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CNY Vision, Week of January 3, 2013

CNY Vision, Week of January 3, 2013

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Published by Dave McCleary
Local and national news, Syracuse, NY
Local and national news, Syracuse, NY

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Published by: Dave McCleary on Jan 17, 2013
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Without a Vision The People Perish
VOL 3. NO. 45 JANUARY 3 - 9, 2013 Syracuse, NY
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in this issue
cover Pg 6
-Black press stories of 2012
fortell continued struggle for
caLendar Pg 2

LocaL Pg 4
- Syracuse to purchase new
parking pay station modems
- NYSDOT grant gives $388,001
to city for development of
neighborhood greenways
Dr. Week’s Elementary school
state Pg 5
- Cuomo commission seeks
longer school day, year
- Advocates for NY poor want
minimum wage hike
- Teachers union outraged over
NYC mayor’s remarks
nationaL Pg 6
- Time Warner Calbe dropped
CurrenTV as soon as it was sold
to Al Jazeera
-EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson
to step down
PoLitics Pg 8
- Obama taps Hagel for
Pentagon, Brennan for CIA
coLuMns: Pgs 10- 11
- Not being the worst you can be
does not make you positive
By Dr. Boyce Watkins
-What about me? The black
woman the backbone of a
people; but who is lifting her up?

By Danielle Frazer
- Why Obama must stand frm
on taxing the wealthy
By Kof Quaye
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Without a Vision The People Perish
VOL 3. NO. 45 JANUARY 3 - 9, 2013 Syracuse, NY
P.8 P.7 P.4
Teen Book Club
Time: 4:00-5:00 p.m
Locaton: Central Library, Galleries
of Syracuse, 447 S. Salina St.
Also Jan. 15, 22 & 29. Teens in
grades 7-12 can discuss great
reads. . Free. 435-1900.
Neighborhood Watch Group
Time: 6:30pm
Locaton: TBA
DescriptonThe Neighborhood
Watch Groups of Syracuse
meetng schedule is
subject to change. www.
org. For more informaton,
please contact Tony Borelli at
(315) 448-8762 or email nwgs@
Toddler Dance Party
Time: 10:30-11:30 a.m.
Locaton: DeWit Community
Library, Shoppingtown Mall (below
food court), 3649 Erie Blvd. E.
Children ages 18 months-5
yearsand caregivers can come
dance with friends, play musical
instruments and
blow bubbles. Free. 446-3578.
Farmers’ Market at the CNY
Regional Market
Time: 7am – 2pm
Locato: 2100 Park St.
DescriptonOpen year round. Also
open Thursdays 10-6 from May to
November. For more informaton:
Animlas ABCs
Time: 12:00pm
Locaton: White Branch Library -
763 Buternut St.
A Rosamond Giford Zoo stafer
gives a presentaton
that features live animal visitors,
animal artfacts and other fun;
for birth to age 5, accompanied by
an adult. Free. 315-435-3519.
Toddler’s Tango
Time: 11 a.m.
Locaton: Central Library, Galleries
of Syracuse - 447 S.Salina St
Toddlers and caregivers can
have a session of fun, music and
movement. Free. 435-1900.
Martn Luther King Day Movie
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Akeelah and the Bee—a movie
Locaton: Bets Branch Library,
4862 S. Salina St.
Recommended by the NAACP
president as honoring the legacy
of the civil
rights visionary—will be shown.
Free. 435-1940.
Drop In for Legos
Time: 3:00-8:00 p.m
Locaton: Liverpool Public Library -
310 Tulip St.,
Children ages 5-11 canbuild with
Legos provided by the library.
Parents welcome. Free. 457-0310.
BFG Neighborhood Watch Group
Time: 6:30pm
Locaton: Hillside Learning Center,
Salt Springs Rd & East Ave.
DescriptonServes Bruce-Fenway-
Genesee Park Drive area. Updated
schedules are posted throughout
the month on the Neighborhood
Watch website at www.
org. For more informaton,
please contact Tony Borelli at
(315) 448-8762 or email nwgs@
A Journey Through Music of the
African Diaspora: AKUMA ROOTS
Time: 7:00pm
Locaton: 805 East Genesee Street
Akuma Roots is a Syracuse-based
reggae group that creates upbeat,
body-moving music with socially
conscious themes. This event is
FREE open to the public.
Robotcs Workshop for Kids
Time: 2:00 pm
Locaton: Robert P. Kinchen Central
Library - 447 S. Salina St
Free – registraton required:
Children and Adults
INFO: 315-435-1900 . Discover
the science and technology of the
future! Make your own “Robot
Walker.” Materials provided. Limit
30, for kids 7 and up. Children
under 7 must be accompanied by
an adult.
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By Stefanie DeLuca
WASHINGTON-Social scientsts and
policy makers have long understood
the harmful efects that living in high
poverty neighborhoods can have
on children and adults. Numerous
studies underscore the links between
neighborhood disadvantage and a
host of social problems, including
high school dropout, infant mortality,
cognitve difcultes, teenage
childbearing and exposure to violence.
These studies show that families
living in high poverty neighborhoods
face burdens beyond their individual
resource constraints in fnding jobs,
staying safe and raising children. Afer
falling during the decade of the 1990s,
both the number of neighborhoods
of extreme concentrated poverty and
the number of people living in such
neighborhoods rose during the past
decade, such that 10 percent of poor
people now live in extremely high
poverty neighborhoods.
Startng in the 1990s, the federal
government signifcantly reshaped
housing policy to address the problem
of concentrated poverty. Recognizing
that public housing projects were
creatng the very environments they
were designed to eliminate, Congress
authorized the HOPE VI program in
1992. This program provided funding to
demolish public housing complexes, in
many cases replacing them with mixed
income communites. While these new
communites were intended to reduce
poverty concentraton by encouraging
middle class and poor families to share
the same neighborhood, the HOPE
VI program did not give residents a
right to return to the redeveloped
community, and failed to provide one-
for-one replacement of public housing
units. This contributed to a reducton
the naton’s supply of public housing,
and also meant that many of the
original tenants would not be part of
the newly developed community.
