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The Franchise Tax Board considers Reason for Information Request: Responsibility for the Records:
the privacy of your personal
information to be of the utmost We request your personal The Director of the Non-Tax Debt
importance. information to help us resolve your Collections Bureau is responsible for
debt to the Department of Motor maintaining the records for the
Your Rights: Vehicles for unpaid vehicle Vehicle Registration Collections
registration, license fees, or use program. To obtain information
You have the right to see our records taxes. about your records, 1) write to:
that contain your personal PO Box 419001, Rancho Cordova,
information, and we must tell you Information Disclosure: CA 95741-9001, or 2) call: (916)
why we ask for your personal 845-6872.
information and to whom we may We may give information you provide
provide that information. You also us to the Department of Motor
have the right to question the Vehicles so they may update or
correctness of the information that is correct their records. If you owe the
contained within your file. Department of Motor Vehicles
money, the amount due may be
disclosed to employers, financial
institutions, process agents, or
others who hold assets belonging to

FTB 1131VRC (NEW 01-2003)