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Introduction The Mayan Calendar About the Mayan Calendar 2011 or 2012? Earth Changes and Prophecy The Timewave and 2012 Over The Edge The Law of One and the Fourth Density The New Earth Defined 2012, Time Travel, and The Wall Messages and Direct Contact Numbers and Coincidences The Cosmic Mind Changes in the Solar System Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun Precession and the Galaxy Cosmic Influence Expectations? Further Resources Websites, Books, and Videos

By reading the report. We begin with an overview of the Mayan Calendar. .Welcome to the 2012 Solution Report! The 2012 Report examines multiple sources of information on the year 2012. one can obtain a good general understanding of the principles at work behind the year 2012 – and what it may mean to each one of us.

They y are a par rallel cultu that ha been born separ ure as rate from the great Mid-easte ern and Sumerian civil lizations in the Eura n asian con ntinent. we ho e Perhaps the greate and on of the oldest of t est ne them are the Maya ans. ed e first great civilizatio in the A stemmed around 3000 BC o even 40 BC in synchron with ot d 3 or 000 n ny ther ancie ent th civilizations. W Without th heir context. ev agains the wor of the d ven st rks famous a astronome Kepler.Abou the May C ndar ut e yan Calen There are few grea cultures in the world that c e at s constitute the begin nning of human ci ivilization. Espec cially arou 5 century AD. Ma ayans con nstitute the t on American continent They are believe to have t. T Their adva ancement in writin structure ts ng powerful civilizations in all a and astro onomy we legend ere dary and they surpa assed som astronomical me findings t that have continued to seem great. easily rival the glory of th y he . great civilizations ha paved the way for huma ave d y an kind. er Mayan cu ulture is th beginn he ning of ma import any tant conce epts for th mankin he nd. The great cities tha they ha built in their tim at ave n mes. they wer one of t most und re the aspects. These g . w would not be wh we are today. Muc of the modern co ch m onsciousn ness and understan nding that we enjoy t y today is t result of these s called a the so ancient fa ather civilizations.

Egyptian Pyramids or the fa s amous Gre Temp eek ples. cons struction a and areas soa ared due to their use of their calendar. o e spiritual a . However Mayans were a v r. s very comp plex cultur that bas re sed all of their activities on this c s calendar. mples bro ought a u unique un nderstand ding of th univers and ev he se ven Their tem today so ome of the remaining anc eir cient struc ctures ba affle archeologists s and astro onomers who point out tha some o these t at of temples m be may astral ma aps. The 260 d uniqu calenda that the Mayans have dev day ue ar e vised is th first rea he al spiritual c calendar. The existence of the e Mayan cu ulture has brought a very unique perspective to the human s o civilization. ial f r Perhaps this is why Mayan calendar is a speci type of calendar that symbolize the transition of the huma psyche es an e. Thus the agricult eir ture.

and that i individuals (as well as the whole world that we live in) ar influenc l d re ced by astron nomical ev vents. They widel conclud that w the co ly ded with oming of v various ag there was ges a constan transitio that wa funneling their civilization and the w nt on as whole mankind to a spec cific destin The Ma ny.Mayan Calendar Tzolkin d l Perhaps at the hea of the Mayan civ art vilization l lies the M Mayan cale endar. gh rious different calen ndars. It i is believed that every aspect o the May cultur was based on this unique y of yan re calendar. Althoug Mayans had var . They furt thermore believed that there was an o e order to th univers and he se everythin existed or happe ng ened for a reason. The calen ndar measured thin not in absolute differences in time like the ngs e solar cale endar. The a el h ng ter ey believed that their calendar was in rhythm with the cosm h mos. ayans tho oughts tha by using a calend at g dar more in tu with the univer une t rse. They pict tured their calendar r r and the u universe as a whee in which everythin was int connected. ain ayans was that life i built upon cycles s is s. they c could hav more pe ve ersonal co onnection n with the w workings of the cos o smos. They believed. the had a ey unique un nderstand ding of the universe and the cosmos. Thus life was built upon cyc cles and th Mayan calendar had a prophetical he n r nature. tha e e at the calen ndars they used were reminis y scent of th past an also ga he nd ateways to o the future The ma belief of the Ma e. which allowed d them to in ntegrate the calend in their everyda lives. es dar ay specially w their with major dec cision making proc cesses. but rather th Mayan calendar measured everything in a t he d .

As a base front to form their healing practices .Understand the energy levels of each individual . Hence the 260 days that were used by midwifes to calculate pregnancy. The evolution of mankind and even the questions of where we come from and where we are going could be discerned by the prophetical nature of the Mayan calendar. They also believed that certain eras were more prone to disease and thus they took precautions in these eras.Prophecy of the future .To be able to predict the destiny of each individual person . the Mayans claimed to be able to: . Their whole civilization was based on these time frames and especially the time of crops were calculated very carefully to create the best possible crop yield. The Mayans take the beginning of the Pregnancy as the time of the period that the women skip due to being pregnant. One of the most widespread and believed theories is that the Tzolkin calendar is based on the Human Birth Cycle.spiritual way with its relation to cosmos and the workings of the universe. in the end this calendar served the Mayans very well.Understand the general path of the society as a whole . This was a special calendar that was based on 260 days.To predict the destiny of the whole civilization . However. By using the Tzolkin calendar. was also used to form the Tzolkin calendar. Their major calendar was called the Tzolkin. There are various hypotheses as to how this count was derived. Of course this number is also reminiscent of various astronomical calculations.

Thus. The complete cycle is divided up into the following sub-cycles 13 Bak’tun = 1.000 days (Long Cycle ending in 2011 or 2012) 1 Bak'tun = 20 K'atun = 144.200 days = 18 Winal = 360 days 1 Winal = 20 K'in = 20 days 1 K'in = 1 day .000 days 1 K'atun 1 Tun = 20 Tun = 7. much like the Gregorian calendar used by most of the world today. To them. However.Mayan Calendar Haab Perhaps the second most important calendar that was used by the Mayans is the Haab calendar which was defined by 365 repeating days. this calendar did not have real significance as Mayans did not believe that the universe was based on the solar year. it was not their main mode of measuring time frames. The First Count It is believed that the first day of the Mayan Calendar Long Count began on August 11th 3114 BC.872. although they used this calendar in some applications. this is the beginning of a long cycle of time in the universe – the current age.

They believed that the human specie evolved and thus every er t es d s ra lendar wa a clear indication of the pa of the human as n ath of the cal conscious sness.ans ved he ames wer measured on 72 year re 200 The Maya believ that th time fra periods w 52 year cycles. with . Thus it w possible to pr was redict or p prophesize about the futur accord t re ding to the Ma belied in their calenda aya r ars. of the nity . e d losophy b behind the Mayan c e calendars It must be stressed that the main phil was the f fact that you could d discern and unders stand pas events b seeing st by their posi ition on th calenda and als seeing the cycle in which it was he ar so founded. This c cosmic quality of the Maya an calendar is contro r oversial e even toda ay. The well known Ma calen aya ndar expert Carl Joh Calle han eman has stated tha at the under rstanding of the Ma ayan calendar will b the und be derstandin of the ng human co onsciousn ness and a also an in ndication o where t human is going.

Although it might seem bit strange to philosophize the Mayan culture and its calendar. . it is believed that even the end time of our world or the apocalypse can be predicted by the means of the Mayan calendar.

while the other is on the 21st of December 2012. Related Resources An article by Carl Johan Calleman on his perspective of the 2011 vs 2012 date of the Mayan Calendar. Well known researchers who support the 2012 date include John Major Jenkins. Regardless of which one is correct (and actually.experiencefestival. they both may be. Both interpretations imply significance towards the ending of a large cycle around about the same time. Terence McKenna (along with his Timewave Zero theory which is described later) and Jose Arguelles.2011 or 2012? There are actually two dates or interpretations of the Mayan Calendar end date. http://video. 2011. with just over a year between them. but in different contexts and associated with different ideas). they are incredibly close. One of these falls upon October 28th. A Video Overview of the Mayan Calendar by Ian Xel Lungold: The Mayan Calendar Comes . The 2011 date is best described by Carl Calleman and Ian Xel Lungold.