The families who did not or could not
return to public housing afer HOPE
VI joined the millions of poor families
already partcipatng in the Department
of Housing and Urban Development’s
Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)
program. HCV (formerly Secton 8)
is the largest housing program in the
country, subsidizing over 2.2 million
households, twice the number served
by traditonal public housing projects.
The voucher program provides tenants
with a rent subsidy which they can
use to lease any private-market unit
rentng at or lower than 40-50 percent
of the metropolitan area median rent.
Because vouchers are not atached
to specifc developments, the HCV
program should theoretcally work to
deconcentrate poverty by allowing
poor families to move to more afuent
neighborhoods than they would
otherwise be able to aford.
Yet despite this potental, voucher
holders usually struggle to move out
of poor neighborhoods -on the whole,
they are no more likely to relocate to
low-poverty communites than poor
renters who do not receive federal
housing assistance. There are also
signifcant racial diferences in the
program. Minority voucher users
are even less likely than whites to
move to beter communites, and the
proporton of voucher recipients in
such neighborhoods shrinks when
recipients are mostly black and
unassisted households are mostly
white. In sum, the HCV program falls
short of its full potental to facilitate
moves by low-income families out of
poor neighborhoods.
A mult-year study of family dynamics
and housing mobility that we
conducted in Mobile, Alabama helps
explain why the program doesn’t work
as designed.
While the story of housing and
segregaton is well known in larger
“rust belt” cites in the Northeast and
Midwest, less is known about how
these processes play out in smaller
cites, and cites in the South. Almost a
quarter of the HCV households in the
Mobile area live in the highest poverty
neighborhoods. Between 2009 and
2012, we talked with more than 100
low income African American families
across Mobile about the places they
had lived in the past, their reasons
for moving, and their neighborhood
characteristcs, children, fnances, and
family dynamics.
* To read this editorial in it’s entrety please vist our website:
4 :: www.cnyvision.com - week of JANUARY 3 - 9, 2013
Learn the Branch’s Method
• NY 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course
• National Safety Council (NSC)
Defensive Driving Course
• Private or Group Driving Lessons
• NSC - “Alive at 25” Class
• Road Test Assessment & Rental
• Driver’s Education NOW Available
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NOW “8” Convenient
Central New York Locations!
NYSDOT Grant Gives $388,001
to City for Development of Neighborhood Greenways
Syracuse, NY - The City of Syracuse has
been awarded a $388,001 grant from
the New York State Department of
Transportaton to develop greenways
connectng neighborhoods and
“This grant is a terrifc opportunity
to help develop this program and
implement it across the City of
Syracuse,” said Syracuse Mayor
Stephanie Miner. “I am excited to
witness the development of the
innovatve greenways and watch
our neighborhoods become more
connected and our children kept safer
on their walk to school.”
This funding will be used to establish
1.25 miles of neighborhood
greenways—a frst in the Northeast.
The greenways will connect the
Strathmore, Elmwood, and Southside
neighborhoods, specifcally connectng
three schools: Bellevue, Roberts, and
Danforth. Neighborhood greenways
are low volume residental roads that
provide a safe walking and biking route
that connect to parks and schools.
Trafc calming interventons are put in
place to discourage cars from cutng
through on these streets, keeping the
streets for local car use, as well as
walking and biking.
“It’s great to see kids be able to walk
and bike safely to school,” said Third
District Common Councilor Bob
Dougherty. “This encourages kids to
get outside and exercise. I look forward
to the completon of this project.”
Safe Routes to Schools is a federal
transportaton program to help
keep access roads safer for children
walking to schools. This is the second
tme SRTS funding has been ofered.
Syracuse was also awarded a grant
through the previous round of funding.
That money was used for pedestrian
improvements, Americans with
Disabilites Act upgrades, and signal
upgrades around Ed Smith, Hughes,
and McKinley-Brighton Schools.
Syracuse’s Sykes Named BIG EAST Rookie of the Week
Following her breakout 20-point,
10-rebound performance leading
Syracuse to a 87-48 victory vs. Boise
State, Britney Sykes was named BIG
EAST Rookie of the Week on Monday.
The freshman guard is the Orange’s
frst BIG EAST Rookie of the Week
since now-senior Kayla Alexander won
the honor on Dec. 7, 2009.
Sykes recorded her frst double-double
while setng career-highs in points
and rebounds, while shootng 9-of-13
from the feld and adding three steals
in 22 minutes of play for the Orange as
it improved to 12-1 on the season and
ran its home non-conference winning
streak to 53 games.
“She is playing really physical, playing
really aggressive and getng up and
down the foor,” head coach Quentn
Hillsman said afer Sunday’s win. “I
think the key for her is getng to the
basket because she is a lot to take on
when she is getng to the basket with
her athletcism.”
Sykes’ honor is the ffh weekly award
for the Orange this season. Alexander
has been named BIG EAST Player of
the Week twice (Nov. 19 and Dec. 10)
and to the honor roll once (Nov. 26),
while freshman Brianna Butler was
named to the honor roll on Dec. 17.
Sykes is averaging 7.8 points and 5.1
rebounds per game and has started
in 12 of 13 contests for Hillsman’s
Orange. The 2012 McDonald’s All-
American has come on strong of late,
averaging 12.8 points, 7.3 rebounds
and 3.8 steals, while shootng 51
percent over the last four games, all
home victories for SU.
Syracuse to Purchase New Parking Pay Staton Modems
SYRACUSE, N.Y. – The City of Syracuse
Department of Public Works January
4th announced the city will purchase
new modems for all 270 parking pay
The modems are being purchased as
a soluton to keep the current system
of parking pay statons operatonal
and acceptng credit cards. The new
modems will cost $250 each for a total
of $67,500.
“This cost-efectve soluton will keep
our pay statons functonal, acceptng
credit cards and communicatng with
our back ofce operatons, and allows
us to contnue exploring our optons
for future upgrades to the system,”
said Pete O’Connor, Commissioner of
the Department of Public Works.
