcts oue. Extinction of a Bhava (Housi. EquinoxesEquatim o/: ewre q+t"R. Even Signs.' rn<(IrFrIkT. This happenson March 23 and Septcmber23 every year.7. The third sex.t . argt eurr. Excitation. Ethcric lPl : [qi wnr] amrn-qft.' it3fi c€.' fsts. then that houseis considcred be to ertinct. Vernal. Cancer. Event : Eren. Mercury and Saturn. . cdfec Spiritual Astrology based on EsotericAstrology.5ari]and is situated in housc l. is two or three dots only in its Aehtakavarga [ura. 4.' frqfu. sd( vr. Virgo. Eyebrows[P]: %r: qlt. qq Equinox. Evening ttar : $iat 661. Capricorn. Era: ex5 q. Eunuchplanet. Evil: arF<cc. Eyelids LP): qq+.' dE{r. Externalizationt An cvent which occrus at the time of a transit or other astrological influence. Evil planet. Ext ra-satursiotp lanets. nrqm When apparent Sun is exactly above equator. Pisces.. F4Ee.' lfrq. Equinox.' {I rA.rgr Planet ricing in wcst at day set.' cq qfwi Taurus. ia.' qtd.' aETrdT Karma [rd'] and past life. vce.' anr. Evenrng twilight.. qFr<Tqr lVhen waning Moon positcd in an enemy quarter or sign of its debilitation. F<v<<n-< Equinox. Essential dignities . Autunnal .3E DrcnoNARy eF AsrRorocy Equircx.Tlq.rfre. qftqq.. Enor: afe. qF+.Neptune and pluto.night and days are of equal duration. Scorpio.' Uranus/Hershel. Evening.

Even signs i.' <lIT Fatal period: rTt<fi Period of a planet cauring death. Female: rdt. Fat lPl. i-(. Scorpio.$ FertilitY. sh.Capricorn.' sqR{r Interpretation. Fetters: qfr. Leo. Fecundity. tsdsq' orKq ']i+.' Fadic number [lV] : e-qFdfc Failh: wlt. Fatade (tu): fi-c' Falt Fone : qs. cTk.i. Female horoscoPY:rfi qreq'' Femaleorgan lPl '. Vcnu4 Ncptunel. Femalesigns: sq drct. drflrfu . Female plorcts z €t r€.fi.MINOLOGY 99 r Sixth part of a sign. Fert ility : vd<et. Sagittariur. qrrq' crGq.qi. . fbte Fate line [P] : crq/ crcs tqr.tr.fqtt. Fertile sl'gts: $q F< <Ifrrqi' srr+ qfirqt Fruitful rigns.Pisces. cf<rr<' Fan [P] : {ct' iol Fast-in-mot : a{f({rfr' Tfi. rr?Ftn. era' February: s({fr Secondmonth of thc chrtstran qqa sf. fcdl.e. Face : wez3n. Father-in-law: {Tt(. Taurus. i[T' ]qaa [Moon. qqk Chart. Cancer. <rRr/Efutrqfirfi Mutual atpect or rcccption bct' ween Planets.Virgo. Finance: q?r.SBCTION I TBB. FutrilY: {a. Father .[' Foniliarity. Fiery nature tPl : qF-< qF{ <rftrqiAries. *q. Fiery signs: Figure: qv*.

' w-ut. According {o Indian astrologersthese flavours are : Sun-Bitter .qrtl. Saturn-cold and sour. Fore arm [Pi : rdt'e. Mars-astringent end pungent . They differ from west to India. F/at [P] : qcrs. ForefingertPl : adfi. Neptune-Seductive. qqq k. Fixed Zodiac : f+<qq<tftrcfi/rrqr.(.c. Scorpio. Mercury-astringent . Foot lPl: qE. . Pluto-aromatic. Pirces. Saturn-with a tinge of bittcrness. Foetzs. Jupiter -lweet . Venus sweet and warm . . Finger-joints[P] : qfifu. Forefather: adu. Mercury-mixed sour and sweet.Leo. s<r6.ew srrfE].40 DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY Flnance number [il] : srtir. Focalpoint : *. MoonSaltish. Flexed: e-'e<rftrci Mutable signci. Fixed signs:Rqr rfnci Taurus. Uranus cold andastringent.Aquarius. Forefoot LPI z qrrm t<. Mars-pungent.Fixed: Rsr<. . . Sagittariue. there flavours are : Sun-sweet or pungent . Moon-odourless .astrological: *6f * w [c. Firstpoint of Libra: crc< Fis[ : *q.r. Finger tPJ : tti'gfv. Force : tq.planetary flavours. Flavour. mrr Symbol of Pisces. Firstpoint of Aries: <ta wvq f<eg. Fire : qfrq. Gemini. Venus-sour .E fs-< A planet or aspectformation of primary importancein a chart. Jupiter-fragrant. Fishline [P] : rcc tqr.Flesi [P] : ci€.F/ag[p] : qqr. Virgo. *qts.Tr. Firm-jointea [P] : c6tr. According to western astrologers.

urpr"t"a by strong unaflicted . moon tlpe: Native born when Moon lril is lg0.Jupiter and Venus. q'€IirTsI.T {FFr.rgzs : Sameas fertile eigns. Forctell . Fortune: ltfat.: qq+irfi t'rq (i) when Jupiter is posited in a . Friday: {Tqlr. quadrant to Moon : (. Future: rTfs6c. Fortifide: A planet is said to be well-fortifiedin a chart when eralted angular. Gaja Kesari yogy. Full moon r^ftn1. Fortune number[N] : qrrqm..j) when Moon i.' qfqsq s'ffi. Fruitful . Galactic centre: en+ruqrfuq t. Fructif cation time : qq. Fortunes: qccQ. Gain : ew. Friend: fqa. Fasnqc.--rMercury. .well-placcd and wcll arpected. Formula {a' tt.E Gravitational centre around which the Sun revolves. qn fate. Fraternal: wr*t *qaq.-ae.6. Fourth toe : cr4 qt 3r{rfqilT. Fork [P]: kk€. nv:r<<rfvmi. G Gada yoga: q-{rq}q Wrren all the planetsare in two consequtive quadrante. to 135" behind Sun. Fortnight : qeT. Frustration: {Q ta ii crl![{ Abscission.SBCTION I TERMINOLOGY 4l Forehead [P] : qrra. qrcq. Jupiterand Venus. Fortunate signs: positive signswhen rising. fas.

Ghanta.Jewel. wr. end of constellations -"iaarl. Genethliacal q. Geha: i€ Fourth housc. rrt Stone.' Gentle signs: strq <rftrqiEven signs. ruled by Ketu lAshwini..' v&/eF-or. Ganda: ric When the birth takes placc during night at the Jyeshthaownedby Mercury [Revti.<t EPocb. efr A measure of time cqual to twcnty four minutes. or when the birth takes place dirring day at the t<ft. 1vl. I trq Ghatana:q-eqEvent. . Girdle of VenuslPl: qt nk+t. urrc'w.fr{.its corrcct fofm should be Khandant [cvie] end of a division. This period is considered to be highly detrimental for the child. Gemini: fqrtc t<rful Third of the twelve signr of the Zodiac' Astrology: il'TF rtrtalNatal Astrology.12 DICTIONARY OF ASTROTIGY riqt. \+'. It is considered to be a very dangerous/critical 8feia. In particular' this term standsfor the junction point where sign and asterismend rimultaneously. Garland[P]: qrm' Goti z qf< Motion. Magha. q:<cl Moon. GhatilGlatika. Ashlcsha. Moola beginningof constellations -qffi. Gannna. : Geocentric c+f:r+.ctsfi The birth or the beginning. Aquarius. {Iff qrr'I.'qa Hour. Gnana: rrq Tenth house. GalaxY: lrrdT{r rs-a$6vsa1hhouse. Glou: d. Ghata: Ere. Ghatika Lagna ["1]: qfrt wq A kind of Aspcndant' *r GibbousMoon: eTstfeffi When Moon iE betwcen135'and 180" aheadof Sun. Gemz @. Geniture. Gandanta: rrei-cAccording to some astrologers. Scorpio-Sagittarius or Pisces'Aries. as well as the family. aw i Ghatana-kslana qe. When the birth takesplace in the eveningat the junction of Cancer-Leo.

I Good [P] : firc. Godhuli: frqf. Gout : aw. GrahiyaAyana: rqta *at Planetaryprecession. rrfr. Gnati karaka lPl: ilf6q5qm Significator/indicator for cousins and relations. Granthi: tilc Knot. lq-ft+r+ Planetary system. . GolardhciGole :'Irdni/'frq Hemisphere. GocharaDasa . Grahanogata Grahana Seema: qEur+crEcliptic limit. : Graha-Yuddha rqna Planetary fight.{ Evening twilight. cqc Taurus. Grahaaperan: rq+rirotPlanetaryaberration.h+<aw Progression.MIINLOGY 1? Gnati. Grod Cross: Two sets of planets in opposition to each other forming four squaresand two oppositions. Gocharaphalan: rt+< qqq Thc result of planetary transit or progrcssion.SECTION I TBR. GrahiyaKaksha: r6f+ oar Planctary orbit. Graha. : Graha-nikaya. Sunset. : Grahakrant Rasish: l6tia <nfrwDispositor. Gochara: rir+qPlanetarytransit.'*6 Planet. vrle \. GrahanarqurEclipse. Grandtrine: Three or more planetsforoing trine [at 120'] to one-another. Gokula: rfrqv.elation and courins. Gopura: figr When a planet ic strong in four divisions. 1v <rFn Another name of Taurus. rrle/'rlv+ trq When all the planets are in the GolalGolaka Yoga : samehouse/sign. Grovily: av<2. iv Aries. Gowri rtfr The Goddess. Grahagunakar: {{-{uITFRPlanetary factors. Go : rft. Pinda: n61rFmie-< Eclipsedbody. . GrahiyaSiddhanta: tfra fcaia Planetarytheory.

or (iii) 4th. 7th. Harihara BrahmalVidhiyoga: Ake<*-g/f{fil fu It consists of three combinations : (i) tfq <i. Hala yoga. when Jupiter. Guru : tgt Jupiter. (ii) 3rd.' tLa'{R Thursdav- H Hair [P] : *tt. loth. Hand-print [P] . Hani: {rfq Loss. to Guna:1ur Qualities.M.r (Ilari yoga). W frq When all the planets are in (i) 2nd. rgr-<Gre lVhen Jupiter is conjoincd Guru'chandala rtq with Rahu [46]. Gulika: Xfvor A sensitivepoint according to Jaimini. 8th houses. Happy : tkd A state of planct in its friend's quarter. Moon and Mercury occupy4th. When beneficsoccupy 2nd. Griha : TQHouse. Happy Union line [P] : 16t gs tcr. the zero-degree longitudepoint.ter q6.. L2thand 8th housesfrom the lord of 2nd house.f.l. Bri* {iis(. Aqaun. Teacher..44 DtcrroN ny oF AsrRorlrcy Greenwich mean time tc. 9th and gth . Hand lPl: {€( Oq. 6th. {* A tertiary point in the chart considercd be the son of Saturn. Sagittarius or Piscesis in a quadrant to Ascendant/Moon. (ii) Hara yoga. Grill IPJ: tqrcrrq. I lth. Harnsayoga i d€ *{r When Jupiter in Cancer. ffiTq rilq rrrq Univenal standard time or the time at the primc meridian. yoga. al Gregorian calendar : efisarcE iqi?r. Guruvar . Halo: qfriq. Greeshn Grishma: fisc Summer.

qn. Jupiter is its planetary representative.g/rsfu*rl.r. Heir apparent : . Heliocentric: qd il-fh.rcq.f q-ene. qcqn Mercury and Saturn voa are considered to be hermophroclitepranets. Hollow handlPl: 'rq*n Ai*. Herschel: zrio. Heliacal setting: q. . Herbs : 3T1slil. Heel lPl : g€1. Heli: ifq. Hermophrodite: vrq ferrfr. Head line tPl : rrf<q tcr. when sun. Hexagon: Sextileaspect(p) vglw. Healthy: r+tq When the ptanet is in its own quarter. Heart lPl: (E{. Heliocentric Astrology: Fk F*filq A modern system of Astrology basedon birth date and not rising sign and houses. qr(qqfrqr.rcr( Mercury is the heir apparent of the solar family. Hemisphere : r'tdTd. Hips lPl: f. $w. Erruft Uranus. Heart line [P] : E. qrl Sun. Head lPl : t?rd. Hibuka: fqgnFourth house. Accoiding to . Harvest-Mopn . and (iii) Brahna/Vidhi yoga t*.phal::eepika fs-trfr{nnlKetu [\l is atso a hermophrodite.sEcrroN r TtsnMrM)rocY 45 hous:s from the lord of 7th house .qt{T. $q€. venus and Mars occupy4th. qTfr.cc ter.HealthlHepatica line tpl : e+fea/artra tqr. Hasta: {€d A constellationruled by Moon. Hell: q<. l0th and r lth housesfrom the lord of Asc€ndant. Hemanta: Qve Mild winters. Health: Fqrtal. Heliacal rising: $ €il€. . Heaven : !ilq'nf. wft-1funt. Height [P] : s. .

0n rrr A kind of Ascendant' of Hora Sastra:d<r qrrcaSciencc timc : Astrology' cffiq' HorarY Astrolog!: rm Horizon: fkfrqt. Houselongitude: qFr lnfi' qr{{qrd Qusp' (t.8. Hue Human sryn : a. Huntours: faElq [am-Fan+r]' Husband: qfu. qrt"dn : .A planct in debilitation. cr& tcr' HoroscoPe: tsfi Chart' Ilorse [P] : *Fr' Hour: qzr' House: r{rE. flquqmrecd' . . (ii) A unit of time' hour.tsw{. q.46 oF DIcTIoNARY AsrRoLoGY Hora: Aar (i) Half division of a sign. fav-<afvr Biped sign. HyPnotism' wrt\< fa'ar. the : House-to-house qFrFr cTIE{ The house 8t tway from as houseconsidered that houseis away from Aec€ndant' Reduction' Hrasl Haran : 6t/6rsr. . Hora Lagna t Jl . 12' House'Trick:fa+'cra Houses.l Hottsehold: Ta"q The sccond house in r chart represents household.< <rfw. Horizontal: c{F{q. Humilia|ion (ln) : €tr el-qerlr. Horizontal line lP). i H yPocr ti cal : vni€t.'t Colour.T€. Hyleg:Asensitivepointinhoroscopconwhichlifcanddcath depend. Half of Sagittarius. Gemini' Virgo' Aquarius.

from Moon. . Impedimefi: Erq. Indu : \.nger [p] : etffi. qrcqra Son not born of his fathcr. afflicted Mercury. Impedance: rfccrrr. Indra yoga: q'r qtq When Mars and Venus are in the 3rd houseand Jupiter and Saturnin the 9th house. .1ufut. Individuql [p] : rOc [F4<]. Scorpio.i6 Mercury and Venus. Illustration: s(gwr. $r Mercury.SBCTION T TBRMn\oLoGY n . Induputra: Ftta. Incest . Index fi. Inferior conjunction : *a1fu. aqrqqR. Infnity [i/] : arqa. Incantation: ta. Imum Coeli: qntttT Nadir.. qT-BTd. . qrE Moon. Illegitimate : eia. Illiberal line [p]: rqqer tqr. oQfrm.1. wf. vrr Inaudible tPl : F+rr (ecr). Infortuner: 'rr{Tvr{ IJranus.Taurus. qrf. Immorality : vrs. Impotent: tc. Aquarius. Impregnation : rrqiqrr. Impedited: t1ac Affticted by evil stars.Saturn. Immovablesigns: lFfi Tfrrri Fixed signs. 3Trr{rFm.rnfr.r ilni qrilr. Mars. vqet+r. Indriya: tftrq Organ of senses. Inauspicious: antrr. Imitation stonestpl : Tfac rr q8 w. afqq1. Incendiary: nfrx< qr. qq{fi. fourth house. Immersion: Fnfrct. Illuck . Leo. Influenceline lpl: sqTqtcr. Inferior planefs : wa. l6ur. Immovable: ftq<.

(If{friqrsun'sentranccintofourcardinalsigns heraldingbeginningof four scasons' Initlating signs:' T( <rfrrli Cardinal signr' Inimical: srE. line' Inner lift line li'l: (€nrfi ft*t tei' {rm til Mars Innerplanets:ertr'i{.be. valuebetween of Interpolation:(i) Process finding intermediate longitudesand planetary two known nu.iitT{fr{-{swiftmovingplanets-Moon' Mercury.s (ii) Computationof housecusps. {T6{'rT' IntermediarY : rrEr€sr' Iilerperiod : r<qm csn Sub sub-period' a-6im' : InterPlanelarY waii-fra. *ia' Isstrcless: 180'. Sun. eccn Nature' Int er calatarY . Ishtadeva g6'd+{ Sum total of beneficialaspects' Ishrapintla:Esefq-s etq' Island[P] : q-s. Intutiol: eif. Venus and Mars' Inner bome [P] : qc-fi' Instinct [P] : c1fa.tFrq Intution line lP): 3lfiFrqilrr tst' s?atqr' from is when an aspect cubtracted Iwersiort: Resultantaspect' strong in nine Iravat: {rT{q/q{qE. Ishta: qsaTime of birth from Sun rire' Epoch' Deity. . afrere' Jign : When a sign is not placed on the curp of any Intercepted house. ion Interyretat : s-qr?vt' imatefriend : qFrfir*' Int an.rTT4r€{When a planet is divisions.ess:ridfa.4E DICTION^IY OF ASTT'OI. frwan.OGY Ingratitude linelPl: 1a*rm tct' Ing.

Jooka: {d. i. sign of the Zodias labout 361 days].rR€4. ffiE wrfdTwenty fifth constellationfrom the birth constellaJati : tion. srF(qrdA well-known ancient treatise on Indian astrology. Jaroja : qr<a Nativg born not of his father. Cancer. fi-q Joined to i qqa. the constellationin which Moon is positedin Natal/birth chart Jeeva. pisces.water [element]. 16wfnJupiter.Pisces. fFqFi Grcat Indian seerand astrologer.r Combinationsin which iltegal births take place : Jataka : :{ri?f. Jaimini Sutra : ffrft qa. . qfira Seventh house. Fourth house. Jovian /ear : T{qe{rqnTime taken by Jupiter in traversing a . Jataka Parijata: ETriFfi. Jamitra. w.Nativity. Jala : qq [m<]. JewelI Pl: <<. 1werc Penance. Jala-trikona: irq-ld+lq Water triad of Terminal signs i.6 Another treatiseon Indian astrology. an Being in aspectto another planct. Jalnz at.SECTIONI TERMINOLOGY 49 J Jaimini. gdr Libra. Janma Rasi : irrq <rFn Sign in rvhich Moon is posited at the time of birth Janmarksha' q-'cei !r*r-{qa consteilation in which Moon is positedat the time of birth. A treatise by Jamini eulogizing his novel and non-conventional way for prognostication.Scorpio.v Birth.}rfn 1iye. Mental or vocal repetition of a mantra. r[F. cspccially in conjunction.r.e. Jonma. Jhasha : sIrI. *. Jaraja Yoga : srcq *. Jeevaka: *+t Monks who are after good food and talk too much. Jataka Tarv'a: Erri.c.

utl Time. fr{. Jyeshtla. Jyeshtha:viaaLunar/solarmonth. Jvot ishi. Kala . Kalachakra:. T{sfil. ' Kala Bala: drcr{q Diurnal strength. $ifi crg A month of Christian Calendar Jtmcllonpoints: ricia Points where sign and asterism end simultaneously of [Last degrees Cancer. Kahala Yoga : tlqq rtrr (i) When the lord of fourth housc and the lord of ninth house are in quadrant to cach other and the lord of Ascendant strong.is conjoinedor aspected the lord by of tonth house. Death. of . Kadamba:*<re Ecliptic polc. Twins. vffi Light.Pisces. (ii) when the lord of fourth house in sign of is its craltation or its own sign. Jyoti: Jyotish : cfrftr Astrology.{T. Kakshahras|haran: terr 6re/6<ut Rcduction in longevity. June: ept. Jilly: qqrt. Kaksha: t'm Orbit. qfi Phase.ocy According to Western astrologers 'Jovian Ycar' is the time taken by Jupitcr to traverse through the wholo of Zodiac. It comes to about 12 solaryears.Fntitr Cycle of time. rrqr. iqr. K Kabal Astrology: A branchof astrology basedon numbers. Digit of Moon. q-c Judwan:{e-.] difi crs A month of Christian Calendar. KalachakralchakraDasa : r.Scorpio.Temporal strength. Ono of the Indian systems progression. sQr61 constellation 4 ruled by Mercury.50 DrcrroNARyoF AsrRor. Jupiter: ta. Satellite of Sun Kala.' vfrfdfr Astrologer.rcrqr/ffi aw Timing of events based on rignr. +w. A term of division.

The firrt hour is ruled by the planet which rules thc day.fe-6 <rfn Leo. Kamala Yoga. When all the planetsare posited from tcnth to fourth houscg. tqq frt. erqq *q When all the planets are in all the four quadrants.*z/rao Cancer.fcq. faqfe fu1. (i) Kalpa: m'ec First house. Karna: {'oi.TarrF"sT Chronology. of Kama :.. Kala hora: 6rg €t<r The day is divided into hours. . Kanina. Karmarlcsha:'nfd Tenth constellationfrom the birth constellation. qmrRFa When Jupiter in 2nd or 5th house is conjoinedwith or aspected Mercury and Venus./) : e.r. The ncxt by the 6th planet from the first ruler and so ou. Karakal KarkataI Kat aka : r€/m. Karnta: +{ (i) Deeds(ii) Tenth house.m [<rfu]Virgo. For exampleon a Sunday.{'rc. Karaka nrm Significator. rrftfr.r Kalanidhi Yoga .(ii) A measure time. qgcaqQuadrant. fs-irn ql. . 3rd house.Kalatra Karaka (.Il : ff<rtcr Sign occupied by the prime lord in Navamsa [q-{iqr]. the first hour will be ruled by Sun. Kala Sarpa Yoga: fiTq$i *rr When all planetsare hemmcd in betweenRahu [<rd]and Ketu [ttJ].. Kanya: t.-r.rrc (i) Sex(ii) Seventhhouse. Karka rakha : qqi tqr Tropic of Cancer.':6TFr Time personifiedorion.r.Ear. the fourth hour by Moon. Difrerent houses in a chart represent different parts of the body of Kalapurusha [rmgv]. the 3rd hour by Mercury.mfi Wife.SECTIONI TERMINOLOGY 5I. and go on. by caq Kala purushd. KarmukaYoga. qF{frrr One of Akriti Yoga.-ilq Son born to wife before marriage. Kartika qrkr A lunar/solar month. the 2nd hour by Venus [rixth from Sunl.*". Kantaka: 6'efi. Kalatra: aq'a. Kalakr ams Yigy an : +. Karakamsa f. Kanhirava: fif.v-anr<a Significator/indicator for wifc.

r EnrA mcthod of timing events. Descending Moon A sensitivepoint reckoned as a planet by Indian astrologers. KhagrasaGrahana: sqr{ rEsI. 5:S KedaraYoga: +rn *. Kendra: *a Quadrantcardinalhouses. "tfo+o Kattrpi +1fr Scorpio KashtaPind . KendraDasa lJl: +. Tenth house. : Khrishtabda tflrerca ChristianCalendar.r When all sevenplanets occupyany four hourcr.1. Ihot lPl lFl. Khanda: de Part. Division. Khagoliyakshitija: qfrfrc fkFtrcTrue/celestialhorizon. Kceta: qfu. Kinsmen: rwrfir. . I(hagolae*q Cclestial sphere. Drgon's tail. KAvya: €F'tat.d'r When thc lords of 2nd. VenuS. Scorpio. Khala : <v A planet in debilitation. Kirana F*tq Ray. inla'{r€.r/.52 DtcrroNARy oF A!fltoLocy Kartikey r A god consideredto be son of Shiva [fm]. Kha:q Sun.qret frc Sum total of malefic aspects. Kemafuuna yoga: *qq frr When Moon is in Ascendantor lhvcnth house unaspectedby Jupiter and all the planetsin their arhtakavarga[€rvd-flilhave very few dots and are weak. KneelPl: g{r. {fwo. ri-a. predictionis made by looking at the querist'sface or asking him to mcntionthe nameof a flower. and 9th exchangehousesand the lord of Ascendantis in a quadrantor trine. KendraBalaU): Strength due to quadrangulurposition from the prime lord. Katibandha: rfrrq Zone.Sky. Sector. *'r KhadgalKhanga yoga: qq. KhondaGrahana: ds t6ur Partial eclipse. Kerala Astrology: i'ctr afrlkc In this branch of Astrology.t let Total eclipsc. Kith and &in : rinwr Blood relations. node of Ketu: 4g Cauda Draconis.

e. <rfr Zone.wound. Kshiti: ferfr.'Tfuq nqilw 1a rrFTff Self-declarcd son. (G:ms). . Kodrava rlc-d. Odd. Kranti Vritta kl tiryakata: aFqc +1 Fdfuilr Obliquilty of thc ccliptic. '. Kona: rlq qrfT. Kuja: nv. Moon in the 3rd. Kranti : aifa Declination. 6th Kshatriya: slaq The warrior class. Kuberayoga : te( *. Imitatign. Kshaitija : e{fu{ Horizontal.qs* Earth. Sign. and Sun in the 9th house.qqq Mars. Krurodaya haran : 1<l<l 6<ulA form of reduction in longevity.8or 12. Kreeta: t'te.ri6fi. ' Krmti Vritta: afir.. tv Aries. This was a practice in olden times when a man was found impotcnl and incapableof producingprogeny. Kshata: st. ' Krirhno pakslu: Tor s{ The dark half of a lunar month. cqv Mars. +lqJ An inferior variety of rice. gar .r When Jupiter is in the 5th. Kslptra: da.<-cEcliptic. Occidential. qfr<t 6aT Having becn purchascd. Kriya : |tqr A religioue act.4.SECTIOI{ I TERMINOTPGY 53 Knolty IPJ : . action. Kritrimd. Kronos: lrfc Saturn. Kruranetra: 6ila. 5th and 9th houscs. Kodanda: +tqs A Satelliteof Venus.d house.Saturn Angle i. Kriya : frt. Kshit ija : fqfuq Horizon.q{ift Aliliction due to Mars being in houro 1. Consumption. Kshetraja: *aq son begotten by offcring wife to other man. Kuja dosha: qv <)c. euarter. Krura 1\ Cruel. Krittika: qFc+rA constellationruled by Sun.?. Kshaya: eTrT Loss.

scendant. Moon ie poritcd in thc 5th bousc and Saturnin the lOth. Lakshmiyoga vefi fr. Laghu Graha: qq er{Inferior planet i. 1u. 6th.3rd and llth houscs. ftrq Mole. exalted and in fricndly signs occupy 5th. Mercury. Pitcher : symbol of aquarius. 7th and 8th houscsfrom Ascendant. Kurmayoga: tf {tr When bcncfics their own. Lagna.Mercury. friendly or eralted signsoccupy thc Ascendant.54 DICTIONARY OF AIITROLOGY Kulira: tqt{.t When all thc plancts occupy 4th to loth hourcs. and 7th houses and malefics in their own. L Labh : cTqGain. 1lth house.Chart. Kartikeya. +lfla*c. Lakshnu [P] : cqq. Kumbha: drtTAquarius. Kucumayoga z qgc frI When the Ascendant ie in a fixed sigg. Lagnayus: cr{Tg: Loogevity calculatcd on tbc strength of Acc€udant. Iajjila: cfu6 A state of planet. I'ame'\.. Venus.Household. qrrret<ti Eight sources of energy conLagnashtakavargo: cideringAscendant also as the eight planets. Lagnadhipati: cqrfbqfe Ascendantlord. Lagadhiyoga: qqrflnfrq When benefics.occupy 6th. Kndali: qisdii Geniturc. Venusoccupicsa quadrant. Kwnar i tqR. Kutwtba: 1a< FamilY. Nativity.e. unaflicted by con' junction or aspect. qr< l.littgt Saturn . Kutayoga:12 d. r'd Cencer.r When the lord of ninth house at its craltation occupicsa quadrant and the lord of Asccndant is strong.Horoscope.

People. Letter[P]:3r4il{. CF+C|'. afee. Limb lPl: qm-q sTrI. . tine [P] : ter. Latitude: qqirT.k€fr. Local ntean time : qr{lq cTqq sqq. Laya : trq Destruction. feii Law of correspondence: a1*gr'3 As in atom.rrlTTTTT{er. Link : {rri[."il. . Liberline : q-<tdl-<a.{ <riwri Sagittarius and Capricorn are said to becomelame at eveningtwilight. Lankodaya: ctt{a Risingat the equator. Light year: c6'I{t Eni.'idq qf{r. Ieo : fu{. errq-a. Ling : f<rr Gender.6*. Leap year aTfmi. so in Unive$c. qil s'i. Little toe [P] : *fqFror [qis]. n+<iem'|. : qrfr. qrt-t<. Li t igat ion : ar<. Male organ. qt<qSon born of one'sown wife. Leya : it. ie6 Leo. Liasion: rsq-6. Licent ioUS : af. Lion: ltq Symbol of Leo. ' Legitimate:4q. planet passes over a Law of excitation: When a progrcssing natal planet. Libidinous Libru : ga. Little Jinger [P] : +faftet [6t]. Loka: cto Ygq116.SECTION I TERMINOIJOGY 55 Lante Signs: . LeS iPl: aFr. Left : etqi. Lap IPJ: qfa. Zrps [PJ : efta. Learning f<tr. Letter number[P] : qerds.

Lunar leap month: Fs arfucm Lunar mansions rqa Constellations. Luna. tqirt. Longitude astronomical : *rrin. fqqc i<q we. fflFrqt. Lost horoscopy: n6eqiTfiq.' f. Star rising on the east.Different pbascs of Moon. Loop [P] qna1. pcrtaining to this World. I*ar phases: rir * TqG. Luck line lPl : slqr. *rrin.rlq rhdrd. {TEt'd. . Lower hemisphere. qsT {c.ol.. Lunation: T? rIr(. Lucifer: ck 6r in<r. the lower half portion is called the 'Lowcr Hemispherc'. Luck: dsfirq. €nXqirr Longilude: *niar.rs:ffi. Southcrn half of the globe.ocy I-ongevit y : fiq. Setting Lord: sqr*. Lunar return: The time when the transiting Moon returngto its exactpositionin the natal chart everymonth. Worldly. {s Moon. : Lunar month: q?aqr€. Lunar dayldate : {r Fdfq.q tqr. Lunar year: ir +i. Lunation-Chart: Chart for the momcnt at which the new Moon oocurs. Lunar strcngth. Luminaries: cfirrrr€ Sun and Moon. FFe. Qrfircfr. Zo. L ongi t ude t er r est r ial tctia-<. sfttq fic tPl If we draw a diagonal from the base of the indcx fuger to the wrist. fmr e<q fafv. frrc sEi(. Longitude planetary: Ftt-c{TTEFr. Lopa darshana : frq sdq Combustion. Digits of Moon. Lunar eclipse : sr'ilirEql. Loukika: dirr Earthly.56 DrcrtoNARy oF AsrR.

T.. The period taken for this cycleis 29 days 12 hours 44 minutesand 3 seconds. . Mahadasa:rr{r<{Tr Major period of a planet.q6'4 Madhyahna:caqqi Noon.woman about to give Lying-in-woman: rqla-+r.MediumCoeli.' fie A lunar/solarmonth.im When one of the five planets i. Madhyanw: qsrq Mcdium [Pl Ordinary. Lying-in-clumb er z sqfe+r+re Materinity chamber. qs One of the twenty sevencoostellations ruled by Ketu [*S]. Each of the twelve lunes of the sphere of the twelvehouses. Madhya Lagna.TT. Lune: A portion of a sphere contained between two great represents one semi-circles.e. Jupitcr. nrri. Maior aspect: rtir<f':eOne of the principal acpectsaccording to Westernsystem. M Madhya: rroq Middle 10th house. Magha. MaghaMakha: rrff. Luste [Pl : mifa./l planetby virtue of its positionin a particularchart. SIRrEI-x{r. Lost.. aTwSet.SCTION I TIRMINOLOGY 57 Lunation cycle : Cycle of Moon as it travels from one conjunction with Sun to the'next. Vcnus or Saturn. Lfagnitude : 6if4{r. Middle or Medium MadhyayuslMadhyamayrs: qE4I{. . Tenth house. c6qITI{. Maheshwar : qis'{r A special distinction conferred on a [. Mercury.in their own or exalted sign is positedin a quadrantto Ascendant/Moon.t Middlc point.' Lupta l {4. span of life. N{ars. Mahopuruslu Yoga : T{IsErI. Combust. A birth to a child. Madhya Yindu : qqk. Luni-solarprecession: ts-st( qm .

t <w A method of timing events' Manduka Mangala: riqe Mars' rFr ManikatMani: mfuro.Sign' Mantra z ia' Mantri: .in its own or oxaltationsign' occupies t*{rdfrnl.Rahu and Ketu' Malignant: g<rfr' weight. Sagittarius srt$t q-{Sun.5g OF DtcTIoNARY ASTROLOGY Makar: ffi{ Capricorn' The southernmost Makar rekha t crr tr*r Tropic of Capricorn' latitudefor apparentmotion of Sun' fr'T' €+' frq' qtrafi frq When all MalalMalika Yoga: rTmr/cr|cfiT houseg' planetsare positedin sevenconsecutive the seven Mahapurusha yoga frr Malavya yoga i 111-'56a One of the frve a wlt.. Virgo. er. Aquarius' Gemini.CrYstal' RubY' Manim [P] Mansion: qFt. A sensitivepoint according to Hindu astrologY' force' Mandochcha:c+q A celestial Dasa IJ ]: ue.Saturn.6' Period of death inflicting planet' . l0th house' Mani. Libra. Manda: Mandi ' cik qfuil Satellite of Saturn. Venus.idt. First half of Sagittariur' Gemini. Mars' Waning Moon' Affiicted Malefics: cTq'Ii{. MaP : reit Chart.trt g6vfa JuPiter' . Leo. E{n Maraka Dasa : rlr(. Manaka qr'r6 crFT Standard Timc' Manaka Samaya: riq. RubY' : cFrq. faq<<rfn Human/Biped Signs: ManushyaRasi : ulcqrfqr. Aquarius.r {frrqi Odd/Cruel Signs' Aries' Male Signs:Xw <rfvmt.' quairant from Ascendant/Moon' : Male : gts Masculine' Male organ: lwfi-6' ferr'cfq' Male planets: t€q r{ Sun' I\[ars' Jupiter' trat/d. Maraka: ctt+ Death inflictirtgplanet. crl Measure.(frt House. ?R<tfqr. Libra.roStan{ard. MercurY.{rtq Saturn.

solar time: qq vk vqq. Saturnin Ascendant. and there is a maleficin fourth or eighth house.Rahu in 9th. . Matru: eq Mother. Maya: xw. Marka lPl : F{-6. cquo fia-t t<t Inner life line. Mars: qTq. Marud yoga: qtq tr When Jupiter is in a trine [5th.r}lfrc qfr. Solar day: cl6a {rt( f<c. MaY: r{t A christian month. tq*q. Mars affiictionldefect: rf{*. A Marga shirsha: qr. fifth house by a malefic and a benefic. Maternal: {tE vt Relating to moth€r : Maternal aunt: crft. Matsya: fl-t Pisces. Masculine: gw Malc. place: rnazl€cnr. Sun l2th. Mean Mean Mean Mean noon: ITETqtrl6[. qlfi. eTqt({'.IOLOGY 59 Maranasthan: c<q-rrnt Certain planets are specially unfavourable to the health or life of the nativeif they occupycertain houses and are weak and aflicted. Maternal uncle: rrrrrt. Matsya yoga i meq*q When the ninth house from Ascendant ir occupied by a malefic. gtU] to Venus.t. They are ar follows : Jupiter in 3rd. rirrt tqr. qsqln. trfars line IPI .isfr. Marriage line [Pl: fr+r€ tcT. i Mean angular motion: rnuq. Moon in 8th. Masa: cr€ Month.SECTION I TBRMTI. March: qr* A christianmonth. Margi: rnif A planet in direct motion. Mauline: sttr:iTI{rPlanetsappearingin the morning. Matrukaraka lJl : cqrn6 Significator/lndicafor for mother. Fourth house. Mercury in 7th and Venusin 6th house. Mean: tnszt.i lunar/solar month. Mean motion '. Moon ir in 5th houseto Jupitcr and Sun is in a quadrant to Moon. mq. crgqqfla. Mars in 7th.

Micrometer: qtt wrfi. Membrumvirile: gtv Fl6. qaqq Pisces. Midnigit : rrsqrfa. r' Meridian. Martdian altitude : qrlfrm s*ein. qrIfr€t. Medical Astrology . externalized . <rfaqn. fm. Midnight markltinrc: fuscn. Meridian distance: qt. Meslw: tw Aries. Metosic cycle : A cyclc of nineteenyears at the end of which the conjunctions of Sun and Moon [New MoonJ begin to occur in successively the samedegreerof the zodiac. Medium Coeli Zenith. Meshurana' \<"r (wr flq Tenth house Mesmerism' rrF+{qfrqr. tr[iddletoe lP]: rls1*r[qtE]' frrife=:. Terrestrial: rrqtrfrirt. Microscope : qermait.tenth housc.'{E{r6 Noon. Ram. Middle : qw.E The midpoint between two planets ir if achivated a third planet is locaied at the same degrecor if a planet transitsover that point. qlnr qrEr.nnFfirri omFdq. Meena 3 fi-4. 1 Mean troPicalYear: rnErr Measure: rrri' qrq. Merit: 1at.60 Mean Sun: qrq {ri' Mean time: qTeI TFF[. manner. Principal: na *rrenr<. feisr. Medium coeli : <s[qqr4 Mid heaven. Middle finger LPI : cgrrqt [Qrc]. Meteor: sezfit.6rsl. MentalitylPi: cr<Frdm. Midpoint: qs+ ls. Midday. Symbolof Aricg. The energy generatedby the two planets unitesat this point and is releasedin the most consrete. Meridian celestial: qqHlq qrE*ir(. Mercury: 7a Meridian. Meridian. DICTIoNARY AsrRoIrcY oF '' srm ni. Mid heaven: qarr.

. Minute. -Full moon to full moon : tFrqi-d. Moksha. q'i Friend. cmi+. as each has its own mode of operating on the native accordingto its nature.' tRI. Moderators: SignificatorsSun. rrrrl. e#q-{. Node o/: +g. Mind: Mineral . Montlt Sidereal : irqreT Month Solar : qlr crs.. Midheaven.. Moon.' qqr Both part of an hour or 24th part of a Ghati/ Ghatika l-T&/'f-oll. Monday: frq<r<.Ascendant and Pars fortuna. Dual].'ds. IVI ithuna' Frqq Gcmini. Milky u'al : amfiT$ ftrqT<T. Now-a-dayssome Indian astrologers also prefer to follow the Western system ilr this regard. Moment.$r [Cardinal. Last contact in eclipe.{. Moon AscendingNode o/: rrg. -New moon to new moon : arqit.'trq. Moon : tr.SECTION I TERMINOLOCIY 6I. Sun. Moola: qE A constellation ruled by Ketu [t]. Mitra-kshetra . Salvation. fi Mode : <tfindf {'if*. Mo6n Descending . qfi. frq. Mitra: fra. Month : wq. Month number(il) . Mole lPlz ?aq. Fqa*a Friendly quarter. Fixed. qq. qflRr. Mixed number [N] : fqqiq. irq Minister line fPl : qtn tcr. qrftr positivesign ownec by a Moola Trikona Rasi: qe fffi'tor planet. Midpoint of a house: qFFrErrThe cusp in western tystem forms midpoint of a house in Hindu system. Month. F-1 Luna. Beautitude. Lunar: qFFrrRr.

ct( 6T dr<r. qfa' Motion.r. Mount lPl: qtit. Motion. Circular: artf<rnfe. Motion. Angular' +lqfrq Motion. qraWaxing moon.Venus.' TFrm. is in its own or .full. Annual: qTft-rqf(. ' Moon. Motion.r frt. Semi-diurnal: qi €fT{ rrfd. {rd*g. Moon. Moon. Motional strength: ?ca q'{. Libra. qq. Direct r qr{if rrfla. Movable i ' . New: €[rTr{€{r Moon'rise: talca.r'I irq.Trl. planet: sinr{. Cardinal Signs: Aries. Retrograde: st {Tf($Frrrfn. rtfa. trfd. faciqr. Capricorn. Moon'on'the-nailslPl : irGrq. Mridanga yoga i 1<. Hunters: m*a 1$et. ll{oon. Mother: cq. ira. Moonga: itn Coral. Motion. Diurnal: iFr+ Motion. Mother-in-low : {TRI. Motion APParent: gae aqe 'rfa. MovablelMoving zodiac : {IFFr<rf{r=rfi. Crescent:qrs Tq ani{'r. Moon-sickle: 6fufl-5< Nodes: qqqrir. Motion.62 DtcfloNARYoF AsrRoLocY Moon . Moon'set: qeirer. Motion. lYhen lord of Navamsa lqsisr] ocoupied by an exalted planqt in the natal chart. Star/planet rising in the east. Proper: Frdtrfr.rGFR.isa.r : Movable signs T{rrfsr. Moon's . Geocentric qtra'ta 'rft. ' Motion: 'rft. Movement: trfa. Harvest' sr€q Moon. Cancer. Mouth IPI : ts. Morning star : xRT:iIi(I. GibbousqsiFa-d qFfqt.

rr+ qlr. Mystic Number(N): Mythology: X(M.4strology ' 1pEcr)flev. Eighthhouse. . Mriga: lrr Deer. Pisces. Sagittarius. wtr. Gemini. Pisces. Mrityu: Ti{ Dealh.SECTION I TBRMINOLOGY 63 exaltedsign and the lord of Ascendant is strong: There may bc more than one such combination in a horoccope. Virgo. Musala yoga i {qiT qh Whcn au the planets are posited in fixed signs.iF€m aq'}frs. Moon. Mundane . tfEfi cqlfaq. to Mrita: 1a A state of a planet in which it is considered be dead. Mudra: {at (i) Currency(ii) Pose. Itci{. Scorpio. s-€. A constellationruled by Mars. Mudita: {fq( State of a planet when it is in a friendiy quarter. Muhurta ShastralJyotrsfta nii vrca/aalks Electional Astrology. Mutual receptions: Tfsr-cfT{ift Two planets in each other's sign. MuktalMoti IPI : *in/t)fr Pearl. Mundane from any angle(quadrant)in the chart. Mrigashira: yfvm. Muscular fPl:. Orion. Muhurta: ngi Auspicious time.r. Mutable signs : a"a/laqqn <rFsrci Common/Dual Signs. Synrbolfor Gemini. Mrigmdrat Ei. Capricorn. parallels: Two planetslocatedat an equal distance. fc{ Leo. Mrigasya: Tqrcrt. rr<rqo1n. When all the planets are positedin two consecutive quadrants. .Cancer. Mute signs: qr <rfrui Dumb/Watery Signs. Mriganka: Eric'. Muscle IPI: tirffi. ct{q. Mudgara yoga.

Natal chart : n. . Naisaigika Bala : *qfrrt sc Permanent/Natural Strenglh' Natural significator Naisargiks Karaka : iq['m +'rcq' consteltation. qr Eunuch planets ie' Saturn and Napunsaka Graha: cqsfi Mercury.qa Fifth house. (tTqr4q vg'i Nadir: rrr4r?r. €qrq Instinct.' Nashta Nata : c-{ Meridian distance. Nose' lPl . ftfl'Tfi. h'ative I NativitY : lrT{fr. LUnar mansion. {rrT{'rrr Baptisingor giving a name' Namalcarana: Name-numbcr : rrqic' [N] Son' Nandana:q<q. wc Imum coeli.q fi3. Natural Night : <rfaqn.64 DTCTIONARYOF ASTROLOGY N Nabhasa Yogas : crrq qtq A group of combinations' Nadi'. Naga rq Stones.qJst .TBe tflTfiq Lost horoscopy' fatukam. Pctmanent' Naisargil<a . atq. Fourth house. rqrft Natural. : lfails : cE. Nature: r1fa. liqmral clnrl : A chart with thc first sign Aries on the cusp of the first houscor Ascendant. a-r+ NasalNasika ' il-q1/1rfqfi1. qTirrir qrr. t+tft 4e' Natural Strength: trs'i/d'{Frda-e. Naraka Loka'. Nakshatra qHdAsterism : flII NakshatraDasa : qq16 A method of timing events' qqa ftT{ Siderealday' NakshatraDivasa: SamayalKala:rta nrl/+m Sideraltime' Nakshatra NakshatraVarsha: csa s'i Sidcrealyear' Nala yoga: c-qqtq When all the planets are posited in dual signs. Hcll.it Birth chart.star. Natural DaY : krtr<. irfi Aq astrological system generally practiced in South India.

