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Granddad's Statue of Boy and Dog.

Granddad's Statue of Boy and Dog.

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Published by Terry Collett

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Published by: Terry Collett on Jan 17, 2013
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There was on the sideboard in your granddad’s house a small statue of a boy and dog and you used to stand and stare at it each time you visited the house on Sunday afternoons running your finger over the outline as if to make the boy move or the dog bark but they never did and each time you hoped they would and Gran said mind you don’t knock it over Benedict it’s one of your granddad’s prized possessions he bought it off a man in the market some years ago and you stood with your finger poised

a few inches away eager to feel the cold china once more the smoothness on the finger’s skin your eyes searching each aspect of the boy the way he had his hands the dog looking up expectantly the boy looking down affectionately Granddad’s dog was not a bit like that it was grey and old and was kept in the back garden in a kennel where it would bark or whine and Gran said shut up Major you’ve been fed and sometimes you’d go out

in the garden and stroke its fur or pat its head its dull eyes looking at you disinterestedly but the boy in the statue had an exciting dog which probably wagged its tail and licked its young master although not when you were gazing on Sunday afternoons and your mother said don’t knock it off the sideboard or there’ll be hell to pay you said Ok and wandered into the warm but cluttered lounge where Granddad sat

in the huge armchair in his grey flannel trousers grey cardigan and thinning grey hair and you sat still while the parents and grandparents talked your eyes scanning the photographs on ledges and surfaces faces you knew and some you didn’t small statues of dogs or a girl with fruit or boy playing a silent flute or aged paintings of country scenes of hills or fields or rivers and streams but it was the statue of the boy and dog that filled your head and night time dreams.

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