Ofcials say the city opted to make
this purchase afer receiving bids
from a number of companies for
installing an entrely new system of
pay statons. “The bids, each for a
three year period costng over $2
million, did not adequately meet the
city’s specifcatons. Earlier this year,
the current provider of pay statons
announced their third party wireless
provider planned to change their
systems requiring the City of Syracuse
to upgrade the technology or risk losing
the ability to accept credit cards and
wireless back ofce communicaton
links,” the city said in a statement to
Ofcials say the city plans to contnue
investgatng the optons going
forward, including future bids, leasing,
and overall privatzaton of the parking
Dr. Weeks Elementary
school Reopens
Dr. Edwin Weeks Elementary School,
closed for a year and a half is reopening
afer a $29 million renovaton project.
The school, located at Hawley Avenue
in Syracuse, has been shutered since
June 2011 and will reopen Wednesday.
Built in the 1970s, the school was
guted and rebuilt. There will be more
windows and classrooms will feature
up-to-date smart boards.
The school is 1 of 4 that the district has
renovated or is renovatng through a
joint city-school district efort. Others
in phase one are the Insttute of
Technology high school, Fowler High
School and H.W. Smith school.
Britney Sykes
Photo courtesy: Syracuse University
5 :: www.cnyvision.com - week of JANUARY 3 - 9, 2013
Cuomo commission seeks longer school day, year
A commission tasked with fnding ways
to improve New York’s public school
system on Wednesday recommended
longer teaching days and academic
years, teacher competency exams,
more pre-kindergarten, district
consolidatons and the recruitment of
top high school and college graduates
as educators.
Many of the preliminary
recommendatons by Gov. Andrew
Cuomo’s NY Educaton Reform
Commission have been proposed
before but have been blocked by politcs
or lack of funding, obstacles that stll
remain, Cuomo acknowledged.
Other ideas are already in place to
some degree and should be expanded,
commissioners said, including using
schools to address health, mental
health and other social needs.
“The problem New York confronts, we
concluded, is how to replicate these
examples of excellence in every school
district in New York; how do we create
a statewide system of public educaton
that ensures that every child will have
the opportunity to get an educaton
that will enable them to achieve their
true potental?” commission Chairman
Richard Parsons wrote in delivering
the panel’s interim report to Cuomo.
The report was drafed afer 11
hearings throughout the state and
testmony from more than 300 people.
While the commission’s fnal report
isn’t expected untl September, the
governor might back some of the early
proposals in his State of the State
speech next week. He said he wanted
tme to study the report before saying
which ones.
The commission noted that Finland
recruits the top 10 percent of college
graduates into teaching, while the
U.S. draws from the botom third or
half. New York, the report said, should
raise admissions requirements for
those pursing educaton careers and
establish an entry exam like those
taken by lawyers and doctors.
Richard Iannuzzi, president of the New
York State United Teachers union,
said the commission’s fndings are
in line with the American Federaton
of Teachers’ recent call for an exam
for future teachers as part of a
more universal approach to teacher
“It really starts with a culture in a
country,” Iannuzzi said. “Finland is
a great example of a culture which
places such value on educaton and on
teaching as a profession that the best
of the best candidates want to be part
of it.”
Syracuse City School District
Superintendent Sharon Contreras
released a statement in support of the
initatve. “In the Syracuse City School
District we share the Commission’s
vision of improving educaton for
all students,” she said. “As a part
of our 5-year strategic plan, Great
Expectatons, we are commited
to expanding Career and Technical
Educaton (CTE) oferings, graduatng
students who are college and career
ready, implementng an approved
teacher evaluaton plan, engaging
district parents and families and
atractng highly-efectve teachers to
our classrooms. “
Cuomo organized the commission
of business leaders, educators and
parents in April 2012, notng that New
York spends more money per student
than any other state but ranks 39th in
high school graduaton rates. About
73 percent of New York’s students
graduate from high school.
“I think the management of the
system can be improved. I don’t think
we’re getng our money’s worth from
the current system,” Cuomo said
Wednesday. “I don’t think we measure
it. I don’t think we’ve held people
The fndings are in line with the state
Board of Regents’ ongoing reform
agenda and its goal of preparing every
high school graduate for college or
a career, Regents Chancellor Merryl
Tisch said.
The recommendatons also drew
praise from various advocacy
groups, including the Alliance for
Quality Educaton, which singled
out the proposal to expand full-day
pre-kindergarten programs, and
Massachusets-based Time to Succeed,
which backed a recommendaton to
expand the school day and year to
raise student performance.
“This is a huge step for New York and
for New York school kids,” Luis Ubinas,
president of the Ford Foundaton and
co-chairman of Time to Succeed, said
in a statement.
But the New York State Associaton of
School Business Ofcials worried the
report didn’t identfy ways districts
would pay for the expanded learning
initatves. Executve Director Michael
Borges said other recommendatons
would come with added reportng
requirements that would increase the
burden on school business ofcials
at a tme when the report says back
ofce operatons should be further
Associated Press writer Michael
Gormley contributed to this report.
Advocates for NY poor want minimum wage hike
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- A raise in the
minimum wage will be a major focus
of the 23rd annual People’s State of
the State rally this week.
Mark Dunlea of the Hunger Acton
Network says he’s hoping that Gov.
Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State
address on Wednesday will call for
raising the minimum wage to $10
an hour. Dunlea says the Assembly’s
minimum wage proposal isn’t enough.
The People’s State of the State rally is
scheduled for Tuesday at noon at the
Besides raising the minimum wage, key
issues for 2013 will include increasing
funding for emergency food, ending
childhood hunger, fair taxes and
campaign fnance reform.
Afer the event, the group will deliver a
People’s Litmus Test for the upcoming
session to Senate Majority Leader
Dean Skelos.
Teachers’ union outraged over NYC mayor’s remark
NEW YORK (AP) -- The teachers’ union
is outraged over Mayor Michael
Bloomberg’s comparison of its union
to groups like the Natonal Rife
The American Federal of Teachers
is demanding an apology from the
Bloomberg made the statement on
his weekly radio show Friday. He was
talking about stalled negotatons on a
new teacher evaluaton plan.
He asserted that most teachers don’t
agree with their union.
Then he said: “The NRA is another
place where the membership, if you
do the polling, doesn’t agree with the
On Sunday, Bloomberg’s ofce told
The New York Times that the mayor
was merely reiteratng his positon that
the union “is a special-interest group
focused on advancing its agenda.”
