The Basics Of CRM

A brief introduction to Customer Relationship Management

What is CRM ? CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are the concepts used by organizations to manage their relationships with customers. vendors and partners • Internal information (organizational) . This includes • Capturing Leads • Storage and analysis of the customers.

CRM Ecosystem Coined in by META group CRM has 3 aspects • Operational • Collaborative • Analytical .

Operational Aspect Operational aspect of CRM is automation to Customer’s processes including front office sales / service and marketing representative. so that any one can retrieve the customer information at anytime without having to interfere about interaction history . Any customer interaction is recorded by CRM.

Cost reduction and better customer services through automated voice response. SMS. email feedbacks. IVR etc.Collaborative Aspect Direct interaction with customers without interference of sales representative. .

decision making . behavioral analysis. customer retention.Analytical Aspect Analysis of Customer Data for purposes like optimizing marketing effectiveness.

Key Features of CRM A Typical CRM consists of 3 Sub Modules: • Marketing • Sales • Services .

Sales And Services .Key Features of CRM A Typical CRM consists of 3 Sub Modules: Marketing.

Main Share in Market According to Gartner a 2005 study shows earnings like • SAP – 1475 million US$ • Siebel – 966 million US$ • Oracle – 368 million US$ • Salesforce – 281 million US$ • amdocs – 276 million US$ • Others – 2.333 million US$ .

sugarcrm. Some Open source CRM’s to note are: • Sugar CRM http://www.sourceforge.php?s1=18 • Vtiger .com/crm/ • XRMS • OpenCRX http://www.opencrx.vtiger.CRM Now With increasing popularity of Open Source vendors have started openly marketing CRM.

SAP. Brightware. Annuncio . EDS. Amdocs. Trilogy. Kana. eGain. Motive. E.Top CRM Companies Siebel. Oracle.piphany. PeopleSoft. Baan. Primus. Pivotal. Avaya. Quintus. Aspect.

Thanks Amal Krishna Biswas All Logos are Copyrighted and registered by respective Companies. . Used as in basis for a CRM Presentation and Company awareness.At The End Choosing the right CRM helps Client interaction and understanding efficient initiating process of better service and customer retention.

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