if the 0 expected to reach 10 billion in 2030. our sweet mo other Eart and ha th. ave become n nearly into olerable lo ooking at the unbel lievable w the po way opulation i is growing. Statistics show tha the curr at rent popul lation count is 6 bill lion. with the rivers also getting contaminated. especially by the to . n ors royed ove a third of er these na atural reso ources over the la thirty years. It is Even a la expected that the poles will melt off. w the o d p with oceans extremely polluted. th he . can nger say that E Earth is in a good s n state and there is no necessity to belie the eve words of the scientists who still stick on to their theory th it is difficult to hat prove glo obal warm ming. which is d ease to 20 billion in 2070. Oceans are very like ast e ely drawing t an end. y addition o waste matter.Earth Cha es and Pro h ange d ophec cy Human e endeavors have dev s vastated G Gaia. and incre growth ra remain the sam ate ns me. ayman can now poi out the changes occurring in the cl n int e s g limate. n es d arth ains are About 40% of the net source of food and energy the Ea conta consume by hum ed mans alone Human endeavo destr e. of m It is becoming toug for the Earth to p up wit all the t gh put th torture and what’ll come out of this situation wo t ould be se soone or later So we c no lon een er r.

which in t turn is aff fecting a m million peo ople alrea ady! The conflicts o contras or sting posit tions and fanaticism between differen religions m nt s and cultu ures all over the world is shoo oting up. There are also dra e astic chang in the personal lives of p ges e people. eir The news spaper is definitely becoming quite a sight to glance at. at the end of this c g century. mor often th re han before. etting common for managers to co out an give up on the b race. The good old days of workin from nine to five have van d s ng e nished. be f m g e eing in a state of extreme a agitation. giving no easy way out f retirem for ments. people loo more w ok worried ab bout a late est football g game or th annua compen heir al nsation for inflation rather tha being an concerne about the acid ra that’s r ed ain ruining the roofs. c g considerin ng threats of terrorism following 911 or the Middle East. onk nd p big The once e-so-very stable we estern eco onomy has now thro s own itself out of the f e .disappea arance of the rainforests and nearly tw thirds of the animal species t wo m e becoming distinct. M Marriages a and close rela ationships have sta s arted colla apsing like weak tow e wers. Job rotation is the new trend no It’s ge b w ow. Even in s such a dis smaying co ondition.

Later during his career.000 ‘readings’. knowing just the name of his patient. Edgar Cayce is probably the most well-furnished and documented psychic. hunting to amplify their economy. which doesn’t make any sense because we are still standing here. There were others like Nostradamus. He was quite popular for his medical ‘readings’. at the end of 5200 years. Edgar Cayce has done over 14. The most remarkable prophesier from the last century. proving this entire idea of cataclysm wrong. . prognosticated that the Dark Age or the current Kali Yuga would be followed by the Age of light. The Theosophical Society founder. which were all documented. seem to have taken over the employment on a very large scale. This was not only foreseen for the second millennium end but was also predicted during the first millennium. Madame Blavatsky. or vaticinator throughout all of history. being in a cataleptic (medium depth of hypnosis) state. who predicted that the mankind would suffer an ominous destruction or see an innovative change and the growth of new global cognizance by 2000. he started passing information on the earlier civilizations like the Atlantean and Egyptian culture and predicted future events about this planet. as he could diagnose any ailment with almost amazing accuracy.equilibrium and developing countries. from the eighteenth century. Prophecy We have come across many prophets who predicted devastation and anguish during the new millennium that looks like an enchanting period. from the 15th century. whom he had never met before. helping to coin the phrase in popular culture today. while he was asleep in changing states of consciousness. for the declination of the world. Also called the sleeping prophet. which later came to be called the “Earth Changes”.

ociation for Resea f arch and Enlighte enment is online a s at The Asso http://www w. Thes change did not have any ull se es t y ons stroy the w Being the main subject of st e tudy. Even thro ough until today. imme ersion of masses o land.Edgar Ca ayce estab blished th ‘Associ he iation for R Research and Enlig ghtenmen nt’ (A. by w of volcanic eru way uptions. Ed dgar Cayc continu to baf so many people ce ues ffle e since many of his prediction have be prove right an a lot of ns een ed nd f gists and archaeol d logists ha started taking his study a research ave d and Egyptolog quite seri iously and try to pu this know d ut wledge in use in their stud and nto dy scientific endeavor rs. ve drastic ery c changes in the weather patt terns. stup pendous e earthquak kes.edgarca ayce. but instead it would an t nnounce t arrival of the l implicatio to des a totally n new era. tremendo impac on the E ous ct Earth. peop have c ple contempla ated on th mystica his al man in gr reat depth Edgar C h. fu of changes.E. Cayce has over thre hundre books dedicated to s ee ed d himself alone. Cayce me entioned in reading that the period fr gs e rom 1958 to 1998 w would be one of global metamorphosis. going thro g ough a spi iritual shif This in turn would have a ft.R. Th organiz he zation stan till da nds ate and is still very act tive. What abo the Maya? out M an e where Mex xico. Gua atemala.) in order to keep his legacy s o s secure. ag of ggravated solar act d tivity. H Honduras and Beliz ze The Maya culture thrived w . ultim mately end ding up in shifting the n poles.

We have only one main cale endar sys stem in co ommon us known as the se. er ferent cale endar systems. the T Tzolkin fal in sync with the cryptic Mayan Long lls c In the con Count calendar. The were e ey extremely preoccu y upied and d fascinate by tim cycles and also gave us h ed me highly-dev veloped c calendar systems w which were comple etely precise and ce entralized around t celestial d the cycles. us The Maya Long Count ca an alendar is comprise of 13 ve long c ed ery cycles of time . Image: May Ruins kn yan nown as Cop pan. The peop of the the m with ple Mayan cu ulture had significant knowle d edge of as stronomy a turne out to b and ed be exception nally good sky watc d chers. in West tern Hondura as Nowaday the progenies of the Maya still live around t same areas. ntent of 20 012.betwee 300 AD and 900 AD. T This classic culture came to a unexpe an ected end when th people d. and another is the Tzolkin calend accou a s dar unting for 260 days s. still ys as e the carrying t prophecies from their ancestors w them.are today . It wa a Nativ Americ Indian y en D 0 as ve can culture. for re easons no ot known to the scholars. Gregorian calenda howeve the Mayans had a few diff n ar. making it m m more intere esting to u here. he deserted their temple complexes and cities aro d ound 900 AD. One of th hem is called the Ha calen aab ndar which has 365 days (ea day is h 5 ach s called a k kin).

000 cycles is called a Baktun. would move consciousness of the humanity on a large scale. the Earth’s rebirth. giving birth to a new one. Hence the Mayan time-ending prophecies are actually talking about the commencement of a new era. and these can be further broken down into smaller cycles. and then those further again. in the past.000 days in each part). Edgar Cayce’s prognostications seem to fall in sync with the Mayan forecasts. denoting the old world coming to a stop. the world had been through several epochs. These challenges forced upon mankind. When calculated. or kin is seen as a cycle onto itself. etc.000 days. or started its current cyclical count.000). . which they used to call Suns.872. The Mayans believed that. until each day. on the 11th of August 3114 BC and will come to an end on the 21st of December 2012. a long cycle of all the 13 Baktun’s creates a total calendar cycle of just over 5125 years. (13 x 144. As per the Mayan scholars. equal to 1.(containing 144. as the Mayans also predict that the new beginning being preceded by extreme disorder in all areas. this calendar commenced. The Long Count calendar coming to an end means that it’s the time for the arrival of the fifth Sun. Each of these 144. long periods. with the fourth Sun coming to an end.

