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Became a part of clouds and the soul of the universe They had never really loved them Became mystical beings transformed into animals What had the Englishman built outside of his tent? A map of the Egyptian pyramids A furnace An alchemy laboratory Santiago tried to understand that the concept of love was different from… attachments possession alchemy jealousy According to Santiago. C. C. Q. . what are mirages? They were desires of possession Unreal and unattainable They were desires. she would meet him there Fatima told Santiago that desert women like her knew that if their husbands didn’t return.) A. Q. Q. D. What did the third chieftain tell Santiago about the oasis? That the oasis was a neutral ground and could never be attacked That the oasis could never survive an attack of war That the oasis was to be protected at all costs That the people of the oasis were ready for war When Santiago asked what the girl’s name was. she responded that it was Fatima. B.1) A. that because of their ideals of love became real Q. C. B. C. C. Q. B. Q. C. Q.6.) A.) A. that because of their intensity has materialized over the sands of the desert They were powerful desires. D.) A. Q. C.7. which was also the name of… Her mother The prophet’s daughter Every girl at the oasis Her mother’s sister The old chieftain told Santiago a story about… A man named Jose who escaped to Egypt A man named Joseph who could interpret dreams A man named Joseph who was killed during the Ancient Oasis War What was the warning that Santiago received by the chieftain? That if the oasis was attacked Santiago would receive a piece of gold That Santiago would receive a piece of gold for every ten enemies killed That Santiago would be rewarded if the war was avoided That the war was a war between forces which would never give up What did Fatima tell Santiago? That if she was really a part of her dream he should never leave her That she always knew that their love could not work out because the language of the universe was too complicated That he should go toward his goal.4) A. D. D. B.. 3. B. D. B.2. B.Q. B.) A.8.9) A.5) A. and if he returned to her. then she was really a part of his dream That he should go back home. C. B. C.