IPM Well Control

Well Control Basic Training
Schlumberger IPM

Well Control Equipment. . Kick Detection.Table of Contents n n n n n n n n Training Objectives. Shut-in Procedures. Theory of Well Control. Kick Causes. Well Control Methods. Kick Prevention.

. Describe the procedures for shut-in and divert a well. At the end of this presentation you should be able to: n n n n n Describe the theory of well control. other well control equipment and diverters.Training Objectives This presentation has been designed in order to cover the requirements of the Schlumberger segments related to basic knowledge in well control. Describe primary well control and practices to prevent a kick. Well Control terms and concepts. Describe various methods of well control and its applications. equipment. Describe the kick condition and causes. Describe the concept of “U” tube and its application in well control situations. procedures and correct managing of well control situations are here presented. Explain the concepts of: kicks and blow outs. Describe practices to prevent kicks. Identify BOP equipment. n n n n n Identify kick detection equipment.

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