. All these prophecies were hidden for ages. the Mayan book of Creation. Meanwhile prophecies were passed on from one generation to the other with extreme secrecy by the Mayan shamans. Lord Pacal was their most prominent prophet. though the breakthrough was made only in the eighties. Their scheme of keeping the prophecies hidden changed when they noticed the different signs of changes occurring in the Earth. which their prophecies had foretold.The origin of the entire Mayan prophecy heads back to the Popul Vuh. The decoding of the Mayan codices began in the 1960’s.

without having any idea about the Time Wave Zero Theory! The McKenna brothers later altered the last end date of their theory and made it sync the last end date of the Mayan calendar – thus finding that everything else fell perfectly into place. as The I-Ching is called. Only in 1987. where he was asked to study the basic mathematical principles from the legendary Chinese book of the I-Ching. it would be substituted by the Ying energy. after he decoded the Mayan Long Count calendar and came up with the 2012 end date. When the Yang energy is more. has been used in China for several centuries in order to foretell the series of changes. when they first developed their theory.The Timewave and 2012 Terence McKenna (November 16th 1946 – April 3rd 2000) along with his brother Dennis created a theory called Time Wave Zero theory. ‘The Mayan Factor’ was published by Jose Arguelles. The book went on to describe time as a fractal. Terrence McKenna got a vision. This book explained about the evolutionary time recursively collapsing like a geometric pattern to the end time. They introduced this concept in the book ‘The Invisible Landscape’. The book of changes. Somehow it missed the end date of the Mayan Long Count calendar by only about 33 days! The McKenna brothers were not really aware of the end date of the Mayan Long Count calendar. after consuming hallucinating mushrooms. It comprised of 64 hexagrams in a matrix of 8 by 8 which could be used to prognosticate the alteration of Yin and Yang energy demonstrating the world. used to foresee the universal changes. quite incredible. . How was Timewave Zero developed? It’s astonishing how the brothers came up with their theory. originally published in 1975. which as per the true original theory comes to an end on the 17th of November 2012.

approach t end date of the the e Mayan Lo Coun calenda since th novelty rate shif to a sin ong nt ar. . This Time ewave Ze functio also se ero on eems to fu urther add to an idea previously postulate by someone . s to example gra from the Timewave Z aph Zero softwar re. indic ed r. responsib for the evolution changes. Image: An e The troug ghs. he y fts ngularity.and vice versa. wer pointing at a grea increas in re g at se novelties as evolut tion was p proceeding on the h horizontal axis. cating a maximum increase in the know wledge got from our evolution as we a t n. base on the logical p ed e principles of the Is ed me f Ching. . Terre ble e nal ence McK Kenna der rived a fractal fu unction. The McK Kenna brot thers how wever thou ught the I-Ching wo orked due to the Yin n and Yang energies being re and cre g s eal eating a ti ime wave in the un e niverse. denoting the chan d nges takin place in the wo ng orld. found tha at the time w wave was coming t an end in 2012. They starte matching the tim wave function of their theory with the troughs a peaks of history and by a and s y applying t best a the approach. equency of the nove increa elty ased.Dr Smelyakov. like a caden e nced chan mainta nge aining a b balance be etween th he two extre emes. in terms of habits and novelt ties. on the vertical axis. As evolution l proceede the fre ed.

and at that moment of invention. more novelty than at any time in the entire previous history. Terence McKenna and others theorized that Time Travel may be developed in 2012. . everything would change. As per the time wave theory. This means that in the last 384 days before 2012.(This may be why people are experiencing the phenomenon of ‘time speeding up’. the last 384 days will display more transformations than ever before. Gradually the novelty wave collapses during December 2012 and novelty turns infinite. as it can be considered the ultimate technology. there will be more things happening. McKenna admits this is just a theory – he does not know exactly what is going to happen when novelty reaching the infinite. However. reaching an infinite speed as we approach the end date of 2012).

It is all about the evolution of consciousness. This incredible and consistent information suggests that the entire planet along with its residents. An impressive series of books called The Law of One series (published in the 1980’s) has been recently made popular by such scholars as David Wilcock and others. meaning the instrument being used to communicate through) to .The Law of One and the Fourth Density Besides a lot of people claiming the world is going to end – seemingly never ending doom and gloom. is about to have the opportunity to ascend to a higher density (some people prefer to just say dimension) of existence. and quite a lot of it. with the help of the Internet. What is channeling or mediumship? The ability of someone (called the medium. there is always some light shining in the dark. The 5 books that make up the Law of One series contain information channeled n the 1980's by Carla Rueckert.

the entity. and vocabulary of the channel. Carla Rueckert. it was performed. through the medium (human channel). Channeling is an accepted for of many new age groups and religions. Anyone that reads the Law of One material (start with the first book) will be impressed with both its thoroughness and complexity – and all this from the mouth who a girl who started channeling before her 20th birthday. we also expect an open mind. Although this deserves a fair amount of skepticism. which to this day she can no longer reach – meaning the source entity that communicated the material can no longer pass further information). communicates using the words. beings of energy in non human form. did the information come from a useful. and even a more difficult question to answer – why all the effort? The small payment royalties from a few unpopular books hardly qualifies as a good reason. spiritual teachers.communicate with other entities. and more. as well as some paranormal enthusiasts. The Law of One material described in this chapter was received by the channel Carla Rueckert in a very deep trance state. Much of the time. or simple from Carla’s subconscious mind? . There are many different modes of channeling. or nature spirits. angels. non-corporeal spiritual source as the material claims. some requiring a much deeper meditative state than others. Such dedication on the parts of the people involved in gathering and transcribing the material (Don Elkins. fringe scientists. if this is simply a hoax. voice. Jim McCarty) indicates beyond a shadow of a doubt that at least they believed it – therefore you must consider. (A state of consciousness so deep. You will be left wondering how. including but not limited to passed over spirits.

the Law of One books state in numerous ways that you need to be slightly more aimed at helping others than controlling them. Ra was essentially a group mind. According to the Law of One. the implication is that you are able to move further and further away from the dense vibrational levels of reality (such as the 3rd that you now occupy – unless you are some sort of strange alien being) and into increasingly harmonious levels of existence. feeling better all the time.While Carla was in the trance state. Ra itself referred to this collective concept with the term social memory complex. At certain times. In just a moment you will see why this material is so important in the context of 2012. The books reflect this question and answer mode of communication. while the alternative . The only catch is that it isn’t a completely free ride. and that every one of us (including every speck of consciousness which you can see) is on a very long journey back to the source of creation. or a collective of beings all on the same level of existence. conscious entities like us are afforded the opportunity to make a leap to the next level of consciousness. In a nutshell. and the readers are left to draw their own conclusions. The entity that was channeled by Carla called itself Ra (not the Egyptian deity). questions could be asked to the entity and Carla would ask as a medium for the reply. the Law of One materials says that all consciousness is ultimately one at the deepest level. the majority of people on Earth at this time won’t make the leap – however the very fact that you are reading this indicates that you have interest in the material and have an increased likeliness to be ready for such an experience. or in a naturally cyclical way. as you evolve your own consciousness. communicating as one. a phrase found frequently in the books. Helping others is referred to as Service-to-Others (STO) behavior. In fact. In other words.

negative path is Service-to-Self (STS). These are actually terms used frequently now in spiritual or new age communities, however the origin of the words lie solidly with the early published Law of One books. But how does this relate to 2012? The Law of One says that we currently reside in the third density (one of many levels of reality), and that around 2011 and 2012, we will have the opportunity to step into the fourth density. This was directly stated in the first Law of One book, published in 1981.

Extract from The Law of One, Book 1 (Page 93) Questioner: In 30 years this will be a 4th density planet. Is this correct? RA: This is so.

Note that the above extraction is from a channeling session held in 1981, so some simple mathematics (1981 + 30) put this in range of the year 2011 and 2012.

The End of a Cycle
More from Ra "There is going to be a Harvest, as you might call it, a harvest of souls that will shortly occur on your planet. We are attempting to extract the greatest possible harvest from this planet. This is our mission, for we are the Harvesters." "In order to be most efficient, we are attempting to create first a state of

seeking among the people of this planet who desire to seek... We offer them no concrete proof, as they have a way of expressing it. We offer them Truth. This is an important function of our mission - to offer Truth without proof. In this way, the motivation will, in each and every case, come from within the individual." "I am Ra. One major cycle is approximately 25,000 of your years. There are three cycles of this nature during which those who have progressed may be harvested at the end of the three major cycles. That is, approximately between 75 and 76,000 of your years. All are harvested regardless of their progress, for during that time the planet itself has moved through the useful part of that dimension, and begins to cease being useful for the lower levels of vibration within that density." "I am Ra. This inconvenience (Earth changes) or disharmonious vibratory complex, has begun several of your years in your past. It shall continue unabated for a period of approximately thirty of your years."

Notably, this reference to the 2012 date is long before the Internet and popular explosion of recognition regarding the cyclical ending of the Mayan Calendar – it is completely independent. Examining the fourth density The fourth density can be defined as the next level of conscious experience, like a reality upgrade.

In third density, our current residing space, Ra states that it is necessary to live many lifetimes in different physical bodies, all of these being in the third density. This process is referred to as reincarnation.

Reincarnation? Reincarnation has nothing to do with carnations! In fact it means ‘to be made flesh again’. The soul of an entity (the conscious part that is you, being immortal) survives death and is reborn in another body in a physical plane. Note that reincarnation isn’t limited to human forms. Animals, insects, even the elements themselves are often described as being useful vehicles for conscious experience.

According to Ra, the reason for this is to gain a multitude of perspectives and experiences, for the soul to evolve at the deepest, fundamental, and only real level. You’d probably be surprised just how many people, civilizations, ideologies, accept reincarnation as a fact!