{t{r. Neuter : +itr (f"m)' Neutral: qc New Moon srqFf€ql. +{qFr Blue SaPhire. Navel chord [P] : qrq' ciq.SECTIONTTERMINoI0GY tt .Femalesigns. Navamsa: c-{isr Navamsa Dasalll: rtin cm A method of timing events' Navel [P] : crf{. alrr qh When all the planets are and the seventhhouse' positedbetweenAscendant Nava: q'cNinth house. syst€mprevalent in .Nine. Rajayoga: fisliq <rqqlqCombinations ir whicb Neechabhanga a debilitatedplanet losesits debility and confersfruitful results. Ninth division of a sign.itqrd q-<tt planet in debilitation giveshalf the longevity as compared to a a planet in exaltation.Fdt <rfer. Nautch. cfFI' Even signs. NewMoon type : Native born when Moon is 0o to 45o ahead of Sun. sq (rfsT. : Necromancer Astrologer.6'.wlftfr . Neeloma: fl-trq. Ncecha: fl-s In debilitation/fall. Nebula: ffc+r. +'o. Nawmi ' q-dt Ninth Lunar date. According to Hindu astrologcru Neechardha harana: . q5o1.iqiT' NaulNauka vogainlat'r. Neck lPl .'?r[.'tiq. (<tRr)' hand IPI: armt{rq. Neomenium: The time of new moon.'loirnr.4uIl-FTiF'. Night : ttFa NightlNoctumal houses: (rFacrs Houses One to Sevenfrom : Ascendant to Descendant Left-half of the chart accordingto the' Northcrn India.r. nifi Dancing girl' Nautical Almanae: cr|q. Nayana.Eyes. ta Secondhouse. Negative Negativesign: etq <tftr. qlrq. ' NePtune: |cq4. trc Negative: Oppositcof positive.cnfq+.

fun.66 Nikrishta Ip) : frmre !yess1. second fourth.r.i. . Nisheka yoga i FcQr rh When Moon is posiredin first. rrrm. . 865.ly'ortfr: vrT(.r&r Ersr. Midheaven. NishekaLagna lJl ffi+ wc Ascendant at the time of conrummationof conception. Sideregl: v. Niryana Shula Dasa Vj: frr?"r qe+ Erfi A method of timing events. DICTIONAXY OF ASTROLOGY (<rrsrq'). ' Niryana: FcqF. Nonagesirnol ffifsi{ Zenith. starting NirayanaLongitude: F. North declination2 ts-tr( TrFil. rrqian Conception. Fixed (zodiac). Noon: qEqr6.t. Noon.a {qr6.. qriT. I'Iorthern Zone : BTr< rFq-rs. .Distancemeasuredfrom fixcd initial point 0" Aries. Nocturnal: <rFa-crfffr. Northern courseof Sun: sflrrrrq. seventh. Nortlprn node z E\rt cRT. t Noon.Epoch. Departure. Apparent z E6a Noon. sixth. Northern colstice: snr qqrir. Nirayana: fqlsqr ft''i from 0o Aries.planet presidingover : g6wFa Jupiter. fifth. Node . qscr6. tenth and eleventh sign from the natal Moon in the male's chart aspected benefic by male planet. Nirdesla kshana: f.r<q"r *rriw/*vae. Related with night. eighth. North-east. Nisheka: fNr. : Nonile : 40o aspect.v+'. ninth or twelvethsign from its natal positionin the female'schart and in third.Mean: qIEqrTaTTti. Nlpple [P] : r. Noon mark : Mean local time equivalent to noon at Greenwich. North-east: siR f.

. Unitary: lN'l gr-c affi. Number. CompoundlNl: {gnir. gil(-qft|qq. Date of blrtft UYI : qqfrfc *r. Primary [nf] : Win.q_qit. Number.SBCTION I TERMINOLOGf o North.. Number. Trrq. Novemberi ffi. Number. North-West. North-West . North pole. fu1r Gemini. Mixed [lfl : freio.Planetary [Nt: r-{rt Nutnber.Fortune lNT a crr{i{.' sirt q. Root lNl: qqifi. Month lNl : TRri6. A chrietian month.qFdfc{+. Number. Number. . Basic lNl.nFqrrcq. Conscience fN): q-.Birth lNl: q-rqio. guir. Soorpio.Finance lNl: rqio. Number.rrfcrl. NumerologylNf : o5 f+ar. Planet presidlng over : {tr. Not-pleasinglPl : wfFcc (rer<). {qi6. Number.{ifi. Nostrils fPl : .Spiritual lNl: r. qp6. YearslNl Eqter. 1fir+. Nunberl Mystic IN|: rrcir. Signsrepresenting tlre: of. dffi qrs. Number. Number. Number[N]: {T. {}c Cancer.4.. Number. NumberDouble lNl: t. Number. North.qflafu dr.Single [Nl: gfiq *fi. Nriyugma : Tt q. Name INI:. Number. Scienceof numbers. Fadic INI: q'qFilFq wtr. Number. Number. Mercury. Nurnber. Number. Planet presidingoyet i 'q7Moon Nose lPl: qT{n. qrrri{. Pisces.

Bull. Orienral:(i)q*clw. O. Eccentricity of rTEzrrr. Planet. OntologY: sttE ffiq {rrca.Fr. fqqlq. Orb : 1F-e-{fr{rRange of aspect/influencc' Orbit : infrrOrbital VelocitY: +dtq *tr.68 DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY o Obiect: q. Octant : Etrfri{t. qs*s-{. OrdinarY IPI : . Omen z erT'ir. Orbit. October: aFt(d(. '. aat +1 s*-mr' Orbit. Organ: ttt.Symbol of Gemini' Oscillstion: fre-q Owner e+rt't. Obliquity of tlrc ecliptic z fiTfqR 'ft fenirm. Object. {i* qrq. g+. .Celestial: qrffiq {€9. Odd: fqsq.' ilrfi 16' Obsfructing (ii) Occidental: (i) 'FrqqeT tislma Planets rising and setting after Sun in the West. 3TftrqfrLord. A christian month. qlq.ff sPring: tttFa.Thebrighthalf(ii)qTil:dr(TPlanets rising and setting before sunrise in the east' Orion: rtrl. APParent : 16el6HT Orbit. Observation3 iuor. (i) aqqwq. Occult Sciences: ftfrq ffi. Axis o/: mefiaaer. frrp fklq. Avocation. Oja Pada lJl : artqq-qOdd group. Opposition' kqFt. qtotttttT. Old: 11. (ii) qr<'Rcf( Positioning in a house/ occupation: sign. 3{F{rqrf{6'Offing: gc fufe* Visible horizon. Ox : lvrr Symbol of Taurus. Occultation : ilr(t'tli6rfiI. Obscure: at*r. arrdffiq i'rs.

Palace [P] : qqq. . Ephemeris.SBCTION I TBRMINOIOGY 59 P Pada: R. ll. Panini: crl'rf{. :r'qq Lotus. 8. Houses2. er<<rfrr Sameas Dwara Ragi [en aftr]. Papa: ctv Immorhlity. $orfr System. Parabhava: Ir(I$|iT Parallel : (i) An aspect bascd on latitude. Panchanga :. Panna [P] : qst Emerald. ToI. [w<tq qt{T6].qfq fe-qt. Palm lPl: {ad{ crfor. [arc-a Pddhati: eak. Papargala lJl : rtqpiq. Half of the lunar month. tQ*. Malefic combination. wr/k{q qt{r. Small lines shooting from the Pallava [p]: ceq-a +@. Paka Rasi Vl z {r+' Tfrr.iqirT Almanac. Papakartri Yoga: cr{fiil' q}r Hemmed in between two maleficc. main line. (i) . fagor.6*ater F+cr. Pada lagna Ul z tGt erl.M. ' Pandita: ckf. Padma I ttlt. One fourth part of the chart or Foot. (ii) Two plaocp equidistant from ccleetial equator. Paksha: qH Fortnight. Same as Arudha Lagna w<]. Sin. r. Well-known exponent of Sanskrit Grammar. Past meridian. Fifth house. P. Papagraha: crtt{-€Malefics. constellation. Panchami: iqt't Fifth lunar date.iw (ii) i{c rrE (i) An inauspiciousperiod Panchaka: (ii) accordingto Hindu system. Palanquin [P] : cm{fr. Panaphara: cqql (qr<) : Succedant houses. Calendar. Palmistr) lPl i crXfaail. time equal to 24 seconds. qrq cq.r. ndt elrr.Well versed in knowledge. Quadrant. Pakshiyoga.. qFT aTEeq Eighth house. PakshaBala l qms-qLunar strength. 5. : r. Pada: qtE Foot. When all the planets are in 4th and lOth houses Pala: s-{ Moment.

F'3rnily. rt Cycle. q'<qE Maximum. Pasha yoga.' crn {}'r When all the planetc are posited in five sigps.' sk. . Take the dispositor of ths Ascen' dant lord.' c{ <tf{. A planet at the exact degreeof ffiitation. Leo. Parananeecha: cqfis. This combination is formed when the dirpositor of the said dispositoror the Navamsa[ttin] lord of the said dispositor is in its signof exaltationor in a quadrantor trine to Ascendant. Rahu Pashchimottdr4. signs. fa6Tq. Parijata yoga: crft r( qt{r. (ii) Paridhi: cf{s (i) Circumference Satellitcof Moon. Pashchima. Parivesha:cR+w Halo. system. Paramour. Part i sfn. Latter half of Sagittarius. Beast. Taurul.cf4'( A seositive point in and Moon ihe chart obtainedby addingthe longitudesof Ascendant and subtractingthe longitude of Sun from the sum.qlaaq West-north ruled by Moon. Parikramana: qknqq Revolution. Portile: roi qfa Abject conjunction ParvatalPl: c{e Mounts on the palm. : : Poshchagamana rT{irrFT{ Regtession. Well-known exponent of Indian AstrologiParashara: (r<nrr< cal systcm.Rctrogfade motion.m oF DIcTtoNARY AsrRoLocY Parallel line tPl: sErkfl W. qm Division.' Paramochcha. Pashu: sr[ Cattle. pashchimodakshitu cfu{q-<feTsr. Pashu Rasi. Paryoya. qot. Aries. 'Parivara: qfcqr<. Quadruped signs.' QR. Paramayus.longevity.' qftqq'ttr(.mbtrarT'FrqtrFqSetting in the west. ParsFortunalPart of Fortune: e1qr.** Lover of a woman other than husband. Paslrchadasta.' cfgq rffi West.houeehold.Synonym. first half of @pricorn. Tgttn <rfrr Bestial .' qcqlq A planet at the exact degree of crrltatim. erw Partial ecliPse: qe q-€q. Sector.'it<q : West-South ruled by (<16).

to diminish its light. Paternal aunt : vtdt. unhappy. q$T. Abyss.wife. Period : <qfi. qra. vnr alr When all the planets arc positedin evenhouses. 5r 7. Patala: ITRTTII. Also called Moon's appulscs.Houses1.Nadir. nw. 4. Pati lakshanami qk qslurQualities of the hueband. dignity. Pousha: c1qA Lunar/solarmonth. 8. Sun and Moon. (ii) Satellite of Rahu l<r6j. Peeda: fier.I TBRMINOLOGY SECTTON 7I Passion. 9. enough People: *. Peregrine: A planet having no essential cfc{F Nearest point from Earth. Periodic time .' .1an. Peacock [P] : it<. t . eclipse: Not actual eclipse. Passive Past: qt. PerigeelPerigree: Perihelion: <fsfis Nearestpoint from Sun. Pata: (i) qTn. z Penance aq. Foreign. Fourth Patala Lagna: ttRTFr house. Pathona: {t. stars. Penumbrai 3cl-'6FIT. (ii) <rg 6r ss{€ (Node).t}q. Nadir.Flrt't-fi Sexualdesire. Persorulity [P] : aqks.a. fm'a The byegoneperiod. qffi. Peedita: ffia. Paternal uncle: qTrfT' Patha: qq course. Poternal: 'iE+ Relatingto father. ancientperiod. 12. qtcsce Peedya: fi-sa Planet in the last degreeof a rign.' qfttqsr s'm. Aflicted. qqEli'sAfliction. but produces simibr Penumbra Earth'sshadowcloraly It occurswhen Moon approaches conditions.+'rr.1 Imum coeli. Peedarksha:'itv'-i. Pafi qfa : Husband.2. Virgo. Patni: q-c*. Pearl lPl: diit. Payoclhiycga: rclFualrr. m€.

TllilT <rRrOdd sign.tfq]cd.Symbol of Scorpio. Piscesftq Twclfth sign of tbe Zodiac. Pilgrimage: frdqur.nFrq <16' Rahu.' rfrq qtaicq According to Hindu system the planetsare supposed havetheir own cabinet in the heavens. ' Phanin: . r{. rrtaenJointed. Phoenix. Planetaryprecession. Philosophiclhandl : ilsif{d (qrv). Phase: fiFTI. MercUry and Venus. venus and Saturn*ministcn holding different portfolios.Mars-warlord. r$a ucr. Jupiter. Moon_queen. Pitru: fcEFifth house. ef. Planetary Combinations: ql. Phrenology [P] : mcrirfqvr. Mercury-Prince. Pillar IPI: Rrr$r. Pinda: Fre(i) Body. PhysicalSrgz : few.r. Pitrukaraka ["/] : fvq+r<+Significator/Indicator for father. T(qI. Plalguna ateXt A lunar/solar month. Plain [P] : &a. Planetarium: in(IER. Plane[P]: fscn. ia+r'rrPhase of Moon. ro The permancnt cabinet is as follows : Sun-King. .fs. (ii) Sum-total. Plnlange [Pl : taT. Pituloka: fvEclr An imaginary world where forefathers are supposed go after death to Pitta : fcr Bile : one of three humours.{. Pital Pitru : firdr/frqFather. Philosophy : <ti<.. Physiognomy[P] : err1|dkfl. Philanthrophyline lpl: <ratsT. Planetary number[nf] : q6rd'. Planetarycabinet. Planetary orbit : l-6faour.. Planet : ttr. This cabinet changestemporarily with the invent of everynew year accordingto the ptanetai chart of that moment. Decanate.72 DTCT|OTIARY OF ASIIOTI)GY Phala: qq Effect. positive sign.

irtr< fut A point where a planer. Vcnue.+arc. arFfi4Leap year. .r Astcroid.q.i€ Mercury.Primary: {q qQ. of Polar distance: a.. Polez :*-<. 0o Libra.uBcTIoNr rERlrrNoL(xiY Planetary strength: qd q€I.' Setellite. Point of illumination: An Arabian point. . Planet. direction represented its lord. Point of solslice : ar+ilr f*9. 7t Planet Exterior alqfq Mars.fir6r.Trojan: gtrr q. Celesta/. Point Stationory i a. Pluta Varshd: qiT +i. by Plough: [P] : qtr.' q-<aq fs-€n. while changingits motion from direct to retrograde or retrograde to direct seemE remain stationaryfor certain period. gqr ir-+q a{. to Polaris.' El. Plava Disha: . Planetoid: qa nq se. Polarilty: (i) Oppositeposition in the chart (ii) Blending of the influences Sun and Moon in varioussigns.'rqtst.'id.}e s.q-sfE{r The direction of the sign accordiogu.' q. PlanetInterior: . Pole.fla gt. Point Cardincl: fqFeoi The cuspof four quadrants. evu-6 PlanetSecondary.ia. Jupiter. xi ft+r+.3tzrifT'( 0o Aries. qq. Superior : lfq. Planet.North. Pluto : tr{*.s. Saturn Uranus Neptunc. Point of equizox: fqqsf4. Pointed [P] : qq-iterr.$rt. Planetarysystenx. PoIe North: !tt{ EI. Plqntarology LPl. Platic ospect. Point : fs<. Pluto.q f*1. PIusSign tPl scfq6 +.n. Aspect not exact but within orb. Planet.Er. Polar distance. Planetarytheory: {-{ f(ai(.

Venus.000 in a solar year constitutcsone Light year. Positive hand iBl.ftcnrreerqSetting in the east.<tvra constellation ruled by Venus' by Poorvottar: 1attr. Err6qEast-northreprercnted Moon.6 tfril. Pot lPl: scr qe.ErflT(. sfgrrttr. 3rF+q East'South rcpresented by Poorva-daksiinc qd-<Fmor. : PoorvaphalgLrni lahnrnfi A Constellation ruled by Venus. Prakasha Varsha: csm aoi Light year. Poorna Grahanaj Ti qer Total eclipse. Pramudita: cqf'fi State of a planet in friendly quarter. qaigcGooddeeds the previousbirth' of Poorvapunya: A : Poorvashadlta r.s. by Portion of asterismtraversed Moon. ' A PranapadalJl crotq-< scnsitivepoint. Poverty line lPl <tfcEq gFrei. Prakasha: l'otw Light. Poornima: qfqcr Full moon. South.'+'{s. fiqf< Evening twilight. fi/xr* East' Poorval : Poorvabhadrapadasstqricc A constelletion ruled by Jupiter. drc. {qffiE. Posited : Rq-< PositionalStrength: (qrl ec. The Distancc covercd light rate of l.' !f. Prakriti: llla Nature. F+sc. Portion to be traversed:qtq. . Pole of ecliPlic. Light travels at the by miies per second. Pracfti . PoornayusvwtnFull/Maximum longevity. r1filtr drr Odd sign. Physicalsign. Prachhaya: trioFIT rrreia. €tq.71 oF DIcTIoNARY AsrRoISGlY s'I Pole of the AscendantlPolar elevatiott : sl""rTqFT artrFrLatitude of thc birth-place. tet. iTFr' Power: Umbra. E€qalJqrkd Positive Sign. Pole star: E[.' Erqi/ilFfl €tq. X({. Pole. Situated. 76. Pragandanta: : Pragastamb.

Prenatal epoch: aIEI.r. Preshya: icr.F{iTIq.i"r-c. 'r. Preceptor:ta Imparter of knov.ledgc. menialjobs or becomea slaveor bonderJ Primary number I n'] : ct'ii6. i itrcr Pratah-Tara.while from the moving poirrt Sayan|'+rrt]. Precious stone[P] : RI +qa. Lurti-Solar : dr rtlr s.SECTION I TERMINOLOGY 75 State of a planet defeated in planetary Prapeedita: cfif5 war. . gil zriErrJ l-ow Servant. {trf Combinationsfor becominga mrink. Primaryplanel:1ar{. Present.j{lt'T. Precession. Principal meridian: 15 wdrtr<. f:d+' elq Moment of conception. PredictiveAstrology : c'f'-ra iq'n. PrashnaShastra : Horary Astrologv. qs-.r Prekshana' Observation. am Praiyatilara dasa: erqa< Int'rr/Sub-subperiod. qarhrq.Ittqr. Prediction: rrFssq vqtfrq. initial point recedes from thc fixcd point 0o Aries by about 50' everyyear. Prasut : lqle Maternity. qq. of : Precession.Slave.{. PreshyaYoga: isq *tq Combinationswhich lirrce a man to do labour. Prasara Kona : cs< +rorElongation. Pratipada: sfffiil The first date of a lunar rnonth. Qucrist.Qucrcnt. Venus rising in the east before sunrise. Planetary : 3A{ .'qdmc srv.qRr: Morning star. Precession equinoxes fEqq--.Bonded labour. fidiltrrr Query. The calculation iiom !. Pravrqjya Yoga : Sqcqr Prayoga: xam Expcriment.'aTxT:T.Ti+..hcfixcd point is called Nirayana lfr<ryr].iifi Prashnakartc: xrt+'oi. Prashna: slr. Prateeka: cfr+ Symbol..rm The zodiac is so moving that the Precession..

r Private parts. namely the hylegicalplaces or lst. Proper rize : fitfr nq{. are saitl to have most beneficial effect in a chart. Punarbhava Xldaifi<rf a Son born of a remarricd woman. Psychic(P) : rrrfir+. Propltiation : c-{ crrf<. A constellation ruled by Jupiter.Earth. llth. {.Sagittarius. ct{ Pisces. Sun and Moon. Propermotion: ffi qft. Prishthatogamano i grcfr rrt. Progression: s{TrWestern method of timing cventg. Privities: {S d.76 DrcrroNAnY oF AsrRoIoGlY Principal placeJ: {q rnq Five housesin which the luninaries.'A horoscopeerectcd for as many days arter birth as the number of years of the agc of the native and calculatingthe directionsfrom that chart./16t c( Planet which upholds life. srrc{isr*. So/ar gt< a-*vr. Prorogator *aa qrlo. Prithuroma: Tgtq. Purnendu:coiq Full Moon. Cancer. PromisorlPromittor: llftrdrq Planet promiring to fulfl cvent. . Taurus. Prognosticat'z' qw*n Forecast. some Propensity llne lPl: sre-{rtqr. Prithvi: E"*.ig. Prosperity line lPl: qfa t<r. Puturbhu: gqt. Profligate: g<r<rfr. X+ ffi6cr qqemfq qffqr A virgin woman remarried. iefr Offsprings.<-6e 1frvr (Oq) Idealistic (hand). 9th and ?th houses.Capricorn. Punishmertt <e. : Punarvasu:g{. Prishtlndaya Rasi: potca trFv Signs rising from hind. Aries. Progeny: iilrr. l0th. Purana : X<rw Mythological literature. Profection: A westernmcthod of judgemcnt. Prominence. Progressed horoscope. Profession: aFnnq. 8"6 tfr61 ft qqa l{6yi11g in reveree. .

e. 150' aspect. Putra : ta (i) Son (ii) Fifth house. : Quindecile 24o aspect. Quarter : qE. T=o-d.r Four parts into which thc chart is ten./] : garr<s. Capricorn. establishingfour lunar phases new Moon.gq<ts. Yellow Saphirc. Quincunx. Sagittarius. Quadrupedal: qecqE Leo. last quartcr. A precious stone PushparagalPukhrajq IPI Topaz.fixed. Putra Karaka [. qrf Sun. QuadratelQtnlltle: Square[90'] aspect. squares i.ttai. gccr<rq. *a. four. and QwdralirelQtmdrantinelunation : Conjunctions. <grlrr Fourth part.sign. fwrtvr. <rfM' Four leggedsigns-Aries. oppositionof Sun and Moon. QuerylQuestion: ss+.qrq. divided. Gemini. Quadruplicity of qualitieslqualities : tq-qnfiT.rcq Also cardinal. Quesited: Personor influencewhich is the subjectof inquiry in Horary astrology. Angular houses one. seven. Fc-drg. erft<-+. first quarter. rent Que I Querist : lv-. a Qwdrangle lP): Tq qgtq Spacc lying betwcen thc liuc of Heart and the linc of Head.Significator/Indicator for Son. Qwdrant: tttl T€[.SBCTION I TBRMINOI-OGY 77 Pushana: l. full Moon. *. area. mutable. Pushya: El A constellationruled by Saturn. 72' aspect Quintile: .wrftw. Questionaire: cqilrsfi. Quadruped: sgrTit Four legged.

Dodecatomary. ar6-q Eigbth house. beautiful. Rara: (€. Ralru: <tg Caput Dreconis. Taste. conquerer of enemies. it may bc said to be combination conferringhigh public honour. +'rqr<rfq (i) A beauty.rw). rrre Rana: <Er. Ram: iv Symbolof Aries. According to rhem a person born in Rajovela [<w]icrl bccomes happy. Rainbov. Sun is considered to be the king of planeb. (ii) Virgo. Rasatola: GTirtr.: Fiulq. '{FdtRope. Ramani: rsfr. Radical elections: qv 1fi Auspicious time. Raiju: rw. alrsrr Eighth housewe Rapt motion: Apparent daily motion of the heaven due to carth's rotation. Randhra: (EI.78 DICTIONARY OF ASTROIOGY R Radiant : sainrfaltltm. but Rajovela: qfriqr Hindu seers havedivided time aleointo three categories Satvavela. honoured. disposition. . Nadir. Raja : {ttn King. Raja yoga: <m. Rasi: <rfv Sign. Rajju yoga i cg tfra When all the planets are posited in cardinal/movable signs. Rashmi: f{c Ray. rznqFlavour.srdrq Fourth house. Now as the kings have become very rare. rich.rlq Combination conferring kingship. Radiation: fH|'tq.mansion. evil. strong. Rakshasa: <rerq Demon His longevity is consideredto be 150yearsby Hindu astrologers He is an imaginarycharacter with super-human. [ite< icr] Rajovela td+drl and Tamovela Iil*aqTl. Rajaspada: <IEnnT?r. Dragon's head. Rajas : <q One of three qualities (. Esrrr'fTEt Tenth houSe. sexyand cnemicaltowardshis kiths and kins in his life. Radical chartlRadix: ww {e* Natal chart.

Reduction: €TUI. ?6-GTT. Ravi-uchcha: qfq. Dead: vvqlldq rm{r. ReCkOn: IM?IT Reckoning. Reflection : tRI?rd?T.mutual: <rfsr cfTqiic When two planets occupy each other'ssigns. RasiChakra: efqF+6. qfu. Reception.cach other's sign of exaltation.e. qiic. Ravivara : <fq-{r< Sundy. Refraction: mic. rarsr Zodiacal Light. Refract ion Dffi rent ial : ers-s-d Refraction. Refraction. Rasi Vriddhi tJl : ffiqf.. Rasi Gunakara: <tfu gtr+T< Zodiacal factors. .or more loosely. € cq rn wv-1gtr +r fhri<ur. Rectification: tft<m. s. Also when a planet receivcs the an aspectfrom a faster moving planet.rdr. RasichakriyaPrakasln ' <rfiir-+*q RasiDasaVl : <rfn<sn Ruling period of a sign. Reckoning Ray of z :fqrrtrr ?trT foq. lord of the eign it occupies. vfra-1. fst<uT.: rMiTT. Reckoning. v. Ratri i <fa Night. : Reception: When a Planet is received by its dispositor i. qi Sun.frel. Atmospheric : ernrie*c . RasiharanalhrasatJ] <rfsr AwI/6rg Reduction/Loss of a sign. Rasiphalam: ttfcrs-d Effects of being born in different birth signs. qt'f=a trpfosli6a. Rationalhorizon: gseFufln-w Ratna IJ7: <o Gem. qrq-FTriq rr fct.q. RqsiVritta: <rfnsq Zodiacal circle. Preciousstone. Ray: (frc. 6re Conversion.a Increase/Gainof a sign. Ravi: <fr.SBCTION I TBRMINOLOGY 79 RasiBala ["rl : qfn ec Strength of a sign. Apparant horizon. Horizontal : *feq siia. Reappearance fra. xfdfuq. The birth sign of a native in the cign in whicb Moon is positedat birth. Ravi-neecha: <ffiq Perihelion. qrrr Zodiac.

80 Refraction,Index of : qiini6. Refraction, Mean: crq Ed'c.


Refranation: When two planetsare approachingan aepect of anothcr planet,but beforethe exactaspect matcrializes,one of the planeteturns retrograde. s* Regression: q-lFFrsT, qld Retrograde motion. the Rekayoga: t+Tqh A combinationwhich denies nativc his due shareof weatth. RelationlRelationship: qrEr;',I. Relatives {trt"ti}, qq-4.l's.{. Religion: #. chart i Locality chart putting the natal positionsof Relocatiott in calculated the new locality. for the planets houses * t Remediolmeasures qfts6-fnErtr sqFI,fiadn.
Rendeztoue ; afrrqt<, qfiT?rrt-tq-q. tare-uqot. Renunciation : ITE-eIT.I, Reptile (sign): rtc ({If"r) 1ft4*; Scorpio' RePositorY: cTttrsflt. Residen e : sITET{-TqFI' c dm Residential Strength: €urm Positional rtrength. Retinue : qrq-wqtt Paraphernelia. Retrograde : a6l. Rctrograde motion: Tfi rTfd,Regression. Retrograde motion, Regression. Retrogression: sa qffr qq-{.rrr;T Return .' Return of a planet to ils natal position. Revati: t*it Last of the twenty seven constellations ruled by Mercury. Revolution q'rrq, qfttqtrL. " Revolution, period o/: tw fiq, qktcur ilq. Riches : u-{-ggcfflWealth. Ric!rcsLine lPl.' sc tw. Rilht lPl.' sfeTq,cTf€n. Right ascensron.. Rgain. Riksha: Rw, tna, qFs Constellation, sign.




Riksha sandhi: ft{-dfq Junction of two signs or two constellations. Riksha dasa IJI: f{er <"n Sameas Rasi Dasa t<rfwErnl. Riktatithi: ftinr fofq Fourth, Ninth and fourteenth Lunar dates. Rina : rq (i) Debt (ii) Twelfth house. Rrzg [P] Tq-a. Ring of Saturn [fl : ffr.{rq, vrFa rfrt.t. Ring of SolomonlPl: t€ ?Tirrr, llamr. 1n Ripu : RT, {€, 6dI rTFr Enemy (ii) Sixth house. (i) RiselRising : sEzr, sEFqFr. Rising, Heliacal: gi eqi<a. Risingsrgn : vn Sign of Asceudant. Ritu : er-g Season. Ritukala: tgfitd, cqlaaiq Menstrual period. uq Rituphalarn:a-gsqEffect of bcing born in different seasons. Roga: t{, 6dr wrq,(i) Disease Sixth house. (ii) Roga karakc : t{ +ns' Indicators/significators for causing differentdiseases. Roga yoga; trr frrr Combinati<_rns causingdiseases. for Rolrzi: *fesit A constellationruled by Moon, Root number [N] qqir. Rope lPl.. pg, <eft. Rotation: avit. Rotation, lxis o/ : qoin. RotationPeriod of 1yt +tt. Ruby lpl: rnFqn,nrrc. Ruchakayoga I esr *'r when Mars, in its own or exaltation sign,is positedin a quadrantto Ascendant/Moon. Rudhira.'tfa-<, rirr (r) Blood (ii) Mars. Rudra [,r] c< : A distinction conferredon a planet by virtue of its position in the chart. Ruler : ttrfr, erfirrfr, 11r11.fi., <F[I. Ruringpranet: ccrfi re, ?nrc'vrqplanet which rules the rign on the Ascendantor the most influential planet in the chart.




Rtoninttt slgns : Aries, Taurus, Capricorn. Someastrologers do not advise give medicine during Moon's transit through these to rignr. Rzpaen : A unit of meaaurin! the strength of a planet in Hindu systemof Astrology.

SabhayamVasati.' tvrqi qsft Becomes a member of king's court ; Getsan honourablepublic position. SabiutSymbols.'Symblosor significance eachdegreeof the of Zodiac. SauedBooks.' qri{;q, iq-$M Religiousboolis. Sacred fires : aFr6ta, milt{TFT. Sacrcdtexts : {a,eryrrrT, i<-grr, a{q;q. cr{+i€t Sacredotal; ar<nadrr.vr.rrifafuxl,+-r, Well-versed in religiousceremonies. Sacrifice.' qinfr q';f. Sadhaka Graha.' {rq6' qQ Fruitful planet, Result oriented planct. Sagacious.' tmzft, q-46i1. Sages: dq-tiq. Sagittarlus .. q t<rf{rl. Sahachara.' Fqr{ Companion. Sahodara:rfrc< (i) Brother (ii) Third house. Saimhikeya: *fqtr, <rg Rahu. Sama: +q Neutral,Even. nsFrrrConjunctionwith Moon. Sama,sama,.' Samakshetra.' sqfra Neutral sign. Somapada : vq.r< Even groups. lfl Samaya.' TIrc Time. Sambandha:{rF.FsLink, Relation.



Samhitalyotish: dEdr ofrfdq, tffi v*filc, qrg vq}fet Mundanc Artrology. Samik araI Sam ik arana.. vfirrq/Tfr*,<or Equrtion. Samkranti: rtf.a Entrance/Ingresr Sun in a sign. of Sampat..qrqr(. laga Equinox. Sanskara: de*rr, vrtal, qla Correction,Rectification. Samudaya.. €tErc (i) Community (ii) Eighteenthconstellation ^ from the birth-constellation the constellationin which Moon i.e. is positedat the time of birth. . SamudraYoga: ala a}.r When all the planets arc posited in evenhouses. Samudrika Palmirtry. Shastrafsamudriki [P] ; qrqfasi nrca/vqfe*

SamvatlSamvatsara qsq, riei€< Era. t Samvatsaram phalam.. s*F( r6tr, qeq Effect of being born in one of the Sixty yearsaccordingto Hindu system. SancharDesha.. qsR *n Dwclling place" Sandhi.. qls Junction. Sandhi Chatushtoya..dlu vgeea Four-fold junction (i) Junc_ tion of two signs,(ii) junc,ion of iwo constellations, junction (iii) of two lunar dates, a'rd 1iv)junction of day and night. Sandhya..riqr Evcning. Sandhya Tara: sisq rm Eveningstar Venusrising in West after sunset. Songhatika.. qiqrfil{. Sixteenth constellation from birth constellation. Sanketa..q+il Jndications. Sankhya yoga i veqr *q Seven in number. Combinations basedon all the planetsoccupyingparticular numberof rigno. Santana.. qmt (i) Children, progeny, (ii) Fiftn house. sanyasayoga : wfis frq combination for ascetism. Saphire,blue lpl.. *Tq. Saphlre, Yellow [p] .. g"c<m,gqrTs, Saptarna (bhava).. (Erq (vn) Sevcnthhouse. Saptama..sqfr Seventhlunar date.

This is to be noted that what is Savya 'Apasavya' for North Indian one in a SouthIndian chart becomes aod vice-versa.' When at birth. <16Rahu. Sarpayoga: ei trq When all thc maleficsare in the quadrantr.' cq [tq].' scfi{. This keeps this aspecl sctivatedthroughoutlife. Sarani.' 84 oF DIcTToNARY AlTRoLocY (<itr Seventhdivision of a sign.' na iqr A division of time consideredto be a best A personborn during this time possesses number of good qualities. Sarvatobhadra Chakra.' qrR{fr Having good qualities. Saturn'srW tPl nicrqq. -1 <tfn-qeThree or more Satelliumlstellium. Savya: crfi Direct. Moon and Saturn the lre in a conjunction. Mercury. square or opposition aspect. Ashtakavarga [aeo+ri] of all thc Sarvashtakavarga: planetetaken together.'. Satvavela. Saturn.' widtr <n Cycle of alround bliss. Satellite.i Sevcnfold'divisions of a sign. SatvafGunal. Saumya. One of XsI three qualities. (iD The of Big Bearcontainingscvenstarsrevolvinground pole star. . Sarpa : ot.'u1trnl Fortune.dfr (i) Sevensages Hindu mythology. Saturday.' srf{ Satan Saturnchasing Moon.' rrfrEn.d-{. Even [sign]. Saravali.' €r<qitTable.' fic qr wfet qt planetspositedin the samesign. a phenomenon thc Moon. Satvika.1u Gentle.Artificial: rkq sqq-{.'s1rq. Satellite.]. s. vtTrT Excellentqualities.' Saptarshi. Saubhagya. uft $at. Saptamsa. This is due to occursin whichSaturnchases laspects] progressingMoon and transittingSaturn moving at about the same rate [28-30yearsto complete the circle.' qr<r+* A famous treatise on Indian Astrology. Sspta tatga ' t.

qFErgs.' f€r.I IECTION TERMINOIOGY Sayana. Second.' ds. Sex: +'rt.. lfr+{. SayanaYarsha. dtd. Scorpio. Science. Sensitive pleasl7sJ. ficc. Scorpion. FF6 Symbol of Scorpio. Set:. <El. <rg Rahu. diffi. Scriptures: {IrRI. {rr€aff. ftr. afint. Scint illat ion : fiqfaqrdl..' {rFFT Moving zodiac. Servitude: Enrilt.' TcoIt')v. Setting : ar<rcFr.t{q. Settingheliacal : qd(€rwrr. points: sffilq f*q. Sensual Separationof events: q&ilqirFr<q. {r*+ <rfw. Semi-diurnalmotion: atf iFrd 'rfr. Selenocenric : q.' ro. {r<Uft Table giving the proportional partc of the number 60 as an aid in computing dcgries. minutes and soconds.'gw Symbolof Libra. Servitor: Etg.Sector. . fi$irrili A christian month.flt. Serpent: $i. Servant. toe: cR +1s?ffi.E tfaa'. Scrotutn. Scales. Semen[P] : tg+. Secondaryplanet : wttr. Seemanta: trriil (*ern) One of rituals for a ncw born. Schol* line lPl: Frm tsl.f{fiqr A measureof time.. September.' {nq-{q{ Tropical year. Second . Seasoz: a-9. E Sexagenerary. Sezse: afiaq. SayanaSurya : wr4 qd Tropical Sun.

Shani: qtFc Shaniwara: rtfqsr Saturday. Shakuna: {rd'q Shakya: IIFFI. Slura Yoga. Sharad: rr<gE-gAutumn. Shoua: rria A planet in bencfic house and divisions. (ii) When the lords of Asccndant and tenth hguse arc in cardinal sigosand thc lord of ninth houe is strong.nineth and tenth houses. Slankara: wm< Shuzkha lPl z riq Conch. contact o/: orn+ni. Shara: r<. Sixfold strengthsof a planet Shadbala. vrq +fr When all the planets are posited betweentcnth and fourth houres. Anothcr namefor Shiva (Rr<). qtgqn. Omens. Shadow: EItn.' rr< frrl. S. Era.. Shadvarga: q-s-{.{rg+g Rahu and Ketu. ffiv Cclestial latitude.' 60o aspcct consideredto bc a benefic one.Mercury is in a quadrant and Sun is strong in its sign fl-col.Jogi lq]frI. Slank[P]: qcl.' qg. Shskti Yoga: srfffiq'Irt When all the planets are posited in eighth. Sladow. ShankutPl {rT Cone.irct Srs pinda: qqs-q Sum total of the sixfold strengths Shadbala of a planet. Slarada Yoga: rms *{ (i) When the lord of tenth houseis in fifth houso. Yogi [a]fr1. owa - . Sladowyplancts : 6FtIq{. A categoryof monks. Scventh. rfa tq. Saturn.86 Sexline [P] .iSixfold division of a sign. deftr (i) When the lords of the fifth and Slu*luYoga: six housesare in a quadrant to each-otherand the lord of Ascandant ir rtrong. Shakta: crir A planet far away from Sun (in longitude). Slunti: rrif( Propitiation.haka Shakobda: {FF]. DlcrIoNAtY ol AtrtolrcY Sextile. Sextott : !ttr6i['.E Shakata Yaga: nta fr{r When all thc plrrnetsare poeited in Asccndantand seventhhouse.

Sleep. q Sharasana: tr<RFr <fn Sagittarius. A ShataOhislw Shatru: wq Enemy.n'. Mars is in trinc to Mercury or Jupitcr is in the eleventhhousefrom Mercury. Scorpio. SomeAstrologers have combined thesetwo combinationsinto one as follows : When the lord of tenth house is in the fifth house. Sheetadyutirfrc qFe. rtq 6r<. Ritu: fie q Winter.Sun is strong in its own sign. Leo. Branch of knowledge. Mars. Antipathy. Shiva: fns A Hindu god : one of the Triaity.s?r Moon. Aquarius. sraftTqr constellation ruled by Rahu [tt6l. Sluyand: {rrt Bed.sEcTroNt TBRMINOLOGY n (ii) \l'hen Jupiter is in trinc to Moon. Shatrukshetraphalam: wq*awe Effect of a planet bcing in its cncmy quartcrs. or (ii) Jupiter is in eleventhhousefrom Mercury. $tlzrSixth house. Slarad YishuvaBindu: {R{ fE$Efs-. Sixth house. Mercury is iu a quadrant. Sheeta Shesha: ric Balanc€.EAutumn equinoctial poing first degreeof Libra. Jupiteris in trine to Moon. Snishira: fqrfsrc Late Winters. Virgo. Shatrukshetraharana: vqe?a-6<"r Reduction in longevity due to a planet being in its enemyquarters. Shatruta nnm Enemity. qn Sixth house. 6-6t Slnslra: tT€Et. Shirsha: qftf Head.6dT ' Shashti cr& Sixthlunardate. . Libra. Shirshodaya: sfrfrsrrSignsrising from the front Gemini. {re Significator/fndicatorfor enemy Shatru Karaka. and either (i) Mars ir in trine to Mcrcury. Shashta: qse. Shatrukshetra: {Iq eia Enemy quarterr. Sheeghrochcha: {frEtq A celestial force. Shirobindu: ftrdfr'( Zenith. Shastra: crrsaScience.

e. Oriental. It is possible only with Sagittarius Asccndant. Showerof Stars: $TatFaith. Kartri Yoga. Shraddlw: Shraildha: rrr€ A ritual perforrned by the Hindus so that their soulsmay live in peacein heaven. trines.sffiFnd.r 1Fe.i. The ninth house.'. ShoulderlP) : is'EIT' ' Shower. q-{ Mercury and Saturn ShudraGralu: {E ShtrdraRasi: qa <rfw SomeHindu astrologers considerVirgo. Ascendant. Peoplebelongingto menial classes' Shudra: qla Untouchables. Aquarius. ttttr Sluklapaksha: ET{Fr The bright half of the lunar month.Meteor: ve+. .l. star: se. Taurus. Capricorn. rg't Auspicious.t8 DIcTIoNAIY or AsrlorooY Shodashwnsa.is positedin as the tenth house. vo+tvrfr. tlvdE *'I Hemmed in bctweenbenefics' Shubha Lagna: slr{ irr{ Auspicioustime. Shukra: rm Venus. ancestors' A Shravana: s{FTqI Lunar/Solarmonth. A Shravan: sTirtr constellationruled by Moon. Shubha: : Shubhagrihi qvrifl Essentialdignity. (ii) when the lord of seventhis in the tenth houseand the lord of forth in its sign of exaltation.t Shooting Tfqrq:Aries.ffflc fr{r (i) Whcn thc lord of seventhconjoined by the lord of ninth and in its sign of exaltation. ShrinathaYoga: '. Shubha Shubhargala lJll. {qFi{r Beneficau8mentingagency' Shubla Yoga z qc *'T When Ascendant is occupied by benefic planetr. Aquarius.frsciv Sixteenth part of a sign. strrTafs-e.Cancerin this categorywhile somc othersinclude Libra. lvleteor.is conjoinedwith the lord of ninth' ShringatakaYoga: ryrnat frrr Wlien all the planets are in threc fifth and ninth houses. Short sign: 6es +rt. Shubha Marana: rtq q<qtNatural and peacefuldeath. Sk*ravara : rLTqRFriday.Gemini in it.

: aerakff. {q ftr When all the planetsare positied in thrce rigns. year I nea sq. her last a dexter aspect.Telel Siderealnoon i Tfra csqlEl. tPl FE6. Side lPl: crrri. er{ Mars and Saturn. of Sln : clc. SiderealPeriod: t$a :F"Icr. First part of of Signs voice: crsTet Aquarius.8. ShushkaGraha: {6*. Singleton: A planet standing alone in a quadrant or hemisphere of a horoscope. lafrar . .5Iq. (ii) A form Kalachakra Gati lorcm rrFnl. Siderealtr'me. Simha: fvq Leo.iften acts as the focal point of the chart. Libra. Simhasana: (i) Simlavalokana: fr6r<-drtc Review. Significator: {rFF. Shula yoga. Siderealmonth. A elow moving planet in Aries will cast a sinistersextile aspect on a more rapid planet in Gemini.' EHa {qq. Sagittarius. Single number [N] : qmc d'T. Aries.SBCTIONI TERMINOLOGY 89 Shula Dasa ["Il : wt sqn A method of timing events. Sidcrealhour: qwaset' rrnr.Gemini. Taurus. Siderealdc). . qt Venur. Sinister and Dexler aspects: isqffd <Fc Aspects cast to the left and right respectively according to the order of the signs. Sickle Moon : qfuw+n <. Vernal: iqrfs <tfsra'{ Signs. Sidereal . A singleton planet . Overview. {FvrqiGemini. ft{rrc When a planet is strongin fivedivisions. Sigr : rrf*. Sidereal zodiac : ftqr (f{ sn. Similarly Moon's first cluarteris a sinister.r.' . while the latter casts a dexter aspect on the former. Virgo.Sira : fse.

