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02 Costa Rica - Práctica
A. Central America Today: The Heritage of Central America Answer the following questions. These answers can be found in the video. 1. What makes Costa Rica different than many Central American countries? Costa Rica is different from the other Central American countries becauseit has little mineral wealth like gold and silver, and is not suitable for largeplantations. 2. Who settled there and why? Spanish immigrants settled there to start a small farm. 3. What is the violence like in Costa Rica as compared to other countries? They are one of the most democratic and peaceful countries and have hadminimal violence, as compared to other countries. 4. Who is Oscar Arias? Oscar Arias is a former Costa Rican President. 5. What did he bring to Costa Rica? Oscar Arias began a movement to bring peace, stability, and corporation to the region. B. Puerto Limón 1. What does Costa Rica mean in English? Costa Rica means rich coast in English. 2. What is the major export for Costa Rica? The major export of Costa Rica is banana’s and grains. 3. What is the weather like there? The weather in Costa Rica is warm and tropical. 4. Do many people speak English? Yes many people speak English in Costa Rica. 5. What is the currency? The currency is based on the Colon. 6. Of the foods mentioned, what do you think would be your favorite and why? My favorite food, from the ones mentioned would probably be gallo pinto, because my favorite food is rice and beans. C. Visit Costa Rica Open the 2nd website. What words do you recognize on this page? List at least 5 Spanish words with their definitions in English. Actividades- activities. Paquetes Vacacionales- holidays. Como viajar- getting around. Registrese Ahora- sign up. Contact us- contactenos. D. San José

Now look at the list of tours available. Which tour would you choose and why? After completing this. Read about San José.02/Asignación. How does that compare to the weather where you live? 3.1. What is the weather like there today? 2. submit your work as an attachment to 5. .