000 year life spans in the fourth density. Ra points out in one session of channeling that the fourth density is about 100 times more harmonious than the third. In fact. refer to the will of someone either interested in helping others. the lack of disease and health problems. successful applicants will continue to inhabit the Earth. These concepts. or just helping themselves. reincarnation is no longer required. something no amount of money will buy.Without such a broad range of physical experiences it would be almost impossible to evolve and move through the densities. during which they will continue to gain experience through various reincarnation forms. a greater feeling of connectedness with nature and each other. and they won’t be able to get back to Earth until they reach fourth density for themselves. A particularly interesting idea in the Law of One is that there are actually two different types of fourth density evolutions that can take place – Service-toOthers. Ra mentions 90. however each attempt will be divided by thousands of years. While the majority of people that make the great leap into the fourth density will do so through Service-to-Others (meaning you should be focused 51% or . because the Earth itself is moving from a third to fourth density planet as well! This means that those who are not ready for the fourth density will need to reincarnate on other third density planets in the galaxy. Anyone that misses the opportunity now to ascend will have no limit on the number of retries they can have in the future. recognized by the term Ascension. doesn’t it? I’m pretty sure that it is! But here’s the thing – in the fourth density. and Service-to-Self. Our physical bodies can withstand extremely long periods of time – to the point where death really doesn’t matter anymore. Sounds like a hassle. like was mentioned previously. Regarding the physical process of moving from third density to fourth in 2012.

Ra and other sources indicate that only Service-to-Self fourth density entities will be able to remain on the Earth – everyone else will go elsewhere. sixth. such as the fifth. you'll have millions and billions of years to figure that out. each one being closer to the source of creation than the last. after the seventh density. What comes after four? There are other densities too that we will eventually explore. and seventh densities. although this requires an effective personal focus of about 95% or more on yourself. However. as the later densities require more time spent in them. where you end up is a mystery. the two don't need to intermingle in the fourth density. a small amount may also move up to fourth density through Service-to-Self actions. Don't worry though. Time and Physical Changes Is time speeding up? Maybe that’s the pressure of 2012 you are feeling! (Or . and controlling / manipulating other people. fourth density or not! The Service-to-Self fourth density sounds like a strange existence. almost all of them spent in a positive state.more on helping others). but Ra itself doesn't seem completely sure what comes after that! But don't worry. In fact it may seem shocking. and it is covered in some depth through the Law of One books.

perhaps you are just getting older. in association with Project Camelot. and practice makes… closer to perfect. These changes are required to help the shift go smoothly when the transition is made.    . Whatever you chose to accept as your reality. References and Further Reading on the Law of One David Wilcock and the Divine Cosmos David Wilcock is the most prominent and inspiring teacher of the Law of One material today. This is an extremely important point and one that should be remembered. Remember at all times that while you may not be in complete control of external events. David has released quite a few hours of video interviews. Strange symptoms. most of it offered completely free of charge. The fourth density remains a physical density – where you can see.) All sources say that it is not necessary to physically die to make the shift to fourth density – a comforting thought. you are in control of your response to them! Think positively. and feel things. Additionally. there is no fear here. The consequences of almost any event can be seen as positive or negative based on how you choose to think about it. and I’m sure we could all do with some of that. physical changes are occurring in many people at a deep level – some of these you may notice. His website features a wealth of information. although these should product no real pain and will often be short-lived. keep this in mind.divinecosmos. Instead. It’s just less dense. Divine Cosmos (The website of David Wilcock) http://www. .html LLResearch (Founded by the group that channeled the Law of One) http://www.llresearch.llresearch. or physical copies can also be purchased through Amazon and other retailers.  Interviews with David Wilcock Read The Law of One Online The Law of One books can be downloaded at no cost from the px Related Reading from LLResearch http://www.

stress-related illness. and access past lives with ease. Dolores Cannon. anxiety. and they can reply directly in speech – they can give detailed answers. pain management. They contain information of . much more than just a yes or no answer. people are more open to the power of suggestions. other than the Law of One material. This is a form of therapy used widely in alternative medicine. that tell us of a New Earth to come in 2012.” Using her own specially designed techniques for moving someone into a state where they can channel their own subconscious mind. and attitudes. and many of these sessions have been released in public volumes. What is hypnotherapy? In a hypnotic state. Wikipedia describes: “Hypnotherapy is often applied in order to modify a subject's behavior. One of the finest sources comes from the clients of hypnotherapist and author. Dolores is able to ask her clients specific questions while in the trance. emotional content.The New Earth Defined Dolores Cannon It may surprise you to learn that there are a large number of sources. as well as a wide range of conditions including dysfunctional habits. and personal development.

problems experienced by a person in a current life can be directly related to an experience in a past life. even more so when one realizes that the same concepts are coming through many different clients who have no physical relationship or connection whatsoever. including some physical ailments. however in the case of Ra. some problems can by miraculously healed. the real history of the world and universe. as it goes back into the seemingly infinite past. almost none of Dolores’ clients (people that go to her for hypnotherapy) have any foreknowledge of 2012 material. As Dolores describes it. and this makes the qualitatively consistent information coming across even more interesting. and then allowing the subconscious to give permission to heal. for the Law of One material communicated by the group consciousness.great worth. For the record. comprehend. On the surface this mode of communication is much like in a previous chapter. . or channel. By recognizing and connecting with this. This includes topics like UFOs. The Convoluted Universe Book Three (2008). Ra. Dolores Cannon first published information on the New Earth in The Convoluted Universe Book Two (2005). and then added further information in the follow-up book. and share hidden knowledge. there are two primary reasons for her work: (1) Often times. Carla was in a much deeper trance state. when Carla Rueckert was a medium. (2) To gather.

and taking along those souls who are ready. our bodies will need to adapt to a diet that has less heavy. or the fifth dimension. Whether the destination is called the fourth density. The information mentions that as we approach to shift to the New Earth. is assigned the value 3. although fish and chicken contain less toxins that other meats. the Earth and an amount of its human inhabitants (not the majority) will. and meet our friendly space-neighbors. The old dimension is for whatever reason. and drink plenty of water. in 2012. Dolores Cannon. however the end result is described as much the same in each case. there will be a splitting of the Earth. we will be able to join a galactic community. Additionally.6. This sounds very much like the concept of densities passed on by Ra in the Law of One material. This also means the discovery of new laws of . Occupants of the New Earth itself do not need to reincarnate. while the new one is assigned 5. and are therefore usually less harmful. make a shift to a New Earth. In regards to specifically the Mayans. one new Earth in a higher dimension breaking off from the old.Information about The New Earth According to the material. possibly even approaching a completely liquid diet close to 2012. bottled is recommended as being preferable to tap water. there is not enough quantitative information to make a proper comparison. or dense foods. Best of all is live vegetables. Meat should be eaten in lower amounts.0. in The Convoluted Universe Book Two (p653) writes: “They [The Mayans] stopped their calendar at 2012 because they could see this would be the time of the next major event: the shifting of the entire world into the next dimension”. and will live forever in a physical dimension that is similar. but lighter to the present third. In effect.

The energy is present and becoming stronger.” References The Official Website of Dolores Cannon http://www. As a result of the upcoming shift. Until the shift which Earth we gravitate toward. But I believe it is still up to us what we Crop Circle Technology and 2012 . and perhaps even limited forms of time travel. we are in a very important time. because the majority of our current civilization is not ready to see this truth. and incredible new technologies available to everyone – unlimited sources of clean energy. Extremely benevolent people from the stars are doing everything they can to help the largest number of people possible make the shift into the New Earth – without directly interfering with our affairs. they will need to remain hidden. teleportation devices. It is physically affecting our bodies. The Metaphysical Hour http://www. in The Convoluted Universe Book Three (p503) writes: “It is up to the people on Earth at the present time to each make their personal decision of which path they want to follow. space vehicles. Dolores Cannon. Our own frequency and vibration is being Dolores Cannon Hosts a Weekly Radio Show at BBS Radio. because of our free will. Perhaps imagination will be the only remaining limitation.