Solar systern : s}< rw. .iiT' the faitbcst from point equator in thr: rrrrparcnt nrovement of sun. Solar month: q1qqrq. Sj. Solst ice. qTE. Soft lPl : R+a (e<<). Solar ingress: srifd. Solar return: Rcturn of Sun to itg natal position qrici$. Mean: qr6q st{ vcq. Slow in nlolionf course : qs. Skull lPl ] €Fqrfl. f. Solar c1cle : d< qs. Solstice. Solar tirne: rrk wq. Solenut [P] : rrnfr< (rr<). Sole [P]. Mean: crq vtr fEq. Solar.. n1t Pertaining to Sun.rFr.r. They are Tropic of Cancer (13+' N) artl 1-ropic of Capricorn (231. Solar ecliptic limit : wt< qor frrr. Solar day. Solar parallax: a't< qril{..t. Solar apex: vk arfr+kg. Solar spectnrzl . Smoothness [P] : ri-t. Ll'isttt.90 Skanda: t+'e A Hindu god.rruor.i-rdq. Skin [P]: GrirT. Solar day. Solar year: st< s. Sun is overhead on thesc tropics on June 2l and December 23. DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGI Solar prominezce : s}{ "qren. e}< vk+r<.ii. Solar hour: qk car. qqiTcr. qdqor.i. These are solstice : . sl< eoiac. Szake: +i. Solar eclipse: ul< rqor. Solar time.rr*. qc.r : -Jfirrqur-fff{. Solar period i qqq. Apparent: Er€ak fsn. Sununer : qlelqs<-k. Sky: aiFfiTvr.

head of a human-Aquarius.SBCTION I'TERMINOLOGY 9l Solsticial colure : qr+aioie-c. Sout. South east : <fenvr an*t. *ar-'eqRe. Sphinx: fHt cf. Spectrum. Speech [P] : qrqfr.-qfid] disposition to the native. srflrqr(. Sorcery: oa-ta. tfrcn.Speculum: culars.yw-inq Symbolic of four fired signs. Some astrologers consider Moon also as sovereisn while others as queen.a Moon. SPhere: frv.. e&lia k<.r'r.eo . Table giving variety of parti.te. Solsticialpoints. SpashtalSphala : ewa/rga Celestial longitude spatulate [P] : <nrrm"* [qre]. ef?rqr r. Represented by Venus. Body of a bull-Taurus. Somavara : qicEr< Monday. feet and tail of a lion-l.fq. Southern signy: sferqsff {f{rqi Libra to pisces. Southing : a{Frrqrrfrm irqa. South west : <Fror-vfrvr. . Southern course of Sun: sfrrqr'{c. Spherical angle : ritdiq 4.. Sparsha: ttd pi1s1contact in eclipse.a. Southern zone : <fert qiq.. Spica: fs-dt. 14. Spectrum Solsr: qt{ qoi*q. A bcrrat ion :.. : qfqur. A spaturate rrand is considererj to give nervous [rfr. wings of an eagleScorpio .ridi'i faqqc.l. Sookslrma : qeu Further proportional division of sub-subperiod [rtw< evrr]. Soma: nlt. qRfu"c Appendix. q. Son: gil. wg-alm. Spherical. Southern node: sRlq qri..resented by Rabu [<rg]. v. Spectrum: qoiac. continuous: rca qui{c. Sovereign: <TsIT Sun is considered to be sovereign among planets.

onality: Six-pointed star firrmed by the triangles of earthyandwat. Star. -n$a.r. Star. ar(.IT. Star. Srishti: gfce Universe. Stagnation: (dET{.if(tRI.Group: f.1 cilrcrrel.would be the forebringerof a new epochin History. Stammer: Werr. sigus. star of Indi.C. Loari : EI. i Spot lPl: eI6Et.92 DrcrroNARY AsrRorrcy oF Splril : wtrt. star. e. [P] Square: aspect: 90' aspect..icluality: six-pointcd star formed by the triangres of fiery and air. Thc Wise Men of tht [ast opinedlhat the child born with this tripple conjunction at cxscl midheaven. SPirttual : i{tL{Tfirrd. Squarehand IPI: *qi*r< a-rqCongidcred to be practical and useful [zar*6rfr+]. ' Star. Star.r.t<t{T1q. SPring tide : t.Itt fiItr. rRr. qgtq. Spring: *ia a-9. Eteting: uizry Star.i.Dwarf : Elqirilt<t.rrfilft{ When a planet bccomes stationsry at a certainpoiut. Square : +1or. Lost: n[qT Star. . Star of Ptr. Gianl .Morning: gTet: arr.' enr. Staildard/r'rne: rrm6 €Tq. Star of Peltilehum: Presumedto havc been conjunction of Saturn. BinarY: tnT €r(t. I-ixed: frq<anr. Star. Spiritual numlter[1V]: wt|afv d+. Star.Creation. S/ar. Jupitrr and Mars that took place around 2 IJ. Srak yoga: uq *tr.Falling : sc+.' fl.ty signs. nvr/rrfer*r qiq When all the beneficplanets are positedin the quadrants.

stnte : 3Iq{qT. Aquarius. Rq< cq Strength due to the presence of one or Sthira Balalll: more planets in a sign. periodic. Strength.1. Sthanabala: rsFTim Positional strength. Variable Star. Shootlag : wtt. Double : qq-{ ilrt.aam. Strength. Star. Na t ur al : fautiititF'r-*. wr<i*. Stars.FTrt ?tet s. a<. .{. Triple: f*+'mc. Leo. ' q-c6if( ilr<T.f.E iIr<I Stany expanse: qrfttr. Stars. Stars. Diunwl : . taT Posture Stationary point : lfts fq. Strengtlt. St rengt h. m<r Star. Strength. Supernova. qr*rEr Universe. Strengtlt. sqrT-1Fe. Sthaneeya Samaya : tq. Stellar: dIlT fqq{6.r.I :Ftrrclar. catalogue o/: em-rrtufl.SBCTION T TERMINOLOGY 93 ' Star.a-r+. Stars.lr qra Local Timc Sthira: ftqt Fixed. <a Gems.fundamenta! : 5 art. Stars. E?I. Strength. Tempordrl : il-dfiTfufiirr<r. Scorpio. rmdlq Relating to star. Wandering z ta-. showers o/: vetl-rre. cluster o/: m<gc. Motional : St rengt h.c{ frrE Point at which a planet becomes stationary for sometime. Star. zIqI. Star. Pole: q. Star. Aspectual Ef"c E-d. Temporal: StriJataka: r* srre+'Female Horoscopy.' qfq-f. Sthira Rasi : Frrr< <rflsr Fixcd sings : Taurus. Rv. Positional : TqT. Directional : fflq-d. Star. Stones [P] : q-. Sthanaphala: rqFilriT Effect of a planet being posited in a certain position in the chart.

raid divid'd in proportion to the periodsof Sub: A consteilation planets in Virnshottari Dasa ffaw]rrfr <wtl system. a&f . {d tTr.Snn: qti. : .c (.11. e-oa tcr. In a different 120ycar cvclethe periodsallotedto differentplanetsare as follows: Ketu [*gl 7.5. lord: The lord of sub-Planetthat sub-rules Subconstellation part of the constellation. Sun beam: q* frrwrafi. 2. Sun 6.i. Sudhanshu:gsq.8. Aquarius.'nt houses: rrr$t q"isHouses next to tho angles i. Jupiter. yoga i gaw a'm When a planet is positcdin next house Sunapha to Moon. lord : Subrahmanl'4 -r{ilq4 A Hindu god. Sudarsinna: gEsi{ Timing of eviintsby treating first to twelfth as houses first to twelveycrrs ot'life.E Moon. Sutrutter: fffg. fiqr tr. irrdw Inter-period of a sub-constellation in a major period. 16. rhat particular : Sub-period rrim. Sub-solar Substancc : qt<.-qrf*c.e. line Srrccess lPl: qrr tqr. Sameas Lord Kartikeya [+fa*a]. [P] 5rrssrt. Sun ApParent: 16. <fa. Cancer.Pisces. Sukha: g* Comforts. Stri Rasi: tfl rrfrr Faminine/Female Virgo. Sunrise {d'aq. Moon 10. as they are : Strong signs q.eit to to bestowstrongathleticphysique tho native. Sundial: qt e91. <rfuqi Leo. Venus 20. Sumtner solstice: sfeT'trrrc . Mars 7. Scorpio. vrt.Taurus. Sunday: <fqsR. Rahu [{TE]18.Capricorn. qf Sunline [P] : avrt-er. Suicidaline lPl: wte6tu tat.Saturnl9 and Mercury l7 years. Evensigns. firq.r Sun line. Scorpio. icr Success line.94 DTCTToNARYOF ASTROLOGY signs. s.Fourth house. point 1 qd au'lf*a.

Swastha: €+eqA planet in its own sign. Xt. husband's : Swakslrctra €eia Own house/quarter. qftrqldOwner. 'Slteet : qql. Due to nearnessto Sun.eriaJupiter. Sun's Sunset: qatec. Swati: €tff. Jupiter.i. Surya-kendnyd: qf Htq Heliocentric. : qq'{. Suryochcfta Suta: qa Son. Swairini: €f<"ft A woman who conjugateswith a man of her casle. A constellationruled by Rahu [rtg]. Domal Swakshetrii'Swagrihi: dignity.SECTIONI TERMINOLOGY 95 entry into a sign: {*ife. Swabhava:€qr{FT.Uranus.tE ifRI.ivqrcaHeliacal setting. ion Superiorconiunct : sfC{fr. : Suryasahodaya qi n. house. qtqttr. Superstition: dqfEss|e. leavinghim. Lord. Suracharya:g<r<r. Character. Supine both ways. la. Swa: ra (i) Self (ii) Second qfe Nature. Swasthya: TitTTuzt Swastika[P] : tsRd-nSymbol of happiness/bliss. Saturn.q Aphelion. Swami: eqFf'r.lfl Heliacal rising. planets: qFei€ Mars. Supernova' qfq-. Surya sahailc : q. theseplanetsare not able to and are not so active. : Surya-neecha q4 f. Sutra : qa Formula. tsddt/iqiJ In one'sown quartcr.Neptune Superior Pluto. Health. Surya: gi Sun. planets: qd{q tq Planetsin a rangeof 90' from Sun. APhormism. g'ra. show their utmost brightness Supple[P] : q-+qt. . Sweet-smell: Swift-in-motlbz : €rlir<rt. Sword [P] : a-csn.ts Perihelion.

trrq qr$it.r. Nautical swriyf {rrqft. frrTq. T Table: fi<rit. Synodical lunation: srrrT?tr{. gfa-feXfa Yoking togetherof three planets.vlrcnlSilvan. Synatry: T(-Eqiva. q'{sieiry* One who lives in forests and mountains. {ft{T{. (ii) Fierv signs are sympatheticto any to signs. Syrups:<t'(gc*r1). Svstem.q'<fe. System: weo. {{F{ Err. The Synodicalyear : a$a +i When two eras commence on the same date. crFrfi sr$fr.Solar : qlT ce. Synthesis:qdt sis{r Blendingtogether separate influence in a nativity. Syzygy: dta rq q+ * tw ri.'wr. trtr qftsn. Symbol: s-frm. Table of altitude Tablc of Houses Tables. Symbolof happiness ss : E+fsird.and hencesympathetic. Planetary: rqis-r.96 DrcrroNARyoF AsrRolocy S. System.fl new ntoon.*. rfaai lqErn Comparingthe horoscopes for their compatibitity. fdsr qr\'ft. Tabulqtion: vr<dtq-< . Synodic period: ilfa *re. to and viceversr (iii) Signsbelongingto sameelement group are also in trioe to one another.Azimuth Tables. while earthy signsare sympathetic waterysigns. I bli Sympathetic srgn : (i) Signs in trine or sextilerelationshipare sympathetic eacholher.

Direct vision : an_gtz 'fc<rff" 5c<rn.. Taste: (n. {'i Tara-prachchhadana. TeI esc ope.. Tasseledline. [erfrr] . *cf*-siilratit{*-q aqanoing in sacrcd places. Iw.water [qri] repreienting liquids. Tauli : atfr.{{rt Sorcery. A stronomical : cdlaw rccrff. anmrfta-+ Temporary.' d1t€Tq Taurus.mFqaaq. <rgRahu Tamoguna afrqq Demonic qualities. Taruni. ea-qa.qr Virgo. Sun. Tel scope.' e-<q Element.' aii Logic. Saturn..w7-zirr.ar. Tapan6.SBCTION TERMINOLOGY I Tajika: 8cope. anOfmer [armrvrJ representing spirit.d. Taranitanaya. : lcl. penance. Tanu: a{ First house. Reflect ing : q-<rrfi -e Telesp r oscope: f<. Ninth house. I'certhakrijjalc. there are five basic elements-Fire. Tantra-mantra .. Earth [g"*] rcpresentingsolids. Tatk al ika. Tatwa.escone T{Efi Also Tetescopium.iog energy. arfca. RtrEFlavour.alika Shatru: rrmfor wq Tcmporal enemy. to Tamovela: nclAqT One of rhree divisions of time considered to be most inaurpicious. Taurus: lq. Temporal. (i) .. me*lfv+ Fva Temporal friend. Teeth lpl: da.{ 97 systemof Astrology(ii) Annual Horo- Talisman : l. gvr Libra. Tamas. qF. rfrqq. Taburu. One of three qualities congidered be of lowestorder.' aq-q.i. Tatlialika Mitra. ect .. Tapa: ffi Austerities. Telescope. According to Hindu seers.glPl j qEE trrrg. frr<rr€6rl-{ Occultation Taraghar : drqrR planetarium. Tatl.. ileoft s.{q-qil.ro.."pr"". vtf{ Tarka.-tr.

8.. Temperate. s41t-'t11-1.' {qutr tw. Terminator: :r+rqrid Vital : #q-<or qa Fatal direction or dircctions causTerminus ing death the power to in Term: Certaindegrees a signsupposed possess that of the planet in whose of alteringthe natureof a planet to ternrit is posited. *. Temporalhouses:qsifa+lorTrirtity of wealttr. Tide.oclY sqqra Nature' Temper lTemperament. .'nrETUI. Ebb : 'xu-r' T-ide. alrqtfi. q4q. Ternporal Strength: dTat Tenancy. : ThursdaY [6Err. Indicationsseenin a horoscope' Theory: fqara. SPring . qarnfaeir.' fqilsn. 3rFqTgrft . . sqr{. Occupationof a sign/house' Tendency:c{f. firq Mole.' me+riq-+' Temp 'm. ThroatlPl : aa.'Houses Terminal tqT.Lotr . Term olthe planets: A systemof sub-rulershipof parts of a rign by differentplanets. fif. R-fana'e' qeTtsr' latitude : Teruestrial Terrestrial longitude: tqivt i{rim' meridian: qatt{q1' Terrestrial {*a Testimony. Temporal : arffitffi. Timel:. i PlanetarY: lqte fraia' TheorY q't<t'{T Ttief line [P] : ThighlPl : avr. oral slar .' qqi can Tila. Thumb[P] : wlcl' Slar. Ticlc. 12. Houses2' 6' l0' m<r. ter' Terrestrial equator..rq.' 4.s . NeaP : qs G4I<$IrdI' qrer' Ticle. Houses. frtrqrfr .98 oP DIcTIoNARY AsrRor.'cEflil.

Time.' qTEI$qq. personr. T'ime.' ffffr (Tq. APParent : {Ed Fcr. Sidereal . Triangle.' crfld'l rqq. Effect of being born on a particular lunar Tithiphalam. upper i sai qrr{ttr( Tfi. Tree lPl : 1s. loyadhara: frqr(. Life and Health. Great IPJ: Tq fatq A triaugle on the palm by the lines of Head.frltq rq'{. 9 Time Stanrlard. Equation o. Astronomical . Total eclipse : Tt {Aq qqrc qqsr.fed: om gw.' cmr {cq. Travel line lP). Time. qrsfrr< rfq. Mean. Time.I SECTION TERMINOLOGY Time. . q1fl-fiqfi tqT. Time. Translation of tight: Conveying the influence of one planet to rnother through a third planet which leparates from the first and applies to the second. Nodal.f : {rq-qrrfr+l(. Treatise: sf6dr. Equinoctial : Ttlnq nTd.' q{a ({4.' . faqq. T'ime. Transit: rfrq<. Trayodashi: a+flfr Thirteenth lunar date.t ftar ar {1fc.cr*<rc Tortoise [P] : +qq. Time. fagfta wc. Transmissior : *q<sr. Transit.' flaFcs-{ date. Tithi : fef"{ Lunar drte/day. Yellow Saphire' Topaz [Pi: go{ql. Proper .' qia q. Time. Trident tPJ : faqy. Triad : la+]q A set of three houses/signs Triangle lPl : fafilq. Transit. Toe lP). Tongue tPl : fu-6r. formed . qrt Aquarious.1. Lower: qdqrrqte< qr*. gq<q. Transit circle: qrrfi-m f.

lakdlur Three houses trinc i e. Trinez Frr'lvr11our"sl. . Tropical Zodiac : srqr rrftr<-d Tropicof Cancer: l. 9. Triplicity: Hr.1 a rulcd by Jupiter. Tropicqf Capricorn: rTd{t'rr Apparent southern limit of Sun. Tropical signs: nd eqr rm{ {rfrr{i Cancer and Capricorn. g}w q. 12.irnrv-<. 5. diffcrent degreesof a signon the native. houses1. One who can read past.+r[] Trimsamsa: hqrirr One-thirtieth division of a sign which comes I o. Tripadarkshs farrcd goortellations whose three quarters are : in one sign and the fourth in tht next. Trikona shodhana:tkn'tq sittn Rectification of triads for the purposeof ca!culating Ashtak avarga [arcr+.lz: wrr< q{ Tropical year '. Trikala laqrq Three periods or time-past. Trikona: fa-+]qTriangle Housesl. Leo and Sagittarius. 8. Fargur three humours/qualities. to Trimsamsaplwlm: hsri?TsqEffect of.5. of Trojanplanet : 6q c{. Tritiya. Suchconstellations are htnarvasu [tc-{g] Vishakha [fevrrer] nd poorvabhadrapacia[1.9. The Trigon: fanlq A set of thrce. qiiifi Third Lunar date. presentand future. Truti: €t Error. . Trik Bhava: hqqn Houses6. Triad. A set of three. : qrffiq fffis Celestial horizon.IM DICTION{RY OF ASTROI'GY TridoshalTrigrno: FQrAtI. TrikonaHaranalHras: fa+)qq<rr/6m Reduction in trine signs like Aries. Trikalagna: k+'rr-*r Astrologer. presentand future. 5. 9.+ tqT Apparent northern limit of Sun.. True horizoz. Meon. Trigon.]q Triad. srqq +i Tropical year. Tritrikona.. An aspectof l20o which is consideredto be the most benefic.' crwr{rq-{ Eni. Tropical Sr. TrikonaDasalJl: fa+tor cqn A method of tirning events.

IJnder the sunbeoms: planets within 17 minutes of Sun Cazimi. srqT. (Jnchaste: sF{a€tc. Tula: Tulsi: gilfi A sacredplant.{q.(ii) First houge.U Ubhayachari Yoga: wrqft qI'T When . Uncle : qrql. :fi'r. Ultimo: rRrqRT qrqr. Umbra: sr€6r. Udu Dasa IJJ: ss Em A method of timing evcnts. qls1. Uksha: vqr.ttscrloN I TBRMINOLOGY l0l T-square: Cosmic cross. Tumburu ! $. <. Udupati : w. }c Aries.t){f{. Uncle Paternal : gTqT.qst. Twins : fuga. Udaya: sqr (i) Rise. A planetary combination in which two planets are in opposition to each-other and a third planet is squaringthem. rftcEn.planets occupy both secondand twelfth houscfrom Sun. Tuesday: rirrq-<R. Uncle. ctffr arTfE. UdayaLagnalRasi: v<q q-rdqfu Ascendant. UmbrellalPl: aa. g<t Libra (P) Scales. Twilight . .rfa. Ultra Zodiacal : <Tf{r<fi Ultra-Zodiacal plorct : <rfrr<r.aMoon.n. {qI. {gcr Symbol of Gemini. Uchha: s=q Exalted.Meternal I gyq1. Ubhayodaya: sir*sq Sign rising from both sides. (Inderthe rays: Within Orb.qq Taurus. Ubhaytingi: ilsmm Hermophrodite. iTTitr.*rqr16. .pisces. Fcff-<rFa riler Junction of day and night. . qrt.

Utkendrata: s-&-ro Eccentricity. E. Uranian: Erratic. unconvcntional.+fi{ frm Reappearance. Uranus: {t{s.Virgo Scorpio. One of their sixteenreligiousrites.rul Going upwards. Upaya: scrq Remedialmeasures. Uranian astrology: An astrological system based on mid points. (lnnatonsa : sciliT Altitude.I02 DrcrroDtAtryoF Asrnor.oreq. U.. Uttaraphalguniz verwegfr A constellation ruled by Sun.T Sacred thread ceremonyof the Hindus.T. Uttara bhadrapada: *r{ slratr{ A constellation rUjed . UniversalTirne: Universe: qfta. 6riv. Unlucky: qqnt. Upantya: ssrRur Blcventhhouse. . 10.independent. Upachchlwya sqFETrn : Upagraha: srr€ Satellite. Upachaya: sr{trt Houses3. 6. +r Upperhemisphere [P]: -rRr?r s-tr{si Upper half of the palm. G.. Uttara Kranti: sin rifr North declination. .tftrFifth constellation from the birth-constellation i. (Jnmeelana. UpapadalJlz su. Utponna: sf.t.Cancer. Uttara dyananta: s(r<B{qqie Northern Solstice.Capricorn.i<Signasapart from thc l2th lord as the lord is from the sign. *gis Cosmos.M.e. ll.. apaketu: vr\ Satelliteofketu [tg].T. Upper Uranai: The art of fortune-tellingin China and Japan.Pisces. cardinal points and influences of certain hypothetical planets. UnitarynumberINJ : qfrv +r. constellation which Moon is posited at the time of birth.' v. mwit.by.ooy Uneven fP): &c*< [tc<]. in Uttama: srq When a planct is strong in three divisions. transit : saiqrcfrm . Penumbra. Saturn. GrecnwichMeridian Time. UnfortunateSlgzs: vr/frw <firlt Even and negative signs. Upanayana: sr?Trr. Taurus.

Vakra. Vagrant: qssrfrq. v Vachas1ati.' 'iqns A Lunar/solar month.Retrogrs' VakrutvaI Vakramar sion. Gemini. Vajrayoga. Yakri : qr6t Retrograde.sruqqa sacrificial ceremonyby the kings in ancientIndia. Libra' A Vajpeya. Yaishya.' <t. 1t JuPiter.' q1qqqfr. Vani : crfrt Speech. Vageesha: qrtlt{. Vak: ry Secondhouse.' Erqtq. rirrq Mars. Valour . Jupiter' ta Vaccilating: qfa qq-{.' 4qq Trading class' planers: iqq rq Moon and Mercury.' sqq Ring. gatva I T*ee/T{unia Regression.SBCTION I TERMINOLOGY 103 (Ittarashadha: sil<tsT-a constellationruled by Sun' A (Ittarayana: strqqqT Nortbern courseof the Sun.'qfcr. Vaishya Vaishya signs: isq rfsrqi Aquarius. Valaya[PJ. . Vaishakha. (JttarayanaBindu: stnTqut fE-€ Winter Solstice.' TrrFr Dwarf.' cRFFrr. Yaruprastha: itFtlt(EA monk dwelling in forests or mountaint without clothes. fl{ ConveYance.' sq*'r Whcn all the beneficsoccupy Ascendant and seventhhouse nd all the malefics are posited in fourth and tenth houses. Girdle' trr{q. a6 urfr' Vahana. Vamana. Vahanayoga : srfl ftr Combination for conveyance. Reincarnation of Hindu god Lord Vishnu in the form of a dwarf.

Vayu: <q Air. nia 4-g Springseason. Atharvaveda lawii<] and Samaveda[vrqiq1.' qTfrfifE-{ior Varishthayoga i qf$a *'r Wben Moon is in the third. nineth or twelfth houseto Sun. Varuni: sr€Eft Uranus. Varna: <ot Caste. Varga: q.il-{q A planetin the same sign in Natal and Navamsa[c-{in]charts. Varaphalam:ilr(str Effectsof being born on a particularweek- day.i Division Vargikarana. a.. Mars Samaveda [qrcie] and Mercury Atharvaveda [uarii<].i Varshapravesftc: cisr Sollr return. They are four in number-Rigveda [t€<.Jupiter rules Rigveda[n iE].gen Libra. Vastu: <tg Object.1 yulurveda. Dasa lJl: soisavrrA method of timing events. qfiG(. Varsha Vartamana. soiswc A kind of Ascendant. Varuna: fiq Neptune. sdflc Present. . Vasanta Rirn.Annual . but of not thc whole world. of the sixty-year s.'<'ift<q Classification. Yeda: i< The oldest scriptures. cycleaccordingto Hindu system.'e. . Varsha: soi Year.'q'<rfs-d. [rqfc]. isia E{t{ Vedic Philosophy. sIfi fr'r When no planet occupiesa quadrant. Varnada VarnadaLagna l. Vaya: ra Age. Yapiyoga: Vara: q< Week daY. Vargottama.ooy Yanik : Efwq. sixth. only of the Hindus..104 DIcrroNARyoF AsrRor.eg Rainy season. Vanquished.iq'qEffectsof being born in a particular year Varshaphalam.' Vashiyoga: flfsr frir When a planet other than Moon occupies twelfth housefrom Sun. Rfiu : avi . Variation. Venus Yajurveda [qn+E]./l . Vedanta: .Amongst the planets.colour.

s6eirq. Veerya*ri Third house[p] Semen.(ii) Fourth house. Vertex : rfr.tBcnoN I TBRMINOLoGY 105 Yedha: ia Obstruction. Venus: nn. Vit : fua.lihaga yogo: fq-{'r dq Whcn all the planetsare in fourth and tenth houses. Vehicles : zrFr.iq qf. Vegetable signs: {e Ffrrct Taurus. Also called Vallaki yoga [meaftfrrr]. iaurus. Vcspertine: {riw 667planet setting after thc Sun on the wcstern horizon. Vedha Sthana: iq wn Obstructinghouses.Aquarius.1{Mercury. sion of time. Effect of being born in a particular divi.. velaphalam :.. . . irrCr.i. Vidolana : fE<tcr Nutation fear (i) Knowledge.T ic Velocity. Helio-centric: qd t. Verification: 1fu. Vela: 4w. Via Combusta: The combust way. Last 15 degrees Libra of and first 15 degrcesofScorpio. Yelocity. Scorpio.lt<ea Time. Yelocity. Velocity of escape: cvrm iq.e.uqrhqa. Vernal equinox: ztrgil s{e Vernal signs: icrf< <tfsraq Aries. Geo-ccntr T+-ftq. Yighati: ffit Time equalto 24 seconds.*t irr. Vemayoga: *qt qlq When sevenplanetsoccupysevenhouses rigns. Vedhagralu : irrcf Obstructing planete. Gemini. frr<)fe. VedilYedika : a*/ifq. period. fEgs. Vega. qEqRT. Leo. Orbital: +effq+r. <trFrFr. Yertical : sE3t.dr Altar. Velocity : itr.i. Veshi yoga: ifvr trq When a planet other than Moon occupies cccond housefrom Sun. aTfirFdq Also spelt as Wega. Yjaro: Vigata: frqa pasr.

met his death instarrtly. Vinasha: f*fiqr. (ii) Arics. Sun 6. Rahu [rtd] 18. Tq (i) Destruction (ii) Eighth house. Leo. Vishnu' fstsr A Hindu god. fqqq Odd (number). f6srr First house.'. Virgin : q. Onc of the Trinity' yishuva: fta. Such femalcs wefe often used as spicsand as a meansto eliminateenemies. Capricorn lMars]. Vishaghatika:fqsqleqrA highly inauspicious Vishakanya: fEqffql In ancient India. Vikrama: fqrc (i) Valour (ii) Third house. Eq. VishuvaBindu faEakoe Point of equinox' RekhalVritta: fs\E( tql/Td Equator' Vishuvad : Vishuvamsa Fsqsi{ Right asccnsion.Ascendant.ferfre' Vision: fu. The proportional period allotted for eachplanet 7' and their order cycleis as follows : Ketu [+-g] Venus 20. Libra lsaturn]. Violent signs Signr of exaltation for malefic planeta-Aries [Sun]. Vishva: f+r< (i) Worid.based on 120 years' cycle. Yishama: VishamaRasi: lqcq rrftr Odd signr:Aries. Visbn.n Symbol of Virgo. Visiblehorizon : 16a. Sagittarius. Vikshepa: hdr. '.Jupiter 16. The result was that their bodies became Vcnomous and who-so-evercaBe in their contact. wcrE Equinox. Vtlagna. Arc of : gqqslq' 7:. Dasa: lqsrlvt <snThe most important and widely Vimshottari followed method of timing events in Hindu aetrology. Libra. Mars 7. somc females were brought up on poison from their very infancy.Venom timc.'. Moon 10.106 DICTIoNARY OF ASTROLOGY Vikala: f++'qA planet in combustion. Saturn 19 and Mercury l7 years. Yipareeta Drishti: fdFc aFa Sinister aspect.Aquariur. A Vishakha: feqnqr constellation ruled by Jupiter. Visha: fss Poison.ffi . sr<Celestiallatitude. Gemini.

lltarrhr: nfac. Voice : slt [P] *sr. Tenth house.c{. Vrishchika : lkq+ ScorPio. (ii) Vyapara: E{Iqr( (i) Business. WanderingItar i rQ. Void of course: Planet especiallyMoon.'viva 'rfaesci. "full of : ag swvrfr. Waking: wm [*E].a Old. . aru?r. s.fi.SsCTIONITBRMINoLoGY 1 \ 107 . Vriddla: s. : VrishalVrishabha Is/EsE' Taurus.Nude. Vitality. Vriddhi: 1fa Fourth house. Viyoni: fa'fifa Different kinds of species.qq (i) Expenditure.Vi. lltar z 1a. Voyage : qTaI. w Waist[P]: qfe. IAaningMoon z a-+frfrrr Moon moving from full Moon to Ncw Moon.(ii) Twelfth house. Vulcan: A hypotheticalplanet whoseorbit is supposed to bc just inride that of Mercury. which has completed all its aspects to other planets before leavingthe sign in which it is posited. Vyaya: Vyayadhipati: arqftlqfd Lord of the twelfth housc. r Wandere : aranfrFt. Vitta : fee (i) Finance(ii) Secondhouse' Vivasa: f+swr Without clothes. ViyutilViyoga : faXfr/f+frT Opposition.g. . Vritta: 1c Circle.

Entla. llteight [P] : crq. lAakr z qq. . Aquarius. atFfi'r{r. i{rr . Winter solstice: sn<w-R5 lVomb: rti. mcr€. ftr. Will-power tPl : r. Week: vrllft. World: d+. Weekfuy: +n. arti. qm6q f. Scorpio.n qVr sdrg qv Symbol of aquarius. Libra. gfe. Wednesfuy: 'Iszrn. Rcprecentcd by Rahu [<r'{J. Wavylinet [P] : cqrcn terq. Milky.6plssentcd by Moon. Aquarius. Any recorded time of this pcriod should. qqq-qqft. q5. WhirllPl. rfr* Represented Saturn.t: ![iME Moon and Vcnus.'TBoLoGY War time: tdslir From lst Septembcr 1942 to l5th October 1945. Wife: c(&.T. West-lsou1ft qRqc-Efcrqr. Winged Winter: rifa ag. I|/esternJErrJ : cRqc dt qfrrqi Gemini. ll/eather: qtsq. i lltay. Whip lPl z cs.hour to obtain I.' qefr16 Sun and Mcrcury. llaxing Moon: or*S <'< Moon moving fton New Moon to full Moon. by |l/est: cfrqq. qr(I. be rcducedby one. Pirccs. the Indian Standard time was advancedby one hour for War purpose. I4teak: Wealth: cqft.onrfu. Wrist lPl. Wateryplanet. lV'est-north: qfrsclrt. planels. therefore. llatery signs: q-c<tftrqiCancer.IO8 DICIIONAIT oF A. Libra. Whole signs: Gcmini. Water bearer : fir< .S.

Yeu. so in Universe.Tr€?T Vchicle. ffi Year Mean tropical: qT6zr s.TPI: IrtRfr. Yamyottara : qrETtfi Meridian. qa. Distance traversed by light in one year constitutcs 'Light year'. Yellowsaphire: t6q {Fr. Year : qi. s<q Talisman.i.. Lunor: ta +i. (iii) According to Hindu astrology. Year. Yamaghanta: qqdu Satellitc of Jupiter. Yana : qFr.'BCNON T TBIIIINOLOGY 109 x X. Year. Leap: stFflf .i. Year. Yantra: Yarpindetatbralnnande: qffi rcgroi Law of correspondence.ga<rv Topaz. f!-v-fr€rrf{.. nrqc Year. As in atom. Yamakantako:Tc*ro Sameas yamaghanta tqcErel. Tropical: ilfi s. ai pluto. . a qK. Light : T{'Rr +i Light travsls at the rate of 1. solar: qt{ {'i.76. Year.Number [N]: qct6.(X)0 miles per eecond. Year. Yoga: ftr (i) Conjunction. sidereal: ceilasti. (ii) planetary combinations. therc are 27 yogas[qtr] which corroopondto 27 constellations. Y YakshalYakskhi: qrwfrfi A mythological tribc whosc chicf Kubera [ti<] was consideredto be the Finance Minister of gods Yona z r. Yavayoga q-*trr whcn all the matefics are cituated in lst " and seventhhourecand all the benefcs in 4th and lOth housec.

drnfts"aMal'combinations effective from thc age of 8 yearsto the age of 20 Years. directly above thc observer. Yupayoga: g frrr When all the planetaare posited in lst to 4th houses. tffr'4. (ii) I/oni: ffi (i) Species.110 DICTIoNARY OF ASTROLOGY Yogakaraka: *{rm'n+ Planetsconferring results' Yogaphalam: *'r q-{ Resultsof difrercnt yogas[a]tJ' YogardhaDasa[J]: *'mi ilrr A method of timing events' Yogarishta: .allthesevcnpl'nctsarepositedin two signsonly. )zzti: qfa. Southerz : qffrolqlq. vfi< nfeqar. Yugayoga:nrrfrirWhen. Zone. rPq. Zodiac: Hil=F' Zodiacal aspects: Aspectsbetweensignsof the Zodiac' Zodiacal circle : <rfu14. North€rn : sil{ ntfi. Zero lN) : T'q. nlrr Conjunction. Sun'sentranceinto a sign of : ssifd' Zone: tia. Yuva: nn Young. Zone. Efsqr . Fcmalc organ' (PlanctarY)fight' Yuddha: qa Yuga: gr Age.q.BE. t. A planet occupying 12"-18' in a sign is called young according to Hindu attrologcrs' z Zenith: fntF*1 Point on mid-heaven. q-drur. Zodiacal ligftr : <rfvr<qitq Zodiac. {rftrs{.

Abbreviations {darut Glassifications qoi$E Explanatory notes fatqfqqi Synonyms qqtq . 4. 3.SECTION2 l. 2.

South qffrq Rqri. Krisbnamurti Paddhati tssrcFd K.' dtma<. N.til. s.M. P. P.. D . r. Mars is infant or child [nc] Mercury is Teenager[TrrR].W. North-east srqi. East 1i f<w. South-eastEiwq{. Past Mcridi6 qeaqfrs1. 8 . : Indian Standard Time qr<frc qrffi q'q'qThis timc is 5. e .Z.!4. W. Palmistry uqFrr qs wEa @.il.M.i. crF+q Elsq-ckqq. Ante Meridian wqr6g*. f. N. A . Saturn.t.:O +i] Sun is adult tclq. A. West cfrfi kfi. qalq1. lO0 st].Before Christian era q{Tfiti.i]. .. According to the Indian system. {.' {r{. t'tFdq rIFT.Venusis adolescent 16 [dE!T. qlrr. Jataka Parijata qn-r crkqrd. fdrr. Mercury from 4 to 14 years. Moon exerts its influence upto 4 yearr. E.T. J. {wn kvn. .E. North-west silq|rqs. rfHt<. SO s{1. Local Meridian Time rqtfiq rcq. Jupitcr is Young [Xar.P.qfilt1.: Grecnwich Meridian Time ftfrs qrcqs vrq.P. Jaimini Sutra €fqft qa. aheadof G. arEPqJ' Planetshave beenassigned different ages by the Astrologers. Western Astrological System ft1fi vri16r *U. N. Someastrologers According to the Western system.r.30hrs. lge .M. After Death (of Christ) ffi t-{. iaeq fun.SECTION TI ABBRBVIATIONS l13 Abbreviations . N.S. Venus from t4 to 22 .S.M. Moon is old [1e. Rahu [<rg]and Ketu ftl are very old [afe-gc..qfl+ut. North s-m |sw. c'?fd. South-west s. W. 70 s. considerMoon to be infant. {:. G.T. Numerology . Beridestheseaccepted abbreviationsthe following abbreviations have also been usedin this work.S.

Eyes |6.Sun fuom22to 4l years. I . tqrTR. : z Nose itfutr.Mars from 4l to 56 years' Jupiter from 56 to 68 yearsand Saturn beyond 68 years' Thereisanothermethodofascertainingtheageofaplane according to the Indian systeni-by finding out its position in chart is as follows :in degrees a sign' The corresponding of Degrees the planet .a[r€t. *fr' Chin: 4.tt. +5. TemPle.. Teeth z <q. Forehead: atinc. EYebrows: u"a.' t'oi.' ilcrfr.' rTfffi'. rr€r.das: dso.rrrq. rtq. Tongue: fu6t. Difrerentparts of the body [qq] arc as follows': Eody: rrfr<' Ilair: *n.6o 0o 6" -l2o l2o -l8o lgo _24' 24o_30" Qdd signs Child crd Teenageq<rc Young gei old g Dead gc Even signs Dead 1e Old g Young qat Teenaget{rt Child nq AnatomY[P] . zreretlr . (r(.ffi. rt< rqr. EYelids.r€grt: RFf.' t. Shottldcrs:enw. chest z Eft. Moutht ga. Neck : qlqt. al1tr'. f.q'r*. gqea'. {r+' Aheeksi :F'rtq. a+q. Ecrs . ris ecq. Sfturr. +TE." ll4 DICilONARY OP ASTRoIOOY years. Fbce: qa{w.

Knot : rFw. Ringfinger. qirfi'.' Er-flFmr. Finger . rrfur. Middle finger: rTE{rTT. Elbow' t6*.Tt'r. Femaleorgan: dfi.fe. €rrT. qi6.' Heart: Lungs. airt. . Palm: +tcv. . Hand : €RT. Moon on the nail: . I/rps f+cq. Indexfinger: mifr. Nail: qq. Zrlsl: :rqrt. Fingerjoints.fr6. Male organ: gwit. Thigh z vq. Ankle : draT.' w1'sa. +r€. lV'aist: +. Forearm: tqrq. viv.r. ffi. qF. Thuntb.' qffi-a. frw. Armpit: ti€.|w.fGFf?t. lnn : nw qTg. Phalange: . Zap : 1.SECTIONII ABBREVIATIONS RltTFr. Zeg: fivrfr.aRa. qat. Stomach: vt irfv * sq-<1.' gngt. Liltle finger: +'firfqrr.nss 2 ylnr. q1rr. fffiw Back : 865. rrcf{f?T. Back of the hand: +<y. Navel: ilfq'. f.td. il5 Nlpple.S#e : cr*i. eigfe.

weec. Arabian Parts lWl.ilifi. Krishnamurti aleo lays a lot of importance on Pars fortuoa in his Paddhati. Right: <fwor. {i4.r Little toe ' t. .Sole' rcee. toc: cAfififi.mqi. Part of honourableand illustrius Acquaintance: (i) Aeccndantplus Sun minus Part of fortunc (by day) : . Second Middle toe: qsqqt.' These are sensitive points in a chart arrived at by combining Ascendants with two planets' sometimes involvinghouse cusps ilso. <rfro. s<. Big toe: d< w eqa. plus Mercury minus Moon' Parr of Faith: Asccndant plus Sun minus Saturn' Part of Father: Ascendant Parr of FemaleChildren: Ascendantplus Venus minus Moon' plus Moon minus Sun' Part of Fortune : Ascendant minus Part of Fortune in Husbandry: Asccndant plus Saturn Moon.u6 Ileel z 6.S.' Here are someof the Arabian Parts' (bY Part of Brethren z (i\ Ascendantplus Jupiter minus Saturn day) plus Saturnminus Jupiter lby nightl' (ii) Ascendant minug Part of Deatft : Ascendant plus cusp of eighth house Moon. Fourth toe: s|trTfrtf. In calculation. Left: <n.r: Asccndant plus Moon minur Uranus' plus cusp of second House minus Part of Goods: Ascendant Lord of SecondHouse. points arc usedfor findini out different aspectsof onc's life' The most important of them being Part of Fortune or Pars fortuna K.Ftfttttt. Part of Friend. . ami. Part of Discord and Controve8y i Ascendant plur Jupiter minus Mars. the longitudc of the planet or cusp is taken into account' These parts or Ascendant. DICTIONARY OF ASTNOLOOY . {t<. Fool : {<ar.

Part of Marriage: AsccadEnt plue curp of Scvcnth Hourc minuc Vonul Part of Merchondise: Asccndant plur Part of fortune minur part of cpirit. Part of Seruorls: Arcendant plur Moon minur Morcury.rg (li) Ascendantplus part of fortune minur Sun (by !igh|. Part of Plays: Asccndsnt plur Vcnur minur Marc.. [If Seturn ie comburt. Taurus minur Mooo lby nightl. . Part of lourrcys by Water: Accendantplur l5o Cancer minut Saturn. Part of Perlllous ord Most Dongerotu year: Asccndant plur lord of Eighth Housc minur Srturn. Part of Nobility and Eonour: (i). Sorrow and Captivity: Arcendent plur Part of fortune minus Neptune. Part of Llfe: Aecendant plus Moon minur New or full Moon beforc birth. Part of Prtvatu Enemles: Acccndant plur curp of Twclflh milur Lord of Twelfth Hourc. Part of Magistry and Professlbz: Aroondant plur Mooa mlnus Saturn. Part of Inheritence and Possessions: Arccndant pluc Mooa minur Saturn. subctitutc JugitcrJ. U7 Part of Imprisonment. Part of SuddenAdvancement: Asccndant plur prrt of forturo obur Srtrun. Pot of Splrit : Arocndant plut Sun ninur Moon. Part of Male Children: Arcondant plur Jupitcr minuc Moon. Part of Slckne. (ii) Asccndant plus 3. : Pot of Slavery and Bonfoge: Arcondrnt plur Moon miur Dbpodtion of Moon. Part of Mother: Arceadant plur Moon minus Venus.inur Saturn.rs Ascondantplur Merr m. Dcare8t Part of Love of Brethren: Ascendantplus Srtum minur Sun.Asccndant plus lgoAricr nigur Sun [by day] .lBctloN u ABBREVlATrOr.

[c.t/<fu rteta] or junction of dav night [iei .E 5'9 5'9 5'9 5'9 3'10 3'lo 3'10 ?'19 aspectcach to According Jaimini Sutras t'iffi qal the signc acpcct fixedsigns other.. "ip.g 7 7.€dl.p"Jr.8 4. qsie] or due to junction of two lunar dates [fafq rishta [rierf<s's] iunctionoftwoconstellationslraarisin]orjunctionsoftwoascenqsie]..5.8 4.10 4.GY Partof Travelsby Land: Asccndant plur cusp of Ninth houro minus Lord of Ninth house.u8 DICTIONARY OF ASTROLC'. but only partially' in explanatorY this regard' planet cf. Part of (Inderstanding: Ascendantplur Mars minus Mercury' Arishta: srkscDanger to lifc.(iii) due to porition of (til il.r a planet pmition of Moon tT. Moverblc signs rspcct fixed signrand the them' The or procceding preceding orcept the sign signs moveable otlU".pi and the planetsposited therein' Some planets have spccial house 4th and 8th' Jupitcr 5th and 9th for eiample i"I"" "'pt"ts and Ketu [t-$] "-.nu t<ril and fctu t*-gl aspect thoir opposite "r". are the planets can aspect According to someancient Indian astrologers' The following table is self' other housesalso. planetspositcd in thc aspecting &Gf.e 5'9 3'lo 3'10 Mers Mcrcury Jupitcr Vcnuc Saturn 7.8 5." (iv) aue to a mal-combination tmrnft.4."r'. houies as well.8 7 7.8 4.3.a*t-tigns.8 4. Rahu [<16] and Saturn 3rd and tgth incapable of aspccting other houses' Liog tn"aowy planets. Inauopicious time' Accordiog' theie are five kinds of Arishtas-(i) Gandato Indian astrologers. Moon 4./*. ae-dftql' patativednahrishta iq-dnit all the plancts Aspects:fse According to the Indian systcm or seventh i."t positedin the aepcctcd sign' planets signaspect .al and (v) duc to i"J*l. Full aspect Threequarter dspect fi-t s'(ol Efu Half aspect One quarter aspect qr rcr Efq fc-{q $z Ti EfiE i 7 s.

180". 8 Opposition. ils effect determined by the natures of planets involved. rlightly evil. 120".24o. similar in nature to Conjunction. 36o. 0o same degree of longitudc. Seldom usedaspects: ^ Vigintilc or semi-dccile. D Square. Minor dspectsi V SemiSextile. Major aspects: 612 Conjunction. Parallcl.108o./ SECTION II ABBREVIATIONS u9 In Western systcm. In conjunct. I Decile or semiquintile. neutral determincd by the natut planetsinvolved. sllghtly bonefcial. # Tredecile. dcgreer. Some orb is also allowed while considering the aspect.elightly bcncficial.90" A Trine. samedegroc of doclination. * Sextile60' bencficial. slightly bencficial. semi quadrate. 150o. Q Quintilo.Sccond80" Tbird 120" [trine]. slightly benefcial. 14/-".slightly bencfcial. r/ Qunidccile. * Biquintila. though no anglesare formed. slightly beneficial. $ Sesquiquadrate / . slightly evil. slightly beneficial. Semi-square 135'.t Qoioroor. Disjunct or Quadrasextile. 72". A neutral aspect. They are grouped in evil aspects are All multiplesof 22t degrees evil while all multiplesof l8 degrees and 30 degrees lexcept 90'J are beneficial. 45". Fourth 160o. slightly evil. of .30'. Nonite First 40o.the aspects are bascd on thc distencein and beneficial arpects. boneficid. evil. Parallels and conjunctions crc also tcrmed aspects.l8o.

