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By reciting Rddhdsodmi Nam : ys t.#xicaS Let thy life most fruitful: bé. .C .2 Being the only truer. Ném, - we ere Keep it innermost within thee. PREM PATRA RADHASOAME VOL. Il Lay ACLS Weal Lavisie tatgiy HA English Version of the Discourses of’ Param Purush Puran Dhani Huzur-Mahdrdj Translated by S. D. MAHESHWARI, M.Sc. Personal Assistant to Babuji-Maharaj’ a PREFACE The PREM PATRA wds a fortnightly periodical containing exclusively discourses of Param. Purush Puran Dhani Huztir Mahdrdj, the second Sant Sat Guru of the Rddhdsodmi Faith, and no other matter. They were written to the dictation of Huzuir Mahdrdj. ‘These fortnightly Papers were subsequently bound in six volumes, the last of which contains also excerpts from the GHAT RAMAYAN of Param Sant Tulsi Scheb of ‘Héthrds, ae by Huzdr Mahdrdj. The English version of the third volume of PREM PATRA is now being presented for the benefit of those Satsangi brethren who cannot read and understand the original Hindi. March |, 1965 } —_— CONTENTS Discourses as dictated by Huzur Mahdrdj during the period Ist May 1895 to 30th April 1896 Dis. Subject Page 1 Complete salvation of the followers of Radhdsodmi Faith and practitioners of the Abhyds prescribed by it, is possible with ease and without any difficulty or trouble, provided that they firmly accept the Saran of Radhdsodmi Daydl, and mould their life and perform their daily Abhyds according to His directions we ae (7 2 Necessity of Sant Sat Guru and Sddh of the time for true salvation. Their glory and greatness. Discarding old beliefs and prejudices aa . 30 3 Descent and ascent of spirit. Importance of Guru Swartip. Successful performance of Bhajan. Proper conduct in the world and in spiritual matters we 4d 4 Importance of Shabd. How it works everywhere in the creation. True and perfect salvation possible only through Shabd by the grace of Sant Sat Guru. No other means can take to the highest region and deliver from births and deaths... we §=—65 5 RADHASOAMI MAT UPDESH A SINCERE SEEKER AND PARMARTHI. MAYA AND ITS CREATION. NECESSITY OF SAT GURU AND HIS SATSANG. THE GLORY OF THE SUPREME BEING RADHASOAM|I DAYAL. NECESSITY OF HAVING LOVE FOR AND FAITH IN HIS HOLY FEET. REDEMPTION NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT HIS GRACE AND MERCY. Dis. 8 Subject PERSONS -AUTHORISED TO INITIATE. ADVICE TO THEM AND TO ALL INITIATES, i, e., THE SATSANGIS OF RADHASOAMI FAITH Part |. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8 Part 9. Section |. Sincere seekers and devotees Mdyd and its Covers 7 Necessity of the Sat Guru of the time, and the benefit of attending His Satsang Difference in fivas as regards their understanding and Adhikdr (spiritual fitness) In praise of Supreme ‘Being Rddhdsodmi Daydl. Benefit of engendering love for and faith in His Holy Feet. His commandments Grace and Mercy of Rddhdsodmi Daydl for the salvation of Jivas. Universalization of His teachings Outward form and mode of devotion to the Holy Feet of Rddhdsodmi Dayal Necessary instructions for persons who grant initiation . INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE INITIATED by Sddhus and Satsangis Those who have been initiated Section 2. Advice to the initiates of Sants--- Section 3. Instructions for the Satsangis of Rddhdsodmi Faith --- Page 7 81 84 87 91 94 95 96 100 100 102 106 Part 10. ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS AND OBJECTIONS 107 Section |. Answers to the questions of loving devotees concerning devotion to Sat Guru and Supreme Being Rddhdsodmi Daydl oe 107 Dis. 10. 9 Subject Section 2. Answers to the objections of certain Satsangis and others, regarding reverence to the Samddh and Photo of Rddhdsodmi Mahdrdj oo Section 3. Unbecoming speech and behaviour of some Satsangis due to ignorance and misunderstanding. Advice to them oe one Part 11. Incarnation of the Supreme Being. Its necessity ut The task shall not be accomplished until Gurumukhta is attained, i. e., until intense love is engendered for Rddhdsodmi Daydl’s Holy Feet ae ve Adoption of Gurumukh-ang in the Holy Feet of Rddhdsodmi Daydl True Vedantis, i. e., Yogi Gydnis who reached Brahm Pad after penetrating the six Chakras. The Gydnis of today are mostly Vdchak (sophists ). True salvation cannot be had in their company on Mind and spirit should be elevated patiently. Abhyds should be performed properly, without disturbance oo How to restrain desires and impulses and to control senses, Saran of Rédhdsodmi Dayal... 