6 :: www.cnyvision.com - week of JANUARY 3 - 9, 2013
Black Press Stories of 2012
Foretell Contnued Struggle for Justce
By Hazel Trice Edney
(TriceEdneyWire.com) – America
prepares to commemorate 50 years
since the 1963 March on Washington
for Jobs and Freedom on August 28,
2013. But, most stories that dominated
the Black Press in 2012 foretold a
contnued quest for racial justce.
The killing of Trayvon Martn; the
contempt vote against Atorney
General Eric Holder; the Black jobless
rate; the fght to maintain votng
rights; the contentous re-electon bid
of President Barack Obama and the
rebirth of the debate on gun violence
were just a few of the headlined topics
in 2012. They reminded America that
Black America has yet to overcome.
The following is a synopsis of some of
the top stories:
The Economy: As 2012 wound down,
President Obama and leading members
of Congress negotated intensely to
avoid the so-called “fscal clif” – the
simultaneous occurrence of sizable
tax hikes and deep spending cuts.
Regardless of the outcome, African-
Americans remain in double digit
unemployment rates and contnue
as the racial group that has sufered
the highest unemployment, lost
most wealth and experienced more
foreclosures during the economic
downturn. A group of African-
American organizatonal heads,
convened by Natonal Urban League
President/CEO Marc Morial, says they
will hold the President accountable
for protectng the interests of African-
American, his most loyal supporters.
Gun Violence: The naton united in
grief over 20 frst-graders and seven
educators killed by mass murderer
Adam Lanza, who had also killed his
mother before killing himself Dec.
14. The shootngs at Sandy Hook
Elementary brought tears to President
Barack Obama, reignitng an old debate
over gun laws and mental health
care. The discussions are escalatng
as Vice President Joe Biden will head
a commitee to suggest possible new
legislaton. Representatves of the
powerful gun lobby, the Natonal Rife
Associaton, have called for an armed
guard in every school. The tragedy has
also shed light on gun violence and
deaths of children in cites across the
naton, including in President Obama’s
hometown of Chicago. There, at least
500 homicides occurred in 2012.
Of those deaths, at least 270 were
teenagers or children.
Re-electon of President Obama:
Concluding a nail biter of an electon
that practcally spellbound the naton,
President Barack Obama was re-
elected in a decisive Electoral College
vote of 332 to 206 against former
Massachusets Gov. Mit Romney on
Nov. 6. As in his historic 2008 victory
as the naton’s frst African-American
president, Obama again won with at
least 95 percent of the Black vote.
Voter Suppression: As America
approached the Nov. 6 electon,
46 states introduced laws that
would require voters to show photo
identfcaton, proof of citzenship or
a birth certfcate in order to vote.
Legislators claimed the measures
would prevent voter fraud. But civil
rights leaders scofed and decried
the new laws as suppression and
intmidaton tactcs that could have
disenfranchised as many as fve million
Americans. Because of the diligence
of key civil rights organizatons such
as the NAACP, the Natonal Coaliton
on Black Voter Partcipaton, and the
Lawyers Commitee for Civil Rights
Under Law, the apparent plot was
exposed and thwarted.
Rodney King Dies: The accidental
drowning death of 47-year-old Rodney
King on June 17, 2012 shocked the
naton. King, who died in a swimming
pool at a home that he shared with
his fancé, had become a symbol of
civil rights 20 years afer Los Angeles
police viciously beat him during a
videotaped trafc stop March 2,
1991. Natonal outrage and six days
of riotng broke out when the police
ofcers where initally allowed to walk
free. The publicity surrounding King’s
sudden death was a stark reminder
of inequites that contnue against
African-Americans in the criminal
justce system.
Killing of Trayvon Martn: The February
26 shootng death of Trayvon Martn
has become the quintessental symbol
of racial profling. A Florida judge has
set a date of June 10, 2013, for the trial
of George Zimmerman on charges of
second-degree murder in the shootng.
The unarmed 17-year-old was killed
as he walked in a gated Sanford
community toward his father’s house.
He was wearing a hoodie, carrying a
bag of skitles and a can of iced tea.
Zimmerman, 29, a self-appointed
neighborhood watchman has pleaded
not guilty on grounds of self-defense.
He claims Martn atacked him afer
he called police reportng a suspicious
youth in the neighborhood.
Death of Whitney Houston: It
was undoubtedly the biggest
entertainment news of 2012. On the
eve of the 54th Grammy Awards in Los
Angeles on Feb. 11, Whitney Houston,
a six-tme Grammy Award winner and
one of the most celebrated artsts in
music history, was found dead. The
Los Angeles County coroner’s ofce
determined that she died of drowning
as a result of cocaine use. But, some
stll contend foul play and possibly
murder. Compounding the shock, her
death came just before the release
of her fnal starring role in the flm,
“Sparkle”, which opened in August.
U. S. Supreme Court Upholds
Afordable Care Act: Conservatve
Chief Justce John Roberts was the
deciding justce in a 5-4 vote to uphold
President Barack Obama’s staple
legislaton, nicknamed “Obamacare”
on June 28. Despite arguments that
U. S. citzens cannot be mandated to
obtain health care, Roberts invoked
that the law is consttutonal as a tax.
The ruling was a major relief to the
Obama campaign.
Atorney General Eric Holder Found
in Contempt of Congress: The frst
African-American to serve as atorney
general, Holder was found in contempt
of Congress June 28 by a largely partsan
vote of 255-67. Seventeen Democrats
voted in favor of the measure, and
two Republicans voted against it.
Holder was found in contempt in
connecton with an investgaton into
a tactc called “Fast and Furious,” in
which authorites tracked weapons
purchased by gun trafckers without
immediately interceptng them.
Holder was questoned over his refusal
to turn over documents that showed
how the Justce Department reacted
to the investgaton and the loss of
more than 1,000 tracked weapons.
Furious over the contempt vote, the
Congressional Black Caucus and other
leading Democrats walked out of the
vote in protest. In all, 108 Democrats
including minority leader Nancy Pelosi
(D-Calif.) and Civil Rights Era icon John
Lewis (D-Ga.) joined the protest.