DrcnoNAlY or AsrRoroGY Thc namesof somebettcr known Indian astrologcrs with thoir famous works is givcn bclow :Garga Samhita Garga/Gargi . rfir< t<r.€€c/q lrRrfi' Kalidasa frfiffiq Uttarakalamrita ltin'Fltlttlil Prithuyashass/o Varahamibira lgrrq gXa r<qffir Mantrcshwora {erq{ Kalyana Varma reqm Tqi Jaimini iffi Shripati ffd Kcshava trts Mandavye gl!gd'. Varahamihira SwalPa/LaghuJataka.Laghu Parashara (r<FIr< Paralhari. Brihat samhita.Ft iF{dr trn/. T6dredr.nfir Narada Samhita Narada qr(( rr<q iRcr Lomasha Samhits Lomcsha firI iF(ilI frq{r ' Brihat Parashar. T<r{tufu( . Brihajjataka.f(Fm.120 Astrclogersand thctr works . ParasharaHora irtilmnlR. tg rr<nrt.t Hora srra fr<nrR PhaladeePika sirfifctt Saravali Fr<rs-dt Jaimini Sutro ituFq qa ShriPati Paddhati t'nla qaFa Keshava Jatake tcrs qra6' Mandavya Jataka rfirFq ErRFf Ycnkatadri iqurfr Sarvartha Chintamani qqtd Fq-'ilrqFl .

Astrology. Nostradamus fndec Henry Cornelius Agrippa {a-fr +rffwv qfr. Ptolemy arcfr Alhakin1 ?'I{A*q. Calisthenistfffifqq [Astrologer who always accompaniedAlexanderl. Shatamanj Rajayogacrdqwtt ari Some famous Greek and Western astrologers-Pythogoras rrtqlTtw. Gunakara rTsrr+'(. ElectionalAstrology: n6d s+lflov Used in calculatingauspicious time for an event. .Shukajataka sTn Jatakottama vm+}nt.the |a"irmta-4. John Dee qrl * [Astrologer of QueenElizabeth Il. Noel . Vriddha Karika 1a +tf<+r. Muhurta GIIiT'I. Cheiro +1it. sagari w+errrfr. Albu Mezar arqgrttrR.Branchesof z Astro-meterology: tg/ttw. Manaqrc"nvrc€tqTajika Shastraatfqt $Ra. patya 6q/cq xTEIFRTr Skanda Hora wq 6t<r. BadarayanaiTTfftor [according to some scholars.Shambhu able and quotcd Horaprakasha rtrt fcrn+Tw. Astro-pathologyor Medical Astrology: alrl a*fdq.o fanothor name for Kautilya qlfuql. Yavaneshwaraq-q}rst.ar*Fut. Raphael <*s. Shrutikirti tfa<"lfr Shaunakavfr++'.Alan Leo gvn fd. Max Heindel i+'r dFiv. trdf(q Useful in predicting weather conditions. Jatakadeshawmorivr. Vrihat/Laghu PrajaDashadhyayssq{Tr6{rft. F*I il. Mauricc Sibley q'fftq f{rs.Bhattotpala Tgt€iT and Rudra Bhatta errg [Commentatorsof Varahamihira's alqfqk( workl. SepbarialfriiR{ir. Vidyamadhava Vishnu gupta samepersonas Jaimini ffu1q1.iunq 316o RamayatnaOzha <rrqiq qlar Ramadayalu rr{E{rc Some other famous astrclogers are: Satyacharya mrr<r'i and JcevaSharma qtflrqt lquoted by Varahamihira e-<r{tc|{{l. Chintamani tgi fr. Llewellyn Hayden |caFqr tsq.Soma Jataka slc qrirfr Bhavakutuhala tr++-eqe.it.. Bhavartha Ratnakara rrrqri re{16(.Iaquin *\'q +r*r.SIION II ABBREVIATIOXS tzt JatakaParijata erd+ qlkqta PhalitaVikasa qk( k+rq SanketaNidhi d+( frfel VaidyanathaDikshita .w. Someother famousworks on Astrology [Some sparscly avail'in other worksl-Horashastra fr<nrrca.Jataka saradeepa <rqfrq.

irT fsqr. disturbancesl.Fc [Earth]. srRa Natal Astrology: GtTtt6' Common Astrology' Streejataka: t*nao Female horoscopy.cr*(i1 .frFaq A briinch of astrology in which the astrologer asksthe querristto nams a flower or colour or touclr I part of his body. political events.l flI{i. Kabala Asnology: 'Ftir( v-likq A branch of astrology based on numbcrs. : NumerologY er3:. T. find out yearly Someallied branches: ' Astro-palmisty: qeql-<r* Palm read as a hororcope. financial position.T. they are eight in rrunl-. Tajikashastra: arfw+-{r€a Mostly used !o fortunes of a native.sat. .]. Occtilt scienrc. such as wars.l The art of tracing a lost horoscope. A branch of Astrology in which some special fcatures about fcmale natives have beendiscussed.122 DICUONARYOF ASTROLOGY Helio-centric Astrology: st( EqlRc Taking Sun as the basefor calculations. method of timing Jaimini Sutas: ritcfi qa A non-conventigtnal eventsevolvedby a famousIndian astrologerJaimini [€fqftl' Astrology: iFEfi cqlFwAstrological Mundane JudicialAstrologyl branchconnected with predictingimportant eventsrelating different countries. KeralaAstrology: *<-t. earth quakes. Nashtajatakami qv wret. Horary Astrology ' qqacfrldv Used for answeringqueries. etc. to give preCictions Nadi Astrology: ttfi cdkq An ancient treatise on Astrology which it is believedthat all the important eventsof the life of au in individual have been scribedbeforehand. s-€ril [Natural [Voice]. eirFrx i Fluavcnsl.ia (Parts of bodyl t*l [Dieams. eqs'r IFood]. Omens: srt. Cheirognomy: €ftrf. (fl qsrq [SignsJ. : f+fqa hui'l According to Indian seers. : Cheiromancy *atqr frqr.

atr4. Then moving anti-clockwise.fd+a' fuqr1.rr. u$<.s.]. .qia(f. 6rlFfiaq. fatRn. Art of reading lines and other signs Plantarolo. g<lw. ctass).frfeTt] ftt?tT.(ii) e{laq(Kshatriya ot the (i) arg"r (Brahmins or the and (iv) q< Worrio.afrma' [a-f te.SECTIONII ABBREVIATIONS I23 {€iiqr fsqr Art of readingthti palm' Palmistry: uilkr qn€a. Caste sat The Hindus are classifiedin four main priestiy class).ang'i<.l. Thc central division or sign of the Ascendantrising at the time of the house denotes the cpoch. : aq-r{'<'trfs-{rq(t8): q4t1. afsrrcd[qfa. . (iii) i"r (Vaish or thc trading class)' (Shudraor.{(dir sIT{a one'sfoot. dttiirr' qt. r qq:' qtrl. . 6.fiDifferentkin<isofchartsareitruseindenoting the planetarypositionsat a particular time' Lagna rQscenclant This chart is commonly used in Northern India' The twelve the first divisions denote twelve houses. cqifaq.the menialclass)' Chart:+g. castes. 41. nia4.r?{. on the sole of oJ'knowledge Branches c"ntaeliru qaSIIriT6??.qrq PhYsiognomY. fsut' PfuenologY:q.{P{].?. we go on putting other signs (number denoting the signs) in cyclic order' The planets are put in .trt"1ofa-ar' '.

TAURUS G E M I N\I? " L-tq. This can to be found out from a standardephemeris. Ascendant and different planetsare put down in the squares where they are supposed to be at the time of opoch.124 DICTIONARY OF ASTROI.l< ARiTS P!SCES {re {q +. PiscEs *q ARIES TAURUS GEMINI drr T ftT{ CANCER q* AOUABIUS CAPFICORN tlitra LEO frr! scoRPro LIARA TilI S A G IT-tACrus VIRGO iFRN qt {rs-{ This is the chart commonlyusedin South India. .r1= LI BRA gfl S A GITTARIUS ':-{ ^ \ Tw'a* \ 4wt'c SCORPIO usedin Bengal.OCIY tbe signsin whichlthey are supposed bc at that time. A chart commonlY It is also basedon fixcd sign positions.Orissaand Andhra Pgdeoh. It is based on fixed sign positions.{ AQUARTUS CAPRICORN ITZiT clNcER L EO fivt .

The middle circle denotes the zodiac.C. (iv) Cat. The ChineseyearEand months also bear identical names. The planetsare put in the chart according to their Sayana Longitudcs. This is the most.the tenth-houseor M. (vi) Snake. (vii) Horse. in the Descendant the west and the fourth houseor in the north. The points'. signs: The Chinesesignsb:ar the names of different Chinese animals. according to the Indian Astrology' The the zodiac after. Zodiacal signs have no place in this is chart. The constellations. Ernl is based on the position' 120year cyclevimsottari Dasa lr{sr}fl-fr of natal Moon in a particulir constellation. (iii) Tiger. are the cuspsof different houses. (x) Rooster. (xii) Pig. : Constellatioz rTeTaAlso called Asterism' star' The whole zodiac is divided into twenty seven equal parts of l3o 2O' each. Their cyclic order is as(i) Rat (ii) Buffalo. in the south. (ix) Monkey.wherestraight lines meet this circle. (viii) Goat. who wield a lot of influence in theif areas" their deities and the signsthey occupy.IECTION II ABBREVIATIONS t25 Chart usedin WesternCountries. (xi) Dog.important diviiion of 'sign'. (v) Dragon. are as follows : . The Ascendant alwaysin the east. their planetarylords. All calculationsare done accordingto Sayana Nadir Systemor the moving zodiac. known as constellations.

one in Cancer Cancer qd Canccr .'. three in Virgo Virgo firtt 93'20'-106'40' Saturn 8 .ord Ketu *g Venus rlr Sun {q Deity Dasra (€r Yama Tsr Agni qfq Sign Occupied Aries iq Aries iq One quarter in Aries. ia in two in Gemini Rudra 6 .t26 l. Vlagh:r ITETI K. Krittika 26"40'-40o qfnn 4. Rohini40o--53'20' lv{oon iqq niert 5 . Ashwini 20' -'26"40' Bharani 13"20' rT1cit aiRq* 0'-13" DIENONARY OF ASTROLOGY y Const ellation Longlt udePlanetar l.D Leo fr{ Leo f{e One quarter in Leo. 3. Pushya srft gc4 106"40'-120" IUercury 9 . Ashlesha aTirtqr q.-: . t2 Poorvaphalguni piwq* 133"20'. ag VoouS rl'4 lt.i Pitar fcm Bhaga qrt Aryama -*icr 120'-133'20' t 0 . three quartersin Taurus 2.( .rFrnr 53'20'-66" 40' Brahma {ilr Mars qrtn Taurus Ic Chandra Two quarters Tautus.-146"40' Uttaraphalguni s=trqr{ff 146'40'-1600 Sun qf 13' Hasta 160'-173'20' 6€d Moon ffi Ravi {|s . Mrigashira rr.l Jeeva frE Sarpa q. Ardra 66'40'-80' 1 Rahu Tg srd 30o-93o20' Jupiter Punarvasu grfg $ r-( Aditi qfEft Gemini fqa' Three quarters in Gemini.

. Mula 240'-253"20' {q Ketu !- 20. Dhanishtha sfilat 293020'-306"40' 24. Shravana qEq 280'-293o20' 23. Sun q'i Moon {r Mars dtTiT 'Vishwadeva F{€t{r Govinda q]fs?a Vasu Eg Varuna qwl 266"40'-280'. three in Capricorn Capricorn rr..II SECTTON ABBREVIATIONS 127 Tvashta Two quarters ({trut in Virgo. two in Libra Libra Vayu gqT flt Sakragni Three quarters sr-{fic in Libra.-346"40'. Poorvabhadrapada Xaiwra< 320'-333"20'. te . Uttarashadha vmTqI-6 Venus {?.l R F+snqr Saturn 17. Chitra 173o20'-186o40' Mars drq kat l5 Swati 186'40'-200' €-{rft Rahu <Ig 16. Uttarabhadrapada gir(I$TTEtT< Rahu (rg Jupiter s Saturn srfq Ajaikacharna Threequarters wd{qqsr in Aquarius.-266"40'. one in Pisces Pisces Ahirbudhya fi-{ erf[1ut pusha Tcr Pisces frq 333"20'. Revti3{6"40'-360o Mercury tqfi trr .nl Two quarters in Cap.-226'40'. Anuradha {rF{ trr{TST 213"20'. Satabhisha qefqst 306"40'. 18. 27. Jyeshtha226"40'-240" Mercury sioat qq Scorpio frs6 ScorPio 1k{fi Sagittarius ETT Sagittariuc q One quarter in Sag. one in Scorpio Mitra frd Shakra sm Niriti fqnf( Apa 3{$T 14. two in Aquarius Aquarius Trq 19. )1.-3200 25. 22. Vishakha 200"-213" )q' Jupiter . Poorvashadha q-siqrE 253"20'.

The constellations falling in diferent signs aie as follows : Ashwini. Mula. 19th qEIr. P. Bhadrapada (one quarter). (vi) wrq Sadhaka. Uttarashadha (three quarters). (vili) ria Maitra and (ix) qfeia Atimaitra. 26th fu lDesha]and 27th afiTtr tAbhishekal. Out of these FqcdVipat. r<qft Pratyari and qs Vadha are consideredas inauspicious. Mrigshira (two quarters). It is to be noted that each of the nine planets has been in assignedlordship of three constellations cyclic order. Chitra (two quarters) in Virgo . 23rd inFsrq.[the constellation sr. followed by (ii) erqESampat. [Vainashika]. calledAbhijit [afqf"q]. Hasta.l0th rriei lKarmarksha] by Moon in natal "5a111 l6th qisTfila [Sanghatikal. Shravana. Ardra. -So. Poorvashadha. U. Vishakha (threequarters)in Libra . P. U. The first . (v) c?qftPratyari. Magha. Bharani. Punarvasu(one quarter) Pushya. The constellations also cal'ed by the namc of their Deities are and their Synonyms. the purview of Vimshottari Dasa [f4{ffi ErnJ120year cycleperiod. The cyclebeginsfrom the birthstar which is called Janma [wt].. other constellationsas counted from birth-stars arc occupied rranred as follows : Birth constellation. Vipat. Phalguni (one quarter) in Leo . (vii) au Vadha. Phalguni(three quarters). P.mi Uanmarkshal. Rohini.(iii) F+rf. but is taken into accountwhile calculatingAshtottari Dasa [qs'm <rnl basedon 108year cycle. This constellationis supposed exist This is outside between Uttarashadhalstr<rqE]and Sbravanalqsol]. Uttarashrrdha(one quarter) in Sagittarius. stars are dividcd in three or cycles [wta] of nine stars lilr<r]. Chitra (two quartcrs). Mrigshira (two quarters) in Taurus . UttaraRevti in Pisces. l8th q{<rq [Samudayal. Vishakha(one quarter).128 DICTIONARY OT ASTROLOGY The twenty-seven constellations. Punarvasu (Three quarters) in Gemini . Bhadrapada (three quarters) in Aquaritrs . 25th ilTf( Unatil. bhadrapada. (iv) eic Kshema. The Hindu Astrologers considera twenty'eighth constellation to also. Phalguni. Anuradha. Dhanishtha (two quarters). Krittika (first quarter) in Aries I Krittika (three quarters). Shatabhisha.Ashlesha in Cancer.T lAdhanal. Jyeshta (Scorpio). Dhanishtha (two quarters) in Capricorn .S'vati.

. Ardra [+al].Cruel i. The conctellationshave been divided into following categoricr according to their nature: panchaka Nakshatra trm nnal considcrcd to be inauspicious-Dhanishtha [erfrwr]. Disccnding i e.irRsfil. Friendly i. Jyeshtatri"ori on Saturday frrf{#J.e. i. Chara/Chanchala JaqT*wl-shravana [a{or]. Dhanishtha lsfrr. Movable i. Bharani [Tr3fr]. Vishakha [FEnrqr].Bharani lqrpfr]. Shatabhisha lrrcFccr]. in whosearea natal Moon is posited. ._ Ascending i.e. Revti ttu+tl oo Friday 1qrarcl. Rohini ftF{fiI on Sunday trh+nl.fiJ. pushye [E"r]. Poorvabhadrapada tgciwrrv-<1. Chitra [fsar].Smt"Uhirhu lqirfucr].Mula [tq]. -Swati Dhaaishtha [aF<c'ar]. Saturn 19 and Mercury l7 years. Magba [qcr].punarvasu t$c+gl. Mrigashira lT. Small i. proportional periods assignedto eachplanet are : Ketu t*-gl7. Laghu/Kshipra teg/fwl-Abbijit tqFrfrdJ. Adhomukha [w*re]-Ashlesha lorniiqrl. Aghwini Tishya [ftsa/cw]. Uttarashadha [v-trawq].i.Magha tqqll.e. Moon 10. [giq. Shatabhisha tuefrnl.c. Jupiter 16. Ashlesha ti1rncrl. Krittika loorvaplalguni ifi. Fixed i. [afr4-61.rqfi]. Ugra/Krura [w/TS]-poorvashadha [Tctcrd]. Krittika [qfu{r] on Wednesday[qF+p1. Uttarsbhadrapada [v-r-crrrv<]. Vcnus20.e. Ashlesha [wrrivr]. The remaining period will bo proportional to the part of that area still to be traversed. Dhruva/cthira [q"s/Rc<]-Uttaraphalguni [wnr. _ -_Harassing Tikshna/Daruna [fr*v/<rwr]-Mula [Tc].rfsrnJ.q ffial-Jyeshtha [cicar]. Magha [qqrj on' Tuesday f{rv-+r<1. Ashwini l. sriTftl. Mridu lMaitra [tV. Rahu [<rg]lg. Mula hql.poorvabbadrapada [g<fvr+r<1. Revti U Mula tT. Hasta [qeri on Thursday [tq<r<J.tEcTrONrr ABBRavrATroNs l2g period operating at the time of the birth will be of the planct. ttarabhadrapada [s-mrwrr-<].e.fta] : Anuradha [q$rqrJ. Mars 7. [ffi]. Shravana[r*c]. Ordinary Mishra/Sadharana l-fva/vrar<orl-Vishakha lFsrrcrl. [e+r&] on Monday t*eqR1. . Urdhvamukha [aaige]_Ardra [Ernt]. Rcvti fffil.e. Sun 6.

iwatictitra lt.. (xxii) qqq-. 15' q$refl. Considered month of Chaitra Ashwini-Rohini l3Tffit-tflauilj in thc lunar in Vaishskl'raI'itn'i' I'ushya-Uttara[ta].q.e. ftiibii*6t-mt$.130 oF DIcTIoNARY AsrRoLoGY Hasta Oblique i. (xiv) fqat-<gl' ?trQqT. (xv) €rfrjqtq. #..r<ofti.T.(xii) lcmrr+ itrFsl qfri.. *'** fa<Gr'wna.*qr. " (aaut'1o)in Magha !**) Pausha(fre). in Snruu"o" fo*"r..qslrei-f(est {rfl.rti*. (iii) aFrftrt-adrqlrT' qF. {r' <11..i o*..o.r.-*a. (xx) TsiqG-(flm{' v{' d}4' Trn' (xix) {q-fsrsr. qr. 3t(rt I sil(rqrc1Tq-3f€18.rTj (vi). [ufr'q61. Jyeshta [ctoar]' Swati [sqr'if]' ttot. (x) wr-fq. qt-qtr. sil{IslE +r <gd ilqT (xxil srtqrE-f{r4. q. gqEdqft. (xxvii) tafr-$ gix}"o5<. tq.(v) grFm-v1'c'-ail{qffiorI' r6n. (xxv) g+irrrrr<-eri:*^a **'! stq c\65cK.ld"*l to be inauspicious' Asvli [tTfr] on Saturdaj tqrfcani.qen] Dhanislitha-Poorvaphalgrrn in rhadha[vw_sircvrol Jyeshiha lsise]. Uttarashadha ls-flrTsrdl on Wednesdayil""rsRl' Uttaraphalguni [smrDhanishtha tsfE"sll on Friday [q[xEtc]' slF.t (*iotii.Tqft{.. *ri.t-64) in Margashir.o Ashwini fg"lit. (i) vF<*-g<t' (wta) for different constellations: Synonyms afi<. (vir) g*g..*rfi-f. Cbitra tF*ctl Dagdha [Eru]-Bharani tfruitl on Sunday [tF€r<l' on Tuesday t{ryEr{l' on Monday [vtmn]. qft. .r. (viiii Wr-fasa. . (xiii) fl. . Tiryakamukha [flari+E*]-Anuradha [*1nw]' -p"o-it*.b srdqqr-c+n o--*H.rfil on Thursday-inuut'1. (iv) tli'fr-Fdb. trar.Fd{rdRI' s{rt-'rT' rr(tq q{. tri. **. (rvl) f. q-.s. t. ryesiltnu. Shatlbhisha-Revti (rrrr<)' BhadraPada (arRa-t)' KrittikaPoorvabhadrapada (calrrnn"<) in Ashwin (ffit)' Chitra-vishakha (Faar-F*rne Magha (1fn-+r-tw) io-iJit" in etdt"'ashwini-Hasta (arat+rFra-f. (xviii) sa66I-*..-(fi-(or. altaa. {q (ii) . (xxvi) ft6q.r. mg. sTqrd trgtr. O*O gcwrfr. wr.'*(.' d.-"kfr1 qlr. (ix)'''rrqiiqr-3r'31 ry ' -rni{r.-qll. . tfa.*it-tt' ?Tfi.. (xiiii) "rf{65l-sg . fffi qreq. v€.rfwg{. Shravana-lvfula "ld-lt-:shtha' considered io-'pnufgooa-(qrqc) are also not Bharani (cisei-r<uft) auspicious. (xvii) ittf-". 3\t{IsT6Uttarashadha-Shravana in Ashaaha3{Isl-6' [after 5iwrqfr] (wair+w-t*ft) in rqql. t**" t*' fu*I. qf{Ffrd' 'gft fi€FTIdI t vrtt.

wfm (Bhukti) or om-r (Antara). The portion alreadytraversed Moon in that by constellation left out and the proportional period for the part is still to be traversed is caiculateci.rr cycle period]. T( Eerr [Movable period]. five.SECTIONTI ABBREVIATIONS l3t Currency i l. Rahu (<tg)18.ra: l-*firfr Eqnlis ruled by eight Yoginies (mFrfi) named(i) Mangala [d'rcr]. (iv) Bhramari (urrtt). They rule for one. (v) Bhadrika (rrlarr). c<qil<esrT (Pratyantaradasa) or (Upadasa). The following currencywas in voguein ancientIndia. sevenand eight yearsin the sameorder. sub-sub on The first sub-psriodbelongsto the planet which rules and so the major period Thc sub-periods are also in proportionto the numbcrof 1'ears allottcd to eachpianet. (vi) Ulka (serr). (iii) Dhanya [st. Sun 6.filfrilit <w [Vimshottari Dasaoi 120yearcycleperiodJ. 5p-qt srlrl [Time cycle period]. Venus 20. Dasa)and cwr<m . The starting period is of the planet which rules the constellationin which natal Moon is posited. four. periods. Some of them areeraatrtt <nr [Aslrtottari Dasa or 108 ye. six. Then follow periods of other planetsin the aboveorder. Saturn 19 and Mercury l7 years.cn]. (ii) Pingala [ftwr].Jupiter 16. Mars 7. For more detailsseethi tabler. Further divisionsare kncwn as qBrT (Sookshma sqeqn <vn (PranaDasa). The period is further divided into sub-periods. three.rt. The nine planetshavebeen allottod periods ar follows : Ketu (+a) Z. Tbe most important of all thc:e Dasas (ew) is Vimshottari Dasa (flawlnt <wr). I nfdt (Kakini) 20 qxunnr(Varataka) +rfiuil (Kakinis) 4 I w (Pana) qor (Pana) I rsq (Dramma) 16 I fqq (Nishka) 16 rrc (Dramma) Dasa : <sff Period. This rule applies to subsub period and further divisions also The sub-period is known as eiaivn (Antardasa). (vii) Siddha (Fvar)and (viii) Sankata (eret). The sub-sub period is known as fqfln (Vidasa). Moon 10. The ancient Indian Astrologers have evolved a number of period cycles [<vnvaia] for prognostication. *fffit Eqn lYogini periodl.' Yogirti Da. two.

Mars : Aries-Scorpio ?. Vishakha (farnw). Mercury Tq 17' 12 Saturn{rfr 10. In this phnets are taken into account and Ketu (*-g) io system. are-Ashwini are direct a. Planets. Poorvashadha (1atw).*t*tfr1. Swati (e*rfr)."n"rtr-to which it belongs quarter. Uttarashadba (st<tqE)' Poorva(Tsiqnr<). Punarvasu (tuilr). : Poorvaphalguni pn"feuni(u-. Thus 15 constellations reverse. Bharani (q<'rft). (q3 . ditarauhadrapada (stc*rar<). . asffi ilIT the periods of difrerent planets run as-Sun qt 6.Krittika.l32 DrcrIoNARYoFAsrnoLoGY In Ashtottari Dasa. Basicallythe periods. Ashlesha(andw). Rahu 116 and Venus2l years. Moon dr 4. Mula Chitra iloq). Mercury : GeminiVirgo 9. Shatabhisha rafwvr)' i-t*''1. Venus : Taurus-Libra 6 *J s"torn .Dhanishtha Next step is to find out the first Navamsa or the Navamsa group of Ascendantand note the sign in which it falls and also the as well as its constellations-directo. lst. Dehadhipas (eOfuq) and Jeevadhipas (+{rrEc) are the lords of lst Period-sign and the last period-sign ior direct constellationsand last period-sign and lst period-sign for reverseconstellations' . Thc whole cycle comesto 108 years. The table on next page showsthe order of the different periods end the total period span. Kalachokra Dosaz '6rl=Tfiqr|I. 2nd. Anuradha (agur)' Jyeshtha ( (aFrar). Mars ri'rq 8. signs and coastellations all the three are involved in it.3rd or 4th. Magha (cqr).rd 12 riverse. then the next three then the next threb direct and so on. Shiavana (a-<"r). Thus the signsowned by planet have the sameperiods' the-same The 27 constellationsare divided into two groups-direct and reverse. that run. are those of rigns' Their span ig the sameas that of their lords. These spans are-Sun : Leo 5' Moon : Cancer 21. The direct constellations (ga-Ag)t Pushya (qffi). The first three constellationsare direct. It is a intricate method of timing events. Hasta (6+e). ({a+r).only eighl lcft out. Mrigashira (fqFne$)' Uttara' Ardra (ant). Jupiter : Sagittarius-Pisces 10. capricorn_Aquarius 4 years. Jupitcr {S 19. Revti (t<fr)' iioir"p"ao (TrftR)' Tbe reverseconstellations are-Rohini (tFeii).

Aquariw Navamsa: Taurul. Aries Navamsa: Aries. Sagittarius. Scorpio. Dehadhipa (tErfsc) Venu8. Sagittarius. Dehadhipa Ct{rfsc)Saturn. piscel. (t{lfttc) Saturn. 3. Libra. total g3 yean. ' L F . Jeevadbipa (ffiq) Mercury. Dehadhipa Ctrsc) Venut. Libra.Jeevadhipa(ffic) Mercury. Arics. Aries. Cancer. Total 100 yeair. Libra. Jeevadhipa(ffiav) Jupitcr. Jeevadhipa (ffic) Mcrcury. Corcer Navonsa: Cancer. Scorpio Navamsa: Cancer. Jeevadhipa(ffiqc) Mercury. Capricorn. Virgo. Virgo. 9. Total 85 years. Leo. ll. Libra. 8. Sagittariuc. Aquarits. Libra Navonsa: Libra. Leo. 10. Capricorn. Leo. C. Dchadhipa (@c) Moon. Pisces. pisces Scorpio. Gemini. 7. Aquarius.ancer lro. Sagittarius. Aries. Gemini. Dehadhipa Gfrfifi) Moon. Capricorn. Taurus. Gemini. Yirgo l. Jeevadhipa(*sTfsc) Jupiter. Aries. Total 85 years Dehadhipa . Libra. Total 83 years. '5. 4. pisces. Aquarius. Jeevadhipa (ffiqq) Mercury. Taurus. Cancer.. Total g6 yearc. Capricorn.SBCTTON ABBREVTATIONS II l'3 I)irect Constellations l. Dehadhipa (erfw) Mbrs. pemini. Jeevadhipa (ffic) Jupiter. Scorpio. 2. Lco. Aquarius. Virgo. Total 86 years.Lco. Dchadhipa Ctr{c) Mars. Leo Navsnsa. Sagittarius. Capricorn. Aries. Cancer. Pisccs. Cancer. Total g3 years. V_irgo. Aquariru. Jeevadhipa (ffic) Jupitcr. Taurus Navanuta: Capricorn. Aries. Dehadhipa G{rec) Saturn. Capricorn Navonsa: Capricorn.Capricorn. Gemini. Taurus. Taurus. Scorpio. 6. Total 100 years. pis@s. fugittarius Nayonsa: Aries. Dchadhipa (iAfuvl Ventu. Taurus. Total 100 years. Gemini. Taurus.J4ysms4: Aquarius. Leo. Csncer. Scorpio. Aquarius. Total 85 years. Sagittarius. Dehadhipa (@c) Maro. Jeevadhipa(*ar|qq. Leo. Scorpio. Taurur. Virgo. Gcmini. Sagittarius. Aquarius. Pisceo. Y*r. Virgo. Gemini Navonsa: Taurus. Aries. Ljbl. Jeevadhipha(++rfar) Mercury. Gemini. Virgo. Virgo. Scorpiq Sagittarius. Gemini. Jupiter. Libra.Scorpio.

Jeevaahipa (ffim) Mercury. DehadhiPa(ffuv) Marc.Sagittarius. 19. Libra. Aqtmrius Navamsa: Gemini.ra Pisces. 21. Leo. Canccr. (ffic) Mercury. Jeevadhipa Jupiter. Scorpio Navamsa: Sagittarius. Mercury. Capricorn. Dehadhipa (*{Tfsc)Moon.Sagittarius' Navamsa: Pisces. Gemini Navamsa: Gemini. Gemini' Taurus' Aries' (rii<rfuv) Capricorn. Total 83 years'Jeevadhipa (ffiuv) Mercury. Taurus. Arles Navarnsa:Sagittarius. Leo Navam. : 16. Total 85 years' Jeevadhipa (ffic) Mercury. Total 86 lears' Jeevadhipa (ffsc) Jupiter. Scorpio. Dehadhipa (a{rFu'i) 15. Pisces. Aries. Moon.Pisces. Aquarius. Gemini. Virgo. Cancer. Libra. Sagittarius. CancerNavamsa: Piscesl Scorpio. Venus. Leo. Aquarius. Total 8'r years' Jeevadhipa (*nfsc) Jupiter. Taurus. Capricorn. Total 86 years' Jeevadhipa (*arFuv)Jupiter.Total 100 years. Dehadhipa$qfen) Mars. Total 83 years' Jeevadhipa C. (ffiav) Canccr. Leo.Aries. Cancer.Total 85 years' Jcevadhipa Sagittarius. Dehadhipa (-{fsc) Saturn.apricorn. Total86 years' Dehadhipa Sagittarius.Virgo. Gemini. Taurus. Scorpio. Jeevadhipa Jupiter. Capricorn. Total 83 years. 20. Dehadhipa (€tFqq)Saturn. Pisces. Libra Navamsa: Virgo. Aquarius. Cancer.Aquarius. Cancer. Capricorn. Capricorn.Capricorn. Leo.Aries. Pisces. Aquarius. Aquarius.Pisces. Ct{rfsc) Constellations Reverse 13. Libra. Scorpio.Sagittarius. Taurus Navamsa: Gemini. Scorpio. 22.Aquarius. Aries.Libra. Leo. Virgo. Aries. Libra. Libra' Scorpio. Taurus.134 oF DICTIoNARY AsrRoLoGY 12. Aquarius. Virgo. Sagittarius. PiscesNavamsa: Cancer. Pisces. Leo. Virgo. Dehadhipa (Wrc) Venus. Capricorn. Aries. Virgo. Taurus. Total 100 years. Taurus. .Scorpio.Aries. Dehadhipa (?€fsc) Moon' 18. Libra. Taurus. Libra. Virgo Navamsa'. Gemini. Dchadhipa (€fuq) Moon' Aquarius 14. Leo. Dehadhipa (e6lferv) Venus. 17. (*<rFal) Cancer. Pisces Scorpio. Leo. Jeevadbipa(fisftc) Jupiter.

Capricorn.Eq1E'IB'6T. qFccr. Sagittarius Navamsc: Sagittarius.iaec 5. Taurus. Cancer. Capricorn Navamsa: Gemini. }4q. South qfirur 4. Pisces. Scorpio. Directions l.T Moon {r Lord . Direction-fcqft. in The last period-signin direct constellations and the first period-sign in reverseconstellations arc called JeevaRasi (fi-qrftr).Libra. Aries. When the progression from one is sign to the alternatesignsbackwards. Leo.Il lECTroN ABBREVTATTOMT rts 23. Leo. North-west Er. Jcevadhipa (fi-niqc) Jupiter. Dehadhipa (Qrfuv) Mars.Gemini. Libra. West cftqq 6.Aquarius.Jeevadhipa (*+rfur) Mercury. fit. it is said lo be feqre-ctrr(Simhavalokana cr overview). is called rqn cfe (Mandrlka it gati or Motion like a frog).r (Prishthagamana bachvard or (overview). f<6. tfr (like a frog). South-cast qrriq 3.rar Elephantguard Airavat q<r*q Pundarika tTtfi Vamana dFFf Kumuda tEE Anjana arq-{ Pushpadanta tq-ir-d She-elephnt Abranu aNs{ Kapila q'fcil Pingala ftrrdr Anupema ar1cfi Tamrakarni ffiToii Shubhradanti rlw<d Fbtaary Srn $ Ycdt !t{ Marc {!rq Rahu Tq Saturn rre. When the progression is f'rom one sign to the other conrecutivesign in the backward direction. fi. 24. The directions are ten in number.nor alternate. it is known as Esdrlrt. Total 100 ycars. Virgo. Total 85 years. When the two period-signe arc motion). (iii) ftr6tqtt}n< neither consecutive. South-wert . (ii) Backward motion. Virgo. The first period-sign in direct ccnstellationsand the last period-sign reverseconstellationsare called ffiu (Deha Rasi). they are being guardedby giant elephants(f{nrq) with their females These directions are ruled by diffcrent planets. 3firn. Cancer. Scorpio. East gi 2. Dehidhipa (eilfqc) Saturn. The progression (rrfr) from one period to the othcr ie of tlrcc kinds : (i) {s"t. According to the Hindu seers.

Nirlt(. fTqrun set : sqfisafqq. sT*fEq.qT{sfr. qq1. stqFft. for q* : qqttr(. The following scalewas used in ancient India for measuring dirtance : . srgkq i{Frq Bn<-qfiqq. T(Tq[T. rrTqrwt. q*fi. Primary directions are aspectsformed in a system of progresrions that calculates one degree of forward motion for each of planets in the natal horoscopefor each year of life. Dircctions are thc aspects between planets or house-curpsin a progressedhoroscopeand those in the natal horoscope. w{t. B{tf.iff{Tql ETCR srftTftq. eitr{?.progresslons. grfi. AIso loosely. tr. EqE. iiTrqfi.qqfs1f.s{t{t. trr<fr. sTfi. cfggr stftt(qflt. f<fqn qf6fq qrrtq: qfsq-q*. T{o<t. sTqr{t. alsrfs. TT(fr. BTqlrtildt. q{t{qr. Zenith wi 10. rril. rnefi. qqiwl cfsqc : atrT{I. srezr+'. ercar. Distance: g&.{t. {r{rft tts cfirq-q|rqq.136 ?. qletq : fun According to the Westernsystem. Nadir arEt Sarvabhauma sr{tlq Suprateeka grefi OF DICTIOXAnY ASTROII)GY Angana *. sT?fFs'. 6tA*.cft*. North-cart t{nr 9. FE. fiqq6. faief<q. fr. in r ( : qqr*r<r.r gil{-f4.cfss*nr.(H}fEt qtqfE+'. nrif. qpq1.rfl Anjana dwrt Mercury tq Jupiter $ Synonyms diferent directions: f<rnqqiq. North lrin 8.or betwecn transitiug and natal planets or housecusps.Il.

=' = _.r.. BetweenThumb and Middle finger-am Tala.000 stq Chapa 2 *vr Krosha 4 rlvr Krosha Distance[P] .r '. The Hindus believe five basicclernents. 3.r.(fd Gavyuti 6 r<m'g[<v] Atom t astt Trasarcnu t 6sr'l Kachagra t fes{r Liksha 8 1+t Yuka 8 qe Yava lZ aila Angul 2 f4ilf€ilVitasti ] 24 arrrt Angul t 2 F Hasta 4 drt Hasta l0 zrt Hasta 4. =.000 6a Hasta 2..r Elentent a{FFIqr Ether ert Air offr.rcr Krosha .\' \ SBCTIONII ASBREVTATTONS r37 : I rstT Trasarenu : I +qtr Kachagra == I feff Liksha . BctweenThumb and Ring finger.< Ruling Planet $ Jupiter orfc Saturn qq-{ Sound *qgi Touch ErI Fire 3TIT Vision TTT Mars {rr Venus trr Mercury Water Tdt Earth Taste .qmoi Gokarna. 4. 4I .l Quality q.rra faaf. BetweenThumb and Little fingcr-af.r fqfe iil.a [Vitasti].= I q*r Yuka : I qs Yava =. Element. 2. ili?. 1 aiw Yojana BetweenThumb and lndex finger-riarr Pradesha. arfla-m]Vitasti : : : .. I Ata [tnq] Hasta I I I I I I trc Gaja qrq [qe] Chapa ?i{rVansha rua Nalva z. in l.' T. 5. 6qrq.l"q Smell . I siti{ Angula : I fcaf*a [w1.

[rrir]. qF[rTTg fcil fi qra fqqv. toes evenlyjoined and conver.. In practice it is taken as the point whcrJ a consteilation and a sign end simultaneously. + [*Eyo. wavy.r qq]. veins making their appearanceand light hair on toes. fdq vsrQ I ffq *q : ssrs< +r aifrq ver vm]. coppcr-red nails.r a.trnvgfi q6reprt riq fC{1. qrfssr $5q qeT [te Ecqr fq{car]. hard. qr{isr * qlqrr{ I [te+r r zl] Foot : kinds of: crEiq (p). soft skin. flat. qr{qrq.tr.rror/qtaq-Soft solcs dull rcd in colour. [+tfa+' asq qfr<rft t qiq frrl.138 Evils : cic (10). .. Ffrfq silrRT F{.fvq u1r q+< qrT q+ gt.fdfq1fa.qfilflc.a.rffr. (i) Best rqltrc-Lotus red colouf. hard skin. (iii) rrrr dcvil. (i) fefq risie (Last moment of the lunar day.. (iii) Ordinary fl. qicfqr(.tr fsn m t'to].v nlrr. T' Jt*-[1qr-<oi. qq . rRT [<ffi. the last points of Cancer.qqq+. long and even toes.iTs. . wfetr< gr. arFrcrsq].$<r{TaTrEF. DIC]TI0NARV OF ASI ROLOCY tu [. light dull red or Yellow nairc. ftrevar ceTI+q FEq vu] rr g<ife.i q-$i{ii lf':q * f. Gana: w (i) ?a god. r6ur f<lr.momentol day or night. ycllow or whilc in colour. tq if q. (ii) qu buman. (v) Worst lqToa-Colour of the solc like tbat of earth. (iii) qr{ rrsi-fr (end of a sign). Gandanta: rein Junction point. dry and cold skin. crookedand hairy nails. broad and long nails. broad and heavytoes. gsl€d. <* si{rsqrk+'. flat. qd< iq. giro. T€. ertisr :Firq.e. soft sole. fhfo $. $a [rfr<vr6111. i. Someastrologers add to it the ending . (iv) Bad i{rrc-Soles brownish white.iwrcrtr. (ii) aera {ci{ (end of a constellation). arrfrr [arfeal. veins appearing on the upper part. (ii) Good sirq-Almost like the previous kind..Trsq. qlerr+'. q?rFGT?r.generallylong nails. r{qr [qrc]. blackishor bluish. Scorpioand Pisces. w. qq ii cTTqe. fqfszm{ur larFqrrrql.rfo. sbort.

(xii) . Guna: rI. qqa4. House. q. Ascendant. no.(iv) W Sukha. l6<ve.T'lr Worst. (v) f*tq.TR{T. Houses play a very important part in prognostication. a. fr+rq.'r'r Vyaya. 3IfsT. nft.s . vrfw. st1i. 1v) gc Suta.g?nr. TlA. . godly.(iii) qw Sahaja.6(. 9t.F. ar&T. fdlt+ rrya. 'iuit (iii) M'xed fcfTry. f{s.rR.il. 3.6. o{It{. qi+. First house.&r. (ii) fMq.l.i.T. ![€rrrrrr*.a4y.g"r Mediunr.r<Eqf..irfr. T{.rrra.IzR. tq. 4iT. (vi) fuwrarl'irr1.+terr [+vrlq+]. . T{. (vii) wrnrJaya. (xi) *a-rr. retsl r . Ff.l. Tir.arr. ira. (xiiii arc<rcorrl. (ix) a. 1'r?. .. (ii) at Dhana. fw. (xii) ifcf.rl.la..n.offi. ff.sEcTroN ABBREVTATIoNS u l3g Ganitagatayu: rtfurmrarX vrq. {il.{.611 [vfx'r. vfi. {{. The negativchand is thc left.Frr6. **.iw. dtT. :f-flI. qq. r. qzt. **. ERt. 2. To. (vii) Square(useful) +nirn farra-EfirJ. (ii) Elementary(lowesttype) *rkr fqE{-{c rr.T. (iii) ft-on. lr6fi. il{. (viii) gq Uiityu. (vi) Spatulate (nervous) .rmq. $tlttl. not only in India' systemsbut in u'estern systcm as well.1q. r{r4. Devilish. d'tq. (vii) en<rcrcma.-. {32-. v(. ti. qGz. The Synonyms for different houses are as fotlows. (x) a<iuwq. euarter. (xi) err Labha. gdtvr a6a [irrartniil. . aila. of lPl:. aT.oI Threc basic qualities (i) {"ryr Righteous (best). l.i. (viii) ii**I (ix) anaqq. f{FT. iri.hand [Tr{i qrr rr r_afrnfr qm. rnt rrrT< qm. Ifand seventypc. (x) tri Karma.ltr. viaF*. iia-rvitrJ. ar6.rec.+'..' ql?r . . dr10r. . s:. . aIrT. (iv) (i) frng. qrqrd. {. (ii) ru. tfufi{. Beginning from the first houseor Ascendant they are twelve in number{i) t1 Tanu. G.r}tn.}<r. While the positive hand is the right hand [rrerr {rq qT seqrq).el?. !tr?rq. f4{r{. 11{. driz.r. nfo. f". rrz. (v) Psychic(idealistic) qnfq.r.Trfra Eror]. 4rr. scf.. q. afr. (vj) ftq Ripu.rtl4d'{.. * (i) Conic (artistic) vr+qr.r.4l'f. Third house. Second house. +ar. fan.i'Dhaima. . (iv) Philosophic(jointed) <rriFcn [rir<nj. Human. a1. (iii) ilm. xqq qlir.

arair'ar. 12. lRi. lfa. Tiri. ?rt.fq.il.{FA. qcl qFr.fT{t. qw. qlfril. alg. They are called q{-qci+rq-frer (Religion-Riches-sex-salvation) qlit. fiT. Eighth house. ttrt. Twelfth house. {aa. H. EIFII. aFg+'. faiw.ga-tr{. fa?. ffF. fafd+lq 10. {?.El. .IEntITIE. ?nt. eITC. ipr. €!. qq.q. first eigbt houses are considered to bc dfor qrq (worldly . {ri.?rr.fi. <.at.rf. Eg. rIT.u. F.. ql. ll. {ter[. . T+(q. afi11r. f{fu. qil. arfrc. nFEIr rTr{. qltr+'. ?I. . lFlI. Ffcfr. BntE?. qlfqla4. qrre. dg. ".i la+. qa. The last four are considered to be elqolfrm Extra worldly. €IlT. . srm.r. qs. {rd.qq. Ninth house. q1. gTilti{. TIr4.t. gF[rr.rr(q.frFr. to4. itfr.Brniq. qlz. <qI...EI.in. EleventhhOUSe.. {ltr. ffeqr. efr. v1v ua. qlir. rilr. ffiRr. k. etqe. f<ts. ridf.il.fifq. Tenth house. rflt. fTf.r.*urql *mT. qgr. ft?i. r{. gq1. qril.I4O DICTIONARY oF AsTRotoGY 4.'fitifarr.Tav. erITqT(. qi. {il14.'+. qfin. q.ttq qFr. . q?. {d. iq.rl. qFi. ftq. g. -dpir. €o. 11R. at1g. .TIqI. iFr.rk. f"noo. etr{.Trq?rr[. r:TIrT.. f1-4s 8. atr<!r. ?g. Thr houses). {la.Ca: d. . IIFA. quq.cfi<t. Tq. {.. *t? <r. Erffr. arcesglE.d6. 1JT{. following tabre gives an idea of what different _Th" houses stand for and their significators. qrr. eir. <fif-*. t}T. tia. dda. TIF{. EIFq. qr?r. nraa. . g{rqq. rr. ag1fq. {I.aFiq. faat. . {?..{qfi. e. Si{.jIFr.1a.r. A<<. t**. :f. eTfil. Fifth house.16E51. fa<t+. vfrt. ira. firr. cFi. f6r. <rtn-q. 9. TITT{. iIFltT. . lq<u. qtgir. rltq. Q.iV+. (. f. orrfrf. Sixth housc. irq.itF. i{.-fhfiz. ftfa.6. Ua:fi.r. {T.q'lq. ilrtTrjlFr. qn. rirr"a. 4Ir4. Fourth house. 1c.FI. +E. Tq. f{{r. 6. qtf. <rofr. . 5.rU. Seventh house. E{rq rilE. fera.Ft.fT. vm.a.. aaa. edt. 1e. il{t. f\. 7. qrflf . <r4. gfam. ferfe.. rFa. Tsq. -?t.ilrF1. T{g. dS. <tt.I. vrr".q'hf. Nadir Imum Coeli.T. tf6(. Tr4t. m. Rlq. aTrr. *. tlTi[. 3IIilFI. aI<tI lTlir. 9f6.a. {d.

