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GURPS Witchers and Their World - Monstrum

GURPS Witchers and Their World - Monstrum

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Published by Vedran Radovčić

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Published by: Vedran Radovčić on Jan 17, 2013
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Subtype: Vampire [Higher]

Size Modifier: o

Main Attributes: ST15, DX17, IQ16, HT10

Secondary Attributes: Per16, Will16

HP/FP: 15/10

Speed/Move: 6,75/6

Active Defenses: Dodge 10, Brawling Parry

12 (-3 vs. attacks other than thrusting)

Damage Resistance: 8 (Tough Skin)

Attacks: Bite 1d cut, claw 1d+1 cut

Powers: Alternate Form, Scream

Advantages: Claws (Sharp), Combat Reflexes, Fearlessness 2, Immunity to Poison,

Shapeshifting (Alternate Form: Black Bat) Telecommunication (Telesend, Send Only)

Disadvantages: Vulnerability (Fire, x2 damage)

Skills: Body-Language-15, Brawling-17, Carousing-14, Detect Lies-13, Enthrallment (Persuade)-

15, Enthrallment (Suggest)-15, Erotic Arts-17, Flight-14, Intimidation-15, Wrestling-16, Savior-

Faire (Bars and High Society)-15, Sex-Appeal-17, Stealth-16

In the Words of Dandelion

“The bruxa is a higher vampire, that is a post-Conjunction creature, an intruder in our world. She

appears as a beautiful woman, but when she is hungry or attacking, she is terrifying. As a

vampire, the bruxa drinks blood. She often finds a victim to become her lover and a constant

supply of sustenance at the same time.

The bruxa finds the smell of garlic to be socially inconvenient at most. And she considers holy

symbols to be interesting examples of handicraft. She endures the light of the sun well, but she

prefers the darkness of the night. As you see, you can stuff most stereotypical preconceptions

about vampires up your arse when it comes to a bruxa. So what works? The blade of the silver


sword, as usual. Apart from silver, she can be wounded with fire and a stake, provided that the

latter is as long as a wagon's drawbar.

Less powerful bruxae often hunt in packs, making it easier to corner prey. If threatened, they

attack with their nails and rip the victim apart, pausing only to savor the blood of their dying foe.

The greatest threat to a witcher is the bruxa's voice. The creature can screech with such force

that the shockwave will knock even a huge man down, making him easy prey for the vampiress.

Blindness is as great a threat as this ghastly scream. Bruxae deprive their enemies of sight in

order to play cat and mouse with them. Until sight returns, one should defend against their

attacks in any way possible, for example by using the Heliotrop sign.

The bruxae are good at defending themselves against witchers' tricks, but they are vulnerable to


Attacks and Powers

A bruxa prefers to use its vampiric bite on hapless foes, savoring their blood. If cornered, a bruxa

can unleash a powerful scream, unleashing sonic energy upon its foes.

Alternate Form (magical): A bruxa can shapeshift into the form of a large, black bat. This takes

only one second of concentration. While in batform, a bruxa's bite deals imp damage, she gains

the ability to fly with her large wings, and her scream now also blinds opponents; opponents that

become stunned by a bruxa in batform's scream are blinded for three subsequent rounds.

Scream (magical): A bruxa's scream is a cone of sonic waves that initiates in the hex of the

bruxa, and has a range and width of 10 yards. To scream in this fashion, a bruxa must expend 2FP.

The scream deals 5d crushing damage (but has the No Wounding limitation, so it deals no actual

injury), and causes double knockback. Those caught in the blast who suffer any penetrating

damage must succeed at a HT-check (at -1 per 2 penetrating damage) or be stunned. Stun wears of

normally (stunned creatures roll a HT-check at the end of each turn. If successful, they recover,

if not, they continue to be stunned).


Extraction Modifier: -3.

Blood: A dose of Bruxa Blood can be harvested from the veins of a bruxa.

Hair: The hair of a bruxa can be burned to yield Essence of Death.

Nails: The nails of a bruxa contains Naezan Salts.

Skin: The skin of a bruxa contains Abomination Lymph.


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