What I’ll Do

Goal: Means of delivery: Helping people to earn enough to provide themselves and their families with a decent lifestyle. Protecting employment land from housing redevelopments; Promoting our area as a great location for businesses to set up; Ensuring that our existing network of roads is adequately maintained. Pressing for urgently required network upgrades including the dualling of the A303 and the Ilminster to Taunton section of the A358. Protection and retention of public forests. Opposing central government sell-off plans and cancelling Somerset County Council’s land giveaways Ensure that Somerset County Council is allocated a fair share of resources from Central Government. High-profile lobbying of Central Government, something that neither the Conservatives that currently control Somerset County Council, nor the Liberal Democrats will do for political reasons – they don’t want to rock the boat with their parties at national level. Reverse the cuts and closures at Somerset’s Household Waste Recycling Centres, which have led to massive increases in flytipping, which despoil our countryside, damage the environment and cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to clear up. As a County Councillor I’d seek appointment to the Somerset Waste Partnership Champion the provision of a cycle path linking Bishops Lydeard, Cotford St Luke, Norton Fitzwarren and Taunton Raise funding for feasibility study and then incorporate plan into local development schemes in order to minimise public funding requirement. Defend local services. Vote against further plans to close local libraries and cut school funding. Ensure excellent value for money for Council Tax Payers As a County Councillor I will examine all areas of spending to ensure that it is spent on something worthwhile. To ensure that environmental protection is at the heart of everything that Somerset County Council does By raising the profile of environmental issues at the Council and ensuring that it meets its carbon reduction targets.

Goal: Means of delivery: Goal: Means of Delivery:


Means of delivery: Goal: Means of Delivery: Goal: Means of Delivery: Goal: Means of Delivery: Goal: Means of Delivery:

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