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Test Specifications

T Candidates are assessed on their ability to
3 Reading

- expressing relationships comprehend various types of text of varying length

and level of complexity (content and language).
- making suggestions and
recommendations Assessment will cover the following:

expressing agreement and disagreement

seeking clarification
I (i) comprehension

- skimming and scanning

- asking for and giving information - extracting specific information

- persuading - identifying main ideas

- drawing conclusions - identifying supporting details

- stating and justifying points of view

- deriving the meaning of words, phrases,
sentences from the context
- presenting an argument
- understanding linear and non-linear texts
(vi) managing a discussion
- understanding relationships
- initiating
- within a sentence
- turn-taking
- between sentences
- interrupting
- recognising a paraphrase
- prompting
(ii) application
- negotiating
- predicting outcomes
- closing
- applying
a concept to a new situation
(vii) task fulfilment
(iii) analysis
- presenting relevant ideas
- understanding language functions
- providing adequate content
- interpreting linear and non-linear texts
- showing a mature treatment of topic
- distinguishing the relevant from the
Possible issues: irrelevant

Socio-cultural, economic, science

12 and technology, - 13
distinguishing fact from opinion
sports, environment, education, health
- making inferences