Contnued Fallout from Hazing
Death of Robert Champion: Fallout
contnued throughout 2012 following
the Nov. 19, 2011 hazing death of
Florida A&M University drum major
Robert Champion. In February, a
natonal coaliton of educatonal,
clerical and journalistc leaders started
a movement to end hazing and other
types of violence on historically Black
college campuses. In October, FAMU
President James Ammons resigned
afer Champion’s parents, Pam and
Robert Champion Sr., fled a lawsuit
against the university. Just last week,
a 32-page report was released by the
Florida Board of Governors Inspector
General’s Ofce. According to the
Associated Press, it concludes that
FAMU “lacked internal controls to
prevent or detect hazing, citng a lack of
communicaton among top university
ofcials, the police department and
the ofce responsible for disciplining
7 :: www.cnyvision.com - week of JANUARY 3 - 9, 2013
Time Warner Cable Dropped
CurrentTV as Soon as It Was Sold to Al Jazeera
By Dasheil Bennet
Within hours of CurrentTV ofcially
being sold to Al Jazeera—netng
Al Gore a cool $100 million—Time
Warner Cable pulled the network from
its channel lineups. Apparently, Time
Warner didn’t even wait untl last
night’s programming day was over to
yank Current from its service, deciding
to pull the plug (at least in the New
York City market) before the end of
Eliot Spitzer’s nightly show.
The network did not give an ofcial
reason for the move, but many have
speculated that it’s simply prejudice
against the new owners, who are
based in Doha, Qatar, and have seen
their fair share of controversy over
the years. The Middle East-focused
Al Jazeera began as an Arabic-only
network, before adding a English
language version, and has been
accused in the past of a decidedly ant-
American bias and even of sympathy
for terrorist organizatons. More than
a decade afer the September 11
atacks frst brought the network to
the atenton of most Americans, and
despite its impressive coverage of the
Arab Spring in 2011, those stereotypes
stll persist.
Most U.S. cable companies stll refuse
to carry Al Jazeera English, although
thanks to an unusual “sublet” deal
with another network, it is actually
available on Time Warner—but only
part tme and only in New York City.
As for Current, Time Warner had
previously announced that its carriage
contract with Current had expired
and that it was expectng to be more
ruthless about dropping networks that
get poor ratngs. (Current averages a
paltry 42,000 viewers a night.) That
could mean that Current got what
was coming to it, or that Time Warner
merely wants to renegotate its contact
with the new owners, who do plan to
completely remake Current’s format
into “Al Jazeera America.”
However, when announcing the sale
to his employees, Current CEO Joel
Hyat specifcally noted that Time
Warner “did not consent to the sale
to Al Jazeera” suggestng that reason
was about more than business. All of
Current’s other providers will contnue
to honor their carriage deals.
In reportng on the sale, Brian Stelter of
The New York Times wrote that former
Vice President Al Gore had personally
lobbied the providers to support the
sale, since the carriage agreements
are what Al Jazeera was actually
buying. Even without the blessing of
Time Warner, Gore will reportedly
make $100 million for his 20 percent
stake in the company. Unfortunately,
he wasn’t able to get the deal done
before December 31, meaning he will
have to pay the higher post-fscal clif
tax rates.
Source: The Atlantc Wire
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to Step Down
By Zenitha Prince
(TriceEdneyWire.com) - Lisa
Jackson, the frst African-American
administrator of the Environmental
Protecton Agency, is stepping down
early next year, she announced Dec.
Jackson, 50, a chemical engineer by
training, did not give any reasons
for her departure, saying only that
she would leave President Obama’s
cabinet afer his State of the Union
“I want to thank President Obama for
the honor he bestowed on me and the
confdence he placed in me four years
ago this month when he announced
my nominaton as Administrator of
the Environmental Protecton Agency,”
Jackson said in a statement. “I will
leave the EPA confdent the ship is
sailing in the right directon, and ready
in my own life for new challenges, tme
with my family and new opportunites
to make a diference.”
In a statement President Obama called
Jackson “an important part of my
team” and wished her the best in the
Jackson’s four-year tenure has been
one of several highs and many lows.
She entered the agency with hopes of
sweeping reforms to combat climate
change and other environmental ills.
But much of those plans were stymied
by an ofen hostle Republican Congress
and fuel industry, and even the White
House itself, which abandoned its
plans for large-scale environmental
reform under the pressures of the
economy and its re-electon efort.
A cap-and-trade bill that would have
limited climate-altering emissions
passed the House but was abandoned
afer it stalled in the Senate in 2010. A
proposed policy to change the standard
of ozone polluton was withdrawn in
2011 as President Obama said the toll
would be too onerous for companies
and local governments to bear in the
stll tough economy.
Jackson has had some signifcant
victories, however, most notably the
fnding that carbon dioxide and other
greenhouse gases meet the criteria
of pollutants under the Clean Air
Act has led to new stricter emissions
standards for cars and light trucks. The
policy will double the fuel efciency of
those vehicles over the next decade,
but it also opens the door for similar
emissions policy reform for industries.
While Jackson has been critcized
by environmental groups for
compromising, Black environmental
and public health advocates have
praised her eforts to improve the
health of every American.
“Administrator Lisa Jackson has been
an unwavering advocate in the fght
to protect all communites from
an onslaught of polluton,” NAACP
President and CEO Benjamin Todd
Jealous said in a statement. “Her
work fnalizing the Mercury and Air
Toxic rules and soot standards will
help lessen the risk of heart atacks,
strokes, asthma atacks, birth defects,
and bronchits for families living near
coal-fred power plants. We applaud
her for her dedicated leadership.
We encourage President Obama to
nominate a successor to Administrator
Jackson that will maintain and
build upon her legacy of courage,
commitment, and inclusion.”
“As many African Americans and other
vulnerable communites contnue to
be disproportonately afected by air
polluton and other environmental
hazards, Ms. Jackson is commited
to making environmental equality
and justce a priority,” Congressional
Black Caucus Chairman Rep. Emanuel
Cleaver, (D-Mo.) said in a statement.
