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Class IV NSO Sample Paper 10

Class IV NSO Sample Paper 10

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The National Science Olympiad is organized every year to motivate students to strive for better and deeper understanding of scientific facts and data and to enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills All school students from class 1st onwards are invited to participate in this unique contest that tests their understanding, level of knowledge, applications and power of reasoning.

The National Science Olympiad is organized every year to motivate students to strive for better and deeper understanding of scientific facts and data and to enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills All school students from class 1st onwards are invited to participate in this unique contest that tests their understanding, level of knowledge, applications and power of reasoning.

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Published by: Nilesh Gupta on Jan 17, 2013
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is another way of writing Eight Rupees and Ten Paise?

A. Rs. 8.10 B. Rs. 8.01 C. Rs. 81.01 D. Rs. 80.10

2. Which

of the following statements is correct?


2 5 2 5 2 11 2 7

2 7 2 7 2 5 2 9

2 9 2 9 2 7 2 5

2 11 2 11 2 9 2 11




3. Which

of the lengths below is the shortest?

A. 1 Millimeter B. 1 Centimeter C. 1 Meter D. 1 Kilometer

4. There are 32

students in a class. There are 13 girls in the class. What is the fraction of boys in the class ?

A. B. C. D.

19 32 13 32 32 19 32 13

5. In A. 6 B. 8 C. 1 D. 7

the number 7186, the digit ____ is in the hundred’s place

6. 2

litres 8 ml = ----------- ml

A. 28

B. 208 C. 2008 D. 20008

7. The number of line segments A. 15 B. 12 C. 5 D. 30

in the figure


8. Nihal

has to wear a shirt, trouser and shoes for an interview. He has the following options available. Shirt Trousers Shoes Pink Black Black Green Blue Brown White How many possible combinations can be made ?

A. 10 B. 12 C. 15 D. 18


5 of a day in hours 12

A. 2 hours B. 10 hours C. 12 hours D. 22 hours

10. What

is the value of ∆ if Q + Q + Q = ∆ Q + Q = 12

A. 18 B. 60 C. 17 D. 15

11. 5000 A. 579 B. 5079 C. 5709 D. 21000

+0 + 70 + 9 =______

12. Which

pair of numbers makes the given number sentence FALSE?

A. B. C. D.

13. Which

one of the following mathematical statements is correct?

A. 3793 = 3000 + 79 + 3 B. 56286 56000 + 280 + 86 C. 40044 = 40440 + 400 D. 3325 = 3000 + 300 + 20 + 5

14. Which

of these shapes has no corners?

A. Triangle B. Circle C. Rectangle D. Square

15. There are 5 A. 10 B. 15 C. 18 D. 20

children in a class. Each shook hands with each other. How many handshakes took place ?

16. Rakesh A. 7 days B. 14 days C. 21 days D. 15 days

went to his grandmother’s house for a fortnight. For how many days did he stay?

1 ?  the missing digit is 17. 4 8
A. 32 B. 40 C. 2 D. 4

18. There were 3856

trees in a forest. In another forest there were 4795 trees. How many more trees were there in the

second forest?

A. 930 B. 939 C. 1689 D. 1600

19. The time shown

in the clock is

A. 10 min. past 5 B. l5min.past 6 C. 30 min. past 6 D. 10 min past 6

Raju is carrying two bags. one bag weighs

8 7 kg and the other kg.The total weight Raju carrying is 25 25


2 kg 5 3 kg 5 7 kg 5


C. D. 2

21. Raghav

played snakes & ladders. He threw a dice three times. In three turns he got numbers 5, 4 and 1on the dice On what number did he reach?

A. 22 B. 10 C. 14 D. 15

22. Anita has

47 strawberries to put in 5 baskets. She wants to put the same number of strawberries in each basket. If she evenly divides the strawberries among the 5 baskets, how many strawberries will be left over?

A. 7 B. 2 C. 5 D. 3

23. In

science, Mu uses two beakers to hold the water she needs for an experiment. Each beaker holds I litre of water.How many millilitres of water does she use in the experiment?

A. 2ml B. 200 ml C. 2, 000 ml D. 20, 000 ml

24. Mr. A. 130 B. 135 C. 139 D. 149

Sharma had 265 eggs. He sold 126 eggs and broke 4 eggs. How many eggs had he left?

25. Place value of 3 A. 3000 B. 3 C. 30000 D. 300

in 13584 is

26. Which

is the same as 4,156

A. 41 + 56 B. 415 + 6 C. 400 + 100 -t- 50 + 6 D. 4,000 + 100 + 50 + 6

27. Mona bought

a young rose plant and placed it in her living room. The next day she went on a one month holiday with her family. When she came back, she saw that her rose plant had withered and died. What is the most probable reason for its death?
A. The plant did not have enough air B. The plant was not given enough water C. The living room was too small D. The pot was too small for the plant

28. Which

of the following vegetables does not have seeds?

