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Getting Into Medical School Guide

Getting Into Medical School Guide


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Published by: Premed on Feb 10, 2009
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This section was drafted by SDN user nontrad314. It is based on a prelimi-

nary FAQ at SDN composed by the nontraditional forum for the use of the

nontraditional forum. All merits of this section are attributed to the nontra-

ditional forum at SDN. All errors of this section are due to nontrad314. Feel

free to contact nontrad314 with any concerns.

Nontraditional applicants are roughly defined as applicants who have pur-

sued careers beyond the conventional model of the premed applicant. Typi-

cally older than average applicants, nontraditional backgrounds can include

careers in law, health care, the military, education, research, industry (busi-

ness, engineering, etc) and raising families.

As broad as this category of applicants is, there are common concerns of

nontraditional applicants. This section addresses some of those concerns. It

is assembled from a preliminary FAQ at SDN composed by nontraditional

students for the use of nontraditional students.

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