“I applaud her for her eforts and
know the Obama Administraton
will contnue to build upon the
foundaton she’s laid through her vast
Lisa Jackson, above, the frst black
woman to head the Environmental
Protecton Agency
8 :: www.cnyvision.com - week of JANUARY 3 - 9, 2013
Obama taps Hagel for Pentagon, Brennan for CIA
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack
Obama on Monday will nominate
Chuck Hagel as his next defense
secretary and counterterrorism adviser
John Brennan to lead the Central
Intelligence Agency, two potentally
controversial picks for his second-term
natonal security team.
Hagel, even before being nominated,
has faced tough critcism from
congressional lawmakers who say
the former GOP senator is ant-Israel
and sof on Iran. And Brennan, a 25-
year CIA veteran, withdrew from
consideraton for the spy agency’s
top job in 2008 amid questons about
his connecton to harsh interrogaton
techniques used during the George W.
Bush administraton.
The White House said Obama will
announce both nominatons Monday
afernoon. Along with secretary
of state nominee Sen. John Kerry,
D-Mass., Hagel and Brennan would
play key roles implementng and
shaping Obama’s natonal security
priorites in a second term. All three
men must be confrmed by the Senate.
In nominatng Hagel, Obama signaled
he is willing to take on a tough
confrmaton fght. Once Hagel
emerged as Obama’s likely nominee,
GOP lawmakers began sharply
questoning his commitment to Israel
and his willingness to take a hard line
with Iran over its disputed nuclear
Hagel, a 66-year-old moderate
Nebraska Republican, has critcized
discussion of a military strike by either
the U.S. or Israel against Iran. He also
irritated some Israel backers with his
reference to the “Jewish lobby” in
the United States. And he has backed
eforts to bring Iran to the table for
future peace talks in Afghanistan.
White House ofcials say Hagel’s
positons on Israel and Iran have
been misrepresented. They cite his
Senate votes for billions in military
assistance to Israel and his support for
multlateral sanctons on Tehran.
Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy natonal
security adviser, said Hagel will be
“completely in line with the president”
on both issues.
“The president has a record of
unprecedented security cooperaton
with Israel and that’s going to contnue
no mater who the defense secretary
is,” Rhodes said.
The Natonal Jewish Democratc
Council said Monday that while it
has expressed concern in the past
about Hagel, the group expects him
to following the president’s lead
in “providing unrivaled support for
“President Barack Obama’s
unprecedented pro-Israel credentals
are unquestonable, and setng policy
starts and stops with the president,”
the group said in a statement.
But Mat Brooks, executve director of
the Republican Jewish Coaliton, said
Hagel’s appointment “would be a slap
in the face for every American who is
concerned about the safety of Israel.”
Hagel has also been critcized by some
Democrats for saying in 1998 that
a nominee for an ambassador post
was “openly, aggressively gay.” He has
since apologized for those comments.
Hagel is the second straight Obama
favorite for a top natonal security
post to face critcism from Capitol Hill
even before being nominated. United
Natons Ambassador Susan Rice
withdrew her name from consideraton
for secretary of state amid charges
from GOP senators that she misled the
public in her inital accountng of the
atacks on Americans at a diplomatc
post in Benghazi, Libya.
Obama returned to the White House
on Sunday afer a truncated family
holiday in Hawaii. His week will also
include a visit from Afghan President
Hamid Karzai. And there’s a bruising
fght with Congress over spending
and the federal defcit on the horizon,
just days afer Obama and Congress
averted the fscal clif with a last-
minute deal over the New Year’s
holiday. But rounding out his natonal
security team in his frst project.
Both Hagel and Brennan have close
relatonships with Obama, who values
loyalty in his inner circle. Brennan, as
the president’s top counterterrorism
adviser, was deeply involved in the
planning of the 2011 raid that killed
Sept. 11 mastermind Osama bin
Laden. And he has led administraton
eforts to quell the growth of terror
organizatons in Yemen and elsewhere
in the Middle East and North Africa.
Brennan, 57, spent a quarter-century
at the CIA. He served as staton chief in
Saudi Arabia and in a variety of posts,
including deputy executve director,
during the Bush administraton.
His tenure at the agency during Bush’s
presidency drew critcism from liberals
when Obama considered naming him
CIA director afer the 2008 electon.
Brennan denied being involved in what
the government called “enhanced
interrogaton techniques” during the
Bush administraton, but stll withdrew
his name from consideraton.
In a leter to Obama at the tme,
Brennan said he was “a strong
opponent of many of the policies
of the Bush administraton, such
as the pre-emptve war in Iraq and
coercive interrogaton tactcs, to
include waterboarding.” Many people
consider waterboarding and other
harsh interrogaton methods to be
White House ofcials say they don’t
expect Brennan to face similar trouble
this tme around given his four years of
service in the Obama administraton.
“The issue has been removed from the
debate because the president and John
Brennan, as his top counterterrorism
adviser, brought those techniques to
an end,” Rhodes said.
However, Brennan’s nominaton
will likely put a spotlight on the
administraton’s controversial drone
program. Brennan was the frst Obama
administraton ofcial to publicly
acknowledge the highly secretve
targeted killing operatons.
Brennan has defended the legality of
the overseas drone operatons and has
said they protect American lives and
prevent potental terror atacks.
If confrmed, Brennan will succeed
David Petraeus, who resigned in
November afer admitng to an afair
with his biographer.
Deputy CIA director Michael Morell
has been serving as the agency’s
actng director since Petraeus resigned
and was considered by Obama for the
top job. Rhodes said Morell will atend
Monday’s White House event and is
expected to stay at the CIA.
Hagel would replace retring Pentagon
chief Leon Paneta at a tme when
the Defense Department is facing
potentally deep budget cuts. Hagel
would also be tasked with overseeing
the military drawdown in Afghanistan,
where the U.S.-led war is scheduled to
end in two years.
Hagel is likely to support a more
rapid withdrawal of U.S. troops from
Afghanistan than some military
Sen. Mitch McConnell, the top
Senate Republican, said Sunday he
was reserving judgment on whether
to support Hagel but predicted the
former senator would face serious
Any nominee must have “a full
understanding of our close relatonship
with our Israeli allies, the Iranian
threat and the importance of having
a robust military,” McConnell said on
ABC’s “This Week.”