. lI. !t) L o c) -:.8 ct na L C) dl o A.iu .-r=Eij. os) ..|: ! E i FE 3EEgE 5HEiEg?E k .o FFi . .o lr E c'tr o. 3 .: E< + wi .9 = q o * a< (a) u) E . E o*p :=fEE g..SECTIONII ABBREVTATIONS lar q tt l! la . dO v)9 x u5 9(n s € L Xoa cd o' (.?Egq' IqEEF *.€3 0()9) I *EE iiE * .1 s o a) .j 3 si L . c) G. a t) : A?.E € €.) c E t€ p a - L tf) tt. 9C) do a)L A BF va E 5 L B E .. .B V) € g o tr ut AA s6 Eib o.!e s .= ar 6t 3F o c'r .E O I o = D d rllii 3.

r\ C! GI Fl q) (t d > a FJ (.to Z r . t) .s q) 4 q) % .o \(g .) . va El) o (a (lt os >l tr'5 =:i s €' q U2 ET '- .o I)I(.fF 6 .o -o -o . s o t3 .lE >E q. >r RS (l) rYl Iq q) E bo E .- oo .gE n$*= x.t >€ := e'F Gl * () Cg iJ.€. . g (u 'G o0 F .s s la L B F ffj=ff# f-.e.$'s5.TIONARY OI: AS'I'ROLO( € €' s : .t42 . r!l z r..() = tr () 4 q .t FgEgF = 3*it G| E#.''ff3i.:_Eu *F* s.o F x u) \o {) O V) ot.

Ai E rDo E! -cr o qrL .$ 14 !a v) (g rB ke oE 3> -c. $is.g3 E eiEi€".€ v3 >\o i:c) oEl E€ + nc Jd a t \s . -9 r. E I E.. a Rt q f€ f*i s€ E a0 q) E€ *c..J () 6 i. e B .? L G' j F*s. (.d€: .er .=.d8 Eo 0 FJ rE F3 s Hc. €.En.t EE gE lr.E.€ P( o .-i t43 j L 4 t3 4 o a0 .o 69 g5 o. {) B F e. 8o. Fsi nfiE.SECTION I' ABBRI]VIA'I'IONS . o 5 * . .5 Y9 23 o t! (tr.i .g h0a Ya) .8 Co I v o .EiE sE3E*$tEg F r 3ge gsg#. r) () u Il.s .i: 6 . .a 4 c (l) a o g be B cl o () -' .$?E u. 9.s s 4 \s ceis c E# :ati.) .l OG) oo .€gE.q -ct .

F*+. 1fg. 8 etfqca. . anqiF+-sc Cadent 3. 10. 12. ?. laels (i) ara Win<t(ii) fqc Bile. 10. (v) faea pungent.sagfighousesl. They are 1ivein numbcr. *t*Frq organsof scnses.6. 3.9. dtTfr. 2. frt Malefic 3. fuq Trik 6.rqra4. 5. 10. 12.t()NARy ASTnoLoGy 0F Houses: Classifcation: sTqq Upachaya3. 6. (iii) asor Saline.9. ll afa. E. sfteqBasicorgns/Sense.7. qrq+. 4.2. i4ql (iii) Eyes s{. g.7. I I rywl. (iii) rq pblegm. l eiu Longevity3.Ese. 10.114 Dtcr. 12.-{ra. *r Quadrant1.it+cn \r+t sasc Sixfold flavours are : (i) rqr Sweet. *g Sun.5.fe[a. 9.6. qa (iv) Tongue ttrr. 4. 4. . ft-5r (v) Nose <frw r'{ri EIt EIt l. Organs planet Subject Deity Element sf:(q' atF. lZ zq. qcqq Apachaya1. 9. aia rrrfiTlr fasr ta (ii) Skin Touch Vayu Air Saturn. ll.la.. 116.ftg$. pgl{h inflicting 2. nI" Mercury Ta Look. : *rc*.{Fs-. trFr Education2. qqq( Succedant 5. l. Ketu vrfr. Mars Xf rrrv Moon.T* Taste <T Smcll q. Venus *.. Indriyo. '{fda patita 6.4. qfic Rahu. {rq.a Varuna Water arq frr Ashwini Earth .]q Trine 5.rd.]or. fT{r. qierqq.(iv) +q Bitter. ftqrr.rrdrcris fqsq rTSr rE_ (i) Ears Sound Disha Jupitcr Ether qr6E +lt. (ii) -rr'r Sour.d. 12... atftre. I I erlm. qq-{d.(vi) rqra Astringent. }a Eycs 2. I q-..8. qsT. j .'ire fffit. g{ta f. Hunour. S. ftsr"qm. Sight Arka 6q . ?:?sT{.

known is Jaimini sutra liftrfr {a]. EYes.tfg Offering qm. qfF-?q Organs of movemcnt. ETfr 3. $r PrajaPati Enjoyment (iD Gcnitals rlnqfil ilFC\ Tsr'r (iii) (w) Hands l|. Vishnu @ Agni qfrr iltfffit. . Deity Planets: Jaimini iiffil \onfers spooial honour on three planets on the basis of their positioas in tlc chart as Brahma [E-gr] Maheshwara [€rc{ and Rudra [qel.which are not so easy to follow. trgq (v) Lyrinx fi. Argala. fsil{ql Indra FA Feet qre[.rl.(. Jaimini Fifcf. qr(ql MovemerlP qfa. qsq: qlE. basically different from other traditional methods.'q'tqr. Ears. Mouth. ffi.are known as Argalas larivr]. .ter]caused with r6fcrenceto each sign and putting different planetsitdte signs they occupy accordingly' (For Jaimini aspects Seeunder heatL'Aspect'). Hands. He has propounded his method in Sutrashal or formulae. The aspectinginfluenceof a sign or its lord or of planets in certain places.SECTION II ABBREVIATIONI I{J 2. {F. Nose. five in numbcr' DeitY Subjcct Organ qfqqrdl +{ fqqq qF?q Mitra Elimiriation (i) Rectum frrc ersi clt. These Argalas [arttw] rtvntil] according to the may be benefic or malefic [rtvntcr 3TTq1 nature of thc influencing agencyand act either as augmentingagents or obstructing agents. A chart or Argala Chakra [wriar <l] is cast by taking into consideration the Argala [er. Naturally very few modern Indian astrologers vcnture on this method of prognostication. Somc basic terms in the Jaimini systemare explainedhere. an ancient Indian astrologer evolvcd hic own method of prognostication. Voicc ?ilnnq 5'€il. 1q Sixfold organs: Fect. Jaimini Sutra: :ifcF{ ta.

" iii* (ii0 Biratrukaraka qrcr.r<a.(ii) Tf the said rord is exalted or in its own sign stronger of the lords of eighth and twelfth from Atmakaraka [wrrror<+J would becomeMaheshwara [Gqrr].. Gulika. rrpected by malefcs. Maheshwara lqverj: (i) Tire lord of cighth house from the Arcendant. (ii) The .which are thc same as in traditional system.r. or Primesignificator' other significators occupytheir positions accordirg to their descending longitudes in sign. from Descendant. becomes Atmakaraka [wrrwr<+. (ii) Amatyakaraka arql?qrr{T Sub-prime Significator Mercury from the Ascendant becomes Rudratiit Rudra [ea] : The strongerof the lords of eighth and second rn-. of thelords of sixtb.t-ng"r. Xfrar Its longitude corresponds ^ to the longitude of the Ascendant rising at the end of Saturn. can also bccome nomrnator sup$lemental R u d r al r ..ccr<+) rnd feq-< (sthira karakas--fixeosignificators) +rcr are as ioilowing in dorccnding order ofdegreesthey o""up-yin a sign: (i) Atmakaraka i{:r(qFrRfi prime Significator Sun.. Jaimini (ffufr) lays stress on Charakaraks [l<rrro] or the changcablc significators..J the p. Karaka. il."r""on rignification there are naturaror fixed significators " arso.'.to Ascendant. Significtor Or$. Tbey owe their position by virtue of traversing sign. claimantis chos. It should occupy an odd rign and bc in the visibre half of tnJ zoaia" i.. for p1""".u l}lipl" Atmakaraka [wewror<r] . charakarakas(l.ir" firi o. The planet which has a traveresed higlest degrecs in a sign.sVela lqfficrl..e.ir*grr. from "nJ the him. J . fir<fi Significators. in eighth . Th.. .:rbfi.. fi". rixth planetfronr Sun becomesMaheshwara [ravarl.:n the distinction. (v) Putrakarakala{'Rfi Significatorfdr son Jupiter. . eighth and twcrfth from cither Ascendant or rcventh house whicheveris stronger.t46 ICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY Erahna legrj : (i) when the lord of eighth from Atmakaraka lu'kc'r*l is positedin eighth from its o*n hou...:1tt"d)' r* (iv) Matrukaraka qTEor-rfi Significtorfor motber Moon. (iii) Wnen n"nu trrJl f".

Jaimini tuifc-fr] docs not give any particular method for finding conception time from Uirin noroscope. and countcd from the Ascendantgivcc Ghatika Lagaa tqFr+i anl.$ significator for rcrationr Mars.itl.SECTION II ABBREVIATIONS t47 (vr) Gnatikaraka *trfi. f{'n6 arr-Atso called Adhana Lagna [*rcnt wt1.fsom Sun to Maadi [d'it] to the distance from lst to 9th house. betweentbe time of birth and the timc of conception. .. qrc-€ trrq-Also callcd pada Lagna lqq irn]. Reject the quotient. The resultant sign is Bhava Lagna rr+1.1il-iflvl'o.rrr6 J Significatorfor wifc Vcnu. represents the Hora Lagna [{a r. p"O" Lagna [ta +rr].. There js onc f:ql Parashara pnrrnl-Add the distance. Somc commentatorl include in this list pitrukaraka ffcilfirm_ Significator for fatherl arsoas the eighth significator and couni Rahu [<tg] as the eighth ptancr. cr* ilrr-Divide birtb ghatier twqs-Al by 5 and take the integral quotient. The q*otient plus one counted from Sun or Ascendant. The resultantsign il'Ar. Intergral part of the remainea i'OOea b! one.' In aasc of nore than one Karaka (arro) being vacated. Now couoi thic number of placesfrom Sun or Asccndant. when reduced to degrecr givcslongitude ofrhe Bhava Lagna. (iii) Ghatika Lagna: rrear qra-pivide birth ghaties by 12.q].l Tu.. (v) NishekaLagna.rrt. count as many signsfrom the birth lord as the lord ls rcmovec from the Asccndant. as thc Ascendantis odd or even. givesits lonlitude. (vii) Darakaraka I il<rt. (i) Arudha Lagna.f6. (ii) Bhava Lagna.. ej<rcrt-Divide the birth ghaties by 2.5.as the Ascendant odd ie or even. whcn two Planetshaving the same longitude aic claimants for any one of Karakas [rnr. The fractional part reducedto degrees . ) Kalatrakaraka . remainder reducedto degreee givesits longitude. The rcmain[vr< der after dividing birth ghaties by five.a. . natural or fixed significators take their place.] Rahu [<ra] rteps in to fill the vacant placc. It will represcnt ttt interval in monthr. (iv) Hora Lagna. Accordilg to some others. Adcl one to it. count the sun backwards in terms of signs. Lagna IJaiminil: crl f€fr.

(xiv) Maudooka Drig Dasa lfl <rn].}] has mcntionedfollowing period-systems [<wrqf in his trcatise : (i) Chara Dasa [tccrn].conjunctions Ketu [tg] for Scorpio 1. It ii very important in determining the period of death.rra-If Ascendant is in odd sign. The rub-pcriods are divided into twelveequal parts. add the two sums.' srra ilc-Take its Pada Lagna [ra w{ or Arudha Lagna Asccndant. Alt these periods arc based. (ii) Sthira Dasa [ftv-t avrr].in tbe reverse direction. and their separatc yary dUeto dual lordships.the lord is away from its sign.. For odd signs [fsq{q-(qfqrqilthe distance is measurcdin the direci directionwhilc for evensigns.geta numbcrasremainder.d Auatlords are Kuja [Ew-Mars. ! Jaimini fi&. aurJ. (w) Shula Dasa [Eq Dara (<rfn Ern).'E Enr]. (vii) Varnada Dasa asn]. count from Aries to Arcendant. If Ascendantis in evensign. This becomesUpapada Lagna lgqq-< (vii) Varnada Lagna: aft . qwl.on signs' The most important of thcm and largely followed by the Astrologer himself is Chara Dasa lqt qm]. (v) Rasi (iii) Trikona Dasa fiar]or cwl. (vi) Kendra Daea [i. Repeat this process with in to Pisces Ascendant the reverse qq) also. tt rtarts from thc rign in which Braltma [r-grj is posited' . Find out ilci' [qrca q. Thc resultantsign if dant ic odd or from Pisccs is Varnada Lagna lelia rqj. . (viii) Udu Dasa lsq <{t]t (ix) Navamsa Dasa [dqivr (xii) (xi) {ogardha Dasa [atnti <cIT]. Tho period is one year lessthan the number of signs. [qof{EIn]. if one of thcm is odd and the other 'Expungcthc multiplesof 12. Thc periodsin Sthira Dasa lf*qr <vnl arc fixed and not variablc. count from order.148 DIcrloNAn'YoF AsrRoLoGY twelfth housc from the (vi\ UpapadaLagna. Tbe periodsalso positions. If both the' ascendantsare cven or Hora Lagna (ttq odd. then takc their difference. The period of a Chara Dasa [a< <un] is not constaot. ir) nrahma Dasa lrgr Evn]. count from Aries (direct) if the Asccn' (reverse) it is cvcn.l and and Satum and Rahu (<tg)for Aquarius. You cven. (xiii) Nakshatra Dasa [ana Drra tdW rurJ. The Varnada signs[+ta <rfrr]for other elevensignscan also bc siryilbrlyby treatingthosesignsor Ascendant' calculated Pcriods: Etr:.a]. but variable according to the situation of the lord of the sign.

Boides the twelve signs of thc Zodiac.Rasi. Dcntioncd a few othcr signs. l) wich is strongcst. Duration is half the sum of Chrra Dasa (r. according as Sun is in novable. fixcd or common dgn' Expungc the multiples of 360'. rt commcnccs dgn.' sF$ti:.from thc Ascendant whcn it is odd and from the rcvcnth sign from scventh when the Ascendant is cven. Varnada Dasa [af< <rn]. The difrercncc ir that the former commenc€! . Pranapada. Thc resultaot is Pranapada (FFrqc). it commences fcyerseordcr. .< <nr) and Sthirir Dssa (Rv.9. Brahma Dasa (rilr <rn) commencesfrom Brabma Rad (Wf <fn) in direct order if the Ascendant is odd. The span of the period ic equivalenttdthe number of signointervening betweenthe concernedsign and thc sixth lord from it. it is evcn. Yogardha Dasa (frrni <nr) following thc rulcs of Chara DasE (r< cm) starts from thc Arcendant or the scventh sign according as the Ascendant is odd or eve8. So is tho casc with Niryana Phala Shula Dasa (ffiur a-c {q <rfi). Jaimini (q'ffi) . Its span would be the iiterval bct' wccn thc Asccndant and the Varnada [<d<) conccrncd in tho dircct order whcn the Ascendantis odd.' <rfn Sign. as tbe cascmaY bc. the order would be reversc and the duration would bc cquivalcnt to the intcrval between thc l2th 8!d the concerned Varaada (cti{) from thc Accendsnt or thc l2th counted backwards. or (iii) Sun's longitudc + 120'. The latter comElences Asccndant when rign when the ascendant is odd and from fhe.IECTION II ABBRBVIATIONS I{9 <nrl is almost likc Chara Dasa [r< efi] Trikona Dasa lFaq'lsr crcept that the first operatingperiod is that ofa trine sign (5. Double the birth time in Vighaties (frqa\ Add it to (i) Sun'r longitudc. hil . (ii) Sun'c longitudc * 240".t<nr) periods of tbc siga' Niryana Shula Dasa (Fctu qe <rn) has a duration of 9 yearr fot each period. If the Ascentdantis from 7th from the Brahma Rasi $rU <nf{) in cvcn. lvhcn the Ascendantis cven.

. while a dual sign is strongerthan the fixed sign.whoselord is stronger. Thcy in arc clevcnin number-the first seven being variable. 9-5. It can bc asccrtained othcrwise as follows : Dwara Rasi (rn cfw)-Bahya : Rari (qrq <rFu) 2-3.(v) A sigo which has planetson either side is considcred $ronger. 6-ll. l-1. planct with grcater degrecs in a sign is stronger. (ii) ncc Balava. and Dcbilitation sign (#s <IFn). neutral sign (vwaia). (ii) Bahya Rasi (nrq <rfn)or Bhoga Rasi (*Ir rin) is the sign which is ar many signsaway from the Dwara Rasi (n< <rfn) as thc Dwara Rasi (zn drr) is away from the Ascendant.OLOGY (i) Dwar4 Rari (rn <rfw)or paka Rasi (rrr <rFw) the sign is whoseperiod is under consideration. ("ii) fqFelVishti. half or fccblc strength get rerpectively. 3-5.' rer{. (ii) Moola trikona Bala (qn F*rtr rc). l2-lt. l0-7.' .friendly rign (frada). Mercury or. Moola trikona (1v farlw). (v) q< Gara. (iiD n sign becomer 9f9ng by conjunctionor aspectof Jupiter.r') becomes the strongest. Karana.inimical sigo (rr1*a). (iii) Karakamsa Rasi (rnrin aftr) is thc sign in which lord of Ascendantis posited in Navamsa(c{irr). (i) rc (Bava). Z-1. Strengh.Slgns <rfsr (i) arrrrrmc+ (Atmakaraka strength): a-< the rign holding the Atmakaraka (arcrm'r<. (iii) 61(f{ Kaulave. There are two sourcesof planetary rtrength. 5-9. g:3. (d) A fixed rign is stronger than the movable rign.'Planetary. qq Strength. (iv) A oign.150 DICTIONARY. ruccedanthouseror cadenthouses full.its own lord.f'TTHalf of the Lunar date (feFc) m:asure.is stronggrthan the one whose lord is weakcr.4-7. ll-:9. .(c) A sign is strongerby the strength of planct poritcd in it. (vi) Signs whose lords occupy quadranrs. (vi) <FwvVanija. -fhey are : (iv) iife-q Taitila. Own sign (r<eia). (iil qtr w (Association strength)-(a) a sign occupied by a planet is rtrongerthan thc sign that has no planet in it. The strength of a planct in descending order is inExaltation (wr). while the lart four are fixcd. (b) A sign having larger number of planets in it is strongerthan the one having less numbcrof planetr.OP ASTN.(i) (d* w) (Amsa Bala:Longitudinal strcngth).

a divisions (+i)' Each division has They arc classifiedintJ "iglt pi"*t ruling over it' The divisions areSun' Rulcr 'rtE (i) q'Ti-Containing all the vowels' rulcd by Eagle' 'd' Ka' Ruling Planct I (ii) e'<rt-Five conlonants followec bY Mars.n* (Pulse). (ix) qtqs chatushpada.. (il") wrin Aryama.:.(ii) qq tstJttj. (vi) (viii) .. consist or t. Ruler fir{ Lion' 'a' Ta'.i"ilil Vayu. Ruling Plrnct (vii) q'<rt-Four con8onantsfollowed by Moon. Their ruling deities arc (i) s. and its minor natiaiions as in Gujarati ariqr (consooants)' *o tv"""l:l ctc.(xi) al (x) r'ra Kaii. vrir. Rulcr qvo Rat' '{'Y8.fr-Five conlonantg followed by Jupiter. Letter. Scla.? Indra' (v) yrfl Prithivi' (vi) 'fr Shree.Bt' (vi) c-Eti-Fivc consonantsfollowed by Saturn.U-cr qEidt (Planct(iv) q. Kistughna. Rulcr ei SerPent' 'q' Pd. ancient Script' widely usedin India rincc Devanagari (ffi) Bsngala (ir{t) (1w<r<if)' times. Ruler r<ta Dog' 'h' Ta. Ruling Pl.ship)' (vii) W ary fricndship).tfc(Spccio)' (v) (classification). (iii) (Sign)' "*istt"* rrqriifr (Gana'frienf."o l. Ruling Plalct (v) aq. (ix) ili) ".SECTION TI ABBN. rr Rudra' q* Sarpa. Rulel faarqQ11' 'q" Cha' Ruling planct (iiD s-{i-Five consonantsfollowed by Venuc..EVIATIONS r5l (x) rrT Niga' (xi) ftF{rt (viii) rr{< Sbakuni. tiin ea frait ". Rdor qc Deet 'n'Sbr' followcd bY (viii) n'ri-Remaining seven 9on:oTnts Ruling Planct Moon' Rulcr lq Rsm' ttrq formr ({q)-(i) Thc lettcrs are also divided in eight (Dod' rqm'Trq< (Earncr). (ii) €r BrEhma.. ftq (Lion)'(iv) . Ruling Planct followed by (iv) z-ed-Fivc consonants MercurY. iilil-att. (i) sot (castel' g? t* Kuta :1e They are cight in 11m.

(vj) q<. O-2. ccrtain basicnumberto eachletter. It consists twcnty-six lctters-five vowelsaad twenty-oo" of The famous westernpalnist and numerologist cheiro n". c vuw z H Th IJ Y CK L M N D E E 9 l0 ll l2 l3 l4 l5 l6 l7 '18 l9 20 x o FP TsTz a s T R 2t 22 Mercury Virgp Libra Scorpio Jupitcr Venus Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Uranus Neptune.L-. N-S. R_2. T-4. qq (Elephant).6. B-2. W_6. z_7. the letters have been allottcd following number-yalues and ruling planets/signs. "ooroo"o.is widely usedin modern times thloughout the worrd. V-6..$-M-4. G-3. 1vr (Cow). They are as follows : "ttott"o A-1. U-6. crr{ (Crow) The Roman Script. p-g. F-:-g. I-2. X_5. S_3. e_1. Pisces Aries Taurus Saturn Marg Gcmini Cancer Lco Moon Sun Earth .t52 DICTIONATY OF ^STIOL(XIY (o). f_1. H-5. Y_1. niw (Donkcy). C-3. D*4. (viD eqiq. l-l. Accordingto Kabala System(aqron cafd). successorof old chatdean and Hebrcw scripts.r. (vii) {rr. Letler A B Number I 2 3 4 5 6 7 Ruling planet or Eign E-5.

' cRdq. crq tcr. qtq-{tcr (F{f rcq3n) Rq tvr.r. v6rq{. qd 1fr6l. Line of Venus(between eyebrows .s?Fter. 5.. Ascendinglines : qrtd tcr. (crq-. HulthlHepatlca llne. Fork : farn< tcr. Xc tei. arfiF. Horizontal P7a . Line of Jupiter . tqt..1u tcr.. Llfelvitality lize .. Moriage line f<rq tcr.. Heart line. rrp ivr.' deir ter.i}a tei. Line of Saturn.. . rr<re tct... ts (D) Lines on iandlpalm: q<@/ncee @. 4..tBCrroNrr ABBRBvrArroNs 153 Lines IPl. rcrc tw. Broken lrze . DestinylFate line : cw t<l. ter. Head line. Death fthe . the ) 7. FrlendslEnemiesllne: fua-rrq tar.. Pamtletlsister lhe. Children /ine . Descendingllne. rIT G{.ffi TV{.. Inflrcnce /lze. q{Rvr/arftc ter. Pallava. *fi tqr. 6. Girdle of Yenus. ar& ter. Brotlprs otd Sistersline : c6t<<tcr.. l. tacmr< ter.. amvr< ter.' qct tei. Line of Mars. rqrfurr tqt. Braceler . uEffi kT. rfr 1firr. 'TRFr Small lines shootiag from the main line.. Line of Mercury (on nose-base). faqv. 1q tei.. t'{rdrtfl. Intuilion llze . Line of Moon (on left eyebrow): s-{ tEr. Mqsllnner life \irc. qFrrie tfl. (a) Lines onforehead: a<nE @ (from hair downwards). Line of Sm (on right eyebrow)... .rqrrrnt<n. {e:r-or tcr. crfqiq. srfl tsr. 3.. qffi tsr.. Rtng of Satura.. +rtfi tqr. qd tcr. cFc trir. 2. (fqq rcrler<) ctg tcr. qr tcr. Convelance /ize . ChalnedIrAe.

' <'<tcfu. Riches ll'ze .' qrartr<t iq. Via Lasciva.tJ4 of -Ring Solomon.ist. Suicide lire : arkccrfriqr. Vertical ftile . ier. Mhister /lze : am< iqr.!ec ge ier. Scholar hhe .' crqs ier. Diverse Drmkard /lhe . Fate line: wi tcr.' qqc ier.' <Rqr. Deity line. .' rr<t.' tfa iqr. Poverty /fue : qF<aqiqr. iqr.. Ascetic llne : {<rrqiqr.' qcciqr. Hypocracy/rze . Illiberal fi7s .. til ier. Prosperity 12s 3 qfa ier. Bravery/lhe.o iar. Tosselled Travel ll're .sole . lhavy line.' rrmr iEr.' fsil iqr. trae . qri/cn/v"a/1"efi lrze: q.' fiqqrilriqr.' rrq$r*T. iq{ ftire Sunlsuccess . Fish line.o6t Active line . Envyline.' s-{ iqr. ci tcr. Sexline: <foiqr. Symbolof luppiness: cqfre+. btctroN^nYor AstRor. Laziness/rae : qmtq iq.' cS iqr.' v-6<<n (c) Lines on.' cc€q Happy union line i . Philanthropy /ize .' qri icr. Ingratitude /lre . .' qerrcr ier. Thief line : sk icr. gu lvl. Luck line: tlrTtr{iEr. Propensity lrze .

(ii) awrc short span of life or death in childhood. (x) <rfaaqqT.' Ox and buffalo 24yearc. (*) !gdf.qrqtff. (vi) fsgo *qr. main lines on the palm have the beenclassified follows : as q{E+tr.i) 'rltt. The ancient Hindu seers have adjudgedth: maximumlongevity of difercnt specie as follows : s l. (xiv) vtq{fr. . crow. arl{Et{.t. 5. (iii) rynX Medium longeviry. df+a tvr--(i) q-<tqkI. 3. (vii) 3Tk cet't zrr r{Fq<r. (xi) rrl t<+r r qfus+ tqr-(i) irfrrrfa. If a man crossed this barrier. 7. (xv) gtfr. 4. (iv) €|.(xvi) wuratrcr r Longevity 3 qra.(iii) s{rfffir. (vii) i€i*. medium span upto 64 yearsand long life beyondthat. 6. (xvii) sigt'l. (iv) vga t6r.(ti) fiq6*u. The astrologers differ as to what shouldbe their exact spans However. parrot. (viii) ge (u) rTlqErt't. (xviii) stilTlt't r E. (xiv) q{r<r.Horse 32 years. Human beingsand elephants120years. (ii) grrtf.(xii) sc-qilffr. (ix) arrar.frog 300 years. (xiii) fra'sa. (xi) 3rrqvfr. 100years was considered to befull age by ancient seers 't'Eq rtT{: srd{'. he was said to have enjoyed '€rFrdr{ : The astrologers havebeensuggesting number of methodsto a fnd out the exact period when a native is expected to leave this world for his heavenlyabode. (xii) gvilcedt. (xv) s1<rqqqs<rt't. (vi) asgr+qr. (viii) qiqrt. Eagle.(v) fac€t. (xvi) Trarif. (viii) F<<ra ftll|e. (v) lotQ Full longevity. (vi) rre*.*igLong life. Bear. (ii) a1rit. (iv) <ff. (x) wiitqc f{qfsrf.sEctroNrr ABBREvrArroNs 1sJ According to Hindu system.{qtqr (i) wrdt.(lx) ggFaortt. (i.(vii) rigvr. (iv) qquit. monkey. (vi) arfuoqA very-very long spanof life. (iii) {|a. (ix1 <rq6*rqr. (xiii) tcrdfe{c-{rt'f. Demon 150years. Donkey and camel25 years.short span may be taken uptc 32 years. serpent1000years. q$s<t (xi) xifMl. 2. The Indian astrologersmention six kinds of longevity: (i) q-{q Death imrnidiately aftcr birrh.owl.

mount of Mars: Bfrq {'m q'ie Betweenndunt of Moon Sccond and mount of Mercury (Negative). Mount of Venus: rgnr. Motnts [P] : rq-c. €Adt+ Ect qFr.156 DtcrloN tY of AsrRor. Lunar Phases(W) : The moon's cycle from New Moon to New eachlasting about sevendays. (i) ailf< Adi. A waning phase. Mount of SunlApollo: q. Cock 8 ycars. Mouttt of Saturn: srfqc. A waning phase. Swan. A waxing phase. During the.' 1a e{e At the base of little finger. Peacock years. Firstqtmrter: From conjunction (New Moon) to square of Sunand Moon During the first half of this phase. Goat and sheep16 years. when Moon is between135"and 90' behind Sun. . Nightingale7 ycars. 10. r€*ia. it is called Crescent Moon.ia Betweenthumb and'bracelet. ll.when Moon is between0o and 45' aheadof Sun. Mount of Jupiter : 1t qiil At the baseof index finger. Mount of Meranry.iil At the barc of middle finger.'gt{ {qq q{e At the base of thumb. First mount of Mars. between45o and 0o bchind Sun.it is catled the Disseminating Moon. Third quarter : From opposition (Full Moon) to square of Moon and Sun. Moon is dividedinto four phases.second is between135" and 180' ahead of Sun.cuckoo and pigeon 14 ycars. rVcdi. it ir called BalsamicMoon. 20 9. (iii) artc Antya.ocy 8. Fourth quarter: From squareto the conjunction(New Moon) when Moon is of Moon and Sun. During later half of this phase. A waxing phase. During the later half of thid phasc. it is called the Gibbous Moon. quarter: From squareto opposition (Full Moon) of Second half of this pbase. (ii) rur Madhya.iil. (Positivc). Mount of Moon.when Moon Sun and Moon.iil Portioa of the palm adjacent to bracelctbelow little finger. nfr Pulse.f *ie At the base of ring finger. 12.' s-'a c.

(iii) Demonic.' qo In Numerology. Date of birth wqfa|q.000.000 Ten thousandsof billion IIt 100. Three-Jupiter. T(.000.000. agdfi].000 of million (billion) 3l6si q+ 10. T]fr]. Seven-Neptunc.000. Number. (v) Earthy: eS qfe [gri|r*n.000 Tens of biltion 100. {-*(. (i) One-Sun. eachbasicnumber represents a planet. f\w.000. There are ten kinds of nature.000. Mixed fqq. (x) Human. <mn{]. Br.000 . (viii) Godly : ?s cTfil faw*fi. (ii)' BestinUAnimal: q qfe [v<v]r.' qFr<cTf( [g{frq. $ffi*. (vii) Fiery : qFt rrfr [qc{. Five-Mercury.0000. ciiq. Six-Venus. Four-Llranus. (vi) Etheric.*fr]. Two-Moon. fcqqroft.000 Tens ofTrillion A|\ETtr . Fadic qaqlaFq Finane€ u-l.000 Million $tq 10. CompOund d46.000 Trillion iil.000.000. Eigbt-saturn and Nine-Mars The different numbers are as follows : Basic {!.SECTION II.000 Tens ofthousand qE 100.000. eqr.000.Spiritual q-'TFdFq. frwrronrreif]. Unitary g+q.000. wfil. PlanetaryT€. (i). vrel.000.000. The Indian systemof counting numberis : I One s{' l0 Ten c{I I00 Hundred rkt 1.000. Hundredsofmillion 100. Year +i. sflrn Jnstinct. Mystic qrrr.' atFrlrr rqfe [rn*-o.it.arqvufw. Name lrr. Wtq].000.000.dfs 1000.. Month qrg.000 Tens of million nlR .000. sTfd.' vre/frnr*< cTft tdfi.000 Hundredsof thousand ireT 1. nfr. <ral. A native may have one or complexnature.000. Single g+-e. Root qc. qr{fi.gc+r<rtw-r rr i*. *fr.ABBREVIATIONS I57 Nafttre [P]. Primary 1tr.000. Fortune {rr{.gTqR. Airy: slg ryfe [#c..000 Thousand {q€ 10.r{E 'Thousands 1.000 Hundreds of billion frq* 1. qr{. frq<. Conscierce i6cfdF{t.000. Birth wr. . (ix) Hot : drc r1fr talm ffi frfu1qr. aqr{r -<+lrd]. Double qrr. rk+. qrq. (iv) Devil : fvrnv ryk [rrfor.000 Tbousandsofbillion TilCq 10.

Nidhis. Eleven q<rcr tn. Nandas.insteadof writing 12. ffi. P{rq*{. Four: 3ftsrr[. they would write <rfwRasi (signs) whose number ir 12.fFcn. Periodsof life. Facesof Lord Brahma. lEvrrtt VishwadevaDirections. tU. tfr' . Eight f{r{c. Lion. ^tlr. fitcf. sf. Elements. Tenses. figrrs. fld.' +tcs. For example. fit|q. Vasu.rdT(. Feet.Qualities/. {-r The Kaurava army. State. 't'w. Seven rfu.{ Pandavas. afita. Humours. Hundred. mf<q Signs. Arms. Months. Adityas (a classof gods twelve in number). XoI. ffid Eyesof Lord Shiva. Kauravag who were hundred io number. .Mountains. *c {T. G.Ages. Worlds. {t!II. qr( fts. seasons. Planets. Three qfrq Ears. Fingers.. a they usedto express in terms of it an object identifying tlrat number. 4€. SiT. f{is.Fires. One: rruisr <e. ttTg?I.' ftg. Continents. Eyes.Vedas.(both ten in numbcr).elve qnf. BTtI. Five : iqtl.I58 DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY one novel method of ancientIndian scholars was that instead of expressing figure in numbers. of Fulfilments. (tr Rasas(of poetry). Weekdays. {fo. qT{r. yfi. Sages.Five arrows of Cupid. i . W.Six enemies. TwO. God. qTiTTnf. Rrfe (a class godseightin number). Rudras (a class of godselevenin number). Six Feetof black bee qqil.iqsR. Nine Ten: 3Q. Earth. Incarnalions of Lord Krishna. Herc are someillustrationsof their crpressing certain numbers. 45' Giant elephants(guardingeight directions). srrr{fia Six organs. Tg Tooth of Lord Ganesha. Houses. Nadirs. Moon. Lips. *d.

(ii)-Index finger e-Sfr/rtffi. cq Fi and (iii) Third Phalangers nrl. (iv) Plain of Mars :f. r6icrFt.ir€rrrErr..rk-The middle portioa of Palm bclow the Head lioe. Eiqt It consists of the following .. 5' illi* Index finger argF Thumb Vaish (Trading class) rlr . (vi) Upper Hemispheresc<rf-The upper half of palm.Low caste *t qri trs No caste 1* East qcq?. Middle area crT Even fE*q Odd ... . lo*". (iii) Lower Hemisphere r{'-{rri-If a' diagonar is drawn froqr the baseof Index finger to the wrist.. (iv) Ri"ngfinger snrfqrr and (v) Little finger qfEfrdfil : Fingers Caste Direction Odd/Evcn sfqcdr t. Plnlange: q{ Th-etliree phalanges the of fingers are called as G) First Phalangetir c'i.TION ABBRBVIATIONS II t59 Palm andphalanges. lr<tir ilsr q{. Life and Health.. qEIqT Kshatriya (Warrior class) im South wT( North Even fEqq Odd Middle ffngcr 4. n"f i portion is galled the lower Hemirphereof palm.space rving betwcen the rinc of Hiart and the Line of Head. qlaq qfgq (|T Ring fingcr 3. (v) Quadranglc T€qTgtq.ih.Palm. (ii) Great trianglc g6q Fagr-Formcd by rhe liaes of Head. (ii) Sccona"fi"t"og.3rc. rr{nr sfrqq fqqrr Littlc finger Brahmin West odd (Priestly class) €Nrnfrtl 2.c1ar. five fingers themselves are called (i) Thumb w1ea. crFr. The joints of the phalanles are known as Vimshopaka ffi+. main divisions: (i) Great parmic arc-Brood vessel running below the Lifo line. (iii) Middle finger rumr.

t60 DrcrloNARYoF AsrRor. X<$<. Finger: etrqfr. qIqI' r{tc. '6q'lqRrir. sg:Fcq. middlc phalange. Rts. The Indian Palmists have allotted following phalanges to diferent planets.srd. tbird phalangc. Srm-Thumb. ffirt. gwmsa. gti<r. ie. Thumb. qft <rm'<. +isfr. 5-<. stfffi. RahuKetu [<r64g]-Back of the hand.eria frri. srRr {tR.' . frrt.Ina. fra. ftq3cr. r6rir. rtqil.c. TT. of Ring finger honour (Ees'f)' and of Little fingcr fame [qnl.fufa<.R. €RTEca. frq. ERRfFT' Palm: qQfi. wqa. third phalange. qEr[En. first finger. fi{s.t-frfd+'r. sXra {tr. faX<t. qqcf(.' arqtei. nmila. 9rfut.Moon-Thumb.n<w. Karabhg. 'isf{rs' ti?ril{. viosl.i. ufmnrfr.' 6frft551.ERRfFr.nart. Trq6c. etcr[€. vefr' ttmrrreit Middle frnger . $Rcr' . w<iit. q?ffi. <rqt. rHet.' r<. qr{Rr.' Bracelet. Thumb-base. r€rfrr. +iTitcrT. fanrt' €F'<itnr' qa-c.ocv The base of Index finger indicates quarrels [rv'6]' of Middle finger State (<rq1. q. Mars-Index phalange. third phalangc. qfdiqr. Back-of-hand. *rge. d€. Saturn-Little finger. teg.fi({trGftrT'<qeqq. Ringfinger.' q-.' rlarr[T. Igdexfnger.' ilS*. Frtg. Qftf. T{sQ Hand : Eltr. qn{'. 1v (Root) (living objecr) in the same order while those of even and *c fingers in reveseorder. third phalange.. T'(fic'd. qctiql.fl. Synonyms someterms ln Palmistry: AeRs fqdl hqr{ qv rra} for + qqtc. third phalange. rqIW.<{trifil. Jupiter-Middle finger.. /Vail. Venus-Ring fnger.tqr. tf-qr{I. rftt. fft*. of The phalangeg odd fingersrcpresent sE (mineral). arsrq. a1q1fq51. q. stntr' q|fc"ft. irgcm. q{iqr. 1eiar. tiqrtrq. qqttfi. rrqce. Littlefinger. {({. Mercury-Thumb. qql. g<qq Srft.' tqta.' {.' qfHE. tr'(q' itrrti Life line.

Planet : ttr The basic planets are seven in member lcrd r€]. (iii) Mars rrro.SECTION II ABBRBYIATIONS 16I Headline: cfril66 icr. <f&r.fi1lt i<r. Tqeier. making to tally nine (cr{E). erier.' atg iw. tuicr.They have been divided and classifiedon different bases. however. Astrology is a scienccbasedon apparent motion of these planets vis-a-visEarth. Technically Sun is a star and Moon a Satellite of earth. (v) Jupiter Tt. The Hindu astrologers have explorcd diffe. qtm icr. e4q-q ier. lrnier. g'sirin. Later the ancientHindu astrologers addedtwo nodesof Moon -Rahu [<16] and Ketu [\] also to this famity. (vi) Venus {a (vir) Saturn srft. They are (i) Sun qf. The Wastern astrologers not accept Rahu (<rg) and Ketu do (tg) as planets although more-and-moreof them are now giving attention to them.Neptune and Pluto. qir:. . Heart-line. (iv) Mercury Ta. In thd last two centuries. three more planets have beendiscovered with the aid of advanced instruments and are receivingthe attention of western astrologers. rqier rrfvrriw. (ii) Moon rfr.rentplanets exten-' sively from a number of anglesto find out their influences and roles on the lives of individuatsand societies a whole in this human as wort*. +'}wi<r. wle6icr. They are uranus or Hershel. An insightinto the following tableswill give an idea of their labour. for all practical purposes astrologershave been treating them at par with other planets.

5.fi b b i'&* f HS* s sr s €c SE !13 Er ..F.gE+F. Ev .FE.t62 c\ q) qICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY e q) e.Ey*yPF. fi*8" g q Ti.^*.s .Fg 1l F€gsE sE s E. €.F dtsA ct U i B .Ero*.= * F F$t EF a:.s .*$ $RessE*$s #FEd* i rl $E..=Egr FeErtgg h . o .F-d tF €.?*o F.sf €.€ E€E sdg 'FL s€. o+ Fc 8 6tP u.EE€ €.€ gF 5 . E j*HF'$tE* Es E.s€ Frl 5 H€& a..gr g*5*'!*.H f s EEsE : B f o Et \c D+ r.ls' E b E'.E E .rt Ol J E eS $ wE'v.F5F.ies".s AJ q) FEFfr*"fiF'E €e oso Fg' HES$gtr^€..

8€'$ g B E.€ E€ yE E E.i cd c 5 nr.*. d .*f€ Sa. *r' SF q)lf :PD a :s o i SF.€ F.e.S=€ EE-u.h c / s .E A * r| .s. €le"=orrt':q +* eqtFi"H Fori* Fgg*g. E.s.F €.+ o.SECTIONII ABBREVIATIONS r63 iE *UEE.. te'-F ts ls ffFn€ ht EF E E $rAglggqgI f I FI "*| I I r sI -H"'i:f SHgI*a5:5f ir E$ $.i \o F_ od oi $s s.E . €.. E €.E g H'Br: E=.: c.* ? 6- n.Et f € Fg+E"F.! X i or tE 5 :r.' 2 * F r-g: o ^. g i-+=+ e"#^ *sE .' tr.io* €'F. F"58 3 .'F:r"S.H t* E . 'f ' s'fEfffrugg ffff fr|" fr. i zjt z B.F: -..9.t r ^ nF Er t u"V s E *.

5F FF.E o€ F €.E ..t64 t: so DICTIONARY OF ASTNOLOGY S F"ii H € *F fi€ g F g.xE* EEEgPg 5 tr E Hgs g Fo '.Su.*g kk trg L.E 3!FE*se 3s .EE . .ls q EF Orr l" *r€ €€: aErg.- hc :!- tr{) .EP:-g 3. t vi \g c- ct ol .'FiF -:r:i eV g.:F I --trlF F.F c.eE.hE agriFs hEu E. ^E v 3'j €Fe b 'o F= "€F 1.-.$*.r EH E !€ EF.e EE I $s * t.E .s*Es€E. .. gE$F.s t Eco tv tr 9V s.f €'J - 5E SryiE3F E=* 5*E.gE $*. r.E EE ]tr $P'.l YgF E *'.EE.r &FBE:?EF. 1 EE EG u) 3U tr'tr r . HgF5r$g.

E-Flr eFHFrlr * e L 9 Sug E Fgrg e'tEt | | *egEF Fr I r-' e v) Ftr s F # E Srgs[.t Cl ' I ' $ Ys n€ F s E$ F $u F FE€ EFg .d $ vi sr:bhr 6F:cdoi .SECTION II ABBRBVIATIONS ${* - cr c v. g$EEErs $a rts9 'FIr E= $ flsrrEv Ea -E g .i . r'l 9€ siP E'F il € FE €gHtsgEHE€.fi* H$ o 5 €tu) \l d € a EF tr rA 5t {) . e'f E F Es. e..tr 9p r r .. $ Fs n € F . $EF.EF g EgTE S v|€nB s [g E $AA g# $ lsE €# gEE sH€ $E$EE .qt E H Xg*nu p.g G 5F A .