A. Brinjal B. Carrot C. Pumpkin D. Tomato

29. Which

of the following is mixed with oil and applied to wounds to heal them?

A. Black pepper B. Cumin C. Turmeric D. Red chilli

30. Spider’s

cobwebs are used in making the nest of

A. Coppersmith bird B. Sunbird C. Indian Robin D. Pigeon

31. Honeybees

lay their eggs from

A. January to February B. October to December C. July to September D. April to June

32. Which

of the following animals have ears that look like fans?

A. Mouse B. Elephant C. Rabbit D. Crocodile

33. What

is correct regarding water?

A. It is a liquid in all the three states of matter B. It has no definite volume and shape C. It exists in all the three states of matter D. It has definite shape but no definite volume


Water loses  Ice. The above process is known as - - - - - - -  heat 

A. Melting B. Condensation C. Sublimation D. Freezing

35. -----------covers A. Water B. Salt C. Land D. Metal

about 75% of the Earth and is one of the most abundant substances on Earth

36. Which

of the following carry both goods and passengers ?




D. 37. Suppose you

live in the desert and there is sand all around. It gets very hot in the day. How you will travel to your

A. By a horse carriage B. Through a trolley C. By a camel cart D. Through a bicycle

38. The train

route from Goa to Kerala has a total of 2000 bridges and 92 tunnels.Why do you think there are so many bridges and tunnels?
A. To increase the enjoyment of travelling in B. To make the travel adventurous C. To cross the rivers and mountains D. To protect the train from accidents

a train

39. Which

of the following factors causes the Sun to appear to change its position during different times of the day ?

A. The Sun’s rotation around the Earth B. The Earth’s rotation about its own axis C. The Sun moving about its own axis D. Both the Earth and the Sun’s movement

around each other

40. The different A. Galaxies B. Stars C. Moons D. Constellations

horoscope sunsigns in India are named after the

41. How long does A. 24 hours B. 28 hours C. 240 days D. 365 days

the Earth take to make one complete revolution around the Sun?

42. Which

one of the following does not happen when you breathe in ?

A. Air rushes into your lungs B. Your ribs are raised C. Your lungs squeeze D. The volume of your chest increases

43. What

is the process by which a human being produces offsprings ?

A. Pollination B. Reproduction C. Metamorphosis D. Photosynthesis

44. ‘a’,

‘b’, ‘c’, & ‘d’ in the given flow chart are

A. a Teeth
b c d Stomach Pancreas Small intestine

B. a Mouth
b c d Oesophagus Pancreas Small intestine

C. a Mouth
b c d Liver Duodenum Large intestine

D. a Mouth
b c d Stomach Small intestine Large intestine

45. Take some water in

a glass and mark the water level by pasting a strip of paper outside the glass, as shown in figure. Add two teaspoons of sugar to water and stir. What happens to the water level in the glass ?

A. The volume of the sugar solution remains almost the same as volume of water B. The volume of the sugar solution decreases in comparison to volume of water C. Sugar does not take up any extra space D. Both (A) & (C)

46. Four objects

are placed into a measuring cylinder one at a time and the water level is as shown in the figures below.

The object with the biggest volume is
A. a B. b C. c D. d

47. Identify the object

which is made up of plastic



C. D. Both

(B) & (C)

48. Defence services A. Navy B. Army C. Air Force D. All of these


49. Sourabh

blew at a plastic toy windmill and then held it under a tap from which water was dripping. Which of the following was Sourabh trying to prove?

A. That wind and flowing water possess energy B. That his mouth and the tap possess energy C. That his mouth and the water possess energy D. That moving air and moving water does not possess 50. Pochampalli


district is in Andhra Pradesh. Most of the families in this district are weavers. The special cloth that they weave is called
A. Tassar silk B. Pochampalli C. Coudrouy D. Denim

1. A 6. C 11. B 16. D 21. C 26. D 31. B 36. D 41. D 46. B

2. A 7. D 12. D 17. C 22. B 27. B 32. B 37. C 42. C 47. C

3. A 8. B 13. D 18. B 23. C 28. B 33. C 38. C 43. B 48. D

4. A 9. B 14. B 19. A 24. B 29. C 34. D 39. B 44. D 49. A

5. C 10. A 15. A 20. B 25. A 30. B 35. A 40. D 45. D 50. B

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