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The Station That Sings

REACH THE MOST HIGHLY DESIRABLE TARGET AUDIENCE WITH VIVALAVOCE.ORG The Classical Vocal Music Lover is a coveted target. Sponsors have the opportunity to brand to this audience, which includes Classical WETA 90.9 FM listeners and the highest caliber audience locally and nationally. Reach this exclusive group directly through sponsorship of VivaLaVoce. The audience will receive 24-hour service in two ways: Method One: Visiting and clicking on Listen Live. Method Two: Listening to Classical WETA HD2 channel on an HD radio. Programming on VivaLaVoce also includes: Opera at 8: A full-length opera featured daily at 8 p.m. Opera presentations range from well-known works to infrequently performed opera pieces from Classical WETAs extensive library. Theme month programming on Classical WETA: For example, during special Bach programming in March, VivaLaVoce features a cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach each day as well as various interpretations of his major choral works.

Vocal CD Pick of the Week: Drawn from recent classical vocal releases. Mirroring a Classical WETA feature.
VivaLaVoce is hosted by Classical WETA announcers David Ginder, Marilyn Cooley, John Chester, Nicole Lacroix and Deb Lamberton.

Monthly In-stream Includes:

Spot Schedule on VivaLaVoce: Six spots each day (Monday-Sunday 6a-10p) Web banner on : 180 x 150 IMU graphic on

Pre-roll on:15-second audio underwriting announcement airs in introduction to Listen Live streams in Windows Media and MP3 formats. With your rotating 300 x 250 and 300 x 100 IMU graphic on

Monthly investment: $1,000 (NET)