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W Candidates are assessed on their ability to make

(ii) comprehension
- deriving individual presentations and to take part in group
0 meanin of words, phrases,

sentences from context discussions on a wide range of contemporary issues.

Assessment will cover the following:

- paraphrasing
(i) accuracy
(iii) application
- using grammatically correct language
- predicting outcomes
- using correct pronunciation, stress and
- applying a concept to a new situation intonation
(iv) analysis (ii) fluency
- understanding language functions - speaking with confidence and fluency

- distinguishing the relevant from the (iii) appropriacy

- using language appropriate for the
- distinguishing fact from opinion intended purpose and audience
- drawing inferences - using varied vocabulary and expressions

- identifying roles and relationships - using varied sentence structures

(v) synthesis - observing conventions appropriate to a

specific situation
- following the development of a point or an
argument (iv) coherence and cohesion

- summarising information - developing and organising ideas

(vi) evaluation - using appropriate markers and linking

- appraising information
- using anaphora appropriately together
- making judgements
with other cohesive devices
- drawing conclusions
(v) use of language functions
- recognising and interpreting speakers' - defining, describing, explaining
views, attitudes or intentions
- comparing and contrasting
Possible genres:
- classifying
Lecture, briefing, talk, discussion, interview, 11
telephone conversation, announcement, instructions, - giving reasons
advertisement, news, meeting, documentary
- giving opinions