I lr.*€ S'sE rg E.oc-@o. dsp i€g. ::. I EE sFErig#a€e suEit E! .6 -o E '-Y tE.F h' S EE A \ '\ . t_a € . oi d. lttl .r P riii < z ls .?. hc/ > lq(d FS'F=fsE * e€ r'. *+ 6 ilb k: ":g'-h \b b tlll Rk R g3$. F|:sko t..F :: p = A G.ry q giq :E1 f i€ 5 B .ggf qe \F.ilBE fiH O llll 6 s e.. K K ..8 t< S# HSEFEFI 3 F.f.S(E o t"g'-f FS'Fg€i E.g#E.o-o?"td llll EEFSrsF..* .5 6 :t.'5a[ ggqr-l sg'F gtI I g .j Eygtr .fir.' -ts9:- v vP .h b 3 :E at'+"5*ir8.F v * uE EF rgeF.166 DICTIONARY OII ASTROLOGY i*: caFSo : . gpgtg-E3lEisEif Lfi Fi if €E E .kr S'E : s &FE FDE F'5: .iugE".n' ss'Eq -*lE tl€ EV Go r i'ii *ri*gi *i'gia * €i .3" tE " PL. u'g*.rg Fi .3ffi3s. q $ E=.e s E rY te ri€rre'Fr* j* F? F.[ :e.sd. "F I o.E-.i EE F{ till €5"F€ b-o- 1r U lTr .

Moon. 7 . Accordingto this method. 8 . and (iii) iffE (Living objectsother than plants). Western astrologersconsider Rahu l<16l as beneficand [t-g] as malefic.. Their total comesto 337.or aspected malefics. 9 . Bri'ghter by Moon is benefic while Darker Moon is malefic.I l . . For example. Saturn and Rahu are minerals [mg].e. Suppose we have to find out Ashtakavarga (a{safi of Sun. 1 0 . Sun bas 48 beneficialdots. is capableof throwing beneficial dots on certain houses from its houseof position. Ashtakavarga. Moon 49.. eachplanet and also the Aicendant. In someareas linessubstitute dots. Jupiter 56. (i) arg (Mineral or static objects). Mars. Amongst the fbur Vedas[iE]. (ii) 1e (Roots or Plant-life). but a maleficwhen conjoinedwith. +i) Wc shall take the natal chart and put down beneficialdots in different housescouuted from all the seven planets and the Ascendant. Jupiterrepresents Rigveda[€iq]. But accordingto someastrologersMercury and Moon are natural benefics. According to Parashara*<rrR. Mercury Atharvaveda taq{Qq1 and Mars Samaveda [wticl. Venus 52 and Saturn 39. Sun and Mars are wrg(Mineral). Mercury is a mixture of all the three. According to WesternSystem.II EBCTTON ABBRBVIATIONS 167 There is one more division of the planetsi. Venus Yajurveda [q1{c]. Mercury 54. Mercury is a beneficwhen alone or conjoined with beuefics. Moon and Saturn {er (Root) and Jupiter and Venus dte (Living objects). a planet transiting through a particular house or sigir will give favourableor unfavourableresults. Sun and Venusroots [1e] and Mercury and [rE] Jupiter living objects [fi<].waxing Moon (moving from New Moon to Full Moon) is a beneficand waning Moon (moving from Futl Moon to New Moon) is a malefic. 4 . srF&F This is a method to find 9ut whether +ri. \ . Mars 39. Someastrologers not acceptbirds (Aves)as separatespecies do and include Sun in quadrupeds and Mercury in bipeds. They throw beneficial dots on the following housesfrom their natal position : S u n l r 2 . The number of such dots is different for cach planet.

9.7. 5. M a r s 2 . 10.8.l l . 3 . Mars l. 8 .. I l. ll. 1 2 .8. I l.7. 5 . Iupiter 6. 3 . ll. 9 . . 8. Vcnus 3. 2 . 9. 1 2 . 9 . ll. 6 . lO.-tl. 5 . 5. Jupiter 5.I l . 1 0 .l l . 6. 8 . I l. 1 0 . 6. Mercury l.l l . 10.11. ' . 4 . Take a blank chart and put down tbe numberof dots in eachhouseinstead of putting the numberof its sign. t0. ll. 6 . venuJ-6. 3. lz Saturn 1. 7 . Asccndant l. 1 0 . Ascendant 3. 7 .12. S u n 3 .l l .-h10. MERCURY . ll. 4 . S u n 3 . 10. 4 . Jupiter _6. Ascendant 3. 2 . 5. DicTIoNAnY AsTRoLocY oF . 2. 12. g 1 0 . 5 . 4.9. :t MOON M o o n l .2. lo. 5. The houses beneior ficial dots ia them would be as follows. ll.I l . ll. 1 0 . other planetsand the Ascendant.7.1 g. 3 . g. Venus 6. 5 . 4. 8 .l [ . 10. 6. 6 . SimlarAshtakavargacharts (u6cr{. Mercury 3.6.12. S a t u r n 1 . 3. Saturn 3.6. 6 . ' . Each house will contain different number of dots. Moon 3. 12. 6. 4. 4. ll. 8 .T'. 1 0 . 6 . ' 1 .12. I I .6.10. 10. 1 J u p i t e r 1 . 6.168 Moon 3. MARS Mars | . 6. M e r c u r y 3 . 1 0 .l l . ll.4.t gdf) may be prepared for Moon. ll. 2.1 0 . M e r c u r y 1 .

ll. Venus 6. I l . M a r s l . 2. 6. ll. M o o n 2 . . 9 . 10.9. Sun 8. 8. 9 . 4 .l l . . 9 .9.I l . 9 . 7 . 12" Mars 3. I I M a r s 3 . 6. 8. 1 0 . S u n 1 . M e r c u r y 6 . 9 . 6 . 9 . 5 . 2 . 4 . 9 .ll. 8 . 1 0 . 2. Mercury | . 5 . 12. 8 . 10. ll. 1 0 . 4 . 5. . 8 . 9 . 8 . 5. 2 . 5.l l . 3 . Mercury 3.I l . 3 . 2 . 1 2 . 1 0 . 6 . 5 . Jupiter 5. 4 . 6 . Jupiter 5.12. 9.l l . A s c e n d a n t1 . 4 .I l . 5 . 7 . 10. V d n u s 2 .I l . Moon 3. 2. 12. 8 . 4 . 9 . ll. 1 0 .l l . 4 . 7. 8 . 5.I 1 . 8 . 10. 1 0 . SATURN Saturn 3. JUPITER Jupiter l.12. 3. Ascendant l.12. ll. ll. 5 . Saturn 3. I I . 4. 1 0 . 7. 7 . 1 0 . 3 . 12. 7 . Sun 5. 9. I l. A s c e n d a n t1 . 5. 4. 8 . A s c e n d a n tt . 2 .6. ll. 1 1 . 4 . 4 . 8. 7 . Moon 2.8 . 1 0 . Moon l. 1 0 . I l. 1 0 . 6.SECTIONII ABBREVIATIONS 169 V e n u s 1 . 3. VENUS V e n u s 1 . 9. 4. 8 . 5. 5 .9.1 2 . 12. 6. . 4 . S a t u r n 1 .8. 6 . M a r s 1 r 2 . 9. 6 . 2. 6. 2 .i l . S u n 1 . 9. 10. 4.6. 5. I l. 7 . Saturn 3.6. 5. 1 0 . 3 . 2 . 6.t l .l l .8. 3 . 4. 2 . 2 ^ 4 .

1 0 . 3 .in friend'ssign)(iv) rria(peaceful. state. 2 . 1 2 . ll. (viii) farc (tn distress. The planets are classified into different 'avasthls' (ot<rw) according to all the interpretations.l l . rr preparing this chart the Ascendant chart is omitted.when a planet are is in cxaltation).e(Bright. The housescontaining 4 or more dots in separate Ashtakavarga charts [orcareri {s*] and 25 or more dots in the combi'ed charts ere considered be beneficial and planets. posture. (v) rnn (powerful.1 1 . according to their positionin a chart. in exaltation). 4 .i rlarrrcm rri <. 1 0 . 6 . while transitting to through them give favourableresults The houses containing more than 30 dots aie considered be vcry good. 6 .ft). ' 7 9 . 4 .4.6. when not cornbust and in a favourabie sub-division). 1 0 . S a t u r n 1 . when in acccleratcd ntotion). Venus 1. (vi) fte.9. For their ages. 5 .2 3.(ii) eaer (Healthy. S u o 3 .l?0 ASCDNDANT DICTIONARY OF ASI'ROL&Y Ascendant 3. 6 .12. in its own .l l .f. 'Avaslha' Avastha: sT.l l . Parashara ftrmrl has quoted only nine statesof the planets. J u p i t e r l . when combust). 10.r) ve add different numbers in each house and make the Sarvashtakavarga or Samudayashtakavarga chart (n-<tacr'<.8. 4 .aixfrflea (Unhappy. (ii) r<er (I{ealthy. (i) dFa (Bright. when in retrograde motion). 1 0 . Thesestates : (i) f. The planets are classifiedin tcn states. .in enemy'ssign).Rerr has different meanings in English : ag€. (ix) cr (Bad when in debilitation)and (x) rfta(In fear. The In grand total of all the numbersin eachhousewould be 337. Ll. in the last quarterof a sign). Moon 6.(iii) rlka/Xica (Happy. (vii) ftc (l{elpless. 1 0 . After preparing theseAshtakavarga charts (€ilecsrii3ef.in its own sign). 6 .e-. 4 . 3 .I l . 6 . M e r c u r y 1 . '3. Those containingless to than 25 dots are considered to br weak and planets transitting throughthem give unfavourable results. M a r s 1 .one can refer to Age. 8 . 10.5. 2 .

rrl (Not going). (iii) taqrri'r (with a rrandon eyc). (iv) srffi (powerful.(viii) ec (Bad.ifr6tl (weak). conjoinedwith a malefic.(ii) r<*r (Healthy. The planet in enemy'ssign is also calledg.ro lbo.. (ii) (Happy).n"rs) nFw anO (xii) fqar(Sleep). Accordingto Tajika Shastra farfrr. Th:y are (i) . to (ii) c+. (lx) *cc/ (Eating).r'r doubt). in (vii) e-{ (Bad.e. combust). when in debililatedor enemy'sNavamsa leivr). (ii) vr-iua(sitting). in own sign). (iv) xcm^(Shining). consideredto be ordinary rTgqc. . Accordingto their position in Navamsa[miw]. conjoinedwith malefic). Gunakar ftqr*. The combustplanet is called rfrc (eclipsed)or filtq (in dariness). they are classified in threestates. i. defeated in planetary war). (iii) gEfta (Sleeping. in friend's sign). (vir) arrvrr. (iii) vn-c (peaceful. The descending planet. when in friendly Navamsa t+iv). onc moving from -t debilitation to exaitatiol.wrra] planets can be classi_ fied into twelve 'avasthas'[aaltr] or posturcs.<lh:rsmentionedeight states: (i) *.in intimatefriend'ssign).r (Helpless. not combust). one moving from exaltationto debilitation is called .(xi) +\r (EuEe. to Another classificationis : (i) rrfea (proud).a (Bright in ' exaltation). in a malefic's sign). (v) {r. (viii) frfir (Unhappy.f|-l (Helpless. gdl4 (strong or b:neficial) and u ignty beneficial planet s{Fafrd (very strong). i. (vi) "r.sBcTIoN II ^BBRLVIATIoNS I7I sign). It is considered be best ssc. (i) vqle (Waking when in exalted or own Navamsar<ivr). debilitation).il/ squi qqld(Attendancein an assembly). in friend's sign or beneficdivision). considered be worst a{Erq.(iii) XF<c (Happy. (vi) g:fua (Unhappyin enemy's sigu).e.(vii) tanc (In distress.in neutral sign).a (s!eeping).(x) g+fv<r (Desireto dance).riog).r (Dreaming. (iv) crFa (peaceful.rrt (Goin_e).vrrr (Lying do'n).(v). (v) eliua("Hungry) (tn and (vi) {qrii (Thirsty). (viii) *r. (vi) . the. (iv) qlrrF. (ix) rifr (Rngry when combust). {FEa (iii) qftcd (Ashamed).ascendingone. (v) F+*q(In distress.



To find out this avastha[uaew],find out the number of planet as countedfrom Sun. Find the number of star of planetcounted from Ashwini Firid out their product. Multiply the product by (D occupied by the planet in the sign. .A,dd number of degrees. (ii) Number of Ghatika Number of natal star countedfrom Ashwini, [elatl] counted from sunrise to the time of birth, (iii) Number of rep' sign counted from Aries. Divide the sum by 12. Remainder 'Shayana' 'avastha' counted from the resents numberof [tra-lt [u+e,rr] i.e. Lying down. the Square said number. Add the number of initial letter of the native'sname. Divide the sum by 12. Add Kshepa [eiv] of the planet to the remainder and divide by three. The Reurainder will denote (i) Efta (Aspect), (iD ?"sr (Motion), (iii) k?sa (No movement). The first is a little benefic, second very good and the third resultless. Kshepa[eiq]figures for Sun and othcr planets are : Sun 5' Moon 2, Mars 2, Mercury 3, Jupiter 5, Venus3, Saturn 3, Rahu [<tg]4 and Ketu t+gl +. or There are twelve postures avasthas [q*n] of Moon accorpositedin one of the twelvesigns. They are: l. Aricsding as it is rni (way), 2. Taurus'-sFa (wound), 3. Gemini-cfil (Dealh), 4. Cancer-qq (Success),5. Leo-'qfea (Laughter), 6. Virgo-<fa (Pleasure), Libra--*tqr (Sport),8. Scorpio-rgFa (Sleepincss), 9. 7. (Eating),10. Capricorn-tr (Siskness), Aquari' 11. Sagittarius-r1fw us-q( (Moving), 12 Pisces- Rq<(Fixity). Badhaka Gralw.' .iltlfi q Obstructing planets. There is a school of thought in Indian Astrology which considersthe following housesas obstructinghouses[erar ewr] : (i) When the Ascendantis in a movablesign-t lth house. (ii) When the Ascendant in a fixed sign-9th house. is (iii) When the Ascendantis in a dual sign-7th house. with The lords of the above houses and planetsassociated Ir{1, them are consideredas obstructing planets [srq-+, i.e. they do not give favourableresults. planets. There are seven ChhidraGraha.' fer 16 Inauspicious kinds of suchplanets:(i) Lord of eighth house, (ii) Planetpositedin



eighth house,(iv) Lord of khara cighth house,(iii) Planct aspecting [etJ or twenty second decanate,(v) Planet conjoinedwith lord of eighth house,(vi) Lord of the 64th Navamsa[taivr]from Moon, and (vii) Bitter enemyof the lord of eighth house. Friendship.Planetary. The following table gives natural relationshipbetween the plan:ts : Enemies Neutrals Planet Friends qrq wT fc-{ r-{ Venus, Saturn MercurY Moon, Mars, Sun Jufiter Mars, JuPiter, Sun, Mercury Moon Venus.Saturn Mercury Sun, Moon, Jupiter Venus,Saturn Mars Moon Mars, Jupiter, S.un, Venus Mercury Saturn Mercury, Venus Saturn Jupiter Sun. Mars, Moon Sun, Moon Mars, Jupiter Venus Mercury, Saturn Sun, Moon, Jupiter Saturn Mercury, Venus Mercury. Rahu [rrg] and Ketu [*'a] are lriendsof Mercury, Venus and of Saturn;and enemies Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter. For temporary friendship, planets posited in second,third, of fourth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth houses a planet are his friends and planetspositedin fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth house from it are its enemies. This givesfive kinds of relations between the planets t{s{r fdtl. : Intimate friend Friend l. Friend + fca+fud:sTfqfqa Friend Neutral 2. Friend + fud {rlT f{d + : Neutral EnemY 3' Friend + {Fr {tq fqa + : EnemY Neutral 4. Enemy + {rE+{trt:srE : Bitter enemY 5. EnemY EnemY + $q+{q-qfE{rq

Longetity :


The followingspanof longevity has beenassigned different r planets under difforent Ayurdaya (w1ata) or Longevity formulae and Dasas[awr pcriod]in years. Planet Nisargayu Pindal'u Chakrayu Dasayu ca (srr{ fqvqtq fa-stn {firr! Sun 20 19 56 Moon I 25 2t l0 Mars 2 l5 tt Mercury 9 l2 9t7 Jupiter l8 l5 t0 16 Venus 20 2l 16 20 Saturn 50 20 419 Rahu (<t6) 18

(fu) Ketu


. d


Shadbala: trs{Fr,Six fold strcngth. Therc are six sourcesof strength for a planet : (i) r'+n a-rr f Positional strengthl, (ii) farao [Directional strength], (iii) a;ia <a (Temporal strength), (iv) t"a aer (Motional strength), (v) Frq'i aa (Natural strength) and (vi) <.qq ( A s p e c t u a lS t r e n g t h ) .

qri<v [orlwr] : tvm, r<rgfll;v,go<ff, f<qr-11ft. iss,i qe [arfwo] : €!{, $il=q, €r, iswq, gqaFf{ r rrcta. Significatorship Sun; orrcm(Soul), nt< (Body), fqm (Father). crm (q<r*.q fnfluence), rcr€sq(enqrFffi Health); ce,ft (Riches), €{ui(Gold), ilrq (Copper), A<-4 dqr ia<tr (Heart and eye diseases). Other diseases like cerebrialmeningitis,eruptions of the face,lossof speech due to cerebrial affection, sharp fcvers, typhoid, epilepsy, bile complaints, sun-stroke, scorches iliseases head,products and in like rice, groundnuts, cocoanut, cardamoms, almonds, chilties, ornum(wwmar), pepper,pine;foreign exchange,currency,government loans, gold, bonds, securitics, reserve bank, stock exchange, chamber of commerce, governmcnt, administrators, king, dictators, royal leaders, headsof departments; animalslike lion, horse,boar, serpent, cattle and quadruped



Moon: fv-r (mind), $a (intelligence), {rqtqr (government (mother), rrvFn (property), stomach and breasts of favours), "'m ladies, water-reservoirs, diseases like eye diseases, paralysis, lunacy, epilepsy, beri-beri, cold, cough, throat troubles, asthma, hydrocele, nervous debility, canccr, typhoid ; shipping, navy, liquids, petrol; fruits like oranges,melons, cucumber, palm, banana,milk and milk products sugar and sugarcane, nickle, silver, aquatic animals, massof people ladies and their societies, , dams, bridges, etc. Mars : sR+ (energy), r-i'r (diseases), young,3r brothers and sisters, land, cousins,militlrl,, police, iron and steel, coffee, tea, tobacco, nuts,arms and weapons, serpents, war and misunderstanding, chemicals,fertilizers, nrartial law and ordinances,savage beasts etc. Mercury: education, intclligence, materhal uncle, friends and relations,skin, deeds, pub!ications, journalism, law, banks and investments, accounis, incom; tax, sales etc. tax Jupiter: intelligence, finance, vitality, son, knowledge,law, diseases tumours, abscess, like h':rnia, catarrh,ca.rbuncles, animals like elephants and oxen,birds like peacock, hugeprojects,charitable institulions, hospitals, placcs religious etc. Venusz wife, husband,conveyance, ornaments,sex, pleasurcs, ceasefireand peace, textiles, toilets, perfumery and fancy goods, fruits, flowers,animal husbandry,agriculturectc. Saturn: longevity, livelihood, cause of death, misfortunes, hard earned property, hidden objects, mines, tunnels, trenches, burial ,grounds,labour problems,prohibition, emergency, famine, earthquakes, leather-products etc. Rahu : [<rg]paternalgrandfather,foreigners. Keta [\] : maternalgrandfather, salvation. S),nonyns:qqiq. Planet : tld,, GIrt, Ra, qqq, qtfiratq(, qsfi(IFTrI, fscqqqtqq Sky : oIIEfi'm, BIio, eiaf{q, (rT, ?IF5', fuq, g616'(, ftrngr<, a6q tg<, aqlqqttt, 3trgq{Frut,

B[H, atr€q(,sgqq, <T,TIrFr,eI],

{fq. f<q.s. dt+. Saturn.Fqilsrq.' qfq. gp1. Mercury : S. uQ. {q€Es[. TqlT". gctcFfE.yqr.q. qw. Ts+t. fcl{{. 6tqlq1. ofrntt. q+ttr. kqrt.eTfqq. wrt. amerfa. 6iz. ge{ts'(. q(t. v{f. Efi'Iaq.arEsrfi(.' trfr.. (16)tua *F*eLiving. Hil. q. Earth.r.lir. eTqfq.[. }ng. e6rrle. (18)ta Disease. [q. {w iec. Erficq.k+r+'t Moon. }ffit.qrfcfq. qrqriE{ (5) (7) (5) fmportance.' (l) T"q Auspicious. gq Mars ' qrrdT. eTtflfi. ftrrr*g. qFqilr. snir.tr. (14) (15) Water.ild. (10) rrsq State. q.s. afu{. t<flq.rdt.{qT. {S(. Tq-ffst. sfrr. {I+1E<.gtrig. BIqFTI. flA.sitilig. Sahama.frg. qtrff. qE6. rqq Sex. left. qTqFF(.(20) +'fvKali. {fe. urvrr Hope.tts[1" Jupiter. s(s{T. BIr{[.g. Yenus. Rahu : <rg.' qgtqfo. ife. r1. g<)ur.' gr. q}l6. sracl-st rr.e{s'q. EgrTI. qtds.ftl6trga getRr. s"p61. ugoio. fsrfsr(ffi<or. q{is'. Quig.VUar. Eleiltg. il{T. elrt. qqtqfe.(ll) err Father. t. {qTqt.tqrd'f. r{tl. eilr. rgt. . gT<qrt. 3Tt. gsq. tri+.ior. qq qq (12) Mother.'Luna. qrqsfiilf. flqt". qrcsr. ET. E{6T.nft. +d}. sitdqfd. rc}. $Tfr. rTt{. sTrfriq. <}Qa.i. fcsrrrrdt.qsraiE{. rt). fvr<4t. iqqre qql. f{T fil. sJfor. {l-cqq-{ fvd.E. Eqr[. al. fiQtr. Theyarefifty in number. . tilw. sftsis.lhot. q. racfl<< Etur. e<fureqq. grxvfVitality. wI:. f{{. sfr.udv<<. qfrrcr. fsq. rRqqqt. tir'. srsri=F. dq. il{. Ketu : *g. (13)ta Son. q].er.t76 DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY Sun : Heli. gq{Ft. enfor. rit't. qtur. *ts+. EsI. g<rtli. fitrr.ft. frlE.(9) rrtc+Pride. (19) Friend. tfrctt. fq}{. sq:s'trt.qrfsr. 6'1u[. xq. |qTIr{{. fqlee. (8) srq Brother. 1m<. Fgge. eT. a}ur. g-{efs<or. (4)*r Honour. (2) F+qrEducation (3) Xt Teacher. <tT{ril{q. rlFwgz Sevvai rtr€.<. Qf{. ureSfcq. e{s. fsfr. strqR4.ff. Rqn-< 3[I{. €{. (17)+f Deed.

q.. (38) a-eStrength.(21) 6rq6 Firmness. (iii) qqt Kshama.. (47) *qnro'Wut.(23) sq Cousins. (35)_s. uxxrvn..*. (29) qq nf tml sfsm Trader. !in) !". +dr Buil 1q?T MaleandFemale embrace in tft-cQ'q. (t) (7) 19r6f.gtor Magnanimity. q. (3) frelwrt. ("i) quqr tiiia ana (vii) w.(iv) frfr preeti. (9j wraa. thuskeepingthe total at 16. (37) ftfld Love._(i)crrlla Sambhuti. tiiil iJa prrur. Maharshi Dayannnd has added rdriiq after 19rrf. He has compounded I I to l5 into one Samskara sq*dc and' added u.(13) nirc (14)'qt<n.m Angira.q€dn. fq. (tO)'iu. Sign Description <rfsr (iTFc l. (+i).ezf * qrv ii ftqr.a. (ii) qia etri. (44) vrr+ "r. (46) aflfi{ Commerce.q Effort. (tO) fq-{E. (33) cqld iirin. Their wivesare. Gemini Venus T{ Mqrcury gq f*to .q Trade. (ll)qanrr*qa. (vi)'. (v) twfc Sannati. 'rSign Classification . (39) riu Military. (40) sTq Organ. (49i qilnri Waterway.(12) wFrvqao.(v)rrg Ritu.***.SECTIONII ABBREVIATIONS N7 (21) effiIForgiveness. Samskara. (ii) qt{rr Anusuya.fr.nft Arundhati. <rfsr *E.rF. (22) srrca Science.arqSorrow. (43) .afc The sevenstars of the Big Bear group have been named by the ancientHindu seers after th-eir seven'prominent They are : (i) ctfl Marichi. (25) T{ Death. (5) nr+f. Taurus Ram ts.qns and sreiGs thc end. (6) fc6'Fc.(42) fr Enemy.". (f) mnifsFa Fulfilment. (26) isliil( ForeignUnA.. (32) fs-{raMarriage.(50) a..t".* Putastya. and (vii) afvrsa Vasishtha. (2) gv*r. ({5) aFcrPoor. Valour. s-{ Finance.*.rfall.: (l) rrviurl.. -Other'i. grrt*ilq+Ir(I 1s 3. irjj i**. (At) fnactiveness. in Saptarshi. (3t) nFq. (36)-qar paiit. Aries 'Owner fErrff Mars ITTTFT tc 2.al Bondage. (4) wrrrf. 1ZZ1 (28) arq <r<r Orher woman.

Hind part of a crocodile. Cancer Cancer DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY fi+ 5. Scorpio Erc ii d{rq fvq ttw Scorpion fe=e. gt .r {rrT A man holdingbalancc qf Mercury gtl Venus 7. Pisces {rr{ Man holdingpitcheron his shoulder Saturn rS q< ce fqq geq srf{ Jupiter Tt t'tr Srgn Two fish facing oppositedirections fsqttd fsff S gq f+. sq( qf<w at uw $T g<f g-{ Mars rirrq Jupiter gt Saturn 1flia+ 9. a stemin hand & fire ql+T ii fiFzr1. Horserider with a bow in hand €rq ii q$ qrur fqq BTqE-{rfl( faceof . Malefic fi{.?I[ fls€ Girl in a boat.q * refqqi Parts of body {Tqg{q + qq Head rrfsr I Ar. Libra gqr 8 . Sagittarius sE 10.4 Positive. Virgo EF-. tITq Male is 2. Capricorn TFS'T I l .ies Parts of Gender Evenl Positivel negative odd Quadruped sgsqE + eiq Head fq'r W fqqq Odd TVq1. it srqa dt qtt't. Aquarius ttr+T 12. Taurus qt? (fwr) fsr( Face Face and neck qail g{q fssq Female Even Negative. qt. Leo *ta Lion Moon {E Sun rq€ 6.178 4. a deeror goat I fti qrqr qq{. Bcnefic 'ls gq ?6<r wk Tt't t1rt.

Gemini Chest ?Tqf:Tqtt frg 4.SECTION II ABBREVIATTONS 119 Forelegs. Benefic qt't slq.If{t t6 Male Odd 9. Libra giTr 8.m 5tv fsqq. ffil rFT?Arq Hind legs Malc Hips . fw. Scorpio Lower abdomen sfFil Genitals odd lfvvr @ Itggqrrr] (gn) Odd Positive. fc-sfqci Feet t'tq sr<. Sagittarius Thighs q€ [qiq] 10. Pisces qqr. g{ sTqFr 3* Lap Male [+f-] 7. Benefic ({T stgc. qlq S{s tfrT Rectum Female Even Negative. grT crsi. grr fc{ aqr qft q]ft 1qq. qrt €Ec Selley rl1g (s<) Waist 3[rfiTq Female Even. Benefic qq Fdt slEq.dA Back gw f{qq T(. tTIq. T. Leo f€-{ 6. qFT EqT:€qq gac Side Female Even Negaiive.q{q . Male shoulders Odd Positive. Male . Chest Malefic fccc T{. Virgo l['ATT snt + q<. Capricorn Knees s3 TriFr qrg [EE+] I l. grT {q fia Odd Positive. Cancer T-d 5. Aquarius Legs T3ErT 12. qts Genitals Female Even Negative' Benefic & testicles Phalopian tube q-rf slrq. Positive. Malehc fcqq T{. Malefic 3.tq rt't Positive. T(. Benefic (rT HtFc. Ncgative. Malefic firirtfu g€q fEw'q 1<. Malefic ge. Tail Female Even Negative.

Leo fqQ 6. Rq-< vitsTsq fqilsdt - if'i ErnI {rgur .ll. Virgo a. Libra a. Capricorn Movable Hind NocturnalNeutral Earth Low/ Trading r{E/+c{ trfiT T( f{{t Td{q <rfasq't TII Air t1jl?t/ Head Diurnal phort Atuarius Fixed .lEo Srgn <rf$ l. cl-g 4vq/q* grTT sitstq frEr*dt 6€ ftcr pisces Dual BothwavsDiurnal Short Water Priestly iZ q(r q}Tfr<c fcqrqqt 6gs *rgut ara .r Movable q{ Fixed ftqr Dual srfrEq <rfailq't rrrr qrg iu/qr Hind Nocturnal Neutral Water Low/ PriestlY qrl silel qd/ <rhqdt T*<q SITEIqI Head Diurnal Long A'+ sflqf{q fsqrsdt Long Head Diurnal Fire Warrior effin s{fsq Low/ Earth Trading g"'r 7. Sagittarius Hind Nocturnal Dual sdlT eTfTq wr g"6iEq <rfaqdt sg d. Scorpio q< Fixed sftdf{q f<qrsdt {td' Head Diurnal Long Trg ' 'i*/W Water Priestly Neutrat Fire Warrior 9.: qt{ I Artrologers a numberof Signs. of differ on the caste 1|rs+. Taurus Nature nafd DTcTIoNARY oFAsrRotbcY Rise Nocturyyll Longl Diurnal short *f/A€ v<IT ksredt/ Ete' Car)r* ment {i ftzt Fire Warrior eTFq srlTq Earth Priestly/ Trading <rflasdt Movable Hind Nocturnal Short q{ gso}<a rrlasdt 6tE Hind Nocturnal Short Fixed rts 3. Gemini f(T{ Dual gss}ar <rfasdt 6ts W{t uS*/ {sq Trading/ Low Both Nocturnal Neutral Air ways ftgt 4. Aries ts 2. Cancer {+ 5.a Movable {iffi{q f<sr{q't {t{ Long f:{t Air r{E/a{q Trading/ Low Head Diurnal il{r 8.E 10.

U qqr Scorpio ffd cf{sq Stq itr.T{ Watery EICTq{ {q Living object rnFe[sr{c] Natural fruits West Cfrqq North TTIR fqtc 4. fril Wcapons.SBCTIONII ABBREWATIONS lEl Species Direction Mineral Sigllifcatoretc. iron ffi.fi'-(. Aries tq 2. I g-{q{T t. Libra vQ Mixed fsqtfs Blue {q Human South Living Skinny object object like bamboo . Til ctc.rr dtE Efqq s{r. 2nd half Quadruped gqcni c{. ship ir{II sfffE E['TT.f f(gn STg Sign <tfsl l. amk Human West Mineral Moong.qt 7. fee.*tqo str( fesr 9 . Cancer fiqi Leo ffiq<t Blackish qrdnr dts Mineral rqsi Banana sTq Root *qr Main cereal like wh'eat Yellowish Quadruped East fs€ Virgo fi. Taurus TE 3.Parrot green South Quadruped qssE EFHqr Human . Finc cloth {(?r s$qE T4 Yu*. Sagittarius Yellow Fiist half human. rfit Gorden Nortr Root Sugarcane. qqiT fed|-srf squq-{ . Horses dtq qrer. Gemini Colour rrr Red (i6 White Quadruped East sscE T{ Mineral flq Root Clothcs TFr Rice de .i. c3 Icrrq I ""* I st {if Living object TEn.

dttq Barren q3/nlte l . I j TS16 Bhuchakra .Facc amm (s) Barren Known ar Northern Semi'fruitful Voice (1V)* Voice qTiTrq Mute 1c Gemini frgt Cancer t"d s<tt Northern E-trif wfrt Fruitful $ttltE T{.r82 .tut Lotug.t. v^tqrt Erqq( wr< Living Watery object products qcc-il. {t{ fevrg anf< Srizs <rfir Northernl Southern FruitfuU MutelVoice Barren vrt/<finufr $ttss/ s. cls qqFil. Pisces iqil +fi ca+qt iT( cfrsc North Yellowish Watcry cream t'f{ rqr. lillies rFltif. qql6q F 12. Aquarius GoosY dullred Human West s(r Root {c T. Arics Northern tc Taurus siltt silfr Northern s-d€f{ aicr.ffil*:o] *" ll. Capricorn SpottedFirst half 1 South Mineral QuadruPed I 2ndhalf I ) watery Gold rs(rq. bICTIONAhY OF ASTROLOGY lo.

craft centres. (4) Cancer-wells. places tc 'fish keep pitchers and utensils. forests.. deep forests. (l l) Aquarius-water-closets.r. (7) Libra-markets. Sa. Aquarius Southern qreT"it gGt{ EIqFr 12. (6) Virgo-greenery. river fronts. (5) Leo-mountains. . Capricorn Southern Semi-fruitful qcs< qEF'{ eilr sfeT"it Voice ll. Aries and Scorpioare two violent signs. First half of Sagittarius and Piscesarc bicorporeal [t. Pisces Southern Fruitful Mute J l I I I I I Known as TEfirstF Bhuvash cbakra I I J I t't{ Efmdt $Frr< Ttr I I I I I Known as (EqIfi Swarloka * (\4') Accordingto sorneWesternastrologers Aries and Libra are two equinoctialsigns. SagittariusSouthern Semi-fruitful Voice (W)* rrg eisr qqr{ {rErq [c] faT"rf 10. horses and chariots.q] signs. (3) Gemini-eambling dens. (9) Sagittarius-place for keeping elephants. holes of poisonous insects. (2) Taurus-farms. (Second half) forests.(t2) Pisces-dwellingplaces of lito rivers. shops [g<voa].SBCTION II ABBREVIATIONS t83 Barren 5. Scorpio lFrar sntt sq€Fr Barren Voice (W)* Northern srrrlFf (c) sqQr{ E(tt Soutbern Semi-fruitful Voice et$ qqxE zttiTlq sfeTqit Mute Southern Fruitful tfi'Ftc< sleruit {s II 9.rrr. mines.(8) Scorpio-stoncs. {€. Synonyms: Signs-tfa. Virgo rfi. sea.ponds etc.nrr 7. (10) Capricorn-(first half) near rivers. sex and picnic spots. tqr. dens. Libra gr{I 8. Meadows on th€ hills. Gcmini. bedroom of wives. Dwelling placesfor dffirent srgzs: (l) Aries-where mrnerals and stones are kept. Cancerand Capricornare two tropical signs. Leo Northern fs€ 6.

ws'.. qrqre-{ts. (vii) qsr{isr Dashamamsa. (5) Cancer: 6*. qrt{. oTqi{irt(. f+va. arta. €{rs. .twenty four parts of lol5' each (xii) viw Bhamsa.atdt. +1ds. a{9.' 1q. ffrt. 4fr1q.18[ urultONARYOF ASTROLOcY sftq. Ts-tr. sixteen parts of 1"52'30'each. (3) Gemini. 16111. qft. +lfr. at€RrFI.r. frc. 1vrr. q*rr. te. {rdt<. a{fq. forty parts of 45' each. cr{.oil.4. qr|t(. Vargai +i Division : A sign can be divided into a number of equal divisions. {rI. (iv) sgqtsr Chaturthamsa.t. . (xv) qHiEiT Akshavedamsa. qufi*s. slf6'. twenty parls of l'30'each. 6rRt. dqt(.qaq. (7) Lit'ra: gqT. Tttqq. fefu. Ft-mm. sIF[=r<. sixty parts of 30' each. twelve parts of 2'30' each. (xvi) qoeqvt Shashtyamsa. (ix) frwin Shodashamsa. {te. ia. {.(Fn. guf.se.a-5t. got'.FE.(xiii) lasrin Trimsamsa thirt! parts of l" each. q{r{. g(ol. . dr+Q. rt<rur. s!tt{. si. qfffifq. t$q.fr{. two parts l5e each. ttfR. fTf*. 6im. tlqry.qJqI. tr"m. o1rq. nine parts of 3'20' each. (to1 capricorn: rrfi{. qgfi.' a. (6) Vigro : fiql.t. (viii) er<vrin. The maximum number of suchdivisionsas quoted by ancient Indian astrologersis sixteen [v]sw<riJ. qTq'l{. Zeo: fr€. r-+fu+'.T1. 6fr94.(iii) 'is6lor Decanate. H. ten parts of 3o each. ufe. 6. gvneft. €qt1. aq. e-dlqi. (9) Sagittarius.1Xrtr. (2) Taurus.qt.EF{t. forty five parls of 40' each. 6tqq. (11) Aquarius: TEq. Dwadashamsa. Khavedamsa. (v) four partsof 4"1'l'g' seven (vi) q-qtvr cach. (xiv) cicrw. gcI. (8) Scorpio: fr<-+. I{rq. (12) Pisces: *{. (l\ Arics: *e. partsof 7o30'each. sq. arq.fr<o. {ea. aTIqFF. . <F4T. Navamsa. aecdt.r5F. qrea. (4) fi-c{Frq. set.feFvrcret. }g. . qt(iq. wrivt Saptamsa. irra. three parts of l0o each. qct{.F'Fr. qri. iiFF.twenty sevenparts of l'6 '40" each. fnqwn. ri.The divisions and the measure eachpart in them is as follows : of ' (i) g6 Signs of 30o (ii) tlrr Hora. rnen. aftfTE. ttte.(qqfr. (xi) fr-siq Siddhamsa. fqir.rrlEc. vrTRFI. (x) isqrt{r Vimshamsa. g€r. sf{q. frga.ir€oit. qqg.t. trt. Ew.{ir.

tqr (x) Shashtyamsa. rn evensigns.e. it is known as crf*ra Parijata .(iii) s. qclt or sixfold divisions are: (i) 96 Sign. Different decanateswhich are thirty six in number.and (iv) *e{rr.sBcrroNu ABBREVTATToNs lg5 These divisions can be classified into four main divisions: (i) veg't sixfold divisions. (iii) iotpr Decanare. if in five divisions. eignify different parts of the body also. (v) arcrriwDwadashamsa. They are : . qoa. /lorc qtcr: The first half division in odd signs is ruled by Sun and th: secondhalf by Moon.. and if it is strong in all the ten divisions then dterq Shridhama. <vr+i or tenfotd divisions: (i) T{ Sign. (iv) r<tw Saptamsa.(v) rcin Navamsa. some western astrologcrs also attach a lot of importance to the decanates. sw{. if in four divisions. Its beneficeffectsalso go on increasing. (iv) c'{isr Navamsa.t tenfold divisions.i sevenfolddivisions. six divisions. ir?rT Uttama .t or sevenfolddivisions : scfrtrtSaptamsa is added to thc abovedivisions. (ii) q'cu. the three trine signs of the sign whose decanates are under consideration. (ii) q}r Hora.isq]. If a planet is strong in two divisions out of ten. (ix) kuin Trimshamsa-. (vii)) er<{isr (viii) frs{ri"rShodashamsa. Moon rules the first half and Sun secondhalf. (iiD ?wlcr Decanate.fix< Gopura .form the basis of decanates. (ii) t<r Hora.(vi) <vrciv f)ashamamsa.qr<rqil Paravata. Devaioka : if in eight divisions. if in three divisions. The secondpart belongsto the eign fifth fiom it and its ruler. s-gdr Brahmaloka. Q<rEa Airavata .i sixteenfolddivisions. fv6vr simhasana if in . (vi) farrin Trimshamsa.with their measures bavealreadv beenenumeratbd. Decanateio'*r : The first part of a decanate belongs to thg sign itself and is ruled by its ruler.ra. The third part to the sign fifth from the fifth sign i. the ninth sign from the first sign and its ruler' In other words. Dwadashamsa. +sq*ri or sixteenfolddivisions. if in nine divisions. if in sevendivisions.

The 22nd decanate from the decannte which Ascendant is posited is khara [c<].186 House DTCTIONANYOF ASTROLOGY lst Decanate 2nd Decanate 3rd Decanate at tq cqq isnpr faf. Leo Cruel Mixed Cruel 6. Cancer Aquatic Cruel Mixed 5.t. Gemini Benefic Mixed Aquatic 4. Virgo Benefic Aquatic Benefic 7.isfiTor qft+ is+lur First (Ascendant) Head Neck Pelvis rw (cn) fr{ r'd. Cruel Benefic Mixed 2. Libra Benefic Mixed Cruel 8.ar 3rd & | llh Two ears Two arms Two testicles qdtaaw g+l<w d wt * t"tS d pur 4th & lOth Two nostrils Two sides Two thighs q1{rft-dr-le-{ dcrsi s-(ri aqt qqrq *erc sth & 9th Two cheeks Two sidesof heart Two knees qqq aqr <sc E'ln*q a} wg (Xat) €{c + * n$i 6th & 8th Two jaws Two sidesof chest Two calves rT66 slserT iTqT a qsg TailRrq a'l cR{ * * fqcfq{i Sevcnth Mputh Navel Two feet qECTT ilfc * s-(or tq The seconddecanateof Cancer. Scorpio Cruel Cruel Cruel 9.tq. Aquarius Cruel Benefic Benefic 12. T.. the last decanateof Pisces and the first dccanateof Scorpioare known as pashaqrrre1 gsad. The first decanate of Capricorn is fmg (chains). They have divided the 36 decanrtes into four classes-Tr Cruel.Anus F. Pisces Aquatic Aquatic Cruel .4and q-qs'( Aquatic animals.First Decanate 2nd Decanate Sign 3rd Decanate Aries l. All these in decanates arc consideredto be very inauspiciousby the Indian astrologers. and the first decanrte of Leo is f€rr (bird). |afwq 141*. Sagittarius Mixed Benefic Benefic l0 Capricorn Cruel Benefic Mixed I l.ffq aqr areqr s] i-d * wu gq'rr. slrq Benefic. filr EfFd 2 n d& l 2 t h Two eyes Two shoulders Genitals. Taurus Mixed Benefic Aquatic 3. The classification as follows : is .

(14) {'?. +i Serpent. (23) Trftvr. Considered qqqrr. (zl) rwert. (26) arni. (35) Br€Trr. 5o-l0o (Jupiter). (33) Erilfr{. then other signs follow in cyclic order. l2o-20" Pisces (Jupiter). very important in FemaleHoroscopy[edtwnt].arca arrqq WeapoD. (13) ittst. 25'-30" Scorpio(Mars). fter. to Aries. Trimsliama fasrisr. The sixty parts arc : qrqr. Quadrupeds Saptamsascili{t: In odd signs the first part belongs to the sign itself. (32) rFT. (34) *(. DwadashamJd arflrirr The first part belongs to the same : sign in all thstwelve signs. (27). (+) 1t<. the first part belbngsto the seventhsign and other signsfollow. (22) qet't{r. Other signsfollow in cyclic order. (lt) legr<. (s) qer. Even signs.fifqfij has classifiedthe decanatesas r. to Navomsacsiu : This is considered bc the most important Jivision by the Hindu astrologers.<.' 0o-5o Taurus(Venus).<Krrail. qlsrBondage. ts.rw} Bird. (t) *<. Odd Signs: 0o-5' Aries (Mars). ( l8) ff(. (ll) (tz) iagttw. Shodashamsa dc{rirr The first part of the first sign belongs : 'fhe cyclicorder followstill the end of Pisces. l8'-25" Aquarius(Saturn). (8) TqEil.SBCTIONTTABBREVIATIONS I87 The Phaladeepikatnc. ( rg) TE.5o-l2o Virgo (Mercury). sSGq-E Eaglefaced. Cyclic order follows from beginning till Shashtyamsa end. fn even signs. (9) q{Fr. (20) frtcil. etc. : Dashatnamsacwci{T The first part belongsto the samesign in odd signsand the ninth sign in even signs. The first part of everysign belongsto the sign itself. 25'-30' Libra (Venus). (30) q. (r) (6) .then other signsfollow in cyclic order. (16) uTF{. (25) tn. 20'-25" Capricorn (Saturn). (21) rrr. +'fqqm. (24) krrsq<.f'+rrsChains. (7) ril€.10"-18" Sagittarius Gemini (Mercury). (zs) ferdtvl<. (15) i6t{. (t0) 3Tfi{. (z) <rev. ( tz) Wil. The signs follow a cyclic ordcr from Aries till the end of Pisces.