The second-ranking Senate
Republican, John Cornyn of Texas,
said in a statement that making Hagel
defense secretary would be “the worst
possible message we could send to our
friend Israel and the rest of our allies in
the Middle East.”
Some congressional Democrats also
share the GOP concerns, including
Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin, who called
the pick controversial and said Hagel
needs to clarify his comments on Iran
and Israel.
“There are Democrats including this
senator who have questons that have
to be answered before I can support
him,” Cardin said in an interview with
Current TV’s “Bill Press Show.” He
added that the Senate will probably
confrm Hagel.
While Hagel will face oppositon,
Democrats privately say they do not
foresee a long, protracted fght similar
to what President George H.W. Bush
faced in 1989 when he selected former
Sen. John Tower to serve as defense
secretary. Democrats led the charge in
scutling that nominaton, a rare defeat
for a new president. Questons about
Tower’s drinking and womanizing sank
his nominaton.
Monday’s nominatons leave Obama
without a woman in line for a top
administraton post, a fact that has
irked some Democratc women. The
president will soon name a new
treasury secretary, but current White
House chief of staf Jack Lew is the
front-runner for the post.
Chuck Hagel
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I recently took a visit to Power
105.1 in New York City, preparing
to do a short interview with
a show called “The Breakfast
Club.” This show is one of the
strongest emerging hip-hop
shows in the country and from
what I understand, Power 105.1
is arguably the leading hip-hop
staton in New York City.
While I sat in the lobby, I heard
that the new artst Trinidad
James had just stopped by the
studio to do an interview. Trinidad is an interestng
character (and I emphasize the word “character”),
something out of a 1920s minstrel show. Just
imagine Flavor Flav, mixed with “Romie Rome” from
the TV show “Martn,” carrying a machine gun,
wearing polyester pajamas. James’ hit single “All
Gold Everything” is so pathetcally “ignant” that it
makes the rapper 2Chainz look like President Barack
While I sat in the lobby, the well-respected DJ Envy
happened to walk by. I don’t know Envy all that well
and have only interacted with him when I was on
Power in the past. But I asked him a quick queston:
”Hey man, what do you think about Trinidad James?”
Envy, being the quick-thinker that he is, instantly
said, “I think he’s dope.”
He then elaborated a bit: ”Well, think of it this way.
He could be out robbing people or dealing drugs,
and instead he’s making music.”
Envy makes a good point and I respect his point of
view. Even the worst artsts are living lives that are
far safer and more productve than they could be
living in the streets. It is difcult to deny that making
corny, psychologically-destructve music might not
be as bad as running up in a stranger’s house and
blowing his brains out. Agreed…..kinda. But the
other interestng fact is that I’d read that Trinidad
James wasn’t robbing people before he started
rapping. He actually worked in a shoe store. So, if
he wasn’t busy turning our kids’ brains into mashed
potatoes for money, he would probably be helping
people ft Nikes onto their feet. He’s not a real
gangster, rapping about his experience in the street;
he’s a studio gangster, promotng imagery and a
lifestyle that kills black men like roaches.
But here’s the more subtle point that I hope Envy and
others might try to understand: It’s hard to excuse a
man’s behavior by simply pointng out worse things
that he could be doing. I can’t imagine a man going
to court and saying, “Your honor, I know I murdered
the woman, yes. But I could have raped and tortured
her before the murder and I also decided not to kill
her dog. So, that makes what I’m doing ok, right?”
The fact is that Trinidad James and artsts like him
are dangerous for several reasons, which I won’t go
into right now (I spoke on this extensively in my last
short book). But we should all be skeptcal about
industries that have become highly determined to
provide millions of dollars to promote messages that
are destructve to the thinking of young black men.
When I met with Min. Louis Farrakhan last week, he
alluded to various forces within the music industry
who some believe may be pushing these messages
so that their prisons can remain flled with black
men. As a Finance Professor who knows capitalism,
I can say that economic incentves have been the
root of some of the most dastardly agendas in
American history, so Farrakhan’s point is not out of
the queston.
Anyone who watches Trinidad’s video will see the
standard imagery of black male self-destructon:
Drugs, guns, references to s*xual promiscuity, drug
use and excessive alcohol consumpton. This doesn’t
even menton the obsession with meaningless
materialism, which reminds me of how NBA star
Allen Iverson is now broke afer owing hundreds
of thousands of dollars that he spent on jewelry.
Wealthy people invest this kind of money into real
estate and businesses, but we somehow think it
makes sense to spend this much money on jewelry.
We also know about the numbers of black men who
get killed each year during some incident involving
a night club, like Dallas Cowboys player Jerry Brown
and Jevon Belcher of the Kansas City Chiefs (who
murdered himself and his girlfriend afer a night of
drinking). There are also the recent murders of the
rappers Yung Teddy and Lil Jojo, along with countless
other homicides and incarceratons that don’t make
the evening news. These deaths are just the tp of the
iceberg, they happen every week, and we should be
disgusted by the fact that no one is saying anything
about it. Much of this thinking is promoted through
commercialized hip-hop, which teaches black men
that a brother with a diamond and a machine gun
is beter of than the brother with a textbook and a
plan. I reject this noton entrely.
The point is to say that we should stop celebratng
black men who simply choose not to be the worst
that they can be. Instead, we should encourage
our men to be the best that they can be. There
is nothing about the existence of Trinidad James
that elevates the existence of black people, this
fact is undeniable. Also, when you consider how
many millions of young boys are being persuaded
to engage in actons that will banish them to
prison, the morgue or the unemployment line, you
understand why psychological control is the greatest
way to convince a people to destroy themselves. By
glamorizing actons that lead to nothing but death
and destructon, we are turning our good apples
into bad ones, and connectng our people to the
lowest common denominator. This is the recipe for
Dr. Boyce Watkins is a professor at Syracuse
University and author of the book, “Commercialized
Hip-Hop: The Gospel of Self Destructon.”
dr. Boyce
What About Me?
The black woman the backbone of a people; but who is lifing her up?