1. Fear 2, Expectation a os 3. Love and affection we 4. Suffering and grief aud - (i) Parmdrthi fear ahs nal (ii) Parmdrthi expectancy a - Page Ml 114 121 126 132 138 161 167 167 167 “168 168 169 170 Dis. 10 Subject (iii) Love for the Holy Feet of Radhdsodmi Daydl (iv) Pain and sorrow, the three afflictions o (a) IIIness (b) Disrespect (c) Poverty RADHASOAMI DAYAL’S DAYA AND: SARAN .. Abhyds ( spiritual practices ) should be performed daily, devoting greater time to the practice which is most pleasurable. In all circumstances depend upon grace and mercy. A sincere seeker of Sat-Pad. The Sat-Pad is beyond A-Sat, the region of Mdyd. The highway to IT lies within the microcosm or the human body. Only rays from Sat have come to this creation. They are the cause of all functionings. Radhdsodmi Daydl’s love, devotion, service and remembrance. Saran of Rddhdsodmi. Surat Shabd Yoga. Mitigation of suffering. Greatness and supremacy of Rddhdsodmi Faith, the true religion of the Supreme Being. True salvation not possible without IT. Three rules necessary for minimising distractions in Abhyds and for sustaining spiritual progress. Satsangis should accept His Mauj and Razd ( Pleasure ), and while depending on grace in affliction and happiness, should not be slack and indifferent to Parmdrth. Page 171 172 175 175 (75 '7 (79 183 188 193 229 235 Dis. 17, 20. Subject Life and behaviour of true lovers and devotets. How to acquire this. Page 244 Section |. Life and behaviour of true Premis 244 Section 2. How to attain the above mentioned way of life and behaviour. oe Sublimity of Rddhdsodmi Faith and Surat Shabd Abhyds. Great good fortune of those who perform Abhyds with love and faith. Thoughts and impulses of mind are the subtle forms of delusions and superstitions. Until these are mitigated or eradicated, mind and spirit cannot properly apply them- selves to the performance of Abhyds, nor can love be augmented. Ways to eradicate them, 1. How thoughts and impulses arise and multiply. 2. How to be released a the cycle of Karams. 3. The effect of all the three kinds of Karams can be effaced by performing the Abhyds of Radhdsodmi Faith. 4. Worldly thoughts and impulses should be converted into Parmdrthi cogitation and zea! for securing internal bliss and happiness. 5. Worldly thoughts, necessity of checking them for internal purification and removing duplicity and hypocrisy, the two great obstacles in Parmdrth Ignorance, misconception and weakness of the soul. Salvation of the soul not 250 258 266 266 269 27t 273 275 Dis. 21. 23. 24. 26. 27. 12 Subject possible without the grace and mercy of the:Supreme Being and Sant Sat Guru, and the performance of Abhyds. True Mukti (deliverance) and how to achieve it, eee True Faith and true Path. Practices prescribed by the true Faith. How they are performed and what benefit accrues from them. te Absolute Truth is Amar, Ajar and Parmanand. Discover Him and His secrets. Establish love with Him, Proceed towards Him. Then will freedom be secured from the region of Asatya, i. e., Mdyd, and from births and deaths. oe Three things to be ever remembered. And other three things to be forgotten or turned away from os How a Parmdrthi may render pain and pleasure of the world ineffective or less effective. How bliss and joy of Abhyds may be made continuous and gradually increasing. The followers of Rddhdsodmi Faith should entertain no doubt and misgiving about their salvation. Anybody, who adopts the Saran of Rddhdsodmi Dayd! and performs Surat Shabd Abhyds, shall attain salvation in one, two, three or, at the most, four lives. Seven rules of conduct for making progress in Parmdrth. Page 282 294 300 305 313 323 335 341