(8) ars{isr Ashtamsa. wFTrfr{. they follow this order while in the even signs. t There is yet another basis for the division of a sign. (42) (+0) vtw. (4) egvtw Chaturthamsa. Actually this is the basis of the Navamsa (miw) division According to some Hindu astrologers. twelve divisionsof a sigu are takeninto consideration. This kind of sub-division the basisof Bhukti (nFc)or sub-perio{also. (6) s6-6in Shasthamsa(face). (ll) qrr<rrin Ekadashams (12) ar<stin a.83€. That will determine .the shortestbeing Sun's sub division (40') while the longestbeing Venus's sub-division(2'13'20"). But the constellation can be sub.lord also. The Zodiac has been divided by the astrologersinto 12 equal signs of 30" each.r. (ss) unrur. (48) vitov. posited in any of the sub-divisions.r. (5) {qqi{T panchamamsa.<re. Each sub-division further of is sub-dividedinto 4 equal parts or quarters [qc. (s7) sftilq. (:r) w1e. (58) gflcdfs. (56) qsrlrr{. . Navamsa fr<in] chart is more important than a a natal chart. Dwadashamsa. Thus one sign accomodatesnine constellation sub-divisions.would be influenced not only by the sign lord.dividedin proportion to the number of years allotted to the nine planets in fffirt <qrr [Vimshottari Dasa or t20 year cycle Period]. (Sz) (53) 1St.188 DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY (:o) +iem'. Such sub-divisions would be uneven. <ergu. gur.F.(3e) rfqot qir. (2) il<r Hora. (+o) fqsc-flrT. (10) err{rvr Dashamamsa. (9) q-Eisr Navamsa. (3) iqrq Decanate. K r ishnamur hi Paddhat i [lsqfe rcFa]. (oo)r-gtvrr In the odd signs. (7) srdirr Saptamsa. xaior. (+s) .(S+) fc{q.it is reversed. but by the constellation lord and the sub-constellation lord or sub.. is Any planet. Tajikashastra-erfer srna fn Tajikashastra.s{ur]of 3"20' each which makesthe number of such sub-divisions108. (tz) (41) in'nrTrsr. They are : (l) W Sign. (SS) g1136(.in prognosticating annual horoscope.(+l) dwew. (47) W. (s0) {. (++) weo.(+e) tgr*.. It has also been divided by the Indian astrologers into 27 equalconstellations l3o 20'each. g€c.

Flag aaqr.only the semblence Species(i) svq. Fish rrea. Som: of them are : Birth 11x1fteqel. Cradle ITT$TI. Simultaneously they should be ruling at the moment of the event.r arwrn 1'r#<-6. 12 <rfn Signs Stcn tPl : fs-6 A number of signs can be found on the palm. wqrw (Earring).I qfqr Sign : I qn Circle. €. ia (Moon). Temple gfie<. Tbo measurement 60 Fs6er Seconds : I 6.Plane f+qn. (iD The Hindu astrologers have devised 14 kinds of species for different natives according to their nature and behaviour (l) 3IT{ . Sword drrzrr<. Circle TtT. ilTrt. a4€. Tortoise :F6TI.vtqv Reptile.Triangle fa+lu. Island dle. erur (Ship). Swastika €E|efr{'.rqQuadruped.a-system). picture of theseobjects. Chariot <rI. Spot aaerfae. Whirl-Tfr. qliTr(Spear). Elephant qrfr. (ii) df{. Bull *q. sole or other parts of the native's body. qr< il gis' (Y). Loop tlnr. q{q. Horse *s-r. ewr (Pillar). This forms the basis of what is In known today as Krishnamurthi Paddhati (esurcFd-qaFd) this Paddhati (raf. c-{rg(Hill).. easier.dfa. Hexagon va5itor. Pillar qerq. This makesthe pinpointing of the time of the event like marriage. Bow trte. (On the tips of the fingers) Conch ris. facE Human.Tree 1w. Serpent sf. child-birth etc. '6rr€r. sip. at the time of an eventthe Ruling Planets in should synchromize period as well as in transit. Some other signs mentioned by Indian palmists are : et<q (Arrow). Rope <efr. Plussign a<F*6(*). rnvr. aiq (Looking glass).qrMinute ' 60 +-qr Minutes : I dsr Degree ' 30 erq Degrees :. Lion fe6. Dot frg.['€6cr. Cross +rt ztTrqafst[. Trident flaqe. Crown t$z. whip cs. scaleis as follows.Umbrella oa. Balance gil. Gadand Palace. Insect. (r€Jt. fane. Squarerrt. (Gate). fs-{T({ (Seat). (i) First kind of spccies(<vl) are : f+qt Bird. It is not necessary that thesesigns give a complete lse shouldbe there. Mole Fae. Fan t?r. Star {qa. Sun qri. Plough qv. Lotus q<[.Croix mystique/Mystic cross 6ea tw arr qftilo+' tcr * dtq qs qs..SBCTION II ABBREVIATIONI r89 its behaviourto a great extent. Peacockctt. Grill tqrqrq. Pot vct.

Atkaid qttFs. Anirome.iu<. Lupus 16.. Aldebaran ttfquit. qTfrr+4 for Sun. Vega (Wega) afrFwq. 8.Cygnus 6r. Regulus r{r. Mizai of*o. Triangulum fa+}ur. t*sr{Gems. phoenix rJu. Tiggl. 4.rominent qt'adl. . (6) IIIqk Cat. perseus r-<q. Canops5 afrR4. ?v+'. Cepheus+. Five Major stonesqs r-{R?q.r. Corleonis qqr. Columlia rfrr. Coral rme. qilw. g. Hydra +qft. Crux F+fe{. Lyra *w. Centaurus f+e<. ?Ft.'*. Orion +rcftc.Tucana {T-{rfi. (8) . Alioth 3if. Four minor stones qT<Bt. lqqir for Jupiter. (5) arrcir. Ursa Major v<fv.r [6at1i. Pearl for Moon. pleiades *fn+l. (7) 1v=n Rat. Ara tfr. Lepus rr.Phad (PhaedPhecda)grret. Auriga Aurora *wq)lr. Ruby qtfr 2.Acrux kri1.. irn for Mars.(3) lgqq. (9) qt€c {tO. -Buffalo. Megrez ark. l. and four minor rcr. ' 3. "o. Betelgeusewrat.r. Eridanus 4awit.(7) war.r1Cow. (10) afrfwq I r stars in Astronomy.rterc [arrr].ta tEqrfr. Merak gq(. (9) uun.. Dubhe t-9. Cat. 5. Serpens ni. (12) rrcr Monkey. ({) vd Serpent (5) r*n Dog.o (tt) Tr Deer. Trr. Zircon fik for Rahu [c6]. stonestql <c] representing nine planets.I9O DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY Horse. 9. Emerald q$T for Mercury.There arc nine main precious Stones: <i?r. (14) fra Lion. (g) *-. Topaz gEq{Fr. Saphire *aq for Saturn. Ophiucrrs fSerpentarius]v. Antares viaor. Diamond fi<r for Venus. Corona ffita.. pictor f+ar. (13) nTeTMongoose. (2) gm+r'r (a+ru). Azimech (Spica) |oar. Capella r(r€eT.rt {FI. Draco rr|<t.Boolcs ""IRfr.(2) qc Elephant. 6.(6) ar.pavo rq<. Apus e'r.R. 7. stars: em The foilowing ten stars have been mentioned in Indian astrological texts : (l) rwrvfle.s Eye ii$wFr tc-dgF+rrl for Keru [ti1J. Lynx fa-srv. Arcturus T{rfd. Cetus lofqqs. Dog star (Sirius) Gel+. -Some otherp. Alcor . (3) tq Ram. Five of them are considered to be major q{Ke{. (a)vf.fTvr. gr"r.

fft.Khallasaram.t.g<wl (Tourmaline). rr1-+ar (Moonstone). Fr<}-wr (Iurquoise).Erirq.f. s{r. twff. <if. i€t. rirc-O.erqar. cr<-*i (Lapis Lasuli). measure time adopted by the Hindus in of ancient period was as follows : : 18 ftftc I qrar Kashtha [Nimisha] 30 s'N. rli<. They are : ilcfl (Spinel ruby). rrRr €tRT.SemenEa. rrrGn. Frr{.f*. rvhich together with 9 preciousstonesmake the tally as 84. g<rr*r.gtrr. <<la.mEr. q<re. +. ftrTs'. <<<lt. (9) .iR mr*r Garikambula. qtla. 'The Time : qqrr. (Agate). q1ra. qa:.(15) qer Kuttha.rrJ Chatitca J Another measure followed was: l0 gim-<[Gurvakshara] : I qg (rrur)Asu [Prana] : I cq pala 6 arg [Asuj . qiqrf. Out of these(4). (t3) trqtqfe{|< Dutthotthadivira.sflqq. Skin rssr r TajikashastraYogaslComhinatioitsl. €q<t sq. i. mwgr (Garnct).(ll) rq1 Raddam. w6<r)6<r.(10) eecrc<r. rrqT. . r. v. qriqrf. e1{. st141. gi-{ifi (Citrine).(7) c"rg Manaun (8) wrec Kambula. +-rqdr. vq<. rrr. Flesh rtt. (3) cdqnq lrthashala. fcfffi<. ffr:e*. |<ft. vr<-wq(peridot). rltvr (Smoky quartz). vrv (Opal). (a) {r$c lsarafa. q+i}lre-*qr<. fiat<r (Goldstone).(12) Snrfeger Duphalikuttham.rer (White jade). $rsr.. ftqdl. Bone qfre. iritm. {r<tr.*. f6t.il (Onyx). (6) qqqT Yamaya.6r [Kashtha] I +m Kala 30 +rn I qF+t Ghatika [Kala] : 2 ql66r I q6<iMuhurta lGhatika] 30 tW ] Muhurta I I kr (rua) Day (Sidereal) el6t<m 60 qtu. sift gd<st. ftfi.ier (Amethyst). (16) $q Durufa.it'w (Aquamarine). r<fi. erFaqvma *q.(Rock Crystal). (5) <-*a1 Naktam.aer. (tl) and (16) are inauspicious. etcdtfi. They are sixtccn in number. (2) Fgrr< fnduvara. fqolF'TTr (Blooclstone). Fat iE.a-<q. r+'cdtq (Loadstone). (t+y ddk Tambira.ffi<r. 'rlil. qTtlt. wgq. m*tf. fHr <tqr (Kidney stone). Inner bone rcq1. +'vlft.rse-i|. <r. r-<{q (Jade).SECTIONII ABBRBVIATIONS l9l Besides there are 75 semipreciousstones.{€{r (Amber). (l) q{rerq lkkavala.'qrfrr following rnain substances-BloodTm.vl6rmdt. nirsm. gqqr(Antimony). (7). Our body is composedof the Substance. *ar.

'i years 1.:1+-cr - .t92 60 rq [Pala] 60 {dt [Ghati] : DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY I q& Ghati I f?c [caa] Day lsidereal] erdtffd * tie{( has anothername as krq (Vipala).I ta qr qer hour.?20. 24 {a hour *r 8 rq< prahara : I fcc Day : I wm€ Week 7 f<-aDays : I wtr Fortnight 15 fr+ Days 30 fc+ Days ) : I rrtq Month 2 qm Fortniehts J : I {S Season 2 rnq Months 3 4-g Seasons l : I qq-{ Solstice 6 qm Monrhs J 2 qqc Solstice ) :la*l-6 *go SeasonsI al-< j Year/€?rRR 12 crq Months ) : I q66tSixty years.000 s.000 s. $"cm Manvantar ' l 1 l * r6qt ! * 1000 t .728. 60 q*a-r/a. abovescaleproceeds following : the as : I q-it/qlmr Ghati/Ghatika 24 fcie Minutes . When converted to modern time-scale.000 s{' years : 8.i years : their time-scale further as +Frgr Kaliyuga ) ETqatqDwapara t *ein'r Tretayuga I r(ctrr Satyayuga J I vgg/rqEl Chaturyuga/Mahayuga By adding4.i years : 7l T{Itrr Mahayuga : } T{ 306.296.64.320.000 years I .i years 1.000 q.i The ancient Hindus carried follows: 4.32.000 q. 2* q-& Ghati : I *qrcfqds{{ ll'fa 3t q-& Hour Ghati Vcla or Half prahara 3 *dr tn 7} s-A : I Yil Prahara Hour or Ghati .

(v) <ria Night. s-9fi {ri . {qr we Sbashthi 6. with their deities and divisions.(ii) s]c{K Monday.000we get the that body from the earth. T{fr 1'ti qql qrfr {q Dashami 10. Day: (i\ rn4:rFIFt +TqDawn' Afternoon. qiitn qoisr f<tnt Chaturthi 4.atr Er{n fsr4 8. are The divisionsof different time-measures as follows : (ii) qE{rfr Noon. qs-s{t Ashtami Fffir Navami 9.I ffie Minutc 60 dts Minutes : I {zr Hour 60 k{c : t let Day Hours 24 da : I qrq Month Days 30 ffi 12 qrq J Months ) : I qi year. (iv) $-{r< Wednesday. <F+qR (vi) {x+n Tuesday. q.SECTION II ABBRBVIATIONS 193 todaYfor The Westernsystemor the modern system in vogue time is as follows : measuring Seconds . (iii).(v) Xt<n Thursday. Friday. laiitql qqT rfrtt Tritiya 3.isft Eori Panchami 5.000miles per second' By finding out the time taken it into in travelling from a heavenly body to earth. qriit qqT {fE Saptami 7.the velocity the-rateof per secon<lis taken as a unit' The light travels at by light 1.rftr66rat ta Fdfc qfq icr l. 365 fc{ } P"yt I of light For measuring astronomical distances.' [7]. (iv) vrirrq Evening. Tithi: leFcTherc are 15 lunar dates (feFq) in each of the two lunar fortnights (w). (vii) srft{r<SaturdaY. cfdqcr Pratipada rTEr rgr Dwitiya 2. (iiil d'rr{r< Iaeekdays. (vi) qfrcq Sunday.76.they are :Division Deity Lunar date Tithi {ilT ?. . converting distanceof seconds and multiplying the t"tnt Uy l.arcr6 Morning.?6.

ffit l..g.fve. (7) 3TrRr{ Ashwina. 13. (9) emila"rTmrtvitd Agrahayana/Marga(10) qlq Pausha.1 {T I 4. They are : (l) ia Chaitra. * In the dark half of a Lunar month orrnErcrrr (Amavasya) replaces tfnrlr (Poornima). Nabhas ) qrq I Rains 6. lda qVI 8 I Autumn I vr<< Urja I sqi J Avani 3tfr Purattasi g<tqft Arppisi qR-ftft Kartigai {Ifd. Nabhasya | <fi q$r€q J 7. Phalgun. qfir<{fr arqvfr aMf Tg'isfr DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY . arc<-. 15. Shuchi | fi* Rabi-us'sani Adi Karkataka qIfE J 6iF-+.(4) arvrc Ashadfra.t94 ll. Madhu I Chittirai Mesha Muharram c{ fsdi<r{ }q [ Spring tAtq 2. names of the months of lunar 1. 14.fffiq qr-{d]and solar year [rrr rr<q] are identical.rel]" Bright half (q*e wa) and Dark half [ry'rr Month: qrs Lunar. Months accordinT other eras: to Vedic Kerala Hljri Tamilnadu irs+ *<v a'rqilc.TnqE Bhadrapada. 12. (3) viaaJyeshtha.ear [e.gl shirsha.Tr Jumadu'lawwal vwf<-equaae Jumadus'sani qrnfs s€{rfi Rajab <qat Shaban {tFtFT Ekadashi Drvadashi Trayodashi Chaturdashi Poornima(Full Moon) Tfqrrr orqT?FqT (New Moon) Amavasya fqra*{r fssug qirrT fsn T{ Frar ier rer crqT Fcg"r yri Thula g(I Vraschika TftT{ . (ll) flq Magha. (6) . (8) mtnt Kartika. rft vevrit {k 5. Shukra ) Ani Mithuna Rabi'ul awwal eIfi Summer fqgc <f. Madhava I aea Vaikasi Safar Vrishava ttTtltr ql6-( 'irrft J 1sq 3. (2) 'ivnq Vaishakha.nq Simha k6 Kanya +.(12)wra. (5) ms"T Shravana. . The lunar month has two halves [vw].Christian In India. *16. Solar.

Zt.f 9. July [qqrt]. ds. qwa lspringl' 'ftsr ag Sea. August [urrw]' D ecember[fEtcf.February [w<afr]. f<r<rag. rfiItrgffi. six : winters]' fufr< fsummer]. 38. SqICfd. l2' 6rdsr'ql3' (T<qI. 8. Grq 29. Tapasya I winters *err J f"RR Shawwal cFirrq Za'lqada fq-e'rE Zulhijja fc-dftrc : January The months of the Christian (Gregorian) era are April [wie]' Yul [q€]' [q+a'<:].. cqif. 50. Sahas I EarlY F{q. .2. f<errrg. fssTtt.' Spring (aia)' Summer Autumn (vrra)and Winter lqfra]. Z+' fq6fd. 55.t' 35. cftfldt.<fqqq. dta{'. 22.. qqq. $q'f(. 46. rrifwq.'Novembe [mr*<]. tr< lEarly ILate winters]' (dtet)' Accordingto the West. 3. t z.oon.aw. 51. dtgc. 39. tlE{.40. fEtt't. Northern solstice Southernsolstice sixty Sarnvatsara:Trrzrs{. o. {IT€rRuI. s?iqrtt.fsatrft. l8' <T(' 20. fsrc.t. 52. 47' *q-r€l. lt' tqqrf.43' ettq' c'{rdfr.vr?itt. 48 stIiTE' 44. f+r}ua'q. g{q. alqt. March tqFil.i lAotumnl. as.36. 23. 28. rirs. satrasya I ita R€€{r J ll. fgflT. <I{tT. sl-ilt. gEt. I winters tb.i9'tlqq' 60' eTq' Voice : es-((i) Audible 'ttcr*. sz' f*tq'nit. gfto. 58' TffTqfl'.SECTIONII . October September [fcew<1' iuo" ip1.t]' r [arqs-r]. 5.25' 26. 27. ftrriT. and solstice: atrlif. 56. fqqq.(iv) Inaudible l'. q<r. 4. four.:1. stRFM aql qfironq:r. o' srTrfr' z. The ancient Hindus believed in a to thoseyears[weru<l' year cycle. (vi) Loud ak.ABBFAVIATIONS 195 Margali cFtdt Thai qri Masi rrrit Panguni 'it'il Dbanus a1q Makara T{< Kumbha trrr Mina fiqRamajan Gqr.rrr.gq5'(. Tapas I iTrr€ | Late ') 12. fsqrf. 53. (iii) Broken [pl crq/dfse. (ii) Bitter sw.34. 30. gcll. l9' ctfqs' 14.' Accordingto the Hindus. They gavcfollowing names sif{a' l. srT4. 1v) t o. 32. 10. 54' tlr'.9. 3rrFT. (v) fnOividualrErt.41. I 5. 37' sTlT{' cqd\r-i2. 11. gtq. 49. u*t lnuiivi.

(ll) fe Vriddhi. 2. (2?) *{fr Vaidhriti. VedangaJyotish Year iqir t*tcq q 12. (13)qTqrd Vyaghata. (12) a-* Dhruva. (10) dq Ganda.196 DrcrroNARyoF AsrRorrcy Soft Rilq. (9) qS Shula. (la) e{q Harshana. Julian Year qfvra e1.tFfr q.10. 6.t [basedon movementsof Sun and Moonl. Vikrama Samvat fETctcq (Most of lrlorth India). Saka'Era rfi wsq which is thc National Calendar. (4) *qrq Saubhagya. (20) Rr< Shiva. 13.F Indra.(24) lrfd Shukla. ' 3. (t Ayushman. (19) cRtu Parighi. BengaliSan *rrfi e1 [Bengall. ( 5) rgr Brahma. 7.(8) qft Dhriti.is Atiganda. 5. 14.(7) g+. Kollam Era frsq eI [Kcrala]. Kali Era r. I'ear : ri. (2) fife Preeti. (6) qFa. (viii) Plcasing E. (ir) (x) Solcmnq'sct(. Fusli San rcfi e1 [North India]. Vikrama Kartikadi 6lffi [Gujarat]. (vii) Not pleaoing srriftr. (Zt) g* Siddha. (15) s-q Vajra. Jovian Ycar q€rrc s{.(xi) Uneven ker<.(22) crsqSadhya. ' 4. . number : (l) gqqEq Visbkambha. (5) rilT{ Shobhana.(tg) {fr{ra Variyan.fq crtre. (26) r.qt Sukarma. Vikrama Solar qt( lPunjab].wq Era : the following differcnt erar are in voguein India: ' l. Mahavira Nirvana B1n r6rfr< Fr<iqr<d. . (16) f€fa Siddhi.(23) qv Shubha. 9. aa<. 27 in ?iq''{r<. Buddha Nirvana Era 1a fmtq {cq. I l. (17) aqfdcrd Vyatipata. Yoga: fr.€fq. 8. Christian lGregorian] Calender $ezra<. Hijri San flqrl q.

Planetary Gombinations uqdr 2. Tables crRufr .SECTION 3 l. Synchronizing of Horoscopes iqrqt qaqrafr iqa : Ert-EEI 3.


ptcrioNmv oF sfRorocY

Planetarycombinationslqftrr-. while the western astrologers forecasts, the look to different aspectsand directions for their prognostication depends mostly on planetary Hindu systemof systemis .o,oUi"uiionr. It is interesting to note that the western versionof the developed and scicntifically more or lessan ad.ranced in methodssuggested Tajika Shastra'

TheHinduseersafteryearsofexperienceandlaboriouswork rcsearchedthatplanetswhenpositedinaparticularfashionina planetary chart, produce particular results' The number of such permutations com*nations is very large, as thereis no limit to their with almost all and combinations. Moreover, Astrology has to deal of an individual's life. e'g', marriage' wife' cbildren',widolikely time of deathetc., "rp..u future possibilities life, diseases, in *iooa, to deal with all such combinationswithin tr.i"" ft is not-possible outline a ii" tinri,",ions of this work in details. However broad verv important combinations' enunciated few ;;i;;;;i"t[ " may be explained' by ancientHindu seers'

TheHinduphilosoohvbelievesinthreebasiccosmicqualitie and good [<rfrgur] bad t(fr-rrsrl' lwl. These are good [q-d$1, not so parts of the same quality tq Aciualty, the first two qualiticr are the (Sat) as compared to qq (Asat)' They may also be termed as and Benefic and Malefic, Auspicious and Inauspicious' Positive Negative.Theinteractionofthesetwoenergiesisthebasis.ofa good, dominates' creition in this world In this interaction,wben the but when the evil the resultsare positive, fruitful and favourable' has the upper band,.the results are just the opposite' ThelndianastrologershaveclassifiedtheMuhurta[tFcor the weekday the particrilarmomentl, the vela [ier], the Tithi [krc], auspiciousand inauspicious in lnol, tn. Month [qre], ;ven the Year and So havc tt-ey classified difrerent planets ag Benefic divisions. Benevolent' They have Malefic and different sigos as cruel and divideddifferenthousesalsoasfavourableandunfavourable Broadly, this division may be understoodas follows: Best. l. Trines,Houses1,5,9 l. Quadrants, Houses t,4,?,10 Good' [First house or the it in the ascegdantls included in both tbe categories. If we count be 4, 7, l0l' three remainingquadrantswould Trine.-the



3. Houses 2,3, It Not so good. 4. Houses6, 8, L2 or the Triks. Bad. So where there is interaction between Best, Good and even Not so good houses and their lords, favourable results may be expected.Where Trik housesand their lords intervene, they not only nullify good results, but sometimesproduce adverse results as well. Tbe nature and the subject of the results depend on the and the planets.Their extentdepends of significatorships the houses planets. on the strength of the As rmder: 1. 2. 3. 4. for the special combinations, they may be classifiedas Combinationsbasedon Ascendant. Combinationsbasedon Moon. Combinationsbasedon Sun. Nabhas Yogarrre dtr. (i) s€rr qtr Basedon numbers. (ii) qrryq*'r Basedon house-positions. (ii1 rs frq Basedon groupings. (iv) anlFeatr Basedon figures.

5. Othcr combinations. basedon Ascendant: flq qlq. The Ascendant l. Combinations plays a pivotal role in a chart. To undcrstand nature, onehas to its or Also whether find out, whetherit is occupiedby benefics malefics. or it is hemmedin betweenbenefics malefics. The following yogas [uh] are the results : (i) Shubha yoga rlq *n, when the ascendant is occupicd by a beneficor beneficg, the native is beautiful and possesses number ofgood qualities. (ii) Ashubha or Papa yoga afgcicrcdrt, when the ascendant is occupied by malefic or malefics, voluptuous, dependent on others,doing evil deeds. (iii) Shubhakartari yoga qq{i+t *q when the ascendant is hemmedin bctweenbenefics,energetic,rich and strong. (iv) Papkartari yoga cTrdtfr frq when the' asiendant is hemmid in betweenmalefics, beggarand dirty in habits.


DrcrroNARYoF AsrRot.ocy

(v) Saturn in Sagittarius or Pisccs ascendant considered is to be favourable. Similarly, Mars in Aries, Lco or Sagittarius by alcendantand aspected tiiendly planets is said to confer high honour on the native. PANCHA MAHAPURUSHA yoga r< T{rgtc ftq A five get combination, said to confer greatness on the native. ff Mars, Mercury,Jupiter, Venus, or Saturn in their own house, or in the houseof their exaltation,are positedin a quadrantto the Ascendant, Bhadra [Tr], Hansa [qv], Malavya [rrc-"t] they form Ruchaka Je<+'1, yogas respectively. But according to some and Shasha [rrn] astrologers,ifl Sun or Moon joins this combination,the yoga lfrd is nullificd. The Pancba Mahapuiusha yogas cs r-6tgecfrrr produce the following results .' (i) Ruchakat<t. Beautiful body reddish in colour, scholar, in wcll-versed black magic, conquerer enemies, of rich. (ii) Bhadra c-*. Facelike a lion, movement like an elephant, arms,benevolent, long wise,rich and honoured. (iiD Hansa qe. Happy and prosperous, beautiful wife, possessing good qualities,noble. (iv) Malavya crca{. Feminine traits, beautiful, prosperous, rcbolar, occupying a high position, attracted towards other womcn. (v) Shasba rrq. Wanderer, cruel, argumentative, dishonest in busiaegs deals,attached to his mother, black, happy, intcrested in othcr women. ADHIYOGA qFsftr. Also called LAGNADHIYOGA cr*ftrfr.r.

vfilTsftqr{Frseq(ii: gF+ crcr{*fq€: I rrqfr xfqe: qd: geerrtf<dffivr tr crrrfffi
-J. P. When sixth, seventhand eighth houses from the Ascendant arc occupiedby beneficswithout being polluted by occupation of malcfics or their aspect and the fourth house from tbe Ascendant ir also devoid of any malefic, Lagnadhiyoga erttla*l is formcd. A personborn with this combinationin his chart becomes famour a gcts a position of honour and is rich and qualificd. writer,



2, combinations basedon Moon: rrarftq. Indian astrorogcrs givc Mooo rlmost the sameimportanceas they give to tt. es""ndant. some eyen opine that out of the two houses, tt rrour. or Ascendant and the houscoccupiedby Moon, whicheveri. ,t.Jng"r, " shouldbe treated as the first housc. That is why a r.* -tions, counted from Asccndant arc counted from Moon "o,ni;n"_ rlso. Amongst them are Panchamahepurushayoga q-.nraqw q.rrr and Adhiyoga at|ualr. Here Adhiyoga aFari.ris caited Chaidradhiyoga irrfs*{ also.

slri: rq<rftfreieqf{qh t;+ r
r €ficw{qsfqqf{filcrFr wrT | | -J. P.

If benefics occupy sixth, scventh and eighth houses from Moon, chandradhiyoga <arH* is formed. comiranders, vlnirr.r, aod Kings are born with thir combination. One of thc Indian astrologersShrutikirti ,1fds:ifd quolcs sevc! types of Adhiyogas qfuarq-when a1 the benefics-M.r"ury, Jupiter aad venus-arc posited in (i) 6th house, (ii) sevenitr hours, (iii) eighth housc,(iv) divided bctweensixrh and seventh(v), divided bctwcensixth and eighth. (vi) divided between seventh and eighth, and (vii) dividcd bctwcen sixth, seventhand eighth houses" rrciatts of (i) Shubha Adhiyoga wrr atirrirr, (ii) papa Adhiyoga crc qtr+q and (iii) Mixcd Adhiyoga fca qfe,dm arso,accordingas thesehousec arc occupiedby (i) only benefics, (ii) only malefics, and (iii) benefic and maleficsboth. According to Saravali {r{tadr, there are two conditionr neccssary the furfirmentof this combination: (i) for benefics shoutd lot bs aspected by marefics,and (ii) benefics-shourJ u" combust. ""i sunafa g{rn, Anafa qq'r, hr6r yogas. Durudhara <r*rr, Kcmadruml

ftsrss; ga'erur<r<alule*,i{:r E1mrqsl sffd{n: t&draqr g r6frr: trgrlsiqqTql ls il riter*tsqsr r{gi trt* iqrrt r
*fse +;rq{irrtE q r?Fqffirflvar n ilrr

(iii) When Jupiter forms Sunafa . cluarrelsome. ltonoured . attached to a woman of advanced age. intelligent. but is honoured. Thc results of these combinations a6 follows: (i) When ure Mars f. (iv) Mars and Saturn-attached to an ugly woman. alwaysready (vi) When Mars fornrs Anafa yogai. having enemies. cruel. beautiful. interested in science. 'rm-haughty. irritable.selfish. famous but ftoubled by enemies. u'ell versedin music and arts. king's favourite.Id$r for war.sweet-tongucd. orator. (viii) Jupiter and Venus--diplomat. they form Durudhara yoga <tu{r 4r.rich and .rnted by planits. (x) When Saturn fgrms Anafa yoga slisT qr{. (iv) Whin Venus fornrs Sunafa yoga lasr emindustrious. it fcrrms (iii) from Moon. it forms Kemudruma yoga 'tf1n'arl. q'lrr-honoured by state. writer. poet. wise. uell-versed but wicked. (xi) Jupiter and Saturn-happy.Tqr qtrr--scholar. (v) Mercury and Jupiter-religious. rnrs Sunafa yoEa T. honoured. head of thieves. rich and happy. fond of pleasurer.by king. But if a t-rr t planet occupics quadranttiom Ascendant Moon. back biter. famous. it lbrms Anafa ). riih. nation is nullified.voga T. (ii) Mars and Jupiter-selfmade.owner of catfle.(vii) When Mercury forms Anafa yoga 3i{$I qtil-musiciaD. ure tci.202 DICTIONARY OF ASTROI.OCY If a planetother than Sun. wise.r.hates'his brothers. courageous. prosperous. (viii) When Jupiter forms Anafa yoga ?{riln yery intelligent. rich. rvise. if borh thc second snd the twelfth houses fronr Moon. never satisfied.--leader. (vi) Mercury and Venusp-fond of dance and pictures. Dunrdhara yoga 1laal q'i'i: (i) lvlars and Mercury-liar but {ualified. courageous(vii) Mercury and Saturn-travels from one country to another. (v) Whcn Saturn fbrms Sunafa yoga gaw ult-well verscd. not a big scholar' nor poss€ss€s much weahh. (ix) When Venus fofms Analh yoga '4dst frrr enjoying women's company. scholar. swect tonguedreligious. (iv) if neither of the house is by occupied a planet.oga?firsrTTrt. (iii) Ir{ars and Venus-fond of exercise.Icr arq-cruel. malicious wife. (ii) When Mercury forms Sunafa yoga 1aw rrn-scholar. rich and honoured in community. rich but coward. rich. this gompi.is posited in(i) second housefron jif SunafayogaTrsr nrrr positcd in (ii) twelfth house Moon.

is formed when Jupiter occupies rixth or eighth housefrom Moon. yoga'.rrrqq'm-native lacks politeners. (x) Vcnus and Saturn-behavel like an old man. 9th or l2th house measure. it forms Vaghi yoga nfin *t' and when both thc . 8th or knowledgeand intelligencc. when it is posited in twelfth housc from Sun. Combinations based Sun: q. qualifiedand king's favouritc. Sun has its Vcshi ifsr. Amala yogo qlr''r. Thc native is honoured by thc king.ir bencvolent qjq Just as Indian astroon 3. leadcr in thc family. PLANBTARY COIBINATTONS 203 holpful. financc. sR6-5'r'lq-nativcposscsses measurc. 6th. [a3f1 er:TsT gas-<r yogas of Moon. *rnc qrr is thc rame as Daridra yoga <ka Kemadruma qm combinationsbringing poverty to the native.SECTIONTII.Fl qTrT (iii) when Moon ir in 3rd. westcrn astrologers give this honour to Sun. Gajakesari yoga rrm'trtt qFr : This is of two kinds: (i) when Jupitcr ii in a quadrant to Moon. average the above qualitics in a big from Sun. (ii) Whcn Moon is in 2nd. But this combinationis nullified when Jupitcr occupicsa quadrant position from Asccndant. qrq Shakatayogd $r. Whcn a planet is positcdin secondhourc from Sun. drq-native has the abovc qualities in llth housc from Sun .i logersconsidcr Moon to be thc most important planet.q'mis formcd when a bencfic occupies tenth houscfrom Moon. cnjoysall and qualified. Vashi srftI and Ubhayachari sc{Tfr yogas. Indian astrologers also considcr Sun next only to Moon in importance. Jupiter'and Vcnus atpect Moon and thc aspecting planct is leither combusthor in its rign of dcbilitation' Native born with this combination will bc rvisc. intclligcnt.l-. ' and Durudhara Comparablc to Sunafa glw. Moon Sun combinationf Errqft qrn Thesccombinationsare threc in number:i(i) When Moon is in a quadrant to Sun . is lovcd by his kinsmen. (ii) whcn thc three bcnefics Mcrcury. 5th. Wcstern weekly and monthly forecasts also dcpend on the natal Sayana position of Sun. fruits of life. it forms Veshi yoga afn 4m.

He dier in captivityor put to death. lackssensual pleasure and takesto stcaling..helpfut to b_rotbers. 4. (a) Based numbersqtqr *{r. intelligent. rich... The ubhayachariyoga :'. (d) Basedon figures aqh am. Nabhasyoga qr*q qir.. bcautiful and strong. This combination in the tourth house make him possessed good qualities. due to its nearress sun. plump with a of slanted nose. Benefic planets form benefic combinalion and rnalefic planetsmaleficcombination. seventhhouse. Their resurts .tqrr.re arsb rikewise.2O4 il oF -DrcrloNARy ASrRoLocy houscs are tenantcd by plancts.e. cleverin carning-talkative.t-When seven planets occupy scvensigns. lhis cornbinationis fornretJ the by . many sous. Yogasbasedon numbersqqqrftr arc sev€n: (i) Vallaki/Veena <iarr/a-rir. atr or Budhaditya yoga 1arfi. Mercury is rhe planetleast afficted by combustion.f. Wheu this combination takes place in the Ascendant. Thescare of four kinds .orm tJbhayachariyoga waqfr qm ' Thcsecombinations classifiedin iwo prrts-bcnefic and arc malefic. Nati'e born with this conrbination beconres ettucated. they l. Its maximunr trisrance to from Sun is 28o. lazy. on (b) Basedon sign-positions-drrtq r}rT. highly rich. rich. this combination makcsnativc very fanrous and wealthy.i. conjoiningof Sun and Mercury.na.but he is fickle-m^indcd. fn fe he is-not very rich.Tqr€r can be benefic.known fbr his knowledge.ive becomeslearncd. intelligent.he doesnot accept udui"" l'rom other peoplc. . In the tenth house.'d. But it should not fall in Libra or pisces. (c) Basedon groupingsz-qqlr. one planet in one sign-Expert in his work-fond bf danceand music (iD Damini qrfcfr-When seven planets pcoupysix signsbenevolent. gootl orator and intelligent. (iiD Pashaqrsr-When seven planets occupy five signs-Man of character.n:areric mix. (iv) Kedara *<n-When sevenplancts occupy four signsFarmer.

Sailor. Yogas bascd on groupings a.drunkard. . (i) srak (carland) q{/cr-{r-when quadrants-After pleasures. (vii) Gola (Circle) rirq-When all thc scvenplanetsare posited in one ringlc sign-Poor. aspiring for moneybut poor. always aftcr money. markson body. to self (ii) Ishu eg-When all the planetsare in 4th to 7th houses_ Yiolent. haviog wound.foolish. (v) Gada (Mace) . havingmanyservants.c. stable.'tt'drr are thrce.rich. (i) Rajju (Rope) <c1:When all thc planetsare in movable signs-Full of envy.Manufacturer arms. Also called <-g: m. 7-lO.{ 'lFr. couragcous. and (iv) Dand (Rod) re-Whcn all the ptanets are in l0th house to Ascendant-Devoid of family. (vi) Yuga (Dual) 1'r-When sevenplanetsoccupytwo signsBeggar. (i) Yupa 1'r-Wben all the planets are in first four houscq i. always moving or travclling. wandcrer. Therc are two such combinations. q'rrr Yogas basedon sign positions '. mean.aw. Lazy.ni-When all the pl:rnets are positcd in two consecutive quadrants(l-4. expert in sea-tradc. love for foreign countries. of (iii) shakti nfr-when ail the ptancts are in zrh ro rOth houses-Mean. doing memialjobs for others.n/ qw xf<fa dq Chatussagar/Chatushka Mahodadhi yoga.rich. centred. ail the benefics arc in (ii) Sarpa(serpent)'r'i-when atr the marefics in quadrants are -One who suffersa lot. (iD Mushala Xwr-Whcn all the planets are in fixed signsHaughty. ricb. l0-l)-Religious. (iii) Nala qt-Whcn all the planets are in dual signs-with organ. lazy.Devoid of happiness wealth. very fickle. Yogasbasedon figures .sEcrroNril PLANETARY COMBTNATTONS mJ (v) Shula qt-Whcn rcven plauets oocupy threc signs-Full of anger. a defective well-versed. from Ascendant fburth house--Liberal.hirq -Twcnty in numbcr. 4-7.

. (xiv) Nau (Boat) c1-When all thc planetsare positedbetween on water-culture' Ascendantand seventh house-Sailor.c. but they are not practicalas cannot be away from Malefic Sun beneficsMercury and Venus by more than 28' and 47". dependent o{ a municipality one who works in water and sewagedepartment or in irrigation dePartment.206 DIC"TIONARY OS ASTROLOGY (vi) Shakata(Chariot) w+a-When all the planctsare in first and seventh houses-Driver. diseased.havirrg itn undesirable wife. in (2) third. Note : The above two combinations (x) and (xi) have been two mentioned in ancient Indian texts. (xii) Kamala (Lotus) qcq-When all the sevenplanets are "posited the quadrants-Famous' very happy and well versed' in in (xiii) Vapi (Pond) arft-when all rhe seven planets are and cadent houses-Not much but long-living happiness' succedant in miser. seventhand eleventhhouses. Ascendant.investing land. Tiqlzd-Whenall the planctsarein the trines (viii) Shringataka i. cighth and twelfthhouses-Farmeroccupy first (x) Vajra (Lightening)Eq--When all the benefics nraleficsare posited in fourth and and alt the and sevcnthhouses tenth houses-Happy in first rnd lastpart of life. (vii) vihaga (Bird) fq?{r-Whenall the planets arc in fourth quarrelsome and tenth houses-Envey. houses-Courageous. or in (3) fourth. fifth and ninth houses'-Enjoyinglil'e for a long timc. rvanderer. (ix) Hala (Plough)aq-When all the planetsarc in (l) 2nd' or sixth and tenth houses. (xi) Yava (Barley)aa-Whcn all the malcficsoccupyfirst and rcventh houscs and all the beneficsare positedin fourth and tenth happyin last part of life. (xv) Kuta qz-When all thc planets are posited between in fourtb and tenth houses-Performing cruel deeds' wanderer mountainsand forests. (xvi)Chhatra(Umbrella)oa_Whenalltheplanetsareposited ./ .

scholarly.' Whcn Mercury is positedin second housefrom Sun. 6) ntn and elcventh. g1.:_. rich.{nRT do not takc qrT Rahu <rgand Ketu +g into consideration. It rpoils thc beneficialefiectsofJupitcr.5.SBCTIoN lll PLANBI'ARY covBlNATIONs 207 between soventh house and Ascendant-Happy in thc beginning and cnd. (5) eighth and second. (2) third and ninth. sobreand capable. (xvii) Chapa (Bow) qrq-When all the planetsare posited bet_ wccn tenth arrd fourth houses-wanderer in dense foresls. In tbis combina..but therc is one combina. suffcrs from a lot of obctructionsin his life. Rahu <t6 coojoin in a chart. beautiful. is brave.(4) sixth and twelfth. it has bcen named rs Rajahansayoga rn{r trr. 5.dEr "T. vcry rich.c.ri. (xx) Chakra qx. A person born with this combination in his chart. A pcrson born with thir combination in his chart. (xviii) Ardhachandra(Half moon) ani*r-when alr the pranets arc posited betwccn(l) 2nd and 8th.ralq. (7) eleventhand fifth. mathematician. In Somajataka t|rqrar. (xix) Samundra (Occan) rqr-When alt the ptanets are in evenhouses-Dcaling with water. . ctrong. tion Kala-sarpa yoga nmn'i dq which is based on the two shadowy planets and is similar in form to Nabhar yogas. Bhaskara yoga rrrFnr qlq TTI?TI(qFI(i {qi(K.(6) ninth and third. it forms Bharkara Yoga qr€{.. tion all thc seven planets arc hemmcd in botwccn Rehu 116 and Kctu \. Moon in I lth from Mercury and Jupiter in fifth or ninth from Moon. Guru-Chandala yoga \a siem qm Formcd when Guru $ (Jupitcr) and Chandalaqrst.{{g{qhrr. vcry mean. or (8) twelfth and sixth houses_ Enjoyinglife. Sonte spccial combinations: qfarq fqlrr qFr. ruler. thief. Kala-sarpaI'oga tremi qrq Nfbhas yogss . well verscd in arts.tlrrRl: gFI rrr wfwgarcvnrRcrTywr:-.-When all the plancb are in odd houses_ Famous ruler.

WhenJupiteris positcdin Ascendant.prosperous and expertin trade.e. king. jcrvellery in art of conversation.f I slri{ *a.Moon is in a quadrant to Jupiter.ztAq tt JP.it formsIndra Yoga. liom WhenMars is in third houscfronr Moon. Venusin seventhfrom Saturnand Jupiter is in seventhtiom Venus.Tt'flIql qk c(tc<+-{{rdl I fcifwal Tsfr q+acrc *q: tt _J.scholary.P.r airt v.P. Budha yoga Esqlq ' Parvata yoga r<a att qcir{.t. Jupiterand Saturnreceive seventhaspectfrom Mars and Venus. fifth from Jupiter and Sun is in quadrant to Moon. qfiqqi faq+'<rst-Rfbfs$r:t $+-{rfr qlql qq: s'ifffi: ll vhttqnqot rr rrTq€fsd ---J. Marut Yogace'qdq grrq +lurrrdg{: €ant: g orit sirafr:t *. it forms Budha Yoga 1'aa}'r. Moon is positedin fifth housefrom them. famous. Personborn with intelthis combination his chart is very strong.scholar.16\ Gscil ElTg+ qfE q4e: IITIEll Frl. In other words. Moon is in When Jupiteris in fifth or ninth housefrom Venus.a(qr?qqlFdd kcrr} qiq} qqeria+: tt -.P. beautiful.-<tk1rt: gw):rft1ar<* qfq: Xiw<tA ietgt: fqmicc{qi f.'. and like a possessing rich.r. Jupiter and Saturn arc conjoined.208 I)ICTIONARY OF ASI'ROLOGY Indra Yogar. it forms Marut Yoga rnq d.having a large heart. . vcrsed The nativeborn with this combinationin his chart is famous. a big belley. Rahu n6 is in secondfrom Moon and Sun and Mars are in third from Moon. The dativc is versed in conversation. in ligent and without enemies. Saturnin scvcnth Mars. and they i.tsi qfl.