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Not Being the Worst You
Can Be Does Not Make You Positve
What about me? How do I keep
me in the forefront of my mind
with all of life’s distractons?
Once you start asking this
queston it opens your mind to
new beginnings.
Afer I had my daughter I found
myself lost in the sauce of life. I
told myself I was concentratng
on being a good mother. I let
go of everything that made
me Danielle. I turned my focus
to what I believed was society’s expectaton of
motherly behavior.
Needless to say I quickly got burnt out. I started to
experience anxiety, and depression. I had to learn
how to be me again. This was not an easy task. I am
stll getng back to me.
I started with taking a belly dancing class. I then
moved on to updatng my skills in Microsof Excel
by taking a class. Finally, I started taking annual
trips with my girlfriends to see diferent parts of the
My focus now is to be comfortable in my own skin.
I occasionally go to the movies alone and enjoy
spending tme with me.
We are so busy trying to please everyone around
us instead of ourselves. Ask yourself the queston
“What about me?”
We push our children toward their dreams but
refuse to live ours. What if I took that Yoga or Belly
Dancing class? What if I went back to school for that
degree? What about me?
Stop living life for everyone around you and start
living your best life. God created us with a purpose
and plan in mind. That means you were created to
be unique not ordinary.
Write down three things you would do if it was
guaranteed that you would accomplish them. Take
the frst step to achieving them. Set your mind on
accomplishing them one item at a tme. You will light
a fre in yourself that no one can extnguish.
What about me?
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Danielle Frazer is a graduate of SUNY Albany and
Lemoyne College. She holds a BA of Arts and a Masters
in Educaton. She has been published previously in
“The Commercial Appeal” in Memphis, TN. Danielle
currently works at Upstate Medical University. She is
a member of People AME Zion Church.
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Why Obama Must Stand Firm on Taxing the Wealthy
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Edited - GM
By Kof Quaye
Two major events took place in
the world of politcs this year
that seem to have nothing in
common at frst glance. Yet,
a closer look at some of the
fundamental elements reveals
a number of striking similarites.
The frst is the re-electon of President Barack Obama
in the United States. The second is the electon of
President Mahama of Ghana.
So what does the presidental electon in the most
powerful country in the world have to do with a
presidental electon in an African country that most
Americans know litle or nothing about?
A number of factors emerge as highly signifcant in
terms of the role they played in the fnal outcome of
both electons.
For one, both electons featured two incumbents.
President Obama sought a second term. So did
President Mahama of Ghana. And both placed
considerable emphasis on their record in ofce
during their frst term in ofce.
The signifcance of both electons comes into sharper
focus when viewed in the context of the impact they
would have on the world.
President Obama is the leader of a country
acknowledged around the globe for its adherence
to the principles of democracy that include freedom
of speech, the press, recogniton of human rights
and other principles that seek and promote human
That the United States is the world’s super power is
beyond queston.
Ghana, a much smaller country on the West African
coast has developed a traditon of practcing a
democratc form of government based on the
American model and has succeeded in maintaining
a considerable degree of politcal stability in a part
of the world that has seen immense changes over
the years.
The argument has also been made that Ghana is
one of the most economically developed African
countries today.
What was at stake in the Ghana electon was not
necessarily just the selecton of another leader
for that country. The larger queston was: Would
democracy prevail?
In many ways, Ghana represents democracy at
work in Africa and a record of politcal stability that
appears to have been made possible by a decision to
stck to a democratc form of government.
Victory did not come easy for either president.
President Obama wanted the American people
to re-elect him so he could fnish the job he had
started. He needed more than one term to complete
the diferent programs he had put in place to revive
the economy, reduce the natonal debt, and make
the country stronger.
So did President Mahama of Ghana. He sought
another term for basically the same reasons; to fnish
what his government had began in its frst term.
They faced the same problem; an implacable foe
who was ready to do anything to win. President
Obama had Mit Romney and President Mahama of
Ghana had the leader of the oppositon to contend
with. His name is Nana Akufo-Addo. President
Obama and his staf knew from the beginning that it
would be a major batle. Romney had emerged as a
formidable opponent with access to huge resources.
To become the Republican Party nominee, he had
to defeat a number of presidental hopefuls that
included men and women of high caliber, all of them
artculatng policy initatves that aimed at convincing
the American people that they could do a beter job
than their opponents.
The popular media characterized the race as too
close to call, predictng it would go down the wire.
And it did with nail bitng suspense. On Electon Day,
stll no one had any idea what the outcome would
be, untl the polls closed, and the rest is history.
Not even afer the candidates had spent a record
amount of over a billion dollars did it seem to have
goten them to a point where either of them, or the
media could claim to know the results before hand.
Similarly in Ghana, the outcome was not easy to
predict untl the very end. When the votes were
counted, the winner was the incumbent John
Dramani Mahama. Like President Obama, incumbent
Ghanaian president Mahama was pited against a
seasoned politcian who had made it perfectly clear
that he had on intenton of losing. His opponent,
Nana Akufo-Addo, a name widely known in politcal
circles in Africa, had been in previous presidental
contests and had emerged as artculate, gutsy, and a
serious candidate with the potental to win.
Americans heaved a huge sigh of relief afer the
electons, not so much for the re-electon of
president Obama, than for the fact that the biter
campaigning had come to an end, paving the way for
Democrats and Republicans to get together and get
on with the process of making laws for the country
and taking care of all other business on behalf of the
people of the United States.
Most Ghanaians, and to a certain degree, Africans on
the contnent and the world over also heaved a sigh
of relief that the Ghana presidental electons ended
with the re-electon of John Dramani Mahama. At
least, democracy appeared to have prevailed once
again and Ghana’s positon as one of the most stable
countries in Africa remains intact.
More importantly, it signifes that democracy and
free electons exist in Africa, making President John
Dramani Mahama a signifcant player in global
politcs. His charisma has not gone unnotced. So
now we have two charismatc leaders Obama and
Mahama, (don’t the two names rhyme somewhat),
on the world stage. All we can do is wait to see what
Kof Quaye has been a Syracuse resident for more than
30 years. He is a writer, author and publisher. Over
the years, he has been involved with the publication
of several African American focused newspapers in
kofi quaye
e-MaiL us today
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