Jeremy Stride in 2006. describing plans for an entire starship hidden. built what has become known as The Gravity Shielding Experiment. Two-thirds. the five most well known (in chronological order) are: 1 .Tom Sutter describes energy technologies utilizing Hydrogen and microwaves on his website at http://imageevent. Chris Hardeman.In 2001. a physics student at the time. released information about the Crop Circle Ship. Ruby in 1995. and that people are being allowed to chance to open up to higher modes of thought and perception. There are also people who claim to have found blueprints for advanced technology in the crop circles. The Crop Circle ship utilizes special geometrical forms like the 5 . 3 . in turn. often symbolically. opens minds and increases the likeliness that an individual will be ready to make to shift to the New Earth. Myers in the 1993 book. published The Gift and describes needing to rotate the crop circle designs to discover the hidden secrets. .fr/html/gravshld. Dolores says that the crop circles are here at this time because it is the end of the current age. in the designs. Percy and David P. as well as hexagons. which may have produced an interesting and highly significant gravitational anomaly using a tetrahedron form with microwaves. 2 . octahedron.htm 4 .Most recently. More information on this experiment is available at http://jnaudin.David S. The crop circles are one way that this can occur – by causing people to ask questions about them.In radio interviews. describe something called Spinning Disc Technology.

Basic Crop Circle Ship Diagrams Included with permission . Imagine a pyramid with only three sides. the fourth side being the base. with a total of only four sides and four vertices. which when used in conjunction with other elements.The Tetrahedron is the simplest possible three-dimensional form. may allow for access to non-physical worlds. This shape is suspected as have special properties.

regardless of who makes them. are all linked. There are those who claim (including some human circle makers themselves.cropcircleship. that await proper funding and construction. Although many are made by man.all for the New Earth after 2012? We will have to wait and see. References Crop Circles .More information on the Crop Circle Ship is available at http://www. like Matthew Williams) that the source behind some of the genuine crop circles is a highly playful and intelligent one. . even these formations have strange associated phenomenon – in other Is it possible that we have been given a gift of tremendous proportions – new types of technology. and likes to inspire people to create them when there is a need – for whatever reason. crop circles.

org .com/ http://www.cropcirclesecrets.lucypringle.http://www.

this is a very short section. A massive human . Some were even planted into the bulkhead of the ship itself. research continued under the tutelage of Dr. and the Wall 2012 and Time Travel Over the years. The Montauk Project and The Wall What is the Montauk Project? The story behind the Montauk project is a complex one. it was a catastrophe to the people involved. it stands to reason that such people involved may be aware of the significance of 2012 and what may be happening at that time. that may have had the capability to travel through time. John von Neumann who had directed the technical aspects of the Philadelphia Experiment. The objective of this experiment was to make the ship undetectable to radar and while that was achieved. the events concerning the ship have commonly been referred to as the ‘Philadelphia Experiment’. and there are two events that will be covered briefly.2012. As the Eldridge was stationed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. however Preston Nichols & Peter Moon give the best description: “The origin of the Montauk Project dates back to 1943 when radar invisibility was being researched aboard the USS Eldridge. Because this is way out there . there have been a few projects. there was a side effect. Sailors had been transported out of this dimension and returned in a state of complete mental disorientation and horror. Those who survived were discharged as "mentally unfit" or otherwise discredited and the entire affair was covered up. His new orders were to find out what made the mind of man tick and why people could not be subject to interdimensional phenomena without disaster. The ship became invisible to the naked eye and was removed from time and space as we know it!” “Although this was a remarkable breakthrough in terms of technology. If any of these stories have any truth to them. or individuals. Time Travel. After the war.

2003. who both claim to have been involved in the projects. in 2023. The last peak of this time wave was on August 12th. It was claimed that a special chair (known as the Montauk Chair) was developed. there is a 20 year time wave that is a result of the natural biorhythms of the planet Earth. eventually discovering that the manifestation of portals which man could cross through were not out of the limits either. Both of these individuals also claim to have had difficulty remembering some of the events as a result of the black operations designed to cover up all information and signs that the projects ever took place. 1963. and their thoughts would be amplified to the point where they could manifest physical objects.gathered from a crashed UFO. 1983. released . at what is known today as Camp Hero. but it was necessary for someone to sit in the Montauk Chair.factor study was begun at Brookhaven National Laboratories on Long Island. The requirements were complex. There are many other stories of time travel that also reference the importance of the 20 year time wave. These experiments were performed underground as a highly classified project. on Long Island (New York). that had the ability to open portals to other times and locations. or according to some reports . and there will not be another one until after 2012. etc. such as the Time Vector Field Chronicles. The points of this time wave always occur in 20 year intervals. 2003. Most of the information about these projects comes from a couple of people who can be found on the Internet today – Al Beilek and Preston Nichols. among many other things the Montauk project led to experimentation with consciousness and Time Travel. New York” Ultimately. on August the 12th (or 11th according to some sources) in 1923. According to these sources.

Some texts describe this as a wall that blocked every attempt to pass it. known as the Northeast Blackout of 2003 occurred throughout much of the Northeast and Midwest United States. 2003. Unfortunately there is a lack of technical detail regarding the techniques used by the project. and cities were old and abandoned. they could not travel past the year 2012. Notice the date August 14th 2003 is only two days after August 12th. On August the 14th of Recommended Video The 2012 Enigma (David Wilcock) http://video. this means that John lived through the year 2012 when he was a young boy of 14 years the Raulm Trust and Jesse Stewart online over 10 years ago. Others mention that eventually. a poster by the name of John Titor [while Titor is an obvious reference to ‘TIme TravelOR’] announced on Internet message boards and forums that has was in fact a time traveler from the year 2036. except everything was dead. and into the far The available literature describes time jumps between node points (1943 and 1983) in some detail. a huge blackout in the United John Titor During the end of 2000 and the beginning of 2001. The project discovered that for whatever reason. It has been suspected – and rightfully so – that this was inadvertently caused by time travel experiments gone wrong at Montauk. References http://en. they found a way around the wall.wikipedia. . If the story is true.

John claimed to be part of a military unit that had a specific mission. It is important that they be a surprise. there are unusual events in 2012 but they do not cause the world to end. by John Titor: “I am aware the concept of the Rapture is related to Christian Prophecy but I am not familiar with the details.” And even more interesting: “In my 2012. Yes. I am aware of the Mayan Calendar but in 2012. there are people I trust here and I would hate for any harassment or harm to come to them. He also claimed several times that it was not his intent to prove that he was a time traveler – as that would cause unwanted interest from governments and scientists. and those who would not? It won’t be long until we know for sure. perhaps changing the timeline in undesired ways. hoax or not. The civil war was in its 7th year and the world war was three years away. Unfortunately. Perhaps you are familiar with the story of the Red Sea and the Egyptians?” Comments Is It possible that Titor could have used the Red Sea reference as an analogy for specifically the division between people who would make the shift. some of which have been impressive. When the time comes. however many people believe that we have managed to create a more positive future that Titor experienced. Here are the references about 2012. I was 14 years old spending most of my time living. I’m sure people will find the signs they are looking for that leads them to the end of time. running and hiding in the woods and rivers of central Florida. In any case. John made several predictions about the future. I have decided not to discuss events that you or I can do anything about. it was not something I was able to think about. while others have seemed to be off target. . Yes. it is interesting that John Titor would make such a comment.

as it may seem. and multiple people would probably have been involved. or as far away. John Titor’s Military Insignia. Some people like to say that time travel isn’t as hard. the amount of research and knowledge that went into it was tremendous.If it was just a hoax. which he posted online. . Related Images Above.

Scans from Titor’s 2036 Technical Information .

Photos of the alleged time machine used by John http://www. References http://en.

bringing the Earth and all of us closer and closer to a new state of consciousness.alienabductionhelp. She has been in contact since she was a young child. Bonnie . These energy changes have allowed me to focus on my star friends. and the end of February and beginning of March are intense. Alien Abduction Help http://www. Blessings. My name is Bonnie Jean Hamilton and I am a life-long contactee. According to her website. During the past couple of years. I am compelled to share the information with you. people claiming to be in contact with extra-terrestrials – or star people have been receiving messages about 2012 and the times directly ahead. Hello Everyone. bringing them into view and speaking with Included here are two examples of communications passed on by Bonnie – information from the star people regarding the changes at this time.Messages and Direct Contact  For several years. This information is coming through a filter: my interpretation. Bonnie Jean Hamilton is a fine example of such a person. which I will post as I receive it. waves of energy have been affecting planet Earth and all the living creatures here. Early 2008 brought the strongest wave yet. Bonnie is a life-long contactee who has had both positive and negative experiences with the star people and other interdimensional beings – as well as unfortunate encounters will physic military operatives. Each energy wave is a little stronger than the last. asking questions and receiving answers.

it is an individual decision made according to that person's development. this will not be terribly shocking to your system. The vibrational energy frequencies are now in a state of transformation. Because the changes are gradual. Everyone is learning. you will be able to see energy and manipulate it freely. the physical body will undergo transformations making it different than what you have known in the past. There is no right or wrong choice. When a certain percentage of souls have ascended into the new state of consciousness. In this new state of awareness. and unity. People who are choosing to stay with the old energies may see the shift of Earth's axis and accompanying natural disasters. This is the date firmly etched into the unified subconscious. even if the Gregorian calendar and the Mayan calendar do not match. Earth will begin to make her physical progression. changing everything in their path. 2012 This Winter Solstice marks the end of the current age and the beginning of a new state of consciousness on planet Earth. peace. Will we lose our physical bodies? There is a very good probability that people who are changing with the natural flow of energy waves will gradually change and not lose their physical bodies. People who are ascending to a new vibrational rate will be focused on love. However. Will there be natural disasters during the Pole Shift? The Earth that exists in the new state of conscious awareness will not see any major natural disasters. and where the power truly lies in this case is BELIEF.Message 1 December 21. . Is 2012 the correct date? Yes. Those who are not ready will remain with the old Earth or leave their physical bodies. This is the end of the current age. Those people who are ready to open up and ride these waves will ascend into the next state of consciousness on the planet.