SECTIONrrr PLANETARY COMBTNATIONS 2Og Thcrc arc two forrns of this combination. When all the scven planetsare posited in sevcnconsccutive sigrls.owner of an army and lord of a villagc. (iv) From fourth to tenth house. devotedto father. The native it illustrious. This combination hasalso two forms. by The native is (i) fortunate.iilustriousand leaderof the communitv.famous.rich but diseased. Brave.beautiful and having good qualities. Malika yoga crfctrT dq Also callcd Ekavali Yoga qmra* rlrr. eagerto go with othcr women.}wftt rdrqhaqefi qrilFqt rqgi qfE :FI{ir: TrtR tl qfF. enjoying pleasurcs. Fortunate. .(ii) voluptuous. ver! liberal (v) From fifth to elcventhhouse. (iii) From third to ninth house. Religious. (i) When lord of fourth and lord of ninth houser arc in quadrant to cach other and lord ofAscendant is strong. Kabala yoga fir(fi tq rgrr*. (D From Ascendantto seventhhouse. (ii) When lord of fourth house is in its own sign or rign of exaltation and is conjoined with or aspccted lord of tenth by house. sober. (ii) From secondto eighth house. The nativc is owner of many elephants and horses. courageous. famous.t g fqqlfrt {r I r{rs}. (i) Whcn quadrants arc occupied by benefics.qr re)=qrq* qqrnl qR ilr?sr: fil1q tl -J.P. (ii) when lords of Ascendantand Lord of twerfth house arc in quadrant to one another and aspected friendly planets. engsged in educational pcrsuits and philanthrophist.Eighth and twclfth housesare either vacantor occupiedby benefics. Rich. There are twelvesuch I combinations.

conjoincd or separately.Versatilc. scvcnth houtc. (viii) From eighth to second house.-(ii) When lord of Ascendantand tord of tenth houcc both are in movable signs. under femaleinfluence. (xi) From eleventh to fifth house. (i) When lord of fifth houscand lord of sixth house arc in quadrarit to each other and lord of Asccndant is strong. (ix) From ninth to tbird housc.qrfrt rcgt g ilqT {<Fil rl _J P. (iiil From twelfth to sixth house. Thic combination has two forms.P."Fql {f.Good human bcing. The netivc ir a grcat scholar and honourcd by king. (r) From tenth to fourth housc. Attached to many women. and lord of ninth housc is etrong. Having a dutiful wife and jcwels. at other timcs poor. (i) Whcn tord of Ascendantis positcd in a quadrantin its d sign of craltation and is aspecte by Jupiter.rcligious. ninth hourc or tenth houlc.and respectcd. Chamara Yogarrtr<*rf qri"i< *:rrtt tsgrt dtlfut <nr crq 4fi: I qf< ftqat ilqG qqi qcrccaaTT srq( sr{ rl _J.210 DIcTIoNARY AsrRoL@Y oF (vi) From sixth to twelfth house. Shankha yoga ric dl q.vf1irql I qr{rFrt rqg{ qfr 1'qfrr: tl trr{rfrt q wqrfqqa} s{€* r Tr. Spendthrift. poor.de[+. Religious and honoured.occupying a high position. Sometimcsrich and happy. Loogliving. . . (ii) Whcn two beneficsconjoin in Asccndaot. (vii) From seventhhouse to Ascendant. Thcrc are two forns of this combination.

rr . This is possibleonly foe .rrr sEcTroN PLANETARY COMBTNATTONS 2ll The native is fond of pleasures. kind. (i) When planets occupy Ascendant.. braveand well . Shrinatha yoga t'tnrar*{r fir+G( T{rrA wqt rqiFTt rrrrardgi v r dlcrc*q: grr<rrcrft $nl q<: rrr* lcrq.tth houscin its sign of exaltationis positedin thc tenth houseand is conjoincd with lord of ninth.P.Ksdh wiltfs+ sqg+ g {<rr*r: r or6$TcqFq{r: $E: €I|TEtl _J. Two interpretations possible the above couplet (i) when are of lord of seve.of good characterand doer ofnobel deeds. Bheri yoga f{t drr qqr. it forms Mridanga Yoga 1<. religious. second.erlilnRTrtr{g fi?rqtE I wtfrr ecg* qfs rif<qlq:rr t.rqel $tt: fseqrrmql r qFt{qt qiTgil g aria araq rr _J.y famous. rich. scholar.noble.versed.1 p. (ii) When lord of Ascendant and Venus. ' Mridanga yoga !*r trq sEsrqirrscfll qfq *qd r TE*qqfr w@ rr ii. This combinationhas also two forms.r'*n.seventh and twelfth houses and lord of tenth houseis strong. conjoinedor separatcly are in quadrantto Jupiterand lord of ninth houseis strong. When Navamsa(r<tn) depositorof an exalted planet is in its own sign or sign of its exartationand the Ascendantrord is strong.P. The native is longliving. This combinationmakesthe native like a king'aod n. -. very happy. owner of lands and family. More than one suchcombination is possibrein a chart. fearless. famous. healthy.

a maleficand a beneficsharethe fifth houseand a malefic is posited in fourth or eighthhouse from Ascendant.) WhenJupitcr is in trine to Moon.ARyoF AstRoI-ocy Sagittarius (ii) Asc€ndant Whcn tord of scvcnrh is in tenth house and lord of tenth in its sign of exaltation. i. Mars is in trine to Mercury or Mcrcury is in eleventhhousefrom Iupiter. The nativc has a good fanrily.Triqi 'Irq .P. The nativebecomcs king like Indra e. has (i) When lord of tenth is in fifth housc.q"t.P. When ninth house is occupicdby malcfic. scholarand religious.is conjoinedwith lord of ninth. sixth anclscventh houses. intelligent.2. ffeq I tT. religious.P.' {4.sr{aT4a+: rt irri sr -.irfrT7ieTfrfqqnr: r ldtqqrr*qqqrcreqlcqr f. well-versed. .I. liked by the king.' The native becomcsan astrologcr.1qr€sfildlqifuetl q1r4ffiui ffarq 6]qrri !<<rrrrl ri r qfq ?arifafq EFrrd.r. bcautiful.rA rcifs+ +-zri f<cqra+ frsr. Matsya yoga rrier lFr iTr{'. This combinations two forms.kind. strong.t When bcneficsin their own or exalted signand in friendly and malefics Navamsa(iiler) occupyfifth.is} T{qd rr+ qfi'fifiei rr€rri*[: Tg€ I n -. +tagzil\i. Mercury is in a quadrant and Sun is very strongin its own sign.admircrof goodqualities.c.interested educational in pursuitsand fond of pleasures.happy. beautifut. lchiefof gods] a qiq: Sharada yoga ilRa rirr qrr1(4a{. These two formscan be compounded into one. Kurma yoga ti d{ IIJr4t.ql{qi afr Ti qrq: rr J.I 212 Dlcrtol. (i. fifth or ninth from it.



in their fricndly or exaltedsign occupyAscendant, third and elcvcnth bouses, Kurma Yoga qifitr is formed. The nativc born with this combinationin his chart becomcs famous,fond of pleasures a king, very religious, happy, benevolike lent and leaderamong hir people.

Khanga yoga dq ftr Trst+ ?I;r'.Trsrt {+t rrnq<rfqt r qr++ *aEirret rr?Trfiq dff<o: rr
-J.P. Also Khadga Yoga <qr rtrr. This combinationis forned whcn lord of ninth and lord of secondexchange their houses and lord pf Agccndant in a quadrantor trine. is The native becomesa great scholar,intelligent, illustrious $trong,brave,fond of pleasures and rise by his own cfforts.

Lakshmi yoga qErfr *q qFi qcffiwt rrrQ* cr*;qt r iTr{rffi'Eqrd-t s qefmq tdlftil: tl
.I.P. when lord of ninth in its positive or exarted sign is positcdin a quadrantand Lord ofAscendantis strong. Thc native is highly qualified, highly placed,,scholar,very famous, vcry handsome, honoured by- king and rhaving a largc family.

rTFrrcTrErt qlt

yogag{tr ftr Kusuma fTq?Rr+ +i farlir;ql glot r T.r1
qlrit:a gg* c\ il _J.P.

when Ascendantis in a fixed sign,venus occupies a quadrant. Moon is posited in fifth house and saturn in tenth. the iesultent combination is Kusuma yoga 1gr rtrr. The native is phiranthrophist,seekspleasures, born in a noblc family, highly placcd, very famous, illustrious and leader of bis pcople.

214 DIcTToNARY Asrsolocy oF

frl Parijata Yogaqf<nrrr qrfq fsqr{cr{Rqocrfuctq({r{sEq qf< sr o'-Eiar,rorrqqd eqrc<En'r'tt qft

a<rrrrrl:t crftqt-:T; rr
_J P.

of Whcn depositor of thc depositor, Ascendantlord ot thc lord is in its Navamsr (r*tq) lord of the depositor of Ascendant or combination signof exaltation 6i:'in a quadrant trinc, thc resultant is ParijataYoga lfwrn at'r. The nativc is lrappy in thc middlcand later part of his life. elcphants and by Hc is honoured the king, fond of battles,Possesses horses, attachedto his rcligion and kind. Kalanidhi )'oga rtrlfif{ *rI

qsq df4 yr{agiFeri r ffitq eii aqtsi {rqrci qiq:rsrccoqrhfq; tr
_J.P. houscand Jupitcr cither When Mercury is posited in second conjoins Mercury and Venus or is aspcctcd by them or occullies 4rrr their rign, Kalanidhi Yoga n;arf<fa i5 fqlmgal in One born with this combination his chart sccks for scxual and honouredby kings. ptcasures, sterlingqualities,is handsomc har and army. elephants horscs. He commands


Ansavatara Yoga eiarTdr atrt

r4]i+ +;arit FvtEevq'i
s{Frr4 q<t g7q



qlqr;qqsat{q: tt --J.P.

and, Saturnin its When Jupiter and Venus are in quadrants falls in a rign of exaltation occupies a quadrant,when Ascendant is rign, tbis combination fornred. movable { going on holy pilgrimages, appreciates The nativeis religious, pleasures is a Scholar. and sensual artg,secks


ft{l Hariharavidhi yogaqf<trtlafq drr*6r: t fqinraqf(:q{iHr{{;tspspq
+rtqrTq gqrTlnrr.;xq{qT qf4txfit;ilisqr: ll




t?qrtafr qrq{Frrqrrr: qafqf,v<qFrw:r g* *wrra-a g"rE,if fierr-#rar{ilrTr rr
-J.P This combinationconsists three separatecombinations, of all yicldingsimilarresults. 'yoga (i) Hari d, qn When beneficsoccupysecond,twelfth and eighth housesfrom Lord ofsecond. (ii) Hara yoga zr qFr When Jupiter, Moon and Mercury occupyfourth, ninth and cighthhouses from Lord of seventh. (iii) When Sun,Venusand Mars occupy fourth, tenth and eleventhhousesfrom Lord of Ascendant. The nativc is well-versed all branches knowledge, in truthful; of possessing meansof pleasure all and happincss, having a soft voice, seekingsensual pleasures; conquererof enemies,doer of noble deeds and benevolent all living beings. to

Simhasanayoga tc6rffi frTI 6rqdfqqffi* rf{ r+.n: flr{rrr: frfec: r ttil sTclgqg.lT6fr$ At f{ fir{rffi: rr -Tr45il{d
When all the planctsare.positedin Taurus,Virgo, Scorpioantl Pisces or in Gemini, Leo, Sagittariusand Aquarius, they form ' Simhasana yoga ferr< am. \ The native is owner of elephantsand horses, wcll-versed, handsome and becomes minister. a

Chatushchakra yoga rgat ftr 6aqfqqqpslfag<t r t-Q fG *rr qqrq: temrfqe qqfd q;r;qfir q<: n
-lTiEg(t(T When all the planets occupy Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces, i.e., none of them occupiesa movable-pign, they form Chatushchakra /oga a{cqa a}r. 'is The native very powerful, versatile, longliving and illustrious.

216 DrcrroNARyoF AsrRolocy


Kanakadandayoga rqsdc frr dti hi Ea ri* gar+i s frqd qF r frr: +'cr,{sr€ai ?arnqg{rr: n


When all thc planetsoccupyAries, Taurus,Libra and Pisceg, thcy form this combination. This is said to be rare cven for gods.

frrI Damaruka Yoga sce''F' qrt qffi sq{+} qd: r Eq s fqT{ crq-d geft fe'a qt t'f{ s<t€d: rl when all the plancts 't scorpio arb positccl ;":tTTemini, andSagittarius in Leo, Virgo Aquariusand Pisces they form or yogaertr am. Damaruka philanThenative famous is benevolcnt, for his krrowledge, throphist dearto thc heartof ladics. and *q Dhwaja yoga scrsr tn $ wq Ersfir Rqarqrt qt +[< r qrqqiqeqqlaq: tt qm iqesr<i ,,ro.r. Thc whcn altthe ptanets occupyorlrr, iHtIo lre native's swings a planet. Sometimcs lies low, at othcr fatc like times becomes minister. he a GriddhaPuchha Yoga 1e57q qlq $ #lt lrsq gw: $alr?Tl1atr ai I ?TaaiqqE:qFT{r: grr: n 1Rqyd capricorn, ;tn'Xtio, T'aurus, whenalt theplanets occupy as they form this combination.It is as favourable and Pisces,
Chatussagara yoga a-gwtt dm.

i I I

U15trw fQ q qrq <r fu$ eL r alrrmrgrr) *qr fa6far6rwe: rr /-drqram

Chihlapuchchha yoga fa6yq



also and when aspected benefics by Ascendant. Preshya yoga *'w6v*.$qqgsl qd'ftqel sT qk tfrftql qfcriaE lrqfii.a R. secondand twelfth'house. When Jupiter and Saturnare positedin ninth or tenth house. There are euch other combinationsalso which give almost tbe oppositeresultsand make the native miserable. other than Sun. This combination is considered rc malicious that if itself not nullified.s: ll -TiEgqQer Whcn at the time of birth. Thcy go under different names e.qqi. Capricorn and LeoSagittarius Gemini-Aquarius. ADVERSE COMBINATIONS : KEMADRUMA YOGA it6r *.r. Reka yoga trr frq.r has already been mentionedwith Komadruma combinations based on Moon. Kemadrumayoga heg frrr is formed when there is no planet. PravraiYa ]o$a :Iavq1 qlq ' | aFFisrrrrl . all tbe planets occupy Ascendant.p.rpirJ6lt+iviq rqfffir+ gTdqlq gqqd qs iqi dfoaahi cssf.q{rq: rl drapall**rql f{H. and conjoin in Navamsa aaiw. this combination is formed It is or an aurpiciouscombinationand givesvery lhvourableresults.. -J. yoga iua frq etc.unhappyand poor.lu sEcrI. in secondand twelfth houses from Moon. He is long Sun occupies living also. all other planets are weak with very by few dots in their Ashtakavarga a{aafi{ri. (ii) T/hen there is no planet in fourth and tenth housesfrom Moon.then accordingto the sagesShrichhatra yoga aftoa dq is formed which is very auspicious. Daridra yoga <kr dq.oN pLANBTARy coMBrNATroNs 2t1 When all the planets occupy Can:er.g. Other forms of this combination are : (i) When Moon is posited in Ascendant or seventh house unaspectcd Jupiter and. Kemadruma yoga hw6r fr'r.the native becomesa monk. . it nullifiesall the good effects of other bcneficialcombinations. Shrichhatra yoga dtqa qlq qfE r widlwS.

or. Moon is weak. (iii) Moon is africted by Rahu vg and aspected by a malefic. (iv) Moon is hemmed in between benefics and aspectedby Jupiter. *o not aspected Jupiter. during night.and aspected a debilitatedplanet.p""t. Following are some of Daridra yogas <fta *rr. (ii) Moon is in its jntimate friend's Navamsa (rin) aad aspected Jupiter. a weak Moon is in sign -e ---e-'' q of its debilitationi. "nd " (vi) Moon in a quadrant or trine from Ascendant. also calted Kemadrumayoga *w1u *r (i) Moon is conjoined with Sun.. . (x) Birth takes^place. posited in a malefic sign or Navamsa. (vii) Moon is placed in a movrble sign or Navamsa . it is in a malefic Navamsa is u.cuf.c and is aspected lord of tenth.r. Malefics occupy all the quadrants from Arcendant or (v) Moon is posited in its enemy.2t8 I DICTIONAIY OF ASTROLOGY This combinationis nullified when(i) There is a plaret in a quadrantfrom Ascendant or Moon.e.by aspected Jupiter.rit housefrom Moon. by (ii) A weak Moon is positedin eighth houseand is oonjoined with a malefic. by (ix) Moon is in debilitation Navamsaq-{trr. ir in the Navamsac-{iw of a malefic. conjoinedwith is a planet placed in malefic divisions.reirr. . (iv) Moon. Jo"iii. in Libra conjoinedwith debilitatedpranet aspict. by (iii) Moon is conjoined with a benefic and .a uy J"iilii"tro planet. by (viii) Birth takesplace during night.opi"ri . aaiv.. Scorpio.'nilrl. and is aspectedby lord of ninth..s sign and divisions.o with a malefi. i. is placed in its debiliration or enemy divisions and Jupite.

eleventhhousein their signsof debilitation' ninth tenlh or seventh. all malefics in quadranto trines and beneficsin housesother than quadrants' or (x) Birth takes place during night. Lord of Ascendantat junction points of two signs. eighth and fifth houses' (iv) Saturn in ninth house is aspectedby maleficsand Sun atd Mercury. are positedin Ascendant.maleficsoccupy the quadrants. fi'fth.Jupiter. Mars in cleventhhouseand Moon in third house. combustand in their signs of debilitation are Placed in eleventh. (vi) Venus in Ascendant' Jupiter in fifth house. Saturn and Mercury.Ascendantisinamovablesign. rvhichmake the native poor' (D Lord of eighth is strongerthan lord of ninth and lord of Ascendantis weak. is (iD A combust JuPiteras lord of Ascendant. sixth. Placed in a houseother than a quadrant.in signsof their debilitation make the native (virgo. capricorn. (iii) JuPiter. Moon and Mars occupy Ascendant. cancer and scorpicirespectively) a beggar. (v) Venus.. weak benefics occupy other than the quadrants' and maleficsoccupyhouses quadrante Preshya Yoga iq qlq Native born with the following combination in his chart has to be subservientto others : Birthtakesplaceinnight. occupyingsign of its debilitation in Navamsa (Pisces). (vii) Ascendantfalls in a movablesignand movable Navamsa by and is aspected Saturn and debilitatedJupiter' (viii) Jupiter in any other sign except its own (Sagittarius sixth or twelfth house' occupies and Pisces) arc (ix) Ascendantis in a fixed sign.Mars. Reka Yoga tor qlTI A few Reka yogasttrqtq are given below : . twelfth.SECTiONIIT PLANETARY COMBINATIONS 219 Daridra yoga EftE qtl qJqother than KemaHere are somemore Daridra yogas <F< druma yoga itlv d't.

by (iii) Lord of fourth is conjoined with lord of eigLth and aspectedby lord of sixth.Lord of Ascendant and lord of secondare in signsof their debilitation. . q 'f . (iii) Sunin evensign and Mars in odd sign aspecting each other. Three planetsare debilitated combust. (iv) Beneficsare in trik houses. native born witl a4y of the folrowing six combinationsin his chart. (vii) Lord of ninth is combust. 220 DrcrtoNARy oF AsrRot. (v) Lord of Ascendant conjoined is with a marefic and Jupiter rnd Venusare combust. (ii) Saturnin even sign and Mercury in odd sign aspecting eachother.. (viii) Lord of Ascendantis in a trik house or weak. ' ("i) [.ord of fourth is coinbustand conjoined with a malefic.ocr (i) Lord of Ascendant is weak.. Hrasva Yoga 6rs qlTr Shatkleevayoga qr*a *rr Accordiogto ancientIndian astrologers. becomes impotent or eunuch. or (ii) Native born with following combinations his chart in is short in stature ldwarfish] Mars is in its own sign.Mercury : occupies -in third or fourth house. and saturn is posited Ascendant or is conjoinedwirh the lord of Ascendant. Depositor of lord of fourth in Navamsa {aTqr is combust and aspected lord of twelfth. (i) Moon in even sign and Sun in odd sign aspecting each other. (v) Moon is irr evensignand Mercury. lord of tenth is in fifth house and Ascendant lord is in sign of its debilitation. malefics in quadrants and trines and lord of eleventhhouseis weak. (iv) Moon and Ascendant both occupy odd signs and Mars aspects them both from an evensign.isin odd sign and Mars aspedts both of them. aspected by lord of eighth and Jupiteris combust..

8.human speciesare compatible. 7. 5. all quadruped species are compatible. Girl belonging to Rakshasa Gana [<rar rrur] is not desirable. this can alsobe tolerated.Dear-lionetc. 9. Third. to 4.g. 10.SECTIONIII PLANBTARY COMBINATIONS 2ZI (vi) Ascendant. If Ascendant of the girl falls in an evensign. e. the boy shouldnot have eighth sign from it as his ascendant.Moon and Venus. For reptile species. The evil of Madhyanadi cuqnff (middle pulsc) should be avoided. from Ardra qni to Anuradha st-q{reft secondpart of twelvc constellationsand from is Jyeshtha cisar to Uttarabhadrapadasd{rrTTiq< third part of nine is constellations. Cat-rat. If both of them belongto the middlepart. to synchronizethe horoscopesof prospectivc husbandand wife before the final decision is taken. For watery speciesand quadrupeds. Take three parts of the constellations--from Revti tsiit to tririgshira qqfvrq is first part of six constellations. 6. 2. If Ascendantof the girl falls in an odd sign. . specially when the boy belongs to Manushya Gana CtaT rTsf. The following poinls are taken into consideration it : for l. Natural enemitybetween the spcciesof the trvo is not desirable.The boy shouldbelongto the former parts. It has beena long tradition among the Hindus of India. 3. Wife shouldnot belongto a highercaste[qd]. The lords of Moon signsand Moon navamsa (<riw) should not be enemies. t-{rq6. Fifth from one'svarga+ri (Letter-diVision) not considered is auspicious. fifth and seventh constellations(from one's natal constellation the other's)shouldbe avoided.). Serpent-Mongoose. Navarnsa SYNCHRONIZING OF HOROSCOPES q<qutirq. all the three are in odd (qErsr). the boy should not have sixth sign from it as his Ascendant.

seventh and eighth houses from Venus are also not auspicious.. in both the horoscopes undesirable.l I 'I .q 222 DrcrroNlRy oF AsrRor. fhe horoscope the of girl shouldalsobe judgedfrom her Moon. 'fhe horoscopes are also synchronizedfbr parinerships.war and treatieswith enemyand a numberof other purposes. is (ii) Malefics thesehouses also undcsirable. fourth. in are (iii) Venusin sixth house of the boy and conjoined with a malefic is not desirable.ocy trom the birth constellation of ll. . (i) Mars in first. seventh. the 12. The secondconstellation girl shouldbe avoidedas birth constellationof the boy. Malefics in fourth. eighth or twelfth house.

SECTION IT/ SomeUseful Tables sqdrfr crfrfqqi .

SratcE i il300 100 0365 65525 200 000 t00 100 200 400 900 ooo 36 27 1.l.. t I 1.r.1910 1.1890 l. Brazil Canada Ccntral Eartern Chilc China Cuba Denmark Egypt England r4l France Germanv ' Greece Hongkonr India Ireland Iraly I '! Yarlotlonfrom G. . Mtn. 092' -4 16 lg Date of adoption 800 9300 1000 100 000 -2 52 -600 -500 -4 42 8543 -5 29 100 ll 53 0921 100 13453 800 5lo0 -0 2s 900 900 -6 1.r|.1906 l.SBCIION IV : SOYBUsEtrULTAILll8 STANDARD TIME Country Algcria Argentina Austrelia Wcctcrn Ccntrel Eartcrn Austria Bclgium .t . 7.1.1895 1.s R.9.Sec.1889 4l 46 26 1. 1 8 8 3 .1894 2oo ooo 44 t 0 .3. l .T.M.6.ap61s loo 2l Nctherlands Ncw Zealand Norwav .g Portugil 'SouthAfrica Spain Swcden Switierland 'furkev Vnitei u.1894 1 8I.7. Hrs.1895 .s.1886 d'f3:il Mexico il Dlof.e03 I l.1t93 12. 3i.1.1901 1.

3 4 3 8 3 3 5 t2 50 12 23 8 24 2 ? 1 9 5 24 2 0 t 2 W 6 nil 25 20 16 90 I t 2 5 8 5 25 2 1l 16 0 7 26 2 15 l2 2o 20 20 ll2 8 2 3 2 1 8 t7 20 24 l9 I 2 3 5 5 8 27 2 1 9 9 9 28 20 28 16 10 2 3 S 5 4 26 2 2 3 6 10 2 272 * 20 32 12 1 l 23 13 5l N l s0 20 36 .J2 04318 04? t5 651 lr 655 I 059 4 ?31 ? 658 ?1054 11451 71847 1 n.2 6{ 88 6 20 50 48 2 L 2 3 $ r 0 6 2 l 3 4 i z2 23 57 rX 7 2 6 8 3 5 2l 8 3 2 3 1 t2 0110 7 2 1 7 1 r al I ' 3 16 2 8 23 3 0 % 24 I 21 11 38 21 0 5 6 r0 I 91 15 34 26 0 9 3 1l 3 1 4 2 r 25 l0 21 l9 3l 26 0 1 2 5 0 0 1 6 5 6 12 3 r 8 l ? 26 l1 2 r t 3 n n n 0 2 0 5 2 13 3 2 l r t2 2 r n 2 1 a ut 213120 n 0 2 4 4 9 14 8 2 0 1?0 a n la u 3lt 1? 30 0 2 8 4 5 15 3 $ It 2 l s 0 u 31 0 3 4 4 2 10 3 8 r r 30 JIILY h ms 358.ls 22 34 !:) l 4 I 21 54 30 l4 r g 3 3 4 15 I 31 50 3l r5 1 9 3 ? 0 r6 I 35 4'.r9 44 53 r8 1 43 40 r8 r9 48 50 I 47 37 l9 19 52 47 l l 2 2 3 4 2 5 i 'l9 I 20 r9 56 43 9 l t 2 3 8 t 2 l 20 I1 51 33 2 2r 2 0 0 4 0 5 l t 2 4 2 1 3 ) 2 l I 55 30 3 26 20 n 2 0 1 3 6 4 l 22 46 15 23 2 59? .l l9 5 :t8 22 2 2 6 4 9 a I 0 1 8 23 I 4 t 4 24 8 I 9 9 2 4 23 ?2 l0 16 8 25 I 8ll I I l9 l3 2l 24 22 t4 {J 26 l0 r9 l? l8 2r 22 rt' 39 10 I r 2 8 l 16 lr 19 2l l4 26 22 tZ 36 ll9 II 20 4I 2? 28 12 l 9 2 5 l t 27 22 2$ 32 I 23 5? 29 30 l 3 r 9 2 9 ? 38 2:.J t2 23 17 47 30 2 30 50 l12 3r 20 40 :' t .55 l5 16 2:J33 34 16 I 2 0 1 4 2 t7 23 3? 30 2 2 3 8 5 2 r 1 3 24248 2 20 a? 58 r8 2g 41 2l 3 20 61 55 r9 2 5 1 5 ? B 4 2 4 5 4 5 r8 r9 { 20 55 5l 20 23 49 20 5 2 6 0 { r 20 0 . hnts Ir ru s'J r l 1 84 1 4 8 l 6 :ll 13 l0 1 l 0 36 39 t ? 2 1 84 t 1 5 l ? ?l -17 7 2 l 0 40 35 1 E 3 l8 4rj.OLOGY SIDEREAL TIME Table I Tirne at 12ftNoon Local Mean Time Sidereal and for 1900A.1.ns 5 6 o I I l0 ll tz l3 r4 lit r6 l'.640 ?303? 73433 ?3830 . ) 2 3 2 r & r3 l 4 23 25 1l 14 lir 2 3 n 3 7 I 23.l l8 1g 20 437 8 441 b 14' 2 t.43 t 8 2 1 5 l : l 3 0 & c 2 r9 o 48 28 20 4 4 l8 5:i 38' l1) :I 5i u 0 52 25 9 l 5 l8 5? 3t 20 2r ir8 5$ 5 -DJ 6 0 b6 21 22 0 l9 I lll l l 22 2 . 48 58 4 7 2 55 4 5 6 51 5 0 48 5 4 44 5 8 4L 5 r 2 37 516 u 5 2 0 3l 5 2 4 2? 5 2 6 21 s g 2 20 5 3 6 t7 5 4 0 r3 5 M l0 548 6 552 3 556 0 5 5 0 56 6 3 53 6 ? 49 6 1 1 46 6 1 5 12 0 1 9 39 6 2 3 35 6 2 ? 32 23 24 25 26 27 28 2r t2 m 30 3r 63525 6 39 '.1 29 l3 .D') (For 82*' E. 8 4l 35 3 I 15 3r 4 I 40 a 5 I 63 25 6 8 57 21 ? 0 I r8 8 9 5 14 I I l1 I l 0 I l3 7 l 1 I r7 4 12 I 2t 0 13 I 21 57 14 I a # I 8D60 l5 .1 1 6 rg 40 57 I 39 43 I7 l? . Longitude APRIL h ftt ..44 7 ?.742n ? 4623 ? 5(l 20 ?5416 ?5813 829 806 8r0 2 81359 8r?56 82r52 8S549 82945 8tr!42 6 3 rm 38 8 I .DICTTONARY OF ASTN.226 .0 ll 4l i-r0 3 43 irJ 3 49 5r) 35346 35?43 4 r39 4 536 4 933 41329 4'r? 26 42Ln 42iL9 42975 433i2 I 2 J hl.

n 8 . n 8 l? 0 t4 I L7 l0 l0 l0 1? 14 t t ll ll i8 . is to be obtained.8 t9 l0 12 16 l0 16 r2 1020 I 1024 5 1028 2 l0 31 58 l0 35 05 8rrr. t2 lt 23 14 I l3 !l 2? l0 l0 l4 l5 lrm s hm t' 13 941 13 13 3? l8 l9 90 2l r6 t7 EEPT. lf 54 l:-r15 50 . of the placeand then the time-interval from lIhnoon L M T. .1 1 2 l? 4Z 0 l 3 i? t 4 r? 20 53 l 5 i? i3 50 r0 1 737 4(i t 7 t .SECTIONIV SOMBUSEFUL TABLBTI 227 r0 r8 r9 s0 l? 9l 22' 23 24 25 26 2i 28 29 30 3l I 2 3 { 5 0 ? 8 I l0 1t luc oer hw t 9304? 9{043 9{440 94830 98233 90029 l0 020 t0 423 l0 . r0 30 52 l0 13 48 r0 4? {5 l0 5r {1 r0 55 38 r0 50 3{ lr 33r rL 72t 11u24 u1521 lr l9 1? 23 24 25 26 2? 1 2 y z n 28 r2 26l9 n ll3l ? ll35 3 1139 0 u4250 u40a)3 I f ixl 5r) lt r-}l46 lt 58 43 r2 239 r2 0 il6 t2 t0 32 T2MM r2 18 25 11 t2 l3 T4 lIr Iri 1? r3u3t o 154 I r3 2l 30 8 r 5 7 b? L9 25 2l 13 29 23 13 33 20 13 31 16 13 4I 13 13 45 l0 1349 6 1353 3 13 56 59 u 056 14 162 r4 849 14l2{5 14 18 42 14 20 30 lt%35 u?88p 14 39 28 r4 36 t]5 0 l0 lt L2 l3 L4 . 4t 43 r 8 l ? 45 39 19 t 7 49 36 20 ' T 53 2 l r 7 D { tc 6 .740 l 5 3 r 3? r5 35 33 ll 39 30 l5 43 26 l5 4? 23 l5 5t r9 r5 65 r0 l5 b3 t2 lt3 I 1 6 "? 0 t6 lr 2 l0 14 50 16 l8 65 16 22 6? 14 {8 14 1452U l6 50 3g 10 54 2a r6 58 2 t o t7 2 .li l9 { J l5 23 4 3 ti 2. This timeinterval increased the addition of l0 secs.T.15 l6 t? 5 14 56 8 0 r50 4 hm r8 l9 2\l m :n z I 22 23 24 25 12 3rl 15 26 12 Jt t2 21 28 m 30 1 2 3 8 I 3l L242 5 r240 I r2 49 58 l2 53 54 12 5? 51 l3 148 t3 544 2r l9 20 2T t2 23 24 25 26 2? r8 3 I 5 '6 7 8 u|02r u{4r8 a r 0 s 48 n 16 30 45 s 16 34 4l t:.T2 a tr8 1 26 6 a 24 rE I 19 25 l 8 l3 t 5 n 18 l? t . n t8 2L I 28 r8 25 c 29 l8 29 2 90 t8 32 58 36 55 3l 4 c 6 2 18 42 o5 l -1 3 r6 46 h . hour or Orn59sfor by per cach 6 hours is to be added to or subtractedfrom the sidereal time for 12 noon according as the given moment is after or before the Dgon timc.u RALE To find the SiderealTime for a place : ihe given time of the day is first to bc convertedinto L M.

r 4 6 | 1909| .3 n l9t0'l +0 29 l9l? -u 28 l9l8 ..( ) 1 ? *0 :r1 1959 . 4 2 1989 +1 45 1990 +0 4? 190r .1 3 1e€ol 5t +r 1952! r952t 1953 1954 l95rr l8t8t 198S +0 33 1983 -o 25 1981! .? : ] 8 l9{l + 0 1 6 l9?2t -r 44 w2 +1 10 t9lI +0 13 t9l?[ -.228 DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY Table ll-Correction for different years Year Corroc.1t r9t2 .0 4 3 1940! .02 -t rs93 + 1 5 8 l963 .2 l 5 19241-3 12 rg%1 +0 {l 1925 .3 5 8 r90t | r9CI2 .0 s 0 ?s42 +2 2l 3? +8 l9 m321 +tt 4 203it + 3 7 208{ + 2 l 0 2G5 + l 1 2 20361+0 15 zGel +4 1l w1 +3 14 2@ +2 17 2@ +r l9 affi rutz l928t r028i 1929 1930 -0 21 -1 l8 1923. .1 2 5 19r9 -:l 23 19201-3 20 l9sol +0 3? 1944i + l 2 r 1945 +o 24 1946 -0 34 rg4? .1 5 5 19321 +0 59 | r903| .2 0 .r 7 r002lt +g 50 r06a .1 4 2 1038 .l 3 l l9t8l -2 28 1$481+r 28 l9{9 {-0.1 5 0 r994 +0 65 1064! 1961t +1 58 rggsr . For other places for may be seen.\ rq -2 2l l944l -08 +3 .0 4 9 | 1908t +{l 14 1939 .r 4 0 19401 +l r3 Year CouocYerr Srretion tion m5 DS Yerr Oorrection +1 4? W 20ag +0 49 ma 63 r901 +0 4 r8czt .o n 2r{6 + 2 n 20lB!l 2016t1+ 3 3 4 w7 + l 3 4 201? + 2 .t D 19841 +2 35 1985 + 1 3 ? 1986 +0 40 198? . iome standardTable of Ascendants Correction Correction I nlace Correction I Place Place mslms msl 2 | Madras +0 I Allahabad *0 0 | Cotombo l-0 3 | Nagpur +0 2 Bangalore +0 I I oettri +0 9 Bombay I 0 6 | Grecnwich +0 54 | Rangoon -0 Calcutta -0 4 | Karachi +0 l0 | Varanasi +0 0 .2 I 190 1 0 0 -0 i? r9321 . t For March to December.0 1 0 20lzd +3 27 2C.0 1 3 r926 .r n 1980t +2 28 r0m .t .+2 I . 0 rso|l .2 4 3 l 9 l 0 | . 3l .l : x ! r016 -? 30 r0l0l .Yesr Correction 0ion ma iDs l03r . 6 1060t .0 4 t r9?a +2 13 mj -0 45 r9l2l + O D i9€ .r 3 8 l9?3 +l 15 r9l3 -r) :16 l9l. 3 7 2OlS .0 3 1965 + r .0 1 5 2050 +2 30 ww +3 41 2051 + 1 4 l $ For JanuarYand FebruarYonly.i .l 1 8 1936J + 1 6 190?| .10 3? 2018 + l 4 0 s048t +4 33 wzl +2U 2019 + O 4 2 2049 + 3 3 0 2@0! .0 5 0 r$6{ .13 + l 2 6 2013 +2 30 wug +0 29 | +4 26 2014 | + l 3 3 MI 2015 | +0 35 2016 + 3 g 9 .L 2 { t08r +l 30 1951 run +r 23 sffi! ffil +o t2 2m0 + 2 n +4 l8 20r0 + 1 2 5 2011 +0 28 t$dr + 3 2 l 2012! .1 1 4 19881 + 2 .2 8 r92l +r 36 +0 38 -0 rg -r 10 -213 +r 43 rg17 +0 46 -o ll $58 .2 1 2 1933 + 0 r 1904$ 3 1 9 1934 -0 58 i1 1904t 0 ? 1935 r 5 3 l+ l9rJr l .i9 +2 62 +1 55 +0 5? 00 +3 56 M +2 59 m0 + 2 2 2Br + l 4 2G2! + 0 7 ffi m41 2(E$ mfl XEI w{a .2 4 i 193? + 0 0 10(E$ .l 0 +2 r966 + 0 3 1996t1 67 r96? -0 54 1Ss7 +1 50 | I 19At -r 5I 1998 + 1 2 lCSs + 0 5 1968t + 2 5 I 1S60 + l 8 ro!i -0 52 10?0 +0 10 200t1 + 3 5'l 19?r -0 4? 200l.1 I '-0. 2 5 0 1906| .0 1 ? 1988! .2 3 6 1974 +0 18 +3 12 1975 -0 39 2m6 + 2 1 5 r9?01 -r 30 m6 + l l 8 +0 21 l9?ol +2 20 wl -0 ffit 19?8 +0 25 l0?9 -0 $2 19801. Table lll-Correction for rlifrerentplaces Corrections a few placesare given below.l l t ry27 .

3 05. The value of mean ayanamsa for Jan.:13':l :Jl'3 JV.2u) 01 n ?3 ?J 23 23 23 zt ee'd 20r8 19 23 38'8 n 23 3g'? 2r 23 {O5 n 23 1l'4 42'2 43'0 43'9 44'7 45'it 46'4 ZT % 26 zi m. 0 of each ycar from 1950 to 2051 A D is given below : Yerr 1950 5l 52 53 tl 5.r i>7'3 56.8 29.3 04.'L 2zg AYANAMSA In order to obtain tlte Sayana longitudes of the planets.24 2.'r i]0{t 3l'8 3l'6 l]2'l-r .O 4s. r984 23 r0'4 86 23 rr.6 25.t .4 A.1.1 :)3'3 2.6 01.6 &.r 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 rJ n w 2029 3l i:r] 33 :t4 3i .1 48'0 49'? :O'6 irl'4 72.1 ?ls 'l:r'8 26'6 27'4 98'3 ?.r 23 nS 23 93 23 23 23 I 13 l2'0 ?3r29 23 l3'? 23 t4.J 23 9:l 23 ?3 23 !3 23 23 23 24 94 24 24 2.O s6.6.6 32.-rl 15.5 23 15.2 23.38.4 ']3 16'2 23 l7'l !?9 "3 23 18.ri % cn.5 a L2'4 24 r32 24 l4'0 21 r4'9 '24 24.t7 "f6 38 :t0 t0 v2 03 ol f)1 fti 90ffi (B ll l9 l3 l4 l5 Iri Jol? 23 ?3 23 23 23 ?3 z'. 24 2.8 ?A 10'? 24 lr.1 24 2l 47. 500 600 700 800 900 2 4 5 ? 8 O 22.0 27.B. Yecr AyNnomst Tear AysDimro 5s 106r 62 ft| &t 65 66 6? 68 69 7tl 7l 72 1073 7l ti.t AD. 1000 ll00 t200 1300 1400 9 ll t2 t4 l5 5'5.3 27't n4J 98'8 '9.3 l-r3'l 53'9 54'8 i5fi 56.4 18. the value of aysnamsa for the year is to be added to the corresponding nirayana longitudes.Motion of ayanamsa l0 yrs.8 42.-r 5{i 5? 58 60 Ayanamee.2 48.Di 1500 16 1600 18 1700 t9 1800 2t 1900 22 53.TABLES SBCTIONIV : SOMEUSEFT. %t n.1 24 94 '24 '14 21 24 24 ?r 24 24 .D.? 16'6 t7'4 l8€ l9'l l9'S 2v7 ?r'6 '2'.3 ?A 82 %@o % tD.5 @'3 03'l 04'0 il'8 $t'7 :n ?6 77 ?8 7$ E) 23 23 ?3 ?3 23 '23 J3 (o 1t) &l 1083 8r 23 35'5 ']3 36'3 J3 :|?'2 23 vn :l0lf 42 4!t 14 '15 {6 4? l8 19 i0 :ltJ. : 8'.3 08.234'.1 ro'0 r0'8 00. l'.'4 t3 2r.8 24.8 for Ayanamsafor someother epocfts A.8 6 @.for 100yrs .t 26.2 80 87 EB 80 90 9l s2 93 94 l9S5 96 97 98 r99S .? 23 19'6 zl ?0.6 30'i 3r'3 'J?'r :B'O :lit.0 t6.

ssE X =-? :.b b L k i" a ot co t r.: I a : 3 : : i : I : I a : I .sseF.f d \d c..r bbbbbFikbbbkkbbbRbk 8€Be€hnsxRhriibbsbh b b .230 o t-l v) L DICTIONAhY OF ASTROLOGY r- ss.55..i \ct co oi ct j ei c. L h % ".D tn k h t.o S.oo s s to .i . di tstsitsts-F-- R od . I l: l: E 3: l: I t: 6 % t) ! F< B l 3. a \o s \ra aJ ia o () i!r q o k (t l:::."o.= q) o\ .s\ PP q 'E^ .: E I I I I lE I a l I I I l: \ { r\ L :.

: r : ..1i::8 I.l rn oi d F Oil C-l'cl r\ 6l N N N ol dl |fl .ti \ci o. .od o\ ("t .. or ei c.gE z Elq 3l:: 6= :..i (n (?r + (f| (a Fi dt (a c.t aa t (\l r\ $ $ $ <. : sE v tJ. (?t (\l ctl .?.vtr = : |1 vF= d. ig€.ri vi r.i'c'i + .E : 6t .!<r t(f r.t Cq ra (f) c.SEdIION IV : SOMEUSEFUL TABLES 231 E F E= r b E rE3 F r :b oSSESESEoSSSEF_u .g h I a !laa:l::13:ali:: 3 -t a t l I l:: i: l:: I I l:l F b b bFib ii b b bb b b :i kb b b b bbb e RR:EsEbEsB bhss se 3 gRb to L B. r 3 r: .rk I .b L L L h L h b h h'b (\l e{ .) rn |. ?^ b L h h 3. : : i I i : .

232 DICTIOI{AIY OF ASTNOLOCY g. I 5 $ h'$ .S'i € F F. E A ob t :ll: 5 . $.ilE:A : : : .gsS.?ii b b b b b R?:ri ' FFFFh h + h !'k .eF. s.E R .f. rE I : : : : : = . F "qF F hhbabbbbb5ilI[ili hbb bbk $ r$$$$ F$ s$e6ssx BHF ss€ .€ S . :: : r r: i: :3:: ::3::: ::t::a3:i:::: : h b h b F F b F.g'.

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RF"F$$ Xf S xRX 3e : hhhkk ki i Ess s Ehh hh h 3i Ctl C. I : I : I : : . .f C.e ::^85 *. ds s nFRf.SECTION rV : ttOMB USBFUL TABLBS 5.t : : : o ru o A 0 :^g or () : : 3 : I . . : : : I l I : : : : I . E r EV)g Sqt k lga::: 3: . .E E * . . sE g.g€E sE? g..t <+t Crl arvf I b s R RFRi"k 8b shesRs eR._E r : : 3 : : .E i : : I : : r :'A : 5s CLD O.! gE gisS. .. 5. E g.! FE I : :.sk b b bb b b b b h FibRb h hb b b h? 6tNN6tGtGt(\tl R3 .

\o a EEe ooooo..rFl e a g E* s 3 Eg o-\o'o o q'-F F'3 oi.l9cl >. S g &.4 3 E r? g a S E a\F€\OO\FFO\OO }ie.8 noo\o\o6roo\\oN T =OoFtt-O\O .ooooo *tooe{o6. 43:'@\oo3o\oX F\o6=oo(*=!+ q) $ o o \o e EEg e a SS& a\N!t\o€€oto€ T6IN 5@tto\gooo\oo T rs q P.t.: a g '2 e a Gl A€o\ot6Flro\oo Fl Efr\OtfOO\O$O o >ooooooood a g E *.gEg.o H \o 6 o < F o € I g * o g g a E g &. a E .-H6a.o o o o S E P.242 qNFo\ooR9\oo\ s qr DICTIONANY OF ASTROLOGY o o F J E E'?9.N^l *cooooo O s ? t\ S & E a E '2 I a E o o ogot o n F o \ o o joF\ F i.i o\ R s c4 A E li E .

. 090 Moon 3.15daYs 069 Ketu 9. 5 .) 42 . 146 Rahu 7.Theunitdigitmultipliedbythreegivcsthenumberrof of months' days. 6 ..65 .. 157 . 160 Venus '2.. $ . 3. 3 daYs I .. 2 years. .O..m .15 . 160 . t2l2 Jupiter 8. period of Saturn' l7 (Mercury) x 19 would be 32 months and :323. 153 Saturn 7.IV SECTTON : SOMBUSEFUL TABLES 24I Asimplcmethodoffindingsub.period twop|anets.e.ujo.. 069 Mars 8. suppose we have to (Saturn) Mercury in the . 140 ..... Hence . 05r2 Sun 4. m. 7 " Sun Distotcefrom tlvRetrogression Direct 132" 228" l7o to 20o 14' to 20' ll5" 245" 29" 29" 109" 251' 103' 257" I ll" 259" 109' 260" .70 ...u6-period of Mercury 9 days.i.. 139 MercurY Retrogreslon of Planets (approximatcly) Planet Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Uranus Neptune Pfuto Retrogression Statlonery 1 80 daYs 24 . 155 . 120 .55 .... d.. while the tens and hundred digits give the numbcr find out the sub'period of For example. 5 .8 months and nine days Belanceof Desa of birth A quick reckoner for balance of dasa at thc time may be taken as following : Balance for l' Balancefor lo Planet y. 2 .50 ..periodduringmajorpcriodof of the a planet is given as follows : Multip|y the total Dasa.10 ..20 .

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