Essay 2 Sample Thesis Statements

The following are thesis statements from Essay 2 work by students in English 0950. While the readings they analyze are not the one you are using, you can still see how these statements set up an analysis of how the text functions.

Gloria Naylor talks about language and meaning of the words. Words can be used to humiliate a person or praise them, but you can argue the meaning of words. Gloria says that spoken word like the written word has a general argument with nonsense to make a meaning. The genuine agreement of words is what gives them meaning.

2. In Natalie Goldberg’s essay “Be Specific”, she explains how giving things the “dignity of their names can effect whatever you’re talking about and that the picture that your presenting to the reader can take on a life of its own, if given the information to do so. Therefore, what Natalie trying to say is that in the process of giving things the ownership of their rightful names, we are actually giving the reader a clearer picture of what we, the writer is trying to portray. 3. McCullugh believes that history is important and that we are raising a generation that is historically illiterate. In fact he states that “we as American are losing our story, forgetting who we are and what it’s taken to come this far.” I feel that he is right to a certain point. But, I also feel that he takes his

opinions too far. Not everything in our country’s past is important to our future.

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