This dimensional level focuses on the heart chakra. there is a war going on. Is there a war going on? If so. The Reptilians. Arcturans. Every person on this planet who holds a position of great authority and power is a member of the Reptilian family line. and we have the ability to manifest our thoughts and idea with energy. You sound so nice and peaceful here. We are not 3rd density beings like yourselves. we are 4th density. We are not the only travelers here monitoring Earth. 2012. If you focus on something you want. Many of us (Pleiadian. with love for all.Message 2 How did you [the star people] get over the need for commerce. and those of the Reptilian family line on Earth want the planet to remain the captive audience it is. we are an evolved you). We take care of each other-it is only natural when your heart is fully open to everyone and everything-try it and you will ascend to the new state of consciousness at the end of your current age. there are those who wish to keep as many people as possible in 3rd density and prevent the Earth from making its natural progression to this new state of conscious awareness. these people are the ancestors of the Reptilian species (it is the next step of their evolution). Why aren't you always nice to abductees? We try to be. However. December 21. accept their offering of love and pass it along to another. economy and money? And how did you design this physically and mentally throughout your species? Our higher energy centers opened when we shifted into this new state of consciousness (or should we say when you shifted into this new state of consciousness. why and who is fighting? Yes. Greys. If someone brings it to you as a gift. Do not let the timeline . We work directly with our contacts here on Earth and do not abduct people. We simply share with one another through a feeling of love and connection. etc. Zeta Reticuli. remember. it will come to you.) are supporting the Earth in its transition to 4th density.

they will do anything to keep their free energy source intact. Just as with human society. such as Pleiadians. The Reptilians do not want the Earth to make this transition. they are being severely twisted by the Reptilians into becoming mere slaves to them. I realize that the Reptilians are a huge group of people who do not all follow the same path. The Greys have been working with the United States government for many years. They have manipulated each other. This war is about the ascension of the Earth from 3rd to 4th density. We want this to happen so we may all evolve together. etc. Reptilians. some of my oldest and best friends are reptilian). a movement that will allow ascended souls to exist in a higher state of conscious awareness where love is law. so I am certainly not speaking of ALL Reptilians in this translation.time is not linear. Together. .confuse you . there are good and bad people in every bunch. There is also the fact that individuals from each group have their own identities and personalities-I do not want to stereotype anyone. I have many friends who are very reptilian in nature (in fact. and neither is any better than the other. it is a series of moments defined by precise vibrational frequencies that may be tuned into in order to move from one moment to another. The Problem with Labeling (A note from Bonnie): I have never been comfortable giving specific names to groups of star people. Orions. through my own experience and knowledge. Neither trusts the other. and cheated each other so neither side knows top from bottom. lied. what the star people are telling me. there are good and bad in the bunch. I am doing my best to translate.. because I am never really sure of where they come from.

is believed by many to be associated with the year 2012. There is no limit to where the number can be seen – either literally or symbolically. where both incidents may occur at the same point in time. so much as the why. In other words. a large number of people (appearing to be in the hundreds of thousands) across the world have reported the coincidence of looking at a digital clock at exactly the time of 11:11. An interesting phenomenon. [Note: The author of this text was initially quite skeptical of this phenomenon. until it started occurring on a personal level. There seems to be a subconscious urge to look up at these moments. it is not about where they come up. there are also those rare ongoing coincidences. and television are just a few places where these numbers pop up – but again. events that correlate in unlikely ways across space and time are coincidences – or synchronicities. I am convinced we are dealing with a genuine phenomenon. After a massive number of these ‘coincidences’. and keep persisting. and I can’t explain where this comes from. shopping receipts. but I can feel it. The 11:11 will often show up at every opportunity. however clocks provide a common outlet for the manifestation of 11:11 visual signs. To be precise. Number plates. While some coincidences are to be expected as a result of random interference.Numbers and Coincidences A coincidence can be defined as an incident that happens with another incident that have a relationship. and peaking in the last few. which persist. known as the 11:11. or perhaps at the same point in space instead. For several years.] . this is not limited to clocks.

others (for example. and the sheer number of times it is seen often is able to remove doubt from many minds. or in simple terms – you tend to notice something a lot once you begin thinking about it. can often be more individual specific – in other words. this answer does not necessarily explain it conclusively – people waking up at exactly 11:11. for example: . project – or perhaps another individual they care about (in which case dates of birth may be seen). 1114). turning around to look at a clock or other device for the first time only to see the 11:11 (and this includes clocks in foreign locations that it would be impossible to have had subconscious knowledge of). while a single dot represents a value of 1. An additional note of interest on the 11:11 In the Mayan numbering system. the large number of people involved. some numbers may have meaning to one person.A common argument against the 11:11 is that it is merely wishful thinking. The reason for this is that often the numbers are related to something the person is passionate about – an event. It should be mentioned here that there are also other numbers that are seen. you will begin to see them everywhere on the road. While some of these number sets (for example. but not everyone else. However. 1234) are seen by large numbers of people as well. In other words. A large number can be created by using a combination of bars and dots. Anyone that experiences the 11:11 will agree that it is not as easy as it sounds – to call the 11:11 bogus. a solid bar represents a value of 5. each person can choose to accept (run with it) or ignore (if they feel more comfortable) the phenomenon without major interference in their own belief structures. By manifesting in the form of nothing more than a coincidence. if you buy a new type of car.

that the exact time (GMT/Universal Time) of the December solstice in 2012 (On December the 21st. it seems notable. the number 11 could be represented by: Then.Therefore. 2012) falls precisely on 11:11 – according to the US Navy! . two 11’s could be represented by a visual form identical to the way 11:11 would be displayed on a digital clock: The Solstice in 2012 As a fundamental concern of the 11:11 is its ability to manifest as coincidences. and perhaps amusing.

This is the only Solstice (or Equinox for that matter) shown (out of 29 years from 1992 to 2020) that has the 11:11 – and it happens to be on our 2012 date! This is a direct connection between the 11:11 phenomenon and the 21st of December. 2012. Source: http://web. Could this be a result of our approach to 2012?       . It has extreme s/EarthSeasons. however on the average. Often. it appears to come and go in phases. reports of the frequency of 11:11 are growing steadily. and lows.html The 11:11 is increasingly in over periods of weeks or even

Cosm mic Inf fluenc ce  Changes in the Solar Syst s tem It is a fac that is well known to the or ct w n rganizations like NA ASA that E Earth isn’t the sole p planet in the solar s t system that is unde ergoing global warm ming changes. f r the plane and oth compo Some ch hanges in the Sola System n ar m .if this wer the case then the would be no glo on Pluto. which is the fa h arthest pla anet of the sun in ou Solar e ur System a is eve drifting further aw and en way. it s e y seems unlikely to b a be i re ere obal warm ming valid conclusion . While this may be a part of it. Though it is unkn nown to t general public here are many the c e anets in our solar system a exper o are riencing g global wa arming. Alexey Dmitriev of the Siber f rian Depa artment of Russian Academy of Scienc y ces sor nsively stu udied this phenome s enon has a profess of geology who has exten concluded that the global wa e arming that is happ pening on other pla anets are d due ct tries of va arious cha arged particles that are enter ring to the fac that there are ent in our Solar System This is the cause of the v m. other pla ople on ea tend t think that global w arth to warming is caused only by d Most peo industrial pollution etc. for example. various ab bnormal be ehaviors o of ets her onents of the solar system.

