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The Book Of Knowledge

The Book Of Knowledge


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Published by WolfReaperX

Not mine. I don't claim Ownership of this fine piece of work. It's not mine therefore i DO NOT claim any of this as my own.

I Recommend Downloading it because it's a really awesome thing to have :D

Not mine. I don't claim Ownership of this fine piece of work. It's not mine therefore i DO NOT claim any of this as my own.

I Recommend Downloading it because it's a really awesome thing to have :D

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Published by: WolfReaperX on Jan 16, 2013
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The Book of Knowledge

By anonymous

“And in that time knowledge shall break forth and Love from The One shall be realized. Then many shall
understand the Truth…” The One

Dear reader, I write this book because times are changing. Awareness is increasing rapidly. Every year, the powers
at work in our world grow stronger, fighting for influence, both negative and positive. The knowledge contained
within this book has long been available, but it has been hidden or ignored. The time for ignorance has come to an
end. So, I write the truth. Please understand that the knowledge within this book is not theoretical. With enough
practice and understanding, you can realize your true potential and see reality as it is…
This book contains the knowledge that the masses have waited for. The wonderful light, which has come
into the world, is now being made known through this book.

The following is a quote from the Higher Realms which was received during a moment of holy connection with The
One: “Write a book, and Truth will guide you. The book will spread through the world. It will bring joy to many.
The words contained within will be known by many during the coming Age.”

After receiving this message, I decided to immediately begin writing this book so that the task given to me could be
accomplished. You are right now reading the book that will become the next “bible” in the coming Age. Its truths
will touch your heart. If you feel a burning in your heart, or an ignition of Joy, understand that your thought-matrix
has been altered by the words within. Your DNA has literally shifted to a higher phase. Please feel free to translate
this book into other languages. Republish it! Spread it to the world! This is the Divine Will. It is inevitable. My
reward is not money nor recognition, but rather seeing the Truth set my brothers and sisters free…every single one.
One day, All shall read these words. I was also informed that a select number of people would be told about the
coming of this book. If you have had any dream precognitions of an important book, or have found yourself thinking
about a book of truth to come, this could be The One contacting you for the purpose of spreading this wonderful
news. If so, please feel free to spread it to all, free of charge!

THIS BOOK IS FREE FOR ALL. In my studies, I learned from many sources, including various internet-based ones. Freely
have I received…therefore, this truth is freely given. Furthermore, because this world has yet to fully transition out of its old
system of operations, I have altered some material in order to hide certain identities and sources. Please remember, if you feel this
book quotes information directly from your work, this was the will of The One. Pictures were taken from various website,
without permission, in order to convey important principles. For those who find their stories or pictures contained within, please
realize that you have been chosen to bring freedom to all people. The will of The One is behind this work. As such, no one can
stop its publication.

I will not be detailing every secret of life in this book because The One has informed me that others are meant to reveal these
secrets in the future. Also, I find that simply telling people about a fact will eventually teach them not seek to out the truth for
themselves. People who are told too much, and not made to work, will take what they learn for granted. As such, some of the
techniques are left out so you can discover them on your own. This is not a mental game I am playing here. Everything that you
need to know in order to sustain self-evolution has been lavishly taught.

Also, if anyone claims to have written this book, please know that the author of this work will most likely never reveal his
identity. If the author does decide to do so, it will be many years from now, when the world is more open to these truths. If the
author reveals who he is, it will be with proof. He will display the powers described in this book. Anyone who can’t do the things
within is definitely NOT the author. I only give this warning because some might try to claim authorship and thus lead people
away from the simple and direct Truth. The reason the author does not want to step forward at this time is because the
information herein is somewhat touchy. Organizations, which currently work for our ego-system-government, would harm me if
I revealed every secret that I know. (See next page)…

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