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Technology Market Insight Update

Technology Market Insight Update

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Technology Market Insight Update- 7th January 2013
Technology Market Insight Update- 7th January 2013

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Published by: CPMInternational on Jan 17, 2013
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07 Jan 2013

Mobile Phone
HTC aims to step up innovation and increase its marketing and sales execution expenditure, as it struggles against its competitors. (WSJ )
Samsung & Intel plan to launch several new devices this year, featuring the jointly developed Tizen mobile operating system. This move could see heavy investment from Intel, in a bid to gain a stronger foothold in the mobile processor market. (digitaltrends) Vodafone 'Nearly New' is a new service which will give customers the chance to buy preowned refurbished smartphones along with a PAYG SIM or on a pay monthly contract. Vodafone aim to increase the uptake of smartphone users in the UK. (T3.com)

Lenovo has stepped into the world of high-end gaming desktops with the ERAZER X700. The new X700 system, supports all the features that hardcore gamers look for, including dual graphics, liquid cooling, and a beefy power supply. Featuring a one-click overclocking, enhancing performance when it’s needed most. Availability begins in June with an MSRP of $1,499. (digital trends) Leap Motion have partnered with Asus, in a deal which will see it bundle its motion control technology with select notebooks and desktops shipping later this year, including the All-in-One PCs and high-end notebooks. (The Verge)
Windows 8 fails to reverse declining PC notebook sales during the festive season. Sales of Windows machines among consumers were reportedly down 11 percent year-over-year. (WSJ)

Consumer Electronics/TV
Retail sales growth of 1.9% expected in January, with year-on-year sales growth predicted to fall far behind the 10-year average for the month. (retail week)
Sony is planning to launch its own multi-channel internet television service, utilising access to living rooms thanks to its range of TV’s, DVD and Blu-ray players and increasingly capable PlayStation 3. (telegrapgh) UHDTVs or "ultra high-definition" televisions, which promise four times the resolution of existing TVs and are likely to be a hot topic at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. (WSJ)

Polaroid plans a series of "experimental" Photobar stores. Photenders will help customers get the best photo results, stores will be equipped with a "patent-pending proprietary technology" that'll let customers wirelessly transfer photos from their phone to a workstation. What's more, the stores won't just be producing glossy photos, but what Polaroid describes as handcrafted pieces using canvas, acrylic, wood or bamboo.(engadget)

Gaming & Apps
Google said today that it is working to restore access to Google Maps on Windows Phone-based gadgets. The search giant blamed the blackout on a poor maps experience on Microsoft's mobile platform. (WSJ)

Social Media & Internet
The download of music, TV shows, films and video games topped £1bn in the UK for the first time in 2012. Traditional media formats, such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray still account for over three quarters of the entertainment market - despite falling by 17.6 percent.. Retail-Week

07 Jan 2013

How the internet changed Christmas
The internet has become so integral to our everyday lives that even the most old-fashioned items on the Christmas 'to do' list have now been transformed. So it's true that in some situations, we actually can't live without technology, but metaphorically speaking, could you have survived Christmas without it? Here's my top 10 ways in which the internet changed Christmas in 2012: 1. Writing a Christmas list 2012 brought us the explosion of Pinterest and helped us make the perfect shareable Christmas lists. A recent survey of female Pinterest users in the US found that 25% would create a Christmas 'want board' in 2012. Some luxury brands, such as Gucci, even facilitated this idea, pushing their gift guides via Pinterest for users to re-pin the products onto their own accounts. Well, how else were they going to choose the right onesie otherwise? 2. RSVP to the office party With over a billion users now on Facebook each day, we are now more than used to receiving and replying to our 'friend's' events electronically. So it makes sense for invitation management to the office Christmas party to become more sophisticated too. In 2012, online ticketing service Eventbrite issued its 50 millionth ticket and helped people in more than 175 countries to organise and join events. Eventbrite pricing is transparent and what's more, it's free for free events which makes it the cost effective choice for organising events of all shapes, sizes and (most importantly) budgets.

For further details or feedback please contact: neer.mehta@uk.cpm-int.com

07 Jan 2013

3. 'Visiting' the family With some game-changing tablet and smartphone announcements in 2012, it was a big year for device launches, particularly for those supporting either FaceTime or Skype applications. Flurry Analytics reported that around 17 million iOS and Android devices were activated on the Christmas day, which was 250% more than reported in 2011. And a similar increase was seen in users searching for FaceTime or Skype related terms on the 25th December. So no matter where you were this Christmas, it seems 'visiting' the family saw a step-change in 2012. 4. 'Sending' Christmas cards Gangnam-style 2012 saw Korean popstar PSY's unexpected worldwide hit 'Gangnam Style' gaining over a billion views on YouTube. So what better way to let someone know you're thinking of them at Christmas than to create and share your very own version of the music video? Self-proclaimed 'digital media company dedicated to making funny things worth sharing', Jib Jab did just that and let us create our own Gangnam holiday video cards. 5. Online Christmas shopping, beating the high street crowds OK, so this is no revelation, but it is true that online Christmas shopping is increasing year on year, and part of that is because of innovative solutions from retailers. Christmas shopping in 2012 was a joy for me. No, really. There were no snow showers or postal delays. I could check, reserve and pick items up off peak. New delivery operators meant I avoided those never-ending Post Office queues on Saturday mornings. I bought postage online. My items arrived gift-wrapped. I even earned cashback for the privilege. I just hope the same applies to returns and exchanges...

For further details or feedback please contact: neer.mehta@uk.cpm-int.com

07 Jan 2013

6. Decorating the tree Whether you go for a real one or prefer a fake, decorating the tree has never been easier when you order it readydressed online! They'll even remove it too.

7. Compiling the Christmas playlist Gone are the days of buying, borrowing or stealing Christmas CDs to create the ultimate playlist. With my saved playlists on Spotify, I simply had to review last year's list, pay to stop the ads for the day, pop on the Christmas jumper and crack open the mulled wine.

8. Reading a newspaper on Christmas Day The Times and The Sun did it in 2011, and on 25th December 2012 The Daily Mail and The Telegraph each produced a Christmas Day tablet edition. The last time The Telegraph released a Christmas Day edition was in 1912, when editors agreed to stop production of newspapers in order to give those involved with their delivery the day off. So the delivery of iPad, Windows 8 and Kindle versions 100 years later really is a break in tradition.

For further details or feedback please contact: neer.mehta@uk.cpm-int.com

07 Jan 2013

9. Watching the Queen's Speech (on demand) Revolutionary developments in on-demand, catch up or live TV services, 2012 saw the end of needing to record the Christmas TV specials. With Sky's updated 'Sky Go' app now available on both iOS and Android devices, Virgin Media's 'Virgin TV Anywhere' offering following closely behind, quicker availability of programmes on iPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD, and popular live TV apps such as TVCatchup, we were no longer restricted by the broadcast schedules. Even HRH The Queen went 3D. 10. Hitting the sales No longer do we need to battle the1 crowds to bag a Boxing Day bargain, with many online retailers actually launching their sales on Christmas Eve. Latest results from Experian revealed that UK consumers made 113m visits to retail websites on Boxing Day to research or buy reduced items, a 17% increase YoY. Source: econsultancy

For further details or feedback please contact: neer.mehta@uk.cpm-int.com

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