The brigh htness intensity of Neptune has changed by over 40% e d %. The helio osphere or the magnetic fie e eld of the sun has grown b about 1000 n by 0%. A s Additionally.The plane of Uranus and Neptune have underg ets e gone polar shifts. Auroras p present on Sa aturn have undergone man noticeable changes. There is a sodium and potassium a d atmosphere th is growing around the m hat moon. Tornadoes have also become much fre y s e equent aft the year ter 1960. he atmosphere around Mars has sh d hown a growth of 200% an is still gettin even thick nd ng ker. ny Venus is becoming bright overall an is showing light where t nd g there used to be dark. gest earth hquakes in the worl seemed to n ld d curred afte 1960. The dark spots on Plut have grown to n. There has been an inc s crease in the a activities of th sun such a solar flares he as http://www Coronal Mass Eje ections fr rom the S Sun . There hav been many drastically c ve climatic fluctuations on Ma such as the ice caps me ars elting. The magn netic field of Jupiter has do J oubled. There is increase in the brightness of Saturn. T er This would mean that along w quant the d with tity have occ impact of the earth f hquakes is also increasing. Referenc ces erprise Mis ssion (Ric chard Hoa agland) The Ente w. As far as can be determined the bigg d. after th year 19 he 960 there hav been many volca ve m anoes tha were do at ormant ha come back to lif ave fe. Volcanoe that hav been ly es ve ying dorm mant for m many centu uries are n now suddenly active.enterpr risemissio on.

This is again a rare alignment of the sun that happened only in the as long ago as 1882. Then. In the year 2003 there were many solar activities recorded. The particles that are ejected towards the earth can cause great damage to our satellites. this means that Venus passed between the Earth and the Sun. in June of 2004 the planet Venus made a transit in front of the Sun. When ejected in our direction. these high energy particles take about 3 days to reach the Earth. Both the coronal ejections as well as the solar flares cause much damage to our radio communication system as well as our satellites. on the 4th of November the biggest solar flare ever was observed and this was followed by the discharge of a huge CME. the day after a dormant volcano in Java became active. The recordings began on October 21st when there were heavy warnings issued against solar activities.A CME (coronal mass ejections) are the ejections of plasma (charged particles) that are coming from the corona of the sun. Still more. and the next solar maximum takes place in 2012. This was followed by an eruption of another volcano in Russia. The intensity of the sun has an 11 year cyclical period. . What is odd in this is that all these CMEs including the strongest CME occurred in the last two years after the solar maximum was observed in 2001. This is an odd behavior of the sun and the sun is most definitely moving out of pattern and showing abnormal activities. In the year 1989 a CME destroyed many of our satellites. This fortunately missed the Earth otherwise there would have been sever impact on the planet from the colliding CME. On 28th of October there was the biggest sunspot observed and soon after a CME discharge was noticed. and the power grid in Canada was knocked out – causing the loss in electricity to millions of people around the world. As soon as the Venus transit occurred.

Precession and the Galaxy The reason the star constellations. There is also a growing amount of evidence that suggests life on Earth is also undergoing significant changes due to the disturbances and drastic changes in our Solar System at this time. Planetary Changes There is abundant proof of the abnormal behavior of the planets in our solar system (many presented by Richard Hoagland in associated with David Wilcock) as well as the drastic changes that are happening in the last ten years. If they claim to be taking it seriously enough. the Orion.The next time Venus transits the sun is on the 6th of June. In the year 2012 the solar maximum converges with the Venus transit as well as a galactic alignment or our Solar System with the center of the galaxy. This is perhaps the most interesting phenomenon in the entire known history of our Solar System. like. The question is if the proof is so obvious then why the top scientists of the United States aren’t reporting these findings to the public? Why are organization like NASA keeping the public in the dark and not taking global warming too seriously. until the year 2117 to be specific. The release of reports like these could create panic in the public that might harm the economical interests. and that is the last time for over 100 years. then why were they not present for the conference on climate control and carbon die oxide reductions in Tokyo? The Russian scientists are doing a better job and being bolder by educating the public directly about this. the Pleiades and the Big . Therefore they seem to think that keeping all the findings in the dark is a good idea. 2012.

Prec cession is also know as the precessio of equinoxes or processio of solstices. as i wn on on it can track the zodia signs o equinox and s k ac on xes solstices.765 ye e ears (a complete cycle of precessio e on). w which is why .765 ye ears. This results in the chan s n nging axis direction of s n the Earth h. we ifferent p pole star ( (Polaris). For i instance. as a result of p precessio which i respons on. is sible for th star co he onstellations of the zodiac sh throug a comp hift gh plete circle rotation in about 25. ent sign of Pisces on th he The curre time now looks at the Sun aligned with the s vernal eq quinox. we can identify the 1 deg of n gree shift i position of the in n zodiac sig gns. T pre-de he The efined mo oments ar re the equin noxes and solstices defining the seaso d s onal changes. Monitorin of prece ng essions c be don by find can ne ding out th position of a zodiac he n sign at already def fined mom ments of th year. if the sun is focused on the ve s ernal equinox (21st of March every ye for t h) ear duration o 72 years. ab bout to ma its tran ake nsformatio into Aq on quarius.Dipper ch hanged th positio over t centur heir ons the ries in the sky is du to a e ue phenome enon calle precess ed sion. This is becau use of the cha ange in po osition of the star a above the north pole of the e earth. than what the Today w have a totally di Egyptian had thousands of years ago (Alp Draco ns pha onis). has ke plete precessio cycle of 360 * 72 = approx on o 2 ximately 2 25. In or rder to com mplete a c circle of 360 degree and co es ome back to the same position in the sky the zodiac sign h to mak a comp e y.

Jenkins also describes other traditions across the world such as the Egyptian or the Indian traditions also were based on the alignment of the planets and even they knew about the existence of the winter solstice. Many believe that the date when this transition is about to occur coincides the last end date of the Mayan Long Count calendar. however in reality. The books talk about how the Mayans followed the paths of the Sun and the Earth and how educated they were about the alignment of the planets.950 years. The exact date is hard to determine but it is known that this will happen sometime during the end of December of the year 2012. This means the earth (and the Solar System) will align with the galactic equator. This is one of the rarest alignment in the precession cycle of the earth.the New age movement talks about the coming Age of Aquarius. it should take at least a minimum of 360 years before the vernal equinox enters Aquarius – this is a gradual process and astronomical events generally occur over longer periods of time. Cosmic influence Is an unseen force driving the evolution of consciousness is within already defined cycles? . The Alignment! The initial question was why the winter solstice is so special in the year 2012. This is because in the year of 2012 on December 21 there will be a special alignment that happens only once in 25. As this alignment takes place in the winter solstice this alignment is also known as the winter solstice galactic alignment. As this alignment takes place the Sun will enter into the ark rift of the Milky Way. A good discussion of the winter solstice galactic alignment is contained in the book called ‘Maya Cosmogenesis 2012’ and ‘Galactic Alignment’ written by John Major Jenkins.

We should note that the mainstream western science cannot really explain how completely independent processes like chemical. . regardless of the presence of matter. Harold Aspen. but actually are vortexes in the aether. If it is acceptable that the physical matter does not consist of hard marbles. Shnoll. and affects both inanimate and living processes on the Earth. physical and biological processes can be made to react in a coherent way simultaneously to outside influences which correspond to the motion of the planets. The aether is like the medium which exists in all space. which he refers to as ‘space domains’. We enter many zones having aether densities. called torsion (aetheric) waves. Dr. Stars and planets give away large number of waves. we can understand and see how the torsion waves can affect so many things present in our material reality. as Edgar Cayce predicted. constantly rewriting the aether’s fabric. from the Cambridge University who mathematically authenticated the aether having varying densities. when they revolve. published all that he had done in his 30 years work life in 2000. are due to conscious aether energy of the vacuum. He discovered the fact that the fluctuations in chemical and biological processes including radioactive decay take place in cycles corresponding to celestial movements of the planets. what kinds of mechanisms trigger such events? David Wilcock has explained that the changes in the Earth. which proves planetary motions cause disturbances in vacuum. as the Earth moves through different areas of space. Simon E. is backing up the claims of Wilcock. a Russian biophysicist. known as atoms. in a popular physics journal. the medium through which the torsion (aetheric) waves travel. Dr.Why does this relate to galactic alignments and planetary movements? If humanity will supposedly experience a transition process of consciousness as told by some predictions of 2012.

