On the Threshold of a Dream Once he was rejected so many years ago Once he was tormented, how could she

ever know? Once she really liked him, but fate would not allow Once she could have loved him, but missed the boat somehow He stumbled onwards through his life in clear and constant pain He erected his own barriers, to hide it just the same So standing on the stage of life, the play is unforeseen He found himself tied up and trapped On the Threshold of a Dream Why did he then falter, not play his final hand He never could forget her or everything he planned He walked away not looking back, no rhyme or reason why She moved away, his love destroyed, he lived his life a lie The bitter tears of wasted years returned to haunt his mind And yes he had his fatherhood, he left the past behind But always there, right by the wings, in the stage of life’s long scene He still looked back, and found himself On the threshold of a dream Now in the Play an interlude a brief but precious time She found him there upon his stage but saw him past his prime She held out her hand and smiled at him and asked him for a dance He saw her there stood in the wings, his last and final chance A moment of bliss where time stood still their passion reaffirmed Now separated once again but now the lessons learned He won’t let go and walk away from love’s most precious scene A future now a promised vow On the threshold of a dream Finally yes finally she walks upon his stage His wounded heart is fully cured she’s part of his life’s play The audience have left the show, after thunderous applause She leads him now her loving hand guides him through her life’s door His one true love, his destiny, his futures cut and dried Now through the years he has no fears his heart is filled with pride Both old and grey the love’s still there and life is so serene And though they aged they turned their page On the threshold of a dream

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