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Choose any SIX out of 7 parts of Internal technology framework (or Mac Kinsey 7S framework) from following list : Choice


Choose any SIX correct characteristics which describes benefits of interactive Web Site technology used in E-CRM Choice c I, III, IV, V, VII, VIII

Choose FOUR correct factors that you will have to evaluate when selecting a hosting service Choice d I, II, IV, V

An open auction in which the bidding begins of a high price and drops until a bidder accepts the price is called as Dutch auction The First-Price sealed-bid auction has the main characteristic of not being an openoutcry auction English Auction is also known as open outcry auction English Auction is an Auction where bidders publicly announce their successively high bids until no higher bid is forthcoming Generic agents maintain open relationships with both buyers and suppliers and involve no relationship-specific investment Catalogue merchant is the migration of mail order to a Web- based order business The gathering of products from multiple suppliers so that consumer can have more choices at one location is called as Aggregation Content is the end product of this model of B2B commerce.