an nd . erent density zones of the ae s ether in th he galaxy sy yncs with all the wo ages. he as y ore e which em merged fro the fiel existed on the E om ld. caus sing the q quantum le eaps in ev volution a the and missing li inks in fos record He sug ssil ds. al lso affect the biologica life on th Earth. coi c ined by Rupert She eldrake. which ca for spir z he all ritual awak kening. m might be th actual he carrier of DNA info ormation. a t term coine by Erv Lazlo o ed vin or the morphogenetic field. ggests the are als a result of the ere so torsion w waves. ommunica ating with the wave emanated from t h es the influence of its own while co center of the galax xy. Torsion w wave ene ergy also affects o indivi o our idual and collectiv d ve consciou usness and also o spiritual devel our lopment. since it i a pure is cosmic c conscious energy The diffe y. We can a also find zones in th galaxy.Torsion w waves that originate from the Sun. He also belie eved that t the DNA’s mo orphogen netic fields are the f s forerunners of biolo ogical evo olution. David Wilcock also believes that spontaneous extinction of the e o s ns existing forms of l and ge life eneration of new lif on the E fe Earth hav taken p ve place seve eral times in p past evolu ution. also known as the A on a A-field. way befo the life forms. David Wil lcock prop posed tha the morphogenet at tic field of th DNA wa already there in vacuum. The grea e al he atest gene erator of th torsion he waves in our solar system is probably the Sun and has an enorm r s y mous n. The torsio field. such as t orld those des scribed by Vedic y traditions s. the cosmos and our p e e e planets. d Earth.

                      . Right now the Solar System is coming into a zone in the galaxy that indicates the beginning of the age of Aquarius and the end of the age of Kali Yuga.zones which call for spiritual darkness. We are scraping through the Kali Yuga. though it’s been kept alive by esoteric traditions for centuries. an age that encloses us in the loss of spiritual awareness and the darkness of materialism. Just now we have started to understand the significance of this cosmic knowledge.

In any case.Expec ons?  ctatio According to many beliefs. tual conne ection tha we have enjoyed with our w at e world thou usands of f The spirit years ago has bee severe comple o. achieve more or h have more This cy e. Of n course th can be interprete in the biblical se his e ed ense. ycle has r repeated itself on t global level. or in met cal taphorical sense. po y ower strug ggles and the need to g gain more. It ha been m c as marked by wars. en ed etely. oney or land. relig gious sens se. the age that we left l n e th st behind (th 20 ce he entury and the beginning of 2 century) was riddled with d 21 h lots of ma wars and strug ajor ggles that all dealt w energ oil. It has bee said th the age that we are in the process of leaving behind a en hat e e g totally ma aterialistic age. nat the tional leve and on the individ el dual level The l. mo with gy. prophetic sense. a as een ed although the end resul has bee the sam lt en me. s as y he the collec ctive cons sciousness and coll s lective good of man nkind has waned . espe ecially dur ring the la few ast centuries Now it is almost a if every man for himself and thus th belief in s. obsession with ma aterials ha even be cloute under religion. o world as we know is com g y our ming to an end.

000 year cycle and the 12. many beliefs of the past. The results are quite catastrophic as such shifts can cause major solar flares which have the capacity to wipe out life on planet Earth. Some say this is just a coincidence. point toward the end of this age. but rather they were interested in the beginning of the era. corresponding to the modern solar calendars that we use today. and they felt that each era was significant in certain regards. As we have seen. However contrary to popular belief. . Some speculate that the very changes that brought upon the end of the era of dinosaurs was the same which started the era of man.000 year cycle all correspond one to one with the Sumerian findings. these cultures also believed that a new period would start and the universe (their world) would be reconstructed over again. Scientists also point out that the sun goes through major pole change every 40. this did not cause a separation from the reality as they were keen observers of the cosmos.000 years. many various scientists concur that the Earth goes through major shifts in the magnetic poles of both the Earth at this time. Anthropologists further speculate theta although the Mayan Calendar foresaw an end to the current era in 2012. according to the Mayan calendar and Mayan beliefs. Of course. Interestingly . the end of the 40. they were not obsessed with the end. With their calendars. Some prophecies and legends from the ancient cultures such as the Sumerians and the Phoenicians have stated that the major cycle of life that continues for 12. the end of the current world cycle ends in 2012.completely. they tried to predict major changes in the energy. Although these may be speculations by the scientists.000 years will be coming to an end between the years 2012 and 2020. This is an important concept as the Mayans were introverted people who were more focused on their inner selves. In any case.

cu utting dow wn our forest and especially th Amazo killing v ts he on. they believe that the destiny of mank y ed e y kind was hinged upon the periodic. If you look at t end re u the esults. Statistics show tha hit and run accide at ents have risen mo than 2 e ore 22% in the e last decade. mos of us jus opt to w e o st st walk out. In the me etaphorica sense. p al perhaps this big co ompletion to the era that we a have talk about above is j ked just the end of the humankin from its extrover nd s rted materialis existe stic ence into a introve an erted spirit tual one. various ne extinc species on ear ct s the plane such as the hump et s pback whales and destroying the environmenta g al and the c cosmic ba alance of o world by any means possible. R Right now humans are curre w. uld ook our ny. w without ev lookin ven ng back. this extrover s rted cosmos a their environme behavior of human have no brought us any c ns ot closer to o ultimate so calle our ed destiny.Furtherm more. cycli ese ical changes and thus by a attuning y yourself with the Universe you cou have a clear lo at yo destin e. This feeling o our s of indifferen has be nce ecome so predomin o nant that w when som mething ha appens to o someone in front of us. Thus the co orrespond ding world poverty and death due to v d h various diseases such as tuberculos is not surprising. More people a incline to turn a blind ey to the p e are ed ye plight of others. nd ce be nuation with the universe. s ently enga aged in da angerous practices for s their worl such as global w ld s warming. t ses t . Perhaps humankin will onc again b in atten and e ent. p polluting th environ he nment.

while if your feminine side was dominant then you were depicted as female. They believe that the change will come not in a physical sense. Perhaps the change and the end of an era will come in a biblical sense as . but rather it will come in a sense of consciousness. there would be major awareness of the awakening cosmic consciousness which will cause a shift to the higher level of existence for mankind. which has caused these problems – as a result of ignorance towards universal cycles.Some say that it is the transition toward the solar calendar. such as the Law of One material and others describe. If your masculine side was pre dominant. However you were a combination of both and thus you had to live with the same vibration as cosmos in order to be successful. Again according to similar beliefs. This end to our era need not be apocalyptical. eating. Mayans and many other ancient cultures is just the reminder of the fact that the humankind needs to change and shake away this un-natural stagnation into the depths of materialism. However with the advent of the solar calendar. then you were depicted as a man. The Quero Indians of Peru or the Brahma Kumaris of the ancient Indian culture all predict a change of consciousness in mankind. This is mainly caused by the fact that your life is divided in to 24 hour cycles as you go through a periodic change of sleeping. and working every day. This inadvertently causes a more shorter view on our life cycle and thus our major goals are yearly. Perhaps it signifies a new era of enlightenment that is unparalleled by anything else. Perhaps this end of an era that is predicted by the Sumerians. This in turn drives a more materialistic wrench into our hearts as only materialistic goals become of anything significant. the only thing important to mankind is just today. The ancient cultures saw humans as two halves that were comprised by their masculine and feminine side.

pollution and materialism is bound to bring some catastrophic changes in the future for mankind. perhaps even literally. In any case. or the restart of time. This would better prepare each of us as an individual to the rigors ahead. this type of living will make each of us better human beings and thus live more harmonious and satisfying lives with a sense of purpose. so to speak. We can live for the future and live for the future of humanity with these principles in mind. This will cause us to be more aware of our environment and of our destiny both in the individual sense and in the collective sense. we can be more in attenuation with the cosmic frequency. Perhaps it is this individual belief in change that will cause this focus on the end of time as we know it. Just like the ancient people. this destructive tendency toward global warming.predicted by the Mayans and the Sumerians. In the end. The best option available to us would be to better ourselves and allow for an effective personal transition over the years ahead. Of course. those that have traveled through the time fabric!). Perhaps the change is here or perhaps the end of time is near as predicted. or it will come in a metaphorical sense as predicted by the ancient Peruvians. See you on the other side! . The best thing that we can do may be to act as if this change is imminent or even act as if this change has already occurred. Maybe the human existence is approaching a certain singularity point – the end of time. no one can know for sure which side will be right or if anything will happen at all (with the exception of perhaps.

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