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Professional Goals

Professional Goals

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Part 1 of PPD quizzes
Part 1 of PPD quizzes

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Published by: jacob_lee8762 on Jan 16, 2013
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Professional Goals

Question 1: Short Term Goals: should be based on Growth in Skills, Knowledge, Professional Development, Personal Development. Please submit a minimum of three short term goals:  By the end of Mod 4 I would like to have Exceed Standards in every class, giving me Exceed Standards for every class during my scholastic career. I can obtain this by being present during every class and pushing myself to go beyond my chef instructor’s expectations.  Before March 1st, I would like to have a set internship position in New Orleans or the surrounding area starting by April 1st. I can achieve this goal by actively engaging and reaching out to restaurants I am interested in by offering a large number of restaurants my resume with cover letters.  By March 1st, I would like to have an apartment lease signed and waiting for my move in during the last week of March. I can reach this goal by canvasing multiple outlets of rental information and finding the best living arrangement for my situation. Long Term Goals: should have a balance of personal and professional aspirations. Please submit a minimum of three long term goals:  By October 2013 I would like to have enough savings to pay for the majority of my wedding later that month. Budgeting now, and while on internship as well as finding modestly priced alternatives to traditional weddings will help me reach this goal.  Within the next two years I would like to have a Sous Chef position at a reputable restaurant where I am constantly being challenged. Continuing my career by working in a variety of different restaurants, shadowing Sous Chef’s on internships and in everyday work, and taking on as much responsibility as possible for my current position will help me reach this goal.  By 2023 I would like to hold either an executive chef position or a chef instructor position. Question 2 How do your short term goals create a foundation for accomplishing your long term goals?  By continuing with my currant career path and completing an internship at a reputable New Orleans restaurant I open new paths and create new networking connections that will help me reach these sous/exec/chef instructor positions. Question 3 What functional area(s) and levels of responsibility do you aspire?  While I do enjoy having high levels of responsibility in a kitchen, I also aspire to have high responsibilities at home with a wife and children. Balancing these responsibilities will be the hardest of my aspirations. As far as levels of responsibilities in a kitchen, I am hoping for having at least Sous Chef responsibilities such as ordering, kitchen management, and scheduling. Question 4 In what facets of the industry and/or companies are you interested in working?  I am interested in teaching culinary arts and theory to new professionals. I really love being able to explain “mysteries” of food to anyone who is excited to listen. Also, food science has always interested me, perhaps enough to go back to school after a few more years in the industry.

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