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Some Word shortcuts:

• CTRL+L, E, R, or J Left, Center, Right, and Justified paragraph formatting

• CTRL+1,2,5 Single, Double, and 1.5 line spacing

• CTRL+M,CTRL+SHIFT+M Indent/Outdent

• CTRL+T,CTRL+SHIFT+T Increase/Decrease hanging indent

• CTRL+SHIFT+C,V Copy/Paste formatting

• CTRL+Q Remove all paragraph formatting that is not defined in a style

(applied to paragraph at insertion point)

• CTRL+Space Remove all character formatting that is not defined in a style

(applied to word at insertion point)

• CTRL+SHIFT+N Apply Normal style

• CTRL+ALT+1,2,3 Apply Heading styles 1,2,3

• CTRL+SHIFT+L Apply List style

• CTRL+SHIFT+S Focus on the style box

• Shift-click the drop-down arrow on the style box ( ) to list all

styles, instead of just the styles in the current document

• Increase the width of the style area box to see a column with inline style
information for all paragraphs in Normal View (Tools --> Options --> View tab
--> Outline and Normal Options --> Style area width)

• CTRL+Backspace,Delete Backspace/delete one word to the left/right of the

insertion point, instead of one character

• SHIFT+Enter Line break

• CTRL+Enter Page break

• CTRL+SHIFT+Space Insert non-breaking space

• CTRL+SHIFT+Hyphen Insert non-breaking hyphen

• ALT+CTRL+Num - Em (long) dash (—)

• CTRL+Num - En (short) dash (–)

• ALT+CTRL+C Copyright symbol (©)

• ALT+CTRL+R Registered trademark symbol (®)

• ALT+CTRL+T Trademark symbol (™)

• ALT+CTRL+Period Ellipsis (…)

• F8 Extended selection mode; arrow keys move cursor, ESC cancels. Press:
once – activate
twice – highlight word
3 times – `` sentence
4 times – `` paragraph
5 times – `` all

• CTRL+SHIFT+F8 Block selection (does not highlight entire lines); use

arrow keys to move selection; ESC to cancel

• ALT+CTRL+Page up/down Bring cursor to top/bottom of window